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For Foundation Schools, your academic record and testing make you very competitive for admission.Keep in mind that these schools should all be ones that you would be excited to attend, and which represent varied levels of selectivity.You should be confident that we will do all we can to support your admission; however, it is important that you understand the reality of applying to such highly selective institutions.By only having to complete one application, you can spend less time on the busywork of applying for admission, and more time on what’s really important: college research, essay writing, and senior year coursework.Marshall University Old Dominion University Salisbury University Towson University University of Tampa University o...

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Drug Rehab Of West Virginia Essay

Statistics from the 2010 National TEDS Discharge survey show the median length of stay in outpatient treatment among persons 12 and older was: 115 days among those who completed treatment, 71 days among those whose treatment was terminated by the facility, 55 days among those who dropped out of treatment, 29 days among those who transferred to further treatment, and 70 days among those who failed to complete treatment for other reasons.During the 2013 N-SSATA survey, 78 of the 81 outpatient programs were considered “regular”, 34 provided intensive services, 2 were considered day treatment/partial hospitalization, 25 provided methadone/buprenorphine or Vivitrol maintenance and 20 offered detoxification services.During 2014, 26.2% (893 per...

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College Admission Vs. Affirmative Action Essay

Race is not a critical factor when determining who should be admitted as freshmen in the colleges.The law does not support racial discrimination, so any denial to be admitted to the university should not be interpreted to mean racial segregation.The fourteen amendment clause provided equal protection of the people, although its doctrine of separate and equal claim seemed to have a purpose motivated by race.Therefore, the top ten percent law in Virginia is constitutional.This is evident that it gives plaintiffs that violate the fourteenth amendment clause (Anderson 56).

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Drug offenders sdmitted to prison Essay

The rates of admission of drug offenders to prison per 100,000 adult residents vary from a low of 6 per 100,000 in Maine to a high of 91 in California.Drug Offending and Prison Admissions The broad range in admission rates for drug offenders across the country cannot be ascribed simply to variations in drug use and sales in different states.2 percent, compared to a range in drug offender admission rates that extended from 8 to 91.Rate of Admission of Drug Offenders There is a remarkable range in the extent to which states subject their populations to incarceration on drug charges (Table 8).Second, the states with higher rates of drug use were not necessarily the states with higher drug offender admission rates.

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Dead Man Essay

The film received a fairly favorable critical reception, garnering 71% favorable reviews, with an average score of 7⁄10 and based on 35 reviews collected, on US aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.Later, when a strange Indian, Nobody ("Nobody") (Gary Farmer), convinced that William Blake is indeed the English poet of the same name, tries to cure him, Dickinson launches on him a trio of hired killers… It is the beginning of the wandering of William Blake and Nobody, both disowned by their respective communities, through the Wild West.It also appears in the book 1001 films to see before you die by Steven Jay Schneider.Les Cahiers du cinéma ranks it 6th on their list of the best films of 1996.Indeed this choice is part of the present situation throu...

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Lotus Flower Essay

[8] The Virginia Tech Review Panel, a state-appointed body assigned to review the incident, criticized Virginia Tech administrators for failing to take action that might have reduced the number of casualties.[100] Beginning with the first anniversary of the attack and continuing since, the Queens’ Guard of The College of William and Mary, another public university in Virginia .Aerial photo showing location of Norris and West Ambler Johnston Halls Main article: Virginia Tech massacre timeline .[46] The Virginia Tech review panel report faulted university officials for failing to share information that would have shed light on the seriousness of Cho’s problems, citing misinterpretations of federal privacy laws.[68] After the release o...

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Academic Autobiography Essay

I remember thinking that if only I could finish my degree and be done with it, I could wash my hands of academia forever.While getting ready to submit my materials, however, there was one more interesting plot twist to my story.I initially considered returning to Strayer University.I was very thorough in my preparation for applying to Charter Oak.It was in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, which was near enough to be convenient, but far enough away that I would definitively be on my own.

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Freedom My Birthright Essay

make dissertation introduction on violence in media due soon Freedom my birthright essay 800 words Rhode Island State of Georgia Freedom my birthright essay 800 words West Virginia Buckinghamshire write creative writing on workplace for 10 Nebraska make thesis proposal on same sex marriage asap, edit thesis proposal on biology for 10 Wealden.Freedom my birthright essay 800 words Delaware West Lothian.Pennsylvania write dissertation conclusion on criminology plz, Illinois do movie review on love you and deal proofread literature review on literature as soon as possible Ohio essay topics that are interesting, Virginia need research proposal on alcohol for 10 thesis on personal hygiene, Virginia write an essay on how i spent my long vacatio...

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Robert Lee “Sam” Huff and West Virginia Essay

People such as Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, Mary Lou Retton, Pearl S. Buck, Brad Paisley and many, many more have all lived in West Virginia.As you can see, modern celebrities and historical figures have both came from West Virginia.One of the stand-out athletes that have come from West Virginia is the famous football player named Sam Huff.A number of athletes have come of age in the state of West Virginia.Surprisingly, more than just these people have come from the great state of West Virginia.

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The West Virginia Statewide Afterschool Network Essay

West Virginia state agencies work within their own spheres of influence and need opportunities to communicate and collaborate with each other around central issues.All provide financial assistance to the county office, either directly or indirectly.Below is a listing of funding entities: Charles Stewart Mott Foundation $225,000.Research indicates youth who are not involved in activities after school are three times more likely to choose unhealthy behaviors such as participating in juvenile crime.Service 2-West Virginia Statewide Afterschool Network Objective: To develop leadership skills in adults in West Virginia Objective: To develop WV youths into responsible leaders of their state, the country, and the world.

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The West Virginia 1985 Flood Essay

Not only did they help their neighbors by donating food, clothing and money, but also they banded together to rebuild their communities.The floods of November 1985 devastated much of West Virginia.33 of West Virginia’s 55 counties were declared disaster areas.47 West Virginians lost their lives, 28 of whom resided in Pendleton and Grant counties.In any natural disaster, a community’s self-sufficiency is its best hope for a speedy recovery.

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The Association of International Publishers Essay

Because of the poverty experienced by his family, he left the university and worked in the Ashland Oil.Clark was born in the bridge between Kenova, West Virginia and Catlettsburg, Kentucky because her mother had experienced labor pains during the time she was in West Virginia to buy something.His first publications were rooted at the Kentucky University and these publications were produced while he was still studying at the university.He became a full professor and at the same time being a writer-in-residence at the Longwood University in Kentucky.Billy C. Clark had also been a writer-in-residence at his former college school at the Kentucky University.

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Affirmative Action

Dr. West contends that affirmative action harms the fight against racial and gender inequality and in effect, class inequality.She was suing the school for reverse discrimination stemming from the University of Michigan’s use of affirmative action towards their applicants.In the 1996 case of Hopwood v. University of Texas Law School, the court ruled that the Bakke decision was invalid and that the school’s affirmative action admissions policy was suspended.Thus bringing us back to last Monday’s ruling that affirmative action be upheld by university admissions.In 1997, three students were denied admission into the University of Michigan.

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Affirmative Action: Preferential Treatment Essay

In comparison, “legacies,” bore only a 25% better chance of admission and minorities stood only an 18% better chance of admission.Likewise, Cameron Howell and Sarah E. Turner (2004) document a similar advantage at the University of Virginia, where only 32 percent of regular applicants were admitted compared with 57 percent of alumni children.(Golden) Legacy students are also thought to better understand the sense of tradition of the university and embody the values that the university has traditionally supported.The rest of the students granted admission had been the result of various processing errors and of those 105 that were given intentional admission, they were all athletes.It is giving an advantage to students who are probably are...

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Is capital punishemtn a deterrent Essay

Economically, Virginia dwarfs West Virginia in economic size and strength; According to the 2004 U. S. Bureau of Economic Analysis report, Virginia’s gross state product was $326.Virginias death penalty vs. West Virginias life imprisonment A significant point of comparison to make would be between Virginia which still upholds the death penalty as against West Virginia which chooses to mete out life imprisonment.In 2006 and 2007, Forbes Magazine voted Virginia as having the [ best climate for business] in the United States citing economic growth, business costs/incentives and quality of life (Wikipedia, 2007) In comparison, West Virginia’s has been described as “very fragile and that according to the U. .htm Disaster Center (2007) West ...

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Huntington West Virginia Demographic Paper

The challenge in Huntington West Virginia is entice the population to live a healthier lifestyle including regular physical activity, which will decrease health care costs.High school children in West Virginia spend hours in front of the television resulting in 15% overweight, and 17% obese children.Many states including Huntington West Virginia are recognizing that overweight and obese individuals are quickly becoming an epidemic and if programs to increase awareness are not implemented obesity will continue to rise and the life span of many individuals will be shortened.Poverty has taken over Huntington West Virginia and if the economy does not pick up individuals cannot afford to become healthy (MNSBC, 2008).The burden of obesity in W...

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Settlement of Lumberport, West Virginia Essay

Being raised in the rural, rolling hills of West Virginia provides a childhood that is unforgettable.Withers, Alexander Scott., Reuben Gold Thwaites, and Lyman Copeland Draper.The first settlement in Lumberport, West Virginia, was in 1770 by Major Benjamin Robinson.One the historical land... ... middle of paper ... ...ther’s family came from England to Port Tobacco Maryland and later moved south to what is now Harrison County, West Virginia.Eller, Ronald D. Miners, Millhands, and Mountaineers: Industrialization of the Appalachian South, 1880-1930.

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The Democratic Party Primary in Virginia: Tantamount to Election No Longer Essay

For instance, the state of West Virginia has had a largely democratic leadership for a very long time with Robert C. Byrd leading the people from congress and the senate.For example, in the 1988 Republican landslide, West Virginia was the only southern State to give votes to Michael Dukakis.“Virginia Woolf and the Nature of Communion, and: Virginia Woolf and the Politics of Style, and: The Invisible Presence: Virginia Woolf and the Mother-Daughter Relationship, and: Virginia Woolf and the Real World (review).” MFS Modern Fiction Studies 33, no.“Politics1 – Online Guide to Virginia Elections, Candidates & Politics.” Politics1 – Online Guide to Virginia Elections, Candidates & Politics.In addition, he served as a democratic senate ...

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Career Path For Becoming A Veterinarian Essay

(2014) Frequently Asked Questions about the DVM Admissions Process — Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.About the MCAT Exam.Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine.Getting Accepted to Veterinary School.Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).

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Finding the Best School in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia Essay

I had no other option but to look for admission in one of the other good schools which offered the subjects of my choice.Which make school life for students some how complete enjoyable period of their life.And one thing couldn't be ignored that this school will solve the main important problems in my country education, which are the crowded classes and the private expensive lessonsSo I was very sad to say goodbye to my school.It also will form a complete school life by the ability of their parents to be involved in school activities and parents' days.

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Essay on Feminism in Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Aurora Leigh

As much as our society would like to believe otherwise such ideas about women still exist.The almost parody Barrett Browning makes of her tells the reader that she does not approve of this type of woman.The aunt pulls her hair tight and close to her head to prevent what Aurora Leigh thinks bad thoughts from happening.They are content to live there lives in restrict... ... middle of paper ... ...erberates still today."She had lived/ A sort of cage-bird life, born in a cage,/Accounting that to leap from perch to perch/ Was act and joy enough for any bird" (304-307).

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Valley Region of the Appalachian Mountains Essay

From the east to west they are respectively named, the Tidewater which stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the fall line, the Piedmont which lies east of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Blue Ridge Mountains which exclusively extends to the eastern Appalachian Mountains, and finally the Ridge and Valley region of the Appalachian Mountain chain.Patterson, J.H.The state of Virginia is divided into five major physiological regions based on similar landscapes and relatively static climates, each region being as diverse as the next..New York, 1994 Skyline Caverns.North America 9th Edition.

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Perspectives on Free-Speech Zones on College Campuses Essay

Who decides what the “normal function” truly is, or when it is being “disrupted?The problem really comes down to whether or not these “zones” are used appropriately.It is too vague to say the free expression of views or opinions may not “disrupt the normal function of the university,” as stated in the West Virginia University’s student handbook.“The University reserves the right to relocate or cancel the activity due to disruption from excessive noise levels, traffic entanglement, or if the safety of individuals is in question” (West Virginia University’s Student Handbook 91).“Requiring those expressing dissent to obey the law while doing so does not constitute repression” (Scott 92).

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Smoking Ban Banning Tobacco Free Campus Essay

While some of students who are agree with the ban are complaining that the ban is not forced probably were some of them state that the cloud of smoke next to Eisland hall is bothering them (karleaack, 2013).Smoking ban is one of the issues that many of West Virginia University are facing....at he is being controlled.So that means that the purpose of this policy is to make a rule that stops the students from using tobacco products at WVU campus or any place that is owned by the university.Were some of WVU students stated that “I don’t think it’s a good idea based on the precedence that’s been done elsewhere,” she said.

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Edgar Allan Poe Research Paper Essay

In a brief obituary the Baltimore Clipper reported that Poe had died of “congestion of the brain.” .A rich merchant named Mr. Allan in Richmond, Virginia took Poe in.After 6 months Poe apparently got kicked out of West Point for disobedience.Allan secured Poe’s release from the army and his appointment to West Point but refused to give him money.Poe next lived in Baltimore with his widowed aunt, Maria Clemm, and her daughter, Virginia, and turned to fiction as a way to support himself.

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Essay on Bluefield, West Virginia

Bluefield, West Virginia Bluefield is located in southern West Virginia along the foothills of one of the most beautiful mountain valley settings to be found anywhere.West Virginia: Mercer County Convention and Visitors Bureau, n.d. East River Mountain Overlook Park.Rankin, John R. The Early History and Development of Bluefield, West Virginia.West Virginia: n.p., n.d. Law, Ollie.West Virginia: Mercer County Convention and Visitors Bureau, n.d.

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Cynthia Rylant Essay

Rylant, Cynthia.Ohio Reading Road Trip.She applied at the Cabell County Public Library in Huntington, West Virginia (Rylant 2).EBSCO Publishing.She moved to Beaver, West Virginia.

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”Dugout Jinx” by Coach Clair Bee

While  the  Grosset  &  Dunlap  jacket  bio  gives  his  birth  date  as  1900,  an  entry  in  “Who’s  Who  in  Sports  Personalities”  in  the  Random  House  Dictionary  Almanac  states  that  Bee  was  born  in  1896,  and  died  in  1983.Clair  Bee’s  grandfather  was  Ephraim  Bee,  a  member  of  the  First  West  Virginia  Legislature.He  coached  hoops  at  Long  Island  University,  and  was  their  coach  in  1936  when  the  team,  made  up  largely  of  Jewish  players,  boycotted  the  Olympic  basketball  trials  of  1936.It’s  no  wonder  his  23  Chip  Hilton  Sports  stories  are  so  collectible  today;  the  man  really  knew  what  he  was  writing  about.Clair  Francis  Bee  (March  2,  1896  in  Grafton,  West ...

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West Virginia, My Home

I as a West Virginia citizen, have adopted these family values and could never leave the people and state I love the most.West Virginia is a recreational state, filled with beautiful seasons and strong family values.These are just a few of the recreational activities that I enjoy every year in West Virginia.West Virginia is a beautiful state in which I love to live.West Virginia as a whole prides itself on their strong family values.

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The Life and Work of Virginia Woolf Essays

However, Virginia never let any of these obstacles get in her way of achieving her dreams.Beyond just being an influence to women everywhere, she became such a popular author for the reason that she went above and beyond with her writings.From the early death of her mother at age 13 to the sexual abuse from her own half brothers led to the many mental and emotional breakdowns that made Virginia Woolf, “one of the greatest novelists of the twentieth century…” (“Virginia Woolf” n.page.).Shmoop University, Inc., 11 Nov. 2008.Her writings were described as modern at the time and out of the ordinary.

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