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Written Communication

The Topic of the research paper was “Lotus rental car” the research topic was chosen from a list of topics assigned to us.Good source credibility is especially important in a professional audience as they will want to know who, what, when, where, how, and why of it all, the credibility of your sources and references you add helps answer all these questions.For example choosing organizational strategies seams quite useful as that is where I find most of my problems.Good source credibility equates to a more reliable paper and the more credible your sources, the more proof you have to support your research.By adapting ones communication skills to that of the needs of the listener, the listener will provide a much more compelling answer the ...

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A Key And Fundamental Component In Nursing Nursing Essay

This research critique will pay close attention to various elements of the article chosen, for instances, writing style, and title of the article, credibility of the researcher, credibility of the journal, abstract, literature review, how is the purpose of research addressed, research approach, research design or research tradition, research methodology for data collection, sample, settings, tools, ethical issues, procedures, data analysis, the rigour of findings, findings/conclusion, discussion and references.The structure of the text in the article was efficient, well written readable and reader friendly, hence it improves the credibility of the article (Cutcliffe and Ward, 2007).This article contains three numbers of pages does really...

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Critical Analysis of Health Canada

With Ted Byfield’s essay, “Health Canada”, one can see that using a causal argument, reference to authorities and statistics is necessary to bring logic to the issues to make a sound case.His figures seem to be selectively chosen to account for the fact that there is a growth rate decline all over the world, unfortunately because the statistics brought forward were only to try and help his claims, it weakens his credibility and leaves one with more questions than answers pertaining to the declining population growth.Byfield only mentions Canada in his statistics when he says “Thailand’s even lower than the American and Canadian levels” (223), this proves to show that his figures are flawed in many ways.Byfield unsuccessfully achieved the...

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Power of Advertising Essay

For example, during introduction stage, the company needs to make sure the advertisement is attractive and able to deliver the new ideas to the customers as well as able to move to the second stage, which is the growth stage.Celebrities add value through the process of meaning transfer.The meaning transfer model suggests that celebrities develop a persona through the types of roles they play in society as well as how they are portrayed in the media.However, when using any of these appeals there is always a person included either someone unknown or in most cases a well known person.The importance of celebrity endorsers, however, does not lie in the fact that they are used by firms who wish to increase revenue, but in how these celebrities...

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The History Of A Methodical Analysis Nursing Essay

This research critique will pay close attention to various elements of the article chosen, for instances, writing style, and title of the article, credibility of the researcher, credibility of the journal, abstract, literature review, how is the purpose of research addressed, research approach, research design or research tradition, research methodology for data collection, sample, settings, tools, ethical issues, procedures, data analysis, the rigour of findings, findings/conclusion, discussion and references.Based on further discovery, the author has had previous record of publication on other journals which completely certify their credibility (Rubin, Rubin & Hardakis, 2010).The title is provocative to the mind to question and con...

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Literature Search

This assignment uses a grading rubric.When setting up the search you can type your topic in the top box, then add quantitative or qualitative as a search term in one of the lower boxes.Instructors will be using the rubric to grade the assignment; therefore, students should review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the assignment criteria and expectations for successful completion of the assignment.Conduct a literature search to locate research articles focused on a practice problem of interest.To determine what research design was used, review the abstract and the methods section of the article.Identify (3) research articles on the practice problem you have chosen.

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Analysis Of The Inflation Situation In Brazil Economics Essay

Add to it the fact that in September 1992 the President Fernando Collor de Mello was impeached under accusations of corruption.And, not only flexibility but credibility as well are narrowly related to the band chosen to the regime.Their actions and how they are estimating the core inflation must be clear to the public as a whole, as well as the nature of shock that took place and what will be done to avoid it of spreading... To determine how flexible the monetary policy will be in the inflation target regime is essential to know the lags or intervals chosen to meet the target rate.The literature discussed in many works and pointed out (Mishkin, 1997,citar alguns caras aqui- textos q tenho) some of the issues that inflation target regime...

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Celebrity Endorsement Impact on Brand

We have chosen this topic because in today’s world we are exposed to different brands and we have to make choices.Brand chosen by one might not be chosen by another and how celebrity endorsement affects these choices is what we what we will find in our research.Besides to the attention they bring to the adverts (Buttle, Raymond, and Danziger 2000), they are the credible sources as well example can be expertise in a particular area, such as an athlete endorsing shoes (Ratneshwar and Chiaken 1991) or a beautiful model endorsing make-up (Baker and Churchill 1983).Byrne et al (2003, p.289) states that celebrities have the ability to develop, restore and add new scope to a brand.During the 1870’s, when Reverend Henry Ward Beecher was seen in ...

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Critical Analysis of Business and IT (BIT) Alignment

For example, a clear mapping between PICTURE components and the semi-structured interview questions would add more credibility to the study (Bryman & Bell, 2007).Nevertheless, a clear justification for the choice of this data collection method in the light of the research design would add more credibility to the paper.(2005) noted that the interviews covered the spectrum of top-level managers, there was no mention of the sampling method used to justify the chosen number of interviews.The main issue of any research is the credibility of its findings, regardless of the researcher’s philosophical position.Once they identify the communication areas and issues with reference to the BIT relationship in this organisation, they can test the ...

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Foundation Degree Paramedic Science Essay

Wilkins, K and Woodgate, R. (Dec 2011) Cancer nursing, Life after cancer – living with the risk, Lippincott Williams and Williams, issue 34, p487 – 494. .The hypnosis attempts to establish the perceived risks of a secondary diagnosis of cancer following successful treatment and attempts to obtain the views of the participants in relation to screening for the well-established increased medical risk, the hypothesis sets out to demonstrate that views are conflicting and wide ranging; throughout the text this hypothesis becomes well established.There was no evidence of a pilot study to add further validity to this study.All interviews were digitally recorded (with the participants consent) the recordings and field notes were later transcri...

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Visual stimuli Essay

com/techcomm/content/cat_030/preparingpresentationslides/1 d. html DeGaetano, G. Visual Media and Young Children’s Attention Span.But they will be chosen with care to avoid distracting the audience from the meat of the presentation.More importantly, the presenter must know the topic well so that the visual aids can be effective.bedfordstmartins.The graphics will be used to highlight a concept or add flavor to an otherwise dull topic.

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Do you consider the metrics organizations measure to be valuable Essay

The traditional metrics such as head count, turnover, and time to fill is being expanded by the use of KPIs that align with corporate strategies.HR Metrics generally measure efficiency (time and cost) and the effectiveness of certain activities.For example: In the case of Sears, the HR managers used a seventy item survey, which they then distilled down to ten items as their measure of “compelling place to work.” These ten items were later consolidated along two dimensions – employee attitude towards the job and towards the company.Another way to add value to metrics that organizations measure is to align it with corporate and business strategy.Therefore, the metrics that organizations measure does have value only if its results provide m...

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Case Study: SG Cowen Case Study

Therefore, giving an approval for the right candidate who fit culturally within the organization is critical for the maintenance of the company reputation and credibility (Jattuso and Evans 139).In fact, the candidates are chosen according to the interviewer individual belief.The candidates chosen are incorporated into the company’s associate programs.The recruitment team considered factors such as the marital status, the type of English the candidate use, physical appearance as well as other personal attributes that does not add value to the firm (Agnvall 3).In addition, making the right hiring decisions will increase the personal credentials as well as benefits that come with it.

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Genetic Modification: Methodology, Ethics and Importance

Commonwealth of Australia; 2012 [revised 2014 Feb 2; cited 2014 Mar 15].Gene Technology Ethics and Community Consultative Committee.Therefore, as the Australian Commonwealth Government is a credible publisher, the eBooks’ (Gene Technology Ethics and Community Consultative Committee, 2012) credibility is also reinforced.The members chosen to be part of this committee are experts who range from community consultation, ethics, genetic research and risk communication just to name a few.Furthermore, as the field is constantly updating and newer efficient methodologies are being discovered, ‘new’ information can grow ‘old’ relatively fast and thus lose its credibility.

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Contemporary Business Environment

Moreover these are both male as well as female promoting zero calorie drink to expand the target audience from women to include men.Considering the size of the target audience the mode of communication chosen by Pepsi and Coke are justified i.e.Adverts in papers, magazines and streets are commonly employed as well.However, any comprehensive analysis would need to follow a specific blue-print to lend credibility to the conclusions drawn as a result of the analysis.Coke’s latest message says ‘the coke side of life’, while Pepsi has been trying to woo its customers by ‘it’s the cola’ and the supermarket cola’s attempt to design the bottles similar to that of the bigger brands and add the word ‘value’ to the label.

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Research design and philosophy

In qualitative approach, the investigator seeks believability based on coherence, insight, and instrumental utility (Eisner 1991) as well as trustworthiness (Lincoln & Guba 1985) through a process of verification, whilst quantitative approach is usually checked by using traditional validity and reliability measures.The present research will consider the reality and truth perception, as well as belief and assumptions about these is more detail aiming to explain their nature and choose a proper methodological approach to be undertaken.These methods match well Yin’s (1994: 80) study which indentifies six major sources of evidence in case studies, including documents, archival records, interviews, direct observation, participant-observat...

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How do the authors of The Red Room and The Signalman create suspension and tension with characterization and setting

A ghost story without a ghost, it could be said.But I think that there is obviously no ghost as HG Wells was a scientific man though there was a presence in the room since the candles went out in an unnatural way.For the signalman, the story is almost clear that there was a ghost since even the rational narrator admits it in the end, but there is some doubt with the red room.Some people may think that the ghost never existed and that everything is the crazy narrator’s imagination but some other people may think that there was one, only it was invisible.Such an impression is well founded, especially with their disturbing descriptions.

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Writing and Architecture

To establish credibility, authors must convince the reader in some way that they are authorities on the subject.Morrison uses a diction that would be typical of the characters in the novel, giving them depth that leads to a better understanding of the characters as well as the argument that she is making.References to these great writers shows that she is a well educated woman gaining the respect of the reader.The architect must also establish credibility in the design.Writing in the first person gives Walker credibility because the piece is about her experiences.

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RBS Brand Image And Positioning Marketing Essay

The bank has made massive losses that its credibility as a financial adviser and a store of value is primarily weakened.For example, RBS has redesigned its advertisements on TV to attract customer’s sight, but RBS’s brand development need to pursue a long-term strategic goal for enterprise development.In order to keep a competitive advantage when compete with competitors, it is important to improve service quality Continuously, enhance efficiency, meet the needs of different customers, add more contents into brand, while differences and adopt a variety of ways to strengthen brand awareness and loyalty and establish the corporate culture.Before the credit crunch took placed in 2009, RBS brand generate positive effectiveness not only for t...

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Effect Of Celebrity Endorsements On Brands Marketing Essay

According to Kahle and Komer 1985; Kamins 1990 and Till and Bustler 2000, “match-up hypothesis” maintains that an endorsement is more effective when the image or characteristics of the celebrity are well matched with the endorsed product.Friedman and Friedman (1979) concluded that the better the celebrity/product fit, as perceived by consumers, the higher the level of endorsement effectiveness.The “meaning transfer model” posits that celebrities develop a persona through the types of roles they play in society as well as how they are portrayed in the media.Airtel and Idea were chosen in the Telecom sector and Thumps up and Pepsi was chosen in the beverages category.The balance theory states that people like balance in their lives and if ...

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Political Sponsering of Ngos Essay

The voters do often not have a say in which NGOs are sponsored, so there is a great likelihood that part of the political party’s stakeholders will not approve of the chosen NGOs at all.Does the common goal lead to an acceptance of all (radical) actions taken by NGOs?However, the board of an NGO is not chosen in a democratic way, they are simply hired because they are the ‘right person to do the job’.This is an important question, especially for the stakeholders of the political party, because by political sponsoring all the stakeholders of the parties (including the voters) indirectly approve of the NGOs’ actions.When NGOs will engage in political actions, people who are not democratically chosen will gain political power.

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Leadership Development SMART Goal Setting Essay

Locates at least two scholarly articles and two credible websites related to the SMART Goal and KSA chosen.Does not indicate how chosen scholarly articles and websites will achieve the goal.Names ONE KSA based on the chosen competency but does not describe, or only vaguely describes, how the KSA relates to the competency.Develops a leadership goal that is formatted correctly containing specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound attributes AND it is related to the chosen competency and KSA.Develops a leadership goal that is somewhat formatted correctly, but two or three components do not meet the criteria for a SMART goal, The goal is NOT related to the chosen competency OR KSA.

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Analysis of Home Based Aquaponics System

The data generated by the case was analysed accordingly as well as considering the external context, environment and the impact that these elements have had on the development, sustainability and monitoring of the aquaponic system being analysed.Also, the use of multiple sources enhances the reliability and validity of evidence as well as strengthens the author’s arguments (Yin, 2003).To this effect, qualitative research is chosen using the case study method in order to collect rich, descriptive data on aquaponics.However, it reflects as well on the limitations of the research methods and how these might affect the findings and conclusions.I also spoke informally with the chosen aquaponic practioner to gain a sense of direction and under...

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Rhetoric And Language Effectiveness Of The British Dictionary 's Number One Definition Of Rhetoric

(Merriam Webster) If the author is passionate, he is sure to validate his knowledge of the subject, establishing the credibility, ethos, another element of rhetoric.The passion, conversation and medium can leave a permanent impression on the audience member.Similar to photojournalism, music is a combination of sound and words to influence the recipient.After establishing credibility, the passionate delivery shou... ... middle of paper ... ...ticle behind the photo determines the conversation.Although we did not thoroughly investigate the composition of music, I find it as a very significant medium.

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College Degree Necessary Essay

D. This example adds to Ehrenreich’s credibility, but it seems to go off what she talks about in the majority of her article, which seems to be more along the lines of employers.” Inventing Arguments, 2nd ed.Works Cited Ehrenreich, Barbara.“The Higher Education Scam.John Mauk and John Metz.

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The Effect Of Celebrity Endorsement On Consumers Buying Intension Marketing Essay

The research questionnaire will consist of 31 questions and poster displays of pre-selected celebrities: Korean actor Lee Min Ho was chosen to represent the male celebrity to be evaluated by the female survey respondents, while international actress Shu Qi was chosen as the female celebrity to be evaluated by the male survey respondents (Refer to Appendix C).Nevertheless, the study that was conducted at the United States may have opened new insight towards studies on the credibility of celebrity endorsement.On the other hand, the questionnaire is segmented into four different sections based on each of the three dependent variables of the credibility model (attractiveness, expertise and trustworthiness) and the buying intention of the con...

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Eating disorders Essay

The article addresses a health issue which is affected by social, cultural, economic and political factors.Are the reasons supported well?This adds credibility to his statement that eating disorders among Asian women are fast increasing.The author realizes this and to cater for policy makers he uses a language that they can understand and also gives examples relevant to them.The credibility of this writing is further enhanced by the presence of quotations from other authorities on the issue of eating disorders among Asian women.

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Rhetorical analysis of an article Essay

Secondly, Pharinet uses personal examples to support her points and to aid in her credibility.By adding personal examples, she is able to maintain her credibility and her connection to the topic and the audience.By giving nods to the opposition, she is able to yet again show her non-confrontational intent and focus on arguing her point in a manner that the reader will appreciate and to which the reader will respond well.By keeping a calm and passive tone throughout the article, she is able to convey her points and arguments to her intended audience much easier than if she were only being confrontational and aggressive.The fact that she is a teacher also lends to her credibility.

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Critical Appraisal Of A Research Paper Nursing Essay

Moreover, the researchers have not disclosed the reasons why the interview method was chosen.However, the researchers have not discussed the credibility of their findings; they have employed researcher triangulation to reduce intrinsic biases, but have not mentioned how this improves credibility and rigor in the discussion.Moniff and Whitehead (2010) and Blaikie (2010) illustrate the importance of including this information, to allow the reader to see the relevance of chosen data collection techniques.The attribute box allows readers to distinguish differing views between professionals; adding credibility to the data transmission results.Here, details of inclusion of participants are thorough and well recorded, including geographical loc...

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Article Critique – ‘You Have Someone To Trust” (2012)

In section four, there is a varied quantity of literature on the chosen subject, including ‘Intervening early’ cited by Eason and Gee 2012 and ‘A shared understanding of outstanding practice’ cited by Ofsted Safeguarding Schools (2011) this is predominantly valuable in that it provides evidence of the subject matter.Credibility can be defined as ‘The plausibility of one’s study’ (Pitney & Parker 2009).You have someone to trust (2012) can be seen as having an insignificant amount of credibility.Mortimer has chosen to use purposive sampling, she has completed this by intentionally selecting participants who can contribute a deep understanding of the phenomenon that she is studying (Klenk, 2013).For the purpose of this critical review, ...

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