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The Benefits of Learning English

International business goes well because of English.English holds an important rule to make the business goes well .In international business environment, English holds an important rule to make the business goes well.To become the winner of the hard competition in business world, businessman must be able to understand and use English well.English is well known as an international standard language and it is very important for those who life in this globalization era.

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he Importance of English Language in basic Education

Many Literatures are written in English.Many speeches are made in English Language and if not it is well translated in English.Most of the instructions are found written in English.It has been used in the internet world as well.That could make us spend more money for being unaware of the instructions written in English.

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The Influence of English on My Writing Skills Essay

When I was in high school, the English teacher thought that level of my English was among the highest in a class.However, she would never understand my poor performance on written tasks.She was very surprised that I can speak English so well, but still perform poor on essays.Although, I was speaking English very well, the most of the words I knew came from different movies and TV shows.Because, one day, when we write an English essay and our teacher cannot tell that it’s written by an international; I will know that we made it!

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Why English as a Lingua Franca?

To be able to reach a new place one must have English as the lingua franca or he will find his life going nowhere.Travel becomes so much easier, any happenings far out in other countries are understood easily just because of one well known language: English.All t diplomats and whosoever is connected to diplomatic affairs must master English.86,5% of one billion documents in website in 1999 were written in English; only 2.4% in French.Most science and entertainment nowadays is written or communicated in English, including in non-English speaking countries.

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Importance of the English Language in Present Day World Essay

We get assistance and help in English in every part of world.We see the Internet and find more than 90% of websites written and created in English.If we see Educational field, we will find much of the syllabus is written in English.With good understanding and communication in English, we can travel around the globe.This is the company’s will that their staff is not even well educated but also good English speaker, writer and Reader.

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Test of English for International Communication Essay

The TOEIC Speaking & amp; Writing assess oral and written expression.These tests are tools for evaluating the skills of learners in oral and written comprehension.They contain standard expressions, written or oral, as well as common grammatical expressions.It is made up of one hundred questions divided into two sections: oral comprehension and written comprehension.They allow an assessment of candidates' skills in written and oral expression.

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My Writing Experience and Thoughts about Different Cultures Essay

There is no particularly difficult impression in my memory, But when I was in high school, I found a primary school second grade examination paper and I found articles particularly well written.In my opinion, whether writing in Chinese or English , we must have our own ideas, Only in this way, articles will be more valuable.I am surprised, I get so good at writing, but also particularly well written.For me, writing in English is very different from writing in Chinese, although as a Chinese student I started to learn English when I was very young, and did a lot of English writing since primary school, but English is not my original language.So I must learn the writing skills and method well in this writing lesson, .

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The Importance of Studying English Essay

Most of the university abroad uses English as a second languages after their mother language.Many of the books were written in English,although the advertising also using in English as a man language.Three quarters of the world’s mail is written in English and over two thirds scientist and lecturer read and teach in English.If we doesn’t study English,we will had a problem in doing and searching books in the library for revision.Anysone who wanted to attend university in US,must pass a test proving that he or she is fluent in English(oral test).There are many literary works or classics novel that were written by Willian Shakespear.Example of the books that written by Willian Shakespear is Romeo and Juliet and Twelftth Night.Furthermore, ...

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Middle Vs. Modern English in the Canterbury Tales Essay

However, despite its historical influence on the Middle English language, the significance of the work is less seen today because of the evolution of Modern English.However, this work helps create a bridge between the languages of the middle and modern English worlds.While on these trips, Chaucer discovered the works... ... middle of paper ... ...an see, when reading a work such as The Canterbury Tales, there are many advantages and disadvantages to the work being in both middle and modern English.The English language has changed greatly over the many centuries since the time this work was written.There were many writers and educated English scholars who worked to translate Old English texts into the new Middle English language.

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Literature review on Language Use Essay

In deed, the composition of learners in academic institution is very diverse and as well their multilevel ability in writing also varied.In yet another development of this language, EOP falls under three categories namely business English, professional English and vocational English.Needless to say, these problems have caught the interest of various linguistic scholars due to their regular occurrences in both written and spoken English.Concurrently, Flowerdew and Peacock (2001) perceive this approach as the most significant due to its dynamic nature as well as varied characteristics across disciplines, time and instructors.Scholars interested in English for specific purposes (ESP) discipline tend to prefer the usage of two distinct subdi...

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Spoken English differs greatly in structure from written English? Essay

Here we seem to have a response or reaction to the lines of the old ballad, illustrating the typical ‘responding’ (rather than initiating) function of well (Schiffrin, 1987:102-27).A written text primarily planned for silent reading (for example, a modern novel) can be read aloud, and spoken conversations can be written down and read.Coleridge’s Dejection: an Ode begins with a quotation from the Ballad of Sir Patrick Spence and then has as its opening lines: Well!Well, that’s all, then.Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, with its double now, suggests an oral performance organizing itself met discursively as well as temporally, so that the written organization of the tale, into ‘Prologue’ and the tale proper, achieved by orthographic organization...

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Goan Literature and Translation! Essay

As well as different texts from one language have been translated into other Indian languages.A few important translations from regional languages to English are Gora By Rabindranath Tagore originally written in Bengali and then translated in English by many translators, “Samskara” by U. R. Anathamurthy originally written in Kannada and then translated into English by A. K. Ramanujan, “Tamas” by Bhism Sahani originally written in Hindi but then the author himself translated the work into English.But the problem with Goan literature was that most of the literature was written in local languages like Konkani and Marathi and only a few people could read and understand what Goa actually is and what are the issues related to this land.Indeed,...

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British literature Essay

It is also the first historiography written in English since the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.Milton's works reflect profound personalities, a passion for freedom and self-determination, as well as the pressing problems and political turmoil of his time.It also provides insight into life at Iona Abbey and the condition of monks in the High Middle Ages Gaelic, as well as, it is believed, the first reference to the Loch Ness monster.However, habits change and from the 18th century onwards, the trend is clearly towards the use of national languages ​​(as was already the case in the literature of the Protestant religious movement) and ends up reaching academia: an example of this transition is that of Isaac Newton who wrote his first works in Latin...

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Should Constitutions be Written?

This means that the English system achieves an effect equivalent to that which is delivered by a written constitution without the formality of the latter model and therefore some of the advantages of written systems are to some extent rendered nugatory.In rebuttal, those defending the unwritten English system can point to many states which operate under a written constitution which suffer considerably more administrative difficulties and enjoy significantly less stability than it does.Being contained in a single document a codified constitution is accessible to all and can, if well crafted, establish an equitable and effective system of governance and rights.However, in closing it is worth noting that there are also risks attached to wri...

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Should Science and Mathematics Be Taught in English Essay

However, those who are poor in English will find it difficult to communicate with companies from other country It is an added advantage for students to be competent in the English language because upon completion of the education, they will be able to perform worldwide with this asset on their hands ( Faizah, Aziz and Jusoff 2011, 36).However, teachers who are incompetent in English will have difficulties with the change of language used in the subject and teaching school subjects in the local language enhances understanding for learners as well as paves the way for more potential natural development.Students who converse in English among themselves in school every day will be well verse in the language.Being able to have a good command ...

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Good Use

Therefore, this person would use his written business English style at his workplace, the "cool" English style of writing among friends, and a scholarly English style for his graduate school work.The president has used his professional, business level of English writing to convey his message to his employees.As noted before, there are many levels of the written English language.A young child would not have an extensive vocabulary so their accepted written English would be of a very simple and possibly misspelled style.The employer may be judging you upon how well you have mastered the English language in a professional sense.

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A Bilingual Childhood By Richard Rodriguez Essay

If over time, changes in the material arrangements between men and women continue to accumulate, the traditional content of cultural beliefs about gender will gradually change as well.In Ms. O’really’s English class reading books written by Mexican authors and also allow Maria to translate some words in Spanish to the class would be a fun activity.It will promote social interaction and as well make her feel comfortable using her mother tongue in the classroom and not just at home.The teacher can speak about role models male and female to the class, since it is an English class she can share books written by female authors.Brandon can be popular and get good grades without doubting himself or his future.

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Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe Essay examples

Many authors and critics have written about Achebe’s ‘Things fall apart’ adding their valued opinion on what he was trying to say and his decision to write in English.Things Fall Apart is presented in English from the viewpoint of the Ibo culture.Many African authors chose to write in native languages as a method of resistance to colonial culture; however Achebe wanted to achieve cultural renewal within and through English (Brucker 3).According to Brucker Achebe’s education in English and exposure to European societies has allowed him to capture not only the African perspective in the novel but also the European perspective on colonial expansion, religion, race, and culture (Brucker 1).Achebe wrote in English to teach the reader the valu...

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What Is Literature? Essay

Literature is the historical writings of past civilizations as well as the present that will stay as the voice and life of the people that lived through the time; however, it is the works of extreme literary intellect that stands as the obvious examples of literature works.This is the challenge facing the written works written today.In conclusion, literature is defined, has a history, is written with high intellect, and will forever impact the human race and the people that lived through it.The great works of literature have always been written with the highest levels of vocabulary and writing styles.Finally, for a piece of written work to be thought of as literature, the work must be written with high intellect.

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Essay about The Internet and the Future of Language

Language and the internet.The characteristics of the Internet activity lies in interactivity among users with the use of language, mainly English, which brought the world community closer together than ever.Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001....oned above, the Internet is not a mere technological revolution but also socio-historical revolutions.Crystal, David.

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English language communication Essay

English communication gains us wisdom and we can also gain lots & lots of knowledge by reading online magazines, newspapers, story books, essays, websites and journals and any of the greatest and famous writing written in English by poets, authors or leaders.As every word has a particular context where it fits right, using words in such a manner in English is an art that can only be mastered by practice.Knowledge of English is important as we can get to know how to frame sentences, how to use words in dialogues while speaking to others.With daily practice, you can communicate-well with others and improve your skills, show-off or expose your skills before others to impress and motivate them to come up with their English language commu...

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The Diverse Features Of Classroom Discourse

Language form as well as language functions are studied by it with a close view towards both spoken course and written text.English textbooks and English classroom interaction are important aspects of English teaching and learning.Textbooks teach the subject content and other issues such as social and cultural topics as well as the values and beliefs of society (Hasan, 2008).Especially when the aim of the study is to analyze the discourse of secondary English textbook that is written discourse, and classroom interaction that is spoken discourse.It helps understand how much does the written elements worth serve the needed requirement.

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Hispanic and Latino Americans Essay

This defies the common stereotyping that Latinos cannot speak English very well and mostly occupy blue collared jobs.“Rain of Gold”, written by Victor Villasenor was about the three generations of two Mexican families whose hardship and adventures date back in the Mexican Revolution of 1910.“Curandera”, a poem written by Pat Mora describes the dependency of a Latino woman to the nature as means of survival and healing of the people.In the book, it was also written that the characters learned to use the survival techniques of Native Americans in order to survive the difficulties they were facing in their environment.If not understood well, this diversity may also lead to internal and external conflicts such as discrimination and stereotyp...

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How to write a rationale? Essay

Being a diary, the audience is the writer herself, and for each entry I used a different tone: lightheartedness can be seen in the sentence “Okonkwo and I should elope, as he is the man I have always longed for” while melancholy is present in the following one: “And it all seems so different from back then.” The language I employed is intended to be similar to the one on “Things Fall Apart” and the Ibo language, including the months “Onwa Agwu” meaning June and “Onwa Okike” meaning November, as well how they popularly use the word “shall.” I wrote this this because I wish we had seen more of the personal sides of the characters in the novel, especially of a woman, since they allow us to connect to them and feel with them more deeply.Just...

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“The Secret Language” by Daisy Zamora Essay

According to the author, the school English was boring comparing to her grandmother’s English, it was very classic and soulless, where she described her grandmother’s English as a magical and musical words.This experience, in some way, made the author regretting the huge effort that she made to read difficult English books and listing and memorizing very well written songs to improve her English, despite all that efforts, she couldn’t communicate with her age boys and girls.In the article “The Secret Language” by Daisy Zamora, the author explained her personal experience of learning English in her country, and how she discovered the difference between spoken and academic English.So, to be able to communicate with everyone in her vacation...

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Importance of Learning English Essay

A language is the written and spoken methods of combining words to create meaning used by a particular group of people.Many important and great books are written in English.So, to be a good corporate officer in this digital era there is no option without learning English.Software manuals, hardware-installation guides and product fact sheets of popular consumer electronics and entertainment devices usually are available in English first before being made available in other languages.English is the most spoken language in the world as billions of people sheer English language as their official language.

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English Only In The United States Essay

The United States is one of those countries where to be American means to speak English.Part and parcel of the American life is learning how to speak English.In recognition of this achievement, people teach themselves to speak English.This is a testament to the greatness of not only the United States but of the English language as well.The highest law of the land is the American Constitution and it is written in English.

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Why is it important to learn English? Essay

Because of its important role, English is considered as one of the most popular language in many countries.Most of the things written on the internet are in English.Mastering English as a native speaker enables you to communicate your ideas clearly and effectively in spoken and written forms.Meeting new people from another country could be hard if you can’t speak English because you won’t be able to communicate well.English is the dominant business language all over the world and it has become almost necessary to speak English if we are willing to enter a global workface.

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Cincinnati State Technical and Community College

The course is designed for Limited English Proficient students at Cincinnati State who are enrolled in a pre-tech or degree program.• use standard English sentence structure in writing and speaking • gain confidence in ability to communicate in written and spoken English • understand English used in academic settings.Gain fluency in spoken English .• write clear paragraphs including topic sentence, support, and concluding sentence • write clear five paragraph essays on a variety of topics.Have a basic knowledge of English grammar .

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English language Essay

Written Assignments: You will complete four written assignments: one on adult learning and learning contexts, one on an aspect of the language system of English, one on an aspect of language skills and one on classroom teaching and the identification of action points.I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and it was a very satisfying as well as challenging experience.You will be given the written task at the interview.You will receive written feedback, including an .However, be warned that for one month it is hard work, but it’s well worth it!

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