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Green Supply Chain Management

Keywords: Green Supply Chain Management, Quantitative Data, Qualitive Data, Green Challenges.In order to build a greener supply chain, attitudes of top executives and the training of the logistical workforce to embrace green solutions is the only way we can ever begin to reduce greenhouse gases.The trucks will have a 90-mile range and presumably will use DC quick chargers to juice up on the go (Cowan, 2011).The Green Supply Chain can be referred to as the way in which innovations in supply chain management and industrial purchasing may be considered in the context of the environment.10% of the total supply chain operations budget on green initiatives, and roughly 38% had no visibility of the level of investment in green initiatives (Cogn...

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Green Transportation System For Sustainable Campus Environmental Sciences Essay

In my opinion, those previous researches are too focus on the implementation of green transportation system in urban area.According by Liu (2003), green transport means not only internal transport system optimization and exterior harmony, but also high and sustainable efficiency.For instance, walking and cycling, green vehicles, car pooling, transit oriented development, human-powered transport, renewable energy transportation or alternative transportation, and other forms of protecting transport system that are less fuel consume, space efficiency, low cost, and promote healthy lifestyle.Ge, Wang, Deng (2004), Jiang, Guo (2009), and Lu,Gao (1999) stated that 21st century is an environment protection century and environmental issues top a...

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Concepts of Sustainable/Green Logistics Essay

Chang-qiong, W 2004, ‘Green Logistics: Implications, Characteristics, and the Strategic Value’, Journal of Economics and Management, vol.Green Logistics: Improving the Environmental Sustainability of Logistics, Kogan Page Limited, London.Murphy, P, & Poist, F 2000, ‘Green Logistics Strategies: An Analysis of Usage Patterns’, Transportation Journal, vol.The first level is the customer view where an organisation has to look for ways of supplying products more efficiently and conveniently without wastage of space and including of non-essential packaging materials that are non-biodegradable.Kawakatsu, S, Taniguchi, E, Tsuji, H 2000, “New Cooperative System Using Electric Vans for Urban Freight Transport, Urban Transport”, 6th International C...

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Recycle Industry Trend to Green Logistics Essay

Range of logistics activities from the environmental point of view, both including the green logistics operations of each individual (such as green transportation, green packaging, green distribution processing, etc.There have five themes: reducing freight, transport externalities, city logistics, reverse logistics, corporate environmental strategies towards logistics and green logistics research (Abukhader and Jonsson, 2004) .Green Logistics is a multi-layered concept both green logistics activities including social management of green logistics activities, regulate and control.Customers can go to superstores that are built in places having convenient road system and avoid that are built in such way that reaching them may cause extra ...

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Green Logistics Essay

Green Logistics is a sustainable approach to the integration of transportation and the supply chain of an organization.Once these have been studies, it will be easy to see why ‘green logistics’ is the ideal solution and an alternative transport means.This is another paradox that green logistics brings about.This approach of ‘green logistics’ seemed like the perfect solution to all the problems of standard transportation and logistics.Therefore, companies must find a way to integrate transportation and meet customer requirements in a sustainable manner.

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Environmental Sustainability Of United States Urban Transport System

This can be implemented in three broad ways; .It has also been documented that the transportation sector alone accounts for more than 50% of the total emission of green house gases which pollute the environment.Green transport can help to create sustainable mode of urban transport by reducing or totally eliminate the number of cars which are using fossil fuel which are the main cause of pollution in our transport system.Electric cars provide a method that can be used to modify the current use of fossil fuel which can reduce the amount of emission of green house gases and noise.[14]The other priced alternative is going green through promotion of modes of transport that does not use fossil fuel.

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Is the Term Green Logistics an Oxymoron

However, the term ‘green logistics’ is not an oxymoron, as this report will explain that through greener transport, green procurement and reverse logistics, companies can reduced their environmental impact thus achieving green logistics, and therefore it is not an oxymoron.Green procurement in regards to logistics, involves evaluating transport providers’ environmental sustainability performance as well supporting these providers to enhance their environmental sustainability performance.Another way in which green logistics can be achieved is through ‘green procurement’.2011)In doing this Fujitsu was not only able to reduce costs which highlights the benefits, but was able to reduce Co2 emissions (see appendix figure 2) whilst still compl...

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Sites Overview And Comparison Tourism Essay

In conclusion we could tell that the environmental issues this District is not the appropriate place on where to build an NHS Hospital where physical treatment will be held, and over factor regarding the environment is that this site lacks of green space where the availability of green space is easy to be found on Dams Nature Reserve District.1: site A (Old Colliery ) it’s a disused site due to the wards acute and depravation, it requires considerable sterilisation of the premises and clean up the site before making any moves which will cost extra found to be invest out of the initial budget and also the site was used as a dump chemical site, transportation fluidity is extremely poor in this location when coming from Western District zon...

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Sustainable Township Development In Malaysia Environmental Sciences Essay

Green Building Index (GBI) and GBI Township Tool were introduced as advisable Malaysia rating system in promoting the Green Technology as a new driver for the economic growth of the country by offering tremendous opportunities and potentials in the economic regeneration, innovation and wealth creation.The qualifying expenditure is also known as the Green Building Cost Sum, which means an additional expenditure incurred in relation to construction of a building, alteration, renovation, extension or improvement of an existing building.According to Kumar (2005), placing of literature review is one of the essential preliminary tasks when you intend to undertake a research study is to go through the literature in order to acquaint yourself wi...

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The Hidden Facet Of Green Power Environmental Sciences Essay

(Green Power Group official website) .The day is not far when green power will have overtaken traditional procedures in terms of technology, efficiency, economy and acceptance.Hence, that green power has been identified as the next big thing, and that many corporate like McKinsey and Co. have incorporated a separate department for climate and environment change is sign that green power is here to stay.Lately, the surge of green power has hit the third world countries who depend on oil and gas imports for their economies.Cars have been developed, and as aforementioned, the governments have only aided this cause by providing customers added incentives if they support these green causes.

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Enhancing The Value Of Green Hotel Tourism Essay

The dependent variable is Environmental Sustainability Development and the independent variable of this study is green price, green product, green promotion, and green place.Green promotion is to pass the green guidelines for media promotion of green consumption, inspiring guide to consumer demand for green, and finally with buying behavior (Anon, 2007).Green promoting have purpose to increase public awareness of green, green corporate image building, green marketing to build a broad social base, to promote the development of green marketing industry.This requires the hotel from initial to final product design provide involved environmental behavior must accord with environmental protection requirement (Xiong, 2011) In addition, the hote...

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Leed Certification And Sustainable Buildings Environmental Sciences Essay

Ten points are available just by finding ways to optimize the building’s energy performance.These examples of using technology or material gathering methods for cars and grocery store products are the most common ways of society’s attempt to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet.Whether it is a developing a way to properly treat and possibly reuse stormwater within the building, or by limiting the amount of runoff created, there are many ways a building can be designed to prevent polluted stormwater from reaching rivers or oceans.At the moment, in today’s construction climate, it seems more difficult to convince owners that LEED is the right way to go, simply because they cost more.There are plenty of ways to accomplish this task.<...

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Green Logistics Management

The main objective is examining different possible ways to reduce the external costs of logistics associated mainly with climate change, air pollution, noise etc and achieving a more sustainable balance between economic, environmental and social objectives.He mentioned in his paper that Professor Woodrow Clark discussed how green energy from renewable energy sources can play a significant role in protecting the environment while providing power for building and transportation.YW Chen et al (2008) planned safest transportation of nuclear waste by integrating the multi-objective (minimizing the travel time, transportation risk and the exposed population) shortest route problem having actual road network attributes of GIS (geographic inform...

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Essay on Benefits Of Eating Processed Foods

By preserving farmland and the green space around them, communities can keep the beautiful views of lush, green land, and they do not get the pollution that comes with large cities developing.Also, local or organic farms are not aggressive with/don 't use pesticides.Buying locally helps preserve this farmland and green space in the community.While many people are aware of more prominent reasons to eat local, such as the fact that many grocery store brands put chemical preservatives in their food, or that the greenhouse gasses emitted by company trains and trucks is bad for the environment, they do not know about how fruits and veggies can lose important nutrients during transport, or about how local farms preserve green space in communit...

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Smart Cities

We need to implement alternate ways to produce energy to power our cities such as use solar panels on buildings, harnessing tidal or wind power or even geothermal energy.Public transportation is affordable, and extreme safety measures are put in place to encourage people to use the public transportation.Green buildings make use of collected rain water to flush toilets and to supply washing machines with water, this ensures water wastage in the city is minimised and used as efficiently as possible.Smart cities include and promote the construction of green building which reduce the cities carbon footprint, uses resources efficiently and is cost effective in the long run.Green buildings are energy efficient, they use solar power and some ma...

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Palm Beach Community College Environmental Sustainability Essay

Palm Beach Community College suggests some ways that we can do for the welfare of the environment.Some of these activities are Gorilla in the green house, Fish in the lake and National geographic kids (Green for Kids).A good example for this is the use of green buildings in their university.“Green Cleaning is an approach to janitorial services that offers better environmental performance and improved worker health and safety, while retaining the same sanitation quality as traditional, more chemical-intensive methods.Some of the events sponsored by Palm Beach Community College are Earth Day, Coastal Cleanup, Transportation transformation and Green Expo.

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Certification of Entitlement in Singapore

Green Business Times.A larger community effort needs to come together to make staying green happen.The Singapore Green Pan 2012.A recent example would be the Singapore Green Plan (MEWR, 2012) which would not only reduce carbon-emission but also develop infrastructure to generate clean energy and improve other critical green aspects.Funds collected during the event could be used as incentives to reward people who stay green.

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Corporate Social Responsibility In Smrt Corporation Management Essay

All money raised by SMRT Silver Tribute Fund will go towards the six beneficiaries such as: Alzheimer’s Disease Association – Specialised Caregiver Support Service (Dementia), Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centers -Ang Mo Kio – Yio Chu Kang Community Carers’ Scheme, Asian Women’s Welfare Association – AWWA READYCARE Centre, Geylang East Home for the Aged (GEHA), Singapore Leprosy Relief Association Home, and Tan Tock Seng Hospital Community Charity Fund – Helping Elderly Patients Programme.The campaign which promotes public transport for cleaner air and better health launched with giveaway of 300 limited edition travel passes to commuters who wear special badges and pledge to add public transport into their travel mix.Donations and media sup...

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Vertical Architecture

With urbanization many green areas are destroyed under new constructions; however, vertical cities offer more spaces for green areas.Moreover, there is a new plan called ‘skyrise’ greening concept that constructs green areas on the rooftops of the buildings.In conclusion, the benefits of vertical cities are very significant for a comfortable and healthier life.These cities are suitable for public transportation that reducing the need for car use.Everybody should be informed concerning this architectural designs that creates new benefits for human life.

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Information Technology and the Reduction of Carbon Footprints

Naturally Green IT was a part of many such endeavors.But the impact of the current short term- medium term economic crisis is that it has lead to projects of Green IT being put on back seats.Investment in Green IT, if done properly, will lead to good returns in long run.However companies having means and willingness to pursue their long term ambitions still keep Green IT on the priority list.Information Technology can indeed take us from “Green to Gold “.

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Green Building Certification in Malaysia

The green building has its price – the costs of green building are expensive as compare to normal building.As shown in Chart 3, 60% of the respondents agreed that the difficulties of implementing the green building in Malaysia are lack of knowledge regarding green building.60% of respondents think that lack of knowledge regarding green building is the barriers of implementation green building.There is only few green building in Malaysia thus there were less people know about the importance of constructing green building.The objective is to: .. Environmental activists have called us to ‘go green’ for years.

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Essay about Dominion Road Upgrade Project

In conclusion, Dominion road is a really vital project for all Auckland’s transport system....in Paddington Green the way for cyclist will be laid on a boardwalk to protect tree’s roots.The process in this project is quite complicated as you have to consider a lot of factors such as, benefits should over weight the expenses and how to go over some technical challenges with less time and low cost.According to research, at about 2.2 millions passengers went through this road from March 2010 to March 2011, which is just over 3% of all public transport trips in the region.Auckland Transport.

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Green Growth And Developing Countries Economics Essay

It will go on to analyse and compare primarily their pros and cons, and their potential value and suitability for different development purposes.finding new ways of meeting the above two objectives, i.e.Increased GDP – production of green goods and services .In the short run, green growth policies are most likely to deliver local benefits in improved environmental management through sustainable waste treatment, better access to water and energy and more desirable health outcomes from controlled pollution.We have visited partnerships established in a range of different relevant sectors, including agriculture, energy (inc. energy generation and energy efficiency), forest, disaster reduction, water supply (inc. sanitation), recycling/waste ...

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Implementing Green Initiative In Malaysia Environmental Sciences Essay

“Go Green or Going Green” is a concerned with the protection of the environment (Oxford Advanced learner’s Dictutionary, 2000); steps to “conserve energy, reduce pollution and save money” ( The U.S. Chamber of commerce Small Business Nation).This will enhance the better understanding on theoretical framework of “Go green” concept practices.This is to ensure there is a balance in different types of service restaurants’ owner perceptive on “Go green” concept implementations in Malaysia.Objectives of the research aim to understand the used of ‘Go green’ concept in service industry.Benefit of “Go Green” .

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The Green Economy Programme

Government can also encourage the use of green products for instance provides subsidies on public transport, having progressive taxes on electricity consumption and other environmentally harmful urban activities.Provide advisory services for some countries on ways for transiting to a greener economy .Implement the Green Economy Initiative by engaging a wide range of research, private organizations, business and UN partners .. UNEP currently is engaging with over 20 countries in helping them to transit into a green economy by undertaking assessments of macroeconomic in either their national economies or specific economic sectors.Generate a Green Economy Report and relevant research materials, which will aid in analyzing the macroeconomic...

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Tokyo Midtown’s Architecture Development

Firstly, the existing park is extended to the newer green areas.The historical green space Hinokicho Park is part of landscape and was refurbished.Consequently, the green park, museum, Tokyo National Art Center and Roppongi Hill will be well connected.This project is an architectural expression in landscape which can provide an open and green space for events.Thousands of visitors attract by it and go there with a blanket, picnic, and drinks.

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Rise of E Vehicle Essay

In some areas, like Puerto Princesa City and Boracay, plans to phase out gasoline-powered jeepneys are underway, with e-vehicles gradually being incorporated into their transportation system.EVnnovations Inc. wants to introduce Reva to the Philippines as a viable mode of transportation.modes of transportation, they would be wondering why we haven?Its batteries require only four hours to fully charge, costing around P100.E-vehicle makers, however, are after advocacy, not profits, says Karl Magsuci, business planning and development manager for EVnnovations Inc. , distributor of the first Land Transportation Office-registered e-car in the Philippines.

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The Environmentally Sustainable Transport

The most common green transport choice, with the least environmental impact is walking.Green vehicles are intended to have less environmental impact than equivalent standard vehicles, although when the environmental impact of a vehicle is assessed over the whole of its life cycle this may not be the case.The environmental impacts of transport can be reduced by improving the walking and cycling environment in cities, and by enhancing the role of public transport, especially electric rail.Green public transport vehicles including electric trains, trams and electric buses combine the advantages of green vehicles with those of sustainable transport choices.The term sustainable transport came into use as a logical follow-on from sustainable d...

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Going Green to save the Environment Essay

To the individual going green on cars involves economical car application tools which may not imply direct use of transports.At all levels, the going green to save environment at the homestead level will call for water saving measures.In the different environments that individuals interact with, the concept of going green and save environment captures on how an individual person should relate with the immediate environment for its preservation but which would otherwise be of the most minimal cost.To the individual person, the going green and save environments involves use of car and gas saving instruments that calls for less pollution and lower transport cost.Such levels leading to going green to save the environment, would be captured a...

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Climate Change Essay

But by seeking alternative ways to power the people’s vehicles, the earth’s atmosphere can still be salvage.Given these data, it has been evident that the production of green house gases had greatly affected the dynamics of the environment.More so, people can opt to walk or use a bike or any vehicle that does not require gas in order to go from point A to point B.To be able to build energy efficient infrastructures, certain green standards must be established.com/feature/2007/09/05/the-six-degrees-building-efficiency> “Saving energy in the Transportation Sector.

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