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How Musical Theatre Has Developed

West Side Story shows how dancing, acting, singing and design could blend together in unity. West Side Story is up to date not only because of it’s lengthy dance numbers, emotionally drenched songs and scores, and a contemporary plot that speaks so much of the place and time where the story took place, but also because we are now in a place and time...

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Romeo & Juleit Vs. West Side Story

This is more suitable for the time period of West Side Story, because in the 1950’s Maria would not be out in the evening without an escort. In West Side Story, Maria is on the fire escape of her family’s apartment, and she overhears Tony singing about how he loves her, but, Tony sort of sneaks up on her, so technically both stories show likenesses ...

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William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet Essay

Overall, Romeo and Juliet and The West Side Story are more alike in their themes, character actions, and plots. Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story, two timeless dramas that will live on forever.

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West Side Story Essay

“West Side Story” made me think twice about life and that everyone is different and yet equal in the same way, we are all human beings. It only leads to no good in “West Side Story”.

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Romeo And Juliet/ West Side Story Compare And Contrast

Romeo and Juliet/ West Side Story Compare and Contrast I recently finished reading Romeo and Juliet, as well as West Side Story. One of these differences is that the characters in West Side Story are rough and mean compared to the characters in Romeo and Juliet.

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Relationship Between Moby Dick and Ahab's Wife

One story creates a niche for another story to come into existence, or be written. For example, West Side Story is a modern version of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet: the two tell the same story.

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Essay on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet vs. West Side Story

Well, just take a look at West Side Story, and you will have your answers. Some of the characters in West Side Story are carbon copies of those in Romeo and Juliet: Maria (Juliet), Tony (Romeo), Bernardo (Tybalt), Lt. Schrank (Prince), and Anita (Nurse).

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An Analysis of Hybridity in Ahdaf Soueif’s Works

In her novels, Ahdaf Soueif reacts to this ongoing tendency in the West to imagine the Orient and its culture as exotic objects, by dismantling the stereotypes which were originally constructed to illustrate Western desires. Leila Ahmed, who has written several essays on the topic of Orientalist stereotyping in the West, claims that the veil is “mor...

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Comparing Two Dance Movements Essay

In west side story the dance style is mambo, and mambo is originally from Cuba and came over to America, so the dance doesn’t really go with the culture of the Brazilians or the Americans but however because it became popular in night clubs, resort hotels in the heart of New York and Miami, so by using this style of dance and music the composer want...

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Confrontation in Romeo and Juliet Essay

The ways in which diversity and divisions affect people and their relationships can be shown in Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet, as well as the film West Side Story, directed by Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise. Other than arguments between people, there are many other events that can affect relationships, however when looking at Romeo and Juliet...

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West Side Story Essay

West Side Story is an American musical film directed by Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise, released in 1961. George Chakiris already knew the universe of West Side Story before participating in the film.

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Love Lost Essay

West Side Story. From both Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story, it is clear how relationships can be destroyed by racial differences, family ties, and social problems.

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“West Side Story” Critique

Therefore West Side Story is at its best when the characters are singing and dancing. West Side Story is bloodless in all scenes including the stabbing and gunshot scenes.

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Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, West Side Story and Baz Luhrmann’s “Romeo and Juliet” Essay

It can be seen that West Side story focused not on the violence of the text but the issues it raised, such as love and hatred. Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘West Side Story’ and Luhrmanns ‘Romeo and Juliet’ have all been shaped by the values held by society at that time.

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I Love School Essay

However, as with all movies, character insight that is critical to understanding the story is lost when the format goes from the written word to the screen. It also changes the conflict from the East Side versus the West side to the northside versus the southside.

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Hills Like White Elephants Analysis Essay

Across, on the other side, were fields of grain and trees along the banks of the Ebro,” which portrays a very green, fertile landscape. “Hills Like White Elephants” had several important techniques such as conflict, characterization, and symbolization to make a dramatic story about a man and woman and their differences.

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Three Settings from the Great Gatsby

The distance that separates Gatsby from Daisy lies across the span of water between their houses – the very distance between West Egg and East Egg, representing a barrier between the two lovers. Despite all his money, Gatsby lives in West Egg, suggesting that he has not been able to complete his transformation into a member of the social upper class...

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West Side Story Essay

West Side Story. The film has played a part in carrying on the view of the West Side as a place of metropolitan and racial problems.

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Hungry Hawk

This proved that life wasn’t as good and easy as what the narrator thought in the West and that it was much harder and tougher. I was bragging shamelessly about our advantages, I was ready to lie if need be.” (Page 155) This guy was ready to lie to make the West seem like a perfect world to live in for his younger sister, the only problem was that m...

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Maniac Magee: Summary Essay

Would you change anything about the story: I would change the part where Grayson dies because Grayson loved Maniac as much as maniac loved Grayson. I would recommend this book to students that are in 5th to 8th graders because it teaches you about how difficult it can be when you are an orphan and how the west side and the east side came together.

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Canadian Press Coverage in the Middle East

Further, a Globe-Environics poll, published on March 30, 1988, indicated that 53% of Canadians surveyed disapproved of the way Israel was handling the situation in the West Bank and Gaza, while only 9% approved. On January 21, Mr. Clark asserted that Israel was systematically abusing the human rights of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank and the...

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“The Great Gatsby” Setting Essay

For example, East Egg and West Egg are both places in which people of great wealth live but Nick clearly states that East Egg is where the “classier” people live. I lived at West Egg, the – well, the less fashionable of the two.” This indicated that even though Gatsby is really wealthy, there still exists a distinction of class between Gatsby and Da...

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Coal Mining in West Virginia: Storming Heaven, Denise Giardina Essay

"West Virginia Mine Wars." In the end he dies, but he will rest on the mountain side where Carrie “walks past the cemetery where Rondal would at last have a place of his own.” (Giardina 290) This brings back a story that I read “How Much Land Does One Man Need”.

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Orientalism In Film Or Animation Cultural Studies Essay

This kind of discrimination and prejudice to “Orient”, especially China, in the West screen there is also a large number of embodiments and the “Orientalism” in the West complexly exists. Said believes that “the West for the understanding of Orient did not like Europeans to understand in depth, although they should have adopted a series of adventure...

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What is God

The wealth and power of the townspeople in the fictional New York town creates so much envy towards other people in East and West Egg that they are looked upon as role models. The contrasting side, East Egg, is a place of sophisticated social connections.

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Romeo and Juliet Composition Essay

The most amazing fact about this story is that even though this story was written hundreds of years ago, the teenagers today still go through the same ordeals or, even wonderful events as well. On the other hand, the love of Tony and Maria (West Side Story) was not as ridiculous.

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Romeo And Juliet Speech With Relevant Texts

In conclusion all these films in which have been discussed have been very controversial but ultimately successful I feel that zeffereli successfully interprets the originality of the text but lacks any input, individuality and any element of surprise, west side story is interesting as a 1960’s version of Romeo and Juliet but it is an acquired taste ...

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The Impact Of Vatsu Shastra

Whereas the sub directions vis-a-vis North East, South East, North West and South West represent zones of confluence of two different (positive and negative) energy streams which are at right angles to each other. Taking advantage of the gifts bestowed by the nature to make a pleasant living and working conditions thereby promoting spiritual well-be...

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Modern Allusions Of Shakespeares Romeo And Juliet Film Studies Essay

In the song “Love Story”, Taylor Swift recites the story of Romeo and Juliet throughout her lyrics. Whether the story of the young lovers is portrayed on television, film, Broadway, or in music lyrics, people have always enjoyed the story of Romeo and Juliet.

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Essay about Reception of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Work, This Side of Paradise

James L. West in his book The making of This Side of Paradise concludes, “the novel occupies an important place in Fitzgerald's career. 1 West, James L. The Making of This Side of Paradise (University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, 1983), p.6.

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