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Why Did The United States Go To War With Iraq?

Even though the United States was looking for weapons of mass destruction some things were destroyed before the UN could get to them.Once inspectors were able to get full access to Iraq they came to the conclusion that Iraq had some materials for making weapons of mass destruction, but had no place that they were developing them.Some of the main reasons that the United States went to war with Iraq was because of the belief that Saddam Hussein was harboring terrorists in Iraq and that he had in his possession weapons of mass destruction whether they were nuclear or gas bombs the United States had no idea.A Major reason of why the United States entered into war with Iraq was because of the belief that Saddam was producing weapons of mass d...

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Just War Theory And The 2003 Iraq War Politics Essay

Regarding weapon of mass destruction, since UN Inspector stated that after the inspection in late 2003 the Iraq government had failed to prove that all weapon of mass destruction were destroyed.The most obvious one would be the discovery or destroy of weapon of mass destruction.This regime has already used weapons of mass destruction against Iraq’s neighbors and against Iraq’s people.” .Since the western countries generally believed that Saddam had possessed a number of weapon of mass destruction and was intended to use.Given that the Bush’s speech on 18 March 2003 did warn that “it is not too late for the Iraqi military to act with honor and protect your country by permitting the peaceful entry of coalition forces to eliminate weapons o...

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Iraq War Was Wrong Essay

One of the main reasons listed by George W Bush for the war was to secure Iraq’s chemical and biological weapons, which did not even exist.One of the main reasons for the attacks on Iraq was to disarm them of any weapons of mass destruction that they have.Almost all of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction were destroyed or otherwise made unusable in the 1990’s.This calls into question whether or not invading Iraq was justified because the Bush administration should have known that weapons of mass destruction in Iraq were effectively contained.Saddam Hussein had never threatened to attack the United States or to use weapons of mass destruction offensively.

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How did the war start, and should we have been at war with Iraq

But the alternative, in this case, was to leave Saddam there with his ‘so called’ weapons of mass destruction.The one reason war should have took place was because of the weapons of mass destruction and the apparent threat that Iraq cause for a terrorist to take place, but what about the threat that the US cause to the rest of the world?Some of the reasons for the war were: to eliminate the weapons of mass destruction, to eliminate the threat of international terrorism and to promote democracy in Iraq and surrounding areas.There are 16 other countries that have nuclear weapons, 25 countries may have chemical weapons, 19 other countries may have biological weapons, and 16 other countries may have missile systems.The only reason this war s...

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Just War Theory: The Invasion Of Iraq

Finding and destroying all weapons of mass destruction?However, the most believeable claim for invading Iraq, if not for weapons of mass destruction, was to gain some sort of control or influence over Iraq’s abundance of oil.Also, there was extreme doubt with regard to Saddam’s actual possession of weapons of mass destruction (Ricks 81-84).The central case for war made by the Bush Administration to Congres, the American public, and the world community, revolved almost completely around the claim that Iraq had and was building weapons of mass destruction (Bovard 246).Although these schools do not exist in Iraq, the same argument still pertains to Bush’s justification for the war which, after no weapons of mass destruction were found, morp...

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The Fighting The War On Terrorism Politics Essay

Since then there has been an estimate of seventy-seven recorded building of mass destruction, attempts, discovery of weapons of mass destruction, and attacks around the world.Treaties and agreement were developed to address weapons of mass destruction to get everyone nationally to turn over weapons and prevent additional weapons from being made.The United States went to war and invaded Iraq to search for weapons of mass destruction in addition to finding Osama bin Laden.Communication with each other is very important with ensuring everyone is on the same page and no one is in the dark, especially where the weapons of mass destruction are concerned.As a result of these attacks former President Bush believed that there were weapons of mass...

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Terrorism Essay

The fact is that the United States must live with an increasing number of nations that have acquired weapons of mass des... ... middle of paper ... ...tegy promulgated by President Bush in September 2002 does just the opposite.In his State of the Union address, President Bush threatened to expand the war on terrorism to countries that are developing weapons of mass destruction and nations that are “timid in the face of terror.” The president singled out three nations, North Korea, Iran, and Iraq as the “axis of evil” and that he might take military action to pre-empt the threat from their weapons of mass destruction.The two terms that are going to be discussed is how the war against terrorism is expanding and how American President Georg...

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Opeartions Humanities – War And Society Essay

President Bush wanted to find and eliminate the weapons of mass destruction and terrorists.Also, conformations of the weapons should be clear before launching a search of it.Other terror groups might react violently and there might be more destruction.Who knows that maybe the weapon of mass destruction might be the Boeing planes that were used to destroy the twin towers, so President Bush should eliminate all the planes instead.President Bush also said, ‘And you know that our forces will be coming home as soon as their work is done.’ President Bush should have withdrawn his troops after invading Iraq and found Saddam Hussein.

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Argumentative Reflection War Essay

Even though the pro- war people were wrong about the weapons of mass destruction they felt that they were stopping a horrible dictator who could have been a big threat in the future.A report in the Washington Post said “The new report from the Iraq Survey Group has confirmed beyond any reasonable doubt what most people have assumed for the past year: At the time of the 2003 U.S. invasion, Iraq did not possess weapons of mass destruction, and most of its programs to produce them were dormant.” .Nicholas Lemann wrote in an article in the New Yorker magazine that “Everyone agrees that Saddam Hussein is truly evil, everyone agrees he has weapons of mass destruction”.Many inspections done by the United Nations could not find weapons of mass...

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Post Colonialism and Orientalism

Question for in-class: .Hollywood films are using the stereotype of Muslims being terrorists in order to generate profit, such as ‘The Siege’ movie on a terrorist attack in New York, Denzel Washington and Bruce Willis (Crude and exaggerated) Demonizing Muslims as evil, dangerous and threatening, reinforcing prejudices.The term has stirred controversy, as it turned out Iraq never actually possessed any weapons of mass destruction.Iran, Iraq and North Korea were portrayed by George W. Bush during the State of the Union as possessing nuclear weapons.Al Jazeera offers an alternative angle than the west, as a middle eastern based institution, it puts across an argument both for and against events, giving a relatively un-biased story.

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Vietnam and Iraq Wars Essay

The Bush Administration did not want the truth out for the obvious reason of the comparisons that can be made to his untruths concerning Iraq.The Iraq War began with Americans watching U. S. Military power raining destruction from the air on the people of Iraq.He even sent his Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, on the speech circuit, saying (Rumsfeld) personally knew where these weapons were located.In speech after speech he made wilder and wilder claims regarding the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.Intelligence sources’ reports exposed each set of lies for what they are, yet neither Johnson nor Bush has been held accountable.

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Saddam Hussein Essay

He was the one responsible of these weapons, and confirmed to the commission that the weapons were there as he gave details of where they were hidden.Saddam also used chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons during his regime.Those who support this idea cite the atrocities conducted by Saddam against his people as well his activities on the production of several weapons of mass destruction.By the time the gulf war came to an end, Saddam Hussein’s administration had weapons of massive destruction.In addition, his ambitions of manufacturing nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons were a threat to the people of the United States as well as the whole world.

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Perspectives on Going to War in Iraq

He sounds like he has significant evidence to back up his speech, until he said “Many people have asked how close Saddam Hussein is to developing a nuclear weapon.Saddam Hussein Is a homicidal dictator who is addicted to weapons of mass destruction.Former President George Bush used a lot of historical fact to Justify his argument of invading Iraq.It was used to Hussein to be taken under control.” The claim about the weapons has evidence to support it.

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Operation Iraqi Freedom Essay

om, 2008) While it was declared in May of 2003 by President George Bush that major military operations in the country were over, it was clear in the following month that there were still some difficulties to be ironed out as rebellious or insurgent troops were active in the country, still defeating and killing United States troops.Inspectors of weapons from the United Nations did not discover any such weapons of mass destruction, which only strengthened the general view that the intelligence on the said weapons of mass murder of Iraq was weak and unsupported.Even though the Operation was just officially launched in March of 2003, the President of the United States of America, Mr. George Bush, was given the authority by the Congress of th...

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English Rhetoric Paper Essay

He wrote ‘We are a forgiving people, and though you will not be returned to the White House…’ yet it happened contrary to the statement.Logical Fallacy committed here is ‘informal fallacy’ whereby arguments however good or even based on true premises must not be a 100% true in the end result.Let me shortly show how I think the rest two would not be best in the essay here:- Pathos being emotion based and the fact that this essay seems to have been written by an author who is very bitter with bush might win the readers sympathy without proper reasoning.I reason differently especially on the part that Bush is accused to have sent the sons and daughters of America to their deaths…sometimes for achievement to be attained there has to be sacri...

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National Strategy for Combating Terrorism Essay

By using weapons of mass destruction, terrorists sent a clear signal that they could launch attacks on important installations at their will.A war always causes widespread destruction.Nobody can justify the mass killings.The Catechism’s teachings on Just War forbid the intentional destruction of human life.Many people question the policy of the Bush Doctrine citing the principles of Just War Doctrine.

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Obama and Bush in the Iraq war Essay

The administration believed that Saddam possessed weapons of mass destruction and thus rushed to conquer the country before they could fire any weapon.Bush 2007 v. Obama 2009?The act provided for the transition of Iraq to a democracy following the withdrawal of United Nations weapons inspectors.This argument was advanced even before the war even with the belief that he had weapons of mass destruction.The rationale behind the campaign was to restrict the ability of Saddam’s government to produce chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.

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Fahrenheit 9 11 Movie Review

Moore states that, rather than to protect the American people from weapons of mass destruction, or the Iraqis from Saddam Hussein, the war was started because of the money that was generated for the Bush administration.In the 2004 version a name was blacked out, which was the evidence in this link between Bush and Bin Laden.By blaming Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden was no longer under the microscope, and Bush was safe form being exposed of his financial and friendly ties to the Bin Laden Family.To be truly convincing though, the film showed scenes of Bush and a Saudi with the song “Shiny Happy People” by REM in the background to empathize their relationship.When talking about Bush and his friends his tone of voice is sometimes indifferent as ...

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A Brief Introduction about the growth of the USA as a Superpower Essay

After the defeat of Saddam Hussein, the USA and other UN agencies searched every part of Iraq to locate the so-called “weapons of mass destructions”.Under pressure from the United Nations, Saddam Hussein agreed to allow UN observers to search for weapons of mass destruction and destroy them.When asked why the US went into war in Iraq, Bush said, “He retained the knowledge, the materials, the means and the intent to produce weapons of mass destruction and could have passed this knowledge to our terrorist enemies.For four months, The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and U. N. Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) searched extensively for the WMDs, but could not come up with any evidence to support the USA cl...

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The Sovereign Rights, Privileges and Immunities of Rogue States and the Invasion of Iraq Essay

With respect to weapons of mass destruction, customary international law allows anticipatory self-defence using the Caroline test of 1837[36] which requires necessity and proportionality–a state using force in anticipatory self-defence would have to demonstrate that “the necessity of that self-defence is instant, overwhelming, and leaving no choice of means, and no moment of deliberation.”[37] The problem arises however, that this test was established in the 1800s and therefore related to conventional warfare.In February 2003, the US presented evidence that Iraq was actively producing chemical and biological weapons and therefore proposed a resolution for use of force in Iraq but NATO allies Canada, Germany and France together with Russi...

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Politics is Power – The Iraq Inquiry

Sir Christopher Meyer even implies that George Bush used his power to influence Tony Blair’s decision to support the war for regime change, ‘Sir Christopher Meyer said no officials were at the Bush family ranch talks – but the next day Mr. Blair mentioned regime change for the first time.’ (bbc.co.uk, 2009) .The main focus however revolves around the intelligence which was available surrounding possible weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the decisions made based on this, including ‘events at the UN in the run-up to war, including the negotiation of UN Security Resolution 1441’ (bbc.co.uk, 2009) This found Iraq in breach of the ceasefire agreement which finished the first gulf war, as they refused to comply with weapons inspectors, t...

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Us Foreign Policy With Respect To Iraq Essay

Allied forces led by the United States liberated Kuwait and enforced a United Security Council resolution to dismantle all the held weapons of mass destruction by Iraq through an operation by the United Nations Monitors.As a formal protest towards this transgression, Iraq began restricting the presence of the United Nations weapons inspectors terming them as a part of a larger espionage effort by the United States.With the search for weapons of mass destruction being in the fore several years after the Gulf War, President George W. Bush saw a perfect opportunity to invade Iraq citing the former’s reluctance to allow the search by the United Nations weapons inspectors.This is because the claims on the presence of weapons of mass destructi...

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Our Crazy World – Technology, Iraq and Hiv/AIDS Essay

It may not sound so wonderful, but I guess we should just plod on and hope it all gets more understandable and less depressing!If it came down to it, I think I would be happier if Saddam was killed rather than Bush.All that negativity about Bush probably makes me sound pro-Saddam, which I am definitely not.That usually gets them thinking.Then on the other hand there’s Bush.

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War Againsts Iraq: The Media, Its Portrayal of the War and the Effect of Its Perspective

The Iraqi war was depicted as USA verses Iraq or Bush verses Saddam.The Bush administration also accused Saddam of engineering a nuclear program and amassing destructive weapons.Soroka, S., Loewen, P., Fournier, P. and Rubenson, D, (2013).Tell Me Again, Why Did My Friends Die in Iraq?The Bush administration claimed that they intended to protect the American people from the imminent or future attacks by Saddam from the weapons of mass destruction.

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The Axis of Evil vs. Evil Empire

Both of these conflicts terrorize citizens into gradually deteriorate their civil liberties.In January 29 2002 President George W. Bush gave the term “axis of evil” to the countries of Iraq, Iran and North Korea.In Ronald Reagan the speech is trying to come to a peacefully understanding with the communists, and in George W. Bush speech provides more evidence against the enemies and declares that the war against terror is just getting started.These countries were portrayed by George W. Bush during the State of the Union as possessing nuclear weapons; the axis of evil was condemned as a totalitarian regime who was stockpiling weapons of mass destruction.Meanwhile in the war against terror the conflict was created because of countries posse...

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Republican demise Essay

From this point of view, George Bush, assured of Republican demise, Tony Blair, assured of his exit and Saddam Hussein, are all on the same boat; certain of their fate.The central points of Blair’s defense for offense were Iraqi regime’s program to develop nuclear, biological, chemical weapons of mass destruction.After explaining the threat posed to the region by the Iraqi regime, he lamented “I am quite clear that Saddam will go to extreme lengths, indeed has already done so, to hide these weapons and avoid giving them up.The dangers and ease of spreading Anthrax as a biological weapon could not be taken as anything less than a grave concern.The report from the chief UN inspector fortified the rhetoric from George Bush who went to label...

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The Moral Case Against the Iraq War: A Summary and Analysis

It destroys our country as the bastion of constitutionalism, rationality and human rights and reduces our leaders, in the same category as all the other tyrants who ever existed in contemporary world history.Since 2003 up to now, no weapons of mass destruction has ever been found in Saddam’s military and scientific facilities, save for evidence of the existence of depleted uranium shells being used by American troops in bombing Iraqi villages and towns.On the other hand, the article also lambasts the false basis for the war – the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, which, President Bush says, would be used to attack the American mainland.These developments, notwithstanding, Savoy’s article continues to be relevant in the st...

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Was Iraq War Justified? Essay

The offensive successfully ousted Saddam after a few month air strikes followed by ground offensive and President Bush announced “Mission Accomplished” when the coalition forces captured Baghdad.The most powerful argument in favor of the war were on the basis of those intelligence reports that claim that the Iraqi dictator has not demolished all his weapons of mass destruction and they are hidden some where in the country.Hussein’s misrule by itself was not a reason to put American kids’ lives at risk.This was a severe blow for the Bush administration which relied heavily on this allegation.” (Lindsay) To make the situation even worse the Iraqi resistance emerged and attracted the Muslim insurgents from every part of the globe.

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Is the United States winning the war in Iraq? Essay

Bush clarifies view on war against terrorism ‘We will win,’ just not in conventional way, NBC, MSNBC and news services, national journal.Because if we critically analyze the current situation we will feel that War in Iraq gave us nothing except lesson that “Any War that is fought with weapons give nothing except pain to both winners and losers.President Bush said it clearly in an interview with MSNBC that “Americans did not start war against terrorism but we will win it” (Bush, 2004) According to American lobby they are victims rather than slaughterers.America attacked Iraq to safe themselves and all the people of the world because if those weapons of mass destruction will left with Iraqi regime then no individual in any part of the worl...

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Iraq War Essay

McGoldrick, Dominic.Different theorists have presented their point of view regarding the situation and stated that the few reasons were: 1. the September 9, 2001, Saddam Hussein’s stock of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the stock of oil in Iraq.(2004) ‘9-11’ To the ‘Iraq War 2003’: International Law In An Age Of Complexity.The authors stated that President George Bush made use of the situation of the devastating event and then made the hearts of the American Nation follow to the desires as well as the beliefs of the President.Tony Blair, together with President Bush teamed up in order to fight the violent groups in which promoted terroristic activities.

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