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World War 1 And 2

The alliance system was also important in the causing of WW2, because after WW1, Germany was blamed for starting the war and had to pay $33 billion in reparations to the Allies (Doc.Unlike WW1, WW2 had open alliances, which included Britain and France, Germany and its allies.Militarism also played a role in the causes of WW1 and WW2.The first half of the twentieth century was shaped by two global conflicts, World War 1 (WW1) and World War 2 (WW2).The difference between the two wars was that WW1 military was building up their armies for the trenches, and in WW2 they were building up their armies and navies for the lines and waters.

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Compare and Contrast the Historical Significance Essay

1) WW1: Estimated to be 10 million dead, 21 million wounded, and 7.BUT, after WW2 no people even for colonies could accept their national right being deprived.1) WW1: Several alliances formed over the past decades were invoked, so within weeks the major powers were at war; as all had colonies, the conflict soon spread around the world.Similarly, Both brought out the creation of new and dangerous weapons.1) WW1: The Ottoman Empire (Turkey) carried out genocide of Armenians.

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Technological Advances in World War 2

The technological advances since WW1 introduced such things as the nuclear bomb and new and improved sea and air warfare.The change in technology since WW1 has produced such things as Atom Bomb, and new and improved sea and air warfare.Technology can be great but in the case of WW2, it proved tragic.Rapid advances in bombs and guns proved deadly, WW2 was a very bad example of technology.More people were killed in WW2 than WW1, as the technology was updated in WW2.

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Is War Good or Bad Essay

A good example is the WW2, almost 50-60 million people died.So I think we should always find more peaceful ways than war.And even if things are resolved after the war, we are humans and we constantly want more.Overall I think wars are bad, because all these positive things are still not worth of millions of lives.And the good sides are if you win the war but that is not 100% sure.

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To What Extent, and in What Ways, Could World War Ii Be Considered a Continuation of World War I Essay

One fact that goes against the idea that WW2 is in fact a continuation of WW1 is that of the warmongers’ mentality when facing the war.The causes and incentives behind WW1 are not easy to discern and this war can easily be dismissed as a considerably pointless conflict which merely served to waste human lives.In WW1, an ultimately pointless conflict, the focus was on camaraderie and virility, glorifying soldiers and their deaths.In WW2, the focus was on avoiding the immense destruction and death observed during the First World War, there was a clear moral objective to the war.Taylor also clearly illustrates the situation with WW1 “The combatants sought to ‘impose their will on the enemy’ [… ] without any clear idea what that will would b...

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The Aerial Photography Weapon

To every field commander, the most vital weapon always longed for, was the one that would obtain the knowledge of their enemy’s position and movements over the other side of the hill.By the end of the First World War (WW1) more than ten million people had been killed.So vital had this weapon become that by the end of WW1 the RAF (Royal Air Force) had increased it’s photographic staff from five in 1914 to over three thousand by September 1919.This unprecedented toll of human lives (over 10 million killed) was mainly a result of the mass production of heavy artillery and rapid-firing weapons that were able to hit targets with previously unattainable accuracy.However, by the end of the Second World War (WW2) the technology had of course, ad...

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Trace the History of the “Old Lie” by Wilfred Owen

There is personification of the weapons in this poem in the 7th line as it says “the shrill, demented choirs of wailing shells”.The attitude of Owen is an attitude to war that is maintained today.But after saying all this Rupert Brooke did not fight in WW1 for his country.Wilfred Owen wrote his poems during WW1 and shows the changing view of the British public.In the 2nd and 3rd stanza’s Owen describes a soldier who has been killed by one of the new very powerful weapons of WW1 and WW2, gas.

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How WW1 Led To WW2 Essay

WW2 then begins and it the most destructive war ever.This hurt the economic system of Germany and they couldn’t pay for it all.It sparked the Germans to once again get revenge on the allied powers and gain control of their country again.When Adolf Hitler comes to power the first thing he does is restore the army and navy so Germany isnt completely defenselss and he wants the strongest army in the world to go back out and defeat the allied powers.WW1 was the most gruesome war up until that time.

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The Suez Crisis

After WW1, in 1922, Britain had to grant Egypt quasi independence, but in return, the Egyptians agreed that Britain could still controlled their foreign policy and the Suez Canal area.The crisis also made Nasser out to be a ‘king of Arab nationalism’, but it also provoked more instability in the Middle East.The crisis left Britain feeling very isolated, and wanting to make more alliances in the world.The crisis didn’t affect West Africa, but undoubtedly changed attitudes towards Empire within the Empire itself, and encouraged much nationalism in other African colonies.This was disastrous for Britain as the United States withdrew all financial agreements with Britain, and publicly showed their disapproval of Britain’s way of dealing with ...

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Causes of Ww1 Essay

* Newtechnology .* The war cost the nations involed and estimated 338 billion * An entire generation of europian young men were dead or destroyed * An angry and humiliated Germany would start WW2 about 20 years later * The league of nations was started as a world police force it failed .* Alliances were another cause of WW1.* Machine guns .* With men gone woman took factory jobs In return for their contribution they would receive the right to vote in 1920 * America became the dominant industrial power of the world * Contributed to the movement of African Americans in the North the great migration * Intrnsified anti immigrant and anti communist sentiments among some americans .

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The Urbanized Weapon Of The Tank

(History of military tanks of WW1) .In the 1960 and 1970s tanks increased their demand and added laser sights, night vision to make it even a better weapon to use.T he US Army concluded that “the medium tank is the best antitank weapon.” Although such a statement may have been true, it ignored the difficulties of designing a tank that could outshoot and defeat all other tanks.“TANKBUSTERS: AIRBORNE ANTI-TANK GUNS IN WW2.” CANNON, MACHINE GUNS AND AMMUNITION.Defensively they let soldiers hide behind them and for offense the tank contained weapons to fire at the opposing force.

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Effects of World War 2 Essay

The nuclear escalation after WW2 started as more countries other than the US and USSR started to build nuclear weapons.Social effects only satisfied the duration criteria as feminist movements still exist in the modern world today and were influenced by the WW2.The two superpowers of that time possessed nuclear weapons that would have been extremely detrimental to the world if launched.Therefore, political effects is the most important effect of WW2.The consequences of political effects still exists because countries are still building nuclear weapons as it is seen as a display of power and therefore political effects fulfils this criteria.

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson

Hopefully we will have more of Presidents with their caliber in the future, because if we do not we might not be on this planet to see the next century.As we can see United States was very fortunate to have such great Presidents in the time of need.Wilson legislation consisted of lowering tariff, which is tax on imported goods, and he also formed Federal Reserve System to stabilize the national banking system.Wilson also passed some important legislation, but unlike FDR’s legislation, Wilson’s was not as impacting on the US.He also tried to keep United States out of the way of the war as much as possible, but after the Zimmermann note was intercepted and translated by the British, in which the Germany asked Mexico to attack United States...

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The Thucydides Trap – Foreign Policy

Instead of focusing outside of their border they both tried to focus on the border.For example, after the Second World War (WW2) and during the cold war world has seen the bi-polar situation.But after the fall of Ottoman Empire is was really hard for the states to create a bi-polar situation rather than they used the power vacuum to gain the maximum power to ensure the security of the state.And tried to build the nation stronger.Second, what was the main reason for first world war (WW1).

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The Cause of WWI Essay

WWI was known as the Great war before WW2 happened as it was supposed to be the war to end all wars.Today there is new technology in the war against terrors.A nation will die when all the weapons are taken away (Zola 559).Learning about WWI does help us understand about todays conflicts in many ways.65 million men were mobilized during WW1, and 8.

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World War 2 made a significant impact on Australia Essay

World War 2 effected the lives of everyone.World War 2 was the beginning of society in Australia changing their view towards women and helped unite Australia with the rest of the world.Before WW2 society thought that a woman could never be capable of doing a man’s job, but world war2 started to change the views of society.Americans received a considerable amount more and the Australian soldiers were embarrassed to march with the Americans due to the way the Australian uniform looked like.As a nation the whole country was expected to contribute to the war effort and through the dropping of the atom bomb and the ending of the war Australian people widened their knowledge of the world.

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The world of Oceania Essay

It is like saying if 10 books said that WW1 did not occur, and another book did, the Party would get that one book and change it so that it would say that WW1 did not occur.The people who follow the Party and respect them will believe in the untruth and forget the real truth, and the people who are against the Party will know their truth which is the truth.So the people who are against the Party are the sane ones.And if one thing was different from a book/magazine etc.then the Party would change it so it would become the truth.

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Canada And Vimy Ridge

Another thing is, that they were given a signature in the Treaty of Versailles after the war (“WW1: The Battle of Vimy Ridge- Canada at War”).Another thing is, that Canadians did a lot of things to ensure victory such as, dig tunnels behind enemy lines and bombard enemy weapon stashes with artillery (“WW1: The Battle of Vimy Ridge- Canada at War”).Normally, only the officers were given a map in a battle (“WW1: The Battle of Vimy Ridge- Canada at War”).Canada built a full scale model of Vimy Ridge to exactly plan out and practise the battle (“WW1: The Battle of Vimy Ridge- Canada at War”).Also Canada spent two months in the winter preparing and training for this battle (“WW1: The Battle of Vimy Ridge- Canada at War”).

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Mussolini and Hitler: Road to Power

The effects of WW1 had left both countries in a bad state, with unemployment high and in effective governments, people were looking towards alternatives.WW2 officially started when Hitler invaded Poland in September 1939, and Hitler expected Italy to help.After WW1 this was exactly what people wanted to hear, and in the 1921 elections his party won 35 seats in parliament.Germany had, before WW1 been on it’s way to becoming very powerful, and he wanted to restore it’s former glory and power.Germany had lost a lot of land and all of her overseas colonies after WW1, and it was time to start claiming territory back.

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Ethical Dilemma Case Study

Hirohito had a great interest in marine biology hence he prioritized experiments whenever he wanted to learn something that would benefit his soldiers during the time of war, with the help of Japanese soldiers he would conduct experiments on POW without their consent or even without putting them on Anaesthesia.He would even amputate a prisoner to test a biological weapon.Study shows that Hirohito allowed the use of chemical weapons during war despite an earlier treaty signed by League of Nations refuting the use of poisonous gas (Breuer, 2001).Effects of the Bombs are evident up today.Hirohito mobilized civilians of all ages to counter attack he Americans along the disputed beaches; they had all manner of archery although they could not ...

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How Far Do You Agree that Hitler was Primarily Responsible for Causing WWII?

However Hitler’s actions were fuelled by passion , unnecessary egotistical , Nationalistic actions , similar to his decision to exterminate millions of Jews , his international policies , decisions were uncalled for , indeed without his pressure on Poland , war would not have happened.Economically the European Powers were greatly weakened after WW2 and compounded by the Great Depression.Economically, the route taken of Autarky and empire building was seen as necessary at the time and the Policy of Appeasement was virtually compulsory due to economic difficulties , lack of military strength and guilt of such a harsh peace treaty .It too was Hitler’s miscalculation of British and French actions with respect to Poland which was the immediat...

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The war on the Western Front

The source also suffer from a few weaknesses such as we see food been rationed, but rations were not introduced into the army till WW2.Source G is useful at explaining why the war lasted so long because the bad conditions, which caused trench foot etc., also lowered morale and hampered soldiers who fought.I feel that source A is more useful due to the opinion of Craig Mair being similar to most historians and soldiers opinion’s that bombardment tactics didn’t do their task in most places, but again source B is also reliable that a German machine gun posts and other defences could be destroyed by bombardment and be effective and have a big part in the WW1, but was a exception.This was because General unable to think of effective ways to b...

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The War on the Western Front

The strengths of source H are that the trenches and the environments are almost the same as WW1.The sources only helps you understand why WW1lasted so long, but I think the sources are not detailed enough to make you fully understand why the war lasting so long.I feel that source A is more useful due to the opinion of Craig Mair being similar to most historians and soldiers opinion’s that bombardment tactics didn’t do their task in most places, but again source B is also reliable that a German machine gun posts and other defences could be destroyed by bombardment and be effective and have a big part in the WW1, but was a exception.Source E is useful at helping understand why WW1 lasted so long as it described attrition, which was used by...

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Development of Tanks from WW1 to WW2

– World War I; Between the Wars; Germany; WW2 World War II; Germany; Post-WWII.Later variants further enhanced the gun but were mainly differentiate by raising the main armor to protect against anti-tank weapons.It was felt that a nuclear weapon would obliterate a regimental group, whether it was armored or not (History of the Tank, 2007).The early German tanks were technically substandard in armor and weaponry when compared to their adversary’s.While armor and weapon systems were simple to obtain, existing caterpillar and suspension units were too fragile and accessible engines were particularly underpowered for the armored monster in the maker’s opinion.

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British decolonisation in Africa Essay

Economically, WW2 was a great strain on Britain with the country coming out of the war in great debt; she required a loan of �145million from the US alone9.The introduction of the Welfare State in 1948 led many Britons to consider the priority and indeed the importance of the Empire when compared to home-grown issues.Admittedly this led to the acceleration of nationalist movements in the area which, in turn, accelerated decolonisation, but the country was undeniably prospering due to the British-led government of the time.7 Many citizens of the African colonies (including Egypt and the Gold Coast) fought alongside British soldiers in WW1 and the respect and prestige for the peoples increased because of it.WW2 brought increased globalis...

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Modern Day Conflict And The Civil War And Coalition Fight Against The Islamic State Of Iraq

The nature of the conflict in Syria has presented significant challenges for journalists.Networked journalism has potential to create news with a more global outlook, opportunities for stores about the distant other to be better told and ultimately create a healthier public discourse.... middle of paper ... .(Mansell & Beckett, 2008) .These challenges are most often reflected in the reporting of major news events such as the Syrian crisis and media networks must work to overcome problems in verifying information found online, building meaningful relationships with sources and accomplishing the structural change reorganization of their organizations.

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War And Stuff – An Alternative Approach To War Literature

In WW1 there were new and feared technologies, including the howitzer cannon (used to bombard the trenches), trench mortars (which caused exploding shrapnel to cut through bodies) and poison gas (introduced by the Germans).While you may find this boring, knowledge of the nature of WW1, the weaponry used and how it all started are essential to appreciating the war writings properly.Poems related to gas and other feared weapons are: ‘Dulce et Decorum est’ and ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’ by Wilfred Owen.Technology and weaponry in WW1 .The advent of weapons that could maim and kill so effectively is what made the war so frightening – your life was always in danger.

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Similarities between Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin

Hitler was plagued with various mental illnesses and temporay spouts of blindness caused by a mustard gas injury he recieved in WW1.While they were both very odd men, no one can say that were not extremely smart in the military operations, both of them running strong, effiecient militaries, which they used to conquer much of Europe, they were both quite found of infantry based warfare, Hitler invented the Blitzkrieg, or “lightning war” which he used to quickly capture a good chunk of Eureope.Another similarity they had between them was their exteme paranoia, with Stalin eradicating most of his commanding officers shortly before WW2.This shows that both men had extreme pride in their countries and would do literally anything to make them ...

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Wars have never achieved anything and never will

It was fought between the Red Army and the White Army during November 1917 till October 1922.In my opinion, wars are caused because of irresponsible governments, and they are the killers of thousands of innocent people.Also, The Russian Civil War was a multi-party war in the former Russian Empire.I believe that if all of the governments would work efficiently over every issue, there would be no wars.WW1 caused over 37 million casualties.

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Why were the British unable to secure a united India at independence in 1947

The other major effect of WW2 was the devastation it caused to Britain, economically and to its infrastructure.Jinnah was extremely confident that now he could demand Pakistan and he would get it, and the British were fearful of what looked like a potential civil war that could leave millions dead and drag Britain into a conflict on a WW2 scale.Britain had changed domestic priorities at the end of WW2, devastated economically by the war and heavily in debt to the USA.They link the achievement of Pakistan with the long-term British divide and rule policy epitomised by the granting of separate electorates and bolstering the Muslim League during WW2.The intense nationalist struggle led by Congress and Britain’s anxiety to avoid being caught...

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