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Bruce Dawe “Weapons training” Essay

Rather writing a traditional poem with organised sentences devised with proper punctuation and grammatically correct phrases, he uses a predominant amount of slang to carry the tone of the unmannerly instructor.References to “mob of little yellows”, “a pack of Charlies” and “their rotten fish-sauce breath” suggest of in-built war propaganda.Bruce did not agree with choices made by hierarchy in regards to the War, and expressed his beliefs through writing.Weapons training and homecoming are both poems that argue against the success of the Vietnam war by using strong imagery to bring the readers emotions into play.The way Bruce Dawe has refused the typical way of writing further casts a reflection of society’s behaviour at the time.

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The three poems Essay

Word choice is a particularly valuable technique in this poem.Monosyllabic words such as “click”, “queer” and “tit” give the poem a blunt and direct feel while polysyllabic words including “bloody” add layers of meaning.Dawe explores such themes as dehumanisation and social conformity and uses a range of language and structural techniques to help support these themes.Dawe also uses an irregular structure to emphasise the chaotic environment, which is present day society.‘Weapons Training’ is a poem written in the form of an address being given to a group of raw recruits by an experienced, roughly spoken, gruff mannered sergeant.

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Why Is Australia the Best Place on Earth Essay

Bruce Dawes other poem weapons training, establishes a view of a sergeant addressing a bunch of newly recruited troops in a blunt and confronting manner.Bruce Dawes demonstrates this in his poems “the beach” and “weapons training” along with the song “I am Australian” by Bruce Woodley and the movie “Red Dog.Most of our major cities have been declared the most liveable in the world on multiple occasions, this is because we are a long way from the world’s troubled spots and yet we have a world culture that is vibrant and the most multicultural on earth.The writer is trying to lead on the fact that dogs weren’t always man’s best friend, but in saying that they are now.A another human being could be your best friend or in this case a dog it ...

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Distinctive Voices Essay

Some of the colloquialisms used, such as ‘you’ve copped the bloody lot’ or ‘worse luck’ are specifically Australian.His language is colloquial; ‘are you a queer?, that’s right grab and check/the magazine man’ .The dramatic quality used also helps to create a distinctive voice within the poem.His language is also full of clichés including sexual references; ‘your trusty weapon, a mob of little yellows’.In contrast, related text: Weapons Training by Bruce Dawe is able to bring a drill sergeant to life as well as his past experience through a distinctive voice.

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Shoe Horn Sonata Essay

In conclusion, it becomes evident that John Misto has crafted a drama that has created distinctively visual images of the thematic concerns of the text using a variety of sound, lighting and visual techniques.He describes the Vietcong in crude terms as he feels the need to dehumanise the enemy, reinforcing the idea of the mindless killing involved in the act of war.Similarly, written by Bruce Dawe the poem “Weapons Training” employs a variety of techniques to create the distinctively visual image of the issues of the harsh realities of war through the brutal nature and the idea that death can come at any moment.The arousal of fear and loathing the sergeant encourages in his men allow the audiences to feel empathy for the soldiers as we s...

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Home-Coming Analysis Essay

With the clever use of language and structural devices, Bruce Dawe was really able to augment his views and exhibit his true perspective upon war.To base an image upon a “wintering tree” provides negative connotations whilst also allowing Dawe to take advantage of words to reinforce the depressing mood of the text.In addition to this, Dawe includes a descriptive array of similes that paint very vivid images in the minds of the audience, which allow them to picture the particular scene that the poet is trying to conjure.Bruce Dawe has combined a number of techniques such as irony and similes in this anti-war poem that makes the audience wonder about the terrible effects of war and the devastation it can bring to families.Last week, our gr...

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Van Is a Good Essay

0%) Private Training Schools 8 Total Government (49.This presents a more severe problem for developing countries, where skilled manpower is scarce and enterprises that could provide opportunities both for training and employment is lacking.C HAPfERill PLACEMENT OF GRADUATES Relationship Between Type of Diplomas/Degrees and Type of Work In our study of graduates from some training institutions, both in the formal and non-formal sectors, we see that some are employed in jobs which are related to their educational training, but a great majority found their jobs do not match with their training or acquired skills.Among the trainees interviewed, two large groups were identified: those attending government training schools and those attending ...

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An Analysis of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Essay

There are a lot of symbols depicted in the story particularly in the 3 hour movie version which contains symbolisms such as the hummingbird, the clock in New Orlean’s Train Station, the 7 lightning strikes, and Lake Portchartrain.There is a big difference between the ending of Mr Daws and Thomas Button.As a conclusion, people must know their purpose of life so that they would not waste it like how it is depicted in this story.There at the lake, they do not do any talking, there is only silence as they watch the sunrise.This is his way of showing that he forgives his father’s wrongdoings toward him.

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Training and development is said to be beneficial for an organization

This piece of work outlined the significance of training and development and offered the reader with various different factors which plays significant role in order to convince the organizations to ignore training plus development of the staff.Lack of access to economies of scale in training raises training costs for smaller employers, who, compared to large firms, pay typically three times further per member of staff undergoing formal training; this can be seen as a prime instance of market failure.• Even where they perceive training to be of value, releasing employees for (especially formal) training is harder for smaller employers.• Small employers commonly lack information on what training is available to them, as well as evidence of...

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Paul Reveres Ride An Analysis Of Fischers Book

He was the British general who was determined to capture Adams and Hancock, who were two Whig leaders, and confiscate the militia’s weapons and ammo storage area at Concord.Paul Revere’s Ride, the book written by David Fischer also describes how we, the American people, have been led to believe some of the stories about the events of April 18 and Aril 19, 1775 as fact when they are not.The Whigs and British both were taught to respect the law, but in different ways.The author uses narrative story telling integrated with detailed descriptions of the people and places that Paul Revere interacted with to give us these facts.Fischer stressed for us to know what really happened so we can better understand why 18th century Americans were willi...

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Batman Begins

The only real wrong note is Katie Holmes as love interest/conscience Rachel Dawes.A tacked-on feeling role, Holmes does not have the charisma or range to make it interesting.Blade Trailer of Memoirs of a Geisha Hollywood vs World Cinema .Maggie Gyllenhaal is signed up in her place for the sequel; let’s hope she makes a better job of it.Tom Wilkinson does fine as mob boss Falcone, although his comedy Brooklyn accent is somewhat distracting.

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The Effect of a Distinctive Voice in Writing

Dawe uses the voice technique paradox to convey this social issue in the poem.The purpose of this poem is to protest against abortion and Dawe uses the voice of the baby as plea of survival.Dawe has successfully portrayed the ugliness of human nature and its moral brutality through the use of irony.Additionally, in the poem ‘Homecoming’ the social issue represented is moral brutality of human nature, Dawe represents this through the use of the language technique irony.Dawe is challenging us to see how brutal our nature is as humans, and he uses an innocent baby to also gain more sympathy from the audience.

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Consumersim, How It Controls Our Society Essay

Bruce Dawe wants his reader to contemplate about our relationships and how they are being affected by the concept of consumerism.An analysis of the Psychology and techniques of advertisements has defined today’s society on how it has been dominated and manipulated with use of the poetry of Bruce Dawe’s ‘Americanized’ and ‘Televistas’, with also Macklemore soundtrack ‘WINGS’.Dawe also highlights how consumerism compels us to consider buying products excessively is healthy for us through the quote ‘she loves him’ ‘she’ is the mother for who consumerism is in this metaphor.In today’s societies, consumerism is the tale of life, even though it has dominated and manipulated us into thinking we have to follow the procedures of buying products w...

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Bruce Dawe Essay

Written in 1964, in the midst of the ending of the baby boomers period and a time of peace as women start finally getting their rights heard and the Australian government take a new leadership, this poem written by Dawe is a representation of an old man’s mind.The way Dawe has written this poem is vital to his audience, as the lines represent the continuation of life, crucially emphasising this point entirely.It also emphasises the fact that Dawe is trying to relate modern man to this threat compared to the original Garden of Eden to show his audience just how easily it is to upset a balance of peace unless treaded on lightly.This is a vital view point and comment on the lives of people during this time period, as Dawe gives a descriptiv...

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Analysis of Bruce Dawe and his Poetry Essay

Dawe writes this poem in a controversial way as it describes how the hangman enjoys ‘ hitting the door lever, you will go forth into a new life’ this hangman thinks that he is doing these men a favor by taking their lives.Dawe writes this poem in Ronald Ryan’s wife’s or lover perspective.This was the last hanging to take place in Australia, it was very controversial and Dawe writes about it as if the hangman is very upset, as this will be his final hanging.The tone is of this poem is ashamed and proud, the hangman is ashamed because of the cheap clothes he has to wear when it is so special to him and proud because -=—— Dawe writes about the hangings as if they are a ritual, ‘This noose with which we’re wed is something of an heirloom’, t...

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Bruce Dawe Poetry

Dawe uses slangs so much to the point that he says such statements as “whose shout” as in who will pay for there next jug of beer and he also states “bar flies, not even bothering to wipe the froth from their whiskers” meaning that the old country folk gather around the bar like flies, and wont bother to wipe the froth from their whiskers, because in this day and age who cares when everyone else looks the same.The poem continues on to illustrate the family feuds that go on in the big rambling house and how their earnings never exceed “fifteen bob a week” which wasn’t unusual in those days, the days were long and tough, those Australian mean and women made our land and I think through the words and verses of this poem, Bruce Dawe is sayin...

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1924 States Plan History

Any money related catastrophe that occurred in the USA would have a basic pound on affect on Weimar – as was found in October 1929 with the Wall Street Crash.Nonetheless, those included expected to look at the end-all strategy – especially the pressure that the people who had nothing may look to communism to see them through.Its thriving similarly relied upon Weimar Germany fiscally reviving, which was not guaranteed in 1924.The Allies could have played the card of ‘you justify everything that you get’ anyway it would have filled little need beside open distinction.The commitment of USA in like manner calmed a lot of frayed nerves – the world’s most prosperous and extraordinary nation being willing to place assets into Weimar Germany pre...

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Homecoming by Bruce Dawe

The setting Dawe describes in “Homecoming” is characteristically Australian but the issues related to the horrors and futility of war are universal in their implication regardless of the cultural context.Word choice in “Homecoming” further underpins the poem’s universal appeal where Dawe foregrounds the lack of identity and indiscriminate slaughter of young men in the Vietnam War.With the aid of imagery, Dawe establishes the pointlessness of war, in that of all the men who have ever died in battles shall never see their homelands again.Bruce Dawe successfully establishes the uselessness of war is his poem “Homecoming”.In this way, Dawe has created a poem that is uniquely Australian, presenting issues of global concern and generating univ...

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Eudora Welty’s writing style

The character Lilt Daw has had a rough childhood.The woman who is shocked that this gentleman exists, runs to the train to get Lily.In the short story ‘Lily Daw and the Three Ladies,’ Lily Daw is a mentally unstable girl.She feels that her work should stand alone as the expression of her imagination.In all of the commotion one cannot be sure whether or not Lily has gotten off of the train.

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History Coursework

Taking away any sign of war and it would be breaking the pact ‘the spell of the war had at last been exorcised’.Whereas the other interpretations disagree with this because they say that all the treaties that were signed were being undermined and weren’t being followed.They accepted to demilitarise the Rhineland, they agreed that would not make war towards other countries and settle all issues through arbitration.This treaty was signed in Italy it was cooperation between the two countries Germany gave Russia coal and iron whilst in return the Germans were able to train their troops in Russia and also the Russians were building weapons for them.Another issue was that Germany was allowed to veto meaning that if they didn’t agree with somet...

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The universal appeal of Bruce Dawe’s poems

Dawe uses both sound and visual techniques to enable the reader to construct the savagery of war blighting life prematurely.These soldiers will never have an opportunity to voice their protests or their sense of loss; hence Dawe offers a shocking expose of the futility of war and is able to voice his concerns of those who cannot articulate their views.Hence, repetition is used effectively by Dawe to allow the reader to establish that none of these young men have been given the chance to satisfy the universal right to live a full life.Therefore, through these poems Dawe reflects his views towards war and abortion which are both universal issues hence, gaining him universal appeal.In doing this, Dawe has become famous as he “speaks for tho...

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Bruce Dawes poems Essay

By adopting the voice of a consumer Dawe parodies consumer culture and exposes the insensitivity that accompanies shallow materialistic values.The derogatory labeling is a clichéd reference to the gossiping and derisive comments that characterize the materialistic culture Dawe is criticizing in his poem.Dawe expresses his concern that we have become desensitized to human suffering because it is presented to us as entertainment.Through the characters’ complete insensitivity and absence of either empathy or sympathy, Dawe expresses amazement at the complacency of people in our society.Dawe suggests that contemporary society is false and superficial.

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‘Drifters’ by Bruce Dawe Essay

Bruce Dawe also uses repetition ‘Make a wish, Tom, make a wish.’ as the ending of the poem with a strong sense of hope and the use of ‘and’ several times throughout the poem, conveying an ongoing, enjambment or confession.Donald Bruce Dawe was born in 1930 in Geelong, Victoria, Melbourne, he is one of the most successful and prolific contemporary poets of Australia.The poem that I am nominating is ‘Drifters’ by Bruce Dawe.‘Drifters’ by Bruce Dawe writes about ordinary Australian people in the suburbs confronting their everyday problems, depicting a typical Aussie modern day rouseabout.The poem ‘Drifters’ by Bruce Dawe should be selected for the prestigious honour of ‘Best Contemporary Australian Poem’ as it is a realism poem, describes A...

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Sport Psychology Essay

& Burton, D. (1994)Evaluation of a comprehensive psychological skills training program for collegiate tennis players.The Sport Psychologist, 8, 37-57 .One of the categories observed in order to understand and move towards the ‘ideal athletic personality’ is that of Psychological Skills Training (PST), “It is contended that mental skills training is a significant part of sport psychology and is of particular importance to athletes and coaches” (Rushall, 1995, p0.3).Beginners should aspire and aim to gain these characteristics through mental skills training.Many researchers within this field have concluded that Psychological Skills Training programs were effective in improving athletic performance.imagery, relaxation, goal setting) w...

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The Wholley Innocent Analysis Essay

Bruce Dawe once said that, “we write out of a need to come to terms with some concern, or something “bugging” us.” From this statement, it is blatant that he expresses his emotions and morals through his poetry in attempt to share his views and concerns on contemporary issues of the world with the world, influencing readers to reconsider their values.In “The Wholley Innocent”, which is written in the 1980’s, Dawe, challenges his readers through a wilful determination to terminate the pregnancy of a healthy foetus.Further underpinning the poem’s universal appeal is word choice where Dawe foregrounds the theme of having the right to life.Dawe uses this to generate universal appeal as no one sympathises with the guilty but will however symp...

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Implementation of Information system

Can training programs be developed to strengthen desirable information behavior types?Inadequate training results in the necessity of users learning mostly on their own (Norris and Thompson, 1988; Rocheleau and Wu, 1994).Initiating a project: an analysis of sound base of project definition and measurement of success project.Often workers are required to be trained to effectively use the technology being implemented but this training reduce the working hours.Rocheleau, Bruce and Liangfu Wu, (1994).

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Bruce Dawe Lifecycle Essay

I believe Bruce Dawes poem Life Cycle is both of satirical nature and a celebration of the game of Australian Rules football in Victoria.He talks throughout the poem about the different stages of life and their relating stage to their support of the AFL and their club.To conclude Bruce Dawes poem shows both satirical and celebration natures.Dawes references and baseing of the poem to a life cycle is using satire to show the Victorian people’s devotion to the game by showing they see AFL as a huge part of their life cycle.One of the key parts of the poem is the dedication at the start to Dawes friends father Big Jim Phelan a former AFL player and board member and an overall fan of the game, this dedication shows that it is also a celebrat...

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“Homo Suburbiensis” by Bruce Dawe

Dawe suggests this in his title “Homo Suburbiensis”.Dawe has included his opinion, his philosophy and his way of life into this one poem, a simple describing of a man’s escape to his garden.Dawe could have used the word “tools” but instead he chose the word “things” in the line: “…all the ‘things’ he takes down with him there”.Through the vague depictions of these intrusions Dawe urges us not to give great attention to them, but to offer to the world, our most truthful emotions and thoughts.Dawe uses a series of imagery to depict the workings of our minds and a chain of unpleasent sensory experiences to illustrate unwanted intrusions in our lives.

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Treatment of the African American

Whether you were Indian, African American, or any other immigrant in America, life was very trying in the late 1800s.Also, laws depriving black the right to vote were passed.Living conditions, persecution or just plain ridiculous laws passed by our very own government made the quality of life appalling.This ensured that the black population did not have a political voice in their own country.They required the African Americans to own land, pay a poll tax, take a literacy test, and even guess the number of marbles in a jar!

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“Homecoming” by Bruce Dawe

One of the most haunting images is the simile “telegrams tremble like leaves from a wintering tree” and there are so many telegrams being sent to relatives of the fallen soldiers, it is like a wintering tree.In conclusion, “Homecoming” presents war from a different perspective – the fallen soldiers.Dawe ironically uses ‘homecoming’ to depict the great sadness of dead soldiers transported back home.Dawe creates war as a machine and its process line of churning out corpses with his use of many active verbs, “bringing”, “picking”, “zipping”,”tagging”, “giving” and “rolling”.In winter, a tree usually loses most its leaves; war kills most soldiers.

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