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The Addictive Nature of the Internet Essay

The various aspects of the web, such as the wide range of information, the advanced technology, and alternate ways of communication have contributed to its addictive nature.The name, Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) has even been given to this growing phenomenon of Internet addiction."Addict," on the other hand, is defined as one who has given oneself up to some strong habit."Richard's Web Central - Interneters Anonymous."People of all ages and backgrounds have become so absorbed in using the web, either through work or play, that they have, in effect, become addicted to using it.

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Phone Addicted

Heart Corporation, 13 April 2013.A study reported by The Chicago Tribune indicated that texting in class can be bad for your grades and ultimately may hurt one’s GPA, thus giving rise to a new form of addiction I term as “cell phone addiction.” According to dictionary.com, the definition of addiction is, “the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.” Based on this definition, I can definitively state that I do not suffer from cell phone addiction.dotMobi, May 2013.Tribune Newspapers, Web.“Texas House will eye drivers’ texting.” San Antonio Express-News.

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Addiction to Internet

However, people who accepts their addiction and maintain their addiction usually feels guilty of their addiction (Alexander 35-38).The traditional definition of addiction in the Oxford English Dictionary “Humans beings often undergo full psychological metamorphoses by becoming so involved with a new habit or pursuit that their involvement is comparable to voluntary slavery” (Alexander 30).The classification of the addiction: Addiction 1(Alcohol), Addiction 2(Substance abuse (drug)), Addiction 3(Behavior addiction), and Addiction 4(Devote (excessive) turn cause/action).The transformation of personality that is entailing to addiction 3 can is extremely harmful, but addiction 3 is easier to study, because people talk about their addiction o...

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Web Addicts : The Internet 's Dismantlement Of Social Awareness Essay

Web Addict: The Internet’s Dismantlement of Social Awareness .Many believe that like other addictions, there are viable cures, the best of which is simply getting up, and getting out.By definition Addition is the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.Internet addiction, while a somewhat new phenomenon, does pose serious threats to its main users, who happen to fall within the age range of 13-18 years of age.Web addiction serves to dismantle the user’s ability to function in social settings, often times leaving them socially inept.

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Effect of Violent Video Games on Teenager Behaviour

How are teenagers reacting to playing video games, and does it affect their behavior even if there’s not an addiction developed.A person will present certain symptoms when an addiction is being developed such as: preoccupation, time loss, lack of control, making excuses, and defensiveness.One of the major problems society is facing today is the addiction kids are developing towards electronic devices such as television, computer and video games.Habits can be controlled or modified, they tend to become addictions when the person begins feeling the necessity of performing the action but addiction requires professional help and motivation for a change.Time loss happens when the person has other activities to do but chooses as a priority to ...

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Techno Addicts

Technology addiction amongst teenagers is having a disruptive effect on their learning.A stage of intelligence development of a human.Definition of Terms .Used to describe any Web site that enables users to create public profiles within that Web site and form relationships with other users of the same Web site who access their profile such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.Technology is becoming an addiction.

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Addictions and Health Pamphlet Essay

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions than it is very possible that you may have an addiction.Do you display symptoms of addiction?Not only this, but when a brain succumbs to addiction, it becomes more vulnerable to being addicted to future things or substances more easily.Whether it is video games, or drugs, an addiction consists of someone no longer having control over what they are doing.At this point the addiction may reach a point at which it is extremely detrimental to an individual.

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Addiction is a Disease Essay

Research has shown, regardless of whether behavioral or substance addiction, replacing or substituting with a positive beneficial addiction to start learning to associate a positive coping mechanism to the triggers that onset the addiction.“Behavioral Addiction versus Substance Addiction: Correspondence of Psychiatric and Psychological Views.” International Journal of Preventive Medicine 3.4 (April 2012).While some may speculate that addiction is a choice, addiction is a disease and should be treated as such.“Although different factors will determine someone’s vulnerability to addiction, integrating individual vulnerability to addiction across different research disciplines is likely to provide the greatest advances for intervention and ...

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Essay on Drug Dependency

The dictionary definition of dependency is “The state of relying on or being controlled by someone or something else.” Meaning that drug dependency is when a person relies on a drug to function normally.Consumer Health Complete - EBSCOhost.Principal Leadership 9.5 (2009): 12-16.Works Cited Constance Weisner, et al."Five-year alcohol and drug treatment outcomes of older adults versus middle-aged and younger adults in a managed care program."

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Technology as a double-edged weapon Essay

A website is a set of related web pages that contains text, images, video, audio, etc.Researchers in Norway have published a new psychological scale to measure Facebook addiction, the first of its kind worldwide.Facebook and Internet addiction can have damaging effects, such as a decrease in our attention span.It is a connected group of pages on the World Wide Web regarded as a single entity, usually maintained by one person organization and devoted to a single topic or several closely related topics.Is this addiction real, though?

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The Internet Addiction Media Essay

They propose that new Internet users often show an initial fascination with the innovation of the Web, but eventually lose interest and reduce their time spent online back to a normal, healthy amount.From social learning, when adolescents’ strong developmental needs, such as personal identity, autonomy, and relationships with peers may not be fulfilled through physical activities, they may then shed social inhibitions, which leads to Internet addiction (Lin & Tsai, 2002), also when they are dissatisfied with their leisure time, they may be motivated to seek excitement and pleasure from cyberspace and therefore raise their level of Internet addiction.Loss of a significant relationship due to Internet use: When users spend too much tim...

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Ready to Quit Smoking? Essay

Nordqvist, Christian.23 Feb. 2014. .Once there is that chemical dependency on nicotine in order for your brain to release dopamine, it becomes and addiction.Polito, John R. “Tobacco Company Deception Aboutchemical Addiction to Nicotine.”Nicotine Addiction 101.This is not very harmful yet the nicotine addiction remains.

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Negative Effects of Social Media Essay

Addiction and self esteem are some of the many negative effects of social media.Luckily, with this understudied addiction there are treatment options that are beginning to take place for those that would like to take a stand on their addiction.Just like any other addiction, social media addiction is a disease.The definition of an addiction according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is: an unusually great interest in something or a need to do or have something (addiction).Ironically, some of these support groups are online which may not be too supportive to those who have a heavy addiction.

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Technology: Consuming Our Lives?

Be a good influence for your children, and get up, move around, and take back control of your life.Lincoln Tribune Newspaper, 22 Jan. 2007.People are spending more time on a computer than ever before; some even believe it has become a case of addiction.This problem has become so severe that the International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies has warned, “Some people are definitely hurting themselves by their addiction to computers and cyberspace.Next thing you know, elementary children will be seen surfing the Web on their cell phones during recess or instant messaging each other from a few feet away.

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The Underground Market for Drugs Essay

"Keep Off the Grass: The Economics of Prohibition and U.S. Drug Policy."Miron, Jefftey A., and Jeffrey Zweibel.Drug Policy Alliance."The Economic Case against Drug Prohibition."Boettke, Peter, Christopher Coyne, and Abigail Hall.

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Online Game Addiction Essay

One of the reasons is more and more internet cafes have opened up, and Web access is growing rapidly these years.Teenagers are the future of the country, measures must be taken as soon as possible to curb the addiction.The consequence of online game addiction could be serious, for example, last year in South Korea, a man died after playing online games for five days straight.The solutions I suggested above would definitely help dealing with the problem, and I hope the situation would be improved soon.Online game addiction is no longer just a worry of an American-chubby-child’s mother, but the worry of many parents in Cambodia and other less affluent countries.

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Negative Effects of Technology Essay

He gets up long enough to sit at the dinner table and eat and then he gets right up and goes directly back to his secluded fantasy world.He does not even acknowledge that his mo... .Rachel Pretzin.Digital Nation.Your Dictionary.

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Internet Paper

Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry50.2 (Feb 2011) .The way to cut back the Internet gambling addiction should include psychological therapy.Dr. Kimberly Young(2007) pointed out that the treatment for Internet gambling addiction included “motivation for treatment, dealing with underlying social problems, addressing multiple addictions and relapse, and making amends and to help clients maintain abstain from problematic Internet applications, recovery interventions should apply structured, measurable, and systematic techniques”.Generally, the information from high reputation web sites, such as .gov sites and .edu sites, is always highly trusted.Under the circumstances, people should find solutions to make I...

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Reality Television’s Detrimental Affects

It becomes an addiction to endure the pain of criticism and judgment from onlookers rather than to give away the glorious life of a rich and famous person.Cast members tend to deal more with the addiction of being famous and receiving all the glamour while its viewers suffer more from the “I want to be just like him/her”.There have been many stars who have developed addiction to being on television without the actual realization or title.It is very unknown what a person might do in response to coping with this addiction.When this addiction reaches large heights there are more dangerous factors that come in to play.

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Drugs and the Music Industry Essay

This shows the fine line between just the simple use of drugs and the powerful force of addiction that can overtake you if you are not careful.“Mainstream Drug Use in America.” American Studies.: University of California Press, 1959.It simply became an addiction.” (Winick) Once the creativity aspect left the equation, it just became another drug to be abused.It seems as if today’s music really romanticizes the use of drugs and alcohol, and in some cases, even advocates addiction.

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If a drug addict overdoses, he or she will die directly from his or her addiction.Those physical effects do not occur in a gambling addict, because a gambling addiction is primarily psychological.Fong, Dr. “Seeking Help for Gambling Addiction.” Consults Seeking Help for Gambling Addiction Comments.In particular, is an addiction such as gambling as serious as an addiction to drugs or alcohol?Research suggests a gambling addiction is less severe than a drug or alcohol addiction because drug or alcohol addictions are psychological and physical, can cause other addictions, can result directly in deaths, and can require medical intervention.

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Cyber Pornography

Coming to this realization does not immediately provoke change, however, as an addiction, by definition, is not easily broken.These “soft-core” forums, however, are an addiction for many geeks, and therefore fall into much the same category as the hardcore porn forums.In such a community, though not necessarily denying his or her addiction, one can justify his or her actions based on the acceptance of others and the sense of being “the same.” Other means of justification include the belief that one truly cannot stop, that pornography is a physical need, and even views as ridiculous as “my addiction is a boost to the economy.” .Many things can help geeks come to this realization, among them are religious views, a desire for self control, ...

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A Dependency on Alcohol Essay

"Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism.": Causes, Risk Factors & Symptoms.About.com Alcoholism."Alcohol Dependence (Alcoholism)."Guide: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options.

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The Impact of the Internet on People

Psychologists are studying "Internet Addiction" to see if it can be classified as a real addiction.Internet addiction: Is it just this month's handwringer for worry-warts, or a genuine problem?Many people argue that Internet addiction is not real because one cannot be addicted to a social medium such as the Internet.Addiction is defined as "a compulsion or overpowering urge to use a substance, regardless of potential or actual harm."In this definition "Internet Addiction" does not seem to be a real disease, but some people see it as a real problem.

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Technology’s Detrimental Effect on Society Essay

"Technology Statistics."The Educator's Reference Desk: Resource Guides.Marketing Magic - helping you to market and sell effectively."The Rule of Repetition.""When Technology Fails."

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Drugs: Tolerance and Withdrawal Essay

The end of an addiction is not as easy as someone might think due to the user being immediately in a state of withdrawal which is a series of harsh symptoms that attack their vulnerable mind and body.... Science of Drug Abuse and Addiction.Before tolerance begins, the addiction needs to take place.Drugs are like a black hole that vacuums the user into a state of addiction which makes it even more difficult to escape and quit.Addictions and Recovery.

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Teen Internet Addiction Essay

"Internet Addiction Disorder."iKeepSafe RSS ."Video Game Addiction."By any name, an addiction to the Internet completely controls the addict’s life, and causes the Internet to become a priority over family and friends."Why the pressures of teens today might be worse than ever."

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Internet Addiction

"INTERNET ADDICTION AND DELAY DISCOUNTING IN COLLEGE STUDENTS.""Factors Associated with Internet Addiction among Adolescents."Hyung also said, “Internet addiction disorder (IAD), as a form of technological addiction, ruins lives by causing neurological complications, psychological disturbances, and relational chaos”(Hyung 1).Dong said “High-risk Internet addiction (IA) abusers can trigger uncontrollable abuse, significantly distressing feelings, and time-consuming social and occupational difficulties … some abusers reported their addiction could cause mood depression and feelings of guilt, or induce aggressive behavior after a prolonged use of the Internet."The Effect of a R/T Group Counseling Program on The Internet Addiction Level and ...

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Effects of Junk and Nutritious Foods to the Health of the Students

Junk Food ‘Addiction’ May Be Real.“Junk food ‘addiction’ may be real.”BloombergBusinessweek: Executive health.Therefore, those people were not affected by the food that they ate, because all the foods that they had was normal and healthy.However, increasing obesity among teens, heart problems, eating.Foods can be classified into two types: unhealthy food which is also known as junk food and healthy food or what we called nutritious food.

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Cristina Jenaro Problematic Internet And Cell-Phone Use by Cristina Jenaro

How Students can use Smartphones as Learning Tools.” Concordia University Online (2012): Concordia University.“Essay on the value of cell phones in class” Inside Higher ED (2012): Inside Higher ED.Web browsing can help the student when there may be a word that the student may not know, he may want to get extra information on the subject on hand, or he may just want a little extra help.Web browsing is the easiest and simplest way a student can get needed learning material that he does not know."Problematic Internet And Cell-Phone Use: Psychological, Behavioral, And Health Correlates."

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