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Essay about The Issue Of School Uniforms

School uniforms are very beneficial and essential to the well-being of students in school.Argument after argument, the issue of school uniforms is a debate people will always have a difference of opinion on.In the journal entry, “The Role of School Uniforms in Creating an Academically Motivating Climate: Do Uniforms Influence Teacher Expectations?” the author, John A. Huss (2007), quotes Mr. Clark, in a survey of teachers, ‘students treat one another with more consideration and they are less apt to ridicule certain children because they are not wearing the ‘right’ clothes’ (p.5).Truth to the issue is that uniforms are beneficial to school safety and well-being of students.The question now is how can schools reinforce school uniforms?

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The Adantages and Disadvatages to School Uniforms Essay

In 1996, President Bill Clinton provided momentum to the school uniform movement when he stated, “If it means teenagers will stop killing each other over designer jackets, then our public schools should be able to require their students to wear school uniforms."Me coming from a school that does not require uniforms, forces me to see all of the wonderful benefits of being able to choose what to wear on your first day back to school and having the choice to dress as comfortable as you would like if you are having a bad day.School uniforms would relive students of all the pressure they are under to look good and being... ... middle of paper ... ... they only cause more problems then there already is.Requiring students to wear uniforms to sc...

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Implementation of School Uniforms Essay

With uniforms in theory everyone is the same as opposed to a school without uniforms where everyone dresses how they like, making it possible for other people to pick on them for a choice they have made.Implementation of School Uniforms The topic of school uniforms has been highly debated for many years.Many of the arguments made in favour of school uniforms have something to do with the safety of the school community as a whole.From writing this essay I have noticed many advantages and disadvantages to uniforms, however my personal opinion remains for them as I have realised that uniforms may stop people expressing themselves in school but it stops separation of cliques and makes everyone start off level with each other at school.This i...

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Should School Uniforms Be Mandatory? Essays

Should school uniforms be mandatory for students to wear?Their belief that uniforms would promote school unity, lessen the economic and social barriers between students and reduce peer pressure over trendy clothes are very strong and has been supported by their evidence.They are just as many humans who believe school uniforms are a good idea as they are who don 't believe so.Wearing dress pants, button-downs, dress shoes and a tie was a everyday thing through the school year.Anytime the question "should school uniforms be mandatory" is asked, there are equal number of folks on each side ready with ammunition.

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Should school uniform be compulsory? Essay

There are some disadvantages of wearing school uniform compulsorily.Therefore, wearing school uniform is good for students.Once you wear a school uniform and enter the school, all students will become equal.Firstly, wearing a school uniform can save the students’ money and time on choosing what to wear to school because there is no need to purchase different clothing to wear.It also fills the whole school, with colour, instead of wearing a school uniform that seems very rigid, and boring.

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Students Of Public Schools Wear Uniforms Essay

Because school uniforms act like an identification car... .As it is becoming more common to have uniforms in schools, hopefully our Government will soon realize the public demand and take necessary steps.This is a luxury in most of the families across the country, especially within the low-income neighborhoods, not to mention school is not a place to show off your clothes but to focus on education.It is a fact that students are wearing school uniforms tend to behave better when they are dressed in their uniforms outside of the school.There are numerous benefits from wearing uniforms in Public schools.

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Should School Uniforms Be Worn? Essay

After researching both sides I now believe that having uniforms in schools positively affects the schools academics and bullying rates, while not having uniforms is the better economic option.There is no compromise for this issue as it is either have the students wear uniforms or don’t.But a compromise for economic can be the schools requiring cheap uniforms instead of expensive ones or forcing students to embed the logo on all of their shirts.Attendance rates in grades 6 through 12 increase by 0.3 to 0.4 percentage points after a school adopts uniforms.I felt as if uniforms would make school even more boring and dry than it already is and people should be able to dress as they please.

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School Uniform Debate Essay

First, having school uniform maintains discipline in school.Uniforms are an excellent idea and can help school students be more disciplined, have an equal environment, and enjoy greater academics.School uniform makes student’s lives easier because it eliminates the job of spending hours on picking out clothes for school.Wearing different clothing to school distracts students.The concept of having school uniform is a topic that has been debated fir any years.

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Uniforms in Public Schools Essay

This argument also gave light to another issue, which also contends that school uniforms should not be included in school policies because it can be very uncomfortable.Traditionally, any school is encouraged to implement school uniforms and dress codes.More importantly, school uniforms also relatively increase school pride.There Should Not be Uniforms in Public Schools When the academe insists that school uniforms be implemented even in public school, it is probable that they missed certain points that made wearing uniforms in public academic institutions an idea that should be discouraged.In summary, public school administrators should not implement school uniforms.

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Students Uniform

Another advantage of wearing uniforms is that students won’t buy fashionable and expensive clothes which will save money.If your school doesn’t have uniforms, you have experienced those days when you couldn’t decide what to wear.Sometimes students feel embarrassed if they are wearing cheap clothes.They will feel comfortable if everybody is wearing the same thing.Also, wearing uniforms can help some students to avoid uneasiness from the side of their classmates.

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Introducing School Uniforms to the School Districts of America Essay

Many schools also agree that school uniforms are better than designer clothing because they are made to be washed and worn over and over.I believe that school uniforms should be used in local school districts because they are less expensive, they make it easier for teachers to enforce dress codes, and stops kids from judging each other on their appearances."Update: School Uniforms.""School Uniforms.""The Return of School Uniforms."

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Do School Uniforms Make For Better Students

But others think that school uniforms violate a student’s right to freedom of expression, are simply a Band-Aid on the issue of school violence, make students a target for bullies from other school, and are a financial burden for poor families.Proponents point out the benefits of school uniforms, which include decreasing violence and theft – even life-threatening situations – among students over designer clothing or expensive shoes, helping prevent gang members from wearing gang colors and insignia at school, instilling students with discipline, helping parents and students resist peer pressure, helping students concentrate on their school work, and helping school staff recognize intruders who come to the school.The wearing of school uni...

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Persuasive Essay: Should public schools implement a school uniforms Essay

Putting on the school uniform signals he or she is going to school just like dad dresses up to go to work.Many people see that numerous problems exists within the public school system and they think that school uniform would be a good solution these problems.The issue of implementing a school uniforms is a controversial and lingering subject facing many of the school systems in the United States.In 1995, the school in Long Beach, CA made it mandatory for students to wear uniforms.Public School Uniform Debate.

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Pros and Cons School Uniform Essay

We found a body of literature (largely journalistic and anecdotal) that discussed not only reduction of gang violence in schools but also a host of other possible outcomes of school uniform policies that included decreased behavioral problems, increased learning, and enhanced school climate, self-esteem, school spirit, and academic achievement (Brunsma & Rockquemore, 2003).School uniforms can eliminate these problems that arise in school and enable to students to focus on their education.Teachers have also concluded that uniforms bring a distraction to teaching, as some school systems have gotten bogged down in what a child is wearing instead of their academic performance and study.” “In the Long Beach Unified School District study, ...

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Pros and Cons of School Uniforms

“Public School Uniforms: The Pros and Cons for Your Child.” Publicschoolreview.com.She says, “Uniforms may be cheaper than branded or designer clothing, but they are no way cheaper than street clothing.” Pakhare also says, “Along with school uniforms, you need to buy clothes to wear after school and on weekends.” Parents cannot just find uniforms anywhere, they have to go to a specific store that sells uniforms and most likely they will be forced to pay a fixed price.She believes, “uniforms prevent gang members from wearing gang colors and insignia to school, and make it easier for security to spot intruders.” According to research done by the National Association of Elementary School Principals, in 2008, 10% of all public schools had ac...

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School Uniforms Should Not Be Banned Essay

The cost of school uniforms essentially save parents money verses buying the brands the students need to try to fit in with their peers.From this, it can be concluded that school uniforms has both positive and negative effects on students in school.Today, many parents and teachers struggle with the idea of school uniforms.This will be proven by analyzing the proponents and opponents views on school uniforms.In Caruso’s article, he informs that “In Chicago, some businesses that support the idea of school uniforms have contributed to schools that adopt a uniform policy to offset the costs for parents; in some cases they have taken on the entire cost” (85).

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Essay on The Argument Against Uniforms in Schools

I don’t think children or teens should have to wear school uniforms.Anyone can sneak into YOUR school wearing a uniform pretending they are a student, and possibly be selling illegal items.The school board is giving off one simple message by doing this... ... middle of paper ... ... show off one’s wealth, such as through expensive hair highlights, jewelry, or manicures.Walk into a school without uniforms and you can instantly tell anyone’s personality by what they wear, so they express their emotions through their clothing.Finally, students will be wearing normal clothing at social events outside of school, which can establish social hierarchies based on clothing, if these hierarchies exist.

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School Uniforms Should Be Mandatory Essay

If there was a vote on school uniforms will you be for it or against it?Violence among today’s youn... ... middle of paper ... ... Hammons, Principal of Woodland Middle School in Coeur d 'Alene, ID, stated that uniforms "provide for less distraction, less drama, and more of a focus on learning.” (“School Uniforms”) This shows if uniforms are implemented students wouldn’t have any sorts of distractions and they can put their focus on their school work.In conclusion, having the whole state of Georgia wearing school uniforms is a solution that schools should implement.During the four years I was going to school in Georgia I heard about students bring weapons to school.For instance, it is harder to conceal weapons while wearing school unifor...

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Are Uniforms a Good Way to Improve Students Discipline and Motivation?

Students do not like having to wear a collar shirt everyday to school, if you were to take a poll most students would say they like having the option of wearing anything they want to school.School uniforms not only can help discipline, motivate and keep students safe, but uniforms also give the students the idea of how the real world is going to be.With that being said if students were allowed to wear whatever they wanted to school, who knows what students would show up to school wearing.In school, students try to show their personality through what they wear, but what if students were not allowed to wear anything they wanted, what if each school had a cretin dress code or uniform that had to be followed?Another good example of keeping t...

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The Great Debate: School Uniforms Essay

Yes, it is more difficult to hide a weapon while wearing a uniform but that is if the uniform is designed right (School Uniforms and Violence).In the 1965 court case, Tinker vs. Des Moines, Justice Abe Fortas decided that students wearing the armband did not cause an interruption in school and the armbands should be allowed (Fortas 80).There is no use of uniforms outside of school so why put money into clothing that is being worn for 180 days instead of just wearing clothes that are worn all the time.When someone thinks about school uniforms and a good thing about them, a person typically thinks, “Uniforms decrease violence.” But, just because it is harder wearing a uniform to show gang activity, that does not mean uniforms end violence....

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Essay on Argument In Favor of School Uniforms

School Uniforms have been debating about having uniforms in their school system for many years now."Ironing Out Policies on School Uniforms."Whether people believe it or not, school uniforms do help with student attendance."School Uniforms."Uniforms would come fro... ... middle of paper ... ...known about how school uniforms have affected the students and the schools in such a positive way.

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School Dress Codes: Good or Restraining? Essay

School uniforms.Each different school has their own dress code that they expect their students to follow.Journal of school violence, 11(4), 345-356. doi:10.1080/15388220.2012.706873 .Public school dress codes: The constitutional debate.Act of compassion violates school dress code policy.

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Dressing for Success? Essay

Lastly, students do not like uniforms or strict dress codes such as the ones in place in the Sapulpa School District where students are prohibited from wearing any rips or tears in any jeans and boys are not allowed to wear earrings.School is about education, social and academic, and uniforms or strict dress codes do not encourage a learning environment if one is always either uncomfortable or stressed about wearing the right outfit that will meet strict rules.School uniforms only create more rules for a student to follow, taking away from the primary function of school: education.After researching some of those debates I found the case of Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School where the court said that a student’s freedom of ...

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The Debate over School Uniforms

Uniforms do also organise a school and also gives the students a chance to think about education instead of what to wear.Disadvantages ------------- The first disadvantage is how expensive the uniform is their have been many complaints about the price and there have also been complaints on what a short life the fabric has and how the stitches fall apart but the main reason is the companies can risk raising prices because there’s excess demand, this because every year millions are getting ready to go to school or high school and so there’s just too much demand and not enough supply.The Debate over School Uniform Introduction ============ This is an essay on the matter whether school uniform should be compulsory or not.In total school unif...

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Uniforms eliminate judgment Essay

Did you know school uniforms have been around for hundreds of years?Wearing uniforms helps to raise self-esteem and gives teens a feeling of belonging.Clearly, uniforms bring about a positive school atmosphere and enables student’s to focus on their studies.Uniforms create a stricter environment which leads to school rules more likely being followed.Uniforms eliminate the peer pressure of high school.

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Public Schools And School Uniforms Essay

This is a huge problem at school all across the United States.Although students may be upset that they are required to wear uniforms and they do not like the way they look in them, they must understand why they are being enforce... ... middle of paper ... ...n’s article another principal says, “a significant decrease in the number of disputes among students and an increase in positive student interaction,” showing how uniforms are resolving conflicts between student making public schools a safer place to be (LaPoint and Holloman).The National Association of Elementary School Principals did a study of all the schools across the country and “revealed that one out of five (21 percent) public, private and parochial school principals had eith...

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Debate ofver the Dress Code of Students Essay

In addition to educators concerns some parents are finding that the cost of back to school clothing is becoming too expensive.Some people believe uniforms will not change social status in school because students will just find other ways to determine the status of others.When students wear uniforms, there is no way to tell who is wealthy and who is not.There will be a decrease in conflict among students if everyone in school feels equal to one another.School uniforms also cut down distraction that flashy clothes can cause.

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Teacher: Year-round School and Argumentative Topic Essay

School space is wasted throughout the summer, and running schools during summer would utilize that space .Advantages and disadvantages of receiving no grades at all in school, instead just receiving feedback .Fewer distractions (there will be no distracting clothing – nothing revealing or gang-related, for instance) Less wasted time during morning routines (kids don’t have to decide what to wear) Students approach school in a more professional manner, as they have to dress for the task Cost (purchasing uniforms may actually cost less than buying designer-label clothing) Promotes a sense of unity and equality throughout school (a student’s economic level might not be as apparent when she wears a uniform) Reasons against mandating sc...

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Essay on Supporting School Uniforms

Perhaps in a different world where incomes weren't an issue and devicive kidnappers did not exist then there could be a case for the abolishment of uniform.School may also have to adapt their dress code policy if religious obligation has to be considered.The view is that people should be given the choice whether they wish to wear School uniform or not.The general rule is that schools will accept and allow pupils to wear clothing that is considered to be impor... ... middle of paper ... ...et people who wear the uniform in unusual styles.We are judged much more in an intamite setting such as school by who we are and how we act.

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Persuassive speech School Uniforms Essay

According to (Thomas, S) “studies show wearing uniforms help the educational environment.However some people feel that wearing the uniforms takes away from a student’s individuality students are still encouraged to be creative.For instance High school and middle school students have it the worse it could be stressful trying to get all the credits you need to graduate.So by wearing the uniforms they all have on the same thing and allow the students to focus and pay more attention in class which helps these students get better grades.By allowing school uniforms in the school, education will improve student’s success.

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