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Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients Essay example

Opposers to drug testing say that imposing a mandatory drug test on Welfare recipients would not only be a poor deterrent for drug users, but it would also be very cost ineffective.The remaining thirty-seven U.S. States have absolutely no legislation on the books that would require Welfare recipients to obtain regular documented drug testing.Drug testing Welfare recipients is an argument that cannot be easily settled because both sides have sufficient evidence to back up their case, but the sad reality is that both sides, with minor differences, have the same end goal.The current drug testing policies imposed on our Welfare receiving citizens are basically nonexistent.Some opposers even say that having a mandatory drug test to receive We...

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The Argument For Mandatory Drug Testing Of Welfare Recipients Essay

Furthermore, Wyman (see Appendix @) concluded that the invasion into a welfare recipients home for purposes of monitoring their adherence to welfare guidelines is not a violation of the Fourth Amendment.Opponents say this is not of grave concern, because there are statistics provided from other states within their argument showing a low percentage of welfare recipients actually fail drug tests.Thus, stakeholders like the Center for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), do not recommend mandatory drug testing of welfare recipients.This is because CAMH believes that the stigma associated with testing impacted those on welfare negatively (aclu).Opponents believe that the State of Texas has an obligation, through its welfare programming, to ...

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Welfare Reform: Drug Testing for Government Assistance Essay example

Welfare is defined as: of, relating to, or concerned with welfare and especially with improvement of disadvantaged social groups (Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition, pg.Drug Testing In Connection With Welfare Reform.There seems to an argument on the cost of drug testing the states will bear if drug testing is required.Florida's Drug Test Law for Welfare Cash Assistance; First Quarter Facts.The Effects of Welfare Reform.

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Drug Testing To Receive Welfare Essay

But not everything is looking bring in welfare’s modern situation; statistics show “an estimate of 20% of the 3.7 million families that receive welfare benefits in the United States are headed by a substance abuse problem” (Testing welfare recipients for drugs).What should be thrived for with the drug testing of welfare recipients shouldn’t been mainly about saving money, but more about the families and children in the under privileged homes.With the evidence and the argument making the drug tests of the recipients constitutional, federal enforcement of welfare drug testing should be put into regulation.Attempts to successfully reform welfare by both presidents were both unsuccessful over all, however drug testing welfare recipients coul...

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The Role of Drug Testing Within Welfare Reform Essay

These reforms were implemented in order to shift the focus of the welfare system towards preparing welfare recipients for employment.“Welfare Reform and Substance Abuse.” Milbank ."Drug Testing Welfare Recipients—False Positives, False Negatives, .This section focuses on the 3 main sources that all agree that drug testing is an important component of welfare reform.The opinion of one expert on the accountability of government with regards to welfare is also highlighted adding credibility to the overall argument.

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Constitutionality of Drug Tests Essay

A major issue in drug testing welfare beneficiaries is whether it is worth all the effort that is used.If one was to drug test every individual, it could take decades to do all of the tests.Some people argue that the money used to drug test recipients is higher than the amount saved by not giving out the money for welfare.One major problem with drug testing people who collect welfare is if it is worth the effort.Many different occupations would be needed to be able to apply the drug tests for citizens that apply for welf... ... middle of paper ... ...to receive drug tests for their assistance, then we will have to come up with another way to combat drug use.

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Welfare Drug Testing Persuasive Speech Essay

Since 1994, when Mayor Giuliani initiated the first drug testing for New York City assistance recipients, drug testing has been a tumultuous issue.Elizabeth Lower-Basch, a senior policy analyst for CLASP, estimates that the government cost of catching a drug abuser may run between $20,000 and $77,000 per individual, and cites the ACLU’s use of a 1992 Cornell University report on private employer drug testing as an example.This report is intended to familiarize the reader with the history of welfare reform; the histories of drug testing in regards to assistance eligibility; and persuade the audience to vote yes for mandatory pre-assistance drug testing.Section 902 in the PRWORA authorizes, but does not require, states to administer drug s...

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Drug Testing Welfare Recipients Essay

The blatant disregard for how drug testing those on welfare would ruin children’s lives proves that the policy is callous and selfish.The entire idea for drug testing is that drug user’s assistance could be terminated, and therefore save taxpayers from wasting their money however, this is not the case.Although nowhere in Canada requires drug testing to receive welfare, several states in the United States do.More over, sending more children into the already crowded foster care system would also only cause more problems, a fact that American Public Health Association, the National Association of Social Workers, and the National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselor all agree with as they oppose all laws mandating drug testing ...

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Should Welfare Recipients Be Drug Tested? Essay

This drug testing has proven to be prohibitively expensive in many cases.Only nine states so far have instituted drug testing of candidates for welfare assistance.Those who oppose the idea of drug testing say that it is unconstitutional and violates the Fourth Amendment.According to Welfare Information, eligibility is determined by net income, family size, and any crisis situation such as: pregnancy, homelessness, or unemployment (2014).State Drug Testing Requirements for Welfare Recipients: Are .

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Should Welfare Recipients Be Drug Tested? Essay

Drug Testing Welfare Recipients-False Positives, False .A majority of the monies that support Welfare come from taxes paid by the working class and donations from private companie... .State Drug Testing Requirements for Welfare Recipients: Are .The drug testing has proven to be quite expensive.Out of the fifty states, only nine have proceeded with the drug testing of candidates.

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Drug Testing for Welfare

How can the government require its employees to pass a mandatory drug test, when we have people living and being assisted by the government that do not have to submit a drug test?While all those arguments against this law are very good points, in order to receive welfare you should be able to pass a drug test.The reason the people say it’s unconstitutional it is that a similar law has already been deemed unconstitutional in Florida, Oklahoma, and Michigan; for broadly subjecting all welfare applicants to a drug test violates the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition against unreasonable searches and seizures.A few of the reasons other people do not think we as a country should require a recipient of welfare and assistance from the government ar...

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Drug Testing for Welfare Essay

Many people today are arguing whether this move towards making drug testing a requirement to receive welfare benefits is unjust or not.Drug testing welfare recipients should be required in all fifty states in the United States of America, especially since the benefits recipients receive are from both federal and state government.No, so how is it unjust to require welfare recipients to take drug tests.If the government started requiring drug testing for welfare recipients, analysts say that the savings in one year would be approximately be nine million dollars (Delaney 1).The government currently uses the method of don’t ask about drug usage, welfare recipients don’t tell about drug usage.

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Should Those Be Applying for Welfare Be Drug Tested? Essay

In Florida, the four-month period of implementation of the drug testing requirement for welfare applicants found 108 people who are positive for drug use.While this is a huge expense on the shoulder of the state, it’s surprising that Florida would save $935,000,000 worth of welfare assistance if the drug using applicants are removed, leading to a savings of about $863 million USD if we count in the cost for drug testing.The gist of this argument is that a welfare applicant is informed that he will be undergoing drug testing to qualify for the welfare assistance.“Since 1996, drug testing welfare applicants has been a hot issue as the Congress overhauled welfare in the year.Because of this, he suggest that not only drug testing be made man...

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Drug Testing and Public Assistance Essay

For the greater part of American history there was no federally funded “Welfare” program.Welfare is viewed as a social problem and has been the subject of major reform acts for decades.Drug Testing Welfare Recipients As A Constitutional Condition.State Drug Testing Requirements for Welfare Recipients: Are Missouri and Florida’s New Laws Constitutional?.In this paper I will be discussing arguments for and against drug testing for welfare recipients, particularly recipients of food stamps and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.

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Current situation about the issues of animal experimentation from different views

Since the practice of animal testing cannot be stopped, the welfare of animals can only be protected by another approach.Even though human welfare is the main concern, the welfare of an animal is still taken into account by minimizing the suffering of animals when conducting animal experimentations.Concurrently, supporters of animal experimentation were able to refute their arguments, by claiming the welfare of humans should always come first before animals.Authorities have to make a choice between the welfare of humans and the welfare of animals.For instance, the welfare of animals can be secured by doing so.

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Controversy over Welfare Recipients Essay

This showed that while there was little drug use among the recipients, it was directed at women with small children and those that were affected went to be on different welfare programs designed to help with treatment, but there were many other barriers that would affect them.It is for this reason that a federal judge blocked a Florida law requiring welfare recipients to be subjected to mandatory drug testing on the basis that it violated a constitutional ban on illegal search and seizure (Alvarez, 2011).With states now having the laws in place that prohibit drug use; the recipients need to pay for the drug test themselves to prove that they do not have a substance abuse problem.Welfare is an important part of assistance, when abused by ...

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Drug testing for welfare Essay

In order to protect the constitutional rights of potential welfare recipients, United States lawmakers should avoid further criminalizing the poor by submitting them to drug testing and/or a nationwide welfare registry.Strong evidence exists, asserting that the practice of administering drug testing to welfare recipients will cost the U. S. taxpayers more money in the long run, stigmatize applicants and participants, and serve only the purpose of making the pharmaceutical companies more powerful.Pollack’s research outlines the statistical data on illicit drug use as it compares to mental and physical health problems: However one runs the numbers, illicit drug use disorders are not common among welfare recipients.” Because of the misuse o...

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The Constant Gardener: What the Movie Missed

This should be against human rights, especially that what the victims only know is that the drug that they are taking could alleviate them from their illness, as dictated by the corresponding company.The basic argument is whether to take equality first before altruism; or altruism first before equality.In the given case, because once the drug is safe and reliable enough, with the help of those who assisted in the processing of experimental trials—including those in the third world countries who took the drug for experimentation—it will promote the greatest good for the greatest number of people by helping the company to come up with a drug that is safe and reliable to all communities around the globe.To apply this principle, therefore, i...

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The Pros and Cons of Animal Testing Essays

(2010, August 19).Why are animals used for testing medical products?Scientists who use animals want to see the effect it has on the animal, such as the time it takes for a drug to be absorbed in the body, how it’s broken down chemically, to the damage it can cause to the body.Vivisection Information Network.Animal testing as well as the argument as to if it should be done for the purpose of medical research has been around for centuries.Because of the controversies surrounding animal research, there are many organizations who are in works to develop ways to reduce but not necessarily eliminate the need for animal testing.

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Animal Testing Essay

"What Is the Public Health System?"Animal testing is unreliable, expensive, time consuming, and most of all it’s not necessary."Animal Welfare Act.""Vivisection Information Network."...l Testing - ProCon.org."

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Is testing on animals for medical research acceptable? Essay

Instead they believe that increased regulation should contribute positively towards animal welfare by implementing the “3R’s”.The 3Rs aim to improve animal welfare in a number of ways.There are clear arguments on both sides but with the evidence available it is apparent that at this point in time there are no ways to cease animal testing entirely.Although there is some evidence to suggest that animal testing is successful in treating medical conditions in humans, it is equally disputed that testing on animals for medical purposes can be cruel and inconclusive.Nevertheless, changes are necessary to support the requirements of science and the welfare of all animals.

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American Welfare And Financial Aid Programs Essay

Many American welfare and financial aid programs were implemented during the Great Depression to assist the general public while other means of income were scarce.There are other methods of weeding out drug abusers that don’t conflict with the law, such as the written assessment Lewis suggests.After this perspective-changing research, I can say it is time to rid of our egotistic attitude to let the programs in place do as they were meant- help the people in need.After conducting research and looking through many perspectives, it is difficult for me to defend my original stance.If tax payers are so rattled at the thought of supplements being used not as intended, the thought of spending extra money to uncover faults in our assistance prog...

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Welfare: Drug Testing Measures Essay

They believed that drug testing was needed in order to make sure that the money that was being given to welfare recipients was being spent on what it was intended for and not for drugs (Appeals Court Upholds Michigan Welfare Drug Testing, 2014).This law allows states to drug test people applying for benefits under the federal welfare program, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program (Key Events in the History of Welfare Drug Testing, 2013).This is a part of what the excerpt said: Even were we to conclude that the state could not show a special need sufficient to justify the drug testing, we would nonetheless find that the plaintiffs have not shown that the drug testing is an unreasonable search.Neither a supporter nor an op...

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Should people on welfare have to be drug tested Essay

Drug test seen as welfare rule.The jobs that don’t do drug testing are ones like 7-11 or certain gas stations, all other jobs you have to a mandatory drug test and if you refuse a drug test you will not get the job and if they do a mandatory test at your current job they only give you so many hours to submit a drug test and if you don’t you are automatically terminated.Drug testing welfare recipients needs to be in action for all states, because taxpayer money should not condone illegal drug use.The cost involved in drug testing would cost taxpayers even more money, including the employees to monitor the drug test and not to mention the cost of the drug test.So if you receive any kind of benefits from the state you should submit to a dru...

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Essay on Drug Testing Not Required

Drug testing welfare recipients is an infringement upon their rights.The request to pass drug testing as a mandatory law to screen welfare recipients is an infringement upon Fourth Amendment rights and should never be passed.Plus, drug testing welfare recipients only singles citizens out and makes it a undoubtedly a humiliating experience for those applying for help."Florida Law on Drug Tests for Welfare Is Struck Down."Drug testing for receiving welfare benefits?

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Welfare Recipients Drug Tested Essay

There has been an ongoing controversy as to whether welfare recipients should have to have drug testing done.drug testing would better yet inform the government who is abusing the system.Now its up to government officials to make the correct decision and forget about drug testing welfare recipients.Drug testing can use up to hundreds or possibly thousands a month wasted on drugs, not only is it dangerous for their well being, but it does harm to the economy as we build up further and further into debt.Should Welfare or Public Assistance Recipients Be Drug Tested?

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Welfare Argumentative Paper Essay

Drug testing would save the government money and help distribute the benefits more to those who actually need it, by denying those who fail to pass a drug screening when applying.The welfare program isn’t about helping people with drug problems get the correct help they need; it’s about helping those in need of assistance when they are low income or unable to afford their current situation.(welfareinfo.org)” The question today is whether or not drug testing for welfare recipients should be allowed.Drug testing is a positive step towards many things in the welfare area, as with any job anyone is subject to random drug testing, why should welfare be exempt?The results from the first quarter of the law being passed (July-September) show the...

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Don 't Drug Test Welfare Recipients Essay example

This is why people are urging for drug testing welfare recipients.Several states proposed drug testing of welfare recipients, since 1996.Drug Testing and Public for Welfare Recipients and Public Assistance.However, some people after the history of drug testing, we feel like they should not drug test because of the society impact.Don’t Drug Test Welfare Recipients .

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Essay on Should Citizens on Welfare be Drug Tested?

Should people on welfare be drug tested?Now its up to our government to decide, if they are going to follow through with drug testing.I personally believe that welfare recipients should not have to be tested, because it takes to much time and money.Judge nixes Florida’s welfare drug testing.Drug testing will help separate people who use welfare for drugs from the people that don't.

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Drug Testing Welfare Recipients Essay

Almost 20% of welfare recipients report recent use of some illicit drug.As of April 17, 2013 29 states have proposed legislation requiring some form of drug testing or screening for public assistance recipients in 2013.(Utah’s Welfare Drug Testing Saved More than $350,000 in First Year, Officials Say).The United States should test those on welfare and other benefit programs.In 2009, over 20 states proposed legislation that would require drug testing as a condition of eligibility for public assistance programs, and in 2010 at least 12 states had similar proposals(Drug Testing and Public Assistance).

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