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Birdland Essay

In 1989 Quincy Jones also gathered a host of jazz musicians including Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, George Benson ... on his album Back on the Block to perform a cover.The song Birdland was covered by Phil Collins on disc 4 of the 4-CD Plays Well With Others set and performed by Phil with the Buddy Rich Band.Birdland is an instrumental composition by Joe Zawinul, keyboardist for Weather Report, which was first performed on the Heavy Weather album in 1977. .In 2018 and 2019, the piece was included in the list of works studied in the music option of the baccalaureate.This is a song jazz fusion, which met with unusual commercial success and became a jazz standard, entering the repertoire of many groups, including Buddy Rich, Maynard Ferguso...

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Weather Report Essay

Unlike many bands, Weather Report has always focused on ensemble composition, creating complex arrangements that are sometimes difficult to differentiate from improvised parts.Weather Report was one of the first jazz fusion groups, and one of the most influential.Each of the musicians being virtuosos on his own instrument, they were able to offer both inspired solos and a lot of accompaniment work.Originally, the group counts among its musicians Miroslav Vitouš, Airto Moreira and Alphonse Mouzon.Drummer Omar Hakim performs on the 1983 album Procession, on which he also plays guitar and backing vocals.

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Reading Response: Pigeons

That is why I think that this poem although it conveys the inequality that Hispanics endure in this country, the form the author presents these stereotypical scenarios, makes it so that next time the readers see a group of Hispanics near the streets, they’ll imagine the pigeons’ “accents” and them living in “housing projects.John Schilb and John Clifford.When people see my skin color and read on my application that I work in construction they supposed dropped out high school, and I don’t speak any English.Hernandez, David.In my opinion the author is correct in describing Hispanics as the pigeons of “Birdland” (Hernandez, 1).

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George Shearing Essay

He died in New York on February 14, 2011, at the age of 91. .Model: To be completed .It is also one of the earliest recordings by sound engineer Rudy Van Gelder and it is one of the first record covers signed by Bill Harvey.He was knighted in 2007. .This album will be the beginning of a long friendship and a great mutual respect for their respective talents.

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Legalizing Marijuana

The hemp stalk is used in the manufacturing of various finegrade papers.Marihuana seeds are used for its drying properties.In this report some of the negative responses were: marihuana is a bad habit to bresk, addiction, causes suffering and pain, and causes crime and death.Althyough most people use marihuana for curiosity or pleasure non-users feel threatened by the drug in terms of public safety, the concern is with aggressive behavior as a result of the use of marihuana.It is chiefly known as a favorite food for birds.

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Mambo Essay

Finally, it should be noted that this music, as we know it today, is the result of many refinements that have taken place, particularly in North America, to which we owe the introduction of instruments from jazz.The mambo is danced to a 4/4 musical rhythm.The partners are in closed position (Latin type).A dance of Cuban origin and close to salsa, mambo is particularly popular on the American continent.There is a small stop in the movements on the even accounts.

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China Moses Essay

She lives in Paris.On June 25, 2017, China Moses performed in Lviv (Ukraine) at “Alfa Jazz Fest 2017” (Leopolis Jazz Fest (uk)), the seventh international jazz festival, where the singer performed presented a new program linked to the launch of his new album "Nightintales".The same year, she was invited to participate in the Young Leaders Program of the French American Foundation.On the occasion of the Angoulême Festival 2017, she sings the standards of her favorite singers in the company of Pénélope Bagieu responsible for drawing these icons of black American music for the time of song.She co-signed in May 2019, among 1,400 personalities from the world of culture, the “We are not fooled!

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Billie Holiday & Misuse of Drugs Essay

Miles Davis remembered the last time he saw her was in 1959, when he was performing in Birdland and Holiday came to visit and ask for money to buy heroin.(1999, June 1).In W. Dufty, Lady Sings the Blues.Miles: the autobiography.Drug Information.

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Marketing Implementation Plan for New Product

When implemented properly, Stage-Gate delivers tremendous impact: .. A more effective, efficient, faster process that improves the company’s (in this case Weather Seal) product innovation results.The Weather Seal will create Security risk assessment check questionnaire and researcher will carry the assessment visits with company assessor to observe and record the individual customer needs for statistical purposes.Summarized important facts that evoked Weather Seal to work on the idea of introducing as a new business product and researcher to introduce this new product to the company are as follows: .. On the basis of these facts and figures and data already revealed the research has been made via internet to explore the best possible ...

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The Australian Jazz Quartet Essay

Meanwhile, another album, this one with dozens of kangaroos on its cover, came out with 10 tracks including two original tracks, one by Gannon and the other by Healey.From 1955 to 1958, the AJQ recorded seven albums for the Bethlehem label.They are then invited to play in clubs such as The Hickory House, Birdland (jazz club), Basin Street and the Roundtable in New York; the Blue Note, the Modern Jazz Room and the Robert's Show Room in Chicago; Storyville in Boston; Jazz City in Los Angeles; Macumba in San Francisco; Sonny's Lounge in Denver; Peacock Alley in Saint-Louis; Rouge Lounge in Detroit; Peps and Blue Note in Philadelphia; Midway Lounge in Pittsburgh; Colonial in Toronto, Ball & amp; Chain in Miami and many more.The first album, ...

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Fundamental Analysis of Banking Stocks Essay

The objective of the study is to know the financial status of the scripts in banking industry to recommend for a buy or sell option by comparing the intrinsic value of the share with the market price of using fundamental analysis.However, for consistent monitoring of stocks, it is imperative that the investor has limited exposure to the stocks, which are being capable of being tracked by him – a too big a portfolio will divert attention and ultimately harm investor interests.The stock market is the most volatile market and is similar to the weather.While a practical long-term view will help reduce risks, marrying the stock on the other hand may totally increase risks.For arriving at a correct conclusion, reasonable data is required to un...

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Effects of Weather on Aircraft Accidents

From the table above, a total of 89 cases of aircraft accidents were reported, out of which 45 were weather related; and the total number of casualties were 498.In 1988, the 9 weather related cases of accident out of the 14 total cases reported.For each year, the total daily, monthly and annual aircraft accident as well as those accidents that are weather related was scrutinized.For instance as a result of foggy and misty weather on June 26th and 11 July 1991; the Nigeria Airway “Airbus 310” and Ashaka Cement Cessna Citation 550” crash landed at Murtala Mohammed Airport Lagos, and Company Al — 1.The Meteorological Services Department of the Federal Ministry of Aviation should continue to recognise the enormous impact of weather on flying...

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Nisha Cyclone In India Media Essay

With respect to the credibility of the weather forecast and reports, the trustworthiness is found to be moderate.Secondly the survey also intended to find what type and format of the news does people prefer when it comes to disaster and the people’s trust upon the weather forecasts.Steps have to be taken upon improving people’s opinion on the weather forecast.The Hindu carried the first warning message only in the column dedicated for weather report including rainfall indications which were given right from the 20th November 2008 in the same column.The credibility of the weather report is very moderate.

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Impact of Weather on Dengue Disease

The study showed that the most weather conditions factors which contributed to the high incidence of dengue cases within UNIVERSITI PUTRA MALAYSIA area among seven years 2005-2011 were rainfall and temperature which were have very strong correlation with dengue cases.Understand connection between weather and dengue transmission will develop capability of national dengue management and diagnostic and impacts assessment of dengue mosquito vectors.This study aimed to analyses relationship between weather parameters and increase of dengue incidence among university Putra Malaysia students, to identify the direct or indirect effect of weather on dengue incidence and to determine the relationship of dengue disease located in UPM (SERDANG).The ...

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News Coverage on Climate Change Essay

A brief summary of this report is therefore useful to conduct further analysis on news discourse and framing of this subject.Alternative Media AnalysisThose who have a vest interst in keeping the fossil fuel industry viable would likely discourage any reports that accent the eminent need to change our production, consumption and other lifestyle behaviours.An analysis of this report will be conducted in order to establish what aspects of this report were embellished, highlighted, obscured, or simply ignored in this comparative analysis between mainstream and alternative news coverage.Their findings claim that “warming of the climate system is unequivocal, and since the 1950s, many of the observed changes are unprecedented over decades to ...

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Data Mining Techniques in Airline Industry

Discovered rules may be used to predict if a day is a good or a bad performance day based on its weather.Then for each of these regions, a set of weather features and a set of air traffic features are extracted.The other finding is Linking the incident reports to other sources of safety related data, such as aircraft maintenance and weather .There can be different ways where we can apply data mining approach to analysis of weather impact on airline performance.A day is described by a set of severe-weather regions, each having a number of weather and traffic features.

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Literature on natural disasters and climate change

It also provides specific guides to the demanding academic analysis with community practices and evidences.authors analysis the key challenges and ways forward in the Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction.Using Econometric methods with data help analysis the hypotheses, and with consideration on the variables, such as economic growth and armed civil conflict, only use the data during the period 1980-2007.this article focuses on the hydro-meteorological disasters, and takes the report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as a start point to explore on ‘Health and Health Systems Impact of Natural Disasters’.Indeed, many of the world’s extreme weather happened in these years, some astronomy, as well as El ...

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How Weather Impacts The Aviation Industry Engineering Essay

Accurate weather forecasts are paramount in planning on how to cope with weather disrupted flights causing major delays and backlogs.Impact of weather in the aviation industry cannot be overlooked as weather is an uncontrollable factor therefore we should put in place maximum and effective measures to avoid any mishaps.Various authorities and agencies are working on ways and measures to determine early warning signs and also keeping database of weather reports and weather patterns of particular places to aid pilots and air traffic controllers avoid such accidents.This will help shed light on how the weather changes and how different pilots reacted thus the industry is able to come up with new ways to avert looming disasters.Weather brief...

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Weather Forecasting with Digital Signals

… Weather buoys are instruments which collect weather and ocean data within the worlds oceans.Weather forecasting is the science of making predictions about general and specific weather phenomena for a given area based on observations of such weather related factors as atmospheric pressure, wind speed and direction, precipitation, cloud cover, temperature, humidity, frontal movements, etc.… SYNOP (surface synoptic observations) is a numerical code (called FM-12 by WMO) used for reporting marine weather observations made by manned and automated weather stations... Electricity companies rely on weather forecasts to anticipate demand which can be strongly affected by the weather.Numerical weather prediction is the science of predicting the...

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Human Activity is Causing Earth’s Warming

Earth surface emits electromagnetic radiation as a function of its temperature with the most intense emissions being in the infrared range.Weather is not to be mistaken for climate change.Although this can be beneficial, too much of these gases are creating weather abnormalities.“Carbon dioxide has risen in the atmosphere at its faster rate in 30 years according to New Analysis by the UN’s world Meteorological Organisation.” Also, “Co2 concentration rose 2.9 parts per million between 2012 and 2013 biggest annual increase since 1984.”(web) Non-believers also point out the climate change is a natural occurrence.According to International Panel of Climate Change “Warming of the climate system is unequivocal.” The cause of the weather abnorm...

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The Marketing Research Process

For example in case an organization needs to know weather or not the type of advertisement campaign should run on specific times the research questions could be (a) how advertisement will effect customers behaviour(b)will this advertisement is effective enough to be get notice from public.The Last and final part of research process is to document whole project findings and write report that answers that specific research question that was identified at start of describes the purpose of research in accordance with view of management needs marketing research report for decision making purposes.In other words it is to analyse weather the research is worth any financial gain for company.(iii) Process of, Questionnaire designing, ...

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Aircraft Safety Report

The weather reports to the pilot provide him or her with the real time information concerning icing.Measures such as observation of weather forecast reports, cleaning up the airplane system, hiring of knowledgeable pilots and person in command and use of icing condition detective equipment, approval of the system equipments to icing conditions are explored.As a safety measure icing analysis should be carried out to determine the location and the size of the shape of the ice that might take place during the first 45 minutes.Safety in the Skies: Personnel and Parties in the NTSB Aviation Accident Investigations .Some measures entail weather forecasting which give some warnings to the aircraft pilots during the icing seasons.

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The Manila branch: VBD Report Essay

Due to the nature of the issue at the Manila branch, this report will focus on the planning and controlling functions of management to ensure that the level of absenteeism and its resulting symptoms do not continue to increase.In Australia, weather conditions rarely affect working conditions or prohibit transportation.In Manila, extreme weather conditions pose a significant threat.The level of absenteeism caused by Manila’s unstable weather patterns cannot be reduced.Consequently, planning for seasonal weather conditions is not necessary except in contingency and hypothetical planning.

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Forecasting Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition

Hence, trend analysis is very efficient in predicting extensive behaviour of data.The analysis of time series signals can be extrapolated to meet demands of analytical results and predicting results in various fields, such as : .. Due to its implementation in various fields, continuous research are been done in order to design model for forecasting with better accuracy and efficiency.All meteorological data including temperature, wind speed, solar irradiance irradiance, sea pressure and many more weather parameters similar to rainfall have variations both in time and location.Mauritius has being confronted to drastic changes in weather conditions recently.Chapter 6 presents the conclusion and the future work.

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Drought and Global Climate Change

Utilizing these technologies not only supply a platform to support multi-level and hierarchically integrated analysis on resource and environment, but also integrate the obtained information in a comparative theoretical ecosystem analysis.Moreover, the spatial resolution of satellite images produces some certainties, namely, the effect of mixed pixels (Shalan et al, 2003).In recent years, there are a lot of successful fuzzy models such as hydrology model Chen (1997), multi-objective fuzzy optimum selection (Chen, 1994), fuzzy pattern recognition and fuzzy decision making.In the assessment of natural hazards like drought, remote sensing provides rapid, instant spatial data about the natural phenomena; they are useful in decision-makings a...

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American Military history Essay

(Halloway, 1980) The employment of such equipment in such a manner would have gone further to guarantee rendezvous times and protocols despite adverse weather conditions.Essentially, between the weather and the radio silence, the pilots were flying blind and deaf in enemy territory.First, this communication would necessarily be short-term, as any other weather information would be unreliable.(Halloway, 1980) It is likely that the agencies with the best understanding of the importance of the weather would have implemented an signal integrity protocol that allowed for frequent conditions updates without the need for requests from the pilots, but such a plan was not implemented because it would have combined signal integrity protocols from ...

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Poverty in Mozambique example

Thus, it is reasonable to consider reasons other than war and weather, especially under the circumstances of evident economic growth.Thus, northern provinces became isolated from …Analysis Arndt et al.On the other hand, deficient southern provinces were forced to devote scarce resources to staple food production to ensure their livelihoods, as they were not sure of having an opportunity to buy products for a favorable price (Cunguara & Hanlon, 2012).As a consequence of global increase for food and fuel prices, northern households lost confidence in amounts of products their produce to gain a high enough price to cover their costs, even having assets and favorable conditions to do that.

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The Green Movement Essay

In the first observation the temperature rose to a maximum of 70 degrees and that lasted just one day and during that day the population was at 820,624.The purpose of this lab report is to demonstrate how changes in abiotic factor such as changes in precipitation patterns can influence plant populations.In the middle of that year the temperature rose to 71.3 and the population grew to 821,915.If we look at the end of the third year the population took a drastic fall.I would think that the cooler the temperature the better the population but it seems that the warner the weather is when the biggest population occur.The fourth year seemed to be the year that the temperature rose and feel the most but the population was the most consistent ...

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Risk Management Group Of Easyjet Tourism Essay

‘€ Adverse weather – High Impact, Low frequency.Taking the analysis further, it is evident that in response to falling passenger numbers, the number of scheduled flights to Palma is also in decline, (see appendix 3).Current indicators displaying the situation of the UK economy, with continuing proposals of further austerity packages from the coalition Government, promote further risks, in the face of delayed or postponed investments in improving the current transport infrastructure to be able to cope with severe weather conditions... A SWOT analysis is a particularly useful model used to evaluate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that face EasyJet.As per this report, only the most significant risks will be identified, th...

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The wine industry in Canada Essay

By using the PEST analysis model both internal and external to understand the environmental factors as well as introducing an Environmental/climate examination.The Inniskillin product of icewine is produced under strict international VQA standards to enhance quality and reduce the synthetic production in order to produce ice wine the weather must sustain a specific temperature of negative 8-14 F. The grapes remain hanging from protective netting until these freezing weather conditions are picked below 14 F temperature, the sugar content varies with grape temperature, and as a result of the temperature dependency that has led to the success of Inniskillin icewine.The purpose of this report is to focus on the international marketing strate...

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