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Change and Continuity Over Time

6 Analyze the social and economic transformations that occurred in the Atlantic world as a result of new contacts among Western Europe, Africa, and the Americas from 1492 to 1750.West Africa, South Asia, Europe .5 Compare and contrast the political, social, and economic systems of Western Europe & Japan from 500 to 1500 CE.6 Compare and contrast the political, social, and economic development of Western Europe with the Byzantine Empire from 500 to 1500.C How India impacted Southeast Asia .

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Specific Themes and Myths of Different Cultures

Asian cuisine is also very distinguishable with western cuisine.Asian architectures are also different from that of the Western as can be seen with their museums and temples.Among the cultural differences mentioned above, studies and comparison of cultural differences among nations seem to be the most interesting because it encompasses other cultural differences such as religion, arts, literature, music, beliefs and way of living.Rice is an essential food among Asians which is commonly steamed or made as congee unlike in Western countries that primarily eat meat.Up to this day, Chinese people believe in and practice traditional culture such as karma, yin yang, herbal medicine and acupuncture which is also being practiced in Western count...

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Filial Piety Essay

It is often the case that in most western societies a nuclear family consists of a mother, father, and child within the same household.As such, within the next hundred years Filial Piety may undergo a distinct change or even disappear altogether as a result of the progress of humanity’s cultural march towards the future.This is one of the reasons why such a concept is largely absent within the cultures of the U.S. and Western Europe due to a greater emphasis being placed on independence with the elderly being viewed as a burden rather than a source of knowledge and wisdom.It is based on this perspective that the cultural distinctions that we have at the present will very likely undergo even more changes in the coming years into something...

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Clovis People Essay

” width= PHOTOGRAPH BY MIKE WATERS The earliest known North American burial was found here in western Montana.“That trust has got to be developed, and that’s where Willerslev’s group really excelled,” Jenkins said.DNA harvested from the remains of an infant buried 13,000 years ago confirms that the earliest widespread culture in North America was descended from humans who crossed over to the New World from Asia, scientists say.Comparison studies of the ancient DNA showed that it was similar to the genomes of ancient people living in Siberia and the ancestors of East Asians.“We’ll be better anthropologists and scientists if we view these remains more as the remains of people rather than just artifacts.

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Theory Of Civilization And The Caribbean History Essay

In his book, Spengler mainly centers on comparisons between the Classical and Western cultures and civilizations.Spengler’s theories opened up inspiring and divergent social views in the western civilization.On the other hand, the West viewed their modern civilization as a rebirth or continuation of the Classical civilization.The Caribbean civilization borrows from a number of other cultures and civilizations from Europe, African and Asia shaping them into a single strong culture.Even his critics acknowledge that his greatest strong point was the parallel comparisons he made between the classical and western cultures.

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Are Positive Emotions Just as “Positive” Across Cultures?

Therefore, the examination of either Asians in Asia or recent Asian immigrants who not only came to US as an adult but also have been in the US for less than a certain number of years and thus are the least acculturated can better show the cultural difference in positive emotions between European Americans and Asians in Asia.For instance, during assessment, if a therapist is aware of this cultural context, he or she would not be quick to pathologize the client’s expressive suppression and immediately associates it with depression.These findings were supportive of the initial hypothesis that “in cultures in which use of suppression is more normative (e.g., HKC), the tendency to suppress emotions is not associated with adverse psychologica...

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Westernization Essay

Specific to westernization and the non-Western culture, foreign societies tend to adopt changes in their own social systems relative to Western ideology, lifestyle, and physical appearance, along with numerous other aspects, and shifts in culture patterns can be seen to take root as a community becomes acculturated to Western customs and characteristics – in other words, westernized.The overall process of westernization is often two-sided in that Western influences and interests themselves are joined with parts of the affected society, at minimum, to change towards a more Westernized society, in the hope of attaining Western life or some aspects of it.[14] Though Western concepts may have initially played a role in creating this cultural...

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The Annexation Of The Philippenes Essay

It is in the best interest of the United States and its people, as well as the Filipinos and their neighbors.Just like the United States was concerned about European intervention in its hemisphere, the same hold true for the United States’ presence in Asia.By adopting this position the U.S.’ security will be strengthened, because our being in the Philippines will keep the peace in the region.The United States will have more customers in Eastern Asia and in the Western Pacific.The Philippines is strategically located, providing easy access for the U.S. military and navy if they are needed anywhere in Asia.

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East Asian Studies Essay

Japan for example, despite being in Asia, is considered to be part of the Western countries, the occidentals merely because it is a wealthy nation.These orients are the ones being referred to as the third world or underdeveloped nations and they also include African countries, while the Western World is referred also to as the developed world.So as to clearly understand and evaluate the relationship between the Western world and the Orient world the argument here is that it is important for the scholar studying this relationship to consider studying in a more focused way and to check out the small regions that consider cultural consistency more keenly.Yet at the same time, Wigen and Lewis identify the reluctance with which the so called ...

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The effects of tourism on culture and the environment in asia and the pacific Essay

In Asia and the Pacific, for the first time ever, inbound tourism arrivals surpassed 200 million in 2010.In comparison with other regions across the globe, Asia and the Pacific had the second highest growth in inbound tourism arrivals in 2010 over 2009.The Effects of Tourism on the Culture and Environment in Asia and the Pacific is a research paper project which deals about the major issues regarding how tourism will affect the culture and environment of a specific region which includes its significance and the solutions regarding the problem.AsiaPacific or AsiaPacific is the part of the world in or near the Western Pacific Ocean.Tourism therefore became the major income generator on the regions of Asia and the Pacific.

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Geography of Time Essay

One of the biggest challenges was to measure accurately walking speed as in some regions it was hard to find any walkers at all.Therefore, Western Europeans have more vacation time.Cultural tempo is argued to affect the quality of human life.Further, the author compares Japan, the USA and Western Europe to identify which of the countries is La Dolce Vita.(p. 143) When comparing countries examples of cultural differences are seen the most.

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The Effect of Culture on Boundaries and Links Between States

Cinema from South East Asia is becoming increasingly popular and Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan have popularised martial art forms that are certainly not western.Supporters of inter-nationalism argue that while things are changing in the cultural arena, the progress of cultural imperialism is much lesser effective than what it is touted to be and faces resistance from a number of directions.The inexorable growth and progress of these corporations inevitably leads to creation of international and local programming that strengthens the spread of western, particularly American, culture flows, to non western cultures.Huge cultural flows have occurred because of the movements of Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism, as well as because of the western ...

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The Trend Of The Wellness Industry

Maslow’s model is based on Western culture, so Schütte and Ciarlante (1998) have questioned whether self-actualisation (a personally directed need) is existent among Asian consumers.The wellness traditions of Asia follow a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing, treating the mind, body and spirit as one.Here you do a write up discussing the current situation of Mandala Spa as a destination spa in the Asia Pacific region.The epistemology of this paradigm is on subjective meanings and social phenomena with a focus into an in depth study on the details of destination spas in the Asia Pacific, the background reality and motivating actions.The globalization of wellness products such as Spas are increasing and evolving, whereas the phi...

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The Tokugawa Ancestral Law Of Seclusion History Essay

Varley notes that different historiographical viewpoints consider the termination of intercourse with Western Europe along with the repressive feudal controls over its people as arbitrary and reactionary and ignore the economic and social benefits to the measures.As analysis has traditionally been focused on the restriction of European relations, Japan’s diplomatic relations in Asia have largely been ignored, yet it becomes clear that generalisations about Japan’s foreign relations based on the exclusion of certain people, are inadequate to explain foreign policy with other Asian countries.The main historical focus has been limited to the role of Christianity demonstrating an intolerance to Western religion and of the port of Nagasaki as...

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Understanding The Concept Of Depression Sociology Essay

Moreover, the expression of depression is inevitably different for Asian cultures and Western cultures because of cultural display rules.Through numerous studies on cultural relativism and cultural categorization of emotion, emotion is shown to be, to a degree, contingent on cultural factors such as display rules, social roles, and culturally determined appraisals.While Asian and Western cultures seem to be the primary culture groups in the world, we can observe similar cultures such as that of the Utku if we focus on the more fundamental I-C dimension of cultural variability.However, some cultural, historical, and contextual features of suicidal behavior in Asia may show that life stresses may more often lead to suicide than in the West...

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Vogue: Across Cultures | Analysis

This means there’s plenty of potential for countries in South Asia, where advertising spending is just about 0.34% of GDP.Feminist critiques like Kates, Shaw and Garlock (1999) would argue that western magazines are cultural institutions that represent women in a problematic and often unacceptable way although attractive female bodies and sexual content have for long been used in the west to attract consumers to a product and generate interest.Such magazines are growing in popularity in Asia and this popularity has bought about a change in perspective regarding the depiction of woman and products in local magazines.Given the increase in trade to Asia and the spread of the beauty industry across nations, it is disappointing that there has...

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Comparison Between the Russian and Spanish Empires

The Spanish lost almost all of their colonies in Latin America to uprisings, but the Russian empire is largely maintained even today.On the other hand, Russian conquerors allowed new possessions to establish factories and actively industrialize with the rest of the country, leading to a stronger sense of unity and nationalism.While both countries were headed by a Christian monarchy and sought to expand in order to strengthen their economies, the tactics of expansion and the methods of economic control greatly differed across Europe.However, both the Spanish and Russian empires did not take part in this mad dash for land, but instead focused on colonies elsewhere; Spain continued to profit from its Latin American possessions and Russia co...

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Personal Reflections Essay

O’Malley, M. (2002).Hazel Rose Marcus and Shinobu Kitayama, Culture and the Self: Implications for Cognition, Emotion, and Motivation.Social comparison shapes an individual’s self-concept through academics, finances, and looks.Our cultural surroundings impact our self-concept also.The impact the comparison has is dependent who we are comparing ourselves to.

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Some Things To Know About Laos English Language Essay

Laos has its own culture, traditional which is quite similar to other countries in South-East Asia However, Laos’s culture is strongly influenced by religious, Buddhism believe and also nearby countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, and Burma.Similar to other countries in South-East Asia, Lao culture is influenced by Buddhism believe.. Buddhism deeply binds with Laos’s everyday life and their ways of thinking also their traditional.In big city and urban area, Laos dress the modern cloths in the same way as the western do.Table.1 Business value emphasis comparison between Lao and Westerners.Men should wear western clothing such as shirt and trousers for normal business occasion.

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The Renaissanc Era Essay

(p. 9, Brotton) With the European cultural influence, the time of the arts became very popular during this Renaissance Era.The Western World: Renaissance to the Present."Lecture 6: Europe in the Age of Religious Wars, 1560-1715."In comparison to today’s society there have been many topics such as; religious wars, and controversial arts, educations, and careers.• Brotton, Jerry.

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Comparison of the most significant world cultures

A piece of the Chinese literature, the Tao, offers a restorative vision of a balanced human life lived in the context of a natural world community.European people were thinking of and working on praising and perfection of the body while the Asians – of mind.Chinese art shows us the people’s self-renunciation, will to purification through modesty and patience.Coming out from all have been stated above we can make a general conclusion that in old European culture people praised the body perfection, the person in itself, when in Asia, on contrary – the personality, its high morals and harmony with the nature.Hinduism provides a lasting critique of Western acquisitiveness.

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Do Prisons Work Essay

In comparison to Western Australia one in every 100 adults is locked up in America and there punitive corrections system do not follow a Western approach, incorporating resources such as Drug Courts to help prevent re-offending (McClatchy, 2008).Prison based treatment programs offered in Western Australia for sex offenders are the Sex Offender Program, Indigenous Sex Offender and Intellectually Disabled Offender (Macgregor, 2008).Many American soldiers who were involved with heroin use in South East Asia did not bring the habit home, indicating that some drug abuse is situational (Astell, 1995).Systematic differences between the non-treated and treated group in the Western Australian study, such as indigenous status, risk category, and l...

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Two Countries Essay

Therefore, this is a small difference between these Brazil and the United States’ health system.However, the identity of the Brazilian people is not solely a product of western civilization.Finally, Brazil and the United States education systems have public and private schools.In conclusion, there are many differences and similarities between countries, as location, size, culture, government, education, healthcare, economy, and lifestyles.The United States also has a diversity of ethnic groups representing the early colonists from northern Europe as well as groups from Africa, the Mediterranean, Asia, and South America.

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British Rule in India to the French One in Algeria Essay

However, both the French and British Empires did to differing extents manage to integrate Western technologies such as railways and modern irrigation methods.They were responsible for directly trying to impose Western beliefs and cultures on India much too soon in the occupation and too forcefully.These people had respected professions, such as “lawyers, doctors, teachers, journalists and businessmen”, they had “established a Western life-style using the English language and English schools” Outside the upper class Great Britain had introduced Western technology to help improve the livelihood of the population.It is clear that the British way of integrating Western culture within Indian society was more successful than the equivalent pro...

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How Did Nationalism Arise In Southeast Asia History Essay

According to this paper, readers would understand about the significant impacts of colonial power on Southeast Asia, so that it will help improve the consciousness about the development and general situation of Southeast Asia in the post-colonial period, and this will lead people understand clearly about the Southeast Asia today.Meanwhile, education system in other countries was influenced by the western education as well, including the French Indochina, British Malaya and Singapore, and the Dutch Indonesia.According to R. Ty’s study of Southeast Asia, communist leaders and parties arose in many areas of Southeast Asia, particularly in Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam; for example, the Malayan Communist ...

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Afghanistan Case

Many historical and contemporary factors establish Afghanistan’s position in the South Western Asia.Additionally, its role in Southwest or Central Asia would be more beneficial for the region (Blank, 2009).It shares its ethnic, lingual, and cultural ties with Southwest Asia and serves as a corridor to South Asia.Afghanistan is surrounded by Central Asia in the north and Iran on its western borders.In conclusion, it can be safely assumed that Afghanistan is on the border of South and South west Asia.

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Political Impact Of Colonial Powers Upon Southeast Asia History Essay

According to Rey Ty’s study of Southeast Asia, communist leaders and parties arose in many areas of Southeast Asia, particularly in Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam; for example, the Malayan Communist Party, the Indonesian Communist Party, and the Vietminh in Vietnam.Meanwhile, education system in other countries was influenced by the western education as well, including the French Indochina, British Malaya and Singapore, and the Dutch Indonesia.Hence, there were several reasons for the European powers to colonize Southeast Asia, mainly for the political, economic, and cultural purpose.Besides the Philippines and Burma, western education had impacts on other countries in Southeast Asia as well.According ...

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Demographic Shifts Essay

Seattle, Washington did not really change until late in the 20th century where more Asian immigrants lived in Seattle than the former majority (Western European).Name three counties that included immigrants from Asia in the year 1900.The overall demographic shifts changed the course of United States’ history because the fluctuations influenced election outcomes and popular culture of the nation.It was as if the Western Europeans were not sticking together like the other populations.In 1900 the foreign born in the Pacific Northwest was mostly Western European with a percentage of around 33%.

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Contrast and Comparison on Plague Epidemic

The impact of plague epidemic was similar and different in Western Europe and South Asia as far as exposure.The reason this difference exist is because the plague came from Southern Asia/ (Asia overall) and came to Europe because of their interactions with trading.In Europe, people began to lose faith in the church because of the diseases while in Asia they blamed the plague epidemic as punishment from God.In Western Europe, 1/3 of the population died due to the lack of necessities they needed to survive and the doctors were either dying or running off so they would not catch the diseases.On similarity that exists between the regions Western Europe and South Asia is they both experienced the Black Death.

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The Proliferation Of Mass Media

Many Asian and ‘South Asian’ countries increasingly came to find Indian cinema as more suited to their sensibilities than Western cinema.Western classical music has become a fringe music tradition, while India’s Bhakti geet is alive and vibrant.IITs and IIMs and other Institutes become the primary vehicles of keeping abreast with the western Science and Technology.Compare this to the Western classical music, itself originating from the Romany Gypsy music.The glittering, flamboyant films churned out by Mumbai’s gargantuan film industry have long been popular in certain regions of the world such as the Middle East ,Central Asia, South East Asia, North Africa, South Africa and throughout South Asia and the United States.

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