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Britain And The First World War

To make sure Britain didnt starve and could continue fighting strongly on the Western Front an important role of the navy was to protect merchant ships and their valuable supplies so that they could reach the country.Clearly the Western Front is important because the war can be easily lost there.As the war was a Total War and a war of attrition it went on for several years and therefore the Home Front and the war at sea are just as vital because they made sure that the Western Front was well supplied with men and munitions.Without the work done at the Home Front the other fronts and especially the Western Front couldnt have been supported.Despite some going to work at the Western Front the number of women in employment increased in Brita...

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What was the Contribution of Technology towards Winning the War for Britain

The Germans underestimated the ability of the British army to be a threat anywhere other than on the sea but were highly mistaken when the British were engaging the Germans on the Western Front.The war had highly developed technology in Great Britain and many other countries.The Americans had brought a completely new supply for the British and French; new ammo, more food, medical supplies, etc… America we were able to supply the allies with fresh troops to counteract the new German troops on the Western Front.Britain won and by summer, 800,000 German lives were lost.In actual fact, on April 21st, Britain and Germany had a Tank vs.

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The war at sea Essay

The public views of The Western Front was far from reality.In 1918 the Allied counter attack along the Western Front had reached the Hindenburg line and by October the Germans were in full retreat.The Western Front was considered the most important by some.The british press was heavly censored and even the House of Commons was not always kept informed of the goings on at the Western Front.The men on the Western Front clearly had the hardest task with variable weather conditions and the dreaded over the top manoeuvre.

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World War I in France in 1916 – The Somme and Verdun

If these had not been the case for Britain and France then the war would have been won by Germany.This meant that Britain had complete supremacy of the seas for the rest of the war.1) On the Western Front, I believe that bombardment could have played an important role but it did not.Philip Warner also points out that many people criticise decisions that Haig made and the price of his methods but they do not suggest other ways in which he might have led the British campaign on the Western Front.He would obviously blame Haig as he was the commanding officer of all British forces on the Western Front.

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Evolution Of Fighter Aircraft History Essay

Heinkel, the big aeroplane manufacturer took him in for the express purpose of building a jet aircraft in which could be used as a combat fighter.As an aeroplane approaching the speed of sound the drag is increased enormously.Many aviators had even thought of adapting the turbine for aeroplane use, but at the time it was still too clumsy, and aviators only thought of using it as means to power a conventional propeller.Perlmutter T. 1975) The significance of this issue was not fully realised until after World War I, predominantly due to lack of suitable aeroplane material.One of the great problems with the air cooled radial engine, which began to replace the rotary engine, was that it produced enormous amount of drag on the aeroplane.

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The Cold War in Europe Essay

On the other hand, a Revolutionist would assert that it was the Americans who were all to blame and that they were aggressive even before the start of the Second World War.And so in conclusion, I would say that the Cold War was a result of mainly misunderstandings but it should be remembered that there were many other reasons as to why the USA and the USSR became so suspicious of each other, for example, the fact that there was a huge power-vacuum both around the world and in Europe and the Berlin Blockade of 1948. .Western suspicions rose to a height when Stalin refused to allow Marshall Aid to be distributed to Soviet-occupied countries.A traditionalist thinker would say that it was the doings of the Soviet Union, whereas a Revolutio...

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Global Warming Essay

Climate change will never be completely solved but little changes can make a big difference.When I think of holidays my initial thoughts turn to jetting off, passport ready, baggage allowance, bikinis, factor 50 and a good novel, yet how many of us consider the unfortunate effects of our well-earned get away on the environment?Her main argument and defence, is you don’t need to forsake your fun in the sun to help combat climate change.But could your next tropical holiday be right here in Britain?Article one , is a British Council, article ,about aeroplanes and global warming , Mike Rayner, is the author who wrote in this article relating to air travel and co2 emissions effecting the earth .Article two is from The Times Online written b...

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Women’s Support Roles in the World Wars

Although both wars led to shortages of essential goods, the second war made it much harder for homemakers to compensate.The first war had more concentrated action, on the Western front and in static trench warfare, leaving civilians relatively safe, whereas the second war was more “total” (drawing in civilians) and more mobile.The “reconstruction of gender” in Britain after World War I constrained women’s roles and reinvigorated the ideology of motherhood.In Britain, World War I soldiers were “invisible” whereas in World War II the US and British forces were a highly visible presence, the blitz targeted London, and fighter pilots could battle the enemy by day and drink at pubs near air bases by night.Most importantly, in terms of gender ...

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Offshore Outsourcing Advantages and Disadvantages

Fixed Salary: The salary paid to workforce of western countries is fixed.So when it comes to hire a workforce in western countries the salary that needed to pay is much higher than that of workforce of emerging countries.The problem in employing the workforce in western countries, the salary are on fixed basic and that make the companies to spend more on employee salary and this affect the profit of the company.For me, the workforce of western countries means the employee employed by the companies in the western countries.Workforce for western countries .

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Western Front Between The End of 1914 and March 1918

The Tank, so called because of the name secret operatives gave it when it was first shipped over to France, was created by British army journalist Lieutenant-Colonel Ernest Swinton, and, he believed, was a way of breaking the stalemate on the Western front.Some aspects changed quickly, and some changes took a long time, for example, it took the allies three years to understand what tactics to use against the enemy in the trenches.Throughout the war, the trench line writhed like a snake, but mostly stayed in the same position.Was there much change in warfare on the Western front between the end of 1914 and March 1918?Overall, there were massive changes in all fields of life during the First World War.

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Taking a Look at the Western Front Essay example

... middle of paper ... .At this time the nation of Australia was just starting to evolve and create an identity for iteself, which caused q... .The Long, Long Trail (2010) "In the trenches" (Visited 09/11/2013)The Western Front, labeled by the Germans, refers to the 700 kilometres of trenches constructed from the coast of Belgium all the way to the border of Switzerland.A war that introduced many new and effective inventions, such as the aeroplane and the use of mustard gas, these inventions revolutionised the tactics now used in the battlefield.

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British Conventional Defence Policy in NATO 1979-1989

Alliance theory can aid in an analysis of the quantitative data, providing an assessment of the benefits to Britain of its NATO role, and the costs associated with it.The purpose of this research is not only to establish if Britain could have fulfilled its obligations, but to look at the ways in which other pressures shaped the defence policy, changing the question of defence policy from, “What do we need?” to, “How little can we get away with?” This has direct, and possibly contentious, implications for modern defence planning in a political, economic and military environment which does not have the apparent stability and predictability of the Cold War.It would be possible to theorise that, “Britain was not capable of fulfilling its obl...

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‘Home Away from Home’

The graffiti ‘savages’ suggests coldness towards Britain, discrimination and very few rights for foreign people and this gives the impression of a hostile environment consisting of people with not a great deal of difference as they show disgust towards a different standard of living.Miriam wants her children to know about the African culture, especially her eldest, Fumi with whom Miriam seems ‘constantly at odds’.Those who do not accept the African culture then destroy this hut.This shows that even though they may not realise it, they are drifting towards the English culture and way of life.Your rights and culture are all important and foreigners are always going to be in England and they’re not going to run away.

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The Effects of WWII On The U.S. and The Economy

Not since the Great Depression have mainstream legislators or opinion leaders called leaders for fiscal austerity in the midst of recession.U.S rolled out a ship every day and an aeroplane every five minutes.Marshal plan stiffened the cold war between Eastern and Western Europe.As a result, the federal government’s budget exhibits substantial cyclical variation, sliding into deeper deficits in recessions, and moving toward balance or into surplus as the economy expands.The world was divided into two power blocs, the Western Power block under the leadership of U.S and the Eastern power block under the leadership of Soviet Union.

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Brand new adventure park Essay

Another special benefit of becoming a member is free entry to the park as much as you want and also free car parking.I also want to use the database to sort for members who have not paid their subscriptions.You will receive a regular newsletter telling you about all of the up dated facilities and new rides and also included will be a map of the park, for you to find your way around.Afan Valley is also home to one of the biggest wooden roller coasters on Britain!There are many benefits of becoming a member for the very reasonable fee of i??

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Effects of the First World War

The war also caused terrible damage to the land that was fought on.Some of the debts included were France who owed $2,997,000,000 and Britain who owed a staggering $4,277,000,000.In order to prevent this, the men soon starting demanding that the women gave up their jobs and returned to living as how they usually did so that they could get their jobs back, much to the women’s displeasure.One of the worst fighting took place in France where land greater than the size of Wales was totally wrecked.The war also caused many European countries to owe debts to the USA in 1918.

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Goodbye Blue Sky Essay

He talks about World War II, the Battle of Britain in which his father perished, killed by the Germans and suffering from the fact that he only has his mother to protect him.Naked people are seen wearing gas masks and the UK flag become a bloody cross.At the beginning there is a little boy who says: “Look, mummy, there's an aeroplane up in the sky!I think the best way is to see it as a summary of the first side of the album.Waters was rather vague as to why this song was on The Wall: “Since we put the album together, I never clearly thought about it, but I know it's kind of confusing.

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Why did Evacuation take place? Essay

The summer of 1939 saw children all over Britain being packed off to various countryside sites, they were transported by trains and London busses and were fully equipped with gas masks, name tags and personal belongings.The government were not only worried about mass casualties but mass panic.Preparations for mass casualties were being made by 1939, hospitals were evacuated, and coffins were built to cope with the estimated amount of casualties: ” and the government ordered hospitals to prepare for the worst and stockpile coffins” – Hindsight, volume 13.were usually based in large cities, the danger areas.Their research had shown a high demand from public for evacuation.

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John Diefenbaker: The Last "Old Tory" Essay

Quebec: McGill-Queens University Press, 2009 Strursberg, P. Diefenbaker: Leadership lost.This sentiment was most evident when Diefenbaker criticized the Liberal’s refusal to support Britain in the Suez Canal crisis and sided with the Americans.University of Toronto, "DIEFENBAKER, JOHN GEORGE."The major events that led to the downfall of his government in 1963 included; the amount of spending and tax cut bills his government passed immediately after the election, the Avro Canada planes which Canada was building to become the leader in aeroplane technology, the Bomarc Missile Crisis in the 1960s in whi... ... middle of paper ... ...son.ca /John Diefenbaker (accessed March 26, 2011).Ontario: Longman Canada Limited, 1971 McMahon, P.I.

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The Italian Invasion of Abyssinia

But Britain and France were afraid that closing the canal could result in a war with Italy.GCSE modern world history text book – second edition by ben walsh .Bibliography: .it is thought that Mussolini believed that Britain and France had promised to turn a blind eye to the situation in Abyssinia in return for him joining them in the Stresa Pact.In both Britain and France it was seen as a blatant act of treachery against the league.

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Airplanes Case

It had taken us only an hour and forty minutes to reach Bombay.What if the aeroplane were to fall!I was now so much caught with the idea that I was always thinking of flying in an aeroplane.I could not imagine how this aeroplane could fly up and beyond the clouds, sometimes, at a height of over five miles!I felt so thrilled that I could not help narrating to my brother all that I had experienced.

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From the depths of despair to an international Giant – Japan’s Struggle To The Top

I think that on the whole, the Japanese people were determined, resourceful and astute.Just as they did with the Americans, the Japanese came to Great Britain and looked at how we made our ships, with these new ideas they combined the steel making with the ships ideas to streamline their ship building techniques.America’s management skills had been excellent for a long time, but it was only in the late 1950’s when Japan hired American management personnel to help them with their management problems.Combined with the fact that they had such disciplinary skills, Japan certainly deserve to be where they are now.The bosses and personnel managers of steel companies were given special training by these American management consultants in the ho...

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External influences and there effects on tourism

The fast growing world of tourism is now learning that it helps if you expect the unexpected.Businesses in the tourism sector can also keep a close eye on world issues like the problems at the moment in turkey.Therefore if nobody was going on holiday, travel agencies were losing out, 359,000 jobs were lost, revenue was down ” 25% in Germany, 23%in Brazil, 20% in Italy, 19% in Japan, 18% in Austrailia, 14% in France, 11% in Great Britain and 7% in Canada” (Daily news) This external influence effected the whole of the world.Airlines are trying to make customers feel more secure by having tighter security on aeroplanes and in airports.Tourist agencies have always been aware of this and it has never been a problem, but suddenly, and more imp...

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Effects Of The On Public Health Essay

Inside the confined aeroplane there is no method of bringing in fresh air and the carbon dioxide exhaled is recycled into oxygen for breathing.The harvesting time of the crop is less because the genes of the crop have been mutated.I link genetically modified organisms to human cloning.The benefits of producing genetically modified organisms outweigh the cost of producing foods.Diseases like tuberculosis and other contagious diseases can be contacted in the aeroplane.

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British Rule in India to the French One in Algeria Essay

This issue of religion and culture provides a distinction between the British methods in the India and the French methods in Algeria.In Algeria the French also brought about Western civilisation to some extent, creating schools and building cities as well as constructing hospitals, however they spent 162 years with almost constant violence.They were responsible for directly trying to impose Western beliefs and cultures on India much too soon in the occupation and too forcefully.These people had respected professions, such as “lawyers, doctors, teachers, journalists and businessmen”, they had “established a Western life-style using the English language and English schools” Outside the upper class Great Britain had introduced Western techn...

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History Essays – Air Power War

The early ‘blitzkrieg’ had been a success, but relied heavily on tactical air power and the Luftwaffe would prove un-capable of breaking Britain.Britain had been shaken by air power theory, before the Hitler had publicly admitted Germany was rearming.Despite these loses Germany, nor Britain in 1940, civilian moral was not dented sufficiently to force capitulation.From their earliest planning meetings in March 1941, Britain and America had taken air power theory as the basis of a joint war effort.By 1935, Germany, had become the principal enemy for both Britain and France, and Hitler successfully used air forces, both military and civilian, to his advantage.

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The Effects of the Industrial Revolution in the World Essay

The Industrial Revolution impacted Great Britain by raising the standards of civilian life, in America it resulted in the growth of trade, and in Japan it improved education.Once being isolated and resistant to western influences, Japan was eventually exposed the IR that was changing the world.Inevitably, Japan adopted many Western traditions, such as the telegraph system, military system, and educational system.Starting in Great Britain, the IR allowed civilians to improve their social and educational status due to an improvement in its economy.In Great Britain, the Industrial Revolution resulted in an improvement of civilian life.

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British Influence on Malaysian Vernacular Architecture and Modern Mosques

When describing and picturing Islam, most rely on the image of white cloaked people trotting hills of sand.Through Britain's tenure, Western and Eastern ideology and design fused together to bring fourth major changes that would forever leave a distinctive mark on Malaysian history, design, and culture.Western Design influences in minaret, etc.Through its history and influence, Colonial mosques should be embraced as historical landmarks and reserve their purpose in Malaysian society.Malaysia is the most populated country in South East Asia.

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Is it correct to see the kingdoms of the fifth-century west as `fundamentally Roman`? Essay

In place of a widespread and centralised Roman culture there was a multiplicity of localised territories, some of them Celtic, some of them Anglo-Saxon.Disruptive was the collapse of the towns, and consequent upon that collapse the disappearance of the romanised economy and the society and culture that depended on that economic underpinning.In the centre and the south-west accommodations had to be reached with the Burgundiones and the Visigoths, who came to form politically and fiscally autonomous kingdoms, even if owing nominal allegiance to the western Augustus.By setting Britain in the context of the end of the western empire we may pick up and develop two of the themes outlined.It was the peculiar nature of the late Roman economy whi...

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Causes of the Opium War

Other Western countries soon moved in to exploit China’s war wounds as France and America secured similar trading concessions (CNN, 2009; Hooker, 1996).According to CNN, China’s defeat led to an invasion of Western culture, and on China’s doorstep, ‘barbarians’ lived in grand houses.On the one hand, the Chinese perspective on the cause of the war is about Britain’s immoral poisoning of China with opium from smuggling, while on the other hand Britain holds the view that the war was as a result of Chinese arrogance that treated foreigners as inferior beings and subjected Western countries to unfair trade and unacceptable diplomatic standards.This was particularly evident in China’s refusal to consider a mutually favourable balanced trade w...

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