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The Problems Faced By Students In Malaysia Essay

Although facts that English are the main language but most students think that learning English is a waste of time on the grounds that they have a lot of notes to learn.This report will discuss the problems faced by students in learning the English language and practical suggestions for improving the English language proficiency of students in higher education institutions in Malaysia.How to improve and develop you’re English?Read as much as possible, look for English books, English articles and newspapers, and use a dictionary when you find words you cannot understand .Reading a lot is a good way to improve one’s grammar and learning new vocabulary and language structures.In this way, we can improve our writing skills in English.

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Why English in Malaysia?

In reality, everything is all about English, English, and English!Understandably, the government wants the citizens to improve their grasp on Bahasa Malaysia through the step that they had taken.Gone are the days of boring and difficult to learn English, hello fun and easy English.From speaking in broken English, we have learnt the proper usage of English.People today should figure out ways to improve their English, instead of being stagnant and stubborn to improve themselves and get in the way of the development of the world.

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How the study of stylistics can help improve one’s English Language Essay

Firstly, stylistics enriches students’ ways of thinking about language.On the grounds of how learning language is similar to how learning stylistics help can improve one’s Englis, as reiterated throughout this paper, both disciplines require the students to read extensively, understand and practice the skill in order to improve their language competency.In regards to this essay, there are several ways how the study of stylistics can help improve students’ English language.Despite it all, this act of propelling one to act as both linguist and literary critic stretches his or her potential to the maximum towards being a very competent user of English language hence whether they like it or not, it will improve their English.One way how styl...

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Language Learning Autobiography Example

Finally, end with some advice to other students about what they should do to improve their English.I bought a lots of English books to improve my grammar and vocabulary.Describe when and where you started learning English, express your feelings about learning English at each stage and provide details of what helped you in your learning, what difficulties and problems you faced and the efforts you made to improve your command over the language.Yet, my English improved as I use Manglish a lot and what I would like to say I used to translate it from Mandarin which is my mother language to English.Besides that under this stage, I got a very good English teacher when I was in Standard 4 whereby he used many interesting ways to teach us Englis...

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Language skill is essential tool in the job market Essay

English language proficiency works as a determination of people’s opportunity to get a job.The characters of both articles also says that we can learn and improve English language if we have a self-motivation and improve our daily communication.A person must have the ability to convey their ideas with a good english and to achieve it a daily practice of the language will give a better result.A person who are more competent, fluent and impressive in speaking in English than other graduates have better opportunities in the job market.Being able to speak a prefect english language is a skill that a person have over other graduates and being able to boost up the chances of getting the job.

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Important Of Science And Mathematics In English

Teaching science and mathematics by use the English will improve student their knowledge bank and language skill.The English language is generally considered as an international language in the lingua franca of the global community and it is a language speak and written by many people around the world.English is an international language in the world.I believe teaching and learning of the science and mathematics in English will not only pave the way for the student to study and also will motivate students to learn more than one language effective.Student their maybe not is a geniuses, but at least we can let they improve their language skill very well by study both of the all subject in English.

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The Development of Task-Based Activities for Culture-Related English Lessons

Therefore, the need to investigate students’ attitudes towards task-based activities designed for culture related English lessons and towards teaching English with culture related content among other groups of the students with different contexts or diversity still remains in order to determine Thai students’ attitudes towards learning and teaching English with cultural related topics.As English has become a global language, teaching and learning English in Thailand has become challenging since they have passed through EFL context and gained more EIL status.Moreover, to improve learning conditions in the classroom, task-based activities are extensively used in English classes to ensure that students’ training is relevant to real world si...

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Cinema Is A Development Through Many Ages English Language Essay

The aims of teaching Science and Mathematics in English can motivate students to learn English language efficiently and students will be used to English while communicate with other people and can speak fluent in English.In Malaysia, Malay language is the language to unite us while English language is important for us to stay relevant, intelligent, wise, positive, survive and successfully.Some of the family they are using their mother tongue to communicate, if the school still using other language like Malay or Chinese to teach science and mathematics that would not be only cannot improve the standard of English and motivate them to learn English language, scientific vocabulary and also cannot speak fluent in English.Students will commun...

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English Proficiency Essay

The factors low English proficiency among most learners are due to two factors; internal factors such as no confident when using English, negative attitude towards the English language and external factor like the limited opportunities to use English outside the classroom.Because English is so widely spoken, it has often been referred to as a “world language”, the lingua franca of the modern era, and while it is not an official language in most countries, it is currently the language most often taught as a foreign language.Self-study can improve reading and comprehension skills, but interacting with other English speakers is essential for boosting real-world comprehension and practical use of the English language.o Watching or listening ...

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Ten Most Effective Ways to Improve Your English Essay

Read aloud in English for at least 15 minutes every day : .Even for people who don’t have to write in English, writing can be a great way of properly learning the kind of vocabulary you need to describe your own life and interests, and of thinking about how to stop making grammar mistakes.Even if you don’t speak aloud, reading as many English books as possible will increase your vocabulary and knowledge of sentence structure.You can also sing along to English songs!Start your own English language blog : .

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Language Is The Blood Of The Soul English Language Essay

Many of them feel inferior and also do not put any effort to improve their standard of English language.Any language is a gift the knowledge of more than one language makes a man more efficient and skilful in many ways.Only very few of them come out of their nest and shed their tears to learn and to improve English.English has become the language of the latest business management in the world and Indian proficiency in English has brought glory to many Indian business managers.They become inferior and also they do not find the way to improve their standard of English in order to cope up with the new academic life.

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The Importance Of Language In The World English Language Essay

They become inferior and also they do not find the way to improve their standard of English in order to cope up with the new academic life.Though many countries do have English as their native language, those who have the command over the English Language are considered and respected as highly educated.English has become the language of the latest business management in the world and Indian proficiency in English has brought glory to many Indian business managers.Many of them feel inferior and also do not put any effort to improve their standard of English language.The English also instituted in India universities based on English models with emphasis on English.

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The Decline in the Proficiency of English in Malaysia Essay

In conclusion, English is a very important language that our Malaysian should improve on immediately.With the decline in the proficiency of English in Malaysia, it would have a big effect to our country, Malaysia in many ways.That is because, most of the teenagers dare not communicate with their friends using English unless they speaks fluent English because they are afraid that their peers would either laugh or even isolate them when they could not speak fluent English.To overcome this problem, our government has to increase the hours of the English lesson so that students have more time to study English language.Besides that, teacher as the English ambassador in school, they do not speak proper English during English lesson.

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Communication Problems in the Philippines Essay

But when speaking with a friend of more than five years, the two help each other out to improve their English.Actions taken to improve their English .I am conducting a research entitled, “English Communication Problems in the Philippines and the Consciousness of Today’s Youth” as a partial requirement for the course, English 100. .Through constant use of the language, better educational programs, and increased awareness and activity in improving one’s own English, our nation’s future with the language may just live on.37% said they normally use English only in English classes.

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Personal Weakness and its Impact on Adjustment to the Role of New Nurse

In my plan is the use of various media to improve my pronunciation and comprehension of English.Language books and other publications are available in the market and I aim at reading more of them so that I can improve on reading and writing clearly in English.My weakness in English as a language led to my loss of credibility in many situations and this in turn affected my fortitude in life and always shunned away from establishing and allowing communication between me and other English speakers.There are books such as Communication Skills for Nursing Practice (McCabe & Timmins, 2009) that have information on how to improve communication skills, which include proficiency in language and will therefore be of help too.Talking and listen...

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Ways to Improve Your English Speaking

Finally, who are trying to enhance their English should learn this from native speakers of English to *better* develop their speaking.Consequently, there are lots of ways to improve the English speaking.After people learned the English grammar, they have to do speaking practice with their colleagues to better enhance their English.If you want to speak English fluently, you must have the knowledge of English grammar rules.There are lots of benefits to learn language and English speaking.

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English Language Learner Essay

Beside of that, an obstacle for all students of ELLs that they must to receive the same program such as student spokes of native English when they are during education process, many trammels as reading literature in English cause most literature is culture bound.Also, the English teacher should purposefully select words and sentence structures that will help students learn rather than hinder their success in class or practice for them to listening, specific is talking to improve their pronunciation.All English Language Learners are definitely struggling to learn English sometime, they were fail to understand what is the teacher talking about, and may become unpleasantness when they have an idea but cannot transmit wholeness express their...

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Research Proposal on English Skills Improvement through the Use of iPad Technology Essay

English Language Teaching, 6(7).iPad application’s language has helped students in the 16th Primary School in Zulfi to improve the students’ English speaking, writing and listening.It is on the basis of the impacts of the use of iPads on the English language skills that this investigation will be performed (Kubey, 2001).Based on the discussion in the literature review, it is likely that the use of iPads in the 16th Girls Primary School in Zulfi, Saudi Arabia will lead to improvement on pupils’ English language skills.English Language Teaching (ELT) and Integration of Media Technology.

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Qualities that a ‘good’ teacher should have Essay

beginner – from zero knowledge of English to a very basic one which cannot be quickly or easily activated.very often they just want to learn language because they are interested in English and English culture.they know English can improve their future career prospects.they also want to study English to improve their grades and achieve success in exams.students are motivated to study English because they realize that English is an international language and you can communicate with almost everyobody all over the world using this language.

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English as the Official Language Essay

Although there are myriad kinds of English language spoken around the world like Australian English, Indian English and Canadian English, the dominance of the English language is the primary reason that its utilization as an official language in the United States of America should be pushed through.That is the main reason why immigrants wanted to learn English as a second language, which adds to the dominance of the same language in the United States of America.“Issues in Improving Immigrant Worker’s English Language Skills”.The English language is also used as a preferred language for the conveyance of international business and scientific studies (Lian 1).“History of the English Language”.

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Teaching English Vocabulary Through Pictures for Young Learners Essay

It makes them did not like English anymore and always felt oppressed everytime they learn English.Mastering vocabulary is very important for the students who learn English as a foreign language.Everybody who learns a language as a foreign language is hoped to know and master the vocabulary to improve the language skills.1.5 Significance of the Research The result of this research hopefully gives positive contribution to improve vocabulary teaching techniques implemented in English classroom.The other advantages are improve public speaking and easy to read English text.

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The Most Effective Method to Learn a Second Language

There are many ways of studying a foreign language.For example, Toronto, a big city in Canada, has more than 35 English schools, where everybody can study English.For example, David Grover, English as a Second Language teacher in .English Language Proficiency Program.Attending second language classes is a great opportunity for people to improve their pronunciation.

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Success to learning English

On the other side, real English Language is the daily language used by native speakers in the street, supermarkets, companies, public places, in buses, etc….In this article, I need to shed light and to cast attention about the ways the international students can follow in order to improve their English Language skills.There is the most important thing that leads to success learning English that it often practices English.Someone can ask what English fluency is or how can I learn English language?Especially, we should speak English with friend all the time for improving English skills.

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Study English in an English-speaking country Essay

Although their spoken English is not usually of a very high standard, their knowledge of grammar is often quite advanced.In general, even though it is preferable to study English in an English-speaking country,a reasonable level of English can be achieved in one’s own country, if a student is gifted and dedicated to study.In the first place, most students in non-English-speaking countries learn English at secondary school,and sometimes at university nowadays.However, there are obvious advantages of learning English in Britain.In the first place, most students in non-English-speaking countries learn English at secondary school, and sometimes at university nowadays.

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Bilingual Education Has Been A Controversial Topic Education Essay

On the other hand, bilingual education supporter Jose A. Ruiz-Escalante argues that “Most districts are still in a hurry for them to learn English; they end up learning English at the expense of an education”.In conclusion, schools should be required to adopt a bilingual educational program, as it is the most effective in teaching limited English proficiency students the English language, and also its participants are the most likely out of all LEP students to succeed academically in the future.In alternate immersion, also known as sheltered English, LEPs are taught subject that are not very language intensive, such as math, in English and as their English proficiency increases they start learning language intensive subjects in English a...

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Learning English Essay

In conclusion, we will know learning English can get three major benefits, which are becoming an international person, communicating with any people in the world, and improving the changes in the job.the world, and because you can improve the changes in the job.When we know the benefits of learning English, we should study very hard.So, learning English is a good way to communicate for foreign people.English is a common language and you can use English to become an international person.

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Study On Science And Mathematics In English

In addition, I believe that the teaching and learning of Science and Mathematics in English not only pave the way for a borderless society and it also motivates students to learn more than one language efficiently and students will get benefit in this way.The second advantages is if use English for teaching these subjects, student can improve their English in many aspect such as communicate skill, comprehension, reading and writing skill.Strengthening English by improving the teaching of English .. .As we all know that English is the language spoken internationally and mastery in this language would allow easy access to information in these fields.If a student say cannot understand English, why visit blogger, Facebook, Google and msn on ...

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Bilingualism in the United States Essay

Since the mid- 1900s, what has become explicit is whether individuals should maintain their native language use alongside English or whether English should supplant the original migrant languages.For example, these people may not be able to use the road when every sign is written in English or even buy products when all product description is in English.The native language is one of the major ways of preserving heritage and culture.Even though English is the language, the Americans speak, numerous suggestions had been made in the past to make it the official language in all the states.He believes that all migrants should function in the traditional English language given the fact that English is going global.

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Language Ego Risk Taking And Self Confidence English Language Essay

Brown explains that people have a system of strategies when they acquired their first language, but when they face the challenge of learning a second language such as English, their egos suddenly are affected and they feel totally defenseless in a stressful and new situation, for example interacting in a face to face communication while using English.Second, this method provides additional sources of information because each student has ways to get information and provide it to their classmates.9) states that, “Language is people, language is persons in contact; language is persons in response.” Likewise, La Forte affirms that interaction is a necessary feature for English, as second language learners are able to cooperate together to ov...

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Studying the English language in an English-Speaking country Essay

When I was doing my masters in Britain, I met lots of British friends and families, then I got valuable experience of handling my English language.These non-native English speakers, conduct the international recognized exams, which evaluate the English language such as IELTS, TOFEL, and ESOL etc., .If we can learn language like English, it is better to learn in a country such as Britain, Australia etc., but there are another ways to learn English.Then they can improve their language proficiency for their future prospect.In native English speaking countries, they have been organizing their all academic activities in English.

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