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Kalabagh Dam And Hydroelectric Power In Pakistan Environmental Sciences Essay

They have a number of claims to advocate that Kalabagh Dam is going to assist the country getting rid of power and water shortage.Silt is the greatest of the issues that can cause water shortage affecting the capacity of Manchar Lake and Haleji Lake.The best advocacy lies in the water shortage.There has been a serious power shortage for years now and the most appropriate solution to the shortage is hydroelectric power that Pakistan has the potential of generating at a very reasonable price.Another 26MAF out of this 32 can be easily controlled and utilized to bring the backward areas of Pakistan into use by using the national water resources development approach.

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Importance of Fresh Water Essay

But there are often serious problems of the supply of water even in urban areas where there are water pipes.Many villages in Pakistan depend on wells and rivers for their fresh drinking water.Its unlimited source of water make more green house gasses so there for more pollution in the atmosphere .It doubles the amount of salt in the ocean’s and impacts on the environment for animals and humans.Desalination of sea water .It has been suggested that water suitable for industry and agriculture could be provided by treating sewage.

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The Potential Of The Kalabagh Dam Environmental Sciences Essay

Excess water seepage in Pakistan has resulted in the issues of water logging and salinity which renders fertile land unusable.The benefit of increased water storage capacity can be obtained by de-silting the Tarbela and Mangla dams, increased crop yield can be achieved by improving the efficiency with which water is utilized and the energy gap can be filled by completing and starting new small projects and making use of abundant coal reservoir in Thar.The flood which began in July 2010 and resulted at one point in one-fifth of Pakistan being under water was estimated to have floodwater of volume approximately equal to 100 Million Acre Feet whereas Kalabagh dam has a capacity to hold just 6 Million Acre Feet of water.However it needs to b...

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Electricity Crisis In Pakistan Economics Essay

These problems clearly indicate that use of water for the generation of electricity is thousand times better than wastage of water on land or in see is not feudal, because water is wasted in land or sea is nor recoverable but water used for generation of energy can be further used for agriculture and industry.That had affected the electricity production as water is the source of hydroelectric power.These investments would not only help generate electricity and decrease the energy crisis of Pakistan but will also help in increasing the employment rate of Pakistan.This huge deficit is the reason that Pakistan has invited MNE’s to come in Pakistan and invest.Now by our research we can conclude that some basic initial investment and requirem...

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Water: An Important Source Of Life

In replacement to the permanent water diverted by India, Pakistan, in return got storage water in Tarbela Dam Reservoir on the Indus, and Mangla Dam Reservoir on Jhelum River, both are Pakistan’s own rivers, allotted under the Treaty.Mustafa (2010) explains that the official argument depicts the picture of a scarce water resource, which is being wasted by being allowed to flow out to sea , and outlines a doomsday scenario should additional storage not be built on the Indus River.However, water scarcity especially in the aftermath of the drought in southern Pakistan in the latter half of the 1990s, coupled with the single-minded focus of the Pakistani water bureaucracy on water development, has made the issue of the construction of Dams a...

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The Infrastructure Of Pakistan

Rural water supply is mostly from groundwater and irrigation canals.This means that Pakistan will have to spend around 1.3 percent of GDP on Water and Sanitation or around Rs.Inadequate and irregular water supply due to low pressure has forced people to install electric pumps, bore holes, dig wells and build large storage tanks to increase the water supply thus causing inequitable distribution.The MTDF envisages that by 2010, access to clean water in Pakistan will be increased from 65 to 76 percent and access to sanitation will be increased from 42 percent to 50 percent.Pakistan spends around 0.1 percent of its GDP on water supply and sanitation.

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The Indus Water Treaty Essay

When it comes to consequences, this treaty was extremely important for Pakistan.The other detrimental consequences of water stoppage will be elimination of hydro-electric power, inland fish farming and livestock.Water is life for Pakistan!During this period Pakistan was to build huge dams, financed partly by long-term World Bank loans and compensation money from India.This agreement is known as the Indus Water Treaty.

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Bottled Water Preferences Analysis

The Pakistan Council of Research and Water Resources (PCRWR) estimate that almost 50 percent of urban water supply is insufficient for drinking and personal use (GOP, Pakistan Council of Research and Water Resources, 2004).In India, the suspicion of bad tap water quality, in addition to general and seasonal shortages of tap water, lead people to turn to bottled water.The bottled water market in Pakistan has witnessed annual growth rates of 40 percent, and after the introduction of Nestlé’s ‘Pure Life’, it had the fastest worldwide growth in bottled water in 2000, at 140% (The Bottled Water Industry of Pakistan, 2004).In an effort to improve this situation, many consumers in Pakistan have to turn to bottled water as a first alternative to...

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Hindi matter on fashion Essay

It gives India rights to the natural flow of water of the Indus’ three eastern tributaries – the Ravi, Sutlej and Beas – while Pakistan controls the main Indus channel itself and two western rivers, the Jhelum and Chenab.Improvement in bilateral ties could benefit both the countries, but friendship should not be made at the cost of Kashmir and water.Given the present trend, Pakistan could soon become one of the food deficit countries in the near future.Pakistan has increasingly raised concerns about data sharing and transparency, particularly because the upper reaches of all of the rivers lie in Indian-controlled territory, giving that nation greater scope for control of the entire Indus river system.harvesting summer stream water into 3...

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Electricity Energy Crisis In Pakistan

The costly machinery amounted US $9 million is now functionless due to (rust) delay in the construction of Kala Bagh Dam, Some scientists predicted that in next 10year world has to face the water shortage also.The water in these projects is continuously flowing and not being stored.One the water starts flowing in the valley its changes its head very rapidly.But Pakistan has not enough dams or water to generate electricity.In the run of river project the water is diverted through the tunnel and once it gain the head allowed to fall and pass through the turbine and back too river.

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Social Problem Related To Agriculture Essay

The lower water supplies, loses from water course in the fields are the serious problems of farm sector.– 37 percent of irrigated land was irrigated solely with canal water – 41 percent with canal and tube well water .– About 60 percent of irrigated water available at farm head is provided by canal water 40 percent is supplied by groundwater.Total land area of Pakistan is 96.9% and 3.1% is constituted of water bodies.Therefore, Pakistan has asked Monsanto to provide seeds which consume less water as Pakistan is moving towards the abyss of water shortage.

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Water Management Essay

Charging the fee for irrigation water through installation of water meters will help in persuading the farmers in conserving water through more economical methods like sprinkle or drop irrigation.system |44 | |No of water courses |107000 | |Length of canals |56073 Km | |Length of water courses |1.6 Million km | |Average anual water diversions |104.7 MAF | |Ground water abstractions |41.6 MAF | |No of tube wells |More than 550,000 | |Irrigated area |36 MA | |Average escapages to the sea |39.4 MAF | .c.Inter Provincial Ministerial Committee meeting on Water Issues – 1994.In this meeting chaired by Federal Minister for Water and Power, Mr Ghulam Mustafa Khar, Punjab proposed to share shortages of water between Sindh and Punjab on the basi...

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Energy Crises in Pakistan

The shortage along with global financial crisis, war on terror and floods has pushed back the economy into low growth path.The economy will face the brunt of this shortage and it will depress Pakistan’s average GDP growth rate.“An official energy demand forecast indicates that the demand for natural gas, which makes up about 50% of Pakistan’s energy consumption, would increase by 44% to 39 MTOE from 27 MTOE currently.” The crisis is worsened with the shortage of natural gas.The development of water resources would resolve the problem in the long run but in the short term, there was a limit to constructing costly thermal power projects given their high economic costs.And then naturally the blame game started, starting from the water short...

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The Issue Of The Kalabagh Dam Environmental Sciences Essay

Sindh and Baluchistan believe that they would have to suffer from water shortages and the Punjab would get the benefit.Kalabagh dam would also cause water logging by putting backpressure on the river Kabul.River Indus would also be polluted and the existing problem of water shortage would just be increased by the Kalabagh project.Other than this, there is a deficiency of organized assessment of the cost of Kalabagh water and the costs of substitute ways of increasing deliverance of water used in the irrigation system and at the same time dropping the wastage in the use of irrigation used water.There is an urgent need for the multi ethnic general public involvement on these vital issues of both ethical and officially authorized civil righ...

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Literature Review on Pakistan’s Food Security

Food that is available and accessible does not alleviate food insecurity if people do not utilize food properly because of inadequate nutrition education and food preparation, bad habits, eating disorders, or poor health, such as intestinal parasites from unsanitary water.The supply of irrigation water has been strained as indicated by Table 3 as under: Actual Surface Water Availability (Million Acre Feet) Period Kharif Rabi Total % Change over Average Average System Usage 67.1 36.4 103.5 – 2002-3 62.8 25 87.8 -15.2 2003-4 65.9 31.5 97.4 -5.9 2004-5 59.1 23.1 82.2 -20.6 2005-6 70.8 30.1 100.9 -2.5 2006-7 63.1 31.2 94.3 -8.9 2007-8 70.8 27.9 98.7 -46 2008-9 66.9 24.9 91.8 -11.3 Table 3: (IRSA) .The production statistics of the ...

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Cultural and environmental Issues in Pakistan Essay

Each public sector organization and private sector, too, can be engaged in promoting our cultural resources, through even simple means of films, posters, images and leaflets: PIA within aeroplanes and national and international offices, Pakistan Railways by utilizing its countrywide stations, Pakistan Post Office through its innumerable outlets, the technological gateways and countless websites, to name a few.However, researchers at the Pakistan Medical Research Council, recognizing that a large proportion of diseases in Pakistan are caused by the consumption of polluted water, have been questioning the “safe” classification in use in the 1990s.War against terrorism is another very important reason behind the economical problem. War is ...

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Power Crisis in Pakistan Essay

Control and optimization of our water resources alone can contribute a great deal to our immediate power shortfall.Solar energy is not too expensive and its best use, for now, is in domestic applications such as water heating and for UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) systems.So the government should have to upgrade the hydro power projects already working in the country so that we can meet the shortage of electricity as soon as possible.Tidal energy is a form of hydropower that exploits the movement of water caused by tidal currents or the rise and fall in sea levels due to tides and is a good medium-term solution for energy crisis in Pakistan.It is a sustainable energy solution that also reduces carbon emission and suits Pakistan financi...

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Pakistan’s Energy Crisis

Pakistan also has the potential to get electricity from sugar plants located across the country, especially in rural areas.The output of the hydro plants is dependent on water availability in the dams, and can fall to as low as 2,500MW when water levels drop drastically.According to the available data, at present installed power generation capacity in Pakistan is estimated to about 22,500MW (excluding the Karachi Energy Supply Company, more on which below), but actual power generation hovers around 15,000MW, partly because of outdated and inefficient power plants and partly because of a cash crunch, which often does not permit power plants to operate at optimum capacity because of the inability to buy the required furnace oil.However, th...

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Microeconomics about Fresh Water Supply Essay

They attempt to make water reservoirs like dams and barrages to control the flow of water down stream and to fully utilize the river water and make it sure that not a single drop of water wastes.(Mideast faces fresh water crisis, By Staff Writer on Sunday, March 16, 2008) Due to shrinking water supply in Dubai, last month, the Dubai and Water Authority increased the tariff of water and electricity.(Hinrichsen & Tacio, 2001) In the coming years, population of world grows rapidly and the per capita consumption of water in coming years shrinks the world’s water resources, as a result the demand for water exceeds more than reserves to provide it.The shortage of water may arises political conflicts among countries, the example is India an...

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Power Crisis in Pakistan and It’s Possible Solutions

Only by adopting serious attitude we can solve the power problems and take pakistan out of this power crisis.Several localities suffer from an acute shortage of water as tube-wells cannot be operated owing to power outages.With this huge and massive reserves of coal can help Pakistan in generating energy from coal.Pakistan can easily utilize the solar energy although in some areas of Pakistan this kind of energy is becoming common, but still there are a lot of things to be done in the real world, in the major cities of Pakistan.Pakistan is facing a big and serious energy crisis which is increasing with the passage of time and the government of Pakistan has remained fail to control this and fix this issue.

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Adverse effects of flood in Pakistan

This year in Pakistan a record harvest took place for wheat around 23.4 million tones prior to flood, the flood water result in serious losses of wheat stocks that were held at household level.According to them it is too early to assess the damage caused by flood and it can only be assessed once the water goes away to examine the extent of damage caused to crops, housing, roads and bridges, electrical grid and other critical elements to its economic recovery.The availability of water and more fertile soil will benefit the farmers in the long run, at the same time he was of the view that banks will start having a impact of the flood next year means start of 2011 when people would be unable to pay their loans and percentage % of non- perfo...

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The Achievements And Limitations Of Technological Transfer Economics Essay

These seeds required assured water supply and large doses of fertilizers and pesticides to increase the yield.Not only sea life but due to toxins present in these biocides the water used in the cultivation of crops gets contaminated and leaves harmful residues in the crops consumed by human beings (Cleaver, 2001).HYV seeds required assured water supply, large doses of fertilizers and pesticides depending upon the land fertility and soil moisture conditions, which further enhance the requirement of inputs including irrigation facilities like tractors, tube wells, threshing and harvesting machines.In short, development in the agriculture sector in India in 1960’s solved the problem of food shortage but not the poverty.The expected trickle ...

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Energy Crisis in Pakistan

of the Indus water will be curtailed as water from the Kalabagh will go to irrigate farmlands in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, at their cost.It usually refers to the shortage of oil, electricity, gas and other natural resources .In order to provide gas to IPPs which run on natural gas, CNG stations and natural gas runned industries are forced to remain close four days a week and in winters, this problem becomes more worse and domestic users also face this shortage.Currently Pakistan is facing worst energy crisis in all sectors like electricity, water for agricultural needs, natural gas etc.As a result the country started suffering from the shortage of an important energy resource.

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The Energy Crisis In Pakistan Economics Essay

In a report it is claimed that Pakistan has faced 1000 to 2000 MW shortage of power.There is no quick solution to electricity shortage and the trend of surging prices is irreversible.Water can be pre-heated by converging sun rays on tanks made of metals/alloys that can easily absorb the heat.It usually refers to the shortage of oil and additionally to electricity or other natural resources.But Pakistan has not enough dams or water to generate electricity.

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Pakistan Flood Essay

A plan to rebuild embankment and well maintain them was created.Floodwater destroyed the health care infrastructure leaving people vulnerable to water-borne disease Millions of crops were destroyed leaving a severe shortage of food across the country .Local authority-run disaster management forums, including local men and women were set up to assess future flood situation and created Community Rapid Response Teams to plan search and rescue activities.* 20 million Pakistanis were affected (over 10% of the population), 6 million needed food aid * Whole villages were swept away, and over 700,000 homes were damaged or destroyed * Hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis were displaced, and many suffered from malnutrition and a lack of clean wat...

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Year Round Fodder Production And Preservation Biology Essay

The fodder which is surplus in the season can be conserved and used in the days of feed shortage.In many areas of Pakistan there is shortage in the availability of green fodder from May to June and September to October.The principle involved in hay making is to reduce the water contents of fodder from 65 – 85% to 20% or less.In this phase pH is decreased, the water and air is not entered in this phase the lactic acid bacteria start decreasing.On the other hand there is increase in the residential colonies, industries installation, water logging and salinity results in decrease availability of land for fodder cultivation.

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Energy Crisis in Pakistan

These glaciers are the reserves of fresh water.It has lofty mountains, perennial lakes, large reserve of fresh water in the form of glacier, and sun shine coastline for whole the year has the economic importance.Due to the lack of dams, the large amount of fresh water falls in the ocean.In this context, the geo-strategic location of Pakistan favors for exploiting the relation with neighbor states.Pakistan is also exporter of cloth in international Market.However, the textile hub of Pakistan is located in Faisalabad.

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How Can Everyone Have Sufficient Clean Water Without Conflict? Essay

Population growth in countries like Ethiopia, Pakistan, China, India, Kenya, Nigeria, and Peru will have adverse effects on their water resources.Less water for irrigation means less food grains production and eventually a global food crisis.No country or community will be sheltered from the growing water shortage.Chinese farmers are sacrificing their water needs to feed urban demands of cities.Water extraction rate from natural resources like lakes, rivers and underground water wells is faster than their replenishment rate.

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Energy Crisis In Pakistan And Its Solutions Environmental Sciences Essay

.. Today Pakistan is facing severe shortage of energy and electricity.Hydro power is generated by using electricity generators to extract energy from moving water.However, about 30 wind mills for pumping water have been installed for experimental purposes in different parts of Sindh and Balochistan.Coal reserves in Pakistan are huge and coal gasification in Pakistan in new phenomenon which can help Pakistan to come out of this energy crisis.So it’s a major source of energy for the Pakistan and hydro power is one of the important and frequently used method used by Pakistan for the production of the electricity.

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Demand And Supply Of Agricultural Products

The figures show a substantial increase in imports of vegetable products for country with shortages of water and land available for cultivation.In our case the demand for agricultural products in UAE is increasing as shown by the figure-4, creating a shortage, also the local production of UAE is limited due to water shortages and limited land available for cultivation.It also acts as an incubator enabling the farmer to adjust the atmosphere as required by the plants, also pipe irrigation system is used which helps in saving water.Therefore the government is focusing on tunnel farming and other techniques of water efficient farming in UAE.These tunnels enable farmers to produce year round and at a faster pace which helps to increase the y...

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