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Classical and Operant Conditioning Essay

The act of eating apparently diminished the anxiety response; the cats could gradually be placed in cages more and more similar to the original cages without symptoms of anxiety.They would gradually overcome their fears by learning to relax in the presence of objects or images that would normally arouse anxiety.This is particularly useful for treating psychological problems in which anxiety is the main difficulty – for example phobias, shyness etc.First, patients are taught how to relax their muscles.Then the therapist and patient construct a hierarchy, the patient gradually works their way up the hierarchy, visualising each anxiety-evoking event while engaging in the completing relaxation responses.

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The effectiveness of jacobson progressive muscle relaxation

Many time we hear “Relax, take it easy don’t work so hard don’t worry so much; you will live longs that way” this is good advice.Anxiety can affect any one, at any time, over -one in ten people experience high level of anxiety.A proclivity of female sex in anxiety of female sex is anxiety and depressive disorder is observed in general in population as well (Kessles RC and Nelson CB 1996).Serotonin, nor epinephrine, and GABA are associated with anxiety and depression (Sadock 2009) Alternative in receptor sensitivity play in pathology of anxiety and depression among the type 2 diabetes mellitus (Vyas.Such anxiety and depression have damaging such anxiety and depressions have damaging effect on health and the immune system.

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Anxiety and Teens

While there may not be a cure for anxiety, there are ways to reduce the impact that anxiety has on you.Parents often are looking for answers and ways to support their teens through all of this.Anxiety disorders occur when time spent worrying, fearing or anticipating something becomes more than times of relaxation or contentment.Parents should be aware that Anxiety disorders occur when the anxiety affects the teen’s daily living (both physical and emotional), ability to be successful in school and ability to maintain healthy relationships.Proper interventions for teens can help stop this cycle and avoid a lifetime of battles with anxiety.

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Anxiety and Depression in Diabetes Sufferers

Primary outcome was anxiety measured with psychometric questionnaires.The results show consistent and significant efficacy of relaxation training in reducing anxiety .A study done by Maria (2008), in Bombay to find out the effect of Jacobson Progressive Muscle Relaxation technique on patients of bronchial asthma with anxiety (n=35), showed that (JPMR) made a significant difference in reduction anxiety ( P <01), irritability (P <.01) and tension( p <0).Anxiety levels were measured prior to pre and post intervention with the state portion of the State Anxiety and Trait Anxiety Inventory.Anxiety and depression were measured by using the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS).

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Essay on The Effects Of Alcoholism On Drinking Alcohol

This can make your anxiety worse” (Cherney 2014).Some people believe the solution to cope anxiety is to drink more alcohol, not to get intoxicated but to calm themselves.The consciences of drinking plays a role that ruins peoples lives and ruining relationships.Even though alcohol makes people feel relax and good but there are consequences that plays a role.The effects of Alcohol relaxes the nerves by lowering their anxiety that makes people feel less shy, build confidence and boost self-esteem while being intoxicated.

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Relaxation Theory: Theory and Practices

It is theorized that anxiety may actually be increased in some individuals using relaxation techniques and that sudden, unexpected emotional experiences including pain, heart palpitations, muscle twitching, crying spells, or increased blood pressure may occur rarely.In other words, if I want to teach Progressive Relaxation to a group of students experiencing test anxiety in order to give them the focus and confidence to tackle the state benchmark exam, I would need to do so in the weeks preceding the test.A study of relaxation therapy not only can teach models of relaxation but also can teach several relaxation exercises which can be useful in helping patients relax.With the increased standards and testing present in schools, even averag...

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Impact of Music on Weariness

One way is listening to raga that can manage the degree of your stress and relaxes tense muscles.That way you’ll know if it is a positive type of music for your individual taste.Slow beats or rhythms will slow down your thoughts and you will naturally relax.Music may raise the level of serotonin levels and lift your depression and stress anxiety.If we let the stress build up without doing anything to relax, our health can be affected.

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How to Relieve Stress and Anxiety Through Yoga Essay

In my personal experience, yoga has helped me become a less stressed and thus more comfortable person because I have found an escape as a college student from the, occasionally, mundane and monotonous routine.Before a test you can easily do some neck and shoulder rolls and relieve yourself.When people are stressed or suffering from anxiety, they tend to think less logically, sleep less, eat unhealthily and practice less exercise.People are constantly on the search for ways to deal with their stress.Yoga manages to relax the person by allowing you to think solely on the moment.

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Public transport Essay

The basic approach of graded exposure is to relax the phobia and then introduce her gradually to the object or situation she fears.The aim was to relax the clients while confronting her with her fear and then build up gradually so she could take a taxi to her father’s flat and take other public transport.It was explained that anxiety symptoms occur when our brains interpret a given situation as anxiety provoking.The principles of the treatment are to substitute a response that is incompatible with anxiety, that is, relaxation.The person will find it difficult to relax and calm down.

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Classical conditioning/ systematic desensitization essay

The spider does not cause anxiety or fear in a person in the same way that bells do not cause dogs to salivate.The second step is the learning of relaxation or coping techniques to help them through the anxiety.In facing more intense situations and developing a pairing of relaxation with the feared object, relaxation rather than anxiety becomes associated with the source of their anxiety.The spider is now paired with the thought that causes anxiety and fear.The sight of the spider will continue to cause anxiety until the person can disassociate the fearful irrational thought with the sight or thought of the spider which is done through means of graduated exposure.

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Psychological Skills Training Programme

Anxiety manifests in both physical and mental ways.To reduce arousal levels, golfers may use self-talk such as “it is ok, just breath nice and easily and relax your shoulders”.By using self-talk such as ‘loose’ and ‘relax’ you can imagine tension in the neck and shoulder muscles disappearing.As you breathe out through the mouth, let your body relax.I am sure that there are ways in which this programme could have been changed to make it run more efficiently and with more effectiveness, but from the feedback received from James it was sufficient to meet his needs.

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Relationship Between Stress, Anxiety, Habits and Phobias

So, we have established that avoiding situations that cause anxiety usually only serves to fuel the fire of anxiety which in the end can lead to a phobia being developed.It is worth noting that in dealing with the changes necessary to eradicate stress there can come significant difficulty and pain and this in itself can lead to anxiety.In these circumstances it is very important to identify a way of maintaining these positive desires in a more appropriate manner.Anxiety There is a clear link between stress and anxiety and there has been much debate about the precise definition of anxiety.The establishing of underlying reasons for anxiety is absolutely imperative for the ethical hypnotherapist because many of the symptoms manifest in anxiety ...

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Anxiety and Stress

Identify common signs and indicators of stress Different people deal with stress in different ways, but here is a list of mental and physical symptoms to help you understand if youʹre stressed.Find some distractions Sport and physical activity helps you to relax physically and also releases endorphins in the body which produce a real feeling of well‐being.Anxiety can lead to panic attacks.Anxiety is only a problem when it is out of proportion to a situation or goes on for too long.Learn how to really relax and develop a skill which will enable you to reduce unnecessary physical tension whenever you need to.

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Massage Therapy Proven Beneficial Health And Social Care Essay

.. Karen J.Sherman, a senior investigator at the group health research institute (2010) states that on average three months after receiving ten massage treatments, patients had half the symptoms for anxiety.The outcomes of this study is that Massage easing anxiety is trying to prove that it isn’t just a massage that can help with anxiety; there are other ways of helping such as sitting in a calm environment listening to soothing music.The massage treatments were designed to enhance the function of the nervous system and to relieve symptoms of anxiety including muscle tension.A trial began to asses how effective massage is for patients with an anxiety disorder.Massage can be used to stimulate or relax.

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Sport Psychology Essay

The last particular anxiety exercise that was mentioned is the multimodal anxiety reduction packages, which is essential for all humans to build effective and positive coping mechanisms in the midst of a stressful situation.Somatic anxiety reduction consists of becoming aware of one’s physical symptoms that may arise while under stress, and learning how to cope with them when they arise during performance.Cognitive anxiety reduction techniques is also vital by helping one to gain more control of the anxious thoughts that emerge in one’s conscious, that can enable one to give one’s outstanding performance.These three anxiety reducing techniques can be seen as vital methods which psychologists have created in order to help any human being ...

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“My Greatest Ambition” by Morris Lurie

In this text the author can easily transmit the feelings of anxiety and excitement of the main character in different ways.Instead of being relaxed, he is permanently trying not to be distracted and miss his first opportunity of doing what he wanted to do, he doesn’t want to miss any detail during the journey.How does the author describe the feelings of anxiety and excitement of the boy?The nervousness, the excitement and the anxiety actually reach the reader and make him feel he is the one who is undergoing the different situations the main character has to face.This example shows the state of nerves he is in, the anxiety he has for arriving at the correct station and being in the interview.

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Effect of dance movement therapy in reduction of anxiety

All participants were administered the Speilberger State-Trait Anxiety Inventory to test for pre- and post-session anxiety.State anxiety was assessed before and after a 3 month education programme, using the Spielberger State Trait Anxiety Inventory.Further research into the treatment of anxiety and depression is recommended, especially into the combination of verbal and dance movement therapy within a multidisciplinary treatment approach.Goodill.et.al, 1999 conducted a pilot study of 21 university students showed that those who took a series of four to five dance therapy sessions in a period of two weeks significantly reduced their test anxiety as measured by a well known exam called the test anxiety inventory.Robyn Price, (2005) descri...

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The Role of Hypnosis in the Treatment of Pain

Heap & Dryden (1991,p.92) suggest that stress and anxiety ‘may produce psychological changes that contribute to pain’ and believe that tolerance to pain can be increased by using suggestions to relieve fear and anxiety.As observed by Waterfield ( 2002) it has been shown through numerous clinical trials that hypnosis helps to alleviate the pain felt by cancer sufferers and believes that hypnosis can help in three ways: relaxation reduces the pain, time seems to pass very quickly while in the state of hypnosis and therefore pain appears to pass quickly, and thirdly the anxiety accompanying the pain is reduced.There was a significant improvement in all patients and in particular nausea, irritability and anxiety were all significantly re...

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Relaxation Therapy: Intervention Evaluation

Conrad and Roth’s (2007) review of the literature demonstrates clear physiological responses to muscle relaxation which have a number of health benefits, in reducing the effects of anxiety on the body and brain, and controlling the body’s response.Improving memory function in older adults who mental illness might be particularly beneficial and might help to reduce anxiety.(2007) Muscle relaxation therapy for anxiety disorders: it works, but how?Conrad and Roth (2007) discuss the use of progressive muscle relaxation in providing therapy for anxiety disorders.Two patients (and their carers) provided very positive feedback, stating that they were using progressive muscle relaxation regularly to manage feelings of anxiety, fear, and depressi...

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Psychological Therapy For Treating Anxiety Disorders Psychology Essay

PTSD is thought to be caused by Cognitive Behavioural factors with conditioning playing a large role in the development of the disorder; this is due to an unconditioned stimulus being associated with the negative feelings or anxiety felt in the traumatic situation (Anxiety 2 PowerPoint).A survey conducted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) found that out of 25,000 people surveyed across 14 different countries, 8% had an anxiety disorder (Anxiety 2 Lecture).It is based upon the theory that the memory of the traumatic event has got ‘stuck’ in the brain meaning that the person constantly has the feelings of anxiety and stress related to that memory (Edward Sim – PTSD Treatments website).This research demonstrates how CBT can be used cro...

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Review of Barriers to Effective Cancer Pain Management

The anxiety may be overtly visible or it may be covertly in evidence by its conspicuous absence.Kraft studied hypnotic relaxation in the management of 12 terminally ill cancer patients and reported a reduction in anxiety and depression (Kraft, 1990).Understanding and awareness of the patient’s anxiety about impending pain and the clinician’s role in preventive management needs to be conveyed to the patient to allay this anxiety.When pain is present, a certain amount of anxiety must be considered to be in evidence.As the patient becomes less anxious and increasingly competent in their use of self-hypnosis to manage their pain, their attendant anxiety frequently is diminished.

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Essay on The Effect Of Yoga On Young Adolescents

However, the positive effect yoga has on stress stress could not be explained through this study (Gard et al., 2012).These mechanisms are what lead to reduced depression and anxiety, increased hopefulness, and self-regulation.Through the research, the article shows it is biological mechanisms such as the release of nitric oxide, and automatic nervous system arousal; and psychological mechanisms such as self-compassion, mindfulness, and spiritual well being that are a result from yoga.The breathing exercises, stretching, meditation and other yoga centered practices used to complete this test, are meant to relax the individual and make them feel more hopeful (Wang, 2009).In the three studies I examined, Yoga was used on young adolescents (...

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Human Sexuality Essay

Expressing Affection is another goal James needs to work on by 1) decide if you have good feeling about the other person, 2) decide if you think the other person would like to know you feel this way, 3) Decide what to say, 4) choose a good time and place, 5) Tell the person in a friendly way.The Role Of Performance Anxiety In The Development And Maintenance Of Sexual Dysfunction In Men And Women.Partners can help to identify and correct anxiety provoking thought processes, such as all-or-nothing thinking.He needs to use the goal of Identifying stressful situations by 1)tune in to your body’s stress signals, 2) ask yourself am I feeling stressed?, 3)ask what is making me feel this way?, 4) choose stress reducer or relaxation techniques Re...

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“The Anxiety Cure” by Dr. Archibald Hart

Hart goes on to explain about the brain’s inner workings, how one’s body responds to stress, and how the thought process can contribute to anxiety.It fit with the temporal circle because he focused on how we need to protect and focus on oneself to find healing; body and soul when he talks about meditating to enhance the natural tranquilizers that will help avoid anxiety; God because he used God as the authority to really find true healing through Christ and the peace within our soul.The book titled “The Anxiety Cure” by Dr. Archibald Hart serves as a self-help book to help deal with stress, anxiety, and panic in adults, adolescents, and children.I found this text to be very interesting, although, I must say it was not one of my favorites...

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Language Anxiety Essay

It is important to know what anxiety is, in general terms anxiety is a psychological construct that is described as a state of apprehension, a vague fear that is only indirectly associated with an object (Hilgard, Atkinson, & Atkinson, 1971).According to Hortwitz (1986) facilitating or helpful anxiety motivates learners to fight the new learning task, making them to expend extra efforts to overcome their feelings of anxiety.Students facing anxiety is a real and common phenomenon that takes place in the classroom which is normal and helpful at some point but when the level of anxiety starts increasing without any control it will be very harmful so that students should be very careful and recognize the anxiety and do something positive...

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The relationship between stress, anxiety, habits and phobias Essay

Obviously all clients differ, but in the case of anxiety one would tend to use a more authoritarian script, as the clients anxious imagination is obviously running wild, and in order to collect their thoughts and help them relax, I believe taking control of the hypnotic journey would be most efficient.Their are crossovers when looking for signs of anxiety in a client, as this ailment affects the entire entity, and can create phobia like symptoms, as it can create fear in the client, who will avoid the subject which causes the anxiety, which will cause more negativity, and this negative cycle can lead to feelings of depression, and isolation.I shall conclude with a paragraph on how to deal with a client who claims to be experiencing anxie...

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Essay on Using Music Therapy in the Treatment of Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety in Sport.The main goal in using these techniques is to help the patient achieve relaxation so that the anxiety they are experiencing subsides.At the cognitive level, anxiety can produce feelings of apprehension, uneasiness, preoccupation, and worry (Elliot et al.Corrections Today, 56(7), 148. .), Anxiety in sports: An international perspective (pp.

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Essay on Generalized Anxiety Disorder ( Adhd )

Symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder .It is important for those who deal with anxiety to keep physically active.There are specific symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder.In addition, to help manage anxiety some recommend that an individual use relaxation techniques which include visualization techniques, meditation, or yoga.It is recommended that people with anxiety avoid alcohol, quit smoking, and cut back or quit drinking coffee because they can worsen anxiety.

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Effectiveness of Biofeedback Training on Anxiety

Depression, anxiety and stress were also measured using the Depression Anxiety and Stress DASS (reference).The high for depression, anxiety, and stress are r = .71, r=.79, and r=.81 respectively.Thus the aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of a game-based biofeedback intervention to alleviate anxiety symptoms to young adult sample using university students.Validity was established by the high correlation between DASS with Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI; r = .81), and Beck Depression Scale (BDI; r = .74) for anxiety and depression subscales respectively.Biofeedback training helps alleviate anxiety symptoms by making aware of the psychophysiological symptoms of anxiety, such as, sweaty palms, cold, nervous, panic, breathing f...

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According to an extensive study of U.S. adults Essay

Three types of medication are used in the treatment of social anxiety disorder / social phobia: Beta blockers – Beta blockers are used for relieving performance anxiety.Social anxiety disorder treatment #1: Challenge negative thoughts Social anxiety sufferers have negative thoughts and beliefs that contribute to their anxiety.incompetent?” Through this logical evaluation of your negative thoughts, you can gradually replace them with more realistic and positive ways of looking at social situations that trigger your anxiety.Emotional symptoms of social anxiety disorder / social phobia Excessive self-consciousness and anxiety in everyday social situations Intense worry for days, weeks, or even months before an upcoming social situation Extr...

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