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Sample Reflection Assignments Essay

Reflections: An essential element for student learning in service-learning courses is written and oral reflections on the field study experience, as well as on other elements of the course.Guidelines for Written Assignments .The paper should be 8-10 typed (word processed) pages, 12 cpi, and follow the attached guidelines for written assignments.All of these written assignments will be graded and become part of the final grade.Details on all of these written assignments will be provided and discussed in class.

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Goan Literature and Translation! Essay

According to Prof. Peter Nazareth “Goans have written in thirteen languages.It has enhanced knowledge of our multilingual, multicultural personality.As well as different texts from one language have been translated into other Indian languages.Translation enriches comprehension of a wounded culture, the bond of language that unites a dispersed community, and the values that have sustained it.Indeed, only through good translations can there be communication and understanding of continuum of other common heritage.

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Genre Analysis and the Use of Citation Essay

In doing the tabulation, the prevalent style and genre of written works in these three fields can then be identified, and any notable distinction, if any, can then be highlighted and analyzed.Of the three disciplines represented by the selected written works, psychology turned out to have the highest number of citations.Some types of written works require a lot of citations, while some require less.Table 1 shows the number of times the authors resorted to the use of citations throughout their written articles.On the other hand, attributing the cited lines to designated authors makes the overall written work well-researched and substantiated.

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Rhetorical Analysis Reflections Essay

Luckily you are scored on what you do well rather than everything that you have done wrong considering that this paper is not a finished product.Over the year, when I am given topics that interest and fascinate me, I am able to write them very well.The lack of passion towards this essay is the reason it is not written very well.I knew that the paper was well written, but I was not necessarily sure how well I was going to do.Anecdotes, contrasting views, imagery, and pathos were all rhetorical strategies that I have present in my essay.

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Reflection And Reflection Of Reflection Essay

In order to revalidate, nurses must write 5 reflective accounts within a 3 year period and each reflective account must explain what the nurse has learnt from the CPD activity and explain how it relates to the Code of Conduct and in particular the 4 themes of Prioritising People, Practicing Effectively, Preserving Safety and Promoting Professionalism and Trust.. Nurses also have to discuss the written reflective accounts with another NMC registered nurse coving the 5 reflective accounts Section 9.2 of the NMC code of conduct asks nurses to “gather and... .This model would be relatively easy to use on a daily basis as it is easy to recall and it has clearly defined stages.(Barskby, 2015) .This model is particularly effective because the m...

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Gulliver's Travels - Satire

These themes are displayed throughout Gulliver's Travels, and even sometimes reflect upon today's society.Many books also reflect upon issues of the time and current day issues.Gulliver's Travels is one of those books that will remain a classic because it portrays some universal issues that will continue to have effects on people's lives in the future.Gulliver's Travels had many examples of life in the Reformation Era and even pertained to an issue in today's world.This book not only reflects upon the time of the Reformation, but also can be interpreted to relate to some modern day issues as well.

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The poetry of rizal Essay

A poem written in his youth aptly titled “A La Juventud Filipina” translated in English as “To The Filipino Youth” reflects his desire for the younger generation to take the reins of reform and alleviate the plight of the motherland.His poems were not written for the sake of espousing a cause although he did that effectively.His weapons were his words.Some fight with weapons.The first poem he ever wrote was written at age 8.

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The Kite Runner Essay

As a good historical novel should be written, it had a great authentic rendition of the time and place as well as the people being featured.The Kite Runner was written to reflect the culture of those who live or lived in Afganistan.By reading this novel I was educated further about life in Afganistan; their overall culture and life for Muslims during the war.The Kite Runner is all about the historical content.The Kite Runner being a great historical novel had very believable charecters and I mosty certinaly came away feeling that I was far more educated about Afganistan, that time period and their culture in general .

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Effective Communication Methods Essay

Therefore, the management will succeed in its mission by adopting effective communications such as use of seminars, face-to-face discussions, gestures, active, passive and reflective listening as well as ensuring to give feedbacks to sustain the communication loop.The method is considered as being highly effective because of its efficiency as well as the ability of the sender to assess the receiver body language (Cherry, 2012).It should explain how community policies are established as well as indicate the benefits they bring to affected societies.The speaker should be given the hand written notes of all the issues raised by the represents of the community and departments.The speaker should then conclude the meeting by educating the grou...

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Graduate Level Writing

While it is acceptable for undergraduate writing to be mechanically correct, clear, and concise, graduate writing is expected to be mechanically skillful, as well as nuanced, engaging, and interesting.Graduate level writing is expected to have more in common with written communication in a professional setting, as opposed to the writing found in undergraduate level programs.The audience for undergraduate writing is typically the teacher/instructor or a general audience, while graduate writing is written more for a professional audience.A portion of what makes written communication effective is time management because organizing the writing process with notes and outlines can help to organize what is written and presented to the audience....

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Philippine Literature Essay

Instead, these uniting forces geared into revolting against the new colonizers; – During the American colonization period, Philippine literature reflected the ethos of its people under a new role.However, these day-to-day experiences under a new foreign influence, as well as sentiments, were expressed through the English language; – The Spanish ‘sarsuwela’ was eventually replaced by the ‘drama’; – One major influence of the American occupation on the Filipino literature is its refining in the context of the content and the form.Natin na Tola (1704) – eventually referred to as “Pasyon,” was written by Gaspar Aquino de Belen; an example of Christian folk epic in which the passion of Jesus Christ was written in relation with the plight of t...

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Philippine Literature Essay

Furthermore, because of this broadened knowledge on the field of literature through the education provided by the American government, Philippine literature has become more than a tradition formed by culture.A History & Anthology, English Edition (Lumbera, B.& Lumbera C. ), the pre-colonial period of Philippine literature is considered the longest in the country’s history; – Literature in this period is based on tradition, reflecting daily life activities such as housework, farming, fishing, hunting, and taking care of the children as well; – Oral pieces told stories which explained heroes and their adventures; they attempted to explain certain natural phenomena, and, at the same time, served as entertainment purposes; .– Unlik...

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The Great Gatsby and E. Browning Sonnets Essay examples

The novel represent... ... middle of paper ... ...e to the depths and breadth and height.” It is not physically possible to love someone in such a way.In closing, both ‘The Great Gatsby’ and the E. Browning sonnets are reflective of the time period in which they were written.However the American aristocracy, that is the families of old wealth, scorned the newly rich.‘The Great Gatsby’ portrays the American Dream and its decline, social classes and the difference between them, as well as World War I.The Elizabeth Browning Sonnets were written during the Romantic era.

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How to Write a Reflective Essay

Whatever your style, prewriting for a reflective essay should be all about finding structure and creating a backbone for your assignment.One of the widespread topics for a reflective essay is “What is love?” in which the author shares his own reflective of this term through the prism of his experience and the common attitude to this social phenomenon.This is a very important step that often goes overlooked when writing a reflective essay.The introduction should give the reader an idea of what your essay is about as well as hint at the conclusion.Reflective essay do not have a certain structure because cannot be written according to a standard essay scheme.

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Essay about Tragedy in Oedipus the King and Doll's House

Their tragedies, Oedipus the King and A Doll’s House has been revered and studied because of their inclusion of the basic structure of the tragedy, as well as their display of the complexities of the human psyche.Both Oedipus the King and A Doll’s House set forth a range of human emotions that allows the audience to connect and feel for the tragedy, given to one to reflect upon human nature.They could play upon the wealth of human emotions, engrossing the audiences in empathy and disbelief.Her live would become a hell on earth as she struggled just to survive everyday, with peace only in death.Though it was written more than a millennium ago, its basis and structure for tragedy has held strong, showing true in the modern tragedy of A Dol...

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“The Signalman”, “The Monkey’s Paw” and “The Red Room”

The three stories were written in different times “The Signalman was written in 1865, “The Monkey’s Paw” was written in 1902 and “The Red Room” was written in 1894.“The Signalman” was written in the period when the Victorians were inventing new technology.As the three stories were written in different times they contain different gothic elements.Turning to “The Signalman”, written by Charles Dickens.“The Red Room” and “The Signalman” are written in the first person narrator which makes the reader feel involved in the narrator’s experience.

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Business & Organizational Ethics Essay

All written assignments must be typed (double-spaced), stapled and have numbered pages.Written assignments will be evaluated for clarity, construction and appropriate format.Any form of dishonesty in an assignment will lead to a zero on the assignment, and I reserve the right to give a grade of F for the course as well.Additionally, working in teams, you will research contemporary literature relating to your assigned subject area and present a written summary as well as lead class discussion on the assigned class date.I will provide selected readings for each of these topical areas and generally spend the first part of each class period discussing these readings as well as related subject material.

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Crime and Punishment: A Reflection of Fyodor Dostoevsky Essay

Crime and Punishment: A Reflection of Fyodor Dostoevsky Crime and Punishment is one of the most well-known pieces of literature written by Fyodor Dostoevsky.Utilitarianism and the Übermensch theory are both used to justify a crime committed by Raskolnikov, which eventually makes him break down, suggesting that Russia will also break down if it continues to try and abide by these Western ideologies, while Christian Existentialism is like a saving light to Raskolnikov and gives him a purpose in life.From this, it can be seen that at this point in time, Raskolnikov believes that he is above... ... middle of paper ... ...itarianism and the Übermensch theory, and the acceptance of Christian Existentialism, which is devoting your life to Chris...

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Communication Skills And The Writing Essay

These JOU courses provided me an opportunity to improve my grammar command and use it to advance my writing skills.The 11 courses took me back to grade school lessons with the 8 parts of speech and on to more advance and invaluable writing training and techniques that I can use every day.Written correspondences are a direct reflection of the organization, not just the writer.For more colorful sentences, the “Working with Words” and “The Mechanics of Writing” courses show how common prefixes and suffixes can be added to a word to modify its meaning, how to make subject and verb agree in number, where to add apostrophes to make nouns possessive, when numbers should be spelled out or written in numerals, and how to avoid common spelling mis...

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A Reflection On The Nursing Skills

However, I now prefer to reflect or re-access care plans inter-professionally because often other people see positive factors and a clear picture of an experience, especially if they have learnt from a similar past experience.I realised that when reflecting alone I am not always honest about the challenges that occurred in my experiences but I tend to have more time to reflect on my own than I would with my colleagues.In conclusion, an inter-professional team of various health professionals are expected; to reflect inter-professionally on the care they deliver, practice all type of communication with each other and keep each other informed with the care process.In this essay I will be identifying and discussing these skills as well as re...

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How Does the Writer Tell the Story in Godiva? Essay

The break in the stanza gives the reader a chance to reflect and take in what has happened.As a reader we are taken on Godiva’s journey, and we feel the pain of every moment of her sacrifice.The poem ends with the line “and built herself an everlasting name”.Tennyson has written this poem in third person narrative.Godiva is poem written by Alfred Tennyson about a well known myth regarding a woman named Godiva.

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Learning Disability Nurse Reflection

The potential of reflective practice to develop individual orthopaedic nurse practitioner and their practice.For example, I was able to improve my rapport with other colleagues and various multidisciplinary healthcare professionals as well as clients as I achieved Module Nine communication based learning objectives.There was a sharp discrepancy in Module Nine when reviewing the Valuing People (2001) discourse in relation to people with learning disabilities (PWLD) between what was written in the document and what I experienced at work; whereas the document stresses the rights inherent for all people be extended to PWLD, it was my experience that daily patients and clients were denied access to services due to budgetary measures rather th...

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“Everyman” and “Doctor Faustus” Essay

It is written by and for people of catholic religion.Therefore it is possible to see the alteration from one period to another.Whereas in the sixteenth century in which Doctor Faustus was written, saw a shift of Christian ideals.We can acknowledge the play of Doctor Faustus as one from the Elizabethan period as its verbs differ from modern day usage, with phrases such as “What see you?” and “You look not well.” Also Elizabethan playwrights wrote in blank verse or iambic pentameter, as its evident here.The morality play is essentially an allegory written in dramatic form.

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Ethical Issues in Counseling Essay

NAADAC members, addiction professionals and/or licensed/certified treatment providers (subsequently referred to as addiction professionals) recognize that the ability to do well is based on an underlying concern for the well-being of others.Briefly summarize the component and discuss how it will affect your interaction with clients.All papers should be written using 12 point Times New Roman font with one inch margins.Be sure to properly cite all sources used within your writing assignment using APA format.What kind of issues does NAADAC’s Code of Ethics address?

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Mirror: Sylvia Plath Essay

The word “fish” at the end is completely different to the rest of the poem which makes it stand out greatly.Many of her poems reflect her emotions, whether they are sad, angry or depressing, and “Mirror” is one of those poems.It says that we should look beyond the superficial and value what we are on the inside, something that Plath had struggled with over her life.To conclude, “Mirror” is a very powerful piece of literature that was written with great expertise.Finally, the message portrayed in “Mirror” was delivered very well.

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‘Tom Appleby Convict Boy’ by Jackie French

Tom Appleby convict boy is a great novel that opens the eyes of young readers in many ways, overall, highly recommended.We’ll see the sunlight every day and never see the night at all, except to sleep.How the story is written impacts greatly on how the reader receives these messages of morals and ethics.Revisiting the power of subjectivity, French having written the story from this point of view enables readers to think from the perspective of Tom and reflect this perspective in the their lives; ultimately promoting courage and bravery among young teens.‘Tom Appleby Convict Boy’ is written subjectively from a third person point of view.

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The Controversy Behind The Yellow Wallpaper English Literature Essay

It is therefore justifiable to argue that this work befits the political era in which it was written.The Yellow Wallpaper is a short story written wit close reference to individuals who shaped up America’s identity.Women could not be allowed to vote as well.Just like any other work of art which is supposed to reflect society’s settings, Gilman writing represented true behavior of society of her time.A grey area is painted along relevance of this story to the context in which it was written.

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Misogyny in Brave New World

However, I must point out that the only articles I could find were written around the same time period, all written in and after 1992.I have also read two other articles written by female authors, one being an anonymous UK student, and the other June Deery.One thing I have found interesting is that I have found no articles written before the 1990’s on the gender issue in Brave New World.Another important thing to note is that not all the critical essays I read were written by women; David Leon Higdon wrote a compelling article which proves that the misogyny and inequality in Brave New World is not something that takes a female feminist activist to point out.This may be because gender inequality has only becoming apparent to our society r...

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The Motorcycle Diaries | An Analysis

Besides, even they were written in different years they are a critical informers about the lack of moral in the American society in the 20’s and in the other hand, the economical situation in Latin-America -specifically in South America -; the poverty that took part during the 50’s and in some way also modified thinking and performance of that society.The well known ‘American dream’ evoked the worst part of people for both the upper class and the recent one.Opposite to that reality, America’s financial situation seemed good as well as the comfortable life for Americans, but if Guevara and company had decided do their journey to America they would certainly had to give up to that odyssey, because people were not as generous as the one in ...

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I Am, You are, We are Australian Essay

The landscapes are described in detail, honestly and so distinctively that it is very obvious that it was talking about Australia.It is a multicultural anthem and reflects Australian identity.Nowadays, Ned Kelly is one of the greatest folk heroes and unsuspecting fathers of Australian nationalism.Ned Kelly, for example was described as a “Robin Hood,” taking money from the rich and giving to the poor, and although he loathed authority, he was fiercely loyal to his friends.The song written for the Bicentenary.

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