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Siachen glacier Essay

India’s Air Marshal (retd) Nanda Harappa advised India and Pakistan to call off their absurd high-altitude confrontation, “where Indian troops took 80 per cent of their casualties from weather and the human waste and war detritus produced by the two armies polluted crevasses and gullies that provide 70 per cent of the water used in India and Pakista...

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Holy Shrines in Khairpur Essay

He spread the message of love for humanity through poetry. Khairpur Sindh is known as the Gateway of Islam, Baab ul Islam,  Muhammad Bin Qasim’s conquest of Sindh laid the Foundation of Islam in the sub continent as Sindhs name suggests the Gateway of Islam, many religious saints and Sufi’s were from Sindh and are laid there, Devotees from all over ...

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Marketing analysis of The Nippon Company

Weather bond, Nippon Paint 9000 Gloss Finish, Nippon Paint Brilliance Matt Enamel, and Nippon Paint Matex Gold. The Weather bond Exterior Paint protects walls against the harshest corrosive materials.

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Opening A Burger King Franchise In Pakistan Tourism Essay

Monsoon is also a regular visitor however, because of the lack of basic infrastructure; weather condition may cause problems for the consumers as is the recent case of flooding in Pakistan. .. Pakistan is located in such a terrain because of which the weather generally remains hot during most part of the year and the summers are harsh however the n...

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Energy crisis in Pakistan

The Industries do not get enough power to operate and compete in international market, the progress in rural areas is hindered as the agricultural system cannot adopt a more modern technological way of cultivation and the Urban population suffers the most with power outage for significant part of the day the population has suffer the extreme weather...

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Agricultural Climate Adaptation: Pakistan Wheat Industry

Although several weather station are working in different parts of the countries, but still due to the diverse topography some significant region are left uncovered (Climate Risk Adaptation Profile 2011). Manager Policy, Freshwater World Wide Fund for Nature, Pakistan.

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Flood Monitering

According to the experts from World Climate Research Programme and the World meteorological Organization (WMO), the climate change is a major contributing factor in this “unprecedented sequence of extreme weather in Pakistan” in months of July and August 2010. . The world weather crisis that is causing floods in Pakistan, wildfires in Russia and lan...

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Indian Space Program And Its Implication On Pakistan

China astonished the World by shooting down an aged weather satellite by a medium range ballistic missile in 2007 and following this test Defense Minister of India Anthony gave a statement that India is fully capable of guarding its space assets. As far as the space race between India and Pakistan is concerned India has taken a huge lead in this fie...

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Agriculture of Pakistan Essay

That same year Pakistan generated 970,000 tons of beef, 640,000 tons of mutton, and 190,000 tons of poultry. This increase is due largely to favorable weather and a 25-percent increase in the procurement price to about US$135 per ton.

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Geopolitics in Asia Essay

Third, according to media reports, China intends to seek permission to open a military base in Pakistan. Moreover, citing some military sources in Delhi, the Indian press says: If the prospect of receiving the Russian fifth generation fighter by the Indian Air Force is materialised, Pakistan will turn for help to China also carrying research in this...

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Climate Of Lahore And Thermal Comfort Environmental Sciences Essay

The table below displays average monthly climate indicators in Lahore which is based on 8 years of historical weather readings. Fig 3.3 Precipitation is any kind of water that falls from the sky as part of the weather.

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Extremism:the bane of our society

These systems include HF and VHF communication Systems, GPWS, ELTs (emergency locator transmitter), ADF (automatic direction finder), CVR (cockpit voice recorder), Weather radar, ATC (air traffic controller), LRRA (low arrange radio Altimeter), DME (distance measurement equipment), TCAS (traffic collision avoidance system), IFE (interactive flight e...

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Effects of Natural Disasters | Essay

Mr Amal Masud, the National Disaster Management Authority added that in the bad weather the relief operations are also effected thus helicopters could not fly to the affected areas for rescue and relief activities. Muhammad Hanif, head of the National Weather Forecasting Center in Islamabad said that monsoon season in Pakistan usually lasts about th...

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Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan and Hurricane Hits England

Even though the tone of ‘Hurricane hits England is more positive than the tone of ‘Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan’ the images created by Grace Nichols (The author) are much gloomier than those in ‘Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan. ‘Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan’ is told through a young schoolgirl’s voice, who was born in Pakistan and now ...

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Marketing and Powdered Energy Drinks Essay

Core Benefit LimoPani’s core benefit can be phrased as: “LimoPani is an easy-to-make instant drink which will refresh you in the Pakistani weather be it hot or cold” Actual Product ?Quality Quality has a direct impact on the product’s performance. Now, as it has become a well established brand in Pakistan, it is being moderately advertised.

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Factors Contributing to Road Accidents

The manner in which other drivers react to the weather, whether through an extreme excess of caution or a disregard of the dangers posed by the weather conditions, can also contribute to the probability of an accident. The proportion of investigated cases during fine weather for 2008 is over presented, with more than 70%, and is significantly higher...

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Brief Introduction of Abbottabad and Pakistani Support Network Essay

Abbottabad is located in Northern Pakistan and is famous for its cool weather and beautiful terrain. According to the U.S government, Osama was hiding in Abbottabad for about five years as one headline at CNN’s website states, “Officials: Bin Laden ‘complacent’ in Pakistan, no sign of escape plan.” The question arises how he got in Pakistan and was ...

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Effect of President Visits on the Economy

It was consequently that the joint articulation noticed that “kinship and collaboration in the middle of Pakistan and China serve the crucial hobbies of the two nations and people groups, and add to peace, solidness and advancement in the district and past.” . Against the background of the “changing universal and territorial circumstances”, they not...

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Year Round Fodder Production And Preservation Biology Essay

.. Hay making requires optimum weather conditions. Minimum of 2 – 3 days are required for good drying weather are necessary for hay curing.

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A market analysis of the Nippon Company

The five main products of Nippon paint are in Pakistan are Nippon Brilliance Matt Enamel, Nippon weather bond for exterior walls, Nippon perfect Emulsion and Matex Gold for Interior walls and Nippon 9000 Gloss finish for Wood and metal products. Nippon paint brings first time computerized shading system called colour creation in Pakistan.

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Labour Day Essay

As a member of ILO, it is the responsibility of Pakistan state to uphold the core values of ILO and to devise policies and schemes to protect the interests of workers. The truth is Pakistan has have the history of bad naming itself not just because of ill-bread policies or lack of proper regulatory and enforcing system but also because of its lack o...

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Human Impact on the Environment

Building on the Pakistan Environmental Protection Ordinance of 1983, the NCSR stipulated three goals for the country’s Pakistan set three goals for the country’s environmental protection efforts: 1. Climate change is a long-term shift in the statistics of the weather (including its averages).

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Changing Advertising Trends In Pakistan

The negatively affecting elements need to be reviewed and redefined by regulatory bodies such as All Pakistan Newspaper Society and Marketing Association of Pakistan to promulgate ascending industry growth. .. Regulatory bodies such as All Pakistan Newspaper Society (APNS), Advertising Association of Pakistan (APP) and Marketing Association of Paki...

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Development and History of the India-Pakistan Space Program

Pakistan and India space program has almost start at same time but India has a much advance space program that of Pakistan. As now India has edge over Pakistan but Pakistan has been availing all possible measures to counter Indian technology.

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Canadian Identity Essay

This treacherous weather helps bring Canada together, and unite us when things are at their worst. It’s this extreme weather that allows us Canadians to grow tough, unite together against winter, and succeed at sports like skiing and hockey.

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Geographical Analysis of Nankana Sahib, Pakistan

Towards the end of June Monsoon conditions appear and during the following two and a half months spells of rainy weather alternate with intervals of hot oppressive weather. The results indicated that Dera Ghazi Khan and Multan have maximum potential for solar sites in whole Pakistan.

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Climate change Adaptation Planning: Tourism industry in the Himalaya Region

Climate is one of the primary factor in determining the viability and suitability of tourism activity, where shifting of weather regime and severe weather events directly impact on the operating cost, food, water supplies and insurance cost (UNWTO 2008). A conceptual framework was designed for climate change adaptation Tourism industry in the Himala...

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Introduction To Space Technology Information Technology Essay

Uses of these satellites like weather forecast have been earlier benefits of space program. Pakistan has no comparison with India in space race and without a doubt Pakistan can not afford the space race.

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Analysis of Pakistan Industry Essay

Seasonality/weather issues: Pakistan is a country of four seasons and there is no specific extreme weather. In addition, the GoP-(Government of Pakistan) recognizes the operating disputes and circumstances for the Pakistan oil exploration and development industry.

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Essay about Climate Prediction

Remote sensing of Environments 98 1 – 20 (2005) [14] Jayanta Basak, Anant Sudarshan, Deepak Trivedi, M.S. If the data is noisy it can be cleanse using any of... ... middle of paper ... ...on-1 and Topex/Poseidon data for seasonal climate prediction studies, AVISO Altimetry Newsletter 8, Jason-1 Science Plan, pp.

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