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Comparing Two Dance Movements Essay

In West side story the composer has a different approach to the mentor. In west side story the dance style is mambo, and mambo is originally from Cuba and came over to America, so the dance doesn’t really go with the culture of the Brazilians or the Americans but however because it became popular in night clubs, resort hotels in the heart of New Yor...

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“West Side Story” Critique

West Side Story features popular songs, many of which have become “standards,” still widely performed and loved today (I Feel Pretty). Therefore West Side Story is at its best when the characters are singing and dancing.

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How Musical Theatre Has Developed

Accordingly Arthur Laurent, author of the original book, got a second chance at his creation, and turned the 2009 Broadway West Side Story revival into the musical he always wanted to make. To discuss the historical development of musical theatre, this report will present an analysis of Leonard Bernstein’s musical “West Side Story”.

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William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet Essay

Overall, Romeo and Juliet and The West Side Story are more alike in their themes, character actions, and plots. Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story, two timeless dramas that will live on forever.

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West Side Story Essay

West Side Story is an American musical film directed by Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise, released in 1961. Unlike her partners, Natalie Wood was already famous when she was filming West Side Story.

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Music History

This has been the case for the issue of race and ethnicity in America, in particular the following musicals: Show Boat, Memphis, and West Side Story. This issue was the subject of several musicals, including the three discussed in this paper: Show Boat, Memphis, and West Side Story.

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Modern Allusions Of Shakespeares Romeo And Juliet Film Studies Essay

Whether the story of the young lovers is portrayed on television, film, Broadway, or in music lyrics, people have always enjoyed the story of Romeo and Juliet. Cinematic productions such as “The Ringer”, “West Side Story”, “Gnomeo and Juliet”, The Baz “Romeo and Juliet”, and the Zeffereli version of “Romeo and Juliet”, utilize allusions from Shakesp...

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I Love School Essay

Ponyboy is telling us the story, the same as in the book, but the 91-minute film only glosses over many character relationships. However, as with all movies, character insight that is critical to understanding the story is lost when the format goes from the written word to the screen.

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Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, West Side Story and Baz Luhrmann’s “Romeo and Juliet” Essay

It can be seen that West Side story focused not on the violence of the text but the issues it raised, such as love and hatred. The violence is much more confronting and brazen than West Side Story, providing information on how American society has been desensitized between the 1950’s and the late 1990’s.

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William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet Essay

The play Romeo and Juliet, the ballet Romeo and Juliet, and West Side Story portray romantic love with different methods in the final scene, using dialogue, action, music, and choreography. In the story of Romeo and Juliet, romantic love is portrayed by different artists.

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The History of Musical Theatre

•Bob Fosse (Redhead, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, • Jerome Robbins (Peter Pan, Bells are Ringing, West Side Story) Composers . Many remakes of successful musicals were put into production, including Oklahoma in 1955, West Side Story in 1961, The Sound of Music in 1965, dividing the musical theatre world between people pleased t...

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Classical music Essay

The brass and woodwind instrumentalists brought intrigue and manoeuvre to the story of the piece being played whilst the drums added the extra element of spirit in the arrangement. The tempo was light in places and amplified in others; the exaggeration of drama was as apparent as the subtlety of tenderness applied to the nature of the story.

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Developments of West End Musical Scene

But the starting point for every West End production is money – a fact beautifully demonstrated by the plot of one of the West End’s most popular current productions ‘The Producers’. Coupled with the screen to stage success of musical films like , a producer was now able to weigh up potential West End shows safe in the knowledge that a stable of wo...

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Hollywood Musical Essay

Much has been changed and shifted as depicted through the movies of Singing in the Rain (1952), West Side Story (1961), Godspell (1973), Fame (1980) and Hairspray (2007); hence, these movies are considered as the main focal points of the discussion. The Hollywood provides different musical compositions that somehow affected the genres of musical fil...

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What is God

The contrasting side, East Egg, is a place of sophisticated social connections. This fictional area of New York, East and West Egg, are home to many wealthy families and individuals.

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Developments in the West End Musical Scene

So instead of trying to predict what people may like and creating a musical story around it, the West End decided to reduce the risk and simply take the music that people already like and create a story around that. But the starting point for every West End production is money – a fact beautifully demonstrated by the plot of one of the West End’s mo...

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Something’s Coming Essay

Something Coming was a song composed for the musical West Side Story, based on a modern version of “Romeo and Juliet” It was written in 1958. There is extensive use of short riffs such as in “something due any day, I will know right away” and “only just out of reach, down the block, on a beach”.

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Romeo and Juliet Essay

It is difficult to compare “West Side Story” to the other two versions as it departs so much from the story “Romeo and Juliet” that it is hardly recognizable as an adaptation. I also watched a part of “West Side Story”, however, this takes a very free view of its source material as it uses Shakespeare’s tragedy for its plot value more than anything ...

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Personal Narrative - Football...and Musicals?

Music is the most beautiful and powerful way to relate emotion. Ever since my first musical, Jesus Christ Superstar, seven years ago, I have been obsessed with the telling of stories through melody and verse.

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Romeo And Juliet Speech With Relevant Texts

West side story is also an adaptation of the Broadway musical which inspiration was drawn from the original text of Romeo and Juliet it is directed by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins. In conclusion all these films in which have been discussed have been very controversial but ultimately successful I feel that zeffereli successfully interprets the orig...

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Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

The fresh prince is the perfect role model because he was independent as shown in the adjustment of the story format, however one of the most important factors of being a role model which the fresh prince demonstrates throughout the title credit sequence, is the fact that the fresh prince lives and respects the teenage society. his music appealed to...

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Baz luhrmann’s interpretation of Romeo and Juliet Essay

The other reasons why he filmed ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in the west coast of America is because Los Angeles is a big city just like Verona and because there is also a lot of violence and gangs in Los Angeles just like Verona. This music is ancient like the families and the story.

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Traditional Chinese Instrument Guzheng (Zither)

century, the Zheng slowly began to emulate this Western music techniques among which included the harp and piano techniques of playing music, where both hands are used in a sophisticated plucking to the right side of the bridges with the right hand in most cases specializing in the playing of melodies while the left hand on the other side providing ...

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Stereotyping Of Minorities On Broadway Theatre Essay

His parents supported Americanization and attempted to downplay their ethnic difference, so Kern’s Jewish- German side did not have a big influence on his composing (Zollo). Plot and lyrics from musicals such as Show Boat, South Pacific, West Side Story and Finian’s Rainbow also either encouraged acceptance through reflecting the idea of overcoming ...

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Wings Of Desire Plot Analysis Film Studies Essay

Also, the art of having the thoughts of troubled souls expressed in a voice-over recitation assists in shaping the film’s story. He continues to say that “wings’ is closer to poetry and music than linear story telling.

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Story of the Year Essay

The band initially formed under the Big Blue Monkey name in 1995, consisting of John Taylor on vocals, Ryan Phillips on guitar, Greg Haupt on guitar, Perrys West on bass and by Dan Marsala on drums. It was at this point that John Taylor, Greg Haupt and Perry West were replaced by Philip Sneed, Adam Russell and Josh Wills respectively.

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Presidential Symphony Orchestra of Turkey Essay

Much of the success of this music hides in the professional representation of the performance. Other work of the orchestra was West Side Story.

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Meanings Hidding In One Thousand English Literature Essay

The camel, when walking, moving, while the anterior and posterior limb, alternating the right side with the left side. In the West, we say “black market” and an endless series of expressions, which gives the black, always a pejorative meaning, derogatory, while “white” is always a load of favorable connotations.

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Patrick Swayze Essay

The film is largely set in, and was mostly filmed at, West Edmonton Mall. The saga tells the story of the enduring friendship between Orry Main of South Carolina (Patrick Swayze) and George Hazard of Pennsylvania (James Read), who become best friends while attending the United States Military Academy at West Point but later found themselves and thei...

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Nick Cave Essay

At the end of the 1970s, the group, part of the local post-punk scene, gave numerous concerts throughout Australia before changing their name in 1980 to become The Birthday Party and to settle in Europe that same year, first in London, where he shared rooms with music critics and journalists Paul Gorman and Barney Hoskyns, or Johnny Thunders then in...

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