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Building Links Between Refugees and the Community

The Refugee Welcome Zone is an initiative of the RCOA and currently involves 87 Councils around the country.These services are primarily delivered through federal and state contracts such as: Humanitarian Settlement Services, Adult Migrant English Program, Skills for Education and Employment Program, Victorian Training Guarantee and Job Services Australia ( AMES, 2014 ).REFUGEE WELCOME ZONES, L. C. B.( Refugee Welcome Zones, 2013 ).REFUGEE COUNCIL OF AUSTRALIA, S. C. I. G. D. 2012.

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Geography Essay

The advantages to Australia from trade are that it strengthens ties with other countries, producing less risk of war.Australia has had billions of dollars of economic growth since its beginning of international trade.In conclusion, Australia has received great economic growth, multiculturism and friendly relations through its cultural, economic and geopolitical ties with other nations through trade.Advantages in trading products include Australia selling coal to China and Japan in high prices while in return Australia imports cheap toys produced by China and high-value products such as cars made in Japan.But we have also had inferior product, exploitation of labour and products and disagreements through such trade.

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capital punishment Essay

The then Australian Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, went so far as to describe the death penalty as “barbaric”.[1] In early March 2003 the PM told US television that he would welcome the death penalty for Osama Bin Laden.There won’t be any protest from Australia”.'I personsally have never supported the death penalty buit int he case of Osama bin Laden, I don't think that too many years would be shed if he was executed, bearing in mind all the people he's responsible for killing."Australia’s longstanding position Australia has traditionally taken a strong principled stand against capital punishment.

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Italian Immigration to Australia Essay

As mentioned before the bulk of migration was post WWII, this saw many single men coming to Australia and then organising “Proxy” marriages, “proxy marriages” were a ceremony in which the groom was substituted, it often took place in the brides home country before she migrated to meet her real husband across the great divide.Finally I discussed some options of which I believe the government should take in order to slowly better the quality of life in Australia, for all immigrants from around the world.In this essay I have discussed the history of Italian immigration such as why they immigrated, how they got here, what life was like in Australia, their jobs, hobbies, what they brought into Australia and much more.All of these factors will...

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Race, ethnicity, prejudice: white Australia policy Essay

Part 2 The White Australia Policy (1880’s – 1940’s) Australia as we know it today is a result of careful political planning and construction to create a particular kind of society.The government shifted focus from making ‘them’ like ‘us’ to educating the Australian public to accept and welcome the new changes and the need to change attitudes to be less fearful and negative to more tolerant.While there is no easy answer to any of the issues Australia is faced with today, a new form of multiculturalism with an even bigger focus on unity, respect and mindfulness is needed in progressing forward.The White Australia policy.Following is a brief discussion on how successive government policies and non-government organisations have tried to deal...

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I am Australian- What it means to be Australian- Speech Essay

Whether we talk about food, culture or values we have the best mix to complement the other unique features of Australia.Only in Australia.To me it is harmony of all ethnic entities on earth.Uluru survived a unique environment for thousands of years, but it has stayed strong just like, as a nation who struggled to stay alive, but had overcome all the difficulties of our convict past.All in all the beautiful but complex marine life living in harmony sharing crystal clear waters of the uniquely Australian, Great Barrier Reef, symbolizes how we live in harmony with the people of this wonderful country of ours.

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The Contentious Issues Of Australian Multiculturalism Sociology Essay

“There are still challenges in Australia, with research showing some second-generation migrants still feel disconnected and don’t identify themselves as Australian.”(Kathy Novak & SBS Radio , 2011)The chasm between different cultures may lead to cultural conflicts.To sum up, the policy of multiculturalism is a controversial issue, because it got positive and negative impacts in Australia.Some of them can not do anything for the country, so it is a big problem for Australia.International students in Australia can enjoy the advantage of multicultural society, the Australian people are very friendly, they are welcome overseas students to blend in their community and make new friends.In the other hand, multiculturalism also got some nega...

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Describe the human characteristics that make Australia unique

Indigenous people alone occupied Australia until 1788, they inhabited Australia for at least 50,000 years before the first white settlers arrived causing the Indigenous people in the population to decline.Australia is one of the world’s driest inhabited continents, with a larger proportion of desert than any other continent.Since 1945, immigration from Southern-European nations, such as Greece and Italy, and more recently from Asian nations has turned Australia into one of the most multicultural countries in the world.Australia is a developed country with busy cities and highly productive farms and mines.Since the census, Indigenous Australians have been included as part of Australia.

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“Dawn is at Hand” by Kath Walker Essay

It won’t just be a split second touch between the two hands, as proven in line ‘fringe dwellers no more.’ .As the first line of the poem states ‘first Australian race’ the aboriginals are the original people of Australia, but yet they feel outcast in their own land.‘The grip of the hand’ is a metaphor that signifies that the hand shake between the white Australians and aboriginals will be powerful, stronger and meaning full.She made a clear statement that the future Australian society will not be the same shameful past, and Aboriginals will be just as important as the white Australians.The author repeats this line to emphasise their rightful belonging and their move to mainstream everyday Australians.

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Why overseas students choose to study at Australian universities Essay

International students who study in Australia gain their education and experience in an environment that is friendly and at an affordable cost.Many international students also move to Australia to acquire education is the fact that lifestyle in Australia is much interesting and cheaper as compared to lifestyle in other countries.The three main reasons, which make people to move to Australia to undertake their studies, include the quality of education in Australia, which is high and recognized by many countries.The local people in Australia are also very friendly and welcoming to foreigners.References Ong, D. (2009) The International Students’ Handbook: Living and Studying in Australia, Sydney, UNSW Press pg 21-24. .

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Food Is More Than What We Eat Essay

For example in China on Chinese New Year, moon cakes are eaten, while in Australia, citizens have BBQs on Australia Day and eat ANZAC biscuits on ANZAC day.People like to eat whether it is at home or in restaurants in groups, where they not only enjoy the food together but can also start up conversations.For some families during dinner time may be the only time where they sit together and talk about their day.On a larger scale, food and global factors has allowed people of different backgrounds and cultures to accept and understand each other’s cultures.Some of these traditions in terms of culture can be having rice has your main staple for most Asian cultures, while in Australia they have many different staples ranging from bread to gra...

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Attitudes Towards Jewish Migration to Australia in the 1930s Essay

These tensions remained during the war when the Government placed restrictions on the freedoms of Jewish people, who were considered a threat to the security of Australia.The underlying feelings of Australians throughout this period were of anxiety, apprehension and hostility which ultimately impacted on the attitude of Australia towards migrants.This change in policy made it increasingly difficult for Jewish people to migrate to Australia as Peter Witting found when he and his family applied to leave Shanghai for Australia in 1947. .From 1947 onwards the refugee immigration program ceased to exist and so the ability to migrate to Australia was determined by the suitability of the person for employment in Australia.With a large increas...

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Aboriginal And Indigenous Peoples History Essay

Some of the Incan traditions still remained whereas the Europeans tried to change the Aboriginal traditions.The results of colonisation for the indigenous people of Australia compared to the Incas, the indigenous people of the Andean Area, had varying results.The Peruvians to this day, still acknowledge and treat the descendants from the Incas well, whilst some of the people of Australia, didn’t treat the Aboriginals like they should have, which ended up with a Sorry Day to the Aboriginals.The Europeans struggled to put up a fight with the Aboriginals, and eventually won with a result of the land being colonised by them until this very day as well as them having a place to put their convicts for that time.The experience of colonisation f...

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A Look At Aboriginal Spirituality Religion Essay

National Council of Churches in Australia (NCCA) is an immense organisation that helps and supports ecumenical developments in every state in Australia through several councils such as the NSW Ecumenical Council.In conclusion, ecumenical development and interfaith dialogue are very important in Australia since they are two of Australia’s most powerful driving forces towards national unity, peace and harmony.The common need and view of religion around the world has resulted to an increase in the search for cooperation and unity since 1945 in Australia.These assist Australia by providing it with a positive reputation in charitable work, ‘These projects show how the kindness of Australians can make a practical difference in the lives of peo...

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Impact of Technology in Australians' Lives Essay

From invitro fertilisation to autopsy, people’s lives in Australia are potentially subject to scrutiny.Murray, E 2006 ‘Jail for “greedy” con woman’, The Age, September 22.In the Australian case however, t... .Viewed 19th of October 2006 ....to complete your census form 2006 Australian Bureau of Statistics, Canberra.

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Effect of Dispossession on Aboriginal Spirituality

These assist Australia by providing it with a positive reputation in charitable work, “These projects show how the kindness of Australians can make a practical difference in the lives of people very far from our shores” Some of these projects, like House of Welcome, are vital in Australia as they support refugees that have been newly released in Australia by providing them with accommodation and employment.There is strong evidence of interfaith dialogue in Australia and this has been depicted in acts of cooperation between religious traditions in Australia.In 2001, the Catholic and Protestant churches united in Australia for the National Church Life Survey where 500,000 adherents from 20 different denominations actively participated in....

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Margaret Atwood “Spotty Handed Villainesses”

->This shows the commemoration of those unknown soldiers, affect us deeply, in a an emotional way, inevitably uniting us.Listing of occupation: “…not the generals and politcians, but the soldiers and sailors and nurses…” ->empowers the common man, a sense of victory from the war, eliminating hierarch, as Victory belongs to “all Australians” [unity] Critic: Siobhan Heanue ABC News 2011-> the eulogy Prime Minister Paul Keating delivered at the entombment of the Unknown Soldier brought to life the Memorial’s deepest purpose of remembrance and honour.“Compatible” Tone of thankfulness: creates recognition: “…abide in gratitude…” [Australia needs to recognise Swiss’s rescue efforts for unity and good political relations.Alliteration: ...

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The contemporary issue of technology Essay

As well as this, the rapid increase of the religion, most notably in Australia, will undoubtedly create an incline in discussion of gender issues as it is a nation based on equality and multiculturalism.Buddhism is now the fastest growing religion in Australia.In Australia; Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrana all assume the traditional practice and observation of the sacred texts and places.[13] Buddhism’s Impact and Appeal in the West, Culturescope Volume 79, April 2006 .[12] Buddhism’s Impact and Appeal in the West, Culturescope Volume 79, April 2006 .

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My journey to Canberra

So many cultures make up Canberra and it is showcased in this huge festival where there is music, food, instruments, clothes, dancing, and more.The climate, mountains, lakes, the parks, animals, and fresh air found in the city of Canberra, along with accessible public transport have all made Canberra one of the most inhabitable cities in the world as compared to China which lacks most of the natural environment.The university lecturers treated me with much respect than my university and I was even stunned when they served me food and drinks during a short welcome party for the first class sitting.This festival is a time to celebrate diversity and the many diverse cultures within Canberra, with not only family and friends but the whole Ca...

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Pros And Cons About Perth Tourism Development Tourism Essay

More than that, Western Australia also welcomed new hotel development in Perth.Indeed, Perth is the point of arrival in Australia for 70% of the state’s international visitors (Tourism Research Australia 2009).Tourism Western Australia will continue to assist investors to ensure quality hotel developments are built in the Perth central business district and regional Western Australia.From the statistics, Perth occupancy rates are still amongst the highest in Australia at 81 per cent.More than that, these education and training courses are often not keeping pace with the innovation and technological change in the workplace in Western Australia (Sommerville 2007).

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The post-war patterns and prospects concerning Asian migration to Australia

With the recent terrorist attacks and economy downturns, there might be another huge increase in immigrants for Australia.Since Second World War, the population of Australia has more than doubled, from 7.6 million at the 1947 Census to 16.8 million at June 1989, with almost 40% of this growth directly due to migration.5 However, during the first several decades of the twentieth century, the Immigration Restriction Act 1901, also known as the ‘White Australia Policy’, had prohibited migration by Asians.A prolonged program aimed at eliminating racial misunderstanding would be useful in making Australia a truly enlightened society free forever from the racist problem and attract more immigrants especially those from Asian countries.From the...

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Australia, Bran Nue Dae and the Stolen Generation Essay

However, Germaine Greer claims that Australia “bears more relation to fairytale than fact.” Greer goes on to say that “the fantasy is designed to promote the current government policy of reconciliation.” The fallacies and myths portrayed in the film truly hinders Luhrmann’s attempt at the apology to the Stolen Generation.Unfortunately, neither Australia nor Bran Nue Dae was entirely effective in their apology to the Stolen Generation.Australia is a piece of fiction that Luhrmann uses to convey a message of regret and sorrow for Australia’s history of Aboriginal abuse.It’s argued that Australia was “fraudulent and misleading” (Greer) while Bran Nue Dae “makes light of [the]…mistreatment of Aboriginal people.” (Howell) Luhrmann’s film Aust...

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Australias Involvement In The Vietnam War – Essay

Many people were thinking why wait until it’s too late and fight them when they invade our own land – let’s go out and meet this threat head on.Geographically, Vietnam is on Australia’s doorstep.Holt brought Australia in a very close relationship with America.Psychologically, Australia had been prepared for another war since the conflict in Korea.This reason is pretty straightforward and is linked to the fear of communism.

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Immigrant in Australia

The theme of Harmony Day this year (2012) is Everyone Belongs, which means that all Australians are welcome the arrival in the country, regardless of their background.Clearly, it is better to have just enough number of immigrants coming to Australia in terms of economic and political perspectives.In conclusion, apparently immigration has negative impacts both for Australia and immigrants such as immigration threating Australian identity and immigrants taking jobs from Australian.It was also states that younger workers are badly affected because 76 per cent of migrants aged under 30 years were paid lesser compared to the new graduates of Australia.Prospects for new graduates of computer science in Australia is less good because of the pre...

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Distribution Strategy Essay

Today there are more than 690 restaurants throughout Australia and serving in excess of one million customers per day and employing over 55,000 staff.Hence, McDonald’s are turning their stores into theatres that transport customers into unusual, exciting shopping environments that designed to meet the taste of target markets.On the other hand, McDonald’s opened its first restaurant in Australia in December 1971.The core of this presentation is to discuss the theory of distribution strategy with the underlying real life examples of McDonald’s fast-food restaurants in Australia.Adopting market study and focusing on location of franchise, MacDonald’s ensures market niche for food product distribution is a definite success story.

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Vietnam War – Paper Essay

There were public draft-card burnings, student sit ins and large noisy group demonstrations when the American President, Johnson visited Australia.Across Australia, it was estimated that 200,000 people were involved.The new prime minister of Australia enthusiastically declared that when it came to Vietnam, Australia was ‘all the way with LBJ’, which meant that Australia was willing to support the US in supporting the Vietnam War.They went out on streets to protest, fight, and hold moratoriums and as a result of these conflicts the troops were called back after 10 years and 60,000 soldiers fighting in the longest war Australia had been part of.As we see due to the fear of communism in Australia most Australian’s were ready to send troops ...

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A History of Oppression: the Mistreatment of Australian Aboriginals Essay

These new arrivals brought many changes to the native’s daily lives (Aboriginal Australia – EmbraceAustralia.For nearly 50,000 years, Australia has served as home to these ancient indigenous people (Aboriginal Australia – EmbraceAustralia.Though the journey has not been easy, the proud aboriginal natives of Australia now have a tale to tell about their fight against oppression lasting two centuries.Also, it is estimated that as a result of the white settlement more than 600,000 Aboriginal people had died from the spread of disease, malnutrition and poor living conditions (Racism in Australia, John Pilger).Not only can we find koala bears and kangaroos in the continent of Australia, but also the world’s oldest existing culture of aborigin...

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Cohesion and division in Australia during World War 2 Essay

Australia was united through a sense of patriotism and national pride to support the war that was unseen during the First World War.The war also sparked the beginning for an influx of refugees into Australia, transforming it into a more multicultural nation.The presence of the women at work showed a strong ‘team-spirit’ in Australia to work together to support the nation creating a strong sense of cohesion.However as the war progressed, Australia became more independent from Britain and was prepared to act in its own interests to protect Australia.When war broke out, many foreigners, mostly Germans, and other ‘dangerous persons were made to prove their identity and placed under strict rules which they had to adhere to in order to live in...

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Essay on Australian Culture Essay

Multiculturalism and beach culture are both thoroughly exposed by West and Pitt.“Families of newly arrived Mediterranean immigrants fetch extravagant picnics…from the trunks of Japanese-built sedans” Both composers clarify that people of other cultures and religions are accepted and welcomed in Australian society.The confirmation has contributed to my understanding of Australian culture.Chris West, the author of In Sydney’s Suburbs, An Endless Summer reveals that Australians respect the harsh landscape and presents beach culture as a prominent aspect n the lives of Australia.They both uncover Aboriginal beliefs that are still present in today’s society.

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Research on the Australian Education Export Industry Essay

More than half of the students (56%) considered studying in a different country before choosing Australia, being mentioned the following: New Zealand, Canada, USA, Ireland, South Africa, UK and Germany.All the interviewed students declared that their experience in Australia has been positive so far and 67% would enroll for another course in the country and consider living in Australia permanently (from which 22% are current ELICOS students).Also, over 90% of Chinese ELICOS students went on to do further study in Australia in 2012.2 The Australian Financial Review points out that the most likely reasons why Australia became a destination for so many Chinese students can be due to the increase of the middle class of the country and the geo...

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