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My Dream Job – The Pathway

Waterloo was built with the intent of teaching people to think in new ways.The University of Waterloo offers a software engineering program in which one can earn a Bachelor of Software Engineering degree (BSE).The University of Waterloo opened in 1957, with seventy-four students, and with the intention of educating people to tackle on the world’s most daunting challenges and prepare them to take on the ever-growing field of technology.The University of Waterloo’s main campus is located at 200 University Avenue West, Waterloo, ON.To this day, Waterloo has the: largest faculty of engineering in Canada, largest post-secondary co-op education program in the world, and has the best psychology department in Canada.

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Hedging Currency Risk at AIFS

Although compared to hedging with options you can receive better payoffs with options, the costs are too high.AIFS is not purchasing options or future contracts to have a speculative position.If Archer-Lock and Tabaczynski become too involved in speculating, they may end up hurting their company.You must keep in mind AIFS’s main objective.After all of the above analysis, I would recommend to use future contracts.

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Currency Exposure to Hedging Currency Risks

The increase of sales may offset the downside.[Accessed on 4/11/2010] .The fact that the company’s revenues are in USD, and costs in GBP and Euro’s may result in a rise to currency exposure.For companies that work with more than one currency, several hedging techniques are available to guard against foreign exchange fluctuations.In this case, Forward contracts should be used and the extra volume at the spot rates should be bought.

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Currency Hedging at Aifs

Thus being bilateral private contracts, the forwards have to be executed.The company can also avoid the 5% option premium, but it is not easy to get the counter party who would agree to fix the time period and the future exchange rate which would result in illiquidity.* Both forward contract and option contact work if the company is tight on cash and cannot spend 5% option premium – in this case the forwards contract is a better choice.AIFS does not have to exercise the contract when currency moves to unfavorable exchange rates.However, if AIFS has sufficient funds and foresees changes in exchange rates, then it should use option.

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The American Institute for Foreign Study Currency Hedging Solution

Although the company is taking steps to cover themselves completely given changes in exchange rates, there are potential downsides.Having experienced unfavorable exchange rates severely impacting the business in the past, AIFS’ policy of 100% hedging carries benefits and risks.The premiums for the options are due up front and will be paid regardless of the option being settled.Alternatively, while options give the right but not the obligations to exchange currency, there are also costs.Should exchange rates change favorably, AIFS is still forced to complete the contract which would then be more expensive than simply exchanging currency at that date’s rate.

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Hedging Currency Risks at AIFS Essay

For a higher sales volume and out of the money exchange rate the loss would be the highest possible, which can be hedged by using an option.If the sales volume is high and the rate is in the money, this would be the highest possible gain, however it would also require AIFS to buy more currency.This is both good and bad news, because the exchange rate could be out of the money by the time AIFS is able to buy more currency.With a lower sales volume but in the money interest rate the gain would be realized, however again it would be smaller than the gain with the expected 25,000 participant value.We believe that due to the industry in which AIFS operates, the company is more likely to experience higher fluctuations in sales volumes than in ...

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Hedging Currency Risks at AIFS Essay

In addition the company should continue to deal with 6 different banks to reduce the counterpart risk.In the following table the impact on the costs in different scenarios are summarized using the same methodology as in the table above.In this way AIFS would fix the costs for a quarter of their exposure and still be flexible enough to react to different market circumstances and unforeseen events.That means in the worst case of a 60% drop, the companies costs decrease by 15 million euros but AIFS would be obliged to buy this amount if they are only hedged with forwards.Moreover AIFS should keep covering 100% of their exposure because they have already experienced a loss of $700,000 in 1995 while they only hedged 80%.

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HBS Case: Hedging Currency Risks at AIFS Essay

If the exchange rate drops to $1.01/euros then AIFS will save $5,198,020.AIFS sets guaranteed prices for its exchanges and tours a year in advance, before its final sales figures are known.If actual dollar costs were lower than expected, the impact would be positive.Thus, with a sales volume of 25,000 participants and the exchange rate rises to $1.48/euros then AIFS will be subject to a loss of $4,391,892.If the exchange rate remains constant at $1.22/euros then AIFS will not incur a foreign exchange loss or a gain.

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Aifs Case Havard Business School Essay

Hedging by options is a better way to do so as in adverse situations you will only lose the premium amount you have paid.So we will advice AIFS to hedge 50% with options and 50% with futures.In this hedging, the loss from the one type of hedging will be compensated by the other to some extent.This may result in a huge loss to their business.Refer excel sheet: “4-Sales Volume 30000” and “4-Sales Volume 10000” .

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Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe Essay

Begam, Richard.Detroit: Gale Group, 2000.Studies in the novel 29.3 (Fall 1997): 396-411.in Contemporary Literary Criticism.“Achebe’s Sense of an Ending: History and Tragedy in Things Fall Apart.” .

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Exposure Experience in Jed’s Island Resort to the Tourists

As we enter the 21st century, we look back proudly on nearly four decades of service to individuals and institutions concerned with educational and cultural exchange.AIFS program participants learn vital language skills as well as the ability to function in different cultures.The opportunity and need for enhanced global understanding is greater now than ever.THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE FOR FOREIGN STUDY, INC. (AIFS) and its family of companies organizes cultural exchange programs throughout the world for more than 50,000 students each year and arranges insurance coverage for our own participants as well as participants of other organizations.We look forward to the future and to a world that shares a common global vision of peace and prosperit...

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Essay The Battle of Waterloo

"The Battle of Waterloo 18th June 1815."Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was in control of the French Grande Armée (The Battle of Waterloo 1).With shots being fired the afternoon of June 18, 1815 across the battlefield, The Battle of Waterloo had begun."Battle of Waterloo 1815 : La Belle Alliance : Napoleon : Wellington : Blucher."The battle was fought at Waterloo (Spielvogel 600).

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The Battle of Waterloo

All this had a role to play in the battle of waterloo.The fact that he was the overall leader and his inability to make correct judgments meant France was doomed to fail in the battle of waterloo.Defeat at The Battle of Waterloo ended Napoleon’s hundred days reign.Ney also proved unreliable as a leader failing to take advantage of his situation in the precursory battle at Quatre-Bras and then in leading the cavalry, unsupported by infantry and artillery, at Waterloo.Ultimately, Emperor shoulders much of the responsibility for the failure or defeat of France in the battle of waterloo.

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The Battle Of Somme And The Western Front History Essay

The Victoria Cross was given to those who had shown exceptional Bravery in warfare.McGee Rushed to the enemy with a revolver shooting some of the rivals and capturing the rest.Sergeant Lewis McGee was a soldier who received the Victoria Cross.Sergeant McGee’s Platoon was suffering heavy machine gun fire near leper in Belgium on the 4th of October 1917.The Victoria Cross is the most important British military award.

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Waterloo Road

The easily identifiable stereotypes in “Waterloo Road” appeal to the audience because they can relate to them.A lot is packed into one episode because “Waterloo Road” has a multi-stranded storyline.There are many stereotypes in “Waterloo Road”, for example, Bolton Smilie is a black kid who is a thorn in the side of the teachers.“Waterloo Road” is a BBC programme.He’ll work at things that really interest him, such as the first musical production at Waterloo Road, but he’ll do anything to avoid the boring chores of teaching.

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Case Analysis Essay

Current Waterloo employee should be contacted whether they have the will to relocate.It is obvious that Waterloo is facing both talent and physical space scarcity.Instead of keeping the “Waterloo centered” culture, RIM should make further move in the direction of “dual core”.Thanks to the comprehensive legal framework to protect intellectual property in America, RIM can put parts of its core work at the “headquarter” in America without worrying piracy and relief the pressure at Waterloo.What’s more, attracting outside talent to Waterloo was difficult given the competitive nature of the global software development industry.

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Rim Managing Explosive Growth Essay

In the past when RIM acquired a firm for talent and intellectual property they would send the new employees to Waterloo, striping what was left of the firm.Also, due to the notion of keeping R&D located at Waterloo, RIM is having difficulty finding new talent in the already bogged down area of Waterloo.While this is a great strategy for growing companies to maintain their pipeline, it will not provide RIM with the help it currently needs to dig them out of the hole in terms of R&D. RIM will need most of their new hires to have an experienced skill set so that they can be implemented instantly, and relieve the staff in Waterloo.RIM has the advantage of being located in Waterloo, Canada where the local talent pool for engineers and...

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Official History of Australia in the War of 1914–1918 Essay

The relatively small size of the Australian forces made it possible to present the story in great detail, giving accounts of individual actions that would not have been possible covering a larger force.The first seven volumes deal with the Imperial Australian Force while the remaining volumes deal with the Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force in Rabaul, Royal Australian Navy, Australian Flying Corps and Home Front; the last volume is a photographic dossier.Bean devoted over 100 pages to the Battle of Fromelles, a relatively modest diversionary action during the Battle of the Somme, which lasted overnight and involved the 5th Australian Division.Following the publication of the final volume, Bean compiled Anzac to Amiens, a c...

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BlackBerry Essay

It is located near the University of Waterloo where Mike Lazaridis continued his education.Blackberry officials are financially supporting several projects in the Waterloo region.Jim Balsillie funds a think tank, called the Center for International Governance Innovation, working on public policies.In 2010, the region between Waterloo, Kitchener and Cambridge had 530,000 residents, 15,000 of whom worked in the 550 high-tech companies located there.: document used as source for writing this article.

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Napoleon Exiled to Elba Essay

. . . * 1812 Napoleon launches an invasion against the Russians * 1814, Napoleon forces surrendered and he offered to step down in favor of his son * His offer was rejected and he signed the Treaty of Fontainebleau, he agreed to abdicate in exchange for which he was given the tiny Kingdom of Ebla, a small island in the Mediterranean Sea * May 3, 1814 Napoleon arrives on the island of Elba  He brought ambitious plans to reform government and a personal escorts of 1000 men, and a household of staff * An island of 12,000 inhabitants in the Mediterranean, 20 km off the Tuscan coast . . * Napoleon attempted suicide with a pill he had carried since a near-capture by Russians on the retreat from Moscow however, its potency had weak...

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Inflation and Unemployment Essay

release/pdf/srgune.txt U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.Retrieved April 24, 2009 from www.gov/web/laummtch.html Offner, J.

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Battle of waterloo Essay

He was confident that Wellington could also be defeated.The French defeat at Waterloo drew to a close 23 years of war beginning with the French Revolutionary wars in 1792 and continuing with the Napoleonic Wars from 1803.They had some 156 cannon and the standard gun for the infantry, a smoothbore mus et k titted with a bayonet on a socket over the barrel ot a gun Observing that his troops were outnumbered by the French, Wellington decided that his best plan was to stand firm until the Prussians could come to his aid.Wellington was short of well-trained infantry and the cavalry were inexperienced, but he believed in the use of carefully deployed firepower.He was 72 at the time ot the Battle ot Waterloo and he only man to nave beaten Napol...

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Why did Napoleon lose the Battle of Waterloo?

The Battle of Waterloo had not been a success for Napoleon, but once again Europe felt that it was safe from his tyrannical power.At Waterloo his doctors implored him to take rest and exercise but he refused their advice.On the 17th of June, Wellington hearing of Blucher’s defeat, withdrew his army and retired to his headquarters south of Waterloo leaving behind a brigade of cavalry as a decoy to mislead Ney.The troops and Davout would have been put to better use at the Battle of Waterloo with the real danger.Microsoft Encarta, online Encyclopaedia 2001, Waterloo, Battle of.

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The Purpose of Feminist Legal Theory Essay

The Philiosophical Review."Week 8A: Feminism."Feminist perspectives on criminal law.Nicolson, Donald.Sage School of Philosophy at Cornell University: Duke University Press, 64.

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Managing Explosive Growth

* RIM can form a global scouting group dedicated to finding the best talent in the world * RIM can install a formal hiring and onboarding procedure for computer scientists by hiring in “Waves” * Stronger dollar makes Canada more attractive | * RIM has already employed the most of talented people in Waterloo.* It’s difficult for RIM to attract outside talent to Waterloo.* RIM has excellent relationship with the University of Waterloo, but it hasn’t implemented a recruiting strategy for this purpose.* Talent and space are becoming increasingly scarce and attracting outside talent to Waterloo is becoming difficult * Reliance on organic growth causing a strain on engineers at the company * RIM needs to catch up with Apple’s innovation with m...

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Research In Motion: Case Analysis

In an industry like the telecommunication industry, which is constantly changing and very competitive, it is vital that a company stays on top of the competition and keeps pace with their company’s growth and our recommendation will allow RIM to do both.An additional benefit of choosing Russia as an R&D base is that because of its closer location to China and India (compared to Waterloo), RIM will have an easier time tapping into the vast consumer and employee markets in these countries without actually having to establish facilities there.Big players like Apple, Google, and Microsoft are hiring many developers and engineers, offering compelling recruitment packages, and even targeting RIM’s hiring pool from the University of Waterlo...

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Especially the French Revolution and Napoleonic Era Essay

We know that this action was part of the general movement of troops intended to protect the king’s escape, a conspiracy in which Bouille was intimately involved.2] This group claimed that more revolutionary measures were necessary.The members of the first group were primarily moderate members of the bourgeoisie that favored a constitutional monarchy, represented by the Feuillants, who felt that the revolution had already achieved its goal.* Local inhabitants=reshape their lives * Louis’ most pervasive impact on the train of events probably came less from what he did than from what did not do: from his very lack of leadership, his indecision and inconsistency WATERLOO: JUNE 18, 1815 The errors made by Napoleon and other French commanders ...

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“Eve of Waterloo”

This has morale to the story.The two poems are very different.The “Eve of Waterloo” is about a surprise attack on a British army.The Assyrians are strong and have their weapons but the Angel of Death protects the Israelites, – poisoning the Assyrians.In the “Eve”, the two armies both have weapons and are very strong but in the “The Battle”, the Assyrians have the advantage as they have weapons and are a strong force.

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Organizational Psychology

I share this position.I am continuing my involvement by serving on a subcommittee responsible for developing a training needs analysis for the Central Training Division of John Deere Waterloo Works.Since Americans spend roughly eight hours per day, five days per week, fifty weeks per year for forty years in their careers, what better place to focus our research energies and apply sound psychological theory than the institution that governs the very pattern of our days and lives?In January of 1993, I approached the Human Resource Department of John Deere Tractor Assembly Division, Waterloo, Iowa, with the intention of gaining hands-on experience in a manufacturing setting.My major goal is to understand better the processes through which I...

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Development of Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI

This has mainly to do with the significant variations in data analysis and acquisition protocols from study to study.Furthermore, the analysis of the pharmacokinetic parameters is a complex task and computationally expensive, due to the existence of plethora of analysis algorithms (Gordon, et al., 2014).Finally, they are not potentially based on the scanning technique, the type of scanner, and individual patient variations (Gordon, et al., 2014).This pharmacokinetic model is applied to the CA concentration changes in the artery (AIF) supplying the tissue of interest, and the CA concentration of the tissue.Acquiring the AIF is necessary for almost all quantitative analysis methods and is up to now technically the most difficult part in th...

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