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Modest fashion Essay

For Trendwatching, "on the contrary, some communities, by making themselves visible, probably change mentalities: by welcoming the gaze of others, they adapt their ideas and enrich the range of social norms; on the side of other individuals, we can dive into a universe that is certainly different but not hostile.For the editor-in-chief of Covertime, an American site dedicated to Muslim women, Stephanie Khalil AlGhani, these seasonal business operations would go astray: “By launching capsule collections in the middle of Ramadan, Western brands are proving that they do not understand the Muslim clientele.The report projects amounts of $ 484 billion in 2019 attracting major Western brands and notes that veiled women already appear in advert...

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Culture and Diversity: Understanding Islam Essay

This paper will contain information on teaching of Islam and how they are interpreted and practiced in different countries and cultures, including the United Stated, Great Britain, the Middle East, India, Pakistan and other Asian countries.But Islam is steadily spreading in U.S and other part of Western countries.International diversity and its problems: Teaching Islamic culture at an American institution.D. In Islam, humans are encourage to gain knowledge through using all senses, about themselves and the physical environment around them in order to know Allah and obtain faith (Iman) and taqua.The Qur’an is constantly reminding people that every aspect in life is integrated.The core elements in Islamic culture are universal; Muslims can...

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Article Analysis

If iman has gonne from his heart, he may sometimes pretend to be a Muslim, but his convinction of iman is similar to hypocrisy.A Muslim may be able to strengthen his Iman through the purification of his soul by performing ibadah.Iman is a key which builds a direct and strong relationship between Muslim and Allah where he able to attain the pleasure of Allah and to keep awareness of Allah which later may lead to his noble akhlaq.Next, the significance of Hajj is to strengthen of Iman, purification of heart, purify from all sin and readiness for the sake of doing good.To conclude, theconsequences of iman are the brightness and beauty of a Muslim’s akhlaq, which ensure the society will be kept safe and secure from evil and corruption.

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Stanley Lynch investment group Essay

Iman produces the zeal of love for Allah and the desire to gain his satisfaction.Iman is defined as the theoretical part of faith and Islam as the practical.Meanwhile, the literal meaning of Iman is when someone is closed to his God, he feels peace and secure.The bottom of the chart in the pillars of Iman is to belief in Qada’ and Qadar.Iman in theoretical meaning is to belief to the unseen matter.

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Exposing Muslim Youth to American Culture Essay

This hadith explains that the Muslim Ummah will pass through periods when wickedness, sinfulness and immoral behavior will personify the norm of society, and the believers will find it extremely arduous to preserve their iman and paddle against the surging waves of the worldly trials and tribulations.They start to perceive notions such as a serious premarital relationship and a party replete with drinking and dancing as acceptable.The American culture glorifies Hollywood and all of this special kingdom’s “stars”; immersed in this environment, Muslim Americans intuitively start to follow these trends as they yearn for popularity and acceptance.Anas bin Malik (RA) narrated that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, “There shall come upon th...

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Troy and the Trojan War

“Troy in England.” Troy and the Trojan Wars.Facts that show the relation between Troy and the Trojan War actually disproved that there was such war, because Achaeans built a thousand ships to attack Troy when they could have traveled faster over land (Wilkens, Iman Jacob.Many inconsistencies of evidence surfaced as the topic was further researched, and could not connect Homer’s Troy and the Troy in Turkey (Wilkens, Iman Jacob.According to economist Iman Wilkens, there was no Trojan War like Homer outlined in The Iliad (Wilkens, Iman Jacob.Also, Agamemnon’s journey from Argos to Ithaca supposedly took a full month, when the trip should only take 24 hours in the Mediterranean setting (Wilkens, Iman Jacob.

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Khuda Kay Leay

Iman Ali then gave birth to a girl.Humaima was hanged finally but she left few questions behind one of them was “When you can’t feed your children, why you give birth to them?This movie slowly vanished from the screen because of the controversies it faced due to the sensitive topics discussed related to religion.After message was conveyed to the audience.There was a journalist who tried to save Humaima, she called several bureaucrats to request president to delay her punishment but they were afraid to wake up president from sleep.

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Cultural Analysis of Tausug

Culture Changes .This identity is best seen in the material culture which the Tausugs possess today.All taken together, the items of clothing of the Tausugs are still very much a part of their culture and will continue to be so.*Characteristic of the Culture .There may be a lot of books that shows the way of living of Tausug but I can assure you that they are all the same because a culture is like the identity of a group that cannot be change.

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Pro Social Behaviour And Islamic Spirituality Religion Essay

Faith (Iman) in Islam is a state of happiness acquired by virtue of positive action and constructive conceptions as well as dynamic and effective measures (Hammudah AA ).Lies of all kinds are condemned, the taking of bribes is strictly forbidden.Wrong to the orphan is held to be a grievous sin, and in many Suras of the holy Quran there are one or two verses which say in effect ‘ Do not touch the property of orphans’.Charity and philanthropy occupy a very important place.There are several commands like ‘ Pray, give alms, and the good which you do will find with God, who sees all your actions’ (Patrick, 1901).

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Iodex Case Essay

Interestingly pharma OTC brands-Strepsils &Dispirin from RB and Panadol of GSK have mostly resorted to Slice of life instead of agony appeal alone or a combination.Locally Iman Ali is being very successfully exploited for Jofa lawns and eclipsed Vanieeza Ahmed V9 and Kareena in Firdous Textile campaigns.Wand has lately been re-activated changing its agency to O&M with greater focus on re-branding, Glow.lising youth as its core target, the brand is adhering to Metaphoric marketing with inspirational appeal to its segmentiong is sticking to Slice of Life emotional appeals in most of its thematic campaigns targeting the lower pre-paid segment.Brand manager is aware of the fact that lodex used humor successfully in the lndian market ...

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Friendship in the West & Friendship in Islam Essay

In reality this makes the love between friends in Islam stronger than friendship according to Western values as there is no constant thinking about whether your friend is speaking ill of you to other people or whether they are having a hidden relationship with your sister or wife.“Whoever would like to taste the sweetness of Iman (belief) then let him love a person only for Allah’s sake” [Ahmad] .It is sometimes difficult for Muslims to grasp this principle especially when they are affected by Western society which promotes greed and selfishness.This is more important for us living in the West as the corrupt society continuously bombards us with its poisonous culture and attempts to catch us in its net.This means the purpose of confidi...

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Claire Fahys’s ‘Over There’ Essay

The rendering of the brick, cement mortar, the weather marks on the brick and cement mortar, the woman in her traditional clothing, the exposed part of her skin and every other element is captured to the finest detail.The frame rekindles memories of a house with the many remembrances associated with it.The work has the effect of transporting the viewer to another plane of imagination, to another space altogether; a space that comes refreshingly alive in memory.thefrenchartstudio.The main subject matter is the house itself detailed brick by brick and fond memories of that house conveyed visually.

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Dear Host Family

I really can relax there.All my family lives together in a house with a big garden.The desire of being an exchange student growth while I was traveling abroad I have been interested in student exchange first off, because I really love the English language, and beside the fact that this is the perfect opportunity to get more fluency with the language, I definitely love the idea of spending sometime living with another culture completely different from what I’m used to, meeting new people and studying abroad.I hope we have a great relationship during the time we’ll spend together, I have great expectatives about it, and I’m looking forward to the program, I just can’t wait to meet you and your country!The culture, the lifestyle, the landsc...

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British Rule in India to the French One in Algeria Essay

In Algeria the French also brought about Western civilisation to some extent, creating schools and building cities as well as constructing hospitals, however they spent 162 years with almost constant violence.It is clear that the British way of integrating Western culture within Indian society was more successful than the equivalent process involving the French in Algeria.Great Britain decided to grant concessions when faced by fierce opposition limiting the amount turmoil and essentially making it easier to diplomatically push western ideas upon them.However, both the French and British Empires did to differing extents manage to integrate Western technologies such as railways and modern irrigation methods.They were responsible for direc...

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Relationship Between Iman, Ibadah and Akhlak Essay

The Concept of Faith in Islam.THE HIKMAH OF INTERCONNECTION BETWEEN IMAN IBADAH AND AKHLAK The relationship between faith and worship will result a maintained and stabilised worship that will ensure the faith in an individual’s heart thicken and stronger.This is the miracle of faith or iman.Faith or iman refers to the inner aspect of the religion and denotes a believer’s faith in the metaphysical realities of Islam.Iman dan Amal Shaleh.

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The Effects of the Industrial Revolution in the World Essay

The Industrial Revolution changed Great Britain by improving its living standards, it also improved the American economy, and improved Japanese education.Once being isolated and resistant to western influences, Japan was eventually exposed the IR that was changing the world.As time went on, Japan started to put its own culture in its education, while deriving from French and German systems.The Industrial Revolution impacted Great Britain by raising the standards of civilian life, in America it resulted in the growth of trade, and in Japan it improved education.The IR improved Japanese education as Japan was exposed to western traditions.

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British Influence on Malaysian Vernacular Architecture and Modern Mosques

Britain's influence .Through Britain's tenure, Western and Eastern ideology and design fused together to bring fourth major changes that would forever leave a distinctive mark on Malaysian history, design, and culture.When describing and picturing Islam, most rely on the image of white cloaked people trotting hills of sand.However, most Muslims reside by the exotic rain forests and beaches in the islands of South East Asia, a violative and contrasting setting from the Middle East.However, Malaysia's exposure also granted vulnerability and eventual colonialism under multiple countries, most notably Great Britain.

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Is it correct to see the kingdoms of the fifth-century west as `fundamentally Roman`? Essay

In place of a widespread and centralised Roman culture there was a multiplicity of localised territories, some of them Celtic, some of them Anglo-Saxon.The first thing to say is that the ending of Roman Britain is entirely comprehensible within the framework of the ending of the western empire.(1975) “Roman mosaics in Britain before the fourth century”, in H. Stern, M. leGlay eds: La Mosaique Greco-Romaine, 269-90, Paris.Disruptive was the collapse of the towns, and consequent upon that collapse the disappearance of the romanised economy and the society and culture that depended on that economic underpinning.By setting Britain in the context of the end of the western empire we may pick up and develop two of the themes outlined.

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Causes of the Opium War

As a result, even though Britain recognized the damage opium had done in China, she failed in her moral and legal duty not to encourage or participate in smuggling opium into China, especially after it had been banned in Britain... During the 18th and early 19th centuries, the Chinese culture projected a face of indifferent arrogance and contempt for foreigners which included the bland assumption of Chinese cultural superiority.According to CNN, China’s defeat led to an invasion of Western culture, and on China’s doorstep, ‘barbarians’ lived in grand houses.Though Britain had traded with the Chinese for many years, China declined to establish any formal diplomatic contacts because it did not perceive Britain as equal (Rodzinski, 1984).O...

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Impact of British Colonialisation on Indian Culture Essay

Also it gave birth to a spirit of inquiry in the minds of Indian intellectuals who came in contact with western education.Both the social reformists and the conservatives took a fresh and critical look at their own society and culture as a reaction to western interpretation of the same.Western culture also improved Indian culture with the development of a road network, telephone and telegraph lines, many dams and bridges and irrigation canals.The British rule introduced the railways, the press, and the western system of education, clubs and associations all of which shook the prevalent socio-economic order.Along with Christian religion came the rest of British or Western culture, thought and customs and the gradual end of traditional way...

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Effects of imperialism of the west on Africa and India

English became the official language in an effort to unify the culture.Native tribes as well as several western powers were all trying to gain as much land as possible.From 1750-1914 Western civilizations dominated the world by enforcing their culture and systems upon weaker nations.Others were outraged at the exploitation of the Indian culture.The inhabitants of Africa and India were looked down at as being inferior people and having an inferior culture.

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Credible institution Essay

But just like any other foreign student, I experienced the hardship of coping p with the culture and English language.I failed to bring any of my awards with me because I left Iran on such short notice.All of the aforementioned statements will prove how persuasive I am to triumph in my dream career.Having lived in Austria for a year prior to come to America allowed me to incorporate European culture and broadened my vision of culture, in general.They should be given proper dental care that suits their culture.

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The Inhabitants Of Wales History Essay

Williams, Colin H. “Cymric (Welsh).” In Wieser Encyclopaedia – Western European Languages, eds.This is a sort of fair which offers a cross-section of all domains of Welsh culture and language, including literature, theater and the visual arts.Most speakers of Welsh live in the western and northern parts of Wales where the rates for language maintenance are between 40 and 50 per cent.Medieval history is dominated by the struggle of the Celts in Britain against Anglo-Saxon supremacy.When the Germanic tribes invaded Britain they were still pagans and fought against the Celtic Christians.

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What Is the Meaning of Cultural Imperialism Essay

Hence we can understand that since the very beginning, Muslims of the sub-continent were continuously subjected to discrimination and were not allowed to wholly practice or even form their culture, as the ruling elite were English.This transfer of one culture onto another, is what we call, cultural imperialism.When Pakistan was formed, it was thought that this would allow the Muslims to live freely and independently of any western or external influences, but sadly, this was not the case.Organizations such as IMF and World Bank, have consistently imposed the western corporate vision, through structural adjustment programs, trade deregulation, reducing barriers to trade etc, and Pakistan, being one of the developing countries, was subjecte...

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From Empire to Multiculturalism

[20] 3.1 The Chinese communities and Chinatowns in contemporary Britain The British Chinese community is the second largest in Western Europe and thought to be the oldest; many of them live in Britain for generations.[3] It is the first time the Chinese Empire (Qing Dynasty) encountered with a western European country in the battlefield.Influenced by British colonialism, the mentality of people in HK is mixed with traditional Chinese culture and western culture.Because the problem of the universal values in mainland China, people might have aloofness to the Chinese identity, however the Chinese culture is still very attractive to them.3.2 The Chinese culture in contemporary Britain .

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Cross Culture Management Synthesis Essay

This backs the research by Hopkins, Nie and Hopkins (2004), who concluded that emphasis on quality management in the western countries like Britain remains to be a critical impediment to the entry and success of Chinese subsidiaries in the regions.On the other hand, Britain is located in Western Europe.Unlike in the past, most Chinese firms in the contemporary foreign business culture limit the number of expatriates and embrace language learning as a way of promoting communication and interaction between expatriate staffs and local staffs in their subsidiaries (Azolukwam & Perkins 2009).Merritt, A 2000, ‘Culture in the cockpit: Do Hofstede’s dimensions replicate?’, Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, vol.This paper has explored the cri...

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The Economic Needs of European Countries Contributed to the Growth of Imperialism

This superiority gave Britain the extra confidence to advance into China.Examples of Western influences are apparent by the influx of Christian missionaries, and the construction of Christian churches and railways in China, in order to promote their ethnicity.In consequence, Britain deemed that it was their obligation, as a dominant nation, to bring sensibility, western culture and industrialization to a ‘barbaric’, uncivilized country, like China.The power supplied by The Industrial Revolution and the Western idea of ‘progress through change’ were Britain’s motives for colonizing China.silk and tea), its strategic ports and huge potential market intrigued Britain to want to gain these economic advantages.

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History Of Chinese Opium Wars

Increased demand of Opium by Chinese was a business opportunity from Western Countries, India and Ireland.Britain sent their warships in June 1840 and this was the beginning of the conflict.Another factor that contributed to rise of conflict between China and Britain during the Second Opium war was slave trade (Trocki, 216).New York, John Hopkins Press .Opium Regimes: Chain, Britain, and Japan, 1839-1952.

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Homosexuality Post War

As Naphy aptly suggests, the rate at which homosexuality has been integrated into mainstream culture should be judged within the much wider context of western civilisation over the past two thousand years as opposed to the forty years that have passed since the inception of the Sexual Offences Act in 1967.Hard-line Christian activists even went so far as to claim that the AIDS virus was God’s punishment to all society for allowing gay people the right to practice their sordid sexuality in mainstream culture.This sense of duplicity inherent concerning queer theory and socio-political reality in the contemporary era has served to render queer theory a doctrine of continuing importance in western culture.Thus, the very term ‘queer’ is seen,...

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Modern Britain As A Secular Society Sociology Essay

Those opposing the secularisation thesis, notably, Grace Davie, Bellah, Mary Douglas and Stark (1985) argue that religion has altered to suit modern Britain and that there was just as much irreligion in past societies as there is today.Berger used the term to describe a process ‘by which sectors of society and culture are removed from the domination of religious institutions and symbols.’ (Berger 1973) Wilson applied the term secularisation to ‘the process by which religious institutions, actions and consciousness lose their social significance.’ (Wilson 1982) Secularisation was not only used to illustrate the influence religion has on society, but also how it has been altered to deal with the changing values of society as it ceases to b...

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