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Modern History Germany 1918-1939 Essay

The capitalization of the weaknesses in the Weimar Republic, led to the growth and rises to power of the Nazi Party in 1933, because of the Nazi’s constant exploitation of the Weimar Republic and all of its mistakes, using them to its own advantage as well as the manipulation of incidents involving the Reichstag.Many historians have criticized these weaknesses, saying that the Weimar Republic was always going to fail, due to mismanagement and the lack of experience.The weaknesses in the Weimar Republic allowed for the Nazi’s to gain power through Article 48, where the President is given emergency powers to suspend the Reichstag at a moments notice.The Treaty of Versailles indicates that the Weimar Republic was weak as well, because a str...

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In what respects, if any, could Weimar Germany be held to be ‘doomed from the start’

As Ruth Henig highlights, ‘Weimar Germany was a society in transition, experiencing the pressures of modernisation and of industrialisation.viii’ Any attempt at changing the deep-rooted nature of Germany’s political and social structure would be difficult, but failure was not inevitable.Therefore there were inherent weaknesses within Weimar Germany, which, in retrospect, have caused some historians to see its failure as inevitable.Germany’s first attempt at democracy, the Weimar Republic, established after World War One, had, by the late 1920s, failed and was beyond repair.The failure of the Weimar Republic in bringing about support for the callous and brutal polices of the Nazi party has consequently been highly debated and contested by...

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The Weimar Republic

All these revolts in Weimar republic helped to make a general chaos and made Weimar the power of Weimar Reichstag weaker.Weimar republic had to face also political chaos, which caused many left, but also right-wing revolts and assassinations.Economic situation and poverty of state also ‘helped’ to Weimar republic to became unstable.Paying of reparations made Weimar budget almost empty, so government decided to stop paying them, but this was mistake, because it caused that in 1923 (Jan.) the French army started to occupy Ruhr.In early 1920’s, the Weimar government was so weak, and the biggest reason of its weakness was proportional representation of parties in it.

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How far do you agree that the main reason for Hitler coming to power was the great depression

It was in economic turmoil due to the great depression and its government, the Weimar Republic, was weak and collapsing.This plunged Germany into a state of economic depression and further weakened the Weimar Republic, leading to questioning of its success.The Weimar Republic for example would still have been a good target for his campaign.However, without the depression, Weimar may still have collapsed due to its structural weaknesses and vast opposition.Before this event, Germany was in a period of comparative stability and the Weimar Republic was not completely failing.

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The new republic in Germany from 1918 to 1923 Essay

The fact that the German people refused to see the new government as an authority is evidence that there was public support for the Weimar republic or at least more than there was for a right wing government.More evidence to the fact that the German population was supportive of the Weimar constitution is that even during this period of unrest and economic crisis people voted for pro republic parties.Despite the apparent conceptual strength of the new democratic republic in Germany, the republic did have some political weaknesses.The frequent changes in government made the new republic look weak and the Weimar republic failed to gain widespread support in the early years because of this unreliability.In conclusion I think that though the ...

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Weimar republic from 1919 to 1929 Essay

Streseman was a Vernunftrepublikaner, which referred to someone who supported the Weimar republic because it seemed the best course of action, not the individual’s ideological choice.So despite the individual perspectives of the Weimar republic, the level of stability achieved by 1929, accounts for the successes of the republic.These were unsuccessful, (and so a failure of the Weimar republic) as these weak coalitions were constantly breaking over issue disputes.Again the group attempting to overthrow the government viewed these as successes, but over all were failures, as they created more instability and tension on the Weimar republic to keep the majority of the German people happy.This conveys an unfair justice system, which is a fail...

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The New Weimar Republic and Political Opposition

Consequently, the leaders of the revolt were killed.Futhermore, between 1919 and 1923, Ebert was faced with more strikes and communist violence in: Bavaria, the Ruhr, Saxony and in Thuringia, outlining the political threat depicted by the left.Again,Ebert turned to the Freikorps for help and the rebellions were quashed.Thus,this exemplifies that although a threat existed within the republic from the political left, it was quickly diminished by the power and might of Ebert who perservered to aid the success of the new Weimar Republic.The French invasion of the Ruhr, in January 1923, was a major threat to the Weimar Republic in two ways.Another threat to the Weimar Republic came from Hitler’s Putsch in November 1923. .Moreover, the new Rep...

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Strengths of Hitler That Allowed Him Into Power Essay

Hitler and the Nazis used the Wall Street Crash in there propaganda and they blamed it on Weimar.If the stab in the back myth hadn’t have been announced the public wouldn’t have lost confidence in the republic.Winning public approval for the republic was made even more difficult because of this.It was a constant reminder to the German nation of the ‘stab in the back’ by the ‘criminals’ which did nothing to help Weimar and just helped Hitler as it made people look for more extreme political ideas.The weakness of the Weimar Republic played a huge part in Hitler’s rise to power.

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Causes of the Collapse of the Weimar Republic

[31] E. Kolb, The Weimar Republic, Second Edition, (New York, 2005), p.35 .[40] Henig, The Weimar Republic, p.84 .In conclusion it is clear that economics was the foremost reason to why the Weimar collapsed as even before the Great Depression which was followed by the overburdening of the welfare state, Germany was constantly faced with financial constraints that was caused by the damage of the First World War, this meant straight away the Weimar was forced to introduce a new democratic way of life in the most unpromising conditions.[38] Henig, The Weimar Republic, p.62 .[36] Henig, The Weimar Republic, p.78 .

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How Surprising Is It That the Weimar Republic Survived from 1919-1924? Essay

This a subtle threat to the stability of the republic and when fully appreciated, it is remarkable that the republic lasted so long, but it must be said that these factors were not abused so much within the stated 5 year period, more so after that near the end of the republic.The details of the Weimar Constitution created issues of its own accord towards the stability of the Republic.With the ending of the First World War, Germany entered a grand new era in its history, one that showed promise and change for the good, however, immediately from its outset, the Weimar Republic encountered serious difficulties both externally and within.In this essay, I will asses how surprising it is that the Weimar Republic did not fall into ruin between ...

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Adolf Hitler’s Rise to Power

Through the use of political exploitation, extraordinary use of propaganda, Hitler’s oratorical skills and immense charisma, and the Weimar Republic’s own created faults, Hitler and his Nazi party were able to seize power in a country shattered by failure of democracy, and a huge national crisis.With the Weimar out of the way, Hitler could take power more easily.In his enchanting speeches, Hitler offered the Germans what they needed most, encouragement.It captured the imagination of a disillusioned population and gave them fresh hope.The first five years of the Weimar Republic were full of difficulties.

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Essay on Weimar Germany Essay

” Mommsen, however, disagreed that proportional representation was a root cause of Weimar political instability, calling Verhaltniswahlrecht “at most a symptom” of the problems, and adding that the “reluctance to assume political responsibility” by Weimar political parties was the source of instability.The Weimar government, at various times, faced food shortages, hyperinflation, massive unemployment, and an unprecedented economic depression, and any analysis of the failures of democracy in Weimar Germany needs to take into account these inherently disruptive economic phenomena.With a constitution that contained items such as Article 48 – a constitutional provision that permitted the Weimar President to rule by decree without the consent...

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Collapse of the Weimar Republic in the Period Up to 1933 Essay

With the appointment of Hitler as Chancellor in January 1933, the Weimar Republic ceased to exist.One of the problems lay in the new republican constitution of 1919, which guaranteed the basic rights of the German people but also contained weaknesses that undermined its functionality as a democratic constitution.By 1933, Hitler was appointed chancellor and the Weimar lay in ruins.As Weimar leaders were forced to call upon the army to sustain the Republic against attack, as a result government were forced to introduce policies with which the army approved.The association of the Weimar Republic with military defeat and the international humiliation of the Treaty of Versailles, created a long term legacy of bitterness.

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The Weimar Republic of 1919 | Analysis

The Federal Republic distinguished itself from Weimar through the governing framework of its constitution.“In the Bonn Republic power was diffused to institutions, not the general population, despite the frequent invocation of the phrase ‘Die Staatsgewalt geht vom Volke aus’, [the government authority emanates from the people] the famous Article 1 of the Weimar constitution” (Paterson, 2000, p.25).It is argued that the country’s first attempt at democracy failed due to a “specific set of circumstances facing interwar Germany, coupled with defects in the Weimar constitution […]” (Conradt, 2009, p.7).Weimar’s constitutional weaknesses allowed Hitler to come to power and the dark reign of the Third Reich began in 1933.The ‘German Model’ fur...

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Why Did Hitler Become Chancellor in 1933

In this way, Hitler went from being the leader of an obscure right wing party to the last chancellor of the Weimar Republic.When the Great Depression hit Germany, the Weimar Republic could not respond in an efficient way.The main problem, however, was that because of its strict adherence to democratic principles, The Weimar Republic allowed such parties, which were so openly anti-democratic, to exist and take part in the governing process.Consequently the Weimar Republic was on very uneasy footing – the political landscape of Germany was chaotic-it was a time when many political philosophies were flying around; untried and untested in Germany; especially with Russia fallen to Communism in the east, and Italy under a fascist regime in the...

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Was the Weimar republic doomed by the events of 1918-19

Around 12 years later, the Weimar Republic ultimately was forced to give way to the dictatorial rule of Adolf Hitler who, along with his Nazi party was the main cause for the destruction of the republic.He clearly blames the SPD and Ebert and thus, the Weimar Republic for the defeat and uses the phrase-‘The German army has been stabbed in the back.Thus, we see that it is rather inappropriate to say that the Weimar Republic was bound to collapse after the events of 1918-19 because there are evidences which might suggest that it might not have done so.They often are astounded to find that on a number of occasions the seeds have been found to be sown by the establishers of Weimar themselves in the early years of the republic and that opened...

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What problems did the Weimar Republic face between 1919 and 1923

This was very damaging to the Weimar Republic.Therefore, it meant that the people of Germany did not have faith that the Weimar Republic could make Germany great again and so Weimar lost support.This meant that the Weimar Republic faced a problem because it as limiting the materialisation of revolutionary ideas and could not make decisions for the betterment of Germany as a Republic, because many of the old ideas were still potent.The Weimar Republic was formed in six weeks, after Kaiser Wilhelm abdicated and Germany replaced a monarchy with a Republic at the end of the First World War.They proclaimed the National Assembley disollved, the Weimar constitution void, and the government deposed in favour of one headed by Kapp and General Von...

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What factors best describe the collapse of Weimar and the rise of Hitler

Voter disillusionment can be plotted throughout the history of Weimar.Therefore it can be said that economic crisis’s played an important part in the fall of Weimar and the rise of Hitler.Voter disillusionment with middle class parties was also a contributing factor to the fall of Weimar.In the final conclusion there was no one single factor, which can explain the fall of Weimar and the rise of Hitler.The Nazis glorified the ‘stab-in-the-back’ myth and gave blame for all Germany’s wrongs to Weimar and ‘World Jewry’.

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Weimar Republic

Alienation from the Weimar Republic was a common theme of writing and architecture was dominated by the Bauhaus movement.Finally, the Weimar Republic also went through a period of so-called ‘political calm’.Thus overall, despite indubitable successes, it seems inaccurate to argue that it was only in foreign policy that the Weimar Republic was successful; firstly, as Stresemann’s achievements were too subtle to be greeted enthusiastically by the majority and secondly, as there were achievements in other areas as well.Following the unstable years of 1918- 23, the Weimar Republic enjoyed five years of supposed prosperity.The cultural developments therefore did little to stabilise the Weimar republic as neither culture showed particular supp...

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The rise to power of Hitler and the Nazi’s

The Weimar Republic had been weak from the start; this was due to many causes.After the First World War, Hitler continued to work for the government as a “V-Man”, spying on political parties and finding out if they were dangerous to the new Weimar Republic.The weakness of the Weimar republic is an important cause because it shows that if the government wasn’t weak from the start and things went right then no-one would listen to extremist parties, such as the Nazi party.This can be proved by the many rising that tried to overtake the Weimar.Many people felt the same way & wanted to over throw the Weimar Republic & tear up the Treaty of Versailles.

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Germany: 1918-1923

WHITE, A (1997) the Weimar Republic.The Treaty of Versailles had an important impact on the Weimar Republic (Lee 1998).Source A shows the political threat to Weimar republic and government from the left wing (KPD) Spartacist uprisings, who continued with revolutionary disturbances.Like Germany, Italy’s economy was weak; Mussolini wanted to change and ‘played’ on the economic instability to rise to power.There were many strengths and weaknesses in the constitution of the New Republic, some of the strengths of the constitution were that it formed a coalition where laws could be passed.

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Why did Hitler become Chancellor in January 1933? Essay

The meddling with the unstable political situation by von Schleicher and von Papen is the most important reason as top why Hitler became Chancellor in 1933, as they actually instated him, giving him the power to effectively do what he wanted with a country that were willing to do anything he wanted, taken in by all of his lies and propaganda.There are four main reasons as to why this happened, and they are as follows: the Weimar government’s weaknesses; his own leadership skills and the Nazis tactics; the Great Depression; and political manoeuvring between von Schleicher and von Papen.Weimar and Nazi Germany – Stephen Lee .The weakness of the Weimar also encouraged the public to vote for extremists parties, like the Nazis, in the hope ...

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Why did Hitler become a Chancellor?

Hitler believed that even though he only had three thousand members in the Nazi Party, he had a chance to win over Weimar Republic Government.But the Weimar Republic had no idea what to do about the problem of rising unemployment and poverty.The Nazi said that the Weimar Republic is to be blamed, the treaty of Versailles and the Jews.And now Weimar Republic’s policies had given too much power to the President, the States and the army which weakened the Reichstag as well as dividing them into different groups.Yet, there are many that believe that it had everything to do with the weakness of Weimar Republic and after the rising level of unemployment the German people were ready to accept a dictator.

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Was the Weimar Government destined to fail

Their views were easily made public, the general blame of Weimar for losing the war rising from these powerful individuals, ‘… let them eat the broth they have prepared for us.It became an integral part of the internal political, economic and social conflict which plagued Weimar Germany from then on, ‘… the German Republic was born out of its terrible defeat… ‘3.This further proved to the German people Weimar incapability, not to mention drew support for the strong capability of the extremist parties.The most extreme of these came in the form of the Kapp Putsch, for the right and the Spartacist Uprising, for the left, in both casing entire German cities were captured and held only to flee and return power to Weimar, not when Weimar inter...

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Germany experienced a period of political calm Essay

Many historians have traced the weaknesses which contributed to the breakdown of democracy in the early 1930s back to this period.Unemployment figures also question the image of the 1920s as the “golden years” of Weimar Germany.However the causes of this economic progress and stability can be considered superficial, as fundamental weaknesses in the German economy ensured it remained far from stable.Therefore the blanket statement: “Germany experienced a period of political calm, economic development and social progress in the mid 1920s” ignores the problems in Weimar Germany at this time and is therefore not entirely correct, each clause contains some validity.Alienation from the Weimar Republic was a common theme of writing, theatre and...

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Political, Social, and Ethical Ideologies on Graphic Design

As a matter of coincidence the centre of excellence for the modernists in Weimar era Germany, the Bauhaus school was also founded in Weimar during 1919 (Hobsbawm, 1994 p. 179).History has certainly not been kind to the Weimar Republic, Germany’s first taste of liberal democracy that was detested by millions of Germans, as well as being beset by major political and economic weaknesses particularly after the Great Depression.The political, social and ethical decadence of the Weimar Republic came to a head in 1923.Germany’s severe economic problems also prompted American recovery packages that gave the Weimar Republic the appearance of political and economic stability (Brendon, 2000, pp.29-30).Other elements in Germany that favoured moderni...

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Why Hitler Rose to Power

The Weimar Republic was very fair, it gave a say to more parties, everyone has the vote, no one could get too powerful.Germany’s new constitution (Weimar Republic) has been described as perfect and ideal.Democratic Government (Weimar Government) was already in trouble before the depression started.The Weimar Republic survived, but Leibnecht and Luxemburg were killed.The Weimar Republic appeared to have no idea how to solve the problems of the depression.

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The Weimar Republic

), Culture and Society in the Weimar Republic (1977).(1) E. Kolb, The Weimar Republic, p. 83. .E. Eyck, A History Of The Weimar Republic, (Oxford, 1962).(7) E. Kolb, The Weimar Republic, p. 86. .There is little doubt in my mind that despite its all too obvious political and economic failings, in terms of society and culture the people of the Weimar Republic had the privilege to be apart of one of the most advanced and modern countries in Europe.

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Weimar Constitution Essay

Henceforth it could be argued that the Weimar Constitution actually gave the governments a chance to be effective in a difficult situation.This meant they had to rely upon Article 48 too much which led to the rise of Hitler and end of the Weimar era.In conclusion, I think that the Weimar constitution played a significant role in the handicapping of the governments as under the PR electoral system, it was impossible to produce a stable single party government.On the other hand, it could be said that the Weimar governments were not as unstable as it is claimed to be.The Weimar constitution did not handicap the governments in the sense that it granted Article 48 which the president could use to pass through any decrees in an ‘emergency’.

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What does the 1949 Basic Law tell us about the perceived flaws of the Weimar Constitution

Germans, especially old soldiers felt they could have won the First World War if given more time and that the weak Weimar Government had ‘stabbed them in the back’ by signing Germany victory away.This started off with the Weimar government but within only a few years of power even very extremist idea’s such as anti-Semitism were becoming much more widespread and accepted.With weaknesses like proportional representation and Article 48, extremist parties like the Nazis were able to utilize these flaws to their advantage.Clearly the many problems Weimar government helped leave an opening for Fascism to emerge taking complete control of Germany, breaking the human rights of all its citizens and creating a formidable enemy for the rest of the...

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