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Cultural incursion of West into Pakistani Elite society

Do you feel that it is the goal of the western culture to have English as the international language?People of many cultures, both Western and non-Western, equate modernization (adoption of technological progress) with westernization (adoption of Western culture).In this study, the focus has been on the Western culture being penetrated inside Pakistani culture.It can help people to understand the urgency to preserve Pakistani culture by providing a documented form of material that highlights the good and bad effects of adopting western culture.It was expected that the Pakistani females from the upper social class would be comparable to the Caucasian females in their body image attitudes (because of being more exposed to Western culture),...

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The Several Factors Which Are Behind The Cultural Penetration Cultural Studies Essay

It also identifies the different segments which are behind the increased globalization that has penetrated the western culture in Pakistani society, especially through media, lifestyle, language and family systems.The study targets the characteristics which plays a significant role on the influence of western culture into Pakistani culture.It has been observed that the elite society in Pakistan are opposing their own culture and are more interested to follow western culture in their daily life.This ever increasing era of globalization has increased the power of western culture in Pakistan, amongst the rich especially because of their easy contact with the western foodstuffs, media and other products.This study will discuss the impact of ...

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Course Of Identity Crisis Of People Of Pakistan History Essay

Ethnic and provincial leaders began this by calling their provinces “nations” and arguing that their very existence was threatened by the blend into a ‘Pakistani identity’.The conflict between religious and liberal secular minded people continues to haunt the nation accompanied by the ‘culture war’.If Pakistani Muslims are to be taken as one nation, then their cultures, language and literature have to be levelled …” Another example is of Altaf Hussain of MQM who on one hand negates the two nation theory by saying that “The idea of Pakistan was dead at its inception, when the majority of Muslims chose to stay back after partition, a truism reiterated in the creation of Bangladesh in 1971” but recommends that restrictions should be imposed...

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Racism in the UK

this may mean adopting Western ideas about education and careers whilst retaining respect for their traditional religion and culture.Those Pakistani and Bangladeshi men in work are likely to earn only as much as two thirds of the earnings white men do doing the same job.In Pakistani and Bangladeshi housing there is serious overcrowding.Indian and Chinese women are getting high above average earnings of those average earnings of Pakistani and Bangladeshi women.Pakistani and Bangladeshi men are two and a half times more likely to be unemployed than white men.

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Youth in Pakistan Essay

Talented Pakistani Youth .Pakistan is a country of diversified culture and traditions.If not, then there is yet to begin another stance of local characters (Pakistani Youth) to trigger the features bound to relish the last sip of tea.The new century brought about much advancement along with the change in trends of Pakistani youth.Problems of Pakistani Youth .

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Media in the Modern Era

Media is playing a crucial role in molding the true Pakistani culture through demonstrating different folk and cultural shows.The Media has a great impact over the culture and society of Pakistan.The enmity of west against Islam is not new, which is prevailing very rapidly in western countries, and they are trying to debase Islam and Islamic holy personalities through loathsome measures of media.As far as the concern of Pakistani media, after considering aforementioned facts it is concluded that Media has a great responsibility on its shoulders of reviving the lost.There are many other examples of Media influence over the Society and Culture, like the Indian Media today is influencing Pakistani Culture and Society very seriously.

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This study also focuses on how media is affecting Pakistani youth’s demeanor and its impact on Pakistani culture, religion and societal norms.The main objective of the study was to examine the nature of cultural globalization through media and its effects on national and local culture with special reference to Pakistan in the shape of effects on the youth of Multan.Dr. Muhammad Wasim Akbar (2009), “Cultural invasion of western media and Muslim societies” Global media journal .(Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Khan, Iram Arif, 2009) Dr. Muhammad Wasim Akbar conducted the research study with the title, “Cultural invasion of western media and Muslim societies”.He presented his report in the words, “Waves of western culture equipped with secularism and...

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Influence Of Media On The Public Behavior Sociology Essay

The Western education system in combination with media (primarily progressive and romantic Bollywood films of the last decade and a half) have led the youth to question the conservative practices that were previously held with much respect.Due to family obligations the trends of compromising and striving to sustain relationships have become the hallmark of eastern culture.The research by Keelin Lord questions and critcizes Western countries for promoting the concept of love marriage and explains the reasons behind the failure of love marriages and the rising number of divorces in America.Although these arts directly influence culture, most view art as an illusion as well as an escape from reality.The last and most notable finding that Ko...

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Research: Buying behaviour and culture

It show that Female and male of age between 18-25 and 26-35 are significantly agreed that they likes the western clothes and it is important for Marketers to know that this segment have strong view point about likeness of Western clothes.According to the studies about the Pakistani community it was observed that they have strong influences of peer group specially the family and parents who always give them guidance and opinion about their behaviour and culture.The below graph shows that New generation Strong believed that western clothes are good to wear and they like it.According to the Studies shows that Pakistani Community have strong religious, traditional, beliefs, Rituals which reflects in their buying behaviour which seen in resea...

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Shooting of Malala Yousafzai

It can be said that Pakistani woman are treated poorly because of religious oppressions, which is true: It has been reported that over 1,000 women are murdered in “Honor killings” and that every year over 90 % suffer from domestic violence.It would pose as a beacon of freedom for a lot of Pakistani citizens, more so for the woman.But there is also the fact that Pakistani women, for the most part, are uneducated and struggle to even maintain their basic rights, recognition, and respect.And in my opinion, and in the many opinions of the woman living in Pakistan, education, equality, and rights should be entitled and given to woman as they are freely given to men.They are forced to live in a culture that defines them by the male figures in ...

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The Perceptions of Arrange Marriage

The other reason why many Pakistanis Muslim females rejected their parents arranged marriage was simply because most of these females knew only one culture and that is western society culture where by free will of choice rule.The Perceptions of Arrange Marriage by Young Pakistani Muslim Living in a Western Society especially the United and Canada was in part was written by Arshia U. Zaidi who is the Assistant Professor at the University Windsor Ontario Canada.But as the Zaidi stated in this article, not so fast by the way of traditional method and the rural way of life in South Asian countries who have a length strong advocate of arrange marriage in their culture.Perceptions of arranged marriages by young Pakistani Muslim women living in...

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Cultural Exchange In The Postcolonial Context English Literature Essay

If at all any interaction of the First World culture takes place with the Third World culture in a Third World country, it is with the affluent, westernized, foreign educated class of people.The double vision that Rushdie attributes to migrants and hybrids grows out of a commitment to the home culture – a genuine regard for the suffering of the home people – and an appreciation of the adopted culture.When she looks at Pakistani women, she can’t help borrowing from Western feminist scholarship, as pointed out by Mohanty above.Carol’s assessment of Pakistani society, particularly the sexual norms are coloured by her Western upbringing.Though Mumtaz shows great appreciation of the adopted culture, she lacks the commitment to her home cultur...

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A Study On Power Of Media

Like Star’s Channel V, Zee’s Music Asia channel is a booming indigenized adaptation of Western models such as MTV and Channel V (Mowlana Hamid, 1996).In conclusion is can be said that, the western communication of cultural/media imperialism comes in for a dispute even as ‘national’ continues to be a key determinant in the cultural scene that’s permits new language and regional force to appear within and across nation states due to new media and trends in communications technology (Prasun Sonwalkar, 2001).Yet as it may have been Western programs such as The Bold and the Beautiful that led this “cultural invasion,” the resulting competition for audiences has clearly been won by those channels that have developed programs based on Indian ac...

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Pakistan Rural and Urban Community Essay

I reach a conclusion that our (Pakistani) values and traditions though inferior in some aspects to western culture, is on an aggregate level far superior and conducive to progress.The traditional and culture passionate Pakistani people, particularly residing in rural areas will never accept the love marriage system and most cases they will break the relationship between them and the pairs.Kinship and family values, much adhered to in Pakistani culture and the eastern world as a whole has lost its prominence in the western world.Us Pakistanis need to maintain this kinship culture and at the same time import all the positive attributes from western society of which the most important is education.The family and kinship system will vary in ...

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Pakistan Today Essay

We, the youth of Pakistan are the future of tomorrow.For us the founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam said “Pakistan is proud of her youth who are the nation builders of tomorrow”.I think it’s the responsibility of the Pakistani youth to correct the image of Pakistan in the international arena and attract investment.We, the youth of Pakistan should take this responsibility in spreading the awareness.So this is now a “Wake up Call”, for the youth of the Pakistan to wake, rise and move ahead and prove their hegemony over such corrupt leaders and take the command into their hands to run the government.

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Youth in Pakistan Essay

If not, then there is yet to begin another stance of local characters (Pakistani Youth) to trigger the features bound to relish the last sip of tea.The new century brought about much advancement along with the change in trends of Pakistani youth.A new trend has started to emerge in Pakistani youth i.e.Talented Pakistani youth has started to bring in more innovation and novel ideas than a matured one.Since the estAlongside the changing trends in 21st century, problems of Pakistani youth have started to dwindle.The world is a continuous process of change and so it brings with it distinctive features in which modernization in youth plays huge importance.

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Compare the way cultural difference is represented in two films (East is East and Crash)

Despite this racial activity, Tariq and his brother still decide to go in but Tariq gives western names instead of their real names.This is because George does not change his views in the end but he does finally see how his children are more western than eastern.Furthermore, this suggests that the children again prefer western values rather than the eastern ones they are forced to follow.in ‘Crash’ Farhad is more cultural than his daughter, Dorri who lives in a more western way, likewise, in ‘East is East’, George is much more traditional and cultural than his children who have been raised in the west.Moreover, the children can be seen as more western than eastern.

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Role of Youth in Pakistani Politics Essay

While the only pleasant change in their campaigns this time around is that all the political parties have realized the importance of youth.“Pakistan is proud of her youth, particularly the students who have always been in the forefront in the hour of trial and need.Imran Khan has been back-rolling his election campaign on the base of youth favored policy and he has to be credited for his policies and thinking differently.He clearly suggested that youth of Pakistan were to be regarded as a major asset.Now is the time for youth to take the responsibility and play their role to change the conventional political system in Pakistan.

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Media Is The Most Prevailing Tool Of Communication Media Essay

It is so because singing is still accepted as a part of our culture by the society as it’s forbidden in our religion.As the popularity of foreign shows is more than our local shows Pakistani producers have also started making shows which are more westernized and contain lesser reflection our culture and society.Our independent drama channels are not only confined to the display of Indian productions but also imitating and following Indians drama format which is not in harmony with our culture, norms and traditions.The critics say that due to this innovation western culture has taken over our norms and values.Then there are local soaps and dramas which are also influenced by Indian culture.

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Brief on Pakistan Essay

Through the generation, Pakistanis have had many numerous dances passed from one generation to another.Ghazal is a poem that the author puts to music; Qawwali is a form of devotional music located throughout the entire co... .Music, much like dance has always been very popular in culture and much the same as dance music has many different versions throughout the country.Pakistani movie companies produce at least 40 films a year with movies concerning anything of India illegal.... middle of paper ... .

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The Culture Of Pakistan Cultural Studies Essay

They are easy access to western products, culture and foods.Pakistani academy of letter is the main official platform of Pakistani literature.The Pakistani music has a large variety, folk and traditional music are famous in Pakistan, such as Qawwali and Gazal Gayaki in to modern forms synchronization of Qawwali and western music is popular.In Pakistan, Culture of Pakistan is Islamic but Pakistan also has their cultural etiquette based generally on South Asia’s influence, like as British.Sajji is a Baluchi dish comes from Western Pakistan, made of lamb with spices that has also become popular in the many part of country.

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The Distinctive Ethnic Youth Cultures In Britain Cultural Studies Essay

However, Asian youth were seen in an obverse light and in consideration of this, Asian youth culture drew on black political movement transatlantic, especially, the Black Panther group.Less research on Asian youth culture was published during the 1950’s to 80’s.In order to achieve this, western society (Babylon) is strongly rejected, and seen as corrupt.Parent culture somewhat influenced youth subcultures.The concept of black youth gang culture is still present within modern day.

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The pakistani community in the United Kingdom

The context within which they practice their religion is after all, Pakistani one: not only because they younger generation learned about Islam from their Pakistani parents but also because Pakistanis are the dominant group within the local Muslim community.This shows close-knit family ties which exist in Pakistani families, arranged marriages, biraderi and gender inequalities in Pakistani households (Khan, 1979).He maintains that the very means of coping with migration could lead to inherent stresses, in that the knowledge of traditional culture in the homeland, constant evaluation through the process of migration to Britain and prior expectations have a direct affect on the migrant’s life-style and values.Although Pakistani Muslims set...

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Impacts of Electronic Media on Pakistani Society

Meanwhile they continue to spend millions on special effects and marketing geared to increase appeal to youth markets.The media executives are quick to defend their role in youth violence and bullying while selling millions of dollars in ads focused on youth.These days no news is good news on Pakistani media.Pakistani media is following the saying, ‘We have no obligation to make history.It is believed that some of Pakistani media has reportedly links with shady foreign characters, are being funded by different foreign elements and their anchors are on their pay rolls and thus are furthering their anti- state agendas.

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Culture, what is it and where does it come from

From Asian culture to western culture, form student culture to working-class culture, from youth culture to old age culture.There are many things you can say when talking about culture, people have more then one culture for example you may have Asian culture yet you still have a hint of western culture in you.Getting married into a different culture yet the same religion can make your culture fade away but yet you gain the knowledge of another culture.The fact that men are seen superior 2 women is something that the western culture knows not to do.Examples of this being the style that was in last summer, the eastern style kurtay were worn on top of the western style jeans, this brings a taste of another culture into your own yet not erod...

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Turkish & Foreign Content on Pakistani Channels Essay

We can say that the influx of Indian dramas had actually caused a revival of the local Pakistani TV industry.Several intermittent banning and blatant copying of Indian sets and costumes later, Pakistani audiences were finally fed up of the whole situation.If Turkish are not depicting our culture so is Indian and western also.That will be another golden age for Pakistani drama, and hopefully it is not too far.We can either shut ourselves in with our culture or go global and promote our TV serials.

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Human Rights In Pakistan Essay

The last was particularly ambitious, given that the popularity of the death penalty in Pakistani state and society is perhaps matched only by Saudi Arabia and Texas!Dominated by Punjabis and representing landed and industrial interests, the military regards its dominance of Pakistani politics as vital to any attempt to safeguard the territorial integrity of the country in the face of bewildering ethnic, linguistic, and regional diversity.After the threat of sanction by sporting goods manufacturers and labor organizations, Pakistani authorities have begun a crackdown on child labor in the soccer ball industry.(Nasr, 2004 95-99)The HRCP was an avowed secular organization in a time when secularism was equated with atheism and antireligion i...

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Culture Of Pakistan

The variety of Pakistani music ranges from diverse provincial folk music and traditional styles such as Qawwali and Ghazal Gayaki to modern forms fusing traditional and western music, such as the synchronization of Qawwali and western music by the world renowned Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.Balochi, Sindhi, Punjabi, Seraiki, and Pashto poetry have all incorporated and influenced Pakistani poetry.Pakistani vehicle art is a popular folk art.Holi is celebrated by Pakistani Hindus.Christmas is usually celebrated by Pakistani Christians who account more than 3 percent of Pakistan and mostly reside in Punjab of Pakistan.

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Relationship between Motivational leadership and culture

Leader’s power is a manifestation of feudal links and has strong roots in Pakistani culture, in that leaders are expected to promote patronage relationships with their followers.The Quaid-e-Azam who’s known as the founder of Pakistan was one of them who received a western influenced education and was consequently greatly inclined to European culture and institutions.For a successful globalisation, though organization culture plays an important part, it cannot over-ride the national culture.From last past years certain characteristics have become influential in shaping Pakistani culture.Having looked at culture in western countries, the attention will focus now specifically on Eastern (Pakistan) culture, its relationship with leadership a...

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Pakistani Art and Culture Essay

Culture and Components of Culture .However, over 60 years of integration, a distinctive “Pakistani” culture has sprung up, especially in the urban areas where many of the diverse ethnic groups have coexisted and ithe country now having a literacy rate of 55%, up from 3% at the time of independence.The variety of Pakistani music ranges from diverse provincial folk music and traditional styles such as Qawwali and Ghazal Gayaki to modern forms fusing traditional and western music, such as the synchronisation of Qawwali and western music by the world renowned Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.Cultural heritage includes tangible culture (such as buildings, monuments, landscapes, books, works of art, and artifacts), intangible culture (such as folklore,...

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