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Modern History Germany 1918-1939 Essay

To summarize, the weaknesses of the Weimar Republic was partially responsible for the growth and rise to power of the Nazi Party in 1933, although there are many external factors for the growth and rise to power of the Nazi Party. The capitalization of the weaknesses involving the Weimar Republic and incidents involving the Reichstag as well as Nazi...

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In what respects, if any, could Weimar Germany be held to be ‘doomed from the start’

There were even weaknesses in the Weimar constitution itself that could be easily abused. Chancellor Br�ning’s decision to rule by decree in September 1930 to restore authority and prevent further radicalisation was, according to Hans Mommsen, ‘doomed because they ignored the very conditions of modern industrial society and pursued an illusory dre...

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The Weimar Republic

Economic situation and poverty of state also ‘helped’ to Weimar republic to became unstable. Three main reasons why Weimar republic became unstable were, that the economic situation was more than wrong, then that constitution had many mistakes and finally that the political situation caused many revolts, which caused general chaos in the state.

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How far do you agree that the main reason for Hitler coming to power was the great depression

Also, if the Weimar Republic had been better organised and not so weak and failing, then it would not have been necessary for a change in government. For example if the Weimar Republic had not been collapsing, then the elite would not have turned to Hitler for help with the economic situation.

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The new republic in Germany from 1918 to 1923 Essay

Despite the apparent conceptual strength of the new democratic republic in Germany, the republic did have some political weaknesses. Despite the chaotic temperament of the Weimar system of government the German people still went out in droves to the polling stations to cast their votes each re-election, in fact the lowest turnout between 1919 and 19...

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Weimar republic from 1919 to 1929 Essay

Streseman was a Vernunftrepublikaner, which referred to someone who supported the Weimar republic because it seemed the best course of action, not the individual’s ideological choice. This was an immanent success of the Weimar republic, and one that kept the ball rolling.

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The New Weimar Republic and Political Opposition

Consequently, the leaders of the revolt were killed.Futhermore, between 1919 and 1923, Ebert was faced with more strikes and communist violence in: Bavaria, the Ruhr, Saxony and in Thuringia, outlining the political threat depicted by the left.Again,Ebert turned to the Freikorps for help and the rebellions were quashed.Thus,this exemplifies that alt...

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Strengths of Hitler That Allowed Him Into Power Essay

The weakness of the Weimar Republic played a huge part in Hitler’s rise to power. this essay will explore the weimars weaknesses, including the impact of the first world war, the constitutional weakness of the Republic, the implications of the treaty of versaille and the Munich Putsch.

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Causes of the Collapse of the Weimar Republic

In conclusion it is clear that economics was the foremost reason to why the Weimar collapsed as even before the Great Depression which was followed by the overburdening of the welfare state, Germany was constantly faced with financial constraints that was caused by the damage of the First World War, this meant straight away the Weimar was forced to ...

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How Surprising Is It That the Weimar Republic Survived from 1919-1924? Essay

In this essay, I will asses how surprising it is that the Weimar Republic did not fall into ruin between the years 1919-1924 by considering the effects of the war and the weakness of the Weimar Constitution upon the Republic as well as the economic problems faced and the threats from both sides of the political spectrum. The formation of the Weimar ...

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Adolf Hitler’s Rise to Power

Germans had lost their trust in the Weimar Republic. This helped Hitler to gain support as Germans had begun to hate the Weimar Republic.

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Essay on Weimar Germany Essay

Weimar Culture and Challenges to Tradition The personal freedoms often associated with Weimar culture – whether seen as an inevitable, pendulum-like reaction after decades of Wilhelmine authoritarianism, or as a flowering of postwar expression – led to a period of unparalleled vibrancy in literature, the arts, architecture, and philosophy. Those who...

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Collapse of the Weimar Republic in the Period Up to 1933 Essay

Explain the collapse of the Weimar Republic in the period up to 1933 The collapse of the Weimar Republic and the subsequent takeover by Adolf Hitler in 1933 was influenced by a wide range of factors. As Weimar leaders were forced to call upon the army to sustain the Republic against attack, as a result government were forced to introduce policies wi...

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The Weimar Republic of 1919 | Analysis

Although the president of the Weimar Republic was given more power to avoid political paralysis in the Reichstag, Article 48 allowed Hitler to come to power in the end. “In the Bonn Republic power was diffused to institutions, not the general population, despite the frequent invocation of the phrase ‘Die Staatsgewalt geht vom Volke aus’, [the govern...

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Why Did Hitler Become Chancellor in 1933

In this way, Hitler went from being the leader of an obscure right wing party to the last chancellor of the Weimar Republic. The Weimar Republic itself, although it fulfilled the characteristics of a democracy, giving universal suffrage and equal indiscriminate rights to its people; had its weaknesses.

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Was the Weimar republic doomed by the events of 1918-19

Thus we see that there were various aspects at which one might look at while judging the continuity the Weimar Republic could have had after the events of 1918-19. Around 12 years later, the Weimar Republic ultimately was forced to give way to the dictatorial rule of Adolf Hitler who, along with his Nazi party was the main cause for the destruction ...

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What problems did the Weimar Republic face between 1919 and 1923

The Weimar Republic was formed in six weeks, after Kaiser Wilhelm abdicated and Germany replaced a monarchy with a Republic at the end of the First World War. They proclaimed the National Assembley disollved, the Weimar constitution void, and the government deposed in favour of one headed by Kapp and General Von Luttwitz” D Thompson This was highly ...

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What factors best describe the collapse of Weimar and the rise of Hitler

In the final conclusion there was no one single factor, which can explain the fall of Weimar and the rise of Hitler. Voter disillusionment with the moderate parties can thus be seen to be a factor in the fall of Weimar and the rise of Hitler.

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Weimar Republic

However, ultimately, each of these successes was met by a comparative weakness not just in foreign policy, but in all aspects of the Weimar Republic during these years. It is true that the Weimar Republic experienced a number of successes within foreign policy however; that is not to say there was a lack of success in other aspects of Weimar Germany.

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The rise to power of Hitler and the Nazi’s

The weakness of the Weimar republic is an important cause because it shows that if the government wasn’t weak from the start and things went right then no-one would listen to extremist parties, such as the Nazi party. The Weimar Republic had been weak from the start; this was due to many causes.

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Germany: 1918-1923

There were many strengths and weaknesses in the constitution of the New Republic, some of the strengths of the constitution were that it formed a coalition where laws could be passed. Therefore, the Kapp and Munich Putsch created instability for the Weimar republic (Lee 1998).

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Why did Hitler become Chancellor in January 1933? Essay

There are four main reasons as to why this happened, and they are as follows: the Weimar government’s weaknesses; his own leadership skills and the Nazis tactics; the Great Depression; and political manoeuvring between von Schleicher and von Papen. Firstly, Hitler was only able to come to power due to the failure of the previous government, the Weim...

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Why did Hitler become a Chancellor?

The Weimar Republic was already unpopular amongst the Germans because they had agreed to sign the Treaty of Versailles and this had left many Germans and ex-soldiers bitter. Weimar Republic seemed to have made a hopeless mess of handling the situation.

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Was the Weimar Government destined to fail

The continuous crises which afflicted Weimar did not help its esteem, with the general voting trend moving towards the extremist parties, whether right or left, during times of national unrest; the election figures dipping from 70%6 to a low 37%6 for Weimar, during the depression. It became an integral part of the internal political, economic and so...

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Germany experienced a period of political calm Essay

Many historians have traced the weaknesses which contributed to the breakdown of democracy in the early 1930s back to this period. However the causes of this economic progress and stability can be considered superficial, as fundamental weaknesses in the German economy ensured it remained far from stable.

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Political, Social, and Ethical Ideologies on Graphic Design

Imperial Germany had a government that was autocratic in nature, the Weimar Republic allowed greater cultural diversity, yet suffered from political and economic weaknesses that allowed Adolf Hitler to bring the Third Reich into existence. As a matter of coincidence the centre of excellence for the modernists in Weimar era Germany, the Bauhaus schoo...

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Why Hitler Rose to Power

The threats to the Weimar Republic were the Spartacicts 1919. The Weimar Republic appeared to have no idea how to solve the problems of the depression.

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The Weimar Republic

(7) E. Kolb, The Weimar Republic, p. 86. . (1) E. Kolb, The Weimar Republic, p. 83. .

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Weimar Constitution Essay

Henceforth it could be argued that the Weimar Constitution actually gave the governments a chance to be effective in a difficult situation. So, the Weimar constitution could even be credited with the fall of Weimar Republic along with the government as it was unable to produce a string of consistent strong and stable governments.

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What does the 1949 Basic Law tell us about the perceived flaws of the Weimar Constitution

And even if it was the country never accepted the Weimar, giving it no chance of success no matter what its flaws Germany was a very traditionalist country, especially the older generations and upper classes, with many resenting the new Weimar Government. Germans, especially old soldiers felt they could have won the First World War if given more tim...

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