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Welfare System and Poverty in the UK Essay

In many ways the welfare state has succeeded in bringing about a fairer society at the most basic level.This essay will consider whether the welfare state has eliminated poverty.Beyond this, it can be argued, the welfare state has failed.The essay will look at the aims of the welfare state from conception and how it has changed to present times.It will discuss the nature of the social democratic welfare state and liberal criticisms of the problems this type of state brings.

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Welfare to Work: A New Response to Poverty Essay

Poverty is technically broken into two categories – absolute poverty and relative poverty.Abstract: This study defines poverty, explains its causes and consequences on various systems, and traces our governmental response to this problem from the New Deal efforts to the present system of welfare.Drawing from recent literature to examine specifically the efficacy of TANF’s welfare to work (WtW) initiative, this writer focuses on the following: (1) on the target population, single mothers and children, and (2) on how this initiative is affecting both this group and the overall problem of poverty.American social welfare policy: A pluralist approach (3rd ed.).Poverty: Opposing viewpoints.

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Elimination of Poverty in the Welfare State Essay

How successful the welfare state has been depends on weather .Elimination of Poverty in the Welfare State .the success of the welfare state can be measured related to Beveride’s .One of the aims of the welfare state is to eliminate poverty, .In the Elizabethan times (16th century) there was no welfare state and .

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The Welfare Problem Essay

Welfare Reform is causing the poor to work and it is lowering the poverty rate of Children.It helps them escape poverty instead of trapping them in poverty.Welfare continued to change... .I believe welfare as it was first started, failed miserably and created millions of dependents in poverty instead of independents above poverty.Welfare reform has cut dependence on the government and helped thousands of people find work.

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Global Trends in Economic Justice

So I came to the conclusion that what is “fair” in economic justice with regards to poverty is that the government should continue with the welfare state, fund those in need, and continue to fight discrimination, to the best of its ability... “Since the beginning of the War on Poverty, government has spent nineteen point eight trillion (in inflation-adjusted 2011 dollars) on means-tested welfare.I support a welfare state and its ability to help those stricken with poverty, however I feel that there needs to be major changes before the government ends up bankrupt, from the inability to control how much is going out versus what is coming in.The many issues and opinions with Capitalism, Socialism and the Welfare State, and the effects of e...

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Pathological Explanations of Poverty

Therefore, the Marxist theory failed to come up with an adequate solution to the problem of poverty and instead, it continues to blames poverty on the evils of capitalism.Alternatively, advocates of the pathological explanation criticise structural explanations for advocating a hand-out approach to welfare, which they believe fosters a dependency culture and serves to perpetuate poverty in society.Consequently, it is argued that there is a need to improve both the access and administration of welfare services.Structural accounts of poverty have blamed the rise of the working poor on the retrenchment of welfare provisions by the New Right, which they argue provided people with an additional support mechanism.The aim of such policies is to...

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Poverty in America: Government Welfare Programs are the Problem Essay

For most of history, there have been no government controlled poverty assistance programs.?Welfare?, World Book Encyclopedia, World Book Inc., New York, Vol 21, pp.Down and Out in the USA: A History of Public Welfare.America?s Struggle Against Poverty, 1900-1980., Harvard Press, Boston, ©1981.Government oversight and subsidizing of private contributions toward the elimination of poverty is a far more efficient, adaptive, and economical way of working toward the eradication of the problem of poverty.

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Essay on Welfare Programs Should Be Paid

In summary, welfare applicants should be checked more thoroughly in order to prevent misusing tax money.In Utah, it is required for welfare recipients to ... .Having money taken from them may potentially put them in poverty as well (Welfare Assistance).Benefits from welfare programs should be more difficult to receive because recipients can use their money for drugs, may not even be looking for employment, or even cheat the system (Welfare Assistance).As previously mentioned, billions of dollars are given to people who don’t deserve it via welfare programs.

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Tyranny of Kindness Essay

She was a welfare recipient, she understands the actual functioning and the reality of non-profit organizations, and she has the power to execute the welfare schemes.So, the personnel she selected for managing the program, when she had authority to do so, were ordinary women who knew the pulse of the welfare programs.Agreed, some evil tendencies of men have caused them damage, social welfare measures have proved futile for their prosperity, and yet it is she who has to fight her battle.Funiciello is also wary of liberals who claim to support welfare mothers, but are too busy talking about self to hear the women themselves (pp.In a book related to welfare these issues are highlighted because of the intimate relation of welfare schemes wit...

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Notes for exam question Essay

Another example of how social welfare and crime control is entangled: protecting children from abuse- a role taken on by both police and social workers, acting in partnership but with rather blurred boundaries between the welfare and crime control functions.Chapter 3 section 3: care – whether provided informally or through welfare states – can involve the abuse, neglect and exploitation of vulnerable people.Social welfare is oriented towards the creation and maintenance of social well-being through the provision of various social supports combating social inequalities by promoting redistribution and social inclusion and countering various social harms such as poverty and discrimination.Welfare states also police adherence to norms of goo...

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The State of Poverty in the 21st Century America: A Research Proposal Essay

Reducing Poverty In America: Views and Approaches.Material Deprivation in Modern America: Looking Beyond the ‘Poverty Line’.Does this say, then, that the state of poverty is not as worse as it may appear?“Poverty, Welfare Dependency, and the Underclass.” .(5) Finally, what can be done to improve the state of poverty and the strategy used in measuring the state of poverty?

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Essay on Political Ideology and Social Problem Analysis

Abramovitz (2003) states, “To a large extent, the history of social services and social welfare policy consists of the evolving recognition of social needs and the organization of society to meet them” (p. 130).The War on Poverty 50 Years Later: A Progress Report.The social functions of social welfare policy.For the purpose of this paper Conservative, Liberal and Radical ideologies will be discussed reviewing their take on welfare, poverty and the poor.Social work, social welfare, and American society.

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Factors Leading to the Emergence of Modern Welfare in Britain Essay examples

It is fair to say that poverty was comprehensively tackled while Unemployment remained low, as reconstruction began to consume into idleness.The huge system of volunteer welfare services fused into the new administration scheme.It was played a crucial role to decrease poverty and unemployment, both were becoming hugely low.For instance, ‘after Rowntree inspected social condition of poverty in York 1950 confirmed that primary poverty had dropped off to 2% contrasted to 36% in 1936.Primarily, this document considers the most elements which caused the emergence of the modern welfare state in Britain?

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The literature concerning Essay

The literature concerning welfare rights movement at least in the 1960s can be characterized by the growing cry to bring radical positive changes in the welfare system of the United States.Numerous scholars like Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven had argued for the radical extension and expansion of the current welfare system of the United States.In this sense, these scholars are providing a new light in solving the problem on welfare and its effectiveness.For them, the existing system of welfare which is rigid and limited had failed to really help and provide assistance for the poor.For these scholars, the current welfare system of the United States is producing a new form of inequality despite the resources that it is providing to t...

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Should the welfare state be desirable

Therefore, it can clearly be seen that the welfare state is definitely desirable for the country and through the multiple positive effects out weighing the negatives, is` evident that the welfare is actually desirable for the country.However, it can also be seen that the welfare state is in fact not desirable, the reasons that some may have this attitude is due to: as a result of the welfare state, there is higher and more taxation for the people and they will have to pay a greater proportion of their money, some argue that due to the welfare state they are being forced to pay a higher proportion of their income than if there was no welfare state present.Firstly, one can see that would be the best option and the best decision due to the ...

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Recommendation On Welfare Reform Essay

After identifying who is poor, we will experiment with several possible ways of solving the problem of poverty.Welfare is a complex and politically divisive issue facing our nation today.Wolff, Edward N. Econoics of Poverty, Inequality and Discrimination.Although there are many other kinds of government welfare (social security, tax deductions, etc.The official measure of the poverty line was first developed by Mollie Orshansky for the Social Security Administration (SSA)... .

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Solutions to Poverty: First, End Welfare Fraud Essay

Welfare is one government aid program that is designed to help those living in poverty.The poverty rate in America has recently increased a noticeable amount.With this many people that are reported living in poverty, it is clearly demonstrated that there are those who need the support of the government.“Immigrant Participation in the Welfare System.” Industrial and Labor Relations Review 44.2 (1991): 195-211.“Michigan lottery winner arrested on charges of felony welfare fraud” .

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Defining And Measuring Poverty Sociology Essay

However there will always exist poverty and inequality , the government will need to reform the welfare state , providing more professional courses given by the European Union , cut council tax, because I think that will make more people to going back to work.The arguments surrounding the definition of poverty centre on the two concepts of absolute poverty and relative poverty.“There are basically three current definitions of poverty in common usage: absolute poverty, relative poverty and social exclusion.Social Democrat view about poverty is that the welfare state is related to the 1940, Crosland (1956) argues that in any society, there will be groups in poverty , thought are not their fault some may be disabled, retired, unable to work...

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Politics and Social Policy in Australia

In some countries, it may be used to mean the ideal provision model for the citizens whereby the state takes the responsibility to provide comprehensive and universal welfare of its citizens which is basically the welfare provided by the state.The other argument that the radical rights have against the provision of welfare is that welfare state has undesirable effects in practice.Australian poverty is a product of joblessness and the solution for these is not to increase welfare payments but to ensure more of those who claim welfare get into work.In order to ensure that the welfare is not put to the wrong use, the states should ensure that all the institutions dealing with state welfare are corruption free.States which provide the welfar...

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Generational Welfare Essay

Children also become more accepting of the idea of assistance because their parents are currently receiving welfare benefits.This has fueled an ongoing debate over whether welfare dependency in one generation causes welfare dependency in the next generation.This explains the cycle of generational welfare among our nations poor.Gaiser, Elliot T. “Obama Guts Welfare Reform.” Heritage.org.Generation poverty is defined as children of parents in poverty grow up to live in poverty themselves in a continuous cycle for at least two generations.

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The Pros and Cons of Welfare Reform Essay

The liberals feel that it is cruel to put people in a situation where they can no longer receive help from the government since so many people can not simply go out and get a job and work their way out of poverty.?The State of Welfare: An old and tricky question resurfaces.??Off Welfare, Better Off.?Bush proposed a similar plan which kept the five year welfare restriction in place but did raise the budgeted amount of money to be placed towards childcare and food stamps.The Pros and Cons of Welfare Reform .

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Examining Social Justice And Equality Politics Essay

If Canada’s working environment is not discriminating and on the other hand inviting to all citizens, then the target population of social welfare programs in terms of income supplement would be reduced.Because of the experiences they already have in working with Canada’s programs, they can give efficient programs for starters and they can also be open for consultations in order to guide other countries who want to adapt a “welfare state system”.Since social workers are the one who are in the “field” they can also suggest better ways of conducting social welfare programs and they can also influence policy-making projects of the government and politicians.Also, as mentioned by Hick (2007) in the first page of his book, almost all Canadian...

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Social Policies Poverty And Social Exclusion

Either way, this essay surely proves that policies have been and will change from time to time for the purpose of a better welfare state.The welfare programme looks at reformation by adopting tough enforcement methods in which the public is directed towards getting trained, qualifications and employment.He touches upon the topic of welfare benefits and labour market.He discusses that ‘Organisation for Economic Cooperation (OECD) policy statements have increased its focus on individuals having positive financial motivation to work, and move away from welfare benefits.“It conveys the message that the reform of welfare systems is a moral enterprise that requires personal and emotional commitment by those engaged in its implementations” (Jor...

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Welfare: The Government's Failure Essay

This is a short summary of welfare history from Micheal Katz’s article The American Welfare State."Relationship Between the Welfare State and Crime."To fully understand how to reform the welfare system Americans must know what the history of welfare is, illegitimate births’ obvious connection to crime and welfare, how welfare has failed to keep the poverty rate down, the great problem of dependency, and finally what reforms must be made.Gentry, Kenneth L. "Problems With Public Welfare."After the reform the people on welfare went down, momentarily, but the poverty rate stayed steady.

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How Effective Were Liberal Reforms In Tackling Poverty History Essay

” Therefore although the immediate effect of the Old Age Pensions did not alleviate poverty, it was a revolutionary act which marked the transition point from traditional lassiez faire views, to the forth coming of the welfare state.Therefore, although poverty still existed throughout Britain, with many aspects of society without any aid from the government, the liberal reforms were a radical step towards the welfare state, as noted by Cross who states” Two men, David Lloyd George and Winston Churchill, were responsible for launching a great social program which laid the foundations of a future welfare state” .this clearly highlights that although the liberal government did try to solve the problem of poverty, deriving from unemployment...

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Welfare Effects on Economy Essay

In alternative words: so as to scale back the value of and reliance on tax sponsored aid, we've got to make the conditions that cut back the requirement for welfare programs.As everyone knows welfare programs are rising due to the increase of poverty.We tend to should execute welfare programs in such some way that promotes larger, quicker and a lot of property rates of graduation from welfare participation.As a result the proliferation of welfare price and programs are expanding the federal budget.Our economy is physically harmed, but one of the major effects would be welfare.

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The Problem of Poverty: Welfare in America Essays

Down and Out in the USA: A History of Public Welfare.Though it would be considered a very primitive form of welfare by today?s standards, it was a large step toward government-mediated welfare compared to the English system 250 years before that.?Welfare?, World Book Encyclopedia, World Book Inc., New York, Vol 21, pp.Poverty in America: The Welfare Dilemma, Greenwood, Los Angeles, ©1981 .For most of history, there have been no government controlled poverty assistance programs.

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Poverty and the Welfare State

The effects of which are leading to a situation where it is arguable that we have now seen neo-liberalism by the back door with major consequences for UK policy treatment of both poverty itself and those living in poverty.It is not surprising then with all the past attacks on the nature of the welfare state to note that with the ‘end of history’ there has come a renewed assault on the welfare state in the UK.Almost consistent research has demonstrated the failure of the welfare state in reducing relative levels of poverty; in fact the UK today has a divide between rich and poor which is increasing quicker than at any other time in the history of the welfare state (Hills and Stewart, 2005).Instead a stealth reform of the welfare state has...

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We Need Welfare Reform Essay

It has been obvious that over the years of history social policies and public reform on welfare have been consistently at the front position of American minds.The welfare system had good intentions, but did not receive considerable support of the public....fare benefits acknowledged that the system was imperfect (P 3), but they counter argued that taking parents off welfare assistance would affect children that benefit from it.The topic on welfare reform has been a major controversy in government social policy.The key to reforming in welfare would be to combine work, education and training to help individuals gather skills that will help get them out of poverty.

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Welfare and Social Responsibility

The recent debate over welfare has very much been a discussion of "those people," those mythical welfare queens who are smart enough to bilk the system but too dumb to figure out what their best interests are, who want to breed until their dying day and live their lives in poverty instead of getting a job.It amazes me that 46% of all people who leave welfare leave for a job, which usually pays between $5.10 - $5.50 an hour.How these people do it is beyond me, but what I think this should demonstrate very clearly to us is that these women do not want to be on welfare any more than you or I would, and they will make sacrifices and take risks to get off of it.Only 25% of people stay on welfare for more than eight years, and many of those pe...

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