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Subject-Verb Agreement in Sindhi and English Essay

In Sindhi language, verbs come after the object of the sentence, while in English language verbs come before the object of the sentence.In Sindhi, the agreement is said to be a ‘Nisbatoon’ or ‘Paryoog’, Paryoog of Sindhi language is taken from Sanskrit language which means “Nisbatoon‟ or “Melap”, or we can say agreement in English language.Syntax in action, verb agreement in Sindhi language.Grammar of the Sindhi language compared with Sanskrit and Prakrit.In Sindhi language, preposition comes after the object, while in the English language object comes after preposition.

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Culture Of Pakistan

National Dress .The national dress is Shalwar Qameez for both men and women.The Urdu language has a rich tradition of poetry and includes the famous poets Dr. Allama Iqbal (national poet), Mirza Ghalib, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Ahmad Faraz, Habib Jalib, Jazib Qureshi, and Ahmad Nadeem Qasimi.Over a period of time, a body of literature unique to Pakistan has emerged in nearly all major Pakistani languages, including Urdu, English, Punjabi, Pashto, Seraiki, Balochi, and Sindhi.Today, there are over a hundred radio stations due to more liberal media regulations.

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Languages in Pakistan Essay

The 1973 Constitution provides in paragraph 3 of its article 251 that a provincial assembly can grant official status to a regional language "without prejudice to the official language".Seraiki is considered there as an autonomous language, unlike previous censuses.In 2010, the CIA World Factbook gives a slightly different estimate: Punjabi 48%, Sindhi 12%, seraiki 10%, Pashto 8%, Urdu 8% and Balochi 3%.Still according to the 1998 census, Pashto is the second most widely spoken language in the country, representing nearly 15.4% of the population.The third most widely spoken language in the country is Sindhi, originating in the province of Sindh.

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The Status and Role of Regional Languages in Higher Education in Pakistan

The study also shows a language spread in English due to the highly positive attitudes to English as an international language and Urdu as the national language, displayed by students and teachers, and other factors such as mass media, information technology, commerce etc.The results also show that the urban Sindhi-speaking students have almost similar competency in mother tongue (51%) as in Urdu (49%), but with far more Sindhi students using Urdu with their families (77%) than their mother tongue Sindhi (25%), thus displaying a trend towards a language shift to Urdu.The results of the study reveal that availability of materials in Sindhi is also very low, keeping in view that Sindh is the only province where the regional language is bei...

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Causes Of Failure Of National Integration In Pakistan Politics Essay

Different diameter such as religion, language, territory and caste, give birth violent conflicts among different ethnic identities of Pakistan.In 1971 Sindhi ethnic movement was one of the most aware and sound movement of the different identities of Sindhis.But the political Elite in Pakistan made all efforts to made Urdu, the mother tongue and a spoken language of only 4 percent of the people of Pakistan, as the only state language.Syed, Mumtaz Bhutto, Rasul Baksh Palejo, Qadir Magsi and other Sindhi nationalists against the inherently Sindhi-oriented Benazir regimes during 1988-90 and 1993-96, and the Zardari regime 2008-12. .The non Sindhi population have been multiplied various large scale movement of industrial labour from all parts...

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Holy Shrines in Khairpur Essay

His real name was Abdul Wahab and “Sachal” was his nickname.Khairpur district is divided into eight Tehsils.Sachal Sarmasts poems are sung by local singers in Sindhi and Urdu, His Shrine is in Daraza near Ranipur that is visited by thousands of Devotees from the whole Pakistan and different parts of the Sub-continent as well.One such site is the site of Kot Diji and opposite to it is the giant citadel at the top of the hill beside National Highway.He spread the message of love for humanity through poetry.

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The Culture Of Pakistan Cultural Studies Essay

Generally, women who are know each other they kiss and hug as greeting while men who know each other they often hug each other as a form of welcome Pakistanis take their time during greetings and ask about the person’s health and their family.The local language is called Pakistani English.A body of literature became unique and Pakistan has emerged in nearly all major languages of Pakistan is Urdu, English, Punjabi, Pashto, Seraiki, Balochi and Sindhi... A common language could create natural understanding to such an extent that speaker and listener comes together at one cultural level.There are main two common languages are urdu and English and other languages are Punjabis, Pasto, Sindhi, and Balochi and other regional languages are Sar...

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Cultures of Pakistan Essay

Language: The people belonging to Baloch tribe speak balochi language.The beauty of Shah’s verses is enhanced by his blending of traditional Indian rag with the Sindhi folk songs and music.Waris Shah, whose contribution to Punjabi literature is best-known for his seminal work in Heer Ranjha, known as Shakespeare of Punjabi language.Arts and Music: Sindhi society is dominated by great Sufis, the mystics and the martyrs.(all over Sindh) is also true, around 1200 years ago when Jaina Dakshiniya Chihna (778 A.D.) described the distinguished features of Sindhi’s in this way: “Elegant, with a lovely, soft and slow gait, they are fond of the art of harvas (that is, songs, music and dancing) and full affection towards their country.” Sindhi’s ce...

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Karachi Essay

Other places to see are: Masjid E Tooba, Frere Hall, Clifton Beach, Mohatta Museum, Pakistan Air Force Museum, Wazir Mansion, etc.According to scientists, from the moment the workers work in these landfills, their life expectancy does not exceed ten years.Karachi is also one of the few places in Pakistan that offers opportunities for women and it is not surprising to see a woman driving a taxi or working in a profession usually reserved for men.The Lyari River, located near a dumping ground, is now just a open air.Perhaps the most famous monument in the city of Karachi is the Mausoleum of Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

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Culture Diversity In Pakistan Cultural Studies Essay

The predominant profession of rural Sindhi population is agriculture.This decision caused the first language riots in Pakistan in 1948 in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh).The southern parts of Punjab that are inhabited by the Seraiki people, produces Pakistan’s best mangoes and cotton but the life of ordinary person is difficult.Due to economic hardships that ordinary people face, the women are economically active and contribute to the household incomes through their work as farm labour and cattle farmers.Despite being the language of a small minority it was declared the National language of Pakistan.

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Pakistani Art and Culture Essay

Balochi, Sindhi, Punjabi, Seraiki, and Pashto poetry have all incorporated and influenced Pakistani poetry.Thus the most important contribution of the Muslim rulers to this land is a new language ‘Urdu’ which became the national language of Pakistan since its independence in 1947. .The national language of Pakistan is Urdu, while English is the official language of the country, widely spoken and understood.The most important contribution of the Muslim rulers to this land, however, is a new language ‘Urdu’ which became the national language of Pakistan since its independence in 1947. .The major regional languages are Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto, Baluchi, Saraiki and Hindko.

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Benazir Bhutto’s Personal Life Essay

May Her Soul Rest In Peace,Amen .At the time of her death, Bialawal was only 19, still an undergraduate at Oxford.Later that year, President Musharraf resigned, and Asif Ali Zardari was elected President of Pakistan.Meanwhile, the PPP entered into a broad coalition, including the party of Bhutto’s former rival Nawaz Al-Sharif, and scored an overhelming victory in the 2008 election.She was the eldest child of former prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, a Pakistani of Sindhi descent.

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Importance of Karachi in Pakistani literature Essay

They are suffering from 1947 till now.They refer back to 1947 because all of this started from that point.All they do is hope for a positive region where they can live happily, where they are not taunted for being a muhajir, where they can live a peaceful life according to their own will and all these things are highlighted by the second generation writers.And the old women gathering faggots .Soft city: individualized interpretation of city.

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Urdu Essay

In Asia, Indonesian is a vehicular language, a synthesis of Malay languages, very close to the Malay spoken in Malaysia, and which has become the national language of Indonesia.The gap with Hindi tended to widen after the separation of India and Pakistan (1947) due to a "repersanization" of the language and an elimination of Sanskrit terms.Urdu or Urdu (autonym: اُردُو, urdū or لشکری, lashkari, in a longer form lashkari zūban لشکری ​​زبان) is a language belonging to the Indo-Iranian group of the Indo-European language family .Urdu is also the official language of the states of Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Jammu and Kashmir, and Uttar Pradesh, as well as the national capital, Delhi.In India, Urdu is also an official language recognized by the C...

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Official languages of India Essay

The policy giving as the status of the only main official language of the Union to Hindi within the federal government, alongside English as a second language of work and communication between central offices applies throughout the Union (with the notable exception of the state of Tamil Nadu where central government offices are authorized to use the official language of that state, including in their communications with the central government, which has the responsible for producing translations into Hindi or the official language of that State).The current position is that the government of India continues to use English in addition to Hindi for its official needs, as an official secondary language, while asking to set up and carry out ...

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Culture of Pakistan Essay

Among the most impressive is the Badshahi Mosque, which was for a long time the second largest mosque in the world, made of red brick and white marble with inlaid mosaics, and arguably one of the most beautiful mosques in the world.There is also the Shalimar bagh, the famous Shalimar gardens dating from the Mughal era, when Lahore was the imperial city.The Intangible Cultural Heritage program (UNESCO, 2003) has included in its representative list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity (as of 12/01/2016): .The great representative of Pakistani Sufi music is Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, who made the art of qawwali known to the whole world.Pakistan also has a rich architectural heritage inherited from the Mughals.

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Indian Literature Essay

Indian literature, writings of the Indian subcontinent, produced there in a variety of languages, including Sanskrit, Prakrit, Pali, Bengali, Bihari, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri, Malayalam, Oriya, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, and Sindhi.Bengali is the second most commonly spoken language in India (after Hindi).18 Sindhi literature * 2.Main article: Indian English literature Further information: Indian English In the 20th century, several Indian writers have distinguished themselves not only in traditional Indian languages but also in English, a language inherited from the British.Urdu and Sindhi are other exceptions, having arisen out of an Islamic background.

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Various Languages in India Essay

This is especially so for many ‘mother tongues’ with tens of millions of speakers that are officially grouped under the ‘language’ Hindi.There is no consensus for a specific time where the modern north Indian languages such as Hindi-Urdu, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Sindhi and Oriya emerged, but AD 1000 is commonly accepted.Many ‘mother tongues’ so defined would be considered a language rather than a dialect by linguistic standards.Three millennia of language contact has led to significant mutual influence among the four language families in India and South Asia.[4] The constitution of India states that “The official language of the Union shall be Hindi in Devanagari script.”[5] Neither the Constitution of ...

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Speech on Indian Cuisine

While Sindh is not geographically a part of modern India, its food is there,[93] where a sizeable number of Sindhi people who are Hindu by religion migrated following the Partition of India, especially in Sindhi enclaves such as Ulhasnagar and Gandhidam.Lotus stem (called as kamal kakri) is also used in sindhi dishes.Sindhi cuisine refers to the native cuisine of the Sindhi people from the Sindh region, now in Pakistan.Sugar, spices and nuts are added for flavour.[113] * Rabri: Rabri is a sweet, condensed milk based dish made by boiling the milk on low heat for a long time until it becomes dense and changes its color to pinkish.

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Ethnic Groups in Pakistan Essay

I am indebted to Ahmed Shah and Ayub Shiekh for organising one of the most entertaining as well as productive trips to Hyderabad where they arranged meetings with Ibrahim Joyo and Rasul Bux Palejo and other Sindhi nationalists.Sindhi Ethnic Nationalism: Migration, Marginalisation, and the Threat of ‘Indianisation’ Mohajir Ethnic Nationalism: El Dorado gone Sour!Table of Contents Declaration Acknowledgments Abstract 11 iii iv Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Introduction Nationalism and the State Colonisation of the State in India Nationalisation of the Colonial State in Pakistan Pukhtun Ethnic Nationalism: From Separatism to Integrationism Baloch Ethnic Nationalism: From Guerilla War to Nowhere?1 24 45 67 99 13...

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English as a Second Language

Not being fluent in English was already a problem, but then I also had to face a very different language, Slang.As a conclusion, learning English as a second language has been very challenging, but having some basic knowledge before moving to the United States made it a bit easier.My story is somewhat similar where I wanted English to become my second language and my wish to learn it as a skill set because it is a commonly used language across the world and relevant to American culture.Learning English as a second language is challenging and overwhelming, but having enough motivation can make it easier to achieve anything.Page numbers 2 – 4.

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Biryani cuisine

Other types were: .It has Irani influence and has come through spice route.Bhatkali biryani are popular in the west nd parts in balochistan.However, unlike its Sindhi counterpart it uses less tomatoes and artificial food colorations.‘’Kashmiris use asafoetida in Biryani, which is unique, and all the ingredients are marinated overnight.” .

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Ethnic Groups in Pakistan Essay

The third chapter endeavours to explicate the difference between pre-colonial and colonial state in India as well as the way the colonial state despite being modem was different from the modem state system in the west.Throughout, the focus remains on the ethnic groups’ distance from and proximity to the state system as the major factor in determining their relationships.I am indebted to Ahmed Shah and Ayub Shiekh for organising one of the most entertaining as well as productive trips to Hyderabad where they arranged meetings with Ibrahim Joyo and Rasul Bux Palejo and other Sindhi nationalists.At a Crossroads as Ever Before!1 24 45 67 99 133 Chapter 7 158 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 201 238 References Appendix A Interviews 244 259 VI The whole is...

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Importance of education in Pakistan

Now, the result is that throughout the country Sindhi students are understood the out come of copy culture and basic rights in every walk of life are denied to them, because however, they may be genius and creators but the fact remained that they lack in management and unable move the economy of the country just because they bear a title of COPY CULTURE.Without teachers’ transformation a nation cannot transform the education system for improving the quality of education.In this regard, a series of education reforms in the area of teacher education were introduced in the public sector but their vision seemed to be narrow, hence, they failed to make any substantial impact on the quality of teachers and teaching process.Education system of ...

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Punjab Essay

The province is divided into 36 districts.List of some universities: .Most of the universities in the country are located in the Punjab, some of which are very reputable.Punjab is one of the most educated provinces in Pakistan, with a literacy rate of 59%.Most are located in Lahore, but there are also many in Rawalpindi and Faisalabad for example.

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Culture of Pakistan Essay

(Quoted Pakistan’s Identity, History and Culture, from the famous book Gwadar on the Global Chessboard by Nadir Mir) .“Pakistan’s culture is again unique like the rest of the country.Rural areas of Pakistan are regarded as more conservative, and are dominated by regional tribal customs dating back hundreds if not thousands of years.Its culture could be termed as a combination of sub continental, Islamic, Regional, English, and more recently global influences.Traditional family values are highly respected and considered sacred, although urban families increasingly form nuclear families, owing to socio-economic constraints imposed by the traditional culture of the extended family.

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Macro environmental factors Essay

I saw people having dinner at 6 pm where back home people started cooking for dinner at 8 30 but later I found myself following the same routine.People here are so sports oriented which let me improve my game of basketball as I learned a lot of new techniques of play.c Accents: Eastern and Western culture don’t only differ in language but differ in the accent they have as well .In this one year I learned so much about the different cultures of the world and how to socialize or a have a good conversation with people of different cultures which inspired me a lot, that now I want to travel all around the world and make friends.Life was bit tough in the beginning I had hard time making friends but as the time passed I learned a lot about A...

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Course Of Identity Crisis Of People Of Pakistan History Essay

And as identity is not a fixed entity but progresses with time, our identities must progress as well.Thus the Pakistanis trace back their ethnicity from many different origins such as mongals, Afghan, Persians, Arabs and then Sindhi, Punjabi, Pathan and so on.After facing protest from East Pakistan it was declared the national language alongside Urdu, engendering anger in other provinces.However a positive side was seen with 93% of the sample affirming Urdu as the national language and 80% believing that a revolution and true democracy can save Pakistan.The second type of identity crisis set in when Pakistani government decided to make Urdu the national language, which wasn’t as widely accepted as was expected.

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The Climate Of Qamber Shahdadkot District History Essay

The inhabitants of the region are chiefly Balochi and Sindhi who belong to Brahui tribe and they survive by flock graze.It should be made clear to the police that they are on duty for the security of the people of the district.Regarding police involvement in supplying arms and ammunition to criminals, Tareen replied, “It is nothing but propaganda against the police.” .Sindh police needs to take serious actions against tribes who have criminals in them and who create this turbulence.Museums of Natural Science and archaeology antiquites but these are personal museums of Shafqat Hussain Wadho, Comrade Wali Muhammad Manganhar and Sheikh Javed Ali Sindhi.

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Bhojpuri Cinema

The story reflected author’s personal experience in Lahore during the India-Pakistan Partition in 1947. .* Cinema of India * Assamese cinema * Badaga cinema * Bengali cinema (West Bengal) * Bhojpuri cinema * Gujarati cinema * Hindi cinema * Kannada cinema * Konkani cinema * Malayalam cinema * Marathi cinema * Oriya cinema * Punjabi cinema * Tamil cinema (Tamil Nadu) * Telugu cinema * Tulu cinema * Cinema of Bangladesh * Bengali cinema (Bangladesh) * Cinema of Nepal * Cinema of Sri Lanka * Tamil cinema (Sri Lanka) * Cinema of Pakistan * Karachi cinema * Lahore cinema * Pashto cinema * Pothwari cinema * Sindhi cinema| In 1960s, The first President of India, Rajendra Prasad, who hailed from Bihar met Producer Bishwanath Prasad Shahabadi and...

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