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The uniform application of Community Law

Article 234 allows questions to be referred from the lower courts of the member states at the discretion of those courts and importantly it imposes a mandatory duty on the supreme courts in each member state to refer questions of EU law to the European Court.The duty imposed on courts of the last resort to refer questions of EU law to the Court of Justice is obviously important, because there is no further domestic appeal from such courts.Effective uniformity is an achievable end, and it is submitted that EU law will in time achieve this.Stephen Weatherill, (Oxford University Press: 2004) .The Article 234 mechanism ensures that ambiguous questions of EU law can be referred to the Court of Justice for an authoritative answer and its impo...

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Movement of Goods and Freedom of Establishment Policies

This could be excused, as the French law prevented the lawyer from holding a second office within the Community, which provided another ground to strike the law down.Published by European Business Law Library .Pitiyasak S‘Free Movement of Goods Within EU’ (17/12/2005) .Usher J‘EC Law and National Law.Rometsch D (edited)‘The EU and member states.

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Treaty of Lisbon and 2004 Constitutional Treaty Comparison

J. Snell, “European constitutional settlement, an ever closer union, and the Treaty of Lisbon: democracy or relevance?” (2008) European Law Review 33(5) .J. Bateman, “Brussels Bulletin: a New European Framework” [2008] International Family Law Jounal 134 .G. Barrett, “The king is dead, long live the king: the recasting by the Treaty of Lisbon of the provisions of the Constitutional Treaty concerning national parliaments” (2008) European Law Review 33(1) .J Weiler, “European Journal of International Law – Marking the anniversary of the Universal Declaration; the Irish no and the Lisbon Treaty” E.J.I.L.One area where there is remarkable consistency between the Constitutional Treaty and the new Treaty on European Union and the Treaty on the...

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Is there Democratic Deficit in the EU?

The first of these is that there should be more involvement of the European Parliament in the adoption of all EU legislation and this is to be achieved by greater use of the “Co-decision procedure”, which it is intended, will be the normal procedure for enactment of legislation.Having considered the arguments it seems clear that perhaps one of the primary reasons for the belief that there exists a `democratic deficit` is that powers that were once controlled by national parliaments have now been transferred to the EU where they are subject to a lower degree of parliamentary participation [18] .For further discussion see Barnard C, & Dashwood A , (2006) “The EU Constitution – Dealing with the Deficit”, 156 New Law Journal 173 .Stein...

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the professional Essay

But, the political situation having changed, the French secret services no longer have any interest in bringing down N'Jala and, rather than simply recalling Beaumont, denounce him to President N'Jala, on the order of the Elysee.The Professional benefits from a solid cast, notably with Robert Hossein, in the role of Commissioner Rosen, a violent cop who does not hesitate to use all means to corner Beaumont.While Beaumont is about to leave the scene by helicopter, the minister, pressed by Colonel Martin, finally gives the order to "stop" him.She is a lesbian and is about to rape Beaumont's wife when Beaumont neutralizes her (we do not know if she is dead or knocked out as we cannot see more in the sequel), but it's likely she's still aliv...

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Electronic Signatures Essay

New York has designed its own rule that recognizes electronic signatures as legal and the law that represents these signatures is Electronic Signatures and Records Act (ESRA) (Boss, and Kilian, 2008, p. .Canadian law that talks about the digital signatures in accordance to the protection of electronic documents is PIPEDA.These laws are referred to as the Directive 1999/93/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council while officially these are more often referred as the EU Directive on Electronic Signatures or the EU Electronic Signatures Directive.Generic definition of signature given by the Canadian Department Of Justice says that an electronic signature contains a chain of letters, symbols, and numbers encrypted in a digital form...

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Effects of Derivatives in National Legislation

Weatherill, 2001, p177 .In Francovich the court held that in cases where there was a failure to implement community law under Article 249 that there was a right to compensation provided (a) .Article 226 plays the leading role in the “centralised enforcement” of EU law (as opposed to direct effect for instance at the national level) [25] .The state may be required to remedy, introduce or revoke national law to comply with the courts judgment.The ECJ held that “community law… not only imposes obligations on individuals but is… intended to confer…rights which become part of their legal heritage… (arising)… not only where they are expressly granted by the treaty, but also by reason of obligations which the treaty imposes in a clearly defi...

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Service Area Analysis for Beaumont Essay

offers a wide-range of services and programs to our adult and pediatric patients which includes Ninety-one medical and surgical specialties are represented on the Beaumont medical staff of more than 3,700 Michigan physicians with numerous community based medical centers throughout Detroit, Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne counties.Possible merger with Henry Ford for financial stability during the healthcare reform Top Competitors for Beaumont Health System Competitors | Detroit Medical Center | .The Target market would be a population of 65 and older.The service area for Beaumont Hospital is Oakland County which consists of cities, villages, and townships with a population of 1,202,362 people.Disadvantages for Beaumont: .

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To what extent have constitutional reforms since 1997 made the UK more democratic? Essay

Citizens may vote in favor of a party under the influence of the majority.This indicates there are still future reforms that are to be made towards democratizing the Uk constitution; in a perspective further reforms of improving democracy in the Uk could be limited due to the fact of drawbacks in a democracy, for example a mobs can influence people.In order for this act to receive supported votes, Tony Blair and the labour party passed the Weatherill Amendment that put in place a deal that allowed 92 of the 669 members to remain heredity.Compelled or influenced by opinions of those around, a person may not use his own judgment when voting.View as multi-pages .

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Theme in Transients of Arcadia

In the beginning, O. Henry introduces Madame Beaumont as a woman who acquiring “the fine air of the elite, tempered and sweetened by a cordial graciousness” in a luxurious hotel (1).In order to get acceptance from anyone in anyplace, acquiring a good behaviour is always better than having a fake excellent appearance.Since they “kind of [like]” each other, Beaumont “[could not] help deceiving [Farrington] up till” the last night of both vacations and tells him the fact that she is poor and pretends to be rich (4).In addition, both of these two characters accept each other when talking because one finds the other has the same interest as him or her and not how rich he or she is.These two people seem rich and gorgeous in this expensive vaca...

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Comparing Middleton's A Chaste Maid in Cheapside and Beaumont's Knight of the Burning Pestle

Alan Brissenden.In addition, the unfulfilled eroticism of the suitors suggests the future deterioration of their belief that they must marry a woman for propagation and not for love.One inconspicuous ripple of the numerous social shock waves appears as women overcome their insolent suitors by feigning death: a figurative upheaval of orthodox social values.Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1967.The Knight of the Burning Pestle.

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The Lottery by Shirley Jackson Essay

Jackson, Shirley.Kennedy and Dana Gioia.American Literature: A Journal of Literary History, Criticism, and Bibliography 46(1974): 100-08.MLA International Bibliography.Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama Ed.New York: Longman, 2005.

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European Union Free Movement Directives and Regulations Coursework

For that reason, EU citizenship has increased the rights of the persons within the EU member states considerably.In spite of the obstacles experienced within the EU institution wise, attaining a unanimous decision for safeguarding protection against the above forms of discrimination was very vital in choosing EU as the policy platform10.The rights of economically-active persons to free movement within the EU have been complemented by limited rights for non-economically-active citizens to move freely within the EU, under Article 20 (1) of the TFEURegulation 1612/1968 of the Council of 15 October 1968 on the freedom of movement of workers within the Community only provides for the free movement of employees6.EU court of justice ruled that ...

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The Free Movement of Persons under the European Union Law Analytical Essay

& G de Búrca De, EU law: Text, cases, and materials (Oxford University Press, 2011).EU law: 2007 and 2008.Press, 2007)34-55 14 Jacques Foster v. Hoofddirectie van de Informatie Beheer Groep Case C- 158/07 [2008] ECR I-8507 15 P.P Craig and BG De, EU law: Text, cases, and materials (Oxford University Press, 2011)65 16 R Grzelczyk v Centre Public d’Aide social Case C-184-99 [2002] ECR I-6153 17 Martinez Sala v. Freistaat Beyern Case C-85/96 [1998] ECR I-2691The EU law provides for free movement of non-EU workers in an EU member state6.11 Scholz v. Opera Universitaria di Cagliari and Cinzia Porcedda C-419/92 [1994] ECR 1-505 12 Klaus Biehl v. Administration des Contributions du Grand-Duche de Luxembourg [1990] FN1 175/88 13 N.G Foster, EU l...

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Exam Answers on EU Law

In v , the Federal Constitutional Court held that although Article 23 allowed the transfer of legislative power to EU law, the German Constitution would still take priority over the EU treaty if the community has not removed the possible conflict of norms between EU law and the fundamental rights provision under the German Constitution.However, notwithstanding talk of any legal fiction, it can be observed from the case law that the national courts do give effect to supremacy of EU law.Such approach has been adopted by Lord Justice Laws in the case of v , where he pointed out that the relationship between the UK and the EU depends on UK law, not EU law.[31] Therefore, it may not be appropriate to say that the EU law is supreme over G...

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Problems Of Emigrants From European Union in United Kingdom

Shaw/Miller/Fletcher, ‘Getting to grips with EU citizenship: Understanding the friction between UK immigration law and EU free movement law’ (Edinburgh Law School Citizenship Studies 2013) .Since 1 January 1973, UK accessed EU, and the signed of the Schengen Agreement in 1985 and the subsequent Schengen Convention in 1990, forced UK to allow EU’s members to move into their countries; moreover, U.K. must supply the same benefits of British for EU’s immigrants by right to reside condition under UK law.Wallace H. (2012) ‘The UK: 40 Years of EU Membership’, Journal of .The first one is a core aspect of EU law (right-based) needs extra work on to recommend a member of community ‘principal’ who would act as an arbitrator to settle and advice ...

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The Sovereignty EU Parliament

However this was completely opposite when it came to the United Kingdom accepting the supremacy of EU law.This puts a huge strain on the Courts whilst ruling, thus making a mockery of Precedent as any case incorporating EU legislation can only be considered using the purposive approach, in order that EU directive can be met.And Acts and Laws already in existence must be interpreted to conform to EU Law, and the State has to ensure that all EU law is transposed and implemented accurately.The laws of the EU are binding on all member states, and therefore, take precedence over British domestic law.In the case of it is easy to see the ingratiating manoeuvres of The House of Lords as it bows to supremacy of EU law.

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Parliamentary Sovereignty example

The first dispute, however, occurred eventually in the Factorname case (“UK and the EU: Better off out or in?”, 2015).Yet, it was so until the Treaty of Lisbon that aimed to transform the EU from a political union into the international community more resembling to the state or confederation, to the least.The Treaty has provided for the extended competencies of the EU institutions which meant that the later could pass the regulations that actually affected the citizens if the member states directly (Bernstein, 2010).The court asserted that the parliament of the U.K. signed the European Communities Act and obliged, therefore, to its provisions, namely the one that concerns the subjectivity of the national laws to the provisions envisaged ...

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Global Warming Outline Essay

Fermat also made contributions in the field of optics and provided a law on light travel and made wrote a few papers about calculus well before Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz were actually born.Fermat’s most important work was done in the development of modern number theory which was one of his favorite areas in math.From this it is easy to deduce the n = 4 case of Fermat’s theorem.See more: what is essay format .Judging by the tenacity with which the problem wa for so long, Fermat’s alleged proof seems likely to have been illusionary.Meaning that a rational triangle cannot be a rational square.

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The Impact of Eu on the Irish Legal System Essay

Carolan, B (2009) EU Law for Students in Ireland .“The Single European Act (SEA) was an international treaty which aimed to establish closer economic and political co-operation amongst member states”.1 The government at the time had already committed to the treaty when Mr Crotty “contended that the SEA gave new legislative and executive powers far beyond that agreed by the Irish people in 1972”.1 Crotty and his lawyers, which included Mary McAleese, sought for an “injunction to restrain the government from taking further action to ratify the treaty without first holding a referendum.”1 The teams’ most compelling argument advanced, according to Barrister Martin, writer for the Irish Times, was “that the SEA committed Ireland to formula...

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Parliamentary sovereignty Essay

This provides a problem with sovereignty, as it means that the UK will have to adhere to the EU court, rather than our own supreme court.Justification for the decision in Factortame was offered by Lord Bridge, which emphasised that; “whatever limitation of its sovereignty Parliament accepted when it enacted the European Communities Act 1972 was entirely voluntary”; the ECA 1972 was the domestic source of the supremacy of EU law; and there was nothing novel about this decision.Lord Denning stats that if Parliament every clearly and deliberately passes an act which is inconsistent with EU law, ‘the duty of our courts to follow the statute of our Parliament’.This, supported by Denning’s Obiter in Macarthys , brings us in a compete circle, t...

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European Union

The EU commitment to the principles of ‘participatory democracy ‘and ‘representative democracy ‘are of critical in nature and these articles offers citizens the right of representation in the EU parliament, the right to participate in the democratic life of the Union and the right to act through the EU-level political parties.Last but not the least, as the world is facing constant shifting winds of international affairs, it is arduous to foresee whether the EU Constitution after its ratification will take the EU to success path?Further any new accession to EU is to be approved by the existing members of EU through their national procedure.In 2003, the EU embarked on its first official military missions when EU peacekeeping forces replace...

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The Constitution Theory Essay

The EU constitution authorizes ‘improved cooperation’ among group of Member States an activity that undermines the cohesions of the EU.EU has the right to suspension of rights of Member States and offers the Member States withdrawal rights from the EU.Thus the Member States as citizen of the EU has been granted with wide rights such as ‘right to move and reside freely in any member state ‘the right to vote and stand as a candidate in municipal and European parliament elections, the right to deal with the EU institutions in any official EU language and certain rights to diplomatic and consular assistance from any member state.Thus the EU constitution aims to bring all the Europeans under one umbrella and it provides more effective and sim...

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What Has Been the Effect on English Law and Law Making of UK Membership of the EU?

The two types of direct effect are vertical and horizontal, vertical direct effect has evolved over the years of EU influence to a point where it is relatively easy for an individual to take a state to court and win.As a result of joining the EU English law has seen the introduction of EU primary legislation i.e.The issue of direct effect has also come around with membership of the EU.Skeletal legislation is another thing which has become more popular since the joining of the EU.EU secondary legislation has many different levels, which I think is a good thing as it allows for the correct weight to be applied to each ‘Act’ for use in the EU.

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The European Human Rights System Essay

In addition, recent statistics point to the fact that many migrants from EU and non-EU countries have the freedom to participate in national elections of the host EU nation.The Roma, who are Europe’s largest minority group continue to face marginalization in most of the EU countries subjecting them to extreme poverty across the EU region (Kirsch 4).The EU articulates various concepts of democracy including good governance, democratization and democratic governance in many EU and non-EU countries.In addition, the EU member states have different migration policies and asylum procedures, which the EU has failed to harmonize.Although the EU states have the most advanced democracy in the world including transparent elections, the EU has not b...

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Beaumont's Failed Comedy, The Knight of the Burning Pestle Essay

Thus showing us Beaumont’s desire to challenge societal boundaries.Rafe's Pestle has phallic connotat... ... middle of paper ... ...bodies Hotspur who he earlier quoted.The collision of George and Prologue questions the boundaries of the theatre, reflecting society at large.In , one can see that the dramatic effect of the narrative collisions is the creation of contrasts which microcosm society and allows Beaumont to satirise.The collisions also serve to mould Rafe from a grocers apprentice to the harbinger of a social revolution.

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The process of joining the European Union Essay

The whole process of accession to the EU, right from the very initial step of applying for EU membership until the candidate country is finally accepted by the EU to become one of its members can take as long as a whole decade although some countries such as Finland, Australia, and Sweden took less years to become members of the union (Bright, 1995).Before a nation applies for the EU membership it has to first consent to the association agreement by signing it, this initial stage helps in the country preparation as a candidate for joining the union and eventually becoming its member.When everything is in order the candidate country will finally join the European Union on the specific date stated in the treaty.The association agreement is...

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English Legal System Essay

While there is some statute law in the law of contract, most of the fundamental principles of how we create interpret and administer contracts at law in England, are to be found in common law, judge-made case law.More and more our law is developed in this codified form, particularly in areas where the principles are complicated and complex eg company law, social security law and tax law.In this case, the EU had made laws to govern the accessibility of all member states of the EU to fish each others waters, setting limits and restrictions on this, but nevertheless granting equal rights to all members to fish each other’s waters.Where there is a gap in the UK law, and there is EU law on that point, then again, EU law will apply, to create ...

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UK Parliament Is No Longer Sovereign Essay

Although implications of the EU suggest that the UK isn’t sovereign, the UK still has sovereignty because they are able to leave the Union.also arguments against such as the ability to leave the EU or the EU having jurisdiction in certain areas.Examples previously mentioned such as employment law or others such as competition control, regional development are all fully in the hands of the EU.The EU would be unable to implement laws and regulations which apply to all the cultural, religious views or different political systems in EU member states.Another example that confirmed the supremacy of European Union Law over national low over areas where the EU has competence is the case of Factortame.

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Definition of Europe in the 21st Century

the EU citizen needs to be protected especially those original member states which define the true Europe.In short the cohesiveness that the EU has claimed will occur with the enlargement has not happened in the expected manner.Therefore by purely relying on only specific intelligence this will reduce the effectiveness of the fight against organized crime, especially when there is the added problem of corrupt post-communist regimes that have joined the EU after enlargement; whereby the true European, i.e.In addition to this it causes problems legally because the cornerstone and the uniqueness of the EU lies within the rule of law and one of the most important laws that is upheld is the Free Movement of EU Citizens, which includes their a...

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