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Comparing Two Dance Movements Essay

The two musicals that I will be comparing are Oklahoma and the West Side Story.In West side story the composer has a different approach to the mentor.In west side story the dance style is mambo, and mambo is originally from Cuba and came over to America, so the dance doesn’t really go with the culture of the Brazilians or the Americans but however because it became popular in night clubs, resort hotels in the heart of New York and Miami, so by using this style of dance and music the composer wants to convey an ‘night out’, although in Oklahoma, the music is very much to do with their culture and style as it is country side music which the composer portrays very well.The musical styles with both of the dance movements are completely diffe...

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“West Side Story” Critique

Therefore West Side Story is at its best when the characters are singing and dancing.The setting is the Upper West Side of New York City in the late 1950s with conflict between rival street gangs rather than families.West Side Story is the classic tragedy of Romeo & Juliet set in a modern setting.West Side Story features popular songs, many of which have become “standards,” still widely performed and loved today (I Feel Pretty).The movie is based on the successful Broadway hit – a staged musical play of lovers that crossed racial/ethnic barriers, juvenile delinquency and inner-city problems of the mid-twentieth century – in exhilarating musical and dance form.

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How Musical Theatre Has Developed

Much about West Side Story in that time was new and revolutionary.West Side Story shows how dancing, acting, singing and design could blend together in unity.That was always a signature of West Side Story, even in the 1961 screen version, but still well presented with fantastic dance sequences which were half-danced and half-mimed.To discuss the historical development of musical theatre, this report will present an analysis of Leonard Bernstein’s musical “West Side Story”.The fundamental problems haven’t changed much since the start of West Side Story 50 years ago, as we continue to wrestle with new cultures arriving.

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William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet Essay

Whereas, West Side Story takes place in 1960s Manhattan, New York.Juliet 's suitor, Paris, is neutral and is on neither side of the feud....In West Side Story, there are also two distict groups.Romeo and Juliet, West Side Story, two timeless dramas that will live on forever.Shakespeare 's Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story both have a lot in common as well as major differences that set them apart including the settings, characters, and plot.

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West Side Story Essay

Unlike her partners, Natalie Wood was already famous when she was filming West Side Story.In New York in the 1950s, two rival street gangs, the Jets (Americans of Polish, Irish and Italian descent) and the Sharks (immigrants of Puerto Rican origin), rule the West district.West Side Story is an American musical film directed by Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise, released in 1961.It was razed to build Lincoln Center.The film was digitally restored in 2012 in 2.20: 1 (Panavision 70) aspect ratio converted to the Digital Cinema Package Sound: 7.1 operating format.

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Music History

It could be said that Huey represents white Memphis, while Felicia represents black music.This has been the case for the issue of race and ethnicity in America, in particular the following musicals: Show Boat, Memphis, and West Side Story.However, the reasons for which the interracial couples fail in each musical are different, which makes each musical unique.West Side Story also focuses on race issues during the 1950s, but between Puerto Ricans and Whites.This issue was the subject of several musicals, including the three discussed in this paper: Show Boat, Memphis, and West Side Story.

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Modern Allusions Of Shakespeares Romeo And Juliet Film Studies Essay

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet continues to serve as a traditional love story which inspires artists to create and fashion their own unique interpretations through various forms of entertainment.The movie takes the general concepts of “Romeo and Juliet” and transforms it into a kid-friendly adventure that retells the basic story of “Romeo and Juliet”.“West Side Story” has also been adapted for the main stage and remains in production both on and off Broadway.“West Side Story” is about two gangs: the Puerto Rican “Sharks” and the rich, white “Jets”.“Gnomeo and Juliet” is a computer animated movie that takes kids on a wild journey through the story of Romeo and Juliet.

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I Love School Essay

The movie follows the story line very closely.The reader is only told that this story takes place in the southwest, but the movie places it in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the year 1966.However, as with all movies, character insight that is critical to understanding the story is lost when the format goes from the written word to the screen.Sixteen years after a sixteen-year-old wrote this book, Francis Ford Coppola turned this novel into a movie.The book is a coming-of-age novel, but the movie focuses on the characters’ loss of innocence.

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Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, West Side Story and Baz Luhrmann’s “Romeo and Juliet” Essay

Religion has been replaced in West Side Story by racism.West Side Story shows the Capulets replaced by the Sharks, a street gang made up of Hispanic males and the Montagues replaced by the Jets, a gang of local boys who dislike the idea of foreigners intruding on their ‘turf’.It can be seen that West Side story focused not on the violence of the text but the issues it raised, such as love and hatred.Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘West Side Story’ and Luhrmanns ‘Romeo and Juliet’ have all been shaped by the values held by society at that time.In the 1950’s, when West Side Story was made, musicals had come to be popular and an effective way of relating to the audience.

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William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet Essay

The music when Romeo dances with Juliet’s body is soft and flowing ii.In the story of Romeo and Juliet, romantic love is portrayed by different artists.The ballet Romeo and Juliet Composer: Sergei Prokofiev Tools at hand: music Choreographer: Sir Kenneth McMillan Tools at hand: movement/dance The music i.In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare portrays romantic love through actions and dialog, while Sir Kenneth McMillan expresses romantic love through the choreography in the ballet Romeo and Juliet.Arthur Laurents displays romantic love by making the emotions that occur in the final scene between Maria and Tony clear to see.

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The History of Musical Theatre

Other modern originals and remakes, however, such as Wicked and Legally Blonde: The Musical, began accumulating cult followings of younger audiences, either due to their remaining popularity from their on-screen form or their outbreak as a new, exciting musical, an art form that many young people had not witnessed first-hand.•Ethel Merman (Anything Goes, There’s No Business Like Show Business) •Mary Martin (Annie, Get Your Gun, The Sound of Music, Peter Pan) •Gwen Verdon (New Girl in Town, Redhead, Damn Yankees) West Side Story was the next widely influential work of Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim.•Bob Fosse (Redhead, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, • Jerome Robbins (Peter Pan, Bells are Ringing, West Side Story...

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Classical music Essay

My father explained in the car, on the way, even though it is the music you are listening to, it is also just as important to watch the performance.As the first piece of music is played I feel myself vibrating with the enormity of the noise.The formation and structure of the concert allowed me to lose myself within the music, it was almost as if I were watching the musical itself.The brass and woodwind instrumentalists brought intrigue and manoeuvre to the story of the piece being played whilst the drums added the extra element of spirit in the arrangement.There is a plethora of various noises coming from the ensemble and as each musician tunes in their instrument and plays small excerpts from their music stand, it is perhaps unbelievabl...

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Developments of West End Musical Scene

But the starting point for every West End production is money – a fact beautifully demonstrated by the plot of one of the West End’s most popular current productions ‘The Producers’.And their music was nowhere near the West End stage.Each has their own nuances of behaviour – the younger twin Broadway hunts that bit more keenly for the next off-beat musical whirlwind; the older West End plays percentages but plays them with palpable success.Essentially a hit West End musical needs a hook; star name, hit songs, hit movie, famous composer, popular revival.Today’s twin Godfathers of musical composition for Broadway and the West End carry the bright torch of yesteryear; Stephen Sondheim represents his forefathers’ fascination with the off-bea...

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Hollywood Musical Essay

This movie somehow illustrates similarities with Hairspray (2007) since this musical uses a classical setting in 1950s to 1970s but utilizes the concept of modern entertainment similarly seen in the movie Fame.The trends of musicality, trends of conservatism to modernistic musical play, and the symbolisms of society present have greatly expanded in different perspectives, such as classical to pop musicale, rock to rap music, conservative fashion to less detailed professional look, etc.Much has been changed and shifted as depicted through the movies of Singing in the Rain (1952), West Side Story (1961), Godspell (1973), Fame (1980) and Hairspray (2007); hence, these movies are considered as the main focal points of the discussion.Meanwhil...

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What is God

The contrasting side, East Egg, is a place of sophisticated social connections.The romantic love expressed as the story progresses is of great importance to the book.Fitzgerald suggests that Eckleberg is a symbol in the story which substitutes for God.These three topics all appear throughout the novel and help the story become such a high caliber book.There are many relationships in the novel which greatly contribute to the story.

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Developments in the West End Musical Scene

Cultures spanning the entire globe and all ages of civilization have instinctively adopted musical storytelling; it is prominent in various forms even now – be it around a camp fire, at a tribal ceremony, an inner city playground or on a West End stage.The West End has been flooded with stars – some of whom have no musical pedigree – because celebrity is deemed to have finally overridden talent.So instead of trying to predict what people may like and creating a musical story around it, the West End decided to reduce the risk and simply take the music that people already like and create a story around that.Each has their own nuances of behaviour – the younger twin Broadway hunts that bit more keenly for the next off-beat musical whirlwind...

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Something’s Coming Essay

Section A begins piano which then crescendos into a fast loud phrase.Features of this riff are the tritone, syncopated rhythm, jazz inspired harmony and a three note ostinato bass.The outro is a simple “ad lib fade”.The introduction sets the breathy and excited mood in the repeated riff of the accompaniment.The music in West Side Story reflects the styles of this age- bebop jazz and the blues, fused with several Latin American dance rhythms and ideas from opera.

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Romeo and Juliet Essay

I think that this is a very inventive interpretation of the original text to a modern-day story.The music builds to a crescendo, which increases the tension and excitement, in tone the music is slightly religious.Luhrmann however, thought that language was very important to the story and he did not want to lose the Shakespearean idea and effect of the play.In the prologue Shakespeare conveys the outline of the story and makes it clear that fate has doomed the two lovers.Each director has adapted the story for his own purposes.

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Personal Narrative - Football...and Musicals?

Until now, only my family and those who have had the experience of calling my house in the midst of one of my renditions of the confrontation scene between Javert and Valjean from Les Misérables knew about my passion for musical theater.Music is the most beautiful and powerful way to relate emotion.Musicals also provide me with an emotional outlet .I can delve into the recesses of my mind and produce a piece fitting for any occasion, and I take pride in this ability.Ever since my first musical, Jesus Christ Superstar, seven years ago, I have been obsessed with the telling of stories through melody and verse.

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Romeo And Juliet Speech With Relevant Texts

In the film west side story Tony (Romeo) is convinced by his best friend Riff (Mercutio) to attend the dance at the gym which was considered neutral ground Tony then indicates that there’s “something coming”, as there Is no prologue at the beginning of this film subtle indications by the characters are used to inform the audience and give an insight as to what is ahead.The directors of west side story I feel are to stereotypical using racial differences to feed the feud and continue the storyline.West side story is also an adaptation of the Broadway musical which inspiration was drawn from the original text of Romeo and Juliet it is directed by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins.In conclusion all these films in which have been discussed have...

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Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

The fresh prince is the perfect role model because he was independent as shown in the adjustment of the story format, however one of the most important factors of being a role model which the fresh prince demonstrates throughout the title credit sequence, is the fact that the fresh prince lives and respects the teenage society.his music appealed to teenagers across America and the world and mostly to black teenagers, this was seen as a new trend in music which I now the dominate type of music today.The crisis is then followed by an adjustment this is the section where the Fresh prince finally accepts that he has got to move away, to live with his rich aunty and uncle on the other side of the country and amazingly he seems happy about his...

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Baz luhrmann’s interpretation of Romeo and Juliet Essay

Fades are to close the scene and go on to another part of the story.He also uses passion as a symbol, because as we know, passion is the theme of the story throughout as both ‘Romeo and Juliet’ are madly in love.He also uses flashy equipment such as guns and cars to make the story appear more modern and to try to attract the young audience.He also uses different music to show the personality, e. g. when the Montague boys come, the music changes to rap music, as they are young and modern.The other reasons why he filmed ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in the west coast of America is because Los Angeles is a big city just like Verona and because there is also a lot of violence and gangs in Los Angeles just like Verona.

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Traditional Chinese Instrument Guzheng (Zither)

This state of affair was necessitated by the apparent intrusion of the huyue (foreign music) especially form the west and the north that were increasingly becoming fashionable in the 386-589 AD.Chinese musical instruments (Chinese musical monograph .(Duane 16 ) This music was accompanied by the Chinese classical musical instruments like the Qin (a long Zither) an instrument that has got a history that spans over 3000 years back.(Lee Yuan 215  ) As Chinese music industry adopted and incorporated the harmonic elements of music from the Western music especially in the latter part of the 20 .Before the1911 revolution, Yayue (form of music associated with Confucianism) was made to be the state music with the emergence of Confucianism as the...

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Stereotyping Of Minorities On Broadway Theatre Essay

Set in the Pacific, the story revolves around the relationships of two interracial couples.Plot and lyrics from musicals such as Show Boat, South Pacific, West Side Story and Finian’s Rainbow also either encouraged acceptance through reflecting the idea of overcoming racial barriers or discouraged segregation through demonstrating the harmful qualities of racial discrimination.This realization reveals West Side Story’s theme: that there should be interracial harmony instead of destructive racial disagreements.Show Boat provided the precedent for Burton Lane and E. Y. Harburg’s Finian’s Rainbow, a story portraying the value of trust (Green 126-7 asdf 9).Like Gershwin, Kern fused African-American music with classical music to retain a blac...

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Wings Of Desire Plot Analysis Film Studies Essay

There are also scenes in vivid color, which illustrates that it is happening from a human’s point of view.One enjoys the musical and flowing mood in the predominantly German film an unconventional movie that kept me fascinated from start to end.He continues to say that “wings’ is closer to poetry and music than linear story telling.“Wings,” like most Heaven-and-Earth films, ties up its assertion with romantic ribbons but, in Wenders’ view, such a conclusion is the ultimate union of life’s dual opposites, the physical and the spiritual, German’s East and West — as well as its Nazi past and occupied and uncertain present .Damiel falls in love with Marion who lives alone in a trailer and likes dancing and listening to music.

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Story of the Year Essay

The video follows the story of the song.In January 2011, Story of the Year composed the song Breed for an album dedicated to Nirvana.The band initially formed under the Big Blue Monkey name in 1995, consisting of John Taylor on vocals, Ryan Phillips on guitar, Greg Haupt on guitar, Perrys West on bass and by Dan Marsala on drums.Matt Good is releasing a remix of Wake Up by Story of the Year.He changed his name to Story of the Year in 2002 after releasing their EP titled Story of the Year on independent label Criterion Records, and after realizing that a blues band was already using the Big Blue Monkey name.

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Presidential Symphony Orchestra of Turkey Essay

He created interesting effects with his balalaika and orchestra.They were making audience delighted with their sympathetic behaviors.This composition was written by Leonard Bernstein in 1957 as a type of musical and also a wonderful opera aria.Other work of the orchestra was West Side Story.Much of the success of this music hides in the professional representation of the performance.

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Meanings Hidding In One Thousand English Literature Essay

Every man has inside himself a feminine side, represented by the anima that is naturally designed the woman he lives intimately.It should be said here that the issue of virginity in the East is not the same as in the West.In the West, we say “black market” and an endless series of expressions, which gives the black, always a pejorative meaning, derogatory, while “white” is always a load of favorable connotations.Therefore, one can assume that the story deals with the problem of collective dominant position, in which the relationship with the unconscious, the irrational, the feminine was lost.The camel, when walking, moving, while the anterior and posterior limb, alternating the right side with the left side.

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Patrick Swayze Essay

Swayze made his West End theatre debut in the musical Guys and Dolls as Nathan Detroit on July 27, 2006 alongside Neil Jerzak, and remained in the role until November 25, 2006.Swayze died with his family by his side on September 14, 2009, at 57, 20 months after being diagnosed.The musical has had several Broadway and London revivals, as well as a 1955 film adaptation starring Marlon Brando, Jean Simmons, Frank Sinatra and Vivian Blaine.His rugged looks, winning smile, and studied movements helped him land roles on Broadway’s “Goodtime Charley”, “West Side Story”, and “Grease”.The saga tells the story of the enduring friendship between Orry Main of South Carolina (Patrick Swayze) and George Hazard of Pennsylvania (James Read), who become ...

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Nick Cave Essay

In early 2009, Mick Harvey, who has accompanied Nick in all his musical projects since their teenage years, decides to part ways with Seeds.At the end of the 1970s, the group, part of the local post-punk scene, gave numerous concerts throughout Australia before changing their name in 1980 to become The Birthday Party and to settle in Europe that same year, first in London, where he shared rooms with music critics and journalists Paul Gorman and Barney Hoskyns, or Johnny Thunders then in West Berlin.In 1989, after finishing his first novel, And the donkey saw the angel, Nick Cave left West Berlin, shortly before the fall of the wall, to settle in São Paulo, in Brazil, where he met a Brazilian stylist named Viviane Carneiro, whom he marrie...

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