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The Cold War (DBQ)

According to the AP text book, the Cold war began for a number of different reasons.These two weapons of mass destruction were not used, better suggesting the phrase, “Cold War.” If by any means there were to be a weapon of mass destruction aimed at the opposing enemy, then the country responsible for the cause would have to help restore, and fix any damages caused.Going back to the term “Cold War,” it referenced to not having the war getting “heated” with weapons of mass destruction etc.No Nuclear, Biological or Chemical weapons were used during this Cold War.“I believe it must be the policy of the United States to support free peoples who are resisting attempted domination by armed minorities or outside pressure.” (Ap text book) The So...

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How did the Cold War begin Essay

No Nuclear, Biological or Chemical weapons were used during this Cold War.The Cold War began by controversial wants and needs from two different countries and several different “weapons” were used to fight this controversial war.The Cold War was “the struggle for global power between the United States and the Soviet Union following World War II” (History book, pg.During the Cold War there weren’t really weapons used during the war.Hints to the term “Cold War.” .

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Just War Theory: The Invasion Of Iraq

Although these countries are thought to have weapons of mass destruction, the United States did not go charing into a war with them.Finding and destroying all weapons of mass destruction?It seems odd that the United States singled out Iraq when other countries have weapons of mass destruction as well, such as the countries Bush has deemed the “axis of evils” which includes Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan (Jehl 1).Although these schools do not exist in Iraq, the same argument still pertains to Bush’s justification for the war which, after no weapons of mass destruction were found, morphed into creating a free society in Iraq.Since it has been proven that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and the United State...

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Advantages of Chemical and Biological Weapons Essay

Saddam Hussein stalled the US for a total of six months from invading Iraq by just mentioning that the country was willing to use biochemical weapons if the U.S. tried to invade.Smallpox has been eradicated because it was proven to be extremely deadly in weapons tests and so it was practically wiped out.We must not only protect ourselves with precautionary weapons and plans but we must also arm ourselves with knowledge of these weapons.How are we supposed to defend ourselves without any knowledge whatsoever of these weapons?Just having biochemical weapons is like having a temporary shield that protects against invasion from an opposing country.

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The Fighting The War On Terrorism Politics Essay

Weapons of Mass destruction is defined as a weapon that can kill and bring significant harm to a large number of humans and other life forms and/or cause great damage to man-made structures, natural structures, or the biosphere in general.Who can think without horror of what another widespread war would mean, waged as it would be with all the new weapons of mass destruction (Weapons of, 2010, para 2).Since then there has been an estimate of seventy-seven recorded building of mass destruction, attempts, discovery of weapons of mass destruction, and attacks around the world.The United States went to war and invaded Iraq to search for weapons of mass destruction in addition to finding Osama bin Laden.As stated earlier I recommend the crimin...

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Preventing a Manmade Apocalypse Essay

Biological weapons are especially dangerous because symptoms require days to weeks to take effect (Central Intelligence Agency 2).This results in the possibility of the affected area being larger due to the migration of infected individuals (Central I... .The biological weapons of mass destruction most likely to be used in an attack are anthrax, botulinum toxin, plague, ricin, small pox, tularemia, and viral hemorrhagic fevers (Porteus 1).Biological weapons can be aerosolized to be inhaled by humans or put in food or water supplies to be ingested (Porteus 2).The presence of weapons of mass destruction is a serious threat to the world and daily life, requires much concern, and needs to be addressed because of the imminent threat of massiv...

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The Sovereign Rights, Privileges and Immunities of Rogue States and the Invasion of Iraq Essay

In February 2003, the US presented evidence that Iraq was actively producing chemical and biological weapons and therefore proposed a resolution for use of force in Iraq but NATO allies Canada, Germany and France together with Russia urged diplomacy.Iraq is a party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and thus, mere possession of these weapons would not be considered an imminent threat.In the age of weapons of mass destruction, the requirement of necessity can no longer make sense considering that before one state can prove it, what is sought to be prevented may have transpired already.Washington and London aided him in developing his weapons of mass destruction.The claim of US that Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction and its l...

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Iraq War Was Wrong Essay

One of the main reasons for the attacks on Iraq was to disarm them of any weapons of mass destruction that they have.This calls into question whether or not invading Iraq was justified because the Bush administration should have known that weapons of mass destruction in Iraq were effectively contained.Almost all of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction were destroyed or otherwise made unusable in the 1990’s.Saddam Hussein had never threatened to attack the United States or to use weapons of mass destruction offensively.This makes sense to prevent future terrorist attacks, but no weapons of mass destruction were in Iraq.

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Impact of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) on Society Essay

The weapons of mass destruction range from the chemical, biological to the nuclear ones.The term “weapons of mass destruction” included the chemical, biological as well as nuclear weapons (Clair 1998).The struggle by these scientists led to more inventions thus more weapons There were delayed demands on the weapons between the invention and the extensive spread due to some nations as well as different people having negative attitudes towards the bombs (Henry 1937).United States Weapons of Mass Destruction Strategy, 2nd ed.A permanent council that would control the number of scientists coming up with the weapons ought to be made so as to manage the number of weapons made.

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How did the war start, and should we have been at war with Iraq

America itself has weapons of mass destruction and they pose a threat and a danger to other countries, but you don’t see anyone calling the US and starting war with them.Some of the reasons for the war were: to eliminate the weapons of mass destruction, to eliminate the threat of international terrorism and to promote democracy in Iraq and surrounding areas.No weapons of mass destruction have been found and won’t be found either, as there probably aren’t any.But the alternative, in this case, was to leave Saddam there with his ‘so called’ weapons of mass destruction.This war was over the weapons of mass destruction, which Saddam was claimed to have but even after the war no weapons of mass destruction were found, so what was the real rea...

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America’s War in Iraq Essay

”(Green, 2008) And even if the war was about the WMD then why is it still lingering when no proof of the weapons has been found?Conclusion War in Iraq as believed by many intellects could have been easily avoided, through the accepting the surrender of Saddam Hussain, sending search teams for armaments of Mass Destruction, international supervision of elections and even if a matter of oil, by signing a treaty with Iraq, not a drop of blood could have been lost, and even the objectives could have been attained.He states in his book that, “The U. S. .“Why Iraq has no army,” refutes the very reason of US’s invasion into Iraq which was to get held of the WMD, no matter the army wasn’t able to recover the imagined weapons but also failed it...

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Walter Laqueur's The New Terrorism Essay

This thesis statement is well supported throughout each chapter.Also included in this text among the smaller sections is the use of weapons of mass destruction, terrorist motives, and how terrorism is related to other outside influences.This text has to be read and analyzed after each chapter in order to get the full comprehension of terrorism.Laqueur is a good author and he knows what terrorism is and how it functions.The first to adopt the philosophy to use weapons of mass destruction were Karl Heinzen and Johann Most.

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Why Did The United States Go To War With Iraq?

When looking at all the possibilities of why the United States went to war with Iraq you can blame either terrorists, oil, crimes against humanity, or the suspicion of weapons of mass destruction.Once inspectors were able to get full access to Iraq they came to the conclusion that Iraq had some materials for making weapons of mass destruction, but had no place that they were developing them.Although Hussein did not relinquish his nuclear ambitions or technical records, investigators said, it is now clear he had no active program to build a weapon, produce its key materials or obtain the technology he needed for either.”(Gellman) The final statement by the investigators saying that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction was the biggest b...

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Essay on The Discontinuation of Nuclear Weaponry Creation

This article gives an in depth history of nuclear weapons, primarily from the Second World War."Predicting Proliferation: The History of the Future of Nuclear Weapons" The Brookings Institution.While these measures have yet to create a long-lasting, extremely effective end to nuclear weapon proliferation, resistance to the practice is not futile and are steps in the right direction.I can use this information to give my audience an understanding of the importance of nuclear weapons and its basic history.As Thomas Jefferson once stated, “The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government”.

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Philosophy of War Essay

Inherent aggression of mankind coupled with modern weapons of mass destruction, if left uncontrolled and unchecked will ultimately lead the world to the end of times.This paper will focus on philosophy of war, highlighting various theories about causes of war, with an analytical scrutiny of the present scenario where weapons of mass destruction have deeply affected the world peace.The theory most affected with advent of weapons of mass destruction is the psychological theory, also known as human aggression theory.The weapons of mass destruction may not help in stopping outbreak of disputes between two opposing states but certainly prevents a war.It simplified the obliteration of mankind with introduction of weapons of mass destruction.

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War With Iraq

Iraq for the past several years has violated numerous U.N. resolutions that call for destruction of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction and allowance of weapons inspectors to monitor the disposal of such weapons.Ever since the end of the Gulf War, Iraq has disregarded these policies by removing weapons inspectors, which in turn has allowed Iraq to further research weapons of mass destruction.Since political powers did not deem it worthy to check on Iraq and put their main focus on Wall Street, Iraq renewed their weapons program and everyone just did not pay attention.Stopping Iraq’s research of weapons of mass destruction decreases the chance that such weapons fall into the hands of a terrorist organization.With Iraq’s weapons program goi...

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Just War Theory And The 2003 Iraq War Politics Essay

The most obvious one would be the discovery or destroy of weapon of mass destruction.Besides, there was no evidence that the Iraqi government had any intention to use such weapon of mass destruction (even if Iraq did have the weapon).This regime has already used weapons of mass destruction against Iraq’s neighbors and against Iraq’s people.” .Since the western countries generally believed that Saddam had possessed a number of weapon of mass destruction and was intended to use.However, if the Bush administration, based on the intelligence provided by CIA prior to the invasion, truly believed that Iraq had weapon of mass destruction (and was intended to use it) and there was evidence to suggest Iraq had aided al Qaeda, then it would be rea...

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The effects of war and technology on the apocalyptic genre Essay

Wyndham and Francis speculate that greed may take over many nations and invasions to get these resources rise bringing wars fought using all sorts of weapons (86).In the Greek culture, man worried about the gods and how they affected his life, but man today is more worried of the wars and technology that has enabled him create weapons which have devastating effects on life (Wyndham and Francis 98).Cases of these weapons used against mankind have produced disastrous and mass deaths that have shocked the world and might take many years to forget the Holocaust of Jews and the Hiroshima.Reflections on the novel fit in apocalyptic genre where the humanity may slip-off the agreements on nuclear weapons in to an abyss of nuclear holocaust.It ma...

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Weapons of Mass Destruction: The Terrorist Threat Synthesis Essay

Weapons of Mass Destruction Handbook.Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction: Managing the Behavioral Reaction in Primary Care.Many atomic experts believe that terrorist organizations are likely to prefer using radiological weapons in causing mass destruction.In using weapons of mass destruction, a terrorist is attracted to highly populated targets where many people can lose their lives and excessive damage on infrastructure can occur.These places are highly vulnerable to terrorists’ attack by the use of weapons of mass destruction since they lack adequate physical security necessary to deter terrorist.

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Invention that you wish it never exist Essay

The world have realized the uselessness of these weapons and tried to control, ban and regulate their usage through conventions and treaties like Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC), Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BWC), Partial Test Ban Treaty, Outer Space Treaty, Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), Seabed Arms Control Treaty, Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT, has not entered into force).A weapon of mass destruction is a nuclear, radiological, biological, chemical or other weapon that can kill and bring significant harm to a large number of humans or cause great damage to man-made structures (e.g.An invention without which this world would be a much better place is the invention of weapons of mass destruction also known WM...

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Terrorism Essay

Although North Korea, Iran, and Iraq are developing (or have acquired) weapons of mass destruction, so are many other nations.In sum, an apparent widening of the current war designed to enhance U.S security could have the opposite effect.According to the Pentagon, 12 countries have nuclear weapons programs, 13 nations have biological weapons, 16 countries have chemical weapons and 28 nations have ballistic missiles.It is too late to stop al Qaeda from targeting America and Americans.In the 21st century, the less the United States meddles in the affairs of other countries, the less likely the prospect that America and Americans will be targets for terrorism.

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Demon In The Freezer

It did make me aware of how serious bioterrorism is particularly with respect to infectious diseases.“The Iraqis formally acknowledged to us that they were acquiring weapons of mass destruction” (96).Our general conclusion was that smallpox is a devastating biological weapon in an unimmunized human population” (213).The book jumps to a distressing story about Peter Los in 1970 in West Germany who became ill due to smallpox.While The Demon in the Freezer was interesting and informational, I did not enjoy this book as much as The Hot Zone.

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Terrorism : The United States And The Department Of Homeland Security Essay

Lastly, she provided examples of how terrorism was used throughout history.Lastly, Houle 's book provides significant information and an overview of the concept of terrorism....dren in Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Houle, 2005, p. 100).... middle of paper ... .Terrorism has been a key factor for the people of society to see freedom fighters.

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The Devastation of Nuclear Weapons and Why They Should Cease to Exist

Weapons of Mass Destruction.(pdf) c. U.S new policy regarding Nuclear Weapons (pdf) .Transition: What is being done about Nuclear Weapons now that you see they serve no logical purpose besides mass destruction.Nuclear Weapons are far too powerful to be of any actual use in our modern society II.c. Because the super Powers of Russia and America designed the Nuclear Weapons, less respectable and trusted countries and organizations now have them and will continue to have them if no worldwide disarmament is achieved.

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Politics – Problems of Nuclear Weapons

The large numbers in weapons of mass destruction may be a catalyst leading to deterrence of peace in the entire world or in localized regions but this can be effectively prevented if a much smaller number of non-strategic nuclear warheads were advocated.This gave them a bilateral respect and they laid regulations of not using the nuclear weapons, as opposed to the current times where there is a high risk in any of those many countries (more than twenty nations and the number is usually swelling) in using the weapons of mass destruction.By the fact that most nations with intent to acquire this recent technology on nuclear weapons production are justified for their rights, this may bleach international peace and thus there will be no remed...

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States Ought Not Possess Nuclear Weapons Essay

” For one reason were nuclear weapons created, to kill, like any other weapon.Whatever danger proliferators pose today would be far greater in a disarmed world, even though the previously nuclear states would eventually be able to rebuild nuclear weapons, they would be unwilling to accept a period during which a proliferator enjoyed a nuclear onopoly.So thus nuclear weapons serve no beneficial purpose if the whole point of them is to obliterate their target.The threat of nuclear war will prevail as long as states possess nuclear weapons and brandish them for security.Instead, we sit at the threshold of mass destruction in the form of nuclear war.

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The Dangers Posed to Human Existence

One of the goals is to eradicate the fear of Nuclear, chemical and biological weapons is the reduction of the possible vehicles like Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles or IBM which can be used as a possible carrier of these so called weapons of mass destruction.Explain the dangers posed to human existence by a) chemical weapons b) biological weapons.We have learned that whatever the type of weapons for mass destruction is there is only one end goal in the usage of such – creating chaos and disruption aside from the blatant disregard to life and property.Knowing how these weapons of mass destruction can be utilized against peace loving citizens is vital in the fight against terrorism.These include Biological and Chemical weapons aside fr...

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Argumentative Reflection War Essay

It turned out after a tough fight, the United States military could not find any weapons of mass destruction.Even though the pro- war people were wrong about the weapons of mass destruction they felt that they were stopping a horrible dictator who could have been a big threat in the future.Works Cited .John Bridgman “Lessons learned from two days of infamy” Seattle Post -Intelligencer Sunday December 2, 2001 .A report in the Washington Post said “The new report from the Iraq Survey Group has confirmed beyond any reasonable doubt what most people have assumed for the past year: At the time of the 2003 U.S. invasion, Iraq did not possess weapons of mass destruction, and most of its programs to produce them were dormant.” .

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The Arms Industry and International Security Essay

Where the weapons have been used in full-blown warfare, the manufacturing and sale of weapons seem to play a minor role in propagation of the war.In this regard, if measures are taken to ensure that the weapons manufacturers sell their weapons through proper secure channels, the case of insecurity due to the activities of the arms industry can be contained (Gerdes 15).One can make a conclusion that the manufacture of weapons does not necessarily mean occurrence of an armed conflict in the areas in which these weapons are used.The results of application of such weapons are likely to be massive destruction with no political gain.Desire by some countries to gain economic advantage pushed them to selling weapons to states that had questionab...

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Argument Construction – Terrorism

Also knowing that under Saddam Hussein Iraq developed chemical and biological weapons, acquired missiles allowing it to attack neighboring countries with these weapons and Iraq persistently tried to develop nuclear bomb.As you can see from this essay we can only overcome terrorism by negotiating.There for the government should negotiate with terrorists.The terrorists have been made offers so a war can be prevented by letting UN weapon inspectors into Iraq and letting them check the sites which they think mite be used to make weapons of mass destruction, these offers have been rejected or have conditions put on them by Saddam Hussein.But this action will have great consequences; there will be many innocent lives lost including those of ou...

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