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The Moral Responsibility Of Christian Ethics Essay

Wealth creates stability, security, but more importantly in today’s society, wealth creates power.One of the consequences of the extreme prosperity in America is the pay gap between the rich and the poor, which is expanding at a rapid rate.We see very clear scriptural evidence that God is on the side of the poor and oppressed, it is time for Christians to respond.While America remains to be one of the richest countries in the world, the poor are still within our reach.Throughout America we see a significant gap between the rich and the poor, and a middle class that is disappearing.

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Financial Gap Between the 1% and 99%

Over 28% of American births were to single mothers in 1990 and in 2008 that number rose to over 40% (USA Today, Widening wealth gap defies simple solutions).The picture of wealth and income inequality in America is not a favorable one and has threatened to undermine the ability for everyday people to believe in their ability to move upward economically.If this trend continues the wealth and economic gap will become even widen and social unrest is inevitable (USA Today, Growing wealth gap opens gate to social unrest).“Widening wealth gap defies simple solutions.” 27 Jan. 2014.The wealth of America rests in the hands of just one percent of the country.

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Why Inheritance Undermines Capitalism Essay

Inherited wealth comes with the added benefit of accessibility the rest of us don’t have.He acknowledges wide gaps in the distribution of income, but introduces even larger gaps in the distribution of wealth as a greater problem.Eliminating inheritance would ensure that we are rewarded for what we produce by controlling gifts and bequests.These children then inherit millions, continuing their wealth.Inheritances violate capitalistic ideals of distribution according to productivity by allowing rich children to enjoy their parents’ wealth avoiding economic productivity.

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Social Class Warfare Essay

Also with the fact that “the bottom 40 percent of the people in the United States have basically zero wealth,” as stated by Norton.Those who oppose my idea might also say, “we worked for all this, why can’t you?” But in the interview with Michael Norton, he states, “But it’s much, much rarer than people believe, and especially wealth transmission,” which shows the difficulty imposed among the lower classes, and making them hopeless for any effort in succeeding.I, myself have argued in an informative point of view to help educate our future of America, the students of UTA, hoping my thoughts will expand from them knowing our variety of wealth levels from rich to poor.In this day and age, money reigns over the social class and those withou...

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1865-1914 Wealth and Poverty Gap in the United States

A. Henry George, Progress and Poverty, b. Edward Bellamy, Looking Backward, c. Andrew Carnegie, The Gospel of Wealth, d. William Graham Sumner, What Social Classes owe to Each Other, e. Upton Sinclair, The Jungle .Because of the large industries and the profits that the captains of industry were making, the gap between the rich and the poor increased tremendously.A number of writers and reformers in the period 1865-1914 discussed the growing gap between wealth and poverty in the United states.He said that “Capital owes labor, the rich owe the poor, producers owe consumers, one sex owes another, one race owes another, this country owes that country, and so on and infinitum.” He believed that the gap problem could be easily solved with sta...

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Sam Patch’s Leap into the Great Divide Essay

The gap was widening drastically such as in the case of Massachusetts whose richest five percent had over half of the wealth of the state, and in Philadelphia the top one percent of the wealthy accumulated more wealth than the rest of the population combined (Foner, 335).Sam Patch’s celebrity and life not only showed growing social and political differences, but it showed the increasing gap that was growing between the wage-earning and middle class as a result of the market revolution.Mayo Patch’s life was riddled with owing debts to the middle class and because of his lack of wealth, meant he had to become property less to pay of those debts (Johnson 18).The falls was in a sense industry and the middle class, and Sam Patch, a wage earne...

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Class in America Essay

Reality 2: The middle class in the United States hold a very small share of the nation’s wealth and that share is declining steadily.The class system and the power of oppression keep citizens in the classes they are born into.The gap between rich and poor and between rich and the middle class is larger than it has even been.One who is born into a lower class in the U.S. is at a constant disadvantage from birth.The statistics Mantsios uses illustrate the economic gap between the rich and the middle class and the rich and the poor in the United States- showing an increase in the gap: “the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.” The fact that laws and the class systems are acting as traps to keep the people in poverty, or at least...

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Racial Discrimination Essay

In the U. S. , per capita income of the whites is almost five times more than that of the blacks, which clearly illustrates the serious problem of a widening wealth gap between these twodifferent racial groups.The findings from Mean Racial Wealth Gap across 181 U. S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas shows that the standard deviation of wage between the blacks and the whites is the highest in among comparison toof different racial groups such as Latinos and white people and Asians and white people.In this essay, we shall discuss whether racial discrimination causes poverty among this minority community in America.Racial discrimination undoubtedly appears in the education system in AmericaAmerica’s education system, as Gordon, Piana and Kele...

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The Role of Capitalists DBQ Essay

If these men did not transfer their wealth to educational development as well as the creation of thousands if not millions of American jobs, there would have been no means for industrial growth and development.For if more money had been spent on salaries and the beautification of the working environment, the manufacturers would have had no wealth to redistribute for use in their philanthropist purposes.And without some form of education, the innovations that America​ s greatest inventors created may have not ever found their way to industrial success.They had shown that all other innovations were Stark 2 too primitive now, and the nation needed these men​ ’s wealth and power to grow as a country.More often than not, America’​ s antebellu...

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The Gap Between the Haves and the Have Nots

Most Americans believed in the ability of everyone to obtain great wealth through hard work, luck and ingenuity.This belief that it was the government’s role to step in and close the gap between the rich and poor was not shared by most Americans of the time.It is certainly true that the economy of the United States was best suited to obtaining great wealth, but the monopolies actually squashed free market competition instead of encouraging it.The Gospel of Wealth.Many of the titans of industry defended their great wealth through an idea called Social Darwinism.

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Global Inequality

If we want to improve our economic well being and our overall quality of life, then we must solve this complex problem of income inequality.In other words, .00000127% of the people in the United States have more wealth than the bottom 47.7%.The distribution of wealth in society continues to gravitate quickly to only a small group of people.Clearly the richest people in our country, own an enormous portion of the wealth.The issue however is not that we have inequality since it is inevitable to have some disparity in wealth in a free market society.

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The Crisis of America’s Rich/Poor Divide

These actions gradually aborted the rights and freedoms of such groups including the effort to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor.It may be tragic for democracy in America for the political system to serve as an incentive rather than a stabilizing factor on the sides of extremism that exist in our time.Today, inherited wealth rooted in the United States is more than it was in almost every corner of the ancient world.This gap increases not only by the active participation of the rich in the political process, but also by the wide spread use of modern communication tools such as the Internet.This gap puts the reins of decision-making in the United States in the hands of elites who gradually tend to protect their own interests by ...

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Neoliberalism in Latin America Essay

Those who stood to gain the least under a neoliberal economic model were the poor people of Latin America.A neoliberal economic model became fashionably popular in Latin America because the people who were in charge were upper-class citizens and during a down turn in 1982 neoliberalism seemed like a solution due to its approach to better balance the budget of Latin American countries.With neoliberalism the loss of jobs and government programs made unemployment skyrocket and education too expensive for much of the poor class of Latin America to afford.In the article, “From Democracy to Development: The Political Economy of Post-Neoliberal Reform in Latin America”, Alfred P. .Unfortunately, either the leadership of these countries assume...

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Stuart Ewen’s Chosen People Essay

Smith does exactly what Ewen asks of his readers which is to, “look beneath the surface of things with unprejudiced eyes are painfully conscious that wealth, though year by year still on increase, goes now into fewer hands; that the results of industry are very unequally divided” (qtd.In Ewen’s words it was industrialism that sparked the rapid increase in unequal distribution of wealth.Ewen, along with other scholars such as Anthony Smith believe that as time moves forward, wealth finds its ways into fewer and fewer hands.To explain the significance of the problem in more detail he argues “for example the 500 individuals which the UN cites as owning 50 per cent of global wealth” (Smith 237).“In mid-nineteenth century America the gap betw...

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The Racial Wealth Gap Between Blacks And Whites

Although this was legal, the morals behind it were cruel and unethical causing racism to spread more and causing the gap to widen.Presently, there are still many racial inequalities contributing the gap in wealth between Whites (and in some occasions Asians) and people of color.If these issues were assessed more accurately and unbiased, we could potentially close the gap between Blacks and Whites and finally have an equal society.(Farley and Squires 221, 2005) Housing policies, programs, and practices have played a large role in the gap of wealth between Blacks and Whites.Slavery and segregation, housing sales and restrictions, and state-funded welfare all add to the current state of discriminations and imbalances of race in our communit...

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Minorities In The Federal Government Politics Essay

Whites hold 22 times the amount of wealth that blacks do.“Having less wealth and home equity means it will be more difficult for blacks and Hispanics to send their children to college, which gives them a leg up on landing good jobs, said Roderick Harrison, senior research scientist at Howard University.Wealth, education, experience, number of candidates all contribute to the underrepresentation of ethnicities.During the past few years, while every American’s wealth has been declining, minorities have been declining at an almost 40% faster rate than that of whites.The implications will be with us into the next generation, which will have greater difficulty in getting the kinds of jobs needed to start saving and building wealth, Harrison s...

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Social Status and Feminism in The Great Gatsby Essay

“Ethics in Gatsby: An Examination of American Values.” In Readings on The Great Gatsby.“Scott Fitzgerald’s Criticism of America.” In Modern Critical Interpretations: The Great Gatsby.Ironically, the only character that lower wealth was associated with was Gatsby.The Great Gatsby allows the reader to enter into the world of wealth and experience the joys and tragedies of being within this certain class as well as allowing the reader to interpret the position of gender inside the class.F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel, The Great Gatsby may appear to be a simple tragic romance; however, within the text, Fitzgerald identifies and defines social gaps and importance of wealth.

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Government Is Dominated By Big Business

Today,  America has the highest gap between the rich and the poor among the developed nations, a trend which  has been growing with time.Reference: .Timeline, September/October 2004 .Freo example in 1960, the gap between the  fist 2096 and the bottom 2096 was 30 times and today this has grown to more than 75 times.Even when America spends the largest portion of its income on medical services compared to other countries in the world, eight out of ten of 44 million Americans are uninsured.

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The Symbolism of the Great Gatsby

The green light on the dock represents the distance between Jay Gatsby and Daisy.A physical distance because thought they were once deeply in love, Daisy felt Inclined or was Internally forced by social expectations to marry a man with money, Tom, and not a “poor boy’ at the time Jay.Their meaning for Gatsby is assumed to be his ultimate failure In gMng up his self respect and morals for the pursuit of monay and status.She still considers him to be a lower class and Is caught in the rules of her own class, thus unable to see him as a man of means, though he has money.He spends his time and money attempting to get Daisy’s attention and impress her by flaunting his money.

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Unequal Distribution Of Wealth

The gap is actually created because the poor want laws to be made that help them maintain what little wealth they have, while the upper class wants to pass laws that will help them gain more wealth.In any case, the unequal distribution of wealth is an issue that needs to be addressed and solved before the situation escalates.On the other hand, Karl Marx believed that the unequal distribution of wealth could be compensated for by a heavy progressive tax.The unequal distribution of wealth also makes the living conditions of the less fortunate undesirable, because the upper class is usually concerned about gaining and maintaining their own wealth first and concerned about others second.The unequal distribution of wealth is a problem of majo...

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“For Richer” by Paul Krugman

Thus the credential cycle begins, with students graduating from top universities they are placed in jobs with high credentials and are led into social classes of wealth and power.My opinion is that the rich are getting richer and reserve the connections to power and wealth to their social class.With a bigger budget created by the wealth surrounding the school, we had access to state of the art computer systems, new books, and teachers that graduated from renowned Universities.Given these topics I will express the fact that the rich are getting richer and can afford to keep themselves in social groups of wealth and power, thus leading the government to favor the rich.As a result the rich are getting all the power, and the gap between the ...

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gatjay Failure of Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Historically, America was the New World of endless opportunity and wealth.He portrays the ultimate failure of the American Dream in that individuals tend to believe wealth is everything.Gatsby makes an attempt to regain the loss of family he experiences through his wealth.True, binding relationships amongst individuals no longer exist once wealth has taken precedence.Gatsby realizes that life of the high class demands wealth to become priority; wealth becomes his superficial goal overshadowing his quest for love.

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Atlantic World Essay

One trend was the growing interconnectedness of the global community.Many tribes displaced by British settlers in North America moved west, and since the French had yet to settle the Louisiana Territory, they were free to continue with traditional methods Africa was still, for the most part, free.Though less powerful than the Western Europeans, African nations remained independent and gained wealth through trade.Columbus united the New World with the Old, creating something that has never since been broken.A similar trend in North America.

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Essay on The American Fallacy

Opposing Viewpoints In Context.Numerous payments to lobbyists and political candidates provide easy access to policies that will protect their wealth, such as a progressive tax repeal.“The US Population Is Increasingly Divided By Wealth.” What is the Future of the US Economy?An economic tug of war is taking place in which approximately 40% of all American wealth belongs to 1% of the country’s population, leaving no middle ground.Using their wealth as a resou... ... middle of paper ... ...3 Apr 2014.

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The reality of American dream

Both of the quotes talk about class issues and these issues caused by differences of income, racism and sexism influence and tough to change.From these data, we can see the people with most wealth have more money and the poorest people are getting less money.Further more, rich people spend money on investment, which creates more money.Both articles analysis real social class in America.The gap between the rich and the poor is larger and larger.

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Globalization and Religion in Latin America Essay

The institutional gap according to the author is that while globalization is at fast pace, institutional responses is slow.Bridging the Gap: Globalization and Religion, and the Institutions of the U. S. Catholic Church.In bridging the gap by the Catholic Church, the author pointed out that the US bishops and the United States Catholic Church “may not be well equipped to bridge the gaps created by global problems” (P. 8) as US Catholic bishops are not quick to make decisions, and “many developing countries believed that globalization benefits the US at their expense” (p 8).Religion bridges the institutional gap of rich and poor by presenting alternative visions of globalization, which is seeing people not as market, nor instrument but peo...

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Mantsios: Class in America Essay

The article provides realities to a reader gives them a better idea about how to “revers[e] the current trends that further polarize us as a people and adapt policies and practices that narrow the gaps in income, wealth and privilege” (317).The author’s purpose is to bring to light a new look at how the economic spectrum really works in America.He states, “Sixty percent of the American population holds less than 6 percent of the nation’s wealth” (308).We’ve all heard the phrase concerning how America was built on opportunity, giving anyone and everyone the chance to succeed; that people can rise from the slums and escape poverty with nothing more than an idea and a will.Mantsios’ article succeeds in contradicting popular beliefs, but in ...

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The final Rise and Fall Essay

The increase in Europe’s need for resource combined with the majority of their population at the front left the United States filling the gap with trade of their natural resources.The new wealth gained created a greater military, eventually expanding its world power with its military power and thus the outside forces changed the domestic forces.Power is maintained by expenditures in a balance of creating new wealth and military expenditure.Overall this process of amassing new wealth through trade and then creating a strong military to maintain the level of power was proven in both time periods of history.Following the same pattern, the United States gained new wealth before beginning to create greater military expenditures.

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African American Reparations Negative

Yet the dismantling of the social and political aspects of American apartheid has not led to African American community empowerment or development, just as the dismantling of the social and political aspects of Zimbabwean and South African apartheid has not led to national reconstruction in those societies, because in all three cases, the economic resources (including the land and the mineral wealth–all ill-gotten gains) remained concentrated in the hands of whites.Marcus Garvey, known for his visionary Pan Africanism rather than any materialist conception of history, once stated with Marxist clarity that “When all else fails to organize our people, conditions will.” 4 The material conditions in Black America were ripe for a reparations ...

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The Great Gatsby’s Central Theme and its Symbols Essay

In this case Daisy’s idea of a quest for paradise is more so living in a materialistic world.In the summer of 1922, Nick moves from Minnesota to an area in New York populated by the new rich, a group who have made their fortunes too recently to have established social connections and who are prone to garish displays of wealth.By this, Smith emphasizes how America is such a spectacular place and that it is a paradise much like the Garden of Eden.Fitzgerald compares the green light and the “green breast of the new world” (115), thus comparing Gatsby’s dream of rediscovering Daisy to the puritan’s discovery of America.If you dig a little deeper you will find that the central theme is really about humanity’s want to shorten the gap between d...

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