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Specific Themes and Myths of Different Cultures

Western Culture .The Western culture is highly characterized by its focus on science and technology, thus industrialization began in the region and has made most of the European countries become industrialized and developed resulting to the Western culture being tagged as the modern culture.However, the contemporary Asian music is now heavily influenced by the Western cultures particularly that of the American culture.Up to this day, Chinese people believe in and practice traditional culture such as karma, yin yang, herbal medicine and acupuncture which is also being practiced in Western countries nowadays.Among the cultures, the Western culture is considered to be the most influencing and the most popular culture, from their lifestyle,...

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Constructs of Orientalism and Stereotyping Eastern Women

In Western culture, The “Geisha” is seen as a prostitute or sex entertainer, this stereotype indicates that Eastern women are valued and used for their bodies for aesthetic pleasure.The work reveals numerous stereotypes and prejudices of the Western world concerning oriental culture... Orientalism broadly defined, as the representation of the Eastern world by the western world, more deeply, as the study of the Orient by western scholars and their evaluation of its social and moral values, and its future prospects.Many scholars who wrote about or painted the East didn’t really visit or experienced the Eastern culture, they just interpreted what they imagined, that inherent the image of the Eastern people, in particular the women, with st...

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Eastern Culture vs Western Culture

Eastern and Western cultures differ with one another in a wide range of point of view.The quality of life is strongly valued in Western culture where families should be prioritized before work.Western cultures such as the US are much more easygoing compared to Eastern cultures regarding human interactions.Next, I would like to discuss the Western culture in contrast to the Eastern or Asian culture.For example, in Asian cultures, people would bow or tilt their heads as a sign of “hello”, “thank you” or “good bye”, whereas in Western culture, a handshake or even a hug is considered to be normal.

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The Effect Of Gender Roles On The Eastern And Western Culture

Thus, the Western countries recognize the existence of the third sex and therefore are less concerned with the separation of the men and women roles in their society.So women leaders are less likely to be found in the Eastern culture.The survey results published in the March/April 2003 issue of Foreign Policy revealed that 53% of the surveyed Western countries tolerate homosexuality while only 12% are in favor of the issue in the Islamic countries.In this context, women in the Eastern culture are deprived of the freedom to do things according to their own preference.Because of technology, religion and time, the world’s development trend had greatly influenced the vital roles of men and women in both Eastern and Western culture.

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English Essay

Instead of distancing herself from her eastern heritage, the narrator will now ‘lean across’ reaching out, yearning for the ‘unknown girl’ symbolising that she will not let the bond she has developed with her birth culture die.It seems that people within this ‘neon bazaar’ are also being pulled into two directions as they have embraced many aspects of the western culture.The banners of “Miss India” make her wonder why she should embrace her eastern culture when people in her own culture have abandoned it.She’s just like them; it’s like she can’t seem to decide whether to embrace the eastern or western culture.By finding connections between her western culture in which she was probably raised and this foreign eastern culture, the narrator...

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Eastern Religions Analysis Essay

Eastern teaching includes unconscious ideas that shape everyday behavior, namely the right decision, the right attitude and truth.Popular culture of social and intellectual elite is primarily viewed by strong traditions of people, as well as religious dogmas, and Hinduism is the source that influences popular culture.The main advantage of eastern religious traditions (Daoism, Hinduism, etc.)In spite of great knowledge, the role of eastern religious traditions and their practical application is still limited by rational knowledge of western society.“By going to a practitioner skilled in one of these arts [eastern practices], patients feel that they are getting a complete doctor – someone to treat their medical condition and to give them w...

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The Geography of Thought Essay

A young Eastern student murdered a professor, innocent by standards and himself.If everyone were to think alike the world would be a very boring place.This central idea of harmony and working as whole as opposed to individual parts can be seen throughout the culture over the history of time.I believe that over time these children will correlate their beliefs to those of their respective culture.In this students’ culture it was viewed as be mindful of the people behind you always.

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Research: Buying behaviour and culture

The blow graph shows that Old Generation likes the Eastern Clothes.According to the Studies shows that Pakistani Community have strong religious, traditional, beliefs, Rituals which reflects in their buying behaviour which seen in research carried out as secondary research.The analysis and discussion is focused on evaluating the primary data in the line with objectives of the proposed study which is about Buying behaviour and culture.The below Graph is about the point of view when Pakistani community looking for shopping .When people are going for clothes shopping they consider the cultural they belong as this graph shows that females of the community between age group of 18-25, 26-35 and 36-49 consider that culture influences the shoppi...

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Essay on Eastern vs. Western Religion

The Eastern religions have different histories some of which include a founder like Buddha in Buddhism and others without a founder like Shinto.As mention by Cason and Tillman “A defining theme that runs through the history of all three Western religions is that they arose out of conflict.” And still to this day they are in conflict.In conclusion, the process of growth and expansion for both Eastern and Western religions has been a great journey.Eastern religions have originated from the east side of the Earth from countries such as: China, Japan, and India.As the Eastern religions grew and expanded throughout history, their beliefs and cultures began to mix and blend with others.

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Culture, what is it and where does it come from

There are many things you can say when talking about culture, people have more then one culture for example you may have Asian culture yet you still have a hint of western culture in you.Food is another thing that has travelled from the eastern culture into the western culture; people go down to places where they sell curries, Indian food, eastern food etc.So when it comes to me being sixteen and wanting to work my parents will let me because even though they have eastern culture in them they know that I also have western meaning that I have a choice and knowing my capability they know I can do better then my brother so that’s that.Expectations are different yet very similar in most cultures; eastern culture the families expect the girls...

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Ancient Views of the Concept of Marriage and the Family Essay

There are several differences between the Eastern and Western views of the marriage and the family as depicted in the ancient literature.Both the Western and Eastern literature talked about marriage and the family and the roles of the parties involved.On the other hand, Western writers were critical on a given subject matter, and they often differed in opinions.However, both the Western and the Eastern had different views regarding these social aspects.From this we get a very crucial difference between the Western and Eastern view of the family.

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Macro environmental factors Essay

In this one year I learned so much about the different cultures of the world and how to socialize or a have a good conversation with people of different cultures which inspired me a lot, that now I want to travel all around the world and make friends.Life was bit tough in the beginning I had hard time making friends but as the time passed I learned a lot about Australia and its culture I was able to communicate people around me and slowly and gradually I was mixing in Aussie Culture.b Way of Conversation: This difference between eastern and western culture shows us that both cultures having entire different way of conversation .c Accents: Eastern and Western culture don’t only differ in language but differ in the accent they have as we...

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Eastern Philosophy Essay

org/wiki/Eastern_philosophy.Eastern religions have not spent as much time as western philosopher questioning the nature of God and his role in the creation of mankind.In conclusion, Eastern philosophy is more about, the scientific aspect of philosophy without questioning the practically of it.All cultures involved have lived their lives by means of experience and by doing so they have gotten the best out of their lives.Even in religious culture, they do not question the beliefs but rather embrace them without fear of judgment and ridicule from others.

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Conflict Between Western And Islamic Civilizations

Eastern countries, such as Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan have chosen their own way of development, which was different from the western way of development.Historically, the conflict between western and Islamic civilizations persisted and 9/11 has widen the gap between western civilization and Islamic world, although the gap could have been closed due to multiculturalism that emerged in the late 20th century.In the end it would be essential to focus on the fact that the Arab nations have to face severe difficulties in their everyday life and the grounds for these difficulties are Orientalism based prejudice and stereotypes, which impact the everyday life as Western as well as Eastern society.It goes without saying that Edward Said as the son...

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We need to respect each other Essay

These people are trying to extract all the moral values from the eastern countries and give to their children whom they find separated from the family values.Respecting each other’s boundary is a must thing but with an attitude like that United States is inviting more enemies from the eastern world.The eastern people in wake of progress adopt culture of the western countries and there by displacing there past ethical values and moral.At these places, people are trying to copy all the ways of living of the western people.People in western countries are copying the clothing styles of China, marriage rituals of India etc.

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East And West Europe Essay

In this context, Eastern Europe composed of Norway, Finland, Estonia, Russia, Latvia and Lithuania.As observed, eight of these member countries were from the former Eastern or the Communist block.I believe that European countries all aimed at economic and political stability regardless of their differences in culture and tradition and despite their religious and political orientations.This separation is however biased and discriminatory as it has been thought that Slavic culture is inferior with that of the Germanic or Western culture.Geographically, the United Nations classify the countries of Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Switzerland and Liechtenstein as Western Europe.

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Essay on Symbolism Of The Color Black

Western culture globalizes a negative depiction of the color black both in a symbolic and ethnic sense.In Ancient Eastern times, the hue embodied great power and magnitude, a token of wealth and rich, earthy life, yet it now alludes to evil and corruption.Blacks, or African Americans.It has arrived to the point that the “achromatic hue[s]” (Wilson 113) has become defined “solely from the viewpoint of heritage” (Wilson 113).With controversy framing the opposing natures of black and white, a rift exists between society’s perceptions of the color black in America versus its positive portrayal in Eastern culture.

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Business & Empire – The British Ideal of an Orderly World Cause and Effect Essay

The latter solution was mainly adopted in Eastern Europe and became a further cause of the differences and distancing between Western and Eastern Europe (Mcgrath & Martin 591).A Brief History of the Western World, New York: Cengage Learning, 2004.Following these dramatic events, the extreme west was reorganized into two regions, western and eastern Francia, held respectively by two peoples, the one destined to become the French, the other the Germans.Other defining factors were the rise of the Frankish empire in the West, which enhanced the divisions by separating eastern and western Christianity.The Modernization of the Western World: A Society Transformed, New York: M.E.

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EU’s Policy for Former Socialist States of Central Europe

The integration of Eastern member states would have to provide at the very least the potential to benefit existing Western members.Assertions of such as those intimated by Borocz and Woolf are not necessarily negated by Eastern admittance (albeit partial) to the EU; the potential still exists for furthered exploitation, as full membership is contingent on Western attitudes and political action.Adjustments of the aforementioned type paradoxically are warranted by existing Western European member states, not the Eastern state in question applying for EU membership.Contrary to Borocz’s observation of deliberate Western procrastination in the acceptance of Eastern membership, Appendini and Bislev suggest the vast requisite regulations which...

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Chapter 9 world history AP notes Essay

•Had a solid tax base because of the peasant agriculture of the eastern Mediterranean .It centered on a territory different from and smaller than the eastern Mediterranean as Rome had defined it.language to Greek (Latin had been the court language of the eastern empire; however, it became inferior & considered barbaric) oThis Greek knowledge gave scholars of the eastern empire to read the ancient Athenian philosophical and literary classics & the Hellenistic writings freely •High levels of commerce (Had been in the eastern Mediterranean) helped the new empire .Catholic Christianity, without an imperial center, spread in western Europe.The Byzantine Empire, in western Asia and southeastern Europe, expanded into eastern Europe....

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Major problems for the international market

For example, in the manufacturing of soaps and detergents some Western and European companies use pig fat which is considered to be an abomination by the Middle-eastern countries.The way in which a product is marketed in the western world is not applicable to the middle-east and the eastern world.In a similar example we can see that the English language is written from left to right but in the middle -eastern parts the languages such as Urdu is used to be written from right to left so the coordination of the writing also makes the impact on the product.This is because the women in some middle-eastern and eastern countries used to wear a black cloth called ‘burkah’ which covers the whole body except the head in some cases.So the products ...

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Essay on Religion : A Cultural System Of Beliefs

When speaking of religion, the world is typically divided geographically into the Eastern and Western religions.I have grown up in a very devout Christian family, but have also developed an appreciation for the ideas and beliefs of Eastern religions such as Hinduism.The Eastern religions consist of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism and the Western religions consist of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.Although each individual religion within the Eastern and Western regions vary among themselves, through the understanding of the similar themes and goals that each region establishes through their faith and belief system, one can better understand the affect that the contrasting religious regions have on the overall worldview of religious adhere...

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European History Essay

A trait of eastern culture is the being contemplative.This is something that the western civilization honored; the rewards or the positive consequences of the life they lived.In the eastern civilization, working with less is held high in standards.The way the western civilization used to live is how we live today: caring about ourselves for the most part.Both the eastern and western civilization contain characteristics that would benefit the human race.

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Global Business Cultural Analysis: Germany Essay

Western Germany formed the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) and Easter Germany formed the German Democratic Republic (GDR).Following the unification of eastern and western Germany arose the issue of combining two different economies into one successful economy.This posed many problems due to the success of Western Germany and the lack of success in Eastern Germany.A more in depth look into what is needed for the successful intertwining shows that large investments in communications, railroads, highways, and utilities are major areas that need assistance within Eastern Germany.The western Federal Republic took sides with the European Commission (EC) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) while the eastern German Democratic Rep...

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A Comparison between Eastern and Western Philosophy Essay

In the ancient period, both Eastern and Western philosophers played the role of policy maker.Because the understanding from a single side is always partial, the purpose of this paper is to illustrate the major differences between the focus and methodology of Eastern and Western philosophy traditions and explain the possible causes behind it.The difference between the methodology of Eastern and Western philosophy is also a big concern.This difference also appears in Eastern and Western philosophy’s attitudes toward politics.For another instance, both Eastern and Western world had experienced a lot of reforms, but the leader of the reform would take totally different approaches.

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A Reflection On Hinduism Philosophy As An Eastern Religion Essay

It refers to the religion whose origin is within the western culture.Another distinct difference between these two religions is that while western religion is distinctly monotheistic, the Eastern religion is a polytheistic religion.In fact many of Holy texts in Hindu and the religious practices in Hinduism insist on enhancing ones quality of life while on earth unlike the western religion which focuses on liberating people from evil and from the cycle of death and promising them heaven.Conclusion From the discussion above, it is evident that though the Eastern and Western religions may share some basic commonalities, there exist some pretty stark differences.The term Eastern religion is synonymous with Indian religion whereas Western rel...

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Demographic Shifts Essay

In 1900 the foreign born in the Pacific Northwest was mostly Western European with a percentage of around 33%.Another thing that surprised me was that each of the population had their own type of region, the Canadians up near Canada, the Latinos down near Mexico, The Russians and Eastern Europeans in the North, the Asians in the West, and the Western Europeans all over.In 1900 Cook County III had the largest percentage of foreign born with around 33% mostly being Russian and Eastern European, the most foreign born happened to be in Manhattan with over 850,000 foreign born.Seattle, Washington did not really change until late in the 20th century where more Asian immigrants lived in Seattle than the former majority (Western European).The ye...

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Cultural and National Stereotype

According to Piller (2011), I think that the use of English in ‘Erb’ is rarely show English culture stereotype because it is used to show only modern and high quality identities.This experiment can demonstrate that culture differences can caused the way of thinking and make people from east and west think about the world in different ways (Nisbett, cited in Yong 2009).It has been widely recognized that many countries borrow words from foreign language to name shops, products and services because cultural and national stereotypes can show distinctive senses of each culture in order to build positive characteristics and achieve customer satisfaction.According to Yong’s article, cultural and national stereotypes affect the way easterners an...

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The Issue Of Middle Eastern Women Essay

There seems to be a consensus across all of these studied villages that women are able to travel outside of the home, as long as they do not do so alone.While this task may still be read as domestic, there is a degree of physicality associated with farming work that deviates from the cultural stereotype of a homebound woman left stirring the pot on the stove all day.While there are elements of expression, such as dress and amount of education considered appropriate and/or achievable, that vary between these two cultures, women is both nations are able to play a significant part in the public life.The West just needs to cease pointing its lenses so selectively and be open to depicting a well-rounded presentation of these cultures.Many Wes...

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The Great Schism: The Break of East and West

The Great Schism, in the history of the Christian Church, is the term used to refer to both the break between the Eastern and Western churches, traditionally dated between 1054, and the period (1378-1417) in the Western church when two (then three) popes claimed simultaneously claimed to be Pope, beginning after the death of Pope GregoryX, who had finally moved the papacy from Avignon back to Rome.Unfortunately, by the Eleventh century AD, the differences that separated East and West became great enough to cause a separation of the One Holy Orthodox Catholic Church, with the Eastern part of the Church calling itself as the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Western Church as the Roman Catholic Church, for it was governed by the bishop of Ro...

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