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Culture And Its Impact On Western Culture Essay

Bollywood is the Indian spinoff of America’s Hollywood and has taken the fundamentals of western cinema and used them to reinforce Indian culture through films that reach the masses.This raises the question of how can the process westernization affect the rich Indian culture?Other countries have begun to incorporate local cultural reinforcement as it has been viewed as an effective method of preserving culture.Some notable effects of westernization in India are its adoption... ... middle of paper ... ...ltural reinforcements such as Bollywood in India.Westernization is the process in which regional or local cultures become heavily influenced by western culture and society, which in turn leads to cultural homogeneity.

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Cultural Syncretism

If China and India were to have been influenced by the Western European and a syncretism occurred, then the development of the modern world would have been different.There are several factors regarding cultural differences between West Africa, the Americas, China, and India that played a role in cultural syncretism.They also had depended on Indian princes to support them, so they also had to abide by Indian customs and rules (Rise of Western Dominance).Furthermore as concluded from the Rise of Western Dominance, other effects of syncretism between Western Europe, China, and India would have been in the areas of religion, moral, entertainment, economy and politics.This created a strong military that would have also been able to fight off ...

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What should India adopt modernization or westernization Essay

Majority of families, individuals, youth are showing a keen interest in the western lifestyles (dressing, partying, housing, outings etc) and attitudes (professionalism, individualism) In order to make any country developed it is very essential it to be modernized.In westernization there is no innovation or newness because individuals only tend to follow the ways or patterns that are already prescribed by the western culture.Every culture has its special imprints.From last years it has accepted many different trends and systems of the western countries.• Dressing for Indian Women in western culture brings in more convenience for the women.

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Western Culture And Indian Culture Essay

A current dilemma in Western societies is whether Western civilization is strong enough to create a world order based on the principles of international law and personal liberty that are deeply embedded throughout the whole tradition of Western political thought, or whether citizens in Western societies could be impacted by the emergence of other more economically stable societies that have equal international dominance as the western world.More specifically, how does India influence the Western world and the global world in particular?In the western culture, yoga is a popular activity as a facet of physical activity.What are people referring to when they talk about Western culture?These were all features of Indian society that were once...

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Impact of Globalization on Non Western Culture

This is a direct reflection of Western culture.Unintentional influence is characterized by the Indian culture possessing access to satellite television, and intentionally influencing the globalization of the Indian culture by advertizing Western images and practices via the television.It is indirect because there is third party involvement with the intent to expose the culture in the hope that they will persuade the culture to accept Western influence and utilizes those resources advertized or reported about.The second non-Western culture that has been impacted by globalization is India.Direct globalization influence in India would be business development of Western companies such as fast food chains and Western clothing stores.

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Impact Of Christian Missionary Activity

Western education in India was to thus boost Christian morality as opposed to the myriads of myths and ancient rites of Indian society.Moreover, modernity in the Western perspective tends to suggest an image of homogeneity, where rationality prevails over economic, political and cultural spheres.Christian Missionary activity in India had a modernising tendency to the extent that it brought a western style education through mission schools and the Church.In Northern India for instance, missionary schools became a way for Indians to contest the so called superiority of Western knowledge and Christianity especially when it came to the issue of the dvaita (duality) nature of God which both Hindus and Christians believed in (Bellenoit, 2007 p...

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Impact of Western Culture on Youth

But due to the increasing development… Due to globalization… the rich culture of India is disappearing.the lack of morals, the lacking faith in God, having late night parties, the influence of drugs and alcohols, least interest in Indian languages like Sanskrit, Hindi, Celebrating mothers day, fathers day, valentine day, fools day etc rather than celebrating our Indian festivals and thus wasting their precious time of life, Thinking to be independent at an early age .Regarded by some historians as the “oldest living civilization of Earth”, the Indian tradition dates back to 8,000 BC and has a continuous recorded history for over 2,500 years.The culture of India is been disappearing by many ways… the youths in India do not respect their e...

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Negotiation styles

The LTO score indicates that the culture is perseverant and parsimonious.It is rapidly becoming the hub for investment from western world in south Asia.The manager of the planning and production , Mc Farland approached me and asked me to give a suggestion to the team of negotiators to increase the margin of production of the product making a deal with the negotiators of India.The client also asked me to give a detailed information about the cultural differences between the England and India.He also asked me about the detailed description of the negotiation styles in India and how it is carried on the culture of India.So that it would help the team of negotiators in achieving their targets.In order to understand the Indian culture so that...

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Cultural Diversity in Islam

Moreover, they can harmonize with the western society more than any other minority do because of the peaceful nature of religion they practice.The policies in western countries make sure that the minorities fully participates the social, cultural, and political life within a community or group.The understanding of Muslim culture gave rise to the compatibility between Islam and the western world.As many of the people belonging to Western world have an opinion that most of the Muslims, belong to Middle East.There is a mixed sort of responses to the cause of Muslims in Europe and other western countries and is one of the most significant minority issues in the western civilization.

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Cultural differences between Indian and Western civilizations

Since the colonization of the Indian Sub Continent by the British, these two ways of thinking, Indian and Western, have been confronted.On the other side, we can also notice that influenced by the western mentality, India has started some progress.This way of thinking is totally opposed to our western egalitarian ideology and it seems unstandable to us.This has great influence on the way we think in the West : when confronted to a problem, the western thought judges the choice between two opposite necessary.I also think that, the Indians themselves are the true richness of India and learn to know them is the most interesting experience than we can have in India.

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Effects of imperialism of the west on Africa and India

Native tribes as well as several western powers were all trying to gain as much land as possible.The major difference between Western Imperialism in India and Africa is that in Africa more than two groups were fighting for the land.Others were outraged at the exploitation of the Indian culture.This was a very sacred ritual to some and those people felt that their culture was being infringed upon.Some of the positive effects of this western imperialism were the new technologies such as medicine and nutrition that were brought to Africa.

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Economic integration of world’s countries: Pros and Cons

When this process occurs each culture will adopt some of the traits of the other culture.With the new world stage, India has been benefitting tremendously by the relocation of work from developed nations to India.“Jason Gray has argued that any optimism that globalization and the corporate culture will liberate the poor over the next few decades flies in the face of the historical record.” (Gray, page 184) This is quotation is describing that fact that those in poverty will not be liberated by the corporate culture, because many of the those in poverty are currently in the class of the working poor.This is usually not done symmetrically, and the stronger culture will influence the weaker culture.The economy of India has boomed since the ...

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Macro environmental factors Essay

c Accents: Eastern and Western culture don’t only differ in language but differ in the accent they have as well .Compulsory- Reflection on your cultural self-identity (200 words): .1 Define differences between Eastern and Western Culture .The Part where Todd starts to give in and enjoy his life in India by celebrating holy festival this can be called cultural diversity .A) When Mr. Todd first came to India and has street food and fells sick for a day or two, this shows that people with different food culture cannot handle other food as they handle their own .

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Culture of India

There are two major subcultural variations within India, which evolved mainly by contact with Muslim powers: North Indian States were influenced by the medieval Indo-Persian culture, exemplified by its musical, culinary and architectural designs such as theHindustani classical music and the Taj Mahal, while the culture of South India developed largely independent of foreign influences — three of the four languages classified asclassical languages of India belong to the Dravidian language family, namely Kannada,Tamil and Telugu.While great many British observers did not agree with such views of India, and some non-British ones did, it is an approach that contributes to some confusion about the culture of India.Rosser notes that the discou...

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Impact of British Colonialisation on Indian Culture Essay

The presence of Western traders in India increased the demand for goods and services in India.Also it gave birth to a spirit of inquiry in the minds of Indian intellectuals who came in contact with western education.Western culture also improved Indian culture with the development of a road network, telephone and telegraph lines, many dams and bridges and irrigation canals.The British rule rather systematically destroyed the native industries of India for the benefit of the industries in Britain and their market in India.This ground-breaking impact of British rule in India truly has benefited India in the long run, carving out a prestigious position of India in the world map.

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Merits and Demerits of Western Culture on India Essay

We jus cant stop/Ban things by considering it to be western /eastern.We sitting here always crave and imitate western people and their culture.Effect Of Western Culture On Indian Youth .We are running a’moke over this western culture, that over the next couple of generations, we would have become truly westernised.How there is head and tail for a coin, there is both positive and negative impact of western culture on India and especially on Indian youth, In past in India men were our traditional dresses, but now it is entirely changed, now the Indian youth moving with jeans, t-shirts, minis, micros, etc., here we can proud of that western culture, it bringing us with the fast moving world.

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The Development Of Fashion In Indian History Essay

Fashion in India started being taken seriously when the nation opened up to the western world’s ideologies which with them, different cultures and dressing styles were born but there was need to safeguard and protect the national values and cultures.Though this was the case, the 1920s period was unstable period to the Indians as it was the time the western influence was at its fullest and thus anything considered Indian was of lower status that the western one and thus Indian fashions had borrowed much from the western world.The mentality that western clothes were long lasting and that would even last longer if repaired, vanished and henceforth, those clothes would be given to charity homes or be put into dustbins.Much of what took place...

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India: Land of Diversity Essay

All were welcomed in India with equal gratitude.There has been an old famous saying in India which says: “Atithi Devo Bhava” which literally translates to say that guest is god.The western culture has always been known for its progressive nature.India is truly a land of great cultural heritage and enriched traditions.This innate mixture of features of various cultures and traditions gives India the place and the reputation of being the most tolerant and patient country in the world.

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Globalization in China and India

India itself cannot be summed up into one type of society or culture.The citizens eat a variety of traditional cuisine and have multiple traditional clothing based on which part of the country they are from (Wikipedia, Culture of India, 2014).Globalization and cultural transformation in india.In addition, many languages and dialects are spoken by its people (Wikipedia, Culture of India, 2014).It is a nation that is rich in culture and heritage.

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Tourism and Culture

The wide range of both local and international cuisines offered in Singapore is also an authentic product as tourists do not get to experience a similar food culture in foreign countries, especially in western countries like the USA.Hence, there is an interaction of culture and tourism as the unique culture of Singapore, being an essence of Asia, is a main reason for tourists to visit Singapore.However, it also means a loss of culture as there is more Western influence within the region.From the viewpoint of a tourist, I would say that Singapore is effective in its display of culture and heritage for visitors and holds a strong authentic culture.This is an authentic experience of culture for tourists as Singapore is one of the very few c...

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Indian Fashion And Textiles

The designs being Western but the inspiration of play of colours being Eastern has given this trend and collections an edge to the others.They exported silk ikats, cotton pieces goods, indigo and fine embroideries from cities like Gujarat in western India and Bengal in eastern.Even pagoda sleeves was an eastern trend which was incorporated in western fashion.She also argues that the Boho Chic look, on the other hand is a representation of western influence on eastern culture.Thus concluding by saying that its a unique style where one can appreciate the fusion of both worlds with the modern and contemporary side of the western fashion and just a hint of eastern flair in the jewels and beading.

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British Rule in India to the French One in Algeria Essay

They were responsible for directly trying to impose Western beliefs and cultures on India much too soon in the occupation and too forcefully.The British at first tried to force Western ideals against the Hindu and Muslim Indians.It is clear that the British way of integrating Western culture within Indian society was more successful than the equivalent process involving the French in Algeria.In Algeria the French also brought about Western civilisation to some extent, creating schools and building cities as well as constructing hospitals, however they spent 162 years with almost constant violence.Great Britain decided to grant concessions when faced by fierce opposition limiting the amount turmoil and essentially making it easier to dipl...

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Understanding The Concepts Of Acculturation

As John Berry claims, integration involves immigrants accepting the new culture, while maintaining close ties with their original culture.As values may be extracted from both the native culture and host culture, it is inevitable that conflicts arise.Separation occurs when immigrants reject their new culture and live according to the customs of their original culture.However, she adapted to the Western dress because American culture forced her to do so .Thus, in this case both parents and children struggle to balance family values of their own culture with the family values of the mainstream culture.

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Sociology Of India Approach And Perspective Essay

Thus, what should be the sociology for India?The early sociological beginning can be started from Karl Marx, Max Weber as well as Durkheim who depend on the British writing on India for analysis of Indian society and culture.There is a need in decolonization of thought and deconstruct of the western approach.Sociology is the product of the intellectual response of the Indians to the western interpretation of Indians to the Western interpretation of Indian society and culture mainly after the beginning of British colonial rule in India.Lyer was appointed to lectureship in ethnography in Calcutta University and paved way for the first University department of anthropology in India.

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Cultural Weddings Essay

The reception food in these Western style weddings differ from those of traditional Japanese weddings in that the food can be French, Chinese, or Japanese food instead of just traditional Japanese food.The wedding also includes the Western traditions of the cutting of the cake, dances, speeches, bouquet tossing, exchanging rings, and honeymoons.Both weddings are rich in culture and still have a distinct flair of Japanese tradition instilled in them (Wedding Culture, 2012).However, instead of a red kimono and then a Western style gown, she will change into a wedding kimono and then to a party dress (A Primer on Japanese Wedding Traditions, 2012).One of the different cultures I studied was the Indian culture in India.

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The Article ' Transgression Into ' Hidden ' Feminism : Immigrant Muslim Woman From India

Singh argues that immigration of Indians into western countries such as the United States allows women to have the ability to discover themselves and establish their identity.But these women also face the challenge between their homeland culture and the western culture.In the article “Transgression into ‘Hidden’ Feminism: Immigrant Muslim Woman from India”, Shweta Singh discusses her argument on “hidden” feminism.Singh gives background information regarding Muslim women in India.India still to this day deals with inequality between gender roles, and men have power over many unlawful acts such as abortion of females and dowry deaths.... .

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The Proliferation Of Mass Media

Brand India is now flexing its muscles as a soft power, which is essentially the international influence a nation acquires when others are drawn to its culture and ideas.Indian cinema has more recently begun influencing Western musical films, and played a particularly instrumental role in the revival of the genre in the Western world.Western classical music has become a fringe music tradition, while India’s Bhakti geet is alive and vibrant.India is acutely aware of the importance of soft power and cultural attractivity, and needs to do little to render its culture appealing to the rest of the world.We are uniquely positioned to tap into the characteristics – an ancient culture, expanding economy, vibrant democracy, spirituality, diversit...

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Worldwide integration Essay

It can positively impact a culture with economic growth, prosperity, and democratic freedom.This has led to an increase in employment in India.Globalization can be defined as the process of worldwide integration through the exchange of products, ideas, and other aspects of culture.On the other hand, globalization can leave a culture environmentally devastated, exploit their developing world, and suppress human rights.The negative impacts on India are that growth is not up to its expectations, jobs are only provided for the educated, and globalization has only been beneficial to the urban communities and not the rural ones.

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Globalization in India

The introduction of biochemical, genetically engineered seeds such as genetically engineered cotton seeds developed by western countries has seen a high movement in mergers with large cooperation’s in India and western countries with the hope that the cotton will take full account of all the hybrid cotton seeds sales over a short period of time.Yes western countries are using the educated well English spoken, cheaper cost employees to their advantage in the production of software’s and the outsourcing of utilities such as call centers.The phenomena of western countries using Indian software developers has seen an increase in Indian students learning computer programming thus lessening the amount of students learning other useful professi...

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Impact of International Business in India

Accordingly, perfection in one language by a Western business negotiator does not mean that he or she can represent his/ her business deals effectively in all parts of India.Western multinationals/ investors dealing with India so far had to adopt major changes in their business style in order to serve effectively to their customers.Organized retail stores and trendy chain stores to catch the young customer is be one of the major changes brought in India by Western MNCs to serve and attract their customers.But MNCs found that building infrastructure in India is much cheaper than developing the same in western countries.Though middle class rules the roast in India, but this class mostly believes in eastern culture, making it imperative for...

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