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Cultural incursion of West into Pakistani Elite society

It can help people to understand the urgency to preserve Pakistani culture by providing a documented form of material that highlights the good and bad effects of adopting western culture. It was expected that the Pakistani females from the upper social class would be comparable to the Caucasian females in their body image attitudes (because of being...

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The Several Factors Which Are Behind The Cultural Penetration Cultural Studies Essay

This study will discuss the impact of western culture on Pakistani culture. It can help people to understand the urgency to preserve Pakistani culture by providing a documented form of material that highlights the good and bad effects of adopting western culture.

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Course Of Identity Crisis Of People Of Pakistan History Essay

One such example is of Sayid Ghulam Mustafa who writes in his book Sayyed: as we knew him “… Sindhi nation, its culture, language and literature cannot co-exist with the above colouring or moud of teachings. The Muslim rule in this area resulted in most of the population of this region acquiring the identity of ‘Muslims’ which has been recognized by...

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Racism in the UK

In Pakistani and Bangladeshi housing there is serious overcrowding. this may mean adopting Western ideas about education and careers whilst retaining respect for their traditional religion and culture.

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Youth in Pakistan Essay

Alongside the changing trends in 21st century, problems of Pakistani youth have started to dwindle.The world is a continuous process of change and so it brings with it distinctive features in which modernization in youth plays huge importance. If not, then there is yet to begin another stance of local characters (Pakistani Youth) to trigger the feat...

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Media in the Modern Era

The enmity of west against Islam is not new, which is prevailing very rapidly in western countries, and they are trying to debase Islam and Islamic holy personalities through loathsome measures of media. Media is playing a crucial role in molding the true Pakistani culture through demonstrating different folk and cultural shows.

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He presented his report in the words, “Waves of western culture equipped with secularism and materialism are heading towards the Muslim societies very rapidly. Zulfiqar Ali Rahujo (2007), “Youth and role of media in Pakistan” Dr.Muhammad Ashraf Khan and Iram Arif (2009), “Media imperialism and its effect on culture of Pakistan” Global media journal.

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Influence Of Media On The Public Behavior Sociology Essay

The Western education system in combination with media (primarily progressive and romantic Bollywood films of the last decade and a half) have led the youth to question the conservative practices that were previously held with much respect. The mindset of “collectivism” that is the root of traditional arranged marriages where it is popularly said th...

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Research: Buying behaviour and culture

It show that Female and male of age between 18-25 and 26-35 are significantly agreed that they likes the western clothes and it is important for Marketers to know that this segment have strong view point about likeness of Western clothes. The below Graph is about the point of view when Pakistani community looking for shopping .When people are going ...

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Shooting of Malala Yousafzai

It can be said that Pakistani woman are treated poorly because of religious oppressions, which is true: It has been reported that over 1,000 women are murdered in “Honor killings” and that every year over 90 % suffer from domestic violence. But shortly after the attack, Taliban members made it clear that if she does survive and continue to preach ab...

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The Perceptions of Arrange Marriage

The other reason why many Pakistanis Muslim females rejected their parents arranged marriage was simply because most of these females knew only one culture and that is western society culture where by free will of choice rule. The article will examines about the perception of arrange marriage by the second generation females Muslim from Pakistan who...

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Cultural Exchange In The Postcolonial Context English Literature Essay

According to Mohanty, feminist scholars derive their values from Western culture, and have a very superficial understanding of the lives of the women of the Third World culture. If at all any interaction of the First World culture takes place with the Third World culture in a Third World country, it is with the affluent, westernized, foreign educate...

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A Study On Power Of Media

Yet as it may have been Western programs such as The Bold and the Beautiful that led this “cultural invasion,” the resulting competition for audiences has clearly been won by those channels that have developed programs based on Indian accepted culture, mainly film and film music, and have normally been able to indigenize the worldwide forms of comme...

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Pakistan Rural and Urban Community Essay

I believe western culture triumphs ours in this aspect. I reach a conclusion that our (Pakistani) values and traditions though inferior in some aspects to western culture, is on an aggregate level far superior and conducive to progress.

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Pakistan Today Essay

Learn to respect Pakistani leaders, cultures, languages, talents etc. I think it’s the responsibility of the Pakistani youth to correct the image of Pakistan in the international arena and attract investment.

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Youth in Pakistan Essay

The history tells us that political parties have always used the the youth to achieve their political targets but looking at the bigger picture, the role of youth in Pakistani politics has always been limited. If not, then there is yet to begin another stance of local characters (Pakistani Youth) to trigger the features bound to relish the last sip ...

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Compare the way cultural difference is represented in two films (East is East and Crash)

This is because George does not change his views in the end but he does finally see how his children are more western than eastern. in ‘Crash’ Farhad is more cultural than his daughter, Dorri who lives in a more western way, likewise, in ‘East is East’, George is much more traditional and cultural than his children who have been raised in the west.

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Role of Youth in Pakistani Politics Essay

The history tells us that political parties have always used the the youth to achieve their political targets but looking at the bigger picture, the role of youth in Pakistani politics has always been limited. So if we want to bring true revolution in Pakistan then our youth needs to participate and try hard to change this system.

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Media Is The Most Prevailing Tool Of Communication Media Essay

They love to dine out at expensive hotels and western food chains along with celebration of unnecessary events and festivals which in turn invokes the class consciousness in the society. As the popularity of foreign shows is more than our local shows Pakistani producers have also started making shows which are more westernized and contain lesser ref...

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Brief on Pakistan Essay

Pakistan a very large country with a very diverse culture, in previous years Pakistan been invaded by many different countries to include Arabs, Persians, Huns and many countries form the European Continent, which have influenced the culture of Pakistan. Pakistani movie companies produce at least 40 films a year with movies concerning anything of I...

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The Culture Of Pakistan Cultural Studies Essay

The national sport of Pakistan is hockey the hockey is traditionally it had been played almost exclusively in the western province of Baluchistan, but the cricket is the most popular sport in Pakistan. The new etiquette in Pakistan is a combination of western and eastern part etiquette as Pakistan people are very much attracted to the western and ea...

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The Distinctive Ethnic Youth Cultures In Britain Cultural Studies Essay

What was more intriguing about Asian youth culture, is the way in which they perceived themselves to be politically black within a white society. Parent culture somewhat influenced youth subcultures.

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The pakistani community in the United Kingdom

This clearly contradicts the stereotype of Islamists radicalised by a hatred of Western society. They are used to hearing Urdu spoken in mosque, eating Pakistani food and wearing Pakistani clothes at religious festivals, follow Pakistani customs at weddings and other ‘religious’ceremonies and abide by and rail against definitions of ‘moral’ behaviou...

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Impacts of Electronic Media on Pakistani Society

Media strongly affects youth culture. conclusively, I must say that it’s the time for our media to recheck the way they portray things to stop promoting chaos and panic ,to behave responsibly, because we are a country where education level is below average, so people adopt things easily and what they are told and what they watch, talking particularl...

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Culture, what is it and where does it come from

Food is another thing that has travelled from the eastern culture into the western culture; people go down to places where they sell curries, Indian food, eastern food etc. From Asian culture to western culture, form student culture to working-class culture, from youth culture to old age culture.

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Turkish & Foreign Content on Pakistani Channels Essay

Those who oppose the introduction of Turkish soaps usually point out that their culture is different to ours. We can either shut ourselves in with our culture or go global and promote our TV serials.

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Human Rights In Pakistan Essay

The last was particularly ambitious, given that the popularity of the death penalty in Pakistani state and society is perhaps matched only by Saudi Arabia and Texas! The Pakistani military is a descendent of the British Indian Army and has retained the institutional structure, culture, and imperial ethos of its colonial predecessor.

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Culture Of Pakistan

The arrival of Afghan refugees in the western provinces has rekindled Pasto and Persian music and established Peshawar as a hub for Afghani musicians and a distribution center for Afghani music abroad. The Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) was formed on 14 August 1947, the day of Pakistani independence.

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Relationship between Motivational leadership and culture

The Quaid-e-Azam who’s known as the founder of Pakistan was one of them who received a western influenced education and was consequently greatly inclined to European culture and institutions. Culture on the other hand, has the culture brought about by a nation’s culture such as language, religion, customs, traditions, norms of behaviour, beliefs, bu...

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Pakistani Art and Culture Essay

Culture is the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group In the 20th century, “culture” emerged as a central concept in anthropology, encompassing the range of human phenomena that cannot be attributed to genetic inheritance. Culture of Pakistan and Characteristics of Pakistani Culture The society and culture ...

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