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How did the war start, and should we have been at war with Iraq

This war was over the weapons of mass destruction, which Saddam was claimed to have but even after the war no weapons of mass destruction were found, so what was the real reason of it all?Some of the reasons for the war were: to eliminate the weapons of mass destruction, to eliminate the threat of international terrorism and to promote democracy in Iraq and surrounding areas.Which leaves me to conclude that this wasn’t over the weapons of mass destruction or even over the apparent threat that Iraq cause for a terrorist attack to take place, all of this was because of 1 reason, that America want to take over the world.There are 16 other countries that have nuclear weapons, 25 countries may have chemical weapons, 19 other countries may hav...

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The Aerial Photography Weapon

The insatiable demand for such quantities was a pre-indicator of the progression and development of this weapon to the round-the-clock surveillance employed today by Military Intelligence (MI) via the many orbiting satellites.The essay will argue that no other military weapon has had such a wide ranging, and catastrophic effect on warfare or such a profound impact on contemporary visual culture and public opinion as the aerial photography weapon.By the 1914-1918 war, photographic technology and air transport had developed and with the juxtaposition of fixed-wing aircraft like the de Havilland DH-4 and the Kodak A-2 camera the aerial weapon was effectively created.So vital had this weapon become that by the end of WW1 the RAF (Royal Air F...

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Why was Iraq so controversial

Specific to the U. K. , Blair’s “45 minute” warning caused a major row between the government and British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).Sectary of State Colin Powell presented evidence to the U. N. supporting Iraq possessions of Weapons of Mass Destruction (W. M. D. ).This related to how accurately the government had presented intelligence information in 2002 until early 2003.In 2011 senior U. K. generals suggested the intelligence dossier from the government was one-sided, to ‘make the case’ for war.Therefore, the Iraq issue caused intra and inter-state disagreement and international dispute, especially in the U. K. where there were “Stop the war” protests organised, and the Leader of the House of Commons, Robin Cook resigned from the ...

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The Fighting The War On Terrorism Politics Essay

Treaties and agreement were developed to address weapons of mass destruction to get everyone nationally to turn over weapons and prevent additional weapons from being made.As stated earlier I recommend the criminal justices practitioners around the world need to continue to work together to assess for weapons of mass destruction and treat all threats as if they are going to occur, .As a result of these attacks former President Bush believed that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq which caused America to go to war.In conclusion, Weapons of mass destruction consist of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear attacks.Weapons of Mass destruction is defined as a weapon that can kill and bring significant harm to a large numb...

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Preventing a Manmade Apocalypse Essay

The presence of weapons of mass destruction is a serious threat to the world and daily life, requires much concern, and needs to be addressed because of the imminent threat of massive destruction.The repercussions of human exposure to biological weapons of mass destruction are flu-like symptoms, exhaustion, pneumonia, weight loss, stomach pain, respiratory failure, or shock (Porteus 2).Biological weapons can be aerosolized to be inhaled by humans or put in food or water supplies to be ingested (Porteus 2).American Scientists.Biological weapons are especially dangerous because symptoms require days to weeks to take effect (Central Intelligence Agency 2).This results in the possibility of the affected area being larger due to the migration...

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Iraq War Was Wrong Essay

The main reason given by the administration of George W. Bush was that Saddam Hussein the leader of Iraq was engaged in having nuclear weapons.This calls into question whether or not invading Iraq was justified because the Bush administration should have known that weapons of mass destruction in Iraq were effectively contained.Saddam Hussein had never threatened to attack the United States or to use weapons of mass destruction offensively.Using weapons of mass destruction would mean a sure end to his power.Many thought that Hussein might use these weapons to attack against The United States.

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Impact of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) on Society Essay

A permanent council that would control the number of scientists coming up with the weapons ought to be made so as to manage the number of weapons made.Franklin M. (1999).Review of Intelligence on Weapons of Mass Destruction, 4th ed.This progression of the weapons was as a result of the United States constitution promoting scientific inspiration along with the toxic weapons.The weapons of mass destruction range from the chemical, biological to the nuclear ones.The struggle by these scientists led to more inventions thus more weapons There were delayed demands on the weapons between the invention and the extensive spread due to some nations as well as different people having negative attitudes towards the bombs (Henry 1937).

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The Future of the Middle East Essay

com/2008/03/02/books/review/Cockburn-t. html?A new rule was issued by the Department of Justice giving INS the power to decide whether to release the immigrant detained on a reasonable bail or not.Dreams and Shadows: The Future of the Middle East.The stay of release was affected until the Attorney General reviews the case and determines appropriate action, which could happen in months, even years Indeed, Wright brings to question the array of ideas that make the region possess a rich past.It was obvious the detainees had no access to representation.

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Just War Theory: The Invasion Of Iraq

Although these countries are thought to have weapons of mass destruction, the United States did not go charing into a war with them.Since it has been proven that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and the United States government essentially knew this upon entering the war, what exactly were the United States’ intentions for entering the war?Throughout the war, the declaration for being at war was so twisted from saying Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, to Iraq “had the ability to make weapons of mass destruction,” (Bovard 250) to freeing the Iraqi people, that it is hard to understand what the end goals of the United States involvement in Iraq was.It seems odd that the United States singled out Iraq when other countr...

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Why Did The United States Go To War With Iraq?

Although Hussein did not relinquish his nuclear ambitions or technical records, investigators said, it is now clear he had no active program to build a weapon, produce its key materials or obtain the technology he needed for either.”(Gellman) The final statement by the investigators saying that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction was the biggest blow to the reason of why the United States went to war with Iraq.Bush wanted to take immediate action towards Iraq because of the reason of the fact that Iraq could produce and help provide weapons of mass destruction to terrorists to inflict harm in the United States.The United States was able to get inspectors into place to determine if Saddam had really been developing weapons of mass des...

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Philosophy of War Essay

Using weapons of mass destruction for peaceful purposes is always viewed apprehensively, and with doubts.Development of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction have altogether changed the nature of war.The theory most affected with advent of weapons of mass destruction is the psychological theory, also known as human aggression theory.This paper will focus on philosophy of war, highlighting various theories about causes of war, with an analytical scrutiny of the present scenario where weapons of mass destruction have deeply affected the world peace.Armies of both the countries equipped with weapons of mass destruction stood face to face for complete one year.

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War With Iraq

Since political powers did not deem it worthy to check on Iraq and put their main focus on Wall Street, Iraq renewed their weapons program and everyone just did not pay attention.Iraq can easily give these weapons to a terrorist group who will then try and use those weapons against the U.S.Ever since the end of the Gulf War, Iraq has disregarded these policies by removing weapons inspectors, which in turn has allowed Iraq to further research weapons of mass destruction.The U.S. aims to get rid of any weapons of mass destruction located in Iraq, which includes Saddam’s palaces.Supporters of a war with Iraq say it will help prevent the risk of an attack by a weapons of mass destruction developed by Iraq.

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Just War Theory And The 2003 Iraq War Politics Essay

Besides, there was no evidence that the Iraqi government had any intention to use such weapon of mass destruction (even if Iraq did have the weapon).Given that the Bush’s speech on 18 March 2003 did warn that “it is not too late for the Iraqi military to act with honor and protect your country by permitting the peaceful entry of coalition forces to eliminate weapons of mass destruction.Regarding weapon of mass destruction, since UN Inspector stated that after the inspection in late 2003 the Iraq government had failed to prove that all weapon of mass destruction were destroyed.The most obvious one would be the discovery or destroy of weapon of mass destruction.I guess that we would never know whether the Bush administration knowingly acce...

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Weapons of Mass Destruction: The Terrorist Threat Synthesis Essay

These places are highly vulnerable to terrorists’ attack by the use of weapons of mass destruction since they lack adequate physical security necessary to deter terrorist.Weapons of Mass Destruction Handbook.To this end, it is clear that terrorists’ use of weapons of mass destruction is a major threat that must be countered in this century.Terrorists’ use of nuclear weapons is the most destructive of all weapons of mass destruction.Weapons of mass destruction : an encyclopedia of worldwide policy, technology, and history.

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Invention that you wish it never exist Essay

These weapons were developed initially by industrialized nations liks United States, Japan, Germany etc as a weapon of self defence to deter the enemy against any possible aggression and attack (Deterrence theory of international politics).Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men.A weapon of mass destruction is a nuclear, radiological, biological, chemical or other weapon that can kill and bring significant harm to a large number of humans or cause great damage to man-made structures (e.g.An invention without which this world would be a much better place is the invention of weapons of mass destruction also known WMDs.More recently, the use of Chemical weapons in Syrian Civil War had brought the world to brink of another w...

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Media and Academic Process Essay

Electronic Media in the Lives of Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers., A Kaiser Family Foundation Report.But the main issue that led to the war was the weapons of mass destruction which Saddam Hussein regime was allegedly possessing, was nowhere present.Zero to Six : .Setzer, V. W. & Duckett, G. E. (1993).The Risks to Children Using Electronic Games .

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Bingo Keeps Grannies

I know, I sends shivers down your spine just thinking about it.Thank you for listening and I hope you hold back before you decide to “take the mick” out of bingo.The weapon of choice is usually a walking stick; handbag or Zimmer frame.These prolific gang members are known as OAPs and have been reported to commit countless crimes, including homicide, genocide, theft, harassment, accusing innocent youths of “loitering” and worst of all, driving excessively slowly.The brainchild of Edwin Lowe spread throughout the world in a matter of hours, saving millions of people and billions of pounds.

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Terrorism Essay

A better approach would be a less interventionist foreign policy.It is too late to stop al Qaeda from targeting America and Americans.The United States must do everything in its power to dismantle the al Qaeda terrorist network worldwide, but the United States must also avoid needlessly making new terrorist enemies or fuelling the flames of virulent anti-American hatred.In sum, an apparent widening of the current war designed to enhance U.S security could have the opposite effect.In the 21st century, the less the United States meddles in the affairs of other countries, the less likely the prospect that America and Americans will be targets for terrorism.

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The Devastation of Nuclear Weapons and Why They Should Cease to Exist

There are many anti Nuclear Weapons organizations as well as programs of Nuclear Disarmament supported by President Obama.If a terrorist organization has a Nuke, what good does it do for America to have Nuclear Weapons?Nuclear Weapons are far too powerful to be of any actual use in our modern society II.c. Because the super Powers of Russia and America designed the Nuclear Weapons, less respectable and trusted countries and organizations now have them and will continue to have them if no worldwide disarmament is achieved.Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience that the use of Nuclear Weapons or WMD (weapons of mass destruction), should be eradicated for the safety and preservation of humanity and the world Thesis Statement: America, a...

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Politics – Problems of Nuclear Weapons

They have indicated that the major problematic issue with the recent research development of the nuclear weapons is misuse whereby there may be accidental or mistaken utilization of the destructive weapons.By the fact that most nations with intent to acquire this recent technology on nuclear weapons production are justified for their rights, this may bleach international peace and thus there will be no remedy to contain the detrimental effects if these weapons are used in the future.Despite all these, formal/strategic weapons of every nation have to be regulated and this will reduce chances of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in the entire world hence safety can easily be enhanced (Potter and Sokov, 2008).It is possible for t...

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Robin Hood Ethnic

The weapons and tools used by Robin Hood show his connection with ancient woodland and ethnic practices.After that century, Robin is rewarded to the rank of nobleman.The ritual followed in celebration of festivals like Beltane or May Day clarifies the ancient themes engrafted with Robin Hood fable.The Robin Hood story ponders the Ramayana.Both were having two great archer heroes, Rama & Robin.

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The Dangers Posed to Human Existence

It is good to know also the steps that our government is undertaking to counter these weapons of mass destructions as well as countering the effects that these dangers possess.Its main function is to protect the United States by it efforts to prevent the development and utilization by terrorist of these so called Weapons of Mass Destruction.Explain the dangers posed to human existence by a) chemical weapons b) biological weapons.One of the goals is to eradicate the fear of Nuclear, chemical and biological weapons is the reduction of the possible vehicles like Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles or IBM which can be used as a possible carrier of these so called weapons of mass destruction.Introduction to Biological Weapons [Electronic Vers...

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The Cold War (DBQ)

One feared of expansion, the other feared of the opposing differences.During the Cold War there weren’t really weapons used during the war.The Cold War began by controversial wants and needs from two different countries and several different “weapons” were used to fight this controversial war.However, during the Cold War, there were some new weapons that were created from both sides.However, they both agreed on keeping the war at a minimum by agreeing to not allow weapons of mass destruction, etc.

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How did the Cold War begin Essay

These two weapons of mass destruction were not used, better suggesting the phrase, “Cold War.” If by any means there were to be a weapon of mass destruction aimed at the opposing enemy, then the country responsible for the cause would have to help restore, and fix any damages caused.Hints to the term “Cold War.” .During the Cold War there weren’t really weapons used during the war.to come into the war.The Cold War began by controversial wants and needs from two different countries and several different “weapons” were used to fight this controversial war.

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Let's Work for World Peace

"In that case I must tell you a marvelous story," the robin said.An educational program is desperately needed in the schools to teach K-12 students how to make positive choices when faced with personal conflicts."Tell me the weight of a snowflake," a robin asked a wild dove.My generation may well be the generation that brings total destruction or total peace to the world.Mistakes and poor choices must be our own responsibilities, by learning to do unto other as we would want to be treated we create perceptions and skills necessary for developing a generation of reliable and caring individuals ready to take on the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

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Argumentative Reflection War Essay

Backgrounder .Many inspections done by the United Nations could not find weapons of mass destruction.A report in the Washington Post said “The new report from the Iraq Survey Group has confirmed beyond any reasonable doubt what most people have assumed for the past year: At the time of the 2003 U.S. invasion, Iraq did not possess weapons of mass destruction, and most of its programs to produce them were dormant.” .Even though the pro- war people were wrong about the weapons of mass destruction they felt that they were stopping a horrible dictator who could have been a big threat in the future.Nicholas Lemann “ How It Came To War” The New Yorker March 31, 2003 Editorial “Weapons That Weren’t There” The Washington Post October 7,2004 L...

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Terrorism and Its Impacts

Terrorism involves weapons of mass destruction or it can consist of measures of murdered, domination and intimation directed at individuals at a group or class or at all the inhabitants of a region or state.Terrorism or the threat of terrorism, can involve weapons of mass destruction, or it can consist of measures of murdered, domination and intimation directed at individuals, at a group or class or at all the inhabitants of a region or state.[9] Alan M. Dershowitz, (2003), The Case for Israel, John Wiley and sons, 272 pages.Robin M.Frost, (2005), Nuclear Terrorism After 9/11, Routledge, 88 pages.[12] Robin M.Frost, (2005), Nuclear Terrorism After 9/11, Routledge, 88 pages.

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Deathstroke Essay

In an alternate era which is created by Barry Allen / The Flash, he leads a team of mercenaries escorting Lex Luthor to uncover a secret weapon from Aquaman in order to destroy it.Deathstroke then consents to reveal his exact story to Robin: following his death against Terra, he had been resurrected by Trigon, but only as an undead.When Robin aka Damian Wayne finds out about the girl's double-dealing, he is captured by his old enemy.No doubt having foreseen this eventuality, Deathstoke placed on one of his masks recovered by Robin a hallucinogenic product which gives Robin visions, making him believe he is back and causing him to injure himself.Shortly after his loss to Robin, Deathstroke was saved thanks to a Lazarus well which increase...

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Argument Construction – Terrorism

In Blair’s dossiers it says where the funding of these weapons come in, it briefly sets out how Iraq is able to finance its weapons programme drawing on illicit earnings generated outside the UN control.Following the gulf war Saddam Hussein had to admit to all this and in the cease-fire of 1991 Saddam Hussein agreed unconditionally to give up his weapons of mass destruction.But this action will have great consequences; there will be many innocent lives lost including those of our soldiers and the country will be wrecked as side affects of using all types of different weapons.Using arms would not solve terrorism, as you can see from the above example and also we have at hand a perfect example of the present state of the conflict between I...

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Advantages of Chemical and Biological Weapons Essay

Chemical and Biological Weapons are Your FriendsAs we go on our daily lives, terrorists are buying and developing dangerous and hazardous biological and chemical weapons to obliterate us.We must not only protect ourselves with precautionary weapons and plans but we must also arm ourselves with knowledge of these weapons.Just having biochemical weapons is like having a temporary shield that protects against invasion from an opposing country.They are not to be destroyed because these weapons of mass destruction may be useful in developing vaccines, antiviral drugs, and diagnostic tests.There are countries that will use these weapons, but they are also fearful of those weapons being used against them.

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