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Western blot Essay

in the final western blot product gives clearer results and eliminates false positives.This method requires, during the incubation of the western blot, the presence of a substrate which emits light after exposure to the trigger present on the secondary antibody.Western blotting (also called protein transfer or western blotting or immunoblotting technique), is a molecular biology method allowing the detection and identification of specific proteins in a biological sample ( serum or other extract or tissue homogenate) using antibodies directed against these proteins that it is desired to detect.After rinsing the unbound secondary antibodies, the western blot is ready for the detection of the labeled probes and bound to the protein of inter...

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The Use of the Western Blot Analysis to Identify Four Unknown Species of Fish

Four unknown aquatic animal species were identified by comparing actin / myosin bands using Western blot analysis.mitochondrial DNA analysis, and using western blot analysis to identify SIV cpz antibody positive fecal samples, trolodite.Western blot analysis of mitochondrial matrix proteins is more appropriate and specific for mitochondrial autophagyBy microarray analysis, Ray et al.(2001) I made a mouse strain lacking the Msra geneHowever, since these data are not published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, they can not be reported on the PRN notebook page.Western blot analysis of mitochondrial proteins is another way to quantify mitochondrial mass.

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Molecular Weight Of Unknown Protein

Only after several comparisons and careful analysis of the western blot, could it be said that the antibody for the protein, β-galactosidase, was in fact the correct one.Western Blotting .The Western Blot involved membrane blocking, in order to reduce non-specific protein interactions between the membrane and the antibody.Although the correct result was identified, using the two techniques; the experiment could be improved with more practice, and also perhaps doing more than one gel, or western blot.Western Blotting (WB) is a powerful and important procedure which follows successful electrophoresis for the detection of proteins, specifically those in low quantities (3).

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Cell Culture and Protein Detection

Western analysis quantifies the amount of protein present in the cell.Therefore pJNK should be present in the samples with LPS.If it is present then it confirms the fact that the cell is stressed as a result of the presence of the endotoxin.The phosphorylated form of JNK is a signal a cell sends out when it is stressed.We carried out western blotting using iBlot dry blotting system.

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Analysis of VP28 Gene in White Spot Syndrome Virus Infection

Western blotting .The blot is a membrane of nitrocellulose or PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride).Western blotting identifies with specific antibodies proteins that have been separated from one another according to their size by gel electrophoresis.[4] Maurice Pagano (1999): Application of electrophoresis and related methods, such as western blotting and zymography to the study of some proteins and enzymes.The western blot analysis of proteins of semi-purified white spot syndrome virus separated on 12.5% gel (fig.2) showed different number of immunogenic proteins based on its molecular weight.

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PCR and Southern Blotting: Applications in Medicine

The applications for PCR and Southern blotting are enormous however they have limitations which prevent it from being routinely used in the diagnostic laboratory.Its use in genetic analysis was immediately recognised, as one of the first publications of its use was of prenatal diagnosis of sickle-cell anaemia [3].This method, named after Edwin Southern, provided the basis for a range of common laboratory techniques such as western blotting, eastern blotting and northern blotting [1].Pitfalls of PCR include that the sample must be kept cold during storage and transport to the laboratory, the expertise required for analysing and interpreting results as well as standardising between different laboratories and finally the expensive cost of t...

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Isolation of Recombinant Escherichia Essay

4-7), as a distinct band in the Western Blot, and measureable amplicon replication in the PCR and rt-PCR.Each of the possible problems with the Western Blot would have to be tested by altering the procedure used above by one method (washing, antibody, blocking solution).The enzymes also differed with respect to the Western Blot (Fig.In the standard of Taq of the Western blot (Fig.This was confirmed through the Western Blotting, and thermostable DNA activity in the PCR and rt-PCR.

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Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis: Protein Separation

Protein standards and an unknown protein sample will be prepared for SDS-PAGE using both a resolving and a stacker gel, and for WB analysis.The transfer of proteins from the polyacrylamide gel to the nitrocellulose membrane after SDS- PAGE analysis can be seen in Figure 2.The Western Blot involved membrane blocking, in order to reduce non-specific protein interactions between the membrane and the antibody.Although the correct result was identified, using the two techniques; the experiment could be improved with more practice, and also perhaps doing more than one gel, or western blot.Together with Western Blotting (WB) both common laboratory techniques, they are used to further determine the presence of a given protein.

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Effects of Static and Dynamic Culture Conditions

The image was taken using Nikon (Scale bar: 80µm) .To compare and contrast the effects on cells in spinner flask or dynamic culture condition method with the static culture condition method by observing and analysing on factors like cell adhesion, distribution, proliferation, viability and expression of cytoskeleton after culturing in the same system for 7 days using alamar blue, hoechst 33258 DNA assays, toludine blue staining and western blot analysis.Also, in addition cytoskeleton analysis using western blot was also carried out.Surprisingly, instead of enhancing the growth of 3T3 fibroblast cells in dynamic condition, they seems to be probably undergoing cell death/loss as reported by alamar blue, hoechst DNA assays, toludine blue a...

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Western Blotting

Figure 1: Picture of the gel after Western Blotting that is used to detect the myosin light chain.Western blotting is a technique in biological research that allows scientists to identify and quantify specific proteins among a protein mixture.Western blotting is used during this procedure to test that proteins can be indicators of genetic and evolutionary similarity.The Western Blot.Using western blotting actin myosin can be identified from a mixture of proteins by using antibodies.

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DNA Damage Response and Repair Mechanisms

To show the efficiency of the separation by using the western blot and show the specificity by using the silver stain technique.In lysis buffers, NEM is used to inhibit deubiquitination of proteins for Western Blot analysis.Development of the blot is then stopped by washing away the soluble dye.The western blot is a technique used to find specific proteins in a sample.After washing, the proteins were eluted and analyzed using gel electrophoresis and western blotting.

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Identification of Epitope in EAV N Protein

The homology analysis showed that the identified epitope is conserved among all EAV isolated strains, with the exception of the ARVAC which is a modified live virus vaccine strain.For Western blot, the purified MBP-N recombinant proteins were electrophoresed on SDS-PAGE, and then transferred to a nitrocellulose membrane.The peptides were identified using the prepared mAb by indirect ELISA and Western blot.The reactivity of mAb was evaluated by Western blot and immunofluorescence assay (IFA).The homology analysis was performed using DNAMAN software.

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ELISA Test for HIV: Limitations

In addition, the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) finds either the RNA of the HIV virus or the HIV’s DNA in white blood cells infected with the virus (8).But it is more expensive than a Western blot test and not frequently used (8).There is a period called the window period-the time between HIV infection and the appearance of anti-HIV antibodies that can be measured, thus a negative HIV ELISA and Western blot will not rule out HIV infection (6,8).It is used to confirm the results of an ELISA just like a Western blot test.A positive ELISA test is always followed by a Western blot test and a positive Western blot confirms an HIV infection (6).

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Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) Mutants

.. GFP protein presence can be verified using western blotting technique.Western blotting (Sample 11): .GFP bound to nitrocellulose membrane is then visualised by incubating the blot with His-probe which is linked to a HRP (horse radish peroxidase) enzyme (HisprobeTM-HRP solution is diluted to 1:5000 (1µl in 5ml) ).13617-13622, November 1996.Bands are observed in the induced and soluble samples after performing western blotting confirming the presence of GFP.

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Activity in Breast Cancer Cells

Unlike diagram 1a we are provided with uncropped blot images in the supplementary sections.Diagrammatically this is clear using another confocal-microscopy image that allows direct comparison to the MCF-7-mock result to deduce that in fact Wnt-TCFDN conditions mimicked the MCF-7-mock.With actin included as a loading control, a section of a western blot is presented clearly showing the induction of nuclear Snail1 proteins in MCF7-Wnt cells [compared to the mock].We will expect that EMT will not be initiated when Axin2 is silenced – as GSK3β-dependent phosphorylation of Snail1 will occur in the nuclear compartment.To confirm that the presence of Axin2 is vital in EMT generation [as it controls GSK3β levels in the nucleus thus regulating Sn...

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Expression and Purification of recombinant Green Fluorescent Protein

(5) Hoffman, Robert M. “Uses of Fluorescent Proteins to Visualize Cancer In Vivo: Can Fluorescent Proteins be Used in Humans?” 2005.The Western Blotting technique detected and quantified proteins that reacted with a specific antibody.The fact I had used E3 for the SDS-PAGE and Western Blotting skewed my results, but E2 and E3 had the highest activity for me.SDS-PAGE/Coomassie Blue stained gel analysis of rGFP .Western Blot of rGFP .

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Recombinant Green Fluorescent Protein Purification

vol 263, feb 1994 .A sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-Page) followed to determine purity of the samples and a Western Blot verified the presence of rGFP.Even though the purity gained was very low, we proceeded and developed a Western Blot which confirmed the presence of rGFP through band intensities.The purpose of this experiment is to express and purify the E. coli strain BL21(DE3)<pLysS><pRSETA-GFPUV> using Ni2+ -agarose affinity chromatography followed by the SDS-PAGE and Western Blot procedures to estimate purity and confirmation of the protein.12501-1250 dec 1994 .

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Quantitative Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-qPCR)

The heart tissue slices were kept in the covered, darkened glass dish containing prewarmed solution of TTC and the dish was kept in an incubator and heated to 37-40°C for 45 minutes.For viability analysis, MTT solution (5 mg/mL) was added to each well, and incubated for 4 h at 37°C.Western blotting was performed to analyze the expression pattern of eNOS in the aorta and reperfused hearts according to method of Laemmli (1970).At the end of the incubation period, kept the heart slice in fixing solution to fix the tissue.Bands were scanned using a scanner and quantitated by Image J, a public domain Java image processing software, Wayne Rasband, NIH, Bethesda, MD, USA.

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Mechanisms of Activation of NFκB Signaling Pathway

Therefore, further knockout or point mutation experiments for one gene or multiple genes involved in NFκB signaling pathway are still needed to study the details in the carcinogenesis of LSCC.We detected the expression level of IKK- using semiquantitative RT-PCR and Western blot in Hep-2 cells transfected with pcDNA3.1-IKK- or IKK- -siRNA at 24h, 48h, and 72h, respectively.Comparisons between two groups were accomplished using test, and correlation analyses between differentially expressed proteins and clinicopathologic characteristics were conducted by Sperman analysis.Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS12.0 software.Moreover, cells migration rate was achieved through Transwell analysis.

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Effect of Euonine on Human Uterine Leiomyoma Cells

Uterine leiomyoma is a extremely common benign tumor, unfortunately, few medical treatments are available for this disease.Then western blot analysis was performed using a standard procedure as described above to assess the phosphorylation levels of EGFR.Statistical analysis was performed using t-test and a probability level of < 0.05 was considered as statistically significant (SPSS12.0).The antitumor mechanism is realized by inhibiting the EGF expression of uterine leiomyoma cells to block the activation of EGFR thereby making its mediated pathway can’t signal to promote cell growth, proliferation and differentiation.After affected by euonine, the phosphorylation levels of ALK, ROS1, EGFR, HER2, FGFR1 and PDGF-alpha was detected by...

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Introduction to Immunoglobulins: Structure and Research

Measurement of Ig’s is performed for two reasons: .. .IMMUNOELECTROTRANSFERENCE / WESTERN BLOT .Two scientists, Herbert Edward Durham (- 1945) andMax von Gruber(1853–1927), discovered specific agglutination in 1896. .Western blotting evolved from Southern blotting (Ref 1), invented byEdwin Southernat University of Edinburgh in 1975. .This group was later awarded the Nobel Prize in 1977 for developing an RIA to detect and measure blood glucose levels in diabetic patients.

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Inhibition of Dacarbazine on Melanoma Stem Cells

In addition, we detected an increase of caspase activities in both high and low DTIC groups, and also stronger expression of pro- apoptotic proteins in melanoma stem cells through western blot analysis.SPSS 16.0 software (SPSS, Chicago, IL, USA) was employed to determine the statistical significance between samples by using analysis of variance and Dunnett’s t-tests.All the protein bands were scanned by Chemi Imager 5500 V2.03 software, and relative integrated density values (IDVs) were calculated by using a computerized image analysis system (Fluor Chen 2.0) and normalized to the IDV of β-actin.The samples were harvested and analyzed at 72 h depending on the previous analysis.In conclusion, the exposure of DTIC could inhibit the growth ...

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Shotgun Proteomics Analysis of Foc TR4

Our experimental data including initial discovery proteomics and verification analyses by western blot, quantitative RT-PCR and TR4 growth inhibition assay of several fungicides, indicate that the ergosterol biosynthesis pathway plays an important role in early development of TR4.With shotgun proteomics analysis, we screened some important candidate proteins/pathways critical to the early growth of TR4 as an initial step, which may also provide insight into subsequent study on pathogenicity mechanisms in TR4 infection to banana host.Additionally, by blast analysis of existing genomic data, no orthologous genes/proteins in banana were found for all up-regulated proteins including ERG6, ERG11/CYP51, ERG13 and ERG25 of ergosterol synthe...

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Internship Report Essay

Internship was very educative and it fit into me career goals perfectly as I aim at becoming a scientist particularly in molecular biology so I can contribute to improving the quality of life and save lives; hence my career goals were not changed but were instead confirmed as correct.However, I still need to nourish my field of study by making it my responsibility to learn more novel techniques and familiarize myself more with other areas of research as I realized that all areas of research like microbiology, bacteriology and virology are interconnected with molecular biology.However, I believe if I had more knowledge on bioinformatics and novel technologies like gene chip analysis, protein micro array, mass spectrometry and even High Pe...

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Characterization of Antimicrobial Peptide LL37

And the western blot showed a band between the marker sized 36 and 55 kDa( Figure 5), which was consistent with the deduction.However, long-term studies especially animal experiments need to be conducted before applying these cells into human study.Quantification of the bands was carried out using software for densitometric analysis.In conclusion, we here tried to generation novel EPC product by combining the features of antimicrobial peptide LL37 and EPCs.We successfully obtained a LL37 expressed EPCs which can be used in the following in vivo study of tissue reconstruction.After optimization, Furthermore, we successfully observed LL37 expression in EPC via western blot analysis.

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Osmosis-Driven Protein Distribution Optimization

VLP encapsulation efficiency was 85% based on Western blot detection of HPV16 L1 protein.Frozen solutions containing the protein and amorphous excipients showed single or double Tgô€€€OE transitions that indicate their varied miscibility depending on the combinations and concentration ratios.Frozen solutions containing rHA and higher mass ratio of L-His HCl showed the amorphous/amorphous phase separation and following crystallization of the excipient.Many protein-rich frozen solutions showed single Tgô€€€OE transitions in the first heating scans and after their annealing, indicating maintenance of the amorphous concentrated solute mixture.VLP encapsulation was determined using transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and Western blot analy...

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Expression of Recombinant Green Fluorescent Protein (rGFP)

The resulting wash and elution fractions where run through a Bradford assay, SDS-PAGE/Coomassie blue staining, and a Western blot to determine the molecular weight of the protein to be 32kDa.The stacker was removed and the resulting gel set up for transfer onto a nitrocellulose membrane for Western Blot analysis.Ninfa, Alexander J., and David P. Ballou.The overall setup required a “building up” of components with the positive electrode base on the bottom, followed by filter paper soaked in transfer buffer, nitrocellulose paper above that, the SDS/PAGE layer, another layer of filter paper soaked in transfer buffer, Western blot solution was poured over all the components, and finally the negative electrode lid was locked into position.Fun...

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Effect of Mutant EDA-A1 Gene on Huvecs

Recently, the related research on HED are focused on the mutation analysis of EDA-A1, however, the exact pathological mechanism of HED caused by mutant EDA-A1 is still unclear (17).For Western blot analysis, proteins were extracted from HUVECs in each group.Then, EDA-A1 protein expression in HUVECs were detected by western blot.KL and LW participated in the design of this study, and they both performed the statistical analysis.The absorbance at 560 nm was measured by SpectraMax 190 microplate reader (Moteular Devices Company) for colorimetric analysis.

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Observing Bacteria and Blood

Contrast – When imaging specimens in the optical microscope, differences in intensity and/or color create image contrast, which allows individual features and details of the specimen to become visible.Once assembled, we begun by placing the prepared letter “e” slide on the stage and making adjustments to the condenser, diaphragm, and course/fine adjustment knobs until the image came into clear focus under 10x resolution and again under 40x resolution.Blue large resembles an ink blot with random dark areas and small specks Sheet of short filamentous fibers, some tightly clustered, large dark blot Smaller clusters of fibers, some look like little worms, clusters of spheres and specks .Incubator, prepared yogurt, prepared yogurt slide, fres...

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UCA1 in Cisplatin Induced Ovarian Cancer Cell Resistance

In conclusion, we found UCA1 RNA may increasing of cell proliferation, decreasing apoptosis and lead to the cisplatin resistance by increasing the expression of SRPK1 and affecting the expression of apoptosis related proteins(such as Bcl-2, Bax, Caspase 3 and Caspase 9).The expression of SRPK1 was confirmed by western-blot analysis.The decreasing on cell proliferation and increasing on cell apoptosis were found (19).It can specifically phosphorylate the SR splice factor and regulate the gene expression by alternative splicing of pre-mRNA of target gene(6).In order to confirm whether SRPK1 is involved in the mechanism of UCA1 regulating ovarian cancer proliferation and migration, we employed RNAi to decrease the expression of SRPK1 and fo...

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