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Criminology Case

In Australia results of the query on law enforcement agencies was generally higher than half of the respondents (South Australia – 66.6%, Victoria – 63.4% and Western Australia – 60.3%).Western Criminology Review .Police and Ethnic Relations in Queensland .In a survey regarding the public opinions on the accomplishments and the actions of the police department against crime in Australia, certain notions came into view.1996                The Police Role: Studies of Male and Female Police (paper presented at the Australian Institute of Criminology Conference: First Australasian Women Police Conference).

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Conditions according to John Casey impact on Police Practice and Community Policing Essay

Anglo-Peelian (also known as democratic) mode is one of the main policing models in Western societies.Some people that come to Australia may already have a negative idea and concept of police from their previous country which will make it harder for Australian police to connect and build trust with these individuals.Other conditions that impact on police practice and community policing strategies such as; country stability, community cohesion, pay rates of police, trust within the community and police, political agenda, resources for the police and means for reform and many more.If the police and these groups worked together for community safety, other benefits such as allowing effective social preventative procedures, proactive partners...

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Teen Curfew Debate

Doctoral dissertation, Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia.Such public debate mirrors the reception of the Northbridge Policy’s controversial predecessor, Operation Sweep, the short-lived police-led campaign launched in Western Australia in January 1994. .Office of Crime Prevention, Government of Western Australia (OCP).Curfews: Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia.Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Government of Western Australia (DPC).

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The Eureka Stockade Essay

Eureka also saw the beginning of Australia becoming its own, independent nation, without having strong ties to the British.After two days of leaving the miners unharmed in their stockade, heavily armed soldiers and police attacked the stockade on Sunday the 3rd of December 1854.The authorities only suffered from six casualties, being police officers and troopers.It played a vital role in the development of democracy and personal identity within Australia.The officers’ brutality and unjust behaviour further infuriated the miners and made the Ballarat Gold-Fields’ police subject to much hatred.

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Investigation – No Sugar by Jack Davis

When British settlers arrived in Australia, the Aboriginal race was thriving.Davis context has succeeded in revealing to the viewer the way in which marginalized groups are forced to unite with the individuals in dominance and the inequalities and racism Aboriginals suffered during the reign of white Australia.The loss of confidence in business, the drop in consumption and the huge fall in production resulted in record unemployment throughout Australia.This meant that they would have to relinquish their own traditions and adopt the customs, values and attitudes prevalent in white Australia.The burdened and distressed context of Jack Davis’s play ‘No Sugar’ is intended to expose the discrimination of white Australia and the power they hel...

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Indigenous or aboriginal deaths in custody in Australia

Indigenous people are marginalized thus making them lead a criminal life in such for better services (Commonwealth of Australia, 2002).The federal government should put more emphasis in implementing the recommendations of the Royal Commission in order to reduce deaths of Aboriginal people in custody.A number of cells in Australia for example Australian Capital Territory, Western Australia cells and Northern Territory, have used cameras to monitor inmates (Biles & Dalton, 2001).There has been an agreement between various departments in Australia for example Correction Department, Federal police and ACT Youth Justice which has formalized the exchange of important information about an inmate for proper monitoring.Exchange of information...

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Brutal Police in Australia

The actions of NSW police in Kings Cross, and for all the world to see, and the five police related deaths this year need to get some scrutiny.He was harmed and brutally abused to death by the police for thinking he had stolen 2 packets of biscuits while having a psychotic episode after taking the hallucinogen LSD .Western Australia’s Nyikina rights advocate, Sofia Mirniyinna echoed these sentiments.Australia are known and seen to have very brutal police men.Ms Jerram said many of the police involved had resorted to actions that were “reckless, careless, dangerous and excessively forceful.

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The Changing Times Of Child Protection

During the year 1998-1989, total notifications of child abuse, by state and territory are as follows: 1) New South Wales- 31,513; 2) Victoria- 34,679; 3) Queensland- 18,721; 4) Western Australia- 2,568; 5) South Australia- 13,132; 6) Tasmania- 653; 7) Australian Capital Territory- 1,358; and 8) Northern Territory- 678.This leads to a ratio of 7.8:1 in favor with the unsubstantiated cases in New South Wales and a ratio of 5.5:1 in Western Australia (Ainsworth, F. 2002).The numbers of total investigations by territory are the following: 1) NSW- 16,301; 2) Victoria- 13,385; 3) Qld- 10,838; 4) Western Australia- 2,354; 5) South Australia- 5,143; 6) Tasmania- 531; 7) Capital Territory- 1,091; and 8) Northern Territory- 366.In the above compar...

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Pestle Profile of Australia

Bashir release heightens tension between australia and indonesia.Australia: World democracy profile.Corruption: On a scale of 0-149 (0 being none and 149 being very high) for corruption, Australia ranked an eight (World Audit, 2011).The PESTLE model for Australia will help businesses decide if Australia is an ideal location for their company.It offers a Western business culture with a workforce capable of operating in Asian and Western business environments, since it has a wide range of native Asian language skills in the region.

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Englis Removalist Essay

Corruption is also evident when Norton asks another inmate “would you be able to testify before the judge?” Norton’s asks him in a friendly tone and a low volume so Norton could let the inmate think he was his friend.Since Andy is doing illegal work for the police Andy asks in a polite tone for something in return for the work he has done.Corruption was evident in the beginning of the movie as throughout Shawshank items were being traded through the currency of cigarettes.Through the character Simmonds, corruption is effectively explored throughout The Removalists.The two-act play ‘The Removalists” written by David Williamsons explores significant issues within society in Australia in the seventies.

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European Qualifying Assignment Arab Spring Essay

Western can be defined by “living in or originating from the west, in particular Europe or the U.S.” while Liberalism is defined as “a political orientation that favors social progress by reform and by changing laws rather than by revolution” (Google Web).Police used “tear gas” to separate the rowdy groups but this only angered them more because they were unable to express their pain (The Guardian: David Batty) .Due to the protest from these nations, transformations have been established in the Arab World by Western Liberalism and outcomes for the future can already be predicted by the events of Arab Spring.Transformations in the Arab World have been greatly affected by Western Liberalism because the changes in the Middle East are very s...

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The Knapp Commission

One contributory factor to the continued existence of police corruption is its relative invisibility, which in turn reflects a vital difference between the victim of police brutality and the “victim” of police corruption.The committee in turn recommended that an independent citizens’ commission be established to determine the nature and extent of police corruption, evaluate the department’s procedures for handling reports of corruption, and recommend ways to improve these procedures.Because the “victims” of police corruption are more willingly, indeed eagerly involved than the victims of police brutality, it is relatively harder to quantify because those involved are less likely to report it.Nevertheless, since the expectations of the Am...

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The Proliferation of Corruption through Transnational Crime Essay

Coupled with the confiscation of huge volumes of money and drugs, the police can become especially prone to taking part in corruption (Mollen Commission Report, 1994).Acknowledging the grave nature of the use of official corruption, this paper proceeds with the following objectives: 1) In the context of the relationship between officialdom and transnational organized crime groups what is a satisfactory definition of official corruption that suits the purposes of research into what corrupt practices actually facilitate the activities of such groups; 2) identify which branches or units of government are most susceptible to corruption in this context (for example: police, customs, immigration departments) and why; and 3) through an extensiv...

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Archie Weller – “Stolen Car” and Victoria Zabukovec – “The Young Stranger”

Western society has constructed a generalisation that Aborigines commit crime and are considered as common trouble makers.Living in a world dominated by non ethnic and non coloured members of society will only mean that people other than that will be marginalised and rejected.These two characters, being portrayed as powerless and downtrodden, leave readers to believe that race and ethnicity are unfavourable in society.Johnny has become trapped in this type of Western society, being considered an outcast.The city of Perth has been created to sound like a cruel institution, its purpose only to corrupt Johnny.

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Criminal Justice Sytstem

In Australia, a spate of wrongful convictions has resulted in certain jurisdictions sending their judges to undertake courses in avoiding wrongful convictions (Fairchild & Dammer, 2000).There is no doubt that a broad consensus is present that the basic structure of the criminal justice system should remain as a predominant feature in administering criminal justice in Australia.The various components of the criminal justice system in the name of the name of the police, court and correction process, each plays its part.Innocent bias to exist does not require dishonest court staff, bad police officers, or unethical correctional personnel.Because the police probe alleged crimes and are the primary point of entry for cases in the criminal...

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Criminal Justice System

This is the most significant and dangerous form of unfairness, with widespread effects that cannot be rooted out easily, unlike most apparent forms like corruption, police brutality, bribery, and prosecutorial misconduct among others.There is no doubt that a broad consensus is present that the basic structure of the criminal justice system should remain as a predominant feature in administering criminal justice in Australia.An examination of the law-making process and law makers in Australia reveals some important facts for understanding the processes of criminal justice.The various components of the criminal justice system in the name of the name of the police, court and correction process, each plays its part.Logically criminal justice...

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State Management of External Issues

For example a Police agency may decide not released information or prevent in the hope a criminal or criminals makes a mistake in which they can act upon.However as Wiki Leaks states secrecy can promote corruption and weaken all parts of democracies, and damage the very thing it’s trying to keep safe and or secret.[7] Jones, Nicholas.The Timor- Gap treaty is a gas and oil treaty between Australia and the East-Timor Government, the treaty covers in areas in Timor Sea and between Northern Australia.This manipulation of illegally attained information may have resulted in Australia having a geographically unequal share of the Timor-Gap treaty, resulting in the revenue being split on 10(Aus.

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Police Culture and Subculture

A change has to be initiated whose focus will be the improvement of the working conditions of police personnel inside the police organization and on the effective delivery of services to the public outside the organization, with a special emphasis on policing of minority groups which have been discriminated against.Allegiance to and camaraderie with one’s fellow police officers is essential for successful and safe police work.state police organization, since they worked by the Western motto, “shoot first, ask questions later”.It can refer to the “us-versus-them” mind-set that is a quality of police forces nearly everywhere – where “them” includes the society in general, miscreants, offenders and police management.Police and other law enf...

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Defining Women

The other group is western women.It was found that “violence between Indigenous people is more likely to be directed at intimates than at strangers, with Indigenous women in rural and remote Western Australia being 45 times more likely to be a victim of domestic violence (by which they mean assaulted by their spouse or partner) than non-Indigenous women” ( .Western women, primarily, suffer from emotional violence and secondly from sexual and physical abuse.They involve calling police and reporting, criminal prosecution and suits against their offenders.Western women are also experience domestic violence, sexual harassment and emotional abuse but the number of women suffered from domestic violence is lower in comparison with Filipino an...

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The Separation of Powers Essay

Patapan, H 1999, Separation of Powers in Australia, Australian Journal of Political Science, Queensland, Vol.Furthermore the ‘constitution’ terms describes a written set of principles that provide the fundamental law of a country and which were implemented in Australia (New South Wales) in 1900 (Pembroke, M et al, 2006, pg.96).The first part of Davenport S. & Parker D.’s quote, relative to the ‘constitutional democracy’ term refers to the government systems in place within Australia, as a nation and how this functions in a practical sense.At this level the need for new laws/acts is identified and bills are drafted (Commonwealth of Australia, 2012).The process of passing a bill is carried out in three stages.These three sections will ...

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Analysis of The Shifting Heart, by Richard Beynon Essay

Corrupt- makes assumptions, takes one side of the story of the Australian, “All I know are the facts,” page 73. .“How can I a hit you if I don’t remember?” Page 88 – Naturalised violence.Eventual death of Gino via the beatings shows the extreme racism and prejudice in Australia during the time of production.Reference to getting drunk, part of Aussie lifestyle.-After the death of Gino, it is evident that the law system is corrupt and that racism is systemic.

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Crime in Australia: An Overview

The report by the Australia Bureau of Statistics showed that juveniles accounted for 13% of those in police custody.States like; Tasmania, Western Australia and Queensland have enacted the criminal codes.Crime rate are higher among certain races in Australia, especially among the minorities and the immigrants.Youth Suicide in Australia: Prevention Strategies, Department of Employment, Education and Training & Australian Institute of Criminology, Canberra .In Australia the juvenile offenders rate has doubled, with most of the perpetrators been male youths.

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The noble savage in Frankenstein

The industrial revolution would have had a major impact on the writings of the romantics as it gave a new view towards nature and the in particular the native people of new countries such as Australia and America.Our sciences were wiping them out and it was all in the name of advancement in commerce.The other point of the creature is as the “noble savage” is to show the corruptibly of man, as the form of the “noble savage” the creator must therefore be good in all forms, respecting nature and being strong of moral character.It is not until he learns from the DeLacys about human nature does he show it.As a concept of the Romantic writings the noble savage embodies their feelings toward the corruption of man and the truth of nature and the...

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Criminology Essays – Crime and Society in Australia

Early life Suicide in Australia: Avoidance methods, Section of recruiting, instruction and Training & Australian Institute of Criminology, Canberra .The victims of human trafficking in Australia are mostly women.Mason, G, ‘Odium offence as ethical Category: Lessons from the Snowtown Case’ Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology 40(3) 249-271 (2007) Recorded crime: victims, Australia 2003.In Australia the juvenile offenders rate has doubled, with most of the perpetrators been male youths.Australia has made various initiatives to stop crime.

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Drug Prohibition in Australia: Critiques

It has been suggested that national drug policy should be based on what is beneficial to the country and society as a whole and what factors differ from international actions (Australia 21).History confirms that Governments in Australia often use harsh measures for the illicit drug use and drug users.In fact the conclusion is otherwise as in case of Cannabis policy it is summarized that after liberalization USA, Canada and South Australia, the consumption level did not change and was at similar levels or decreased following liberalization.It is not in line with the steps taken for two other psychoactive drugs in widespread use in Australia, nicotine and alcohol.This has been highlighted by the experts from the Australia 21 forums confirm...

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The edge, by Dick Francis Essay

It’s really your typical police story.He is in Australia to promote his new novel The Edge.If the chief of a police unit was corrupt and letting crime go and even going to the extent of helping the crimes be committed, then I would be horrified because I put my trust in that unit only to find out it is supporting the things it is supposed to be protecting me from.A majority of the people in society would not support corruption of any form and I am no different, but it never really meant much to me.I support the views of the texts but I have never realised the effects corruption can have until I studied these texts.

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The Edge by Dick Francis (Novel) and Stingers (TV Drama) Essay

For example, in the main room where Peter does all his planning of the cases, he has things such as boards with suspects pinned on them, certificates showing the achievements he or a member of his team have made while stopping crime in society, and police uniforms, which all give the viewers the impression that the characters are supporting the themes and values of the drama.Peter Church, an undercover operative for the Australian Police, goes in disguise to gather inside information about crime groups and use the information to rid society of the groups’ evil deeds.Being an undercover police unit, most scenes are shot in the offices, so there are always things around the setting of the rooms showing the theme of ridding corruption.He is...

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Should same-sex marriage be legalized in Australia?

How can we let our society destroyed the sanction of marriage by permitting same gendered couples to wed. As a bright and well educated nation, we need to preserve the dignity marriage holds and not allow same-sex couples to cripple the image of marriage in Australia.As the topic of legalizing same-sex marriage in Australia grows, we must expose the truth that acting upon this issue and making it legal for same gender civilians to marry will bring unwanted corruption to our progressive society.Australia perpetuates equality by giving same-sex couples the term “De-facto relationships.” These are a set of legal rights given to couples who are not married.We need to save the reputation of our nation and our children, that is why same-sex ma...

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Corruption in sports Essay

F H (unknown) Definition of Corruption: Corruption may come in many forms, often in politics and sport.Corruption is not necessarily bad, but very often creates a negative atmosphere.There is corruption in the police force, in law and order and even in the management of the Olympic Games.But some corruption within sports ought not divert focus from broader misgovernance in the form of abuse of some professional sports as a political instrument by powers well above the players and sport leaders themselves.Corruption cases involving players or referees, while coveted by the media, are likely to entail an invidualized scandal, involving a few people, and thus not entailing systemic corruption throughout the sport.

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Conflict Mapping: the Tunisia Revolution

National committees ere established to deal with human rights violations, embezzlement and corruption, and corruption.The escalation was ignited first by the neo-liberal economic policies of the old regime reinforced a pattern of uneven development that marginalized the central and eastern desert region and concentrated wealth in the northern and western coastal regions of the country.Protestors responded to police violence by throwing stones, burning tires in the street, and torching official government buildings and cars.The police fired on demonstrators, killing two of them and injuring many more but the protestors would not retreat.Images and videos of the protests and of police brutality against demonstrators surfaced on the Interne...

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