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Impact of Air Pollution to the Environment in Malaysia

Open burning is a major source of air pollution in the urban area in Malaysia.Although it cannot be eliminated overnight, but with the cooperation of various parties air pollution problems can be solved.There are several ways to tackle the air pollution caused by open burning.Burning rubbish openly, burning the forest for replantation or development, burning rice straw on paddy fields which releases harmful chemicals and gases should be totally avoided altogether to avoid the air pollution in Malaysia.Strategies taken inclusive of changing people mind set and attitude, campaigns for public awareness, enforcing laws and regulations and encouraging using public transport which may reduce the environmental impact to air pollution.

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Environmental Management Systems In The Genting Group Environmental Sciences Essay

The installation of sensors on escalators and air-conditioning system helps to reduce power consumption especially on the off-peak season time.The Genting group realized that using renewal energy source not just simply reduce air, noise and water pollution but helps in reduction on operation cost, a win-win situation for both environment and cost-effectiveness.In 3R, “Reduce” is done by replacing energy-efficient equipment on buildings to reduce energy wastage and by-product wastage.Prevention of pollution- In order to reduce/prevent pollution on air, water and land, the management has implemented several solutions such as conduct “Yearly Sanitary Survey” on water supply system, replacing diesel powered water pump to electrical powered w...

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Scope And Limitations Of Research Tourism Essay

When the water pollution from sea increases, it will reduce destination loyalty.When the air pollution from haze increases, it will reduce destination loyalty.H3 When the air pollution from haze increases, it will reduce destination loyalty.In addition, when the water pollution from sea increases it will reduce destination image.(2001) haze pollution caused the visibility of attraction to be low, so destination image will reduce.

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The Electric Power Consumption

However, paddy waste is a very useful organic material in producing biogas through anaerobic digestion, thus providing an alternative use and mitigating the pollution problems.In addition, combustion of fossil fuel in electricity generation contributes significantly to air pollution as it emits greenhouse gases which lead to global warming.Malaysia is a tropical country and the climate is providing an excellent environment for biomass production.To review current status of energy demand and consumption in Malaysia.The future success of bioenergy developments in Malaysia depend on many factors, such as the policy framework conditions, the availability of suitable and high efficient conversion technologies, the long term and cost effective...

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The Green Technology Issues In The Construction

One of the ways is promoting green technology.The purpose is to reduce energy wasted and rely on natural resources like solar, wind, etc which these energies are free and will not create pollution.To achieve good indoor environmental quality, it will involve the use of low volatile organic compound materials, application of quality air filtration, sound absorbing materials, control of air movement and humidity and artificial light perform.There are various ways taken by every country in order to reduce the issues of the environment.The construct of green building will reduce the construction waste.

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Sustainable Township Development In Malaysia Environmental Sciences Essay

Most of the non-sustainable township development will cause pollutions in term of air, water as well as sound pollution.This not only helps the residents to reduce their cost for electricity usage but also helps in reducing the emission of CO2 because CO2 is emitted from the usage of electricity.Therefore, to overcome the problem of global warming, the emission of greenhouse effect must be reduced, and to reduce the effect of greenhouse, the most effective way is by minimizing the CO2 emission especially in the construction industry.GBI Certified Building 6 credits .. To meet the basic needs and requirements of communities by increase the employment through applying several innovative ways.Practice of sustainable construction to reduce ...

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Current Air Quality Trend In Malaysia

The air quality status is reported in terms of Air Pollutant Index (API).However, peatland fires resulting in transboundary air pollution that occurred in the Southern Asean region in the month of October resulted in a short spell of haze episode in the southern part of Peninsular Malaysia (DoE, 2009 & DoE, 2010) .There are a very limited number of studies that relate air pollution to its health impact in Malaysia.Chapter one gives an introduction about air quality monitoring in Malaysia, sources of air pollution in Malaysia.Air Pollutant Index (API) system were used in reporting the air quality status in Malaysia.

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Environmental Impact Assessment for Airport Construction

In controlling air emission pollution, incineration of wastes activities can be continued.(iv) The use of the incinerators can help reduce pollution.(iv) Reducing noise in flight operations and activities or use the sound barriers and deflectors to eliminate and reduce noise.As the number of visitors shows an increasing trend every year, therefore it is the right time for Malaysia to build new airport which can accommodate more air craft all over the world in order to equip with the demand and number of visitors came to Malaysia.Besides that, the abatement cost also should take into consideration in order to reduce the pollution which will harm the community and human beings.

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Environment Pollution

Recycling reduces pollution such as air pollution, water pollution, and land pollution.Through the radio, TV, newsreels in cinema halls, the public can be educated about the ways to reduce noise.Environmental pollution can be divided into 4 main types which include, land pollution, water pollution, air pollution and sound pollution.First of all, we must determine the causes of air pollution and how the pollution affects us in order to find the ways to solve those problems.Air pollution can be divided into two categories which are indoor air pollution and outdoor air pollution.

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Examining The Concept Of Green Economy Environmental Sciences Essay

Besides that, investment in green transport that means to use more public transport than use own car and car pool with others to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.Thus, wind, solar and other sustainable renewable energy could provide almost a third of all global power needs and this energy could reduce those greenhouse gases and could be almost fully halted.This shows that it is effective in the pollution control and natural resources management.The developing countries are less in pollution stress and less in access to financial resources when they need it such as nutrition and disease, this lead to the air pollution, climate and change and biodiversity.The ecosystem vitality include issues such as the climat...

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Past Year Question Essay

(5 marks) What type of pollution control method can be implied from paragraphs 2 and 3 in the article?As Malaysia joins the ranks of industrialized nations, pollution is fast becoming a menace that the country has to cope with.Water pollution in Malaysia is caused by point and non-point sources.As for water pollution, once a source of drinking water, many rivers in Malaysia have become dumping grounds for various types of hazardous wastes.(5 marks) “Pollution … is chiefly attributed to lack of public awareness”.

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Consumer Buying Behavior of Hybrid Vehicles Essay

With the hybrid being the hot trend now given the promising sales figures from European countries and the USA, generally the maintenance factor is not an issue for them, however in this research we need to find out the factors that influence a buyer into considering, buying a hybrid vehicle over here in Malaysia, as the hybrid trend is still very new here in Malaysia, generally starting on the year of 2006 where Honda introduces Civic Hybrid.On the disciplinary side, traveling below or way above the optimum speed of a vehicle, usually around 90KM/H to 110KM/H will affect the fuel consumption, where most drivers tend to speed when the chances arise.Kuo & Wang pointed out that in countries that have tropical climate, such as those near...

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Effect of Tourism on Asia’s Economic Growth

Mohd Hafiz Hanafiah and Mohd Fauzi Mohd Harun (June 2010) study on Malaysia tourism use Gravity model and economic data to analyse the tourism demand in Malaysia.Natural disaster such as air pollution, floods and earthquake will bring an effect on the tourism industry in Asia.The pollution and human health effects tourists to visit Brunei and this will decreased the benefits of Brunei economy.Method and the way analysis which has been used by previous researcher are vital in this research and therefore it will bring great advantages in this research especially in chapter 3 which will be discussed later.The research by Kwabena A. Anaman and Chee N. Looi in September 2000 was on Economic impact of haze-related air pollution on the tourism ...

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Relationship Between Consumers Behaviour And Purchasing Green Products Marketing Essay

Despite the Malaysia economic downturn to impact the people income level, but they still are willing to pay green products to reduce the emit carbon dioxide to save the earth.Therefore, the green education is very important to educate the dumb million about the knowledge of green products and reduce, reuse and recycle.Therefore, the establishment of the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MTHC) will bring the efforts of because Malaysia is rich with the natural resources to manufacture the green products and green services.In addition, the natural resources like fuel face limited problem, human they must develop new or alternative ways of satisfying these unlimited wants.(GreenSeal, 2009) In latest few years, Malaysia’s government offers...

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The Major Reasons For Market Failure Economics Essay

(N. Gregory Mankiw, 2007) For instance, TNB Sdn Bhd and PUAS Sdn Bnd is the sole provider for electricity and water in Malaysia.Thus, the higher the pollution caused, the higher the tax, the more effective this policy is.For example, producing plastic bag causes pollution in Malaysia.However, none of these ways are perfect where it will cause some problems to the market.Another way is by regulating the behavior of the monopolies.

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Sustainable Transportation Policy In Malaysia

Damage from carcinogenic VOCs and ozone is greatly reduced by meeting WHO Air Quality Guidelines for human health and ecosystem protection.Land use and infrastructure for the movement, maintenance, and storage of transport vehicles is developed in such a way that local and regional objectives for air, water, eco-system and biodiversity protection are met.there are three principal sources of particulate air pollution: vehicle exhaust, re-suspended road dust, and solid fuels, .Harmful ambient air levels are avoided by reducing emissions of fine particulates (especially those less than 10 microns in diameter).In order to reduce the number of private cars on the road, the government must plan their short term and long term strategies for pub...

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Impact of Public Smoking Ban

The Malaysian government enforces laws to reduce smoking rates so that Malaysian citizens can enjoy healthy lifestyles.Cigarette smoking accounts for a massive 25% of all deaths in Malaysia, with smoking-related deaths making up of three out of five of the top causes of death in Malaysia (Mackay 1996).According to the Maybank Investment Bank Berhad, raising taxes on tobacco is one of the most effective ways of reducing the amount of people who smoke.The poisonous and addictive drug in tobacco which is nicotine could reduce smokers’ stress levels and it could increase heart rates up to 21 beats per minute and also stimulates the nervous system to make the smokers feel a sense of relief or relaxation (Healey 2001).It was also found that ab...

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Malaysia Maritime Environmental Issues and Its Impact

Air pollution is actually the accumulation of any unsafe substances to the atmosphere, which causes the destructive of the environment, human health and the quality of life.Air, by far, is the most important aspect to human life.Air pollution and air quality has become a huge topic in the world today.Air pollution has reached such a critical stage where it affects the earth’s atmosphere as it lets in more harmful radiation from the sun.Polluting the air with any kind of foreignmaterial such as carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, carbon mono-oxide, hydrogen sulphide, volatile organic compounds, chlorine, chloroform, chlorinedioxide and making environment dangerous to live for living species is called air pollution.Air pollution also has a dr...

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Implementing Green Initiative In Malaysia Environmental Sciences Essay

Seven categories which compiled with water efficiency, waste reduction and recycling, sustainable furnishings and building materials, sustainable food, energy, disposables, and chemical and pollution reduction.Green design and construction practices significantly reduce or eliminate the negative impact of buildings on the environment, occupants, and the local community.Plant-based food require fewer natural resources and create less pollution per calorie consumed.These energy sources cause dramatically less air pollution and environmental damage compared to fossil fuel, nuclear, and large-scale hydroelectric energy sources.“Go Green or Going Green” is a concerned with the protection of the environment (Oxford Advanced learner’s Dictution...

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Chapter 2 Literature Review 2.1 Environmental quality in Malaysia

Peatitie (2007) and Welford (2000) defined green marketing as the management process responsible for identifying and satisfying the requirements of customers and society in a profitable and sustainable way.In Malaysia, there are almost 1800 rivers.Dwyer (2009) defined “green” as the products to be designed, commercialized, and used which are capable of reducing sources of pollution and minimizing risks to human health and the environment.According to report from Department of Environment Malaysia, 2006, Malaysia experienced a short period of slight to moderate haze due to trans-boundary pollution from neighboring countries.Improper solid waste management contributes greatly to river pollution.

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Fuel Ratio Calculation For Natural Gas Fuelled Spark Engineering Essay

This paper describes a method for accurate determination of air-fuel ratio based on exhaust emission gas analysis as an additional tool used to be validated the conventional direct air fuel flow rates measurement.A* mole number of atmospheric air .This paper briefly derive a complete model which includes all the parameters that may have a direct effect on AFR calculations, such as the accuracy of the emission analyzers, the assumed water-gas shift reaction constant, the humidity and temperature of the atmospheric air and the inclusion of oxides of nitrogen in the AFR model.Normally the atmospheric air contains water-wetness that has been included in the above combustion equation.W mole number of water vapour present in the atmospheric ai...

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Benefits Of Nuclear Energy Power On Malaysian Society Engineering Essay

In today’s world when pollution of the atmosphere is one of our main worries, an option such as this is definitely preferable compared to burning of fossil fuels which causes so much pollution.There are many benefits of nuclear energy power on society in Malaysia and one of the benefits is that this power can produce vast amount of electricity that can be used on our country in a long term.Lots of test and research should be done in order to find the greatest way in handling with its waste product, atomic fission, cooling method and etc.A report from nuclear power conference, Shangri- La, state that gas currently makes up 60 percent of Malaysia’s energy mix, but by 2027, the gas fields expected to be depleted, so that it is vital for Mal...

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Malaysia’s Mixed Econmy – The Advantages of a Mixed Economy

The ways that can overcome this problem is merge the lettuce producing firm to the firm that manufactures picking machines.Next, the government can overcome the market failures by using the three popular ways.About the personal income tax, the people in Malaysia are liable to pay this tax and the tax rate will depends on individual determine by the duration of stay in Malaysia.Tax can increase the private cost of production or consumption and it also can reduce the demand or the output of the goods which are already shortage.It also can help the firm to increase their working rate, reduce the cost of product and develop a more efficient plant structure.

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Advantages Of The Mixed Market Economy In Malaysia – Essay

About the personal income tax, the people in Malaysia are liable to pay this tax and the tax rate will depends on individual determine by the duration of stay in Malaysia.The next ways that government use to overcome the market failure is tax and subsidy plan.Next, the government can overcome the market failures by using the three popular ways.The more lettuce picking machines are built, will cause more water pollution.The company tax refers to tax that the company need to pay, but some of the company no need to pay the tax because there are resident company or the sources outside our country, such as insurance business, air or sea transport enterprises.

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Examination Of The Business Ethics Of Pollution Environmental Sciences Essay

Air pollution exists when a harmful amount of pollutants contains in air, such as dust, gases, smog or fumes.Air Pollution .In my article, human being with the development project (Kampung Tersusun Anggerik) deforestation the forest reserve had indirectly cause land (soil), water, and air pollution.In this article, human factors inevitably encroached the forbidden zone such as deforestation of forest reserve, indirectly causes water and air pollution as well.Land pollution is the main cause of the development process, wherein it is indirectly impact on air and water pollution.

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Black Fungus Upstream Cultivation Essay

To reduce the imported rate, we will cultivate Wood Ear both downstream and upstream for manufacture to distributors, retailers and distribute our production line to nationwide.Secondly, there are inadequacy of modernization requirement and rural infrastructure in order to ensure the quality and quantity of the Wood Ear, reduce manpower, it brings convenient and increase productivity.In Malaysia mushroom industry, the mushroom cultures are highly recommended to increase production line in Malaysia and fulfill consumer market in Malaysia.The first strength of this analysis is Wood Ear cultivation is an existence of potential for organic agriculture and low environmental pollution.Another plan to reduce the waste of unsold additional black...

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Linking Modern Technology To Global Pollution Environmental Sciences Essay

Actually, as a manufacturer must bear the responsibility of declining the level of air pollution to dangerous levels.Sustainable development is a dynamic process which enables all people to realize their potential and improve their quality of life in ways which simultaneously protect and enhance the Earth’s life support systems” Forum for the Future, 2000.Many diseases could be caused by air pollution unconsciously such as bronchitis, lung cancer, and heart disease and so on.Pollution can reduce the quality of life, impacts negatively on socio-economic conditions and harms to the environment.Aside, land pollution and water pollution which by the increasing use of plastic bags was lead to the pollution of the land and the sea.

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Introduction Of Water Resources Quality In Malaysia Environmental Sciences Essay

We can reduce the pollution from livestock farming by planting of permanent vegetation as buffer zone between farmland and rivers/lakes.The manufacturing industries are encouraged to implement alternative options such as cleaner production, waste minimisation and waste re-utilisation in order to reduce water pollution further.One of the choices to reduce soil erosion is reforestation of logged forest to control soil erosion.We can reduce the pollution by using sedimentation basins or silt traps at construction sites .Such options could also enhance production efficiency, reduce waste generation and thereby its final disposal cost.

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The Haze Problem Essay

The haze spreads gradually to Malaysia and cause air pollution.Some may argue about it will be costly if Malaysia provide all forms of technical assistance including sending manpower, equipment, waters bombers and doing cloud seeding in Indonesia.. However,it will be worth when the haze problem can be solved.This is because the haze obscures vision on the road or in the air.The haze can cause a collision if pilots lose their bearing because the haze has hampered their vision.This may result in serious injuries and even death.

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Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Essay

Noise pollution is a type of energy pollution in which distracting, irritating or damaging sounds are freely audible.With this way, the operating costs of KFC can be decrease and the uses of paper will be reduce thereby also save the trees.The effects of this pollution not only damages to individual species and populations, but also to the natural biological communities.The smoke that released from machine caused air pollution.This kind of behavior will pollutes environment and cause air pollution.

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