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Essay on The Stages of Pregnancy and Nutrition during Your Gestation Period

...gnancy Day by Day” which are the best books that has useful information to follow during your pregnancy periods to enjoy the experience in a delightful and amazing way.As most of the expected mothers often get confused over their starting weeks of pregnancy, you can make a chart of the pregnancy weeks which makes you clear about the week which you are going through at certain point of time.Get suitable answers to every doubt and question of yours in a perfect way.This 40 week journey of pregnancy takes its charge on every woman with some changes in the body and eating habits till the last point of the delivery date.If your answers to these questions are “sure, why not?” then you need to know about the stages of your pregnancy as soon ...

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“A Simple Exchange of Niceties” by Joanne Fedler

Pregnancy is something anybody can relate to, and is as for many an ordinary thing.All in all she is a nice person inside, that just have been abandoned from childhood.For some people as the infertile woman, pregnancy is not ordinary.It’s especially seen by the way she handles the situation when someone approaches her and the bench.It seems that the birth of her child is making her mother and her coming together again.

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Hypertensive disorders

In order to correctly identify any complications developed during pregnancy, it is important for the midwife to establish a baseline measurement of the women’s blood pressure at the earliest opportunity.Odent (2005) refers to the art of midwifery being in the ‘personality, the way of being, the background, the experience and the intuition’ of the midwife.Ensuring that their clothing is not constricting the arm in any way.Any unexpected deviations such as significant hypertension will also alert the midwife to the need for increased monitoring throughout the term of the pregnancy.The early diagnosis and referral of hypertension and hypotension reduces the risk of stroke and other complications during pregnancy and the onset of pre-eclamps...

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Effects of Alcohol and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Essay

There must be an improvement in public health surveillance methods, a refinement in methods used for identifying children who have been affected by prenatal alcohol exposure, a demonstration in the effectiveness of primary prevention programs, and an investigation on the effectiveness of secondary intervention strategies, such as foster-care placement and special education strategies.(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, p.4) Not all women who drink during pregnancy will have an infant with FAS or FAE, but if there is a 40-50% risk of harming the fetus, why chance it?Alcohol is consumed for many purposes, such as celebrations, to increase romance, out of boredom, or a way to relax.Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Fetal Alcohol Effects a...

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Alcohol And Drug Use And Their Impact On Fetal Development Essay example

19 October 2014.However, there are more and more women drinking alcohol or using the drug during pregnancy without notice of their impact of them.“Is Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy a Form of Child Abuse?."Sughashini Murugesu.Alcohol is a dang... ... middle of paper ... ... Cornelius Marie D. and Day Nancy L. "The Effects of Tobacco Use During and After Pregnancy on Exposed Children."

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Back Pain Causes And Effects Health And Social Care Essay

The body hormones in the pregnant woman tend to relax the ligaments and the muscles that attached to pelvic, to allow fetus and uterus growing may cause many changes in the body and back pain can be a side-effect of these changes.Also ” A difference in hormone levels can cause muscles and ligaments to become more relaxed, especially during the last few months as the body is getting ready for labour ” from (Back Pain and Pregnancy, 1999., para, no).However pregnancy back pain can be minimized and avoided, standing up straight and straight the muscle by exercise such as swimming are good example of minimizing the back pain.Since strain has several impacts on the body, it can cause the muscles to overstretch or move in such a way that they ...

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Gastroesophageal Reflux is Normal for Infants, Children, and Adults Essay example

Family practice guidelines (2nd ed., pp.Abdomen in all four quadrants .Abdomen for the presence of hepatosplenomegaly and masses.specific things the nurse would Palpate anticipated observations Rationale .Lungs evaluate the presence of wheezing .

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Abortion Essay

I do not have the authority to take someone’s life away from them, which is only to be decided by God but I’m not ready to bring a child into this world either.It really boils down to one point- I am not ready for such a problem.The age of the fetus, or the length of the pregnancy establishes the method that is chosen.However in the 20th century many nations began to relax their laws against abortion.People will find a way to have the procedure done.

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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Drinking during the second trimester of pregnancy, the baby’s clinical and facial features are affected.No amount of alcohol is known to be safe during pregnancy.This way the bottle of wine becomes the crutch to release the stress.The long-term effects of alcohol use, manifests itself in various ways, which becomes less easy to identify by the alcohol user.The head circumference (32.4cm) in comparison to a baby that was not exposed (34.7cm) to alcohol during pregnancy is significantly smaller.

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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Essay

The effect of alcohol during pregnancy is therefore immense and mothers should take into account what damage they are prepared to inflict on their child, which will affect the child for the rest of their lives.Eventually the one glass of wine to relax is no longer enough.Drinking during the second trimester of pregnancy, the baby’s clinical and facial features are affected.The long-term effects of alcohol use, manifests itself in various ways, which becomes less easy to identify by the alcohol user.No amount of alcohol is known to be safe during pregnancy.

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Social Issues in Judith Wrights work

These abstract images withhold Wright’s support for the woman’s role in continuing life and her feelings about pregnancy.The poem identifies with her emotions and the issue of pregnancy affecting marriage not only through structure, but also through speed and rhythm.“The aunts in the close” (line 4) symbolises the way women were treated back then, and shows women imprisoned in gentility.Through structure, speed and rhythm and imagery, the reader can gain an understanding of Wright’s emotions at the time and can also see her view of pregnancy as being sacred.She is critical about many social issues, such as patriotism, pregnancy and marriage in the poems “Woman to Man” and “Remittance Man”.

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Induction of labour Essay

One of the most common methods used to determine cervical readiness for induction of labour is the Bishop Scoring System that measures five main factors i. e. foetal station or level of descent towards the cervix, cervical dilation, effacement, consistency and position.Each of these factors is given a score between 0 and 3, as shown on Table 1 below, and the higher the overall score, the higher the probable success of the labour induction process and the lower the score the higher the probability that the induction process may not be successful and other procedures such caesarian section may be considered.Normally labour prepares the body for delivery, however, during pregnancy there can be “false” labour and the real labour.Another kind...

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Prohibited Drugs Destroys Students Life

-Drug use and pregnancy is a very emotive issue.Panic stories have sometimes exaggerated the damage done to babies whilst ignoring the fact that most of the mothers were living in very poor and deprived circumstances, factors which themselves are implicated in having a difficult pregnancy and complications in childbirth and for newly born babies.Each drug affects your body in different ways.Suddenly stopping use of these drugs during pregnancy can be dangerous to the foetus and medical opinion is sometimes that it is safer for the mother to continue using till the baby is born.Heavy use of certain drugs during pregnancy, particularly alcohol, tobacco, heroin and other opiates and tranquillisers, can lead to premature birth, low birth wei...

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Birthing Techniques Essay

parentingweekly.Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.Childbirth techniques.Basically, this method educates the mother about all the skills and information on how to cope with contraction when it occurs, flexibility during the labor period, proper communication with the healthcare team assisting during the delivery, and strong decision-making along the way.References ParentingWeekly.

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A Structural Approach To Family Therapy

My assumption based on the research given, is that teen pregnancy can be explained by the break down in the family structure.The child’s reaction to the parents sudden change of rules may result in constant oppositional behavior and may lead to that ultimate “bad” act such as early pregnancy, jail etc (Herzerg & Cheniss, 1996).Statistics suggest that four in ten American women have had at least one pregnancy before the age of twenty .The pregnancy rate among young women between the ages of fifth teen and nine teen have tripled since 2005 (Benoit, 1997).Experts give many explanations to the rise in teen pregnancy.Within the context of a family dealing with an unwanted pregnancy, it is important that the each family member learns and u...

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Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing Profession Essays

During her sixth month of pregnancy the mother started to experience complication.Ethical decision making in nursing and health care.Daniels, R. (2004).She was advised by the nurse and the medical team to remain on bed rest and relax.After years of trying to start a family, she finally achieved her first pregnancy through in vitro fertilization.

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Prenatal and Postpartum Scenario Essay

South China Morning Post, 4.This will relax your baby which is especially helpful at bedtime.Daily Record, 8.There is a way to get your partner involved to in this activity, having your partner massage your belly with oil will release pleasure hormones to your child, providing you with stress relief and relaxation.The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, 3(3.4), 2328-2331. .

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Morning Sickness Causes and Medications

These include: .. An enlarged placenta is also a known risk factor for nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.In about 90% of cases, symptoms disappear by the third month of pregnancy.The morning sickness is accompanied by other signs of pregnancy like backaches, constipation, darkening of areola (breast nipple), excessive salivation, exhaustion or feeling sleepy, food cravings, frequent urination, headaches, increased sense of smell, lower abdominal cramps, and/or tender or swollen breasts... One of Phenothiazines which given to reduce nausea and vomiting of pregnancy.The placenta can become enlarged in multiple pregnancies, such as twins or triplets, or during a molar pregnancy, where the fertilisation of the egg goes wrong and leads t...

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How Is Going Natural for Women of Color is Beneficial to Them and to Society

Products can help the hair become curly depending on how much hair solution is used so the hair can become curly Works Cited’Some women are so self-conscious, so unwilling to let people see them even for one day without their hairstyle, that when it’s time for a new ‘do, they make midnight appointments to ensure a perfect coiffure by the time the rest of the world is rising’’ (Anaya D. Byrd and Lori L. Tharp Foreword by: Melissa Harris – Perry).The ability to live carefree without the constant worry of having the picture perfect wrap can give life a brand new meaning, Hair loss (Traction Alopecia)’’ Thinning edges, breakage, and permanent hair loss are the price many black women are willing to pay for straight hair -- but it doesn't have...

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Research on Tobacco Smoking Essay

Ranges of Smoking and Non Smoking during Pregnancy .R.K, and Marriott, 2006, Women and Pregnancy, volume 31 Issue 4, page 286 – 308 .Frequency of Smoking during Pregnancy .K, 1999, Drugs and Pregnancy – your body (Healthy Body) London, Publisher Hodder Wayland .Smoking is used as a way to suppress uncomfortable feelings, and smoking is used to alleviate stress, calm nerves, and relax.

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Reflection Of A Reflection On Mock Session Essay

I can also watch my self and how I react in a session with more insight as to what are some of the thing I could do better.This type of understanding of the dynamics within a session was something I was not capable of doing during my first session.I think the mock session helped me in being aware of how internal processes could come across within the session.I think I have become more comfortable being present within the session.With each one of the mock session I think I became more grounded and relaxed in dealing with issues brought forward by the client.

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Reading Is Fundamental Essay

Research has proven time and time again that reading to your child, even as early as pregnancy and infancy, helps to spark their curiosity to learn to read.“Bonding With Your Unborn Baby Through Books.By reading aloud during pregnancy and infancy, the ground work is being laid in the development for a child’s love of reading (Promoting Literacy).Works Cited Dr. Seuss.U. S. Department of Education, 2007.

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Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Essay

Despite the fails EEOC continues to fight for women’s right when it comes to pregnancy discrimination.Young believes women who are fired because of pregnancy puts their families in harm’s way.Even though many of these cases are lost EEOC continues to support, help, and fight for pregnancy rights in the workplace.For example, if sever morning sickness coming in to work late will be over looked, early leave time to make doctor appointments, and reduced work load so as to not put the pregnancy in danger.EEOC Sues Office Concepts for Pregnancy Discrimination.

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Study On The Alternative Medicine Reflexology

Health professionals should be cautious about a reflexologist who claims that this is a valid way of assessing health or for treating diseases.Specific physiological disorders of pregnancy can be treated effectively with reflexology or reflex zone therapy.– Also about the edema of the feet in late pregnancy, women with oedema in late pregnancy perceived less swelling and tightness as compared with the pretest level in the reflexology treated group, according to Mollart (2003).As such studies were set up to examine the effects of reflexology treatments on cancer, arthritis, LBP, MS and pregnancy symptoms, the results were qualitative and quantitative and showed that there are a number of areas of possible benefit for patients with these c...

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Male and Female Anatomy Essay

You need more protein, iron, calcium, and folic acid than you did before pregnancy.Many natural methods help women to relax and make pain more manageable.Progesterone, primarily acts on the uterus preparing it for possible pregnancy in the second half of the menstrual cycle.Studies have shown that women who gain more than the recommended amount during pregnancy and who fail to lose this weight within six months after giving birth are at much higher risk of being obese nearly 10 years later.Contractions will begin five to 30 minutes after birth, signaling that it’s time to deliver the placenta.

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Premature Rupture of Membranes Essay

Smoking nd drug use are viewed as the most common causing risk factors, and fetal complications can range from poor formation of lungs and other physical features, low birth weight, to even fetal death.In conclusion, infection tends to be the most common effect of PPROM.It could be treatment such as medications or it could go as far as full bed rest until delivery.It is important to educate newly pregnant mothers on risk factors of PPROM, the effects that could occur with PPROM, and educate them on what they can do to prevent this from happening during their pregnancy.According to the article, 34 weeks ot gestation witn no other complications will often lead to antibiotics and corticosteroids to prolong the pregnancy and decrease the ris...

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Labor Room Comfort for Pregnant Woman

The objective of the study is to know the influence of back pain and physical ability on quality of life in late pregnancy.There was a study that shows that there were more than 4 million of mixtures chemically in respective homes and businesses in a country with a little potential effect during pregnancy.In a way that the patient have their own limitations to support the network.            Since most of the non-pharmacological methods in relieving th pain will require relaxation in some other way to have an environment that could improve the chance of laboring without needing the medications...             Back pain during late pregnancy is a constant problem clinically.

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Simple Research Paper

It could be a sign of pregnancy.Make them understand that there are psychological and biological impacts of teenage pregnancy.Estimated Pregnancy Rates by Outcome for the United States, 1990-2005: An Update.They can provide you with good information about teenage pregnancy.Showing them videos on websites is the best way to make them aware.

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There are more than 4 million chemical mixtures in homes and businesses in this country, with little information on the effects most of them during pregnancy.The objective of the study is to know the influence of back pain and physical ability on quality of life in late pregnancy.Since almost all non-pharmacological methods of pain relief require you to relax in some ways, having an environment that promotes relaxation can improve your chances of laboring without medication... Hospital address capacity issues in a number of ways.Women in the sample expected poor support from their healthcare professionals, but when allowed to have support in labor from family members, they readjusted their expectations and had a more positive experience...

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Healthy Eating and Exercise for Pregnant Women

However, throughout the first trimester of pregnancy, the energy requirement of women remains the same as before they conceived, and that makes the consumption of extra food at this stage of pregnancy unnecessary.Weak pelvic floors during pregnancy make women uncomfortable as they often leak urine when coughing, sneezing, or experiencing any strains (also called stress incontinence).Strengthening pelvic floor muscles reduces stress incontinence during and after pregnancy.The continuity and change in weight orientations of women and their lifestyle practices through pregnancy as well as the postpartum period: the influence of life course trajectories as well as transitional events.They should then pull their stomach muscles while simultan...

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