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The Life Of A Construction Manager

The construction manager needs to be knowledgeable about the project as well in order to answer any questions the crew on site might have.This means architects, by the nature of their jobs can to some extent also act in the capacity of a project manager since they are trained in document control and financing projects as well handling resources and overseeing construction.On a typical day they will rely on software to keep their schedule up to date, other professionals in the building industry to ensure the smooth continuation of the project as well as provide clients with input as well as feedback on the progress of their buildings.This will involve talking to the site foreman and at extreme times or in the case of serious emergencies h...

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Welfare Facilities During Construction Work

If electrical heaters are used, ensure the room has well ventilation and fitted with a high temperature cut-out device where possible.An example of nature of work, where consider the provision of showers if the project involves hazardous substances or very dirty work such as sewer maintenance, dusty demolition activities as well as works with contaminated land or concrete pouring (HSE, 1998).The building of living accommodation requires sufficient materials, appreciate maintenance as well as acceptable cleanliness free from nuisance of rubbish and other waste.If this is not possible then bottles or tank should be provided for storing water, protected it from possible contamination as well as changeover sufficiently and regularly to preve...

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Project Management and Operations Management in Construction

Review of literature reveals that operations management within the construction industry is not a well recognized area of study as opposed to other major functional disciplines of marketing, human resource management and finance and accounting.It is important for projects to be well planned and well managed and have specific goals and targets.There is a need in Kentz as well as other companies operating in the construction sector to appoint project managers that have sound project and operations knowledge, skills and experience in handling several different teams.It is necessary that the organisations in the construction industry such as Kentz not only possess the necessary experience in the specialized knowledge area but also in the ope...

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General Characteristics Of Construction Project Manager Construction Essay

As well as monitor and control the cost of project at both pre & post contract stages are also important part of this management process.Keep well communicate with the contractors and Co-ordinate with all parties which involved in the project .As well as Cost plan (elemental analysis), Cost check, Tender reconciliation process also important activities for the cost controlling under pre contract stage.A significant component of the construction project management process is maintenance the project on schedule and within the estimated budget as well, to achieve these goals, .Fire fighting equipments such as fire extinguishers, water, sand, hose real etc should install at site and well trained fire preventing team also should be there....

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Literature Review on Sustainable Construction

Both topics provide the author with in depth knowledge about development and issues concerning sustainable construction, as well as the nature and characteristics of construction SMEs and their approaches to construction innovations... Materials in construction make up over half of all resource use by weight.Innovative techniques under Lean construction such as using ready mix cement/concrete and dry plaster linings can also contribute to minimising water used on-site.However, there are also other drivers, which play significant roles as well.This will help to reduce energy as well as construction costs.

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Construction Worker Welfare Facilities Construction Essay

If electrical heaters are used, ensure the room has well ventilation and fitted with a high temperature cut-out device where possible.An example of nature of work, where consider the provision of showers if the project involves hazardous substances or very dirty work such as sewer maintenance, dusty demolition activities as well as works with contaminated land or concrete pouring (HSE, 1998).Facilities must be kept in a clean and sanitary condition as well as conform to hygiene and safety requirement.The building of living accommodation requires sufficient materials, appreciate maintenance as well as acceptable cleanliness free from nuisance of rubbish and other waste.If this is not possible then bottles or tank should be provided for st...

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Professionalism in the Construction Industry

Whatsoever, professionalism cannot be evaluated just in appearance; like neatness, good grooming, and shop-talk as well.Quantity surveyor monitors the cost of every aspects of a construction project as a cost expert, as well as seeks to minimize the costs of the project and to make more cost savings while ensuring the total cost of project does not exceed the estimated cost.The builder considers the cost of materials and equipment as well as the cost of labor to provide the owner with an approximate price for the project.This study make following conclusion finally, certainly, particular employer’s aptitudes can be performed within special characteristics and attributes accompanied with professionalism such as, Ethics & Qualification...

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Construction Companies in an Online Environment Essay

According to Laura Lake from About.com “everyone is trying to sell, but those that can inform are more likely to get sales.” (Lake, L., n.d.) Though Darrell Julian’s site does show content that supports their service as well as descriptions of what the company can offer the customer, it does not go in depth enough to show the value added when choosing Darrell Julian Construction over one of their online competitors.Mr. Julian’s competition will most likely continue to update their sites as well as add content as it becomes apparent that it will help in their marketing strategy.These sites are some of the more well know social media sites that most are familiar with, however blogs offer the company an opportunity to create a place for not...

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Impact of Maintaining Quality in Construction Industry Essay

The problems of low quality and other problems of the company are highlighted during these inspections.Construction work is team work and all members need to contribute to the quality of the construction.All the working as well as structural drawings must be studied properly and revisions, if any, must be communicated to all the concerned persons effectively.In short, quality is important for the construction companies to develop a strong foothold in the market, to minimise losses and maximise profits and, last but not the least, to serve the customers better every day.Regular inspections and audits should be carried out at the construction sites as well as the head offices.

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Maintaining Project Management in the Built Environment

Network analysis is a tool for controlling, as well as planning.Thus it need a well organized preplan and to maintain it; that means project management.For the touch of globalization and worldwide competition construction firms are not concern with accomplish the work within the time limit and budget; and get profit, They are competing with how efficiently, accurately accomplish the project with highest amount profit as well as proper implementation of the project.Excellent communication, well managed team leadership, capability to work at both internal and external levels of project management, being informed about when and how to make trade-offs and concentrating on business goal are to be said the techniques used to achieve the succes...

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The Advantages of Green Technology in Construction Essay

Apart from that, this technology brings a healthier and comfortable to the environment generally as well as to human particularly (Klien, 2011).Furthermore, green technologies in construction encourage more energy efficient, benefit the environment as well as the owner of the building and have high in properties values.technology/energy-efficiency-a-financially-sound-way-to-go-green .Smith, E. (2011).Energy Efficiency: A Financially Sound Way to Go Green.

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Total Rewards System in the Construction Industry Essay

There are workers who are unsatisfied because they feel that they are not compensated well, while there are some who find satisfaction by having the work itself.Construction Safety and Health in the Occupational Medicine .In every business organization, compensation or reward is an important issue and is identified to be a motivating factor, for employees to perform well and contribute effectively to the organization’s growth and for the attainment to whatever goal the organization has.: State of the Art Reviews, 10:2, edited by K. Ringen, A. Englund, L. Welch, J.Is Different .

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Building Information Modelling (BIM)

“A building information model (BIM) is an object-oriented building development tool that utilizes 5-D modeling concepts, information technology and software interoperability to design, construct and operate a building project, as well as communicate its details” (BIMForum, 2007).It is said that implementing new technology like BIM requires additional cost in respect of purchasing new software and hardware packages, training as well as changing the work processes and workflows.Unfortunately the down side of this system was the high cost and slow speed of the system as well as its inability of producing more complex geometrical shapes.Corresponding to what Eastman (2009) as well as Furneaux & Kivits (2008) have said, a research done by...

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Traditional Project Delivery Method Essay

References: .Reasons for the use of a Traditional project delivery method: This method has been the standard delivery method for many years in comparison to other methods therefore it is widely applicable, well understood and has well establishes and clearly defined roles for parties involved.After thorough comparisons of various project delivery methods such as the traditional method, design and construct method and in house development method I came to the conclusion the best option would be the traditional method of project delivery.Rawlinsons 2013, Rawlinson’s Australian construction handbook, vol.J.Burke, Australian Standards, 2012. .

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Precast System In Malaysia Construction Industry

The most common types of precast concrete system structural elements in practice:- .These elements or components are produced or manufactured in factories with well quality control and then transported to site for install or assembly.Industrialised Building System (IBS) can be defined as a construction system in which components or elements of the structure such as column, beam, slab etc are manufactured in factories, on or off site, transported, positioned, assembled and constructed into structure with minimal additional site work... Industrialised Building System (IBS) was well known in many developing countries as it provides high level quality construction, more cost competitive, rapidly increases construction period, reduces depend...

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Management of the Supply Chain of Turner Construction Company

And, the product specialists will work hand in hand with the design team starting at the definition part of the project and the development of electrical as well as mechanical loads.Washingtonpost.com., Saudi Arabia, Climate for Changes., retrieved February 16, 2008 .Turner’s prior construction successes in the office construction segment, education segment, hospital segment, sports segment, hotels and motels segment, healthcare, pharmaceutical, multi –unit entertainment as well as public assemble market truly influences the behaviours of its customers and suppliers to give their best as part of the Turner  Construction supply chain (Rugman, 2004).The company is also well known for its expertise in the timely delive...

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George Street Bridge Project Charter

The project will be a success if the project manager is able to complete the project on time with enhanced safety and reliability.Decommissioning of existing construction on the area where the bridge is to be constructed; .In addition to the above, the chief consulting team can provide recommendations related to design-assist procurement as well as contractor procurement.All the decisions are well informed and are as per the schedule ..But these changes will be well within the contingencies provided in the project budget.

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Review of a Construction Company

There are one GM, one assistance GM, and six DGM, under control of MD and well qualified staff.The constructions Professional are the parties that responsible for constructing the project.Lack of communication in between management levels had given rise to distrust and disbelief among employees.It helps to motivate the employees on their works and to develop the loyalty to the organization as well.But the gap between the top management and employees at middle and lower levels is one of the main drawbacks observed in the site organization structure.

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Article Critique – “Risk Perception and Cultural Differences of Latinos Across Residential, Commercial, and Heavy Construction” by Bormann, K. Critical Essay

Vázquez, R., & Stalnakar, C. (2004).Latino workers in the construction industry.In this study, the researcher showed that safety principles are not well applied in the construction industry.The study design was well suited for the collection of data since it can help in generating information for many variables, such as Latino construction workers’ perceptions and behaviors.System safety for the 21st century: The updated and revised edition of system safety 2000.

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Virtual Reality in Construction Coursework

It is due to the factors that have been mentioned that it is necessary for a new system to be implemented that allows for the visualization of the design as well as allows for better collaboration between the architect, engineers and builders to ensure that the design elements, both aesthetic and functional, are implemented in the right way when a building is being constructed.Though there are software products which can create an accurate visual representation of the exterior and interior, when it comes to the placement of supports, the location of circuit breakers and wiring, as well as the design of a building’s internal methods of transportation (i.e.As a result, this ensures that when a building is constructed various mistakes relat...

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Modern Methods of Construction

Although the survey results indicated that off-site construction is on the rise and gaining popularity, the rise is still lower than the desired figures the industry would have liked to have seen.Technik’s 83% added value time demonstrates the efficiency of off-site flooring as well as the reduction in remedial work (WRAP.A programme/time saving of 25.7% is made by using Technik flooring, which clearly has a cost saving implication as well.The amount of beds are needed to be increased at the Stockton site as well as the site needing to be able to provide a service to those needing emergency surgical care, based centrally on location rather than some distance away.Off-site construction is environmentally friendly if it is planned well fro...

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Process Management Methods for Construction Performance

According to Melan’s(1992) research, a well- managed manufacturing process has the following characteristics: .This chapter provides the conclusion of the report as well as the recommendation.Nevertheless, as Ball (1988) summarised, construction industry has distinctive characteristics differentiating from other sectors as well as manufacturing.To obtain comprehensive understanding of the relationship between manufacturing process and construction process, as well as theories on construction process management, a great quantity of books and documents need to be looked through.This chapter examines the collected data and analyzes the data within cases, as well as a detailed cross-case analysis of cases.

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Using Architecture for Sustainable Development Essay

To appropriately construct a green building, a large volume of information should be collected regarding the landscape or environment that is to be modified, including surrounding areas.The site’s location with respect to the sun influences how well different types of vegetation will grow and impacts the functions of a green building.” Sustainable development will be explained, as well as the meaning of sustainable construction.Recycling of resources is encouraged as well as the protection of natural systems and their functions.The design of a green building minimizes the need for these maintenance activities, as well as replacement of failed systems.

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Impact of Occupational Health and Safety in Construction

This chapter will include analysis of data collected through questionnaires survey and the telephone interview with help of charts, figures and tables.Chapter 7 – Conclusion and recommendations .It will also explore the government rules and regulations related to OHS and their influence on the construction industry.The construction industry in developing as well as developed countries is one of the most significant industries in relation to the contribution to the GDP (Rantanen et al., 2004).As labour is very cheap and unorganised, having little or no knowledge of their rights, the companies find it convenient as well as profitable using manpower rather than machineries.

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Labour Management In Construction Projects Management Essay

Figure : Construction labours Thus, the employment of labour to work is very important as it will affect the productivity and the cost of a project.Over a period of time, as their skill and knowledge accumulates, they become a skill labour.Thus, they learn skill and gain experiences indirectly from the site lead to incur waste of time as well as reduce labour productivity.In addition, the contractual agreements in the employment of union and non-union labour as well as degree of supervision give a consequence to the labour productivity.Furthermore, labour characteristic also include security sensitive (how a labour able to handle their confidential information correctly in the sense of secure), safety consciousness (labour/worker has the...

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Literature Review On Mobile Apps Information Technology Essay

Instead of big and heavy measurement equipment for construction measurement work, smart phone with mobile Apps can work well for the measurement task.However, the barriers of mobile Apps in construction area will be less and less because of the development of mobile network coverage and mobile phone device development.Also, there are many barriers for develop mobile Apps for enterprise-wide, on-demand mobile service delivery and retrieval.As well, the mobile can used as camera, many managers are not necessary to get site visit in order to acquaint the construction site.The infrastructure/system requirements is summarized as: good network to support data requirement, developed device to support the Apps works, high speed operation platfor...

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Industrialised Building System: Precast Concrete Elements

The last part of this chapter is the recommendations and some personal comment had been given to improve the study as well as future research.While ‘Building system’ mean a building system includes design rules and a product system whose parts have compatible interfaces, thus permitting the use of several alternative components and assemblies is assured by means of a dimensional and tolerance system as well as connection and joint (Ingemar Lofgren and Kent Gylltoft, 2000) ..An industrialised building system provides flexibility in the design of precast element as well as in construction so that different systems may produce their own unique prefabrication construction methods (Zaini, 2000) .. IBS can replace the conventional building sy...

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Construction Industry In India | Profile

This research work will be useful to individual owner, consultant and contractor as well.They should have telescopic as well as microscopic vision on each and every step of construction operation, right from preliminary estimates and various types of costs to the final inspection and payment.At last any productive activity serves the society so is with the construction activity.So there is ample scope for expansion of construction industry at micro as well as at macro level in form of infrastructure development.The history of systematised or organised construction practice in India can be traced back to around 1847 AD when Lord Dalhouise established the Public Works Department, called PWD, today, to construct civil engineering structure ...

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British Legal Framework For Construction Health and Safety

It can be an individual as well as a company.For this purpose they have to reduce de likelihood of harmful occurrences and the potential severity of harm resultant from it, limit the number of people exposed the these occurrences on site as well as and the duration and frequency of exposition (Howarth & Watson, 2009).The duties of the Contractor are (Howarth & Watson, 2009) (HSC, 2007): .. Report any accidents, diseases and dangerous occurrences to the Principal Contractor as well as problems with the health and safety plan.The contractors should ask for the health and safety construction phase plan produced by the Principal Contractor to get all the information they need to ensure safety of their employees (HSE, 2006).Most of t...

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Use Of Light Alloy Materials In Aircraft Construction Engineering Essay

This is necessary to ensure that the aircraft is strong enough and can stand well.For construction work, aircraft’s ends that need to be constructed by moulding material, composites are well suited.Though the aircraft had served well for quite a long duration, the negative results were finally obtained.Mentioning the list of important spare parts is not enough, but there shall be due care of the parts used for each of the shelf.Therefore, the composite of this type results in quite a well defined value of strength to weight ratio.

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