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Siachen glacier Essay

Pakistan`s PIA flies tourists and trekkers daily to Skardu, which is the jumping off point for K2, although bad weather frequently grounds these scheduled flights.The glacier`s melting waters are the source of the river Indus, a vital water source for both India and Pakistan.Now that both sides are committed to normalisation of relations through trade and Pakistan knows the consequences of its non-state actors perpetrating cross-border terrorism, perhaps, it is time for rationality to prevail over Siachen.Every year more soldiers are killed because of severe weather than enemy firing.India’s Air Marshal (retd) Nanda Harappa advised India and Pakistan to call off their absurd high-altitude confrontation, “where Indian troops took 80 per c...

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Holy Shrines in Khairpur Essay

• Khairpur • Nara • Kot Diji • Sobho Dero • Kingri • Faiz Ganj • Gambat • Mirwah [pic]Khairpur is famous for harvesting Dates as well, these Dates are distributed throughout Pakistan, Khairpur has a hot weather, fruits harvested here are usually juicy, sweet and supple because of khairpur’s hot weather and no humidity, the hot weather of Khairpur is suitable for the harvesting of cash crops like wheat and cotton, Khairour is irrigated through river Indus.[pic]Khairpur has very important Historical significance; there are many historical places like Faiz Mahal, Bali House, Lal Bungalow, Shesh Mahal at Kot Diji.One such site is the site of Kot Diji and opposite to it is the giant citadel at the top of the hill beside National Highway.He sp...

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Marketing analysis of The Nippon Company

The Weather bond Exterior Paint protects walls against the harshest corrosive materials.In order to meet the competitors, Nippon’s paint Pakistan has to spent more money on advertising, promotional activities and area coverage for their customer satisfaction.Nippon Paint now brings its Computerized Tinting System, Colour Creations to Pakistan.The five main products of Nippon paint are in Pakistan are Nippon Brilliance Matt Enamel, Nippon weather bond for exterior walls, Nippon perfect Emulsion and Matex Gold for Interior walls and Nippon 9000 Gloss finish for Wood and metal products.Available in solid as well as metallic and exotic colours, the Duflonar system of primer, coat thinner and finishing coat offers excellent levels of performa...

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Opening A Burger King Franchise In Pakistan Tourism Essay

.. Pakistan is located in such a terrain because of which the weather generally remains hot during most part of the year and the summers are harsh however the northern part of the country still receives a few good months of winter as well.In addition to the above mentioned act, there are various other food laws in Pakistan such as the West Pakistan Pure Food Ordinance, 1960 and covers topics that relate to the preparation and the sale of foods and violations are punishable by imprisonment and fine.Monsoon is also a regular visitor however, because of the lack of basic infrastructure; weather condition may cause problems for the consumers as is the recent case of flooding in Pakistan.Restaurants in Pakistan are controlled and registered ...

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Energy crisis in Pakistan

The Industries do not get enough power to operate and compete in international market, the progress in rural areas is hindered as the agricultural system cannot adopt a more modern technological way of cultivation and the Urban population suffers the most with power outage for significant part of the day the population has suffer the extreme weather conditions in hot summers and excruciating winters.Pakistan has immense potential of hydel power as Pakistan is naturally blessed with five major rivers going longitudinally across it.Government of Pakistan has recently allowed net metering for Urban Areas of Pakistan (7) , which allows consumer to add electricity in National grid for reduction in their electricity bills accordingly.It has a ...

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Agricultural Climate Adaptation: Pakistan Wheat Industry

Vulnerability, risk reduction and adaptation to climate change Pakistan.On the basis of weather forecast, farmers need to adopt different operations.Tracking Adaptation and Measuring Development (TAMD) in Pakistan.Climate-change aspersions on food security of Pakistan.Such as if forecast is about the drier weather the farmers need to apply split application of some of nitrogen fertilizer to ensure good planting, and also maximize no till area.

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Flood Monitering

Abbreviations: ADB, Asian Development Bank; Cusec, Cubic feet per second; D/S, downstream; DNA, damage need assessment; FFC, Federal Flood Commission, Pakistan; FATA, Federally Administrated Tribal Areas; KPK, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa; NDMA, National Disaster Management Authority; PDMA, Provincial Disaster Management Authority; PMD, Pakistan Meteorological Department; RD, reduced distance; RMB, right marginal bund; U/S, upstream; WAPDA, Water and Power Development Authority, Pakistan.The official prediction of seasonal monsoon rainfall by Pakistan Meteorological Department, issued in this context, is reproduced hereunder (PMD, 2010): “Meteorological data suggests that on all Pakistan basis the monsoon rains during July to September (2010) in m...

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Indian Space Program And Its Implication On Pakistan

Peter Lavoy claims that Pakistan is maintaining “an adequate stockpile of nuclear weapons and delivery systems to provide for an assured second strike; a survivable strategic force capable of withstanding sabotage, conventional military attacks, and at least one enemy nuclear strike” Does Pakistan has effected mechanism for a redundant nuclear forces for a second strike capability?In the event of a nuclear exchange the India satellites will give the more accurate information about the counter force targets in the Pakistan and it will be able to carry a de-captitative strike to destroy the command and control infrastructure of Pakistan.It is very important for the execution of military plans and strategies because weather matters a lot i...

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Agriculture of Pakistan Essay

This increase is due largely to favorable weather and a 25-percent increase in the procurement price to about US$135 per ton.2 million hectares or about 5 percent of the total area of Pakistan.That same year Pakistan generated 970,000 tons of beef, 640,000 tons of mutton, and 190,000 tons of poultry.Despite the record production, Pakistan will continue to be a major wheat importer.Yields in Pakistan are about twice those for neighboring countries largely due to the extension services provided by the industry.

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Geopolitics in Asia Essay

In particular, the active participation of experts from China in modernising bases and stations of Pakistan Navy submarines, which can also be used by Chinese submarines, speaks in favour of this assumption.And finally, for Pakistan, China remains an indispensable ally and partner in the improvement of nuclear weapons and their delivery systems since 1976.First, Beijing seems to be confident that because of its involvement in military activities in Afghanistan, the U. S. positions in Pakistan have been subtly but irreversibly weakening.Beijing carries out the tactics of gently pushing the U. S. out of Pakistan through the time tested and proven practice of foreign economic relations expansion.Third, according to media reports, China inte...

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Climate Of Lahore And Thermal Comfort Environmental Sciences Essay

The temperature is moderate to warm during days whereas the weather is cooler in nights.Fig 3.3 Precipitation is any kind of water that falls from the sky as part of the weather.Since the monsoon stops at the end of September, the weather again becomes dry again but the temperature is considerably less hot this time.The table below displays average monthly climate indicators in Lahore which is based on 8 years of historical weather readings.This is the most perfect weather of Lahore.

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Extremism:the bane of our society

and the people of Pakistan were sincerely struggling hard for development of their country with the aim to reach to the similar level of advancement as of other free nations of the world.• Pakistan Air Force .V. With the previous approval of the Federal Government, to promote any organization outside Pakistan for the purpose of engaging in any activity of a kind which the Corporation has power to carry out.After some time two more airlines Pakistan Air Limited and Cresent Airways started commercial operation.• Pakistan Navy .

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Effects of Natural Disasters | Essay

Mr Amal Masud, the National Disaster Management Authority added that in the bad weather the relief operations are also effected thus helicopters could not fly to the affected areas for rescue and relief activities.This is the time for govt of Pakistan to revise their economic policies and bring reforms.Keeping in view the terrain and weather of Pakistan, it is very likely to face flood in future as well.Apart from ignorance, agriculture sector has shown credible results because of good weather.This is the right time for govt of Pakistan to take decision for constructions of dams at various locations throughout the country.

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Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan and Hurricane Hits England

In ‘Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan’ the colours of the Pakistani clothes are repeatedly described ‘peacock blue’ ‘orange split open’ and ‘apple green’ are all detailed descriptions of the clothes which reveal the girls fascination with them.‘Hurricane hits England’ appears to be more organised at first sight, however it is similar to ‘Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan’ because it also is arranged in stanzas all different lengths and follows no set rhyme or rhythm.A further difference is that the persona in ‘Hurricane hits England’ accepts and understands her position by the end of the poem where as the persona in ‘Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan’ is as confused at the end of the poem as she was at the start.The persona in ‘Presen...

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Marketing and Powdered Energy Drinks Essay

No matter which place you go throughout Pakistan – any neighborhood or locality of whatever class, you will find LimoPani at the shops.Mothers give LimoPani to their kids as an energy drink; housewives present it as a drink to guests; young teenagers drink it like Coca-cola.Now, as it has become a well established brand in Pakistan, it is being moderately advertised.LimoPani has successfully been recognized as a drink for all times.It is being positioned as not just an individual consumption drink but also one that can be presented to guests.

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Factors Contributing to Road Accidents

A study from Saudi Arabia (Al-Ghamdi, 2009) reports the number of crash being higher during the fog compared to the other weather condition.Highway patrolling was quite effective when it was introduced in Pakistan in the early 1980s as it discouraged overtaking and targeted road safety parking, both of which were known to contribute to road accidents in Pakistan.In Malaysia, The majority of the investigated cases occurred during fine weather.When weather conditions render driving unsafe, drivers should attempt to find a safe place to get off the road and wait for the weather to improve.Through report by MIROS, the KSI and fatality indexes according to the environmental components of the crashes, namely the vicinity area, weather conditio...

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Brief Introduction of Abbottabad and Pakistani Support Network Essay

Without Pakistanis protection, it would not have been possible for a foreigner like Osama, who could not even speak the local language, “hide” in Pakistan for several years.According to the U.S government, Osama was hiding in Abbottabad for about five years as one headline at CNN’s website states, “Officials: Bin Laden ‘complacent’ in Pakistan, no sign of escape plan.” The question arises how he got in Pakistan and was able to stay there and had no plans to flee.I personally think ISI knew where Osama bin Laden was, had a deal with him, provided him protection with a huge compound with barb wired high walls and security cameras and that is how he was able to stay so comfortably in Pakistan.The world’s most wanted terrorist Osama bin Lade...

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Effect of President Visits on the Economy

Every one of these understandings if effectively finished then they may change the economy of Pakistan all things considered.It stays to be seen whether Pakistan as a country and its authority have the intelligence and the resolve to convey forward this essential errand effectively.Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Pakistan a week ago was a greatly huge improvement for Pakistan-China relations as well as for the locale and past.The becoming vital and security connections in the middle of China and Pakistan, highlighted amid the visit, served the reason for provincial solidness.The Chinese president went by Pakistan when Kashmir issue was at the end of the day hot after Indian activity against protestors in Indian Held Kashmir and c...

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Year Round Fodder Production And Preservation Biology Essay

In Pakistan Lucrne and Barseem are suitable leguminous fodder crops for hay making.Millet is warm weather crop and it does best on light sandy loam soils.So weather forecasts are very necessary in hay making.Due to change in the weather the availability of fodder is drastically reduced, so the production of animals also reduced.In Pakistan for silage making maize, sorghum and oats are suitable crops for silage making.

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A market analysis of the Nippon Company

Nippon’s paint Pakistan is facing strong competition in Pakistan.Nippon Paint Weather bond (Exterior .There are number of costs that the company has to consider, That’s not the right stage to adopt this strategy because Nippon’s Paint is recently enter Pakistan market and has to spend more to cover the entire market through strong promotion of their product and services but Nippon’s Paint will use this strategy in near future to compete the market and cover it.In order to meet the competitors, Nippon’s paint Pakistan has to spent more money on advertising, promotional activities and area coverage for their customer satisfaction.Because of these competitors, Nippon’s paint Pakistan is facing a serious problem in order to attract new custo...

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Labour Day Essay

The only way to change the course of events, to change this mindset of paying less and making the workers work for long arduous shifts is to bring in strong legislative changes and to protect them through strict regulations.The truth is Pakistan has have the history of bad naming itself not just because of ill-bread policies or lack of proper regulatory and enforcing system but also because of its lack of interest to nip the evils of child labor and of that of bonded labor.As a member of International Labor Organization (ILO), Pakistan observes the Labor Day in relation to its activities to improve the working conditions of laborers and to acknowledge their contributions.Every major city of Pakistan and the neighboring areas of these cit...

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Human Impact on the Environment

Climate change is a significant and lasting change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns over periods ranging from decades to millions of years.Building on the Pakistan Environmental Protection Ordinance of 1983, the NCSR stipulated three goals for the country’s Pakistan set three goals for the country’s environmental protection efforts: 1.It is clear that Pakistan will need to place greater emphasis on environmental protection in order to stem the country’s environmental degradation and safeguard citizens’ health.Like other developing countries Pakistan facing fast growing, wide ranging & complex environmental problems include natural hazards and disasters, power and electricity crisis, urban and industrial growth, fac...

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Changing Advertising Trends In Pakistan

This research study unveils trends of advertising in Pakistan and to reflect and monitor the evolution of trends in the dynamic Pakistani advertising industry, a research study has been designed and conducted to analyze various insights linked to advertising agencies, marketers and media planners operating in Pakistan and their inter-relations and preferences in planning, developing and implementing advertising.Finally I would conclude that Advertising in Pakistan will remain static and room for improvement will always be required if focus will not be given to the above mentioned problems.These inputs or drivers of current prevailing advertising trends in Pakistan affect the outgrowth of this industry in various ways.It also includes med...

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Development and History of the India-Pakistan Space Program

As now India has edge over Pakistan but Pakistan has been availing all possible measures to counter Indian technology.It is important in the conventional war fighting about the assessment of the weather.Pakistan also have the offer for Awacs system but United States retraced the offer that time in 1980 India raised the question that by introducing this type of strategic technology it can change the strategic arm balance between India and Pakistan.Pakistan is likely to emulate Indian ASAT effort and given the entity between India and Pakistan and the advantages that India drives from the use of the space for military operations.Pakistan is in corporation with china on ATBM and china is very helpful for Pakistan in assisting it.

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Canadian Identity Essay

In Conclusion, I feel that Canada is an incredible nation, and I feel our contributions to world peace, our people’s resilience to the weather, our free healthcare system, and our multiculturalism are some of the main things that have helped make Canadians respected in the international community today.The mission was codenamed UNMOGIP, Canada’s job was to negotiate a ceasefire between Pakistan and India, in 1950, almost a year after the war started the UN negotiated a ceasefire with the help of Canadian Soldiers (Canada History).As a Canadian citizen I feel safe knowing that if I ever get ill, I am covered without having to spend any money.Canadian peace keeping missions help shape the Canadian Identity because it shows the world that w...

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Geographical Analysis of Nankana Sahib, Pakistan

Shahmukhi script is mostly used by natives but Nankana Sahib is one of few cities of Pakistan where the Gurmukhi dialect is also understood by the locals.The season of the winter rains is followed by a hex of very pleasant weather.Final step involve to overlay the Pakistan district vector layer on each UNION layer, which provides location of least cloudless district in Pakistan.Pakistan is meeting severe challenge of energy deficit due to enormous increase in demand, growth of industrial zones, increment in population growth rate, poor organization of energy resources, deficient plans, devoid in implementation of policies regarding energy.satellite images were used in this study to identify the solar potential sites in Pakistan.

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Climate change Adaptation Planning: Tourism industry in the Himalaya Region

A conceptual framework was designed for climate change adaptation Tourism industry in the Himalayan Region, which this paper will be focusing the discussion on.Climate is one of the primary factor in determining the viability and suitability of tourism activity, where shifting of weather regime and severe weather events directly impact on the operating cost, food, water supplies and insurance cost (UNWTO 2008).Approaching Climate change Adaptation Planning: Climate change adaptation planning is the process that focuses on how... ... middle of paper ... ...b9bfce3/Stakeholder%20Participation_CLEARED.pdf> United Nations Development Programme 2010, Adapting to Climate Change, New York, viewed 15 May 2014Introduction: The Himalayas is a v...

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Introduction To Space Technology Information Technology Essay

Pakistans mission to pursue peaceful space technology began in the early 1960s.It was Dr. Abdus Salam’s advice to the president of Pakistan to establish a National Space Agency of Pakistan.All these areas of concerns destabilized the integrity of Pakistan as well as other countries like Iran and China.In such conflict , to de-escalate the crisis’ China can provide reconnaissance to Pakistan, of Indian troops movements and mobile- missile deployments would be crucial for india.Pakistan has no comparison with India in space race and without a doubt Pakistan can not afford the space race.But the thing is that India has a clear intention to advance its space and nuclear program, Pakistan will have to take countermeasures which will include d...

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Analysis of Pakistan Industry Essay

After the independence of Pakistan in 1947, the name was changed to the Burmah Shell Oil Distribution Company of Pakistan.In addition, the GoP-(Government of Pakistan) recognizes the operating disputes and circumstances for the Pakistan oil exploration and development industry.The oil and gas development corporation (OGDC) is considered the entity which is responsible for the development of this sector in Pakistan.Pakistan Petroleum Limited: Incorporated on June 5, 1950 as a Public Limited company, PPL presented at birth all the assets and liabilities of the Burmah Oil Company (Pakistan Concessions) Limited, and on targeted business on 01 July 1952. .Future Legislation Home Markets: There’s not as such future legislation in Pakistan re...

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Essay about Climate Prediction

The main Objectives are • Utilization of historical data • Data Cleansing to convert the data in uniform format • Concrete Model for Climate Prediction using Data Mining • Prediction using Numerical Data • Improvements in performance and accuracy of Climate Prediction Hypothesis (Problem Solution) The huge amount of climatic data is available for years.Praveen Kumar, David Tcheng; A data Mining approach for understanding control on climate induced inter – annual vegetation variability over the United State.This will open a new era in the field of Data Mining and climate prediction.Santhanam; Weather Data Mining using Component Analysis, Journal of Machine Learning Research 5 239-253 2004 [15] WILLIAM W. HSIEH; Nonlinear Canonical Correla...

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