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Climate Of Lahore And Thermal Comfort Environmental Sciences Essay

In the months of May and June the weather of Lahore is very hot and dry and the heat is at its peak in these months.Since the monsoon stops at the end of September, the weather again becomes dry again but the temperature is considerably less hot this time.Fig 3.3 Precipitation is any kind of water that falls from the sky as part of the weather.In fact, the climate of Lahore is hot and dry for the maximum period of the year with a short winter period with very refreshing weather.Moreover sometimes the rain falls with such an avalanche that it drowns the low lying area and people have to undergo great hardships so this weather is a mixed blessing.

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Highlights from my Recent Pakistan Trip Essay

This is a huge stairway that was built large enough for the elephants to walk up to the Royal Quarters carrying the King.Like every park I have visited in Lahore, there is a feeling of calm, tranquillity and peace.No one knows exactly when Lahore Fort was built but it was first mentioned around 1021 AD when Mahmud of Ghazna conquered it.It was a memorable visit and one which I hope to make again.Over the centuries Lahore was conquered many times.

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Kim Essay

In the film The English Patient, Kip, an Indian sapper enlisted in the British army from Lahore, quotes several places described in Kipling's novel (notably the Zam-Zammah cannon) and says that for him Kim represents the foreign imperialists who occupy his city and his country.Murari has published two books, The Imperial Agent (1987) and The Last Victory (1988), which trace Kim's adult career, describing his efforts to reconcile his Indian roots with his loyalty to Britain during the rise of Indian nationalism.The latter identifies with the protagonist of Kipling.Hannah Arendt, in Imperialism (second volume of Origins of Totalitarianism) takes Kim as a model of the born adventurer who flourishes in the Great Game whose novel reports, acc...

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Geographical Analysis of Nankana Sahib, Pakistan

In summary, it is felt that the study of the incident radiation must represent a first step in under-standing the energy exchanges between the surface and the atmosphere in this complex environment.” (Nunez, 1980) .Towards the end of June Monsoon conditions appear and during the following two and a half months spells of rainy weather alternate with intervals of hot oppressive weather.It is bounded by Hafizabad on North and located about 75 kilometers south west of Lahore and about 55 kilometers east of Faisalabad and Its Southern boundary is formed by district Okara.Through these linkages the city has been connected to Lahore and Faisalabad districts.“Research has also been done regarding solar radiation calculation on the topic named as...

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Why were the British unable to secure a united India at independence in 1947

The Lahore address spelled out the two-nation theory justification for the demand for a separate Muslim state.On March 1940 Jinnah addressed a Muslim League rally in Lahore.Britain neither had the resources, financially or militarily, to stay in India and force order and spend more time on negotiations, they felt they had no option to leave as promptly as possible because as every day passed they were losing more control over India and they were anxious not to be caught up in the middle of a civil war.But of primary importance to why Britain was unable to secure a united India has to do with the role of Mohammed Ali Jinnah and of the Muslim League which was able to demonstrate, by the electoral success they enjoyed in 1946 Provincial ele...

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Did British Policies lead to the Partition of India?

Gandhi was able to see Jinnah’s influence for Pakistan after the Lahore agreement had grown.However, it was the Lahore Resolution which created the need for divide.The aim was to make India’s economy self sufficient without the help of Britain and its goods.However, the tribune of Lahore described the reforms as a ‘complete failure'[4] and thus another reason for the creation of the Lucknow Pact was to gain more representation of Indian people in India.By 1945, the new Labour Government in Britain decides India is strategically indefensible and begins to prepare for Indian independence.

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British Colonial Rule

Top officials in Britain, most notably Prime Minister Winston Churchill, did not support the Cripps Mission and negotiations with the Congress soon broke down.In January 1946, a number of mutinies broke out in the armed services, starting with that of RAF servicemen frustrated with their slow repatriation to Britain.Although the mutinies were rapidly suppressed, they had the effect of spurring the new Labour government in Britain to action, and leading to the Cabinet Mission to India led by the Secretary of State for India, Lord Pethick Lawrence, and including Sir Stafford Cripps, who had visited four years before.The Muslim League, in contrast, supported Britain in the war effort and maintained its control of the government in three maj...

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Terrorism Effect On Tourism Industry In Pakistan Tourism Essay

Pakistan is one of the very few countries which is not only blessed by Cultural Heritage, Old Civilizations, Landscapes, Archaeological Ruins and Historic Monuments but also blessed by almost all kinds of weather and geographical areas.2009 Lahore bombing .We can see in the table that 7 terrorist attacks occurred in Lahore, 3 terrorist attacks occurred in Capital City Islamabad and 3 terrorist attacks occurred in Karachi, which are not only the major cities of Pakistan but also the centre of Tourists to Pakistan.Lahore is the city with many architectural buildings, Gardens of Mughal period, Monuments like Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore Fort, Mosques of Mughal Period, Museums, Hotels and other entertainment sectors like Cinemas, Restaurants, an...

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”Kim” by Rudyard Kipling

We see in chapter 1, that Kim has grown up on the streets of Lahore, and is looked after by a half cast woman, who is probably a prostitute.USA: Penguin Group,1901 .frequently to drive the point of vernacular usage by the street dwellers.Although Kipling was born in India and has spent many years here, there still are strong indications of a biased generalization of India in the novel.However, despite the many criticism about this aspect in the novel, it cannot be denied that Kipling has come up with a masterwork of fine literary qualities.

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Independence Day Essay

Independence Day, observed annually on 15 August in India commemorating the nation’s independence from Kingdom of Great Britain on 15 August 1947.The Congress called on people to pledge themselves to civil disobedience and “to carry out the Congress instructions issued from time to time” until India attained complete independence.At the 1929 Lahore session of the Indian National Congress, the Purna Swaraj declaration, or “Declaration of the Independence of India” was promulgated, and 26 January was declared as Republic Day.Gandhi envisaged that besides the meetings, the day would be spent “in doing some constructive work, whether it is spinning, or service of ‘untouchables,’ or reunion of Hindus and Mussalmans, or prohibition work, or ev...

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Our Trip to Murree Hills Essay

We enjoyed the whole journey from Lahore to Rawalpindi.The weather was gusty and dusty.Beauty of Murree Hills left a lasting imprint on screen of my mind.It seemed like a dream.It was an interesting’experience.

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Mohsin Hamid Essay

Are we sitting across from Changez at a table in Lahore, joining him in a sumptuous dinner?We empathize with a novel’s characters, seek their wisdom, experience their faults, find solace in their lives.Changez narrates his story from a cafe in Lahore, his birthplace, while speaking to an American man whose role is unclear.An underdog redress occurs when Daru steals his rich best friend Ozi’s wife, Mumtaz, a iscontented young mother who has become a clandestine investigative reporter since moving back to Lahore, Pakistan, from New York.Hamid has admitted that the genesis of “How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia” springs from the idea that reading novels can at times feel like a form of self-help.

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Basant as a Cultural Heritage of Lahore Essay

It was precisely during that time that the Muslims of Lahore, almost equal in number-comprising of the 48% of the population of Lahore, were instructed by the mullahs of that time to refrain from celebrating the event as it was typically a Hindu festival.Blum and Neuman) Kite-making and kite-flying interdependent on one another spread from the confines of ‘undroon sheher’ across Lahore, and as the city of Lahore expanded, so did the trade.Official statement of District Chief Nazim of Lahore, 2003, Basant had created a business of Rs.It grew to such a degree that it attracted people from around the world and made Lahore a place of great tourism for Pakistan and a dynamic source of income for its residents.Saeed) It is precisely this magni...

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Analysis of milk production system Essay

: Milk Production System in Peri-Urban Areas of Lahore 235 The average cost of production per litre of milk in peri-urban areas of Lahore is Rs.*The authors are, respectively, Chief, Planning and Development Livestock, Government of Punjab; Associate Professor/Chairman, Department of Economics, University of the Punjab, Lahore; Dean, Management and Administrative Sciences, University of Sargodha; and Research Scholar, Department of Economics, University of the Punjab, Lahore (Pakistan).4 4 In future it needs further investigation to pinpoint the exact percentage and quantity to make better policies to balance the supply-demand of milk in big cities like Lahore.The milk produced from peri-urban areas and small cities near Lahore are unabl...

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Final research HND Business Essay

All the data formats and findings Shows that all stakeholders are in the favor of Basant or spring festival in Lahore as healthy business activity with some changes is the format of Festival.Other information was gathered through mystery shopping during the visit to the different Areas of Lahore During Spring Festival.Interviews were arranged with different community members and life class as well as with Business community of Lahore.Finding financial beneficiary of Spring Festival Lahore.Q.4: Is Basant Festival suits our Law and Order situation in Lahore?

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Basant A Lost Festival Of Lahore English Literature Essay

People from countries like USA, England, UAE, Canada, Germany and France used to come to Lahore to enjoy the basant mela.Aman Ullah Khan Arman in his book “Urs Aur Melay” published in 1959 by Kitab Manzil Lahore, writes: “Basant is a seasonal festival of Indo-Pak sub-continent and it has no religious bearings.Basant associates to an astonishing and significant boost to the economy and a way to place Lahore proud on the cultural map of the world.The Lahore Electric Supply Company, which claims Basant costs it £180,000 in lost revenue and damaged equipment every year Finally, they oppose Basant on religious basis.Lahore Kite Flying Association should standardize the type of twine or string allowed to be used on Basant.

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Before I Die

One day in Lahore, we visited the Badshahi Masjid, which holds 100,000 worshipers and was built in 1674, in an era of tolerance: it shares a wall with a Sikh temple.As Hindu homes burned in Anarkali, a Muslim neighbor braved the wrath of the mob to escort him to the Lahore train station.Dad's grandfather, a merchant banker named Bishen Narain, was the last to leave Lahore, having sent the rest of the family ahead to safety in India.Flying from Delhi to Lahore after a first stop in India, I was surprised to see the plane full of mostly older people, both Indian and Pakistani.Tour operators from both sides have even gotten together in an initiative aimed partly at diaspora tourists: a ''heritage revival link'' connecting the cultural sites...

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Bhagat Singh

They decided to catch the train departing from Lahore to Bathinda en route for Howrah (Calcutta) early the next morning.Since the activities of the hunger strikers had gained popularity and attention amongst the people nationwide, the government decided to advance the start of the Saunders murder trial, which was henceforth called the Lahore Conspiracy Case.Hunger strike and Lahore conspiracy case .He was shot by Rajguru and Singh while leaving the District Police Headquarters in Lahore on 17 December 1928. .The police launched a massive search operation to catch them, blocking all exits and entrances from the city; the CID kept a watch on all young men leaving Lahore.

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The Causes And Solutions For Academic Stress Psychology Essay

The present research explored the causes and solutions for academic stress reported by M.Phil and Ph.D students of Punjab University, Lahore.The results indicate that there is no difference in gender on level of academic stress reported by M.Phil and Ph.D students of Punjab University, Lahore.The primary purpose of the present research was to explore the causes and solutions for academic stress reported by M.Phil and Ph.D students of Punjab University, Lahore.Table 4 represents the represents the results of gender difference in the level of academic stress reported by male (M=59.15, SD=9.38) and Ph.D (M=59.23, SD=8.70) students of Punjab University, Lahore.Sample was drawn from different departments of University of the Punjab, Lahore su...

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Pakistan Tourism Essay

Tourism Master Plan-Pakistan, Madrid.Rehmat Karim Baig, (2005).Government of Pakistan, UNDP, and WTO.Lahore is the fashion capital of Pakistan and offers numerous shopping and food service facilities.Apart from the hill stations and culturally diverse landscape, Pakistani cities of Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi are an adventure in themselves.

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Analysis Of The Partition Of India

The border was drawn right down the middle of the province, between Lahore and Amritsar.The partition of India was related to India wanting its independence from Britain; during World War II the British sought India once again to provide essential soldiers and materiel for the war effort.Through reading a range of sources from Yvan Guicheaua, Saumitra Jha and Steven, Mridu Rai, Mansergh and using websites such as UCLA history and politics individuals are able to clearly see that even though the partition of India had negative effects such as the mass violence and ‘ethnic cleansing’ where there were over 2 million deaths of Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs, in attendance were also over 75000 women and children who were raped in addition 12-15 mi...

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Métro de Lahore Essay

The Lahore Metro is the first such metropolitan transport network under construction in Pakistan.The Orange line is the first planned.Proposed in 1991 and abandoned in 2012 in favor of a high-level bus line, it was relaunched in 2014 by the government of Punjab in the form of a skytrain .It was built with the help of China.In May 2018, a first section was tested with great fanfare during a ceremony led by Shehbaz Sharif, local leader, and the line was finally inaugurated on October 25, 2020 by Usman Buzdar.

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Internal and External factors of the British tourism Essay

This factor does not affect inbound tourists as much as they visit for the heritage and local attractions.The UK is very different to the countries that are the new growing market and they therefore are getting the experience of trying a new lifestyle.Countries in Asia and Africa are the largest growing group of tourists.The weather: .The weather will affect the inbound tourists as well as domestic tourists, because of the climate in the UK the weather is always changing and therefore it can never be assured that you will have the same weather all day, because of this factor many domestic tourists will choose to travel to countries abroad in hope for sun.

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Discussion of Attitudes Towards Taliban, Terrorism and Death

Lahore and Peshawar, among all other cities of Pakistan are facing terror attacks, and brutal killings carried out by TTP.Secondly, students in Lahore have high level of terrorism catastrophizing.First two hypotheses have been rejected as it was hypothesized that the level of negative attitude toward Tahrek-i-Taliban Pakistan is higher among Gandhara University Peshawar students in comparison to Beaconhouse National university Lahore students.The death rate in terror attacks is high in Peshawar as compared to Lahore which explains the high level of death anxiety among Gandhara University Peshawar students, Peshawar students also face the constant fear of kidnapping target killing and over all law enforcement situation is week there in co...

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Effect of Celebrity Endorsement on Consumer Behavior on the Youth of Pakistan Essay

We chose Lahore as my population because it is well develop city and here large number of consumer’s are educated as compare to other many cities.In our research we have to just focus on the youth so our target area is “Lahore” because more than 75% are students are here.In goodness of data we see the reliability and validity of data and in hypothesis testing we see that either my research study approve or disapprove.Data analysis .We choose the t-test for checking the validity and reliability of our research study.

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The History Of The Lahore Resolution History Essay

On the basis of the above mentioned ideas of the Quaid, A. K. Fazl-ul-Haq, the then Chief Minister of Bengal, moved the historical resolution which has since come to be known as Lahore Resolution or Pakistan Resolution.And the Lahore Resolution remained the ultimate goal for the Muslim League.The Lahore Reolution pointed to the areas of both North-western and eastern India.Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah said that the 27th session of Muslim league proposed to be held in Lahore will create a new history of the fate of India and this statement of Quaid was culminated into truth in this session because after this resolution , the entire Muslim population of India unanimously gathered under the undisputed leadership of the Quaid.there was a...

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Earth Essay

Rahman, lyrics by Javed Akhtar: .Lenny is the only and pampered daughter of a wealthy Parsian family in Lahore.Little by little, the jokes between friends become more bitter, each one withdrawing into his community which he defends ardently.This vision of horror, added to the jealousy of seeing himself supplanted by Hassan in Shanta's heart, transforms “Ice Candy Man” into a ruthless riot leader demanding that Lenny's mother denounce her Hindu employees.The city is filling up with cohorts of Muslim refugees trying to escape the killings as Hindus and Sikhs flee Pakistan-turned Lahore.

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Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif Essay

It was re-established in 1977 as Ittefaq Industries in Lahore.He attended St. Anthony’s School Lahore.He attained his Bachelor of Law degree from the Punjab University Law College, which is also in Lahore.However, he along with his younger brother Shahbaz Sharif later on attended Pakistan Railway High School, Moghalpura, and Lahore.His father and uncles had a small steel business named as ‘Ittefaq’ in Landa Bazar Lahore before the creation of Pakistan.

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Mitchell’s Fruit Farms: A history of company growth

The only strategy Mitchell’s is using just to retain their existing customer and not looking for new customers.In Lahore the retailer benefit is 12+1, it means Mitchell’s give one free bottle to its retailer on the purchase of 12 bottles but on the other side in Karachi the trade promotion policy is 24 + 3 i.e.Highly qualified executives using modern management tools from the Head Office in Lahore handle commercial, financial and accounting functions.So there is still not any hope to create a new market in this industry.Both sections closely coordinate with the Marketing and Exports Office in Lahore where product concepts are initiated and passed on to the R & D section for formulation.

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The Increasing Trend In Marriage Halls

I will be focusing on only Gulberg and Garden Town area in Lahore as my target market and sample size... To find out the percentage increase of the marriage halls from 2007-2012 in Lahore.Lahore Development Authority has been converting residential plots into commercial areas providing businessmen to invest in opening marriage halls and serve as a source of generating revenue for the government as well as the marriage hall owners.The residents are suffering from this mushroom growth of marriage halls which are more than from any other scheme in Lahore.The areas of research are Gulberg and Garden Town Lahore.

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