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Is the ontological argument the strongest argument for the existence of god, is it defendable? Essay

The aim of the essay if to show the strength of the argument and to expose some key weaknesses with its criticisms.There are many reasons to why the argument is weak, however I will only briefly explain a few.The main weaknesses of the ontological argument in my opinion came from Gaunilo and Kant.The infinite regress argument also leads me to doubt the plausibility of the argument.As we saw with the cosmological argument the inductive nature of the argument makes it vulnerable.

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The teleological proof of the existence of God

Do the strengths outweigh the weaknesses of the argument?I can’t say that the strengths outweigh the weaknesses because they balance each other out too much to make a valid judgement.The question of design provides a strong argument because the arguments start from the world, so they start from experience to argue in favour of God’s existence, so the argument is an a posteriori.Hume’s second argument that Philo presents to Cleanthes is that, there is defiantly order in the universe, but order does not necessarily lead to an assumption of design.David Hume, a 17th century critique argued against Paley’s argument even before Paley came up with the argument for design.

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The Design Argument

William Paley is undoubtedly one of the most important people in the history of the Design Argument.In the modern day, the Anthropic Principle has become a modern version of the Design Argument.I will outline the key features of the Design Argument, looking at the historical aspects, the modern version (including the anthropic principle) and the important people in the Argument for Design;, such as William Paley and David Hume.The evidence that supports the Design argument can be seen in the world around us.We could fairly assume that such a complex design adapted to the purpose of showing the time did not come about by chance, but was the result of an intelligent design from a designer.

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The Teleological Argument Essay

From this Paley creates his four arguments for God’s existence from analogies, which are argument from design is based on experience, argument from design assumes that we are different in kind, but same in degree, argument from design argues from mind/ thought to design, and argument from design... .Arguments from design are arguments concerning God or some type of creator’s existence based on the ideas of order or purpose in universe.Throughout this essay I will be examining arguments with reference to their work from Paley’s “The Watch and the Watchmaker” and Hume’s “The Critique of the Teleological Argument”.New York: Oxford University Press, Inc, 2008. .He says design requires a designer, the works of nature also requires a designer ...

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The strength of the cosmological argument for the existence of god

The cosmological argument is balanced out with for and against arguments, because for every argument in favour for the cosmological argument, there is an argument against it.For example the argument of dependency has been caused, means the argument that is going against it is ‘what caused god?’ The most strengthened argument, which is easiest to understand, is to believe in something rather than nothing.For example, the argument of dependency, that every thing has been caused, means that the argument against it asks ‘what caused God?‘Comment on the view that the strengths and weaknesses are equally balanced’ .The cosmological argument is an argument that starts from the existence of the universe and tries to prove from this god exists.

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Design Argument for the existence of God

The argument is an inductive one, as its reasoning can give way to many conclusions, and because it is based on experience it is measurable and artificial.In his fifth and final argument, he states that natural things work towards some goal and most natural things lack knowledge, but as an arrow reaches its target because it is directed by an archer, what lacks intelligence achieves goals by being directed by something intelligent.The design argument, also known as the argument of teleology, is the argument for the existence of God, or some kind of intelligent creator.There are two main arguments that philosophers have used for Design, qua (relating to) regularity and qua purpose.Explain the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Design Argumen...

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Natural Religion Versus Revealed Religion Philosophy Essay

This strategy paves the way to defending their thesis of the triumph of moderate skepticism concerning natural religion.This philosophy applies, however, against the design argument for which this is true either.Give a complete account of the Argument from Design as stated by Cleanthes.Among the things they talk about is the design rationale for the existence of God.The theist Cleanthes claims arrogantly that the power of human reason is sufficient to reach, drawing on the experience of the world and the logic of the arguments, the author’s knowledge of the universe.

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The God Delusion Debate With Dawkins/Lennox

The design is dead; otherwise one must explain who designed the designer.Unfortunately, this debate also encloses some of Lennox weaknesses.One of the weaknesses which Lennox possessed was that most of his arguments were opinion-based, rather than factual.Besides that, the second weakness of Lennox’s argument is that religion is more towards to immateriality and theory, as compared to Dawkins’ arguments which is mostly based on observations and findings to explain his points.He also says that what Dawkins meant was that ethics cannot be extracted from science, and there is no design, justice or purpose.

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Why the Design Argument Fails Essay

any design in the world and variations and he gives the reasoning down .It is incorrect to say that the Design Argument .Why the Design Argument Fails .proves the existence of God because it is not accurate and just based .conclusive facts.

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Natural Selection and The Design Argument

The Design Argument is quite similar to The Cosmological Argument as .is bound to have the appearance of design.machines are too far apart and consequently make the argument weak.In conclusion the theory of natural selection does render the design .Another argument against The Design Arguments is Darwinism.

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Paley’s Argument from Design Essay

So, the teleological argument for the existence of God is, stated simply, that because design is evident in nature a designer is evident in nature and that designer is God.What Paley goes on to say is that by establishing the fact that any watch has an obvious design to any observer, the direct inference of a designer is also established just as concretely.The idea that Paley’s argument is rational and logical is stressed throughout Paley’s writings, but the teleological argument for the existence of God, even in Paley’s logical and methodical approach ultimately becomes an emotional argument because Paley is actually saying: it feels like the universe must be designed and I assume that means there is a designer which is God.Before exami...

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Following a structured approach Essay

In this class, I have learned to take time to analyze the information and the opposing argument in order to make my argument deductive, sound, and strong.These opportunities may be a promotion at work, a kitchen design your spouse does not agree with, or a plea for mercy from a police officer after you are caught speeding and running a red light in order to get home to meet your children at the bus.Coercing others to agree with your argument requires sound premises.Critical thinking removes clouded premises, attached by emotion that inevitably ends in a weak argument.Experience with systems provided an opportunity to train and coach other instructional designers.

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What are the key ideas of the Cosmological argument for the creation of God

c) How far do the strengths outweigh the weaknesses?One of the weaknesses with occurs in the first theory from Aquinas is that some things do not need anything else to make it move.The role of god in the cosmological argument can also be replaced with the big bang.There is more evidence for the big bang then there is for any of the cosmological argument.Looking at these weaknesses I actually think that the weaknesses outweigh the strengths due to the evidence for each side.

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The Key Ideas of the Cosmological Argument for the Creation of God

One of the weaknesses with occurs in the first theory from Aquinas is that some things do not need anything else to make it move.The third argument is known as the Kalam argument as way put forward by two Muslim philosophers called al-Kindi and al-Ghazali.c) How far do the strengths outweigh the weaknesses?Before we answer this question we must look at the weaknesses of the argument.It is universally acknowledged that everything must have a cause so the start of the argument is definitely correct.

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Design Argument for the existence of God Essay

The Design Argument can be split into two sides: design qua purpose and design qua regularity.Nevertheless, Christians could object to this disproving that the Design Argument proves the existence of God as the anthropic principle suggests that Natural Selection and Evolution are caused by God, as they are too unlikely to have occurred by chance.Through these points he also demonstrated a key aspect of the design qua regularity side of the Teleological Argument.He used analogy as the basis for his argument, noting how the complex design of a watch allows all the parts to work together perfectly to achieve its purpose.Therefore these ideas effectively support that the Design Argument doesn’t prove that God exists.

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The Frozen Republic: How the Constitution is Paralyzing Democracy

The Frozen Republic: How the Constitution Is Paralyzing Democracy .I am not convinced the author can see that his “answers” can cause the government to delve into our lives more, giving the government even more control.Lazare, Daniel.As far as the strengths of the book, I appreciate the perspective of the author on this original argument in that I have never read anything addressing this issue in a similar manner.Lazare uses various examples in support of his argument against the checks and balances system our government has inherited from our Founding Fathers.

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Circulatory System Essay

He very explicitly criticises Paley’s views on the teleological argument, using them to explain why he believes that the argument is deeply flawed.For example, we may look at a great ship and think about the great design of it, but the ship may be the result of years, even generations of trial and error.Overall, Hume criticises the teleological argument in a number of ways.Another possible explanation for apparent design in the universe might be that any effects that we observe in nature may be caused by a variety of causes.And so, if God did design the world, is he .

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Political Philosophy and Brief Critical Evaluation Essay

(2) Why does Darwin’s theory of evolution appear to undermine Aquinas and Paley’s version of the design argument?Sketch the argument.(1) What is the design argument for the existence of God?Why does Darwin’s theory not affect the fine-tuning argument?You may present either Aquinas’s (his 5th) or William Paley’s or the fine-tuning version of the argument (but only one).

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Benjamin Franklin Essay

Eventually a variety of different types of objects will form a natural dam in the creek, creating a small pond, which in turn can develop its own ecosystem filled with life giving the illusion of design, but being completely natural (Myers).Therefore, design.Full well knowing how pitiful the points of the argument of intelligent design are, theists look to one final, very childish, measure to save their drowning plight, questioning the validity of science and the scientists who propose it (Mathew 1).As shown in the example, the complexity of the world derived not from design, but from the wonder of chance, evolution, and natural selection.The entire idea of complexity indicating design is in every sense ridiculous.

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Immanuel Kant Essay

Hume explains that for this argument to hold up, it must be true that order and purpose appear only as a direct result of design.He criticized theologians for assuming that they knew more about God than the design argument could establish; perhaps the universe was made by a committee of designers, or was a poor experiment in universe-making by an inferior god, or was created by a god who has lost interest in it and allows it to continue regardless of its condition until it breaks up with age.His central teaching is “follow yourself, don’t follow me.Firstly he argued that order is not proof of design.Hume further argues that even if we accept that the universe has a design, we cannot know anything about the designer.

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Teleological Argument

To the possible objection that neither the known universe nor the earth itself demonstrate the perfection that might truly infer a designer, Paley remarks “It is not necessary that a machine be perfect, in order to show with what design it was made: still less necessary, where the only question is, whether it were made with any design at all” (Creed, and Boys Smith 39) and it is also unnecessary that the discoverer of the watch (or universe) have even a complete watch or a complete vision of the universe.The idea that Paley’s argument is rational adn logical is stressed throughout Paley’s writings, but the teleological argument for the existence of God, even in Paley’s logical and methodical approach ultimately becomes an emotional argum...

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Analysis Of The God Delusion Debate

Besides that, we think Lennox won the argument because of the way he presented his debate... After considering both the strength and weaknesses of the two debaters, Dr John Lennox and Professor Richard Dawkins, we have come to an agreement that both the debaters Lennox and Dawkins won the argument in a fair manner based on several reasons.Based on all the reasons stated above, once again we would like to state that we think both the debaters won the argument fairly because presented their stand point of views in two distinctive manner but both are strong and convincing.For the second strength, Dawkins stated that “If God made everything, who made God?” A designer god cannot be used to explain organized complexity because any god complex...

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Vouchers and School Choice are Bad

Just another example of how pitiful our educational system has become.If there is any other way to release the majority of people from the massive inequalities within the current system, I'll be the first in line, but remember, you are trying to convince me that our entire standard of living is not based on the ability of the masses to choose.It seems that in the literature the theoretical foundation for choice is strong, it is the design that would need to be examined and modified to avoid some issues.Note: This poor-quality essay was written by a high school teacher!Make no mistake, in a capitalist society, this is by design.

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The Arguments for the Existence of God

Aquinus had another version of his argument – the argument from motion, that is to say that everything has a cause and described as  move and mover.Paley argued tha t the universe also shows order, complexity, and purpose of design, and so it too must  have been produced by a designer and that ultimate designer is the creator God.Assess the trademark argument for the existence of God, .A weakness of the cosmological argument it has been said  is that if everything needs a cause to exist, then that argument applies to God too.The Design Argument .

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The Effects of English 1301 On My Writing

I have learned the craft of researching for my writing, substantiating my work with relevant research and referencing.Moreover, after English 1301 I am easily able to spot the assumptions that writers make and pinpoint the weaknesses of the assumptions.My writings tend to take on the responsibility to support just causes and buttress the weak.There is a design and a rationale for every paragraph.S, The New University of Houston Downtown Guide to College Writing: English 1310, Houston, TX, University of Houston Downtown, 2000. .

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The Key Ideas of the Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God Essay

But the big bang is only a theory and hasn’t been proven.In this type of argument we are looking at cause and not design.This type of argument is an aposteriori argument because it is based upon experience.Everything that exists depends on something causing it; he concludes he’s argument by saying that God is the first cause.I believe in 1 God but think that the weaknesses are stronger than the strengths.

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The Challenge of Constructing a Bridge over the Chacao Channel Case Study

For example, the authors have used graphs and maps to emphasize on their arguments.Another important aspect of the article’s strength is the use of Chacao channel topography.The authors have been able to engage the reader’s mind using simple terms and graphics.In this regard, the reader detects advantages of using various design alternatives in respect to technical demands and cost-efficiency.In addition, the article is useful in providing future research material.

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Renault’s strengths and weaknesses

The serious storage in the warehouse closest to the plant where it will assemble the car, and therefore where there is greater demand.And the change in foreign currency according to the French price .– What are Renault’s strengths and weaknesses with regard to the strategy of international market growth which the company is pursuing?-Some provinces will give certain benefits to put their factory in Mexico.I think the distribution logistics system more appropriate would be “piggy back”, because although the delivery time is a little longer, the cost is less.

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Being religious

Arguments which may have strong points and appeal to certain people, but its weak and doubtful points, are left, ultimately, and perhaps unfortunately, to faith.Because more than anything, a little doubt, and plenty of hope is healthy for human beings and for humanity.Embracing religion may require blind trust and surrender in exchange for the promise of redemption and divine content, but to William James, that doesn’t necessarily appear to be an entirely negative thing.Lee, Bowie G., Solomon, Robert C. (2006) .The basis of god or a higher being’s existence however, remains rooted in faith and a degree of trust afforded to a grand design which most believe is supposed to remain unknown and unknowable until the instance of our deaths.

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Politics Essays – Making Democracy Work

Equally as impressive, he has successfully managed to combine both a structure and agency-centered approach into a cohesive research design project.The experiment offered Robert Putnam and his colleagues a unique opportunity to analyze institutional performance over time, and what precisely makes government work in a setting where national factors and institutional design are held constant.Due to this interconnected circular nature of Putnam’s argument, Putnam’s study of Italian institutional performance, though both descriptive and predictive, lacks convincing prescriptive capabilities.To the point of emphasis, the fact that Putnam also correlates these “objective” measures with more opinion-based survey indicators of civic culture goes...

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