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Principles of Assessment

I found the Waterlow assessment scale very beneficial to myself as it aided me to assess Mr Jones effectively and put together an effective plan of care.Walsh (2002) advises that before any scale us used it is important that the nurse must firstly understand the origins of the scale as well as whether it is applicable to their particular client group.The scoring system of the Waterlow scale works in a way where the higher the patient scores the greater risk of developing pressure ulcers (Hinchcliff et al 2003).And for this he scored one in the section relating to appetite on the Waterlow scale.Despite the popularity of the Waterlow scale there has been little assessment of its reliability or validity (Bridel 1993, Smith et al 1995).

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An Initial Assessment Will Provide A Baseline Nursing Essay

According to the Waterlow scoring system Mrs A is not considered as being at risk as her score is less than 10.The assessment tool used throughout my area of work is The Waterlow Scale was researched and developed by Judy Waterlow... Assessment of the intrinsic factors that may increase a person’s risk of pressure ulcer development usually involves the use of a formal assessment tool such as Waterlow (2005, 1985) or Braden (Bergstrom et al, 1987).Although The Waterlow (2005) scoring system now includes more objective measurements such as BMI and weight loss after a recent update.The use of the Waterlow tool enables the nurse to assess each patient according to their individual risk of developing pressure sores (Pancorbo-Hidalgo et al., ...

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Pressure Ulcer on Sacrum

The Waterlow Scale was developed by Judy Waterlow in 1985, while working as a clinical nurse teacher.It should also be considered, by the practitioner that risk assessment tools such as The Waterlow scale, may not have been developed, for their area of practise.The assessment tool used throughout my area of work, is the Waterlow Scale.The three most commonly used tools in the United Kingdom (U.K.) are, The Norton scale, The Braden Scale and The Waterlow Scale.Waterlow Scale are used to distinguish a patients pressure ulcer risk, other .

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Pressure Ulcers: Reliability of Risk Assessment Tools

This assignment will also seek to highlight the importance of using a combination of clinical judgement, by carefully monitoring the patients physical and psychological conditions, alongside the ‘at risk’ score calculated from the Waterlow Scale, in order to deliver holistic care to the patient.The assessment tool used throughout my area of work, is the Waterlow Scale.Although The Waterlow scale covers a number of factors that need to be considered, throughout the assessment, it has become evident that the ‘at risk’ score, can often be over or under scored depending on the practitioner.It should also be considered, by the practitioner that risk assessment tools such as The Waterlow scale, may not have been developed, for their area of pr...

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Pressure Ulcer Assessment and Management | Reflection

The most common scale adopted in my work place was the Waterlow scale.These scales are the Norton scale, Braden Scale and Waterlow scale.Although the Waterlow scoring system includes more objective measurements like the Body Mass Index ( BMI ) and record of weight loss.In spite of the fact that The Waterlow scale covers various variables that need to be considered all through the assessment process, it has become apparent that the “at risk” score, can frequently be over or under scored relying upon the health care practitioner’s clinical judgement.Change takes time but as long as there is a continuous education and system of good practice in place and staffs can see the results and benefits for clients, others and for themselves, more or...

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Reflective Essay on Clinical Decision Making

Paediatrics use a different pressure ulcer risk assessment tool called the Glamorgan scale (Willock, J. et al, 2007).It is also important that nurses use their resources cost effectively by ensuring that resources and equipment are used correctly by the patient.The Waterlow scale is mostly used in adult field of nursing.According to Waterlow (1985), recommended care interventions are available with each recommendation corresponding to the risk score parameters of the Waterlow scale.Making the wrong clinical decision is not only harmful to patients but can also damage a nurse’s career.

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Reflective Essay On Pressure Sore Nursing Essay

There must be busy working environment where for the nurse it is not possible to give detailed attention on every service user but according to the code (NMC 2008), the nurse should work with others to protect and promote the health and well-being of those in her care.I certainly learn the importance of close observation in health care practice.I will read more research articles in this area to dig up more and to deliver the best care based on the best available evidence (NMC 2008).It needs you to prepare a plan of actions to take if the situation arises again and also plan for improvement in future practice.I planned that I will perform pressure ulcer dressing whenever there will be a patient requiring pressure sore dressing to get expe...

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Patient Centred Care Essay

Mrs Ford will be assessed using the Waterlow tool.She could be asked to scale her pain from one to ten so that the nurse can effectively understand the level of pain she is in, so the doctor can prescribe the correct pain medication if any is needed.Using the data collected, the Waterlow prevention tool indicates that Mrs Ford is at high risk (Waterlow, 2005c).Waterlow is the most widely used tool out of more than 40 different risk assessment tools (Thompson, 2005).The Waterlow assessment tool is comprehensive and encompasses some previously unused concepts of risk, but some of the sections are open to interpretation (Papanikolaou et al., 2007).

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Patient Centered Care Essay

Using the data collected, the Waterlow prevention tool indicates that Mrs Briggs is at high risk (Waterlow, 2005c).(2005c) Waterlow pressure ulcer prevention/treatment policy, Judy Waterlow [online].Specific tools used to gather relevant assessment data include the Waterlow, Falls and MUST assessment forms.The Waterlow assessment tool is comprehensive and encompasses some previously unused concepts of risk, but some of the sections are open to interpretation (Papanikolaou et al.Waterlow is the most widely used tool out of more than 40 different risk assessment tools (Thompson, 2005).

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Strategies of Patient Assessment in Nursing

Abbey (2004) researched and developed the abbey pain scale between 1997 and 2002, and wanted it to be a straightforward and effective tool, used by all health care staff.Nurses then have a responsibility to keep regularly updating the care plans by re-assessing the patient on a regular basis.If there is a communication barrier, nurses must be able to overcome it by using an interpreter or picture cards.The needs identified during the assessment process have to be implemented and care plans introduced.The Abbey pain scale was developed in Australia to assess patient’s pain levels.

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Clinical Reasoning And Decision Making In Nursing Nursing Essay

I have learnt various things while researching into the chosen decision making models and methods.The Glamorgan Paediatric Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment Scale was developed using detailed paediatric inpatient data Willock et al (2008).I feel confident in looking out for any risks involving the EWS and Pressure ulcer risk assessment tools while out in practice and believe that using these tools correctly can ultimately save lives.It is important that the family play an important role in the care of the child DOH (2001).I have been made aware of potential risk factors that may arise while using both tools in all fields of nursing and what could be done to prevent them.

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The Waterlow Assessment Essay

The Waterlow assessment was created by Judy Waterlow (1985), it is a tool created to assist health practitioners to assess whether a patient is at risk of developing pressure ulcers, it is by far the most frequently used assessment tool in the UK (Judy-waterlow.co.uk 2007).Reliability is also affected by responses given by the patient, for example a patient maybe embarrassed to express continence issues (NHS 2010) and give false answers.Both Franks et al (2003) and Nixon and McGough (2001) have challenged the validity of tools such as the Waterlow assessment suggesting that they can either over predict the risk causing unnecessary costs with preventative equipment that is not needed or under predict a patients risk causing a patient to d...

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Best Practice Of Nursing Management In Pressure Ulcers Nursing Essay

The Braden scale focuses on measuring intensity and duration of pressure, and sensitivity of the patient’s skin (Bergstrom et al, 1987).Progressive mobility techniques and repositioning techniques used to prevent pressure ulcers are designed to promote the best outcomes while preventing dangerous complications.The Norton scale is revised and the modern version is known as the modified Norton scale.The major assessment tools to study the risk factors of pressure ulcers are the Norton scale, the Braden Scale and the Waterlow scale.The original Norton scale, used since the 1960s, includes physical state, mental state, mobility, activity and incontinence but excluded age and malnutrition since the scale was developed for use with the elderly...

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Essentials of Risk Assessment and Management

The fifth and final step in the model is to review and summarise the importance of infection control in healthcare.This is the most common pressure ulcer risk assessment tool developed in 1984 by Judy Waterlow (Kozier 2008).Good infection control in healthcare settings is still basic common sense and can prevent grave consequences for the patient.To minimise the risks of healthcare associated infections for patients and staff effective communications are needed between patients, staff and visitors.The Waterlow tool uses a simplistic scoring system which predicts potential problem areas of skin that may break-down and therefore be prone to infection.

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Using Grim's Framework of Reflection on the Healthcare Quality Strategy Essay

Since, Elspeth was catheterised and completely continent of faeces, this was not a major concern in her care.Since, these symptoms can contribute to the development of PU (* *); I knew the nursing staff and I must make PU prevention a priority in Elspeth’s care planning.Through showing compassion and taking a person-centred approach by involving Elspeth and her family in decisions, we successfully put evidence bas... ... middle of paper ... ...and Ho (2012) declare that poorly controlled pain in the elderly can lead to mood disturbances which in turn can affect compliance with their activities of daily living.Action Plan Since, the NMC (2008) extrapolate that it is essential for nurses to participate in learning to preserve and develop t...

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Prevention Of Pressure Ulcer

With the waterlow pressure ulcer risk assessment tool among the seven assessment studies conducted by pancorbo-hidalgo, P.L.The reliability, specificity and feeling of the scale are influenced by the preventive method applications.Lindgren, M., Unosson, M. and Krantz, A. M. (2002) A risk assessment scale for the prediction of pressure sore development: reliability and validity.The most commonly used tool assessing the pressure sore in U.K is the Waterlow pressure ulcer risk assessment tool.Lyder, C., Yu C, Stevenson, D., Mangat, R., Empleo- Frazier, O., Emerling, J. and McKay J. Validating the Braden Scale for the prediction of pressure ulcer risk in blacks and Latino/Hispanic elders: a pilot study (1998).

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Planning, Delivering and Evaluating Teaching Session

Health Publications Unit, Heywood Lancs .Waterlow J (2005) Pressure sores – Symptom (online).Nursing Times 84: 25 .Nursing Times 81: 48-55 .BMJ2006;332:524 .

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Undertake agreed pressure area care

If equipment is not working correctly or is not suitable for client, damaged or service is out of date ,this has to be reported immediately.All equipment needs to be checked prior to each use, clean regularly, check whether it is working correctly(airflow delivering correct amount of air),hoist need to be serviced on regular basis, hoist slings check for tears ,rips etc.These are : pressure cushions or mattresses which can be used on chairs, wheelchairs and beds These can be already made of condensed foam ,gel or combination of both, electric air wave which is designed to accommodate client’s weight and relieve pressure according to this, cell blow up or deplete giving constant pressure in slightly different areas of the body or simple r...

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Cholecystitis; laprascopic cholecystectomy

When a student nurse was on placement an audit was carried out to see how well the waterlow and must scores were being recorded, the result of this was poor as it had not been getting assessed in the patients notes; it is important to prevent pressure sore and make the patient as comfortable as possible.One which is assessed on admission is the waterlow score this score takes into account many factors too see whether the patient will require a special mattress e.g.University of Virginia.Pressure Ulcer and Risk Prevention and Prevention.Last accessed 8 December 2009. .

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Activity of daily living

1001 4130 01 09/10 Group 3 .RCN, (2008), The Royal Collage of Nursing, www.Nursing and Midwifery council, (2008), www.nmc-uk.org – acsessed on 11/03/11 .Water UK, (2010), Water for Health, www.waterforhealth.org.uk , accesses on 03/03/11 Waterlow J, (2005), www.judywaterlow.co.uk .NICE guidance (2006), Nutrition support in adults, National Institute for clinical excellence .

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Case Study of Cholecystitis Patient

When a student nurse was on placement an audit was carried out to see how well the waterlow and must scores were being recorded, the result of this was poor as it had not been getting assessed in the patients notes; it is important to prevent pressure sore and make the patient as comfortable as possible.It is important to treat the patient holistically.The waterlow score is one that is often missed along with the must score when the patient is being admitted and often nurses forget to reassess (Waterlow, 2008)... To conclude this assignment it is important to work as part of a team and communicate with the multidisciplinary team to give Sylvia the best care possible.The doctor would have to review this (Macintyre, 2001).

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Identify the Individual at Risk of Skin Breakdown and Undertake the Appropriate Risk Assessment Essay

I disposed of my gloves and donned on a clean pair.I informed her about the condition of her skin and reassured her that it is well taken care of.I put on a pressure relief cushion on her left foot to relieve pressure, kept it supported and in a comfortable position.I disposed of my apron, gloves and soiled dressings in the plastic bag, tied it and disposed it in a clinical waste bag.She said I can clean it with sterile water and sterile gauze, dry it up and apply Versiva dressing for protection as advised by the tissue viability nurse.

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Management of a Pressure Sore

Wright, K. and Dalton O’Connor, A.Guidance on pressure ulcer risk assessment and prevention.100 (14) 52- 53 Nursing Times.Russell, L. (2000) Malnutrition and Pressure Ulcers: nutritional assessment tools.Nursing and ResidentialCare, 9(11) 51-57 .

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Evidence Based Nursing in Primary Healthcare Team

Norwalk, CT : Appleton & Lange, 1998. .Assessing, planning, implementing, evaluating.11.9.06 PDG Word count 3,454 .A policy that protects – The Waterlow pressure sore prevention/treatment policy.The nursing process.

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The Art of Painting: Watercolor Paints Essay

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.Demand Media, 2010.N.d. Watercolor on paper.Waterlow, Ernest E., Sir.Lifetime Collective, Color Magazine 10.3.

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Anatomy and physiology

Equipment Up to date information on equipment can be found on the internet.Up to date information on materials can be found on the internet.Training if you are not trained to use equipments then do not use check equipment prior to using for tears in sling or sheets,battery life,brakes ,nothing missing or broken do not use equipment on own even if you feel you can these equipments require two people for a reason to rpevent sheering and cauce discomfort to resdient check care plans what is been assesed to use on resident if condtion has worsend then seek help from senior or nurse mangamenet in order to change the care plan by implementing another risk assessment .4.2 Describe safe use of aids and equipment .4.3 Identify where up to date i...

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Performance appraisal in business

Then there are radical critique and orthodox critique of performance appraisal and we will focus on the implications of these critiques on the design of performance appraisal system.It measure s employee’s performance on the basis of the rating scale.Same can happen if manager has some negative impression for an employee then he will assign a negative score on performance rating scale whether this employee is good on other things.Following are some of the techniques for performance appraisal : Graphic rating scale, Straight ranking method, management by objective, field review, critical incidents, essay appraisal methods and 360 degree appraisal .I n this we measure performance on the basis of the rating scale.

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Care of Confused Client | Case Study

When a client has ADC the usual treatment is a drug cocktail called highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) which reduces the amount of HIV in the blood reducing the damage to the brain.As a carer it is important I monitor the consumption of this medication as John might forget to take it or take too much.On conclusion by involving John in decision making and implementing the relevant care plans I the carer will ensure holistic safe care and optimise his ability to recover or manage his illness.Interaction, motivation and other therapies that are all beneficial in reorienting a confused client.It is also important to ensure the family include John in social events such as birthdays, weddings or any event for which he could attend to...

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Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Neurology India.In 1998, Waterlow paediatric pressure ulcer risk assessment was developed.Nursing Standard.56 (3), pp236-247.Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

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Critique Steps (Understanding Quantitative Research)

All rights Reserved .The following is a basic outline of what is included in nursing research study, and what you should critique a study for: 1.You can critique nursing research articles!.For the first couple of studies, critique the article backwards and forwards.“POLISHING” THE CRITIQUE .

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