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Literature: Evaluate Literary Texts in Different Genres Essay

It takes a lot more strength to send a now mentally stable man back into the chaos and craziness of war when you care about them and their welfare.The question of duty and honour is not black and white in war time.There are many characters that are heroic and are revealed to be heroic through the narrative.The symbolism and imagery of the trenches is also about how trenches are in fact just the massive graves of the young men killed in battle, where other soldiers have to live and breathe there in the open graves of others.When Prior, after being hypnotised, recalls what he was repressing and it was cleaning up the trench after his patrol was killed, Rivers says to him ‘You did your duty.

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Horror Of War In Two Poems ‘The Dug-Out’ and ‘Breakfast’ Essay

Both of them use the simple stanza and structure to express the feeling of fear and the sense of immediacy in trenches.Both poems portray the horror and fear of the war and make their point that war is futile by conveying powerful imagery in trenches.‘You wonder why’ is in narrative voice shows the rejection putting a sense of hopeless.Compare the ways on which two poems from this section convey powerful pictures of life in the trenches.Unlike ‘The Dug-Out’, there is no melancholy or emotive language in the poem whereas Giblson frequently use the simple word and slang to create a matter-of-fact tone and this generates a more horrific feeling upon the reader.

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”The Generals Die in Bed” by Charles Harrison

This social division according to the novel never received any attention as Harrison keeps repeating such words as “it goes on and on and on…” Harrison further emphasized their neglected condition in the trenches through the following lines “We do not know what day it is, we have lost count, and it makes no difference whether it is a Sunday or a Monday.With full of emotions, the author narrated “Endlessly in and out, different sectors, different names of trenches, different trenches, but always the same trenches, the same yellow, infested earth, the same screaming shells, the same lice and rats, fat and sleek with their corps-filled bellies, the same gleaming gimlet eyes, the same lice which we carry with us with us wherever we go.” The ...

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Goodbye To All That Essay

He has to be strong enough to soak his feet to the wet and slippery trench.Wherein trench did not provide them enough protection and shelter from bullets and explosions, coupled with the discomfort within the area; the battalion headquarter was a comfortable place wherein the menace of the war was less visible and felt.And though there were discomforts within the trench that had seemed to devoid the place of its tranquility, the trench was a place to hide – even though it danger itself is inculcated within its borders.Moreover, the life in trench though provided a home for the soldier, was the least safe and comfortable amongst all the places disrupted by war.In the trenches, soldiers know how to honor them.

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The Brutal Realities of War Expressed in Poetry Essay

(Reprinted from Canada, 2005, Thomson Wadsworth).Strange Meeting.The Wadsworth Anthology of Poetry (p. 1126).A rat in the trenches has caught the poet’s eye.Owen, Wilfred (1920).

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World War 1 Soldier Paper

The basic, and easiest, part of assuring subordinates welfare is the provisioning “beans and bullets” in army lingo.For the notional sergeant of World War I this would include ensuring that his soldiers were able to advance in open order towards the enemy trench line, clearing that trench once they got there, consolidating captured positions and either farther advancing or preparing the captured position to repel the inevitable German counterattack.Winning a Cause World War Stories.* Discussion of the soldier’s experience, including but not limited to fighting in the trenches, the smell, boredom, lice, rats, food, common injuries, and battlefield engagement .In the context of World War I, leadership meant not just yelling “Follow me!” ju...

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How did stalemate develop on Western Fornt

Trenches Welfare was dig outs in the ground usually connected with each other, taking a shape of corridors.Trenches was the best place for rats and kingdom of diseases.This had helped to end the trench welfare as the new improved artillery could be delivered as well as food for the soldiers.The wet conditions and often lack of clothes to get changed into if you got wet would be a good opportunity to get a “trench foot ” a disease which might end up in leg amputation if not death.This in effect had lead to the stop of the world and trenches.

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Male Characters as Less Heroic than the Female Characters of “Generals Die in Bed” Essay

The significant role of the hero is that he is the one who communicates the experience within the narrative.The real heroes of war should not just be judged by the number of people they kill, it should also be by the number of the lives they save.Then when he observed that Gladys was becoming offended and afraid of his story, he laughed and said that the killing took place in the trench.Of course he was afraid, but the fear they experienced in the trenches would be amplified exponentially.Work Cited Harrison, Charles Yale.

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Risk Management In The Building Industry Construction Essay

Risk of open trenches .This increases likelihood of trench collapse.If river rises, water table likely to rise and greater chance of ground water in trenches.Contractor to have pumping equipment available or design temporary drainage to de-water trenches.The aim of the regulations was to improve the overall management and coordination of health, safety and welfare throughout all stages of a construction project.

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The History of the First World War Essay

What changes in state functions did the Beveridge Report advocate?What were the main· features of trench warfare for the troops involved?What were the main differences between Nazi and welfare-state political definitions?The Nazi political definitions placed emphasis on no majority control, they wanted a dictatorship in which that the whole country would follow him.It changed the state function by expanding National Insurance and with the creation of the National Health Service.

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Essay on The Film The Matrix

Morpheus once lived as a human in the matrix, he wears mostly black, including full length a leather trench coat, mirrored sunglasses and black combat boots.Costume and cinema: dress codes in popular film.London: Wallflower.Cognition, 123(2), 313-318. .In the Guise of Character: Costumes, Narrative, and the Reality of Artifice in Thelma & Louise.

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Film Studies Essays – Film or Book

Film can strive to imitate the stylistic form of literature successfully as in the case of or unsuccessfully as in the case of (De Palma, 1990) In certain cases such as (Coppola 1972) and (Spielberg 1975) the film adaptation can surpass the source material.This replicates the mosaic narrative style of the book.Mrs Dalloway and Septimus never meet in the novel, yet we are led to discern they are connected thematically through the mosaic narrative.These two environments could not be more different; however the transition is not jarring or unsettling; we are taken from the horror trenches into the gentile and elegant world of a Whitehall socialite with the greatest of ease.What is clear from this scene is that although as the stories pr...

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”The Wars” by Timothy Findley and ”All Quiet on the Western Front” by Erich Maria Remarque

The men living in the trenches also suffered from “shell shock”.As the war continues on, the soldiers fighting in the trenches become desensitized to the killing and suffering going on around them.Although All Quiet on the Western Front explores many aspects of living in the trenches.Paul talks of the water, mud, rats, killing, gangrene and other grimy eye-openers to be found in the trenches.I climb down, take out my handkerchief, spread it out, push it under and scoop up the yellow water that strains through into the hollow of my hand.”(192) This demonstrates with vivid imagery, the struggle that the soldiers in the trenches had to go through for the simplest things like water.

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All quite on Western front-Enrich Maria Remarque Essay

The story highlights the psychological insight resulting out of the pathetic incidences in the trenches.We are none of us more than twenty years old.This amusing anecdote throws light on the life in the trenches of the German camp.That is long ago.The author relates the feelings of Paula’s, “Youth!

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Unrealistic attitudes towards war

Nichols uses a lot of personification throughout his poem: “trench glares” “hot wind puffs” “aeroplane’s far moan” to make the poem have a more dramatic effect on the reader especially because here is no human activity in it, he uses alliteration throughout the poem “buzz and blaze” “soldier sighs and stirs” to also create effect.In these horrific conditions men were stuck in trenches for weeks, defending their country, and even though many died, it seemed nimportant for still the poem finishes on “But nothing happened”.The last stanza tells of the weather being the murderer of many soldiers in the trenches while they were waiting to go into battle.The story begins by telling of an English soldier in the trenches who is thinking about th...

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Characters of Journeys End by R.C. Sherriff and Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks Essay

The true horrors of the war however could not be forgotten, the sight of death and the stench in the trenches would not be quickly removed from their thoughts.Sherriff in 1928 based on his own life experiences gives a realistic image of life as a soldier in the trenches.Novels allow writers to add descriptive back stories through narrative rather than dialogue, we can learn about one person’s perspective unlike in a play when we are unable to hear thoughts and feelings – these can only be expressed through actors portraying the role.In Journey’s End some of the soldiers liked to talk about home and familiar things like rugby and cricket to take their minds of the horrors of trench warfare.A play deals with the actions and reactions of ch...

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To what extent were Church and State opposed in the GDR

3 The SED even used the network of the churches to provide essential welfare and healthcare services.28 In conclusion, I would agree with Althausen’s depiction of the relationship between Church and State in the DDR as “war in the trenches”.The Stasi also engaged in “extensive infiltration” of the churches, recruiting informers and ‘unofficial collaborators’ (Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter) to provide information on church affairs, or even ‘guide’ synod decisions.However, the “trench warfare” metaphor again seems apt, as this seems to have been accepted by the SED as expedient rather than desirable.Neither side could reach an authentic compromise with the other on ideological grounds, but for political and pragmatic reasons neither could they...

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The Signalman By Charles Dickens

Everything from the wording of the speech and description of the valley, to the colour of the signalman’s uniform.This all gives the valley gloomier, lonelier and more depressing feel, then to reinstate this, he says “in whose massive architecture”, making the reader think, most likely of a castle and dungeon or an immense and daunting building, “there was a barbarous, depressing, and forbidding air.Dickens uses repetition to reinforce the word dark in his sentence “a dark sallow man, with a dark beard and rather heavy eyebrows” which accents the mysterious and sinister first impression of his character.In conclusion, it is a multitude of factors, which amount to the ghostly setting of the story, each element important in one way or anot...

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History – World War One

By the end of the war, there were more than 1,000 Lady Welfare Supervisors operating munitions factories which showed the success of the jobs they were conducting.The most important change in factory life was the introduction of the Lady welfare Supervisor was a middle or upper class woman with a wide range of duties.Other things in the trenches that would have lowered morale was the constant irritation by lice in the trenches, they were enough to drive soldiers mad with the constant itching and irritation, and the numerous numbers of mice which would bit people and the wounds would become infected and cause terrible problems for soldiers and increased the chance of limbs having to be amputated because of septic wounds.It meant that a ta...

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Signal man starts Essay

This is where the entire story is turned on its head and it is revealed that this man is in fact Mr Neville St. Clair in disguise, the very man he had been arrested for murdering.Throughout Doyle has effectively used the raging underground crime scene in London at the time to his advantage, playing on the anxiety’s, fears and imaginations of 18th century Londoners.Within the first four lines of the story a supernatural mystery is beginning to unravel.This is a clever use of a simile, comparing the den to some kind of hellish underworld much like the description of the trench in the signal man.In “The red room” The entire story is written in a first person narrative, This effect encourages the reader to feel not only as if they know the n...

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Does Field Marshal Haig Was “The Butcher of the Somme”? Essay

Some say he doesn’t because he was arguably the best the British had, no one knew how to fight in trench warfare and he pushed what was arguably the world’s most powerful army off of French soil.We tried to go over and it was just impossible.This is an example of poor planning as it shows us how Haig did not take many things into consideration and underrated the strength of the German trenches.Haig never once set foot on the battlefield while he was commanding, “While Haig slept in a cosy bed… and dined on the best food available, his men lived in muddy, noisy trenches sharing their bully beef and buiscuits with rats”.And those young officers, going ahead, they were picked off like flies.

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Personal experience in the war in Counter- Attack Essay

In contrast to the ‘dead’ lifeless nature of the soldiers, it is the ammunition that is fully alive in this case; ‘bullets spat’ at them, ‘traversing sure as fate, and never a dud’, adding to the certainty of death in the conflict.His fate is one that ends with him having ‘[bled] to death’.The poet describes how at first even before the attack begins the soldiers are already ‘blind with smoke’, yet they are made to continue to work as soon as ‘dawn’ begins; all the soldiers are immediately forced to join in with the ‘clink of shovels’, a sign of the hard conditions of living in the trenches, while the militaristic onomatopoeia coincides with the perceived orderliness, such as the ‘bombers posted’ and ‘Lewis guns well placed’.The poem est...

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The Cultural Significance of The Hours Essays

” (Cunningham 197-198) Additionally, they are also haunted by the voices of their past – eventually leading to both Septimus’ and Richard’s deaths.He was able to use his experiences as an activist to bring the characters in The Hours to life and to successfully substitute AIDS for World War I trench warfare a... ... middle of paper ... ...et through that one and then, my god, there’s another.In an interview with Steven Drukman, Cunningham discussed the political purpose of the novel: “I originally imagined I would…try to use the AIDS epidemic very much the way Woolf used World War I – with this sense of a new culture rising up out of the ruins of the old.” (Drukman 62) As an author, Cunningham dedicated much of his early writing to chron...

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Letters from the Lost Boys: R.H. Thomson’s Personal Journey to WWI and Back

In the end it is this ability to confront the confounding messages of his long dead uncles, of being able to give them the voice and the courage, that proves the author’s catharsis and defining moment; it is by telling their story that he is able to come to terms with the reason of his uncle’s premature death, and the waste of lives that is often demanded and exacted by war.Thomson points out in Act 2, in an attempt to explain the narrative, that Anglo-Canadian soldiers were trained to suppress their emotions so as not to depress the people back home.It is in this piece that he gives voice to the things that were happening but they had to pretend were not.This quality, however, is what lends relevance to the narrative of the five soldier...

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H&M marketing Essay

However H&M will have to cautious in regards of the future as the economy is still showing a downward trend which is directly proportional to the consumer’s net disposable income, because fashionable and trendy clothes are wants of the consumers not needs.Do you consider the marketing of disposable clothes contrary to societal welfare?Since the formation of the company it has been experiencing growth in its markets and achieving higher profits in comparison with its competitors, for example in 2005 H&M had a pre-tax profit of 1 Billion pound on sales of 4.5 Billion whereas GAP; a competitor of H&M had profits of 978million pounds on sales of 8.7 Billion.Cheap and trendy clothes keep the customers satisfied within their dispos...

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How atmosphere is created in Victorian ghost stories Essay

Atmosphere is created in Victorian ghost stories by using some of the factors said before .This creates an Atmosphere of wickedness because it reminds you of the period in which everything was religious (religion can get rid of evil) and the church led the public to be against witches, demons and the devil.The setting in the signalman is dim and creepy, this is explained by the protagonist, “down in the deep trench, and mine was so high above him, so steeped in the angry sunset”, the trench described in this quote is intended to represent the protagonist on earth, looking down into his grave, it could be that the point of the story is to represent the protagonist’ death.The setting of the red room is a slightly different to other ghost...

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Was General Haig the Butcher of the Somme? Essay

However, on the other side trench welfare was a new kind of fighting, different from the last war that Haig had fought in, (the boar war was 15 years earlier).Most of the men died on no mans land when they got caught on the barbed wire.Instead of fast waves of infantry soldiers going over the top, teams of machine gunners could have been used to attack the weak points in the German trench saystem.Haig’s plan of attack at the battle of the Somme was the bombardment of the German trenches.The only reason that that got caught in the barbed wire was because Haig had said that the barbed wire was cut neatly so that they wouldn’t get caught on it.

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Compare the play “Killed” with “Blue Remembered Hills” Essay

The characters in the two plays have very different personalities, yet they resemble some of the personalities from the other, for example the R.S.M.and Peter being a kind of leader figures bossing the members of the group.In “Killed” Billy is executed by his own side in the First World War and shows the harsh reality of being a solder in the trenches on the front line.For costumes I would have Billy from “Killed” in a First World War uniform and in “Blue Remembered Hills” I would try to find some clothes that could help an actor inhabit the role of a child in the 1940s.I would create a simple set for “Killed” maybe some seats and a table for Billy’s home in Manchester and some staging lined up to make the lip of the trench.

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Bob Marley Essay

A lifelong source of inspiration, Bob immortalized Trench Town in his songs “No Woman No Cry” (1974), “Trench Town Rock” (1975) and “Trench Town”, the latter released posthumously in 1983” (Ruff, “Bob’s Early Life”).Like most urban Jamaican cities, Trench Town was poor and all of its inhabitants including the teenage Marley lived in poverty.Although much of the Marley legacy lives on in America as a mere trend, one who chooses to look deeper into his message will feel the power Marley had intended through his poetry that was meant for an oppressed nation.As one author writes, “Despite the poverty, despair and various unsavory activities that sustained some ghetto dwellers, Trench Town was also a culturally rich community where Bob Marley...

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Compare the Different Attitudes to War Shown The Poetry of Tennyson and Owen

This gives us the sense that the men in the trenches of the first world war where not lead by the commanding officers and the leaders back home but by each other.Tennyson is trying to create an atmosphere of honour and glory for England, by using a variety of devices: repetition, metaphors, fast pace narrative and orders.Let us join together as one family of mankind and explore our world and ultimately the universe.In this new millennium let us bring world peace, disarm our nuclear arsenals and solve all world problems.This gives us the vision of the men as being exhausted, some of them staggering as they leave the trench.

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