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East African Journal (Opinion Letters)

The creation, break-up, and reformation of co-operative efforts of the three nations is a great initiative that geared towards economic and political stability of these underdeveloped countries which are attributed by poverty, poor governance, corruption, and external interventions.I agree with your contention that poor governance and corruption are the main causes on this ensuing situation of forced child labor that would result to poverty.The need to eradicate substantial corruption in the part of the governments of the three countries should be the top priority so that each country could rise up to their expectations.The issues on poor governance, exploited political authority, prevalent corruption, poverty proliferation and reduction...

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The United Nations Millennium Development Project Essay

The first goal is to eradicate poverty and hunger which states the level of poverty by submitting that in developing countries, between 1990 and 2015, the proportion of people whose income is less than $1 a day, which should improve by the MDGs .E.00.I.21, accessed 5 .“more than 600 million people will still be trapped in poverty in 2015, most of them in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia and wherever poor health and lack of education deprive people of productive employment; environmental resources have been depleted or spoiled; and corruption, conflict, and misgovernance waste public resources and discourage private investment.This remains the core part of the MDGs, but the major concentration of the paper is on poverty and hunger era...

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Energy Crisis in Pakistan

Following these polices, the government should embody some laws to restrict the corrupt activities at consumer level.This factor is also contributing in raising the circular debt and a form of corruption.It will decrease the corruption at department level as well as at government level.These employees find different ways to recover their amount which they have paid for getting job.In fact, the corruption, inefficient management, and non-serious attitude of ruler, towards energy crisis, are major causes.

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Why has it been so hard to eradicate corruption in Asia? Essay

The fact that corruption is a way of life in many Asian countries is one of the main reasons why its eradication has proven to be so difficult (Quah, 1999 and 2005).This theory is supported by Palmier (1985: 2) who conducted a comparative study of the control of corruption in India, Hong Kong and Indonesia and also identified low salaries as an important factor contributing to corruption control: “if the official is not to be tempted into corruption and disaffection, clearly there is an obligation on the government to provide or at least allow such benefits as will ensure his loyalty; one might call it an implicit contract”.Consequently the combination of a lack of motivation for reform, a cultural acceptance of corruption, low wages and...

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How To Stop Corruption

Corrupt officials find easy ways to siphon off some of the money from those programs.We see our politicians corrupt; inside trading; betting on sports games; corruptions in our own City Halls; and corruption between our own governments and deals made with other countries re weapons, etc.Lack of Unity in public: Public openly criticize corruption but interestingly there is no unity among the public to stop corruption.This corruption takes an interesting turn in such a way that everyone becomes corrupt in some other sort if situation permits.I’m sure a panel or committee could figure out some effective and inexpensive ways to decrease corruption.

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Corruption is an intractable problem Essay

But let me make it crystal clear to you that we cannot just eradicate it, by changing laws, by doing hunger strikes, and street fighters on the road, nor we are eradicate it by the virtue of some persons who are fighting for removing corruption from India.The nuclear bomb or in local words BRAHMA YASTRA that can completely eradicate corruption is this: 4.Well, let me suggest you some of the possible ways to fight and win over the corruption.We can eradicate corruption from India.Well, we need to hypnotize ourselves, our society, men and women, children’s and every breathing soul of India, not to hate corruption, because we all hate corruption, but to hate the corrupt people.

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Indonesia’s Anti Corruption Law

coordinate with the agencies having the authority to eradicate corruption; supervise the agencies having the authority to eradicate corruption; conduct investigations, interrogations and prosecutions with respect to corruption; take steps to prevent corruption; and .71/2000 on Procedures for Implementation of Public Participation and Provision of Appreciation in the Prevention and Eradication of the Criminal Act of Corruption.The government acknowledges that investigating corruption is not easy and bringing successful prosecutions is extremely hard.Finally, those individuals or corporations who assist in the fight against corruption may be given tokens of appreciation, either in the form of certificates or cash.4.Public Participation...

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What is poverty? Essay

The impact of corruption in poor countries on the poorer members of those societies is even more tragic.Presidents and Prime Ministers, 2001.There are many ways of dealing with the poverty spiral or breaking it softly, so to speak.Causes of Poverty.USA: Penguin Press, 2005. .

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Corruption always existed in human society in one or the other form.It is in your hands to eradicate corruption to transform society to enable it attain socio-economic development,” E. Balagurusamy, Former Member, Union Public Service Commission, said here recently.Corruption has crept into every fabric of the society in such a way that it was the theme of speeches made by the President, the Prime Minister, the Speaker of Lok Sabha, during the golden jubilee celebrations of our independence.Corruption is a common practice and has become a way of life.Every Chief Election Commissioner since Mr. Sheshan held the office has advocated the dire necessity of electoral reforms to strike at corruption at grass root level.

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Active Citizenship Can Change Your Country

This problem has escalated to an extent where the World Bank’s county director Kundavi Kadiresan has warned some African countries with stopping the aids altogether unless decisive measures are taken to fight with corruption (Ford, 2010) .There are convincing evidences (Barkan, 2011) that in all sectors in general, and in educational sector in particular only a small fraction of foreign aid reaches its intended destination, the major part being unlawfully consumed by corrupt officials.Today foreign aid in poor countries in Africa is found to be subsidising a high level of corruption and incompetence of government officials and thus the provision of foreign aid in its present form needs to be subjected to immediate and comprehensive criti...

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Corruption in India

Every citizen should strive hard to eradicate corruption.They should strive their utmost to eradicate corruption from systems and administrations.Reporters should give more importance to the news and information on corruption; they should report corruption cases immediately.But it is sad to see that the Indian are adopting illegal and immoral ways to achieve them.They strive hard to eradicate corruption from the society.

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Corruption is Social Evil

We are all need to stop talking about Corruption but we right now start ourself take the initiative and be Brave ourself.If we do not take step forward to remove corruption from root, the word developing country will always be attached with our country INDIA .“Despite a decade of progress in establishing anti-corruption laws and regulations, these results indicate that much remains to be done before we see meaningful improvements in the lives of the world’s poorest citizens.” The following steps should be considered to eradicate corruption: Greedy business people and unscrupulous investors should stop bribing the political elites.Corruption is Social Evil” “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” In its simplest ...

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Misuse of Authority in Profession

80 percent of the surveys conducted within the Police Departments reported that whistle blowing is important for the smooth running of the department and will help to reduce the corruption rate in police.There are several methods of corruption in political systems.It is very much in our hands to eradicate this evil from our society.All of us need to identify the abuse of power and our system needs to inspect the ways to eradicate misuse of power from society.Corruption through the abuse of authority is a more common type of corruption and is prevalent in many fields including the likes of police department, welfare organizations, mental health institutions, and democratic systems i.e.

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Eradication of poverty Essay

Then and then only can poverty be removed.it can be wiped step by step.it is a long job.A country with a lot of corruption will grow slower than others, and eventually, the economic activities will decline.One of the main aims of the day is to make the voice of the poor heard and Raising awareness of the need to eradicate poverty.

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Can War Ever Be Eradicated?

while globalization develops, the states will choose war for achievement political, economic, etc.Zones of economic influence of the USA, Italy and France have undergone less considerable changes.Though acts of terrorism have caused only the war on the local level, only between two countries, it is impossible to forget that the world community was on a hair from other counties retraction in war, Syria, Iran and the USA in the first place.The vivid example of it is an act of terrorism on September 11, 2001 in New York, which caused retaliatory measures of protection from the USA side.Terrorism acts have already taken place practically on each continent, but struggle against this terrorism cannot be won in a way of only defeating separate ...

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The Nature Of Corruption In India

Many new leaders when come into power declare their determination to eradicate corruption but soon they themselves become corrupt and start amassing huge wealth.Corruption is not something that a government on its own can eradicate.Some three out of four Indian respondents, on the question of the degree to which their government is fighting corruption, answered that the government was either “not effective,” “does not fight at all “or” actually encourages” corruption... A contributory factor to the growth of corruption in India is that the cases relating to corruption are often handled in a casual and a clumsy manner.• Tolerance of people towards corruption, complete lack of intense public outcry against corruption and the absence of ...

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Anti Corruption Essay

Corruption is found in both public and private organizations and everyone starting from the clerk to the Managing Director of a company is corrupt in a way or the other.People are of the opinion that corruption is a way of life and nothing can be done to eradicate it.India is among 55 of the 106 countries where corruption is rampant, according to the Index of Perceived Corruption Report 2004, published by Transparency International India. • The tolerance of people towards corruption, the complete lack of intense public outcry against corruption and the absence of strong public forum to oppose corruption allow corruption to reign over people.Can all the Indians touch their heart and say with confidence that the Jan Lokpal Bill will eradi...

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Counter Terrorism Strategies Against The IRE And LTTE

It is believed that the conflict with the LTTE was prolonged because of the corruption done by the politicians and service commanders.Unlike the LTTE case which was prolonged because of the intervention done by the corrupt government officials who gained from weapons trade, the case of IRA was not tainted by the political propaganda of some abusive authorities.Unlike the case of the LTTE, the British rulers did not use terror to eradicate the threat of terrorism in Northern Ireland.The use of terrorism to force out terrorism acts is not the effective and best way to cease the problems of terrorism.This was due to the effort of the government to manage and solve the conflicts of the LTTE terrorism in a minimal and economical way.

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Can Prejudice Ever Be Eliminated? Essay

Our acceptance level towards this community will never be full.” The idea of eradicating prejudice will only be nothing but a dream.The process of eliminating prejudice from our society will no doubt be an arduous one.After all, just as what Edward Roscoe Murrow quotes: “No one can eliminate prejudices – just recognise them.In USA, marriage between a Black and White is still being frowned upon by many in the society, mainly because of the prejudice against the Blacks which has been around since the 1900s.

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Medicine Alone Cannot Stop the Spread of HIV/Aids in Sub-Saharan Africa Essay

However, the reality in the developing countries point to a glaring truth: the fight has a long way to go.Related to poor governance is rampant corruption in government.When corruption becomes a culture, as already it is in sub-Saharan Africa, resources meant for a national cause always find their way into private hands.If the world was to be made a better place to live, then only two things stand on the way to that realization: abject poverty and disease.In sub-Saharan Africa, poverty, corruption in government, cultural practices such female circumcision, polygamy and wife inheritance, as well as poor leadership are responsible for the persistence of HIV/Aids.

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Reflection Paper on “Amistad” Essay

That’s more people than at any other point in the history of the world.It is necessary to pay tribute to all these people who in spite of the cruelty in their lives managed to remain kind inside and some of them even tried to understand their masters.In order to effectively eradicate slavery in all its forms, the root causes of slavery such as poverty, social exclusion and all forms of discrimination must be addressed.Some 27 million people worldwide are enslaved or work as forced laborers.This total disrespect for humanity was shown in a variety of ways.

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Evolving Through Ignorance Essay

By accepting the fact that we are so ignorant about our current condition we can start to make a move to overcome this condition that potentially will be the root of serious problem and make our way towards a better future.The percentage of corruption in the government reach a peak number of 91% [5] and that’s way too high compared to another countries.We’ll need a leader that can lead the country to the right path in his honesty and his desire to remove corruption in our country, the one that can reveal how chronic the level of ignorance in the government is.One of the biggest factor and something that has never been able to be resolved from time to time is the corruption in Indonesia.And yes, the government had already established a co...

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International business climate Essay

Conclusion Though the international business climate is so much like that of Switzerland, Switzerland has one of the best business climates that are quite appealing.These are rules that are quite unstable, disloyal and the corruption is completely out of hand.Communities on global business climate are very keen on the way the company does utilize their income in order to support local people as far as destination economies are concerned.There should be a strong relationship with other foreign countries in order for international trade to survive.It is the duty of the legal system to make sure all social evils are cubed for example corruption in order for businesses to survive.

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Solution of Russia’s Corruption

Russia people needs to use more media to let others know more about a corruption.Thus, individuals in Russia need to help each other exposing the corruption, and also people that are not Russian can help them with the teaching and law, such as UK Bribery Act and FCPA, so that the end Russia will eventually eradicate corruption out of the country.The best way to solve the corruption problem is to get a help from publics.To summarize, communism is the main problem of Russia’s corruption, and also the best way to solve this problem is to let a public know.Letting people know more about corruption, it helps citizens and public know what is going on in their country.

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The Effect and Prevention of Cyber Crime Essay

In the last years, fraud, corruption and computer crime have increased significantly.Bishop and Hydoski show how in today’s highly leveraged global economy, major fraud or corruption can set off a chain reaction resulting in serious corporate harm or failure.[PUBLICATION ABSTRACT] .However, managing the fraud, corruption and cyber crime requires involvement and help from all employees … Abstract: Fraud cannot be eradicated, but fraud and corruption risks can be managed like any other risks.Fraud cannot be eradicated, but fraud and corruption risks can be managed like any other risks.

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Corruption in local government Essay

The funds and money that should be spend to provide facilities to the people, they are gone in corruption.The development projects are incomplete due to corruption.Due to this evil of corruption people cannot get their basis rights.Due to corruption common people are deprived of their basic rights.These days Pakistan is in terrible situation because there is too much corruption in Pakistan.

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Is the World Without Povert an Impossible Dream

With these reasons, I would claim that poverty will indeed remain as an impossible dream simply because the rate at which poverty is increasing, due to unforeseen events, is far more rapid than the rate at which we are trying to reduce it.This is why a world without poverty would remain as an impossible dream.These causes of poverty are mainly natural disasters, geologically isolated locations, historical colonies and corruption.Then again, the poor are left stranded below the social ladder and cannot be independent and rise above poverty level.However, the families under this program became too dependent on the government and many suffered during the period of recession, when the government was unable to provide for these families and h...

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Abraham Lincoln: The Vampire Hunter Essay (Movie Review)

US: Rowman & Littlefield, 2011.USA: Caleb Deschanel.US: Grand Central Publishing.Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.Lincoln Inc.: Selling the Sixteenth President in Contemporary America.

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Everybody Should Take Stand Against Corruption Politics Essay

A report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) lists some major economic consequences of corruption as “(i) Prevention of economic growth; (ii) reduction in the effectiveness of international assistance; and (ii) loss of tax revenue given that bribes may be paid to evade taxes and customs.” (Basar) In corrupt societies corruption causes the transformation of public wealth into private and neglects the necessities of public.Apart from governmental institutions, International Non-governmental Organizations such as Integrity Watch Afghanistan, United Nationals Agencies and Transparency International has found out numerous causes of corruption in Afghanistan among which United Nation Development Program (UNDP) has offered a broader list o...

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Criminal Organizations and Drug Trades

The root of corruption that arises from the drug trades can be traced back from the measures drug cartels adapt in order to conceal their activities.If the implementation of prohibition law ha resulted to wide spread corruption globally, then it is fitting to understand and ask why not lift the ban in order to minimize corruption and at the same time, create an opportunity for the government to generate a source of funding.We cannot deny the fact that drug trades aggravate corruption in our society.As the effort of the government to eradicate the use and trade of these illegal drugs in the market tighten, various crime groups have realized the huge impact of helping each organization rather than competing among each other (Carter, 2007)....

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