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Agenda Case

Have a wonderful evening.It’s indeed a great honour to welcome our Managing Trustee, PSG & Sons Charities, Shri L Gopalakrishnan for the presidential address Thank you sir .Lets begin our function with a prayer song by Niya Mary Joseph from PSG Institute of Management Now Lets welcome Prof Dr. Radhakrishnan, Director, PSG Institute of Advanced Studies to deliver the welcome address……….Last but not the least, I now request Prf.Dr. Rudramoorthy, Principal, PSg College of Technology to deliver the vote of thanks Thank you sir.

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German Indian Partnership for IT Systems Essay

Hearty welcome to all the speakers from Germany, India and also Officers of ACATECH and Dr. Ulrich Golgzback, Mr. mathew Joseph, Project manager at ACATECH.We extend hearty welcome and present a bouquet of flowers to Prof. Dr. Otthein Herzog.Special welcome to all the dignitaries off the dais and Invitees from the Govt of Karnataka, BMTC, BDA, KSRTC, DULT and Indian Institute of Science .We welcome press, TV persons, and officers of our institute, my colleagues from the centre and department, students and other invitees.Hearty welcome to Prof. Dr. Otthein Herzog, Executive Board member, National Academy of Science and Engineering, Germany who has spent lot of time with me in coordinating this event.

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Sample Short Speeches of Welcome and Thanks Essay

Ladies and Gentlemen: On behalf of the University of Tampere I would like to welcome our special guest, Professor Yutsio Yamamoto, who holds the Emperor’s Chair in Physics at the University of Sapporo.I am certain that I can speak for all of us when I say that seldom have I heard this topic presented so clearly.The theme of our class today is the Short Speech of Welcome, and we are fortunate to have with us Miss [Mr.] XXX, of YYY, who will speak to us on this subject.Again, we very much appreciate your being able to join us today; it would be a privilege indeed if you could return to address us again sometime in the future.], during which you will be able to meet and talk with Miss [Mr.] XXX.

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ICT Sample Work Welcome Centre Requirements Essay

ADDRESS BLOCK: Title, First Name, Surname, Company Name, Address Line 1, Address Line 2, Town, County, Postcode .The Welcome Centre has a variety of different hardware available to be used.The quotation must print on A4 paper, landscaped, and display the Welcome Centre logo, company registration no., registered office and contact details, VAT registration no., and VAT rate.The Welcome Centre should save the solution onto the network, as this will certainly meet the requirement of being able to keep the solution secure.This applications software is generic software, and is used by the Welcome Centre staff for a variety of business uses.

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Welcome Adress Essay

Give a big round of applause and welcome master lisham to give a speech on republic day.We have the prize distribution ceremony handled by……………………………… We welcome our esteem guard of honor and chief guest to speak a few words.I welcome lavender house to sing their group song.To do the welcome address I invite a student of class 9th C. He works hard and works smart to achieve his goals.Put your hands together and welcome master Siddhartha.

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Branding at Disney

Thankyou sir 10.12 To 10.17 a.m. – Address by Brig.Announcement Students are requested to proceed for a 20 minutes tea and snacks break, the arrangements have been made outside the auditorium so please come back after the quick break as further instructions will be given to you henceforth.10.30 a.m. – End of Program Krutika We have now come to the end of this program.I thank all the dignitaries for gracing this occasion by their presence.Welcome Speech by Mr. Tanmay Jadhav, Event Head, MPower 2013 Kunal I request the Event Head of MPower 2013, Mr. Tanmay Jadhav to deliver the welcome address.

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Welcome to the World of Talley's Observations Essay

Welcome to the World of Talley’s Observations To those of you who may have read my first article New Definitions for Words Used and Misused, I want to extend a hearty welcome to the World of Tally’s Observations.2)15 Motivational Parkway-Directories of case studies on inspirational words, phrases and thoughts in the USA.The directory of addresses of subject matter in Tally’s World is as follows.4)74 House of Events Cir...In the process of further clarification of purpose, I will present the mission of my articles and the introduction of a directory of addresses of subject matter which occupies real estate along the informational highway in Tally’s World to expedite and enhance your reading experience.

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Creating a Friendship Culture Essay (Critical Writing)

4 Mayo, Thriving Youth Groups, 98.I will be the first person to address every challenge affecting my youth ministry.2 Mayo, Thriving Youth Groups, 65.1 Jeanne Mayo, Thriving Youth Groups: Secrets for Growing Your Ministry (New York: Simply Youth Ministry, 2004), 46.The leaders should love and welcome every student4.

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Convocation Script

We welcome our dean, Respected Mr. Rahul Karad and our chief guest for the evening, noted director Mr. Sachin Kundalkar for this occasion.V.Karad sir’s address .We, the students of MIT-ISBJ Batch 04, warmly welcome you to the convocation ceremony of batch 03.And we very enthusiastically welcome back the super personalities for whom this evening has been set up, our prolific seniors of MIT-ISBJ Batch 03.National Anthem and End of Formal Convocation Ceremony .

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A Speech On The Cerebral Penitentiary

Wallace urges the graduating students to hold the value of their education in high regard and make proper use of it when thinking critically (Wallace 2).On May 21, 2005 Kenyon College graduation welcomed David Foster Wallace, an American novelist, for their commencement address.While Wallace’s warning targeted the graduating class, his speech can be viewed to be just as effective to the other individuals in attendance, which would include the parents/families of graduates and the university faculty and staff in attendance.While Wallace also has his own liberal arts degree, his status alone does not convince his audience to consider what he had to say was worth listening to.Wallace believed that this warning was what truly mattered and wa...

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Internal Communication from our new Chief Executive Officer Doug McMillon

WWD: Women’s Wear Daily, 208(33), 2-1. .I have an outside firm to check on a few processes that we have internally to address some of the issues that we have been seeing with our inabilities to stock shelves for our US stores in a timely fashion for our customers.Target Ceo Discusses Personalization.Berfield, S. (2013).He plans on discussing how our operations in Canada are going, how he plans to attack such issues as the data breach and will have a Q/A Session after.

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Kenney’s Inaugural Address Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Within his repetition were statements that juxtapose positive and negatives ideas of how he will execute his goals, Kennedy’s address conveys his objectives for the future to his audience.Without logic and reasoning, his address wouldn’t be as inspiring.John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address in January 20, 1961 was a good representation of the enormous amount of things that were taking place in that setting.Kennedy’s inaugural address enlightened America and the world on his goals for his presidency; within his speech he used a form of comparing and contrasting, repetition, and exposition.Then Kennedy puts even more responsibility on Americans by stating, “only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom” and asking Am...

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Essay on My Teaching Philosophy

Being energetic and fresh with creative, new ideas will keep my students alert and eagerly awaiting the next class, or activity.Those discussions will enable me to know how well the students understand the material.I will encourage them to explain their thought processes to enhance their ability to communicate mathematically.It will be a comfortable environment where everyone feels welcome and learning is inevitable.They will explore the world of math and stumble upon the objectives for the day.

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Middle School Essay

Again, welcome to Roberto Clemente Middle School and thank you for your trust in what our school can offer for your children.This can actively give you insights and ideas of his/her standing compared to other students.Likewise, it can encourage sharing of opinions and thoughts on issues significant for your child’s growth.This can help them address further your children’s needs and develop a better learning environment in the classroom.Even if there are problems encountered along the way, your efforts and inputs have been vital to create new methods and alternatives to address these issues.

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Wedding Speech from the Father of the Bride

At our silver wedding celebrations, we brought the box down from the loft, you know the one with the wedding album , order of service sheets etc.I also came across these (produce two L Plates) As I said I’m fully qualified now and I was going to throw them away, but then I thought I know who could do with these (give one each to the bride and groom.)My Mother was born Molly Robson and became a Bartle , now fifty years later it’s typical of Claire to address the inbalance.So ladies and Gentlemen would you please be upstanding… the toast is Mr and Mrs Robson.And I would like to mention Doris, Claire’s grandmother, who died just a month ago, she was so looking forward to seeing Claire walking down the aisle today but unfortunately she succu...

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The Phoenix hospital Essay

Backup can help keep hold of important data in the event of the system being destroyed.Record Structure Patient Table Field Name Data Type Field Length/ Format Validation Rule Input Mask Patient id AutoNumber Long Integer Title Text 5  Forname Text 50- Surname Text 50  gender Text .Validating data in the database will help keep it in good working order and make it easy to search for data when needed.Loan ID Number Long Integer  Item ID Text 50 Returned Yes/No  Figure 6 Loan Table Record Structure Design of Forms Patient Form Figure 7 Design of Patient Form Equipment Details Form Figure 8 Design of Equipment Details Form Welcome Screen Form Figure 9 Design of Welcome Screen Repair Form Figure 10 Design of Repair Table Design of Reports ...

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Agricultural Revolution Essay

Within 20 years of study and experimenting, bioengineering has triggered thousands of applications for experimental foods within the US Patent Office and generated many genetically modified foods for market.Welcome to the age of an agricultural revolution as everyday biotechnology continues to bring innovation to human’s most basic needs – food.Sparked by a 1980 US Supreme court ruling [1], the 5-4 decision allowing a patent on a microbe for commercialization, the idea to genetically modify and patent organisms became popular for agricultural business to invest in.Allowing alteration of our foods to enter common practice, bioengineering industries promises a future of GM(Genetically Modified) foods that addresses our common needs and pro...

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Sundays at the Garage Analysis Essay

“The church has a pressed tin ceiling… [from the] 19 th century” which “distort[s the] view of the river and green mountains”, by painting a picture of the church’s antique physique, it is to be interpreted that Kimbell is suggesting that tradition is getting in the way of practicality, and perhaps blurring other’s full understanding of what is being taught.Kimbell soon returns to the primary location, Tom’s garage, describing how it is “smaller”, and how “nobody passes the plate” while visiting there, although “pretty good advice” is sure to be obtained.By stating this, Kimbell proposes the thought of the church being a bigger, and perhaps more flamboyant place, where they stick to the proper way of doing things and “pass the plate”, pu...

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Foundation Day Anchoring Essay

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all on the 8th Foundation Day of our school.Just ask UNIVERSE for help and we see wonders.Now its time for a very special performace by the jhankar beats group..mam, u Truly justified the characteristics of a great dancer – Elegance,poise,strength ,gracefulness everything.. .I think they have truly spread the spiritual vibes this eve creating a state of trance with their magnetic performance.

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Humorous Wedding Speech from the Father of the Bride

He is really likable and easy going, and we are happy to welcome him formally into our family.Winston Churchill was apparently asked to address a prep school and he got up and said, “Never, Never, Never give up!” then he sat down.These are: I was wrong!Humorous Wedding Speech from the Father of the Bride Distinguished guests, those of dubious distinction and those of no distinction, family, relatives, in-laws and outlaws, young and old, friends, friends of friends, freeloaders and hangers-on – let me extend a warm welcome to Meradith and Naren’s wedding reception celebration.You’ll both have to work at it, like many of us.

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Develop Procedures and Practice to respond to Concerns and Complaints

I have included a section in the ‘Welcome Pack’ specifically on complaints and how to go about making a formal complaint should the need arise.I can also explore any areas that a member of staff might feel they need to re address.2.4 Ensure information on how to raise concerns and make complaints is available in acceptable formats In my home I have made sure that all service users and visitors are made aware that they are welcome and encouraged to give feedback whenever they feel that it is necessary.In the ‘Welcome pack’ a quote from national minimum care standards about how complaints in included, this demonstrates that not only do we care about complaints and feedback that service users and visitors to the home have, but we are requir...

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Subculture of Violence Theory in Today’s Society Essay

The Subculture of Violence: Towards an integrated theory in criminology.Belmont, CA: Thomas Higher Education.New York, NY: Springer Publishing.Wolfgang, M. & Ferracuti, F. (1967).Wolfgang, M. & Silverman, R. (2002).

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Intramurals Essay Example Essay

The event become more meaningful and exciting that compressed of series of skill competition such as Dance showdown, Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, Sepak Takraw, Tag of War ,Chess and Table Tennis.Virgillo B. Galido, VSSL Principal defined SPORT during his welcome address in the ceremony and the awarding of winners held at the SSCT quadrangle last September 15,2012.In the last night of the intramurals awarding and closing ceremony the STATS club was considered as champion in the club organization showdown.An atmosphere of fiesta smothered the air as the talented students shown their best to defeat and show their best on every games and part of the program.However, engeneereing (female) the was proclaimed champion in the ball games.De...

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New Hire Communication Worksheet

If you are unable to attend please email [email protected] The new employee orientation will cover topics that may answer questions about getting started with our company.If you are unable to attend please email [email protected] The new employee orientation will cover topics that may answer questions about getting started with our company.Several topics were covered during the interview process, and I would like to address certain aspects of your employment, including the compensation package for this position.Step 3b: Final Message for Submission .ABC-HR Manager .

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Women Security

Intergovernmental bodies dealing with peace support operations have increasingly become aware of the importance of incorporating gender perspectives into the ir work, including the Security Council and the Sp ecial Committee on Peacekeeping Operations.This Special Committee first placed an item on gender mainstreaming on its agenda Introduction at its session in 1999 and has since kept gender mainstreaming and gender balance issues under review.There have been a series of positive initiatives by the United Nations in addressing HIV/AIDS in conflict situations, including Security Council resolution 1308 (2000) on HIV/AIDS and international peacekeeping operations.In 1996, the Secretary -General’s study 30 on the impact of armed conflict o...

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I Am A Black Immigrant Woman Essay examples

As an ambassador, my duties included welcoming incoming international students to the university and helping them settle into campus life.As a graduate student, I was president of the Psychology Graduate and Student Organization and continued to promote a welcoming and inclusive campus at UML.... attention on those, who, as bell hooks wonderfully stated, fall on the margins of multiple marginalized identities; those whose experiences with oppression fall at the intersection of multiple forms of oppression in this society.This award reflects my interest in social change and my efforts so far in advocating for social justice issues.... middle of paper ... .

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Stylistic analysis of the extract from “Ragtime”

He addresses several major social changes in turn-of-the-century America in his novel Ragtime.He conveys the effects of these changes through the reactions of the characters.Some characters welcome and accept change, while other reject and struggle with it.The plot of this extract is around Coalhouse Walker, the black musician from Harlem.and his beloved white woman Sarah.The point that makes him be more convinced is that he sees his own child in that house.

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Unmasking the Superficial Hierarchy of the Church in Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown

The Church can be like the devil, telling us people are evil and that we should look down upon some, yet almost worship others.Hawthorne makes clear the Puritan paradox of believing that everyone is evil, yet giving power and superiority to supposed "divine" religious men.Brown coming back with the idea that everyone was evil led him to be very unhappy.In the last sentence of the story, we see that Brown dies alone, a miserable man: "they carved no hopeful verse upon his tombstone; for his dying hour was gloom."In Hawthorne's hell, the Puritanical condemnation of people is taken to the extreme, and thus proven nonsensical.

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Partnership with Parents Essay

Parents should always talk directly with the teacher about the problem.This can be a real issue and preschool teacher should assess whether hi or she is in a position to address this.Childcare staff should to help parents and children to feel welcome when they first arrive at the setting for e. g. parents and visitors are given a friendly welcome by staff; an attractive display in the entrance area showing some of the recent activities that children have been involved in; information showing the names of staff, with their photographs.An increasing number of parents do not speak English as a first language so they are unable to understand communications from the preschool.Aim for practitioners should be to achieve an open, supportive rela...

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Essay about Greek Xenia in The Odyssey

Despite being the most hospitable group, the Phaeacians ended up being punished more than most./ Here in our house you'll find a royal welcome.Odysseus didn't display the best hospitality at moments, such as when he skewered the Cyclops's eye and then taunted him about it, but even he ended up being punished when he had acts of bad hospitality.As stated before, the women were able to get away with wrongdoings.His address to Athena shows right away that he is an extremely hospitable character.

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