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Karachi Essay

Plates displayed outside a street clinic in Karachi show the illnesses recyclers face: burns caused by mercury, lesions of the respiratory system caused by lead, fetal deformities from hydrochloric acid.In 1889, Karachi established itself as the second largest vegetable market in the world after Bombay, and ten years later the volume of wheat and cotton exports from Karachi exceeded that of Bombay's exports , its great rival.Every morning in the port of Karachi, entire cargo ships dump thousands of computers, telephones, photocopiers, scanners and digital tablets on the docks.All the other ethnic groups of the country are also found in Karachi, in particular those of Balochistan which is not far from Karachi.Culturally, Karachi is Pakist...

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Influence Of Media On The Public Behavior Sociology Essay

The mindset of “collectivism” that is the root of traditional arranged marriages where it is popularly said that families marry each other will gradually and eventually be trumped by the Western ideal of individualism – students will begin to make their marriage decisions based on their own personal liking instead of following age-old conservative customs entrenched in their baradaries .Romantic love has been portrayed in visual arts of western culture for centuries, such as operas, plays, dramas, paintings and films.The research by Keelin Lord questions and critcizes Western countries for promoting the concept of love marriage and explains the reasons behind the failure of love marriages and the rising number of divorces in America.The ...

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Muhammad Ali Jinh Essay

The western world inspired not only Jinnah's political thought but also her personal preferences, especially in clothing.Coincidentally, he was in Britain at the same time as the man who became one of his main rivals, Mohandas Gandhi, a Hindu lawyer famous for developing his idea of ​​satyagraha, non-violent civil disobedience, while he was in South Africa.During this session, Jinnah told delegates that “a constitutional war has been declared against Great Britain.In April 1913 he traveled to Britain again, with Gokhale, to meet with British officials on behalf of Congress.Unlike Jinnah and the other congressional leaders, Gandhi did not wear Western-style clothing, did his best to use an Indian language in place of English, and was deep...

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Islamabad Essay

The Islamists are active up to the center of the capital.As the government does not invest in culture, the building is just an empty shell, run by the military.In 1959, the site of Islamabad, northeast of Rawalpindi was chosen to replace Karachi as the country's capital.Chosen in 1959 to become the capital of the country in place of Karachi, considered too far south of the country, Islamabad was built from the ground up from 1961 to the mid-1970s.Islamabad has an Islamabad Stock Exchange, which is the third largest in the country after Karachi and Lahore.

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Elderly Abuse In Nursing Homes In Pakistan Social Work Essay

It is estimated that at least 6-7 % of elderly visiting geriatric clinics at the Aga Khan University Hospital Karachi are living alone with little assistance” (p. 2).Another would be all elderly population living in nursing homes in Karachi.Our culture despite its gradual transformation still adheres to the value of caring for their elderly at home (Subzwari & Azhar, 2010).Based on the above facts and literature I came up with the research question that, what are the experience and the perception of elderly people living in nursing home in Karachi, Pakistan?One significant cause for low rate of abuse in Asian cultures is compliance to the value of respect for their elders whereas western cultures sideline them but alarming sign is th...

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Literature Review And Analysis Paper Social Work Essay

It is estimated that at least 6-7 % of the elderly visiting geriatric clinics at the Aga Khan University Hospital Karachi are living alone with little assistance.Jamuna (2003) rationalizes that “a series of developments, such as urbanization, industrialization, and migration, and a growing sense of materialism and individualistic orientations have threatened the culture of yesteryear (p.129).Sabzwari and Azhar (2010) supports that one in five patients at the tertiary care hospital in Karachi are elderly.Another standard would be all elderly population living in nursing homes in Karachi.One significant cause for underreporting of abuse in Asian cultures is compliance to the value of respect for their elders whereas western cultures sideli...

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Macro environmental factors Essay

I grew up in a small city Hyderabad of Pakistan and later on moved to Karachi.In this one year I learned so much about the different cultures of the world and how to socialize or a have a good conversation with people of different cultures which inspired me a lot, that now I want to travel all around the world and make friends.a Food: Food differs from place to place but there is an huge difference in eastern and western food where as western culture tends to eat more cheesy and fast food as compared to eastern cultures they prefer more of curries and noodles .1 Define differences between Eastern and Western Culture .A) When Mr. Todd first came to India and has street food and fells sick for a day or two, this shows that people with ...

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Operation management of Primark and Atlas Honda

Market development strategy which is in new market in existing product so the entry from Ireland and to Britain and other European countries is the example of entry in new market.The production example given 300 units for Karachi plant is the best example of manufacturing speed which is short and good for the company and this in return help on time delivery system where demand occur.BSC involves substantial shifts in corporate culture to implement.In 1969 the first store opened in DUBLIN(IRELAND) in the name of first Penny’s store and till 1973 the number of stores reached at18 in all around the IRELAND, in the following year it expanded to GREAT BRITAIN and opened his first stores in DERBY and BRISTOL and in within next 10 years the num...

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Earthquake in Pakistan Essay

There are four faults in and around Karachi and other parts of deltaic Indus, and Makran coast.The other one emanates from the Rann of Kutchh.The third one is the Pubb fault which ends into Arabian sea near Makran coast and the last one is located in the lower Dadu district near Surajani and falls in the vicinity of Karachi.The worst case was in 1945 when an earthquake of magnitude 7.9 struck the Makran coast, waves as high as 12 meters were reported.

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The Heritage Of Pakistan

There are different in culture of Pakistan.Similarly, there are vegetable fields within Karachi, Lahore and other major cities.But in 2008, after the General Elections, uncertain political environment, rising militancy along western borders of the country, and mounting inflation and current account deficits resulted in the steep decline of the Karachi Stock Exchange.Families are quite large by western standards, often having up to 6 children.The great Buddhist civilization is now forming the heritage of the present Pakistan Culture.

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British Colonial Rule

Britain did this, the nationalists claimed, by unfair trade, by the restraint on indigenous Indian industry, and by the use of Indian taxes to pay the high salaries of the British civil servants in India.Fewer and fewer young men in Britain were interested in joining, and the continuing distrust of Indians resulted in a declining base in terms of quality and quantity.Although the mutinies were rapidly suppressed, they had the effect of spurring the new Labour government in Britain to action, and leading to the Cabinet Mission to India led by the Secretary of State for India, Lord Pethick Lawrence, and including Sir Stafford Cripps, who had visited four years before.During its first twenty years, the Congress primarily debated British pol...

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The Bangladesh Liberation War, 1971

Pakistani Naval headquarters was based at the historic and strategic port of Karachi here almost their entire fleet was concentrated.The first attack on Karachi was to be undertaken by the “Killer” squadron which had these three missile boats; INS Nipat, INS Nirghat and INS Veer later accompanied by INS Kiltan and INS Vidyut.K-25 ordered INS Nirghst to handle the contact in northwest.The fleet moved closer to the Pakistani land in the darkness of night.That was the Pakistani destroyer Khaibar which failed to receive orders on investigation possible contact south of Karachi.

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Eid Celebration and Poors Essay

Sample was taken from the Karachi city, through structured questionnaire , Instruments of Data Collection:- Close ended Questionnaire with likert scale has been used for data collection Sample Size: A total of 300 questionnaires were administered to potential respondents chosen from various areas of Karachi.It depends on your background, culture, and beliefs.A total of 250 usable questionnaires were returned, giving a response rate of 87%.Sampling Techniques Convenient Sampling:- Non Probability based Convenient sampling technique has been used for this purpose of data collection.Likert scale was used for dependent variable different social classes independent variables price hike ranging from 1 to 5 where 1 is coded as “strongly agree” ...

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The Culture Of Pakistan Cultural Studies Essay

The new etiquette in Pakistan is a combination of western and eastern part etiquette as Pakistan people are very much attracted to the western and eastern norms and values.Pakistan geography is the mixture of south Asia, central Asia and west Asia so the culture of Pakistan is unique then the rest of countries, it’s a combination of Islamic, regional, English and global influences, Increasing globalization has improved the pressure of western culture and Pakistan culture.The national sport of Pakistan is hockey the hockey is traditionally it had been played almost exclusively in the western province of Baluchistan, but the cricket is the most popular sport in Pakistan.The Pakistani music has a large variety, folk and traditional music ar...

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The Labour Movement In Pakistan History Essay

In the western countries this sphere has been reserved for free negotiations between employers and voluntary associations of workers.The research documents the labour movement in Karachi as it stood in mid 1970s but this fact does not decrease its relevance in the current scenario of Pakistan.The book, “The Labour Movement in Pakistan: Organization and Leadership in Karachi in the 1970s” chronicles the a period of labour history when key elements and structures of the labour movement in Pakistan were formed.The setting of the study is the textile industry of Karachi, the industrial and commercial hub of Pakistan, and the most ethnically diverse city with a long history of labour politics.It provides an indepth analysis of workers, their ...

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Islamic Studies

, Wordsworth Classics of World Literature.The first great collaborative work of western Orientalism was published in the book: .The revolution happened when Carl Heinrich Becker (1876-1933), became the first specialist to rebel against the exclusion of Islamic east from the Western outlook of history and declared that Islam’s role must be considered as an intermediary between Europe and Asia, rather than be excluded from the Western views.The Meanings Of The Holy Quran .Weidenfeld & Nicolson: Great Britain, 2002. .

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Partition of India Essay

After the partition, the Indian part became the state of Eastern Punjab then simply Punjab in 1950, the Pakistani part the province of Western Punjab then the province of Punjab in 1955. .But also, a large part of the population rather wanted a union with the archipelago of the Maldives.The transfer of powers ceremony takes place in Karachi the day before, in order to allow Viceroy Mountbatten to attend and to be in New Delhi the next day.In view of the insularity of the archipelago, and the fact that the practice of the Muslim religion is free and tolerated, there will be no armed movement for the independence of this archipelago, the life of the inhabitants being not rushed to be under the Indian flag.As for Kashmir, a republican movem...

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Lahore School of Economics

The marketing objectives for TOPSHOP in Pakistani market are: To get my brand known in key markets of Lahore Karachi &Islamabad in 2 years.These consumers live in the big cities of Pakistan like Lahore , Karachi and Islamabad.The Plan of launch of kids footwear in Pakistan is deeply discussed and now at corporate level it will be decided to go ahead with this paln or not.For each organization the main purpose is to grow , TOPSHOP see Pakistan as one of the Potential market and therefore it plan to advance in this market through their SBU of kids footware.With the introduction and depth of TV cable and internet the cultural shift is more towards the lines of western style .As most of the competition at this moment is charging high bec...

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Pakistani rangers Essay

The rangers of Sindh have been particularly in demand since the 1980s to deal with the insecurity that afflicts the country's largest city, Karachi.In the 1990s, crime in Karachi took an unprecedented turn and pushed the authorities to rely on the rangers and develop them even more.From that date and until in 2009, they were deployed in Kosovo.In 1995, the rangers were again divided into two autonomous and distinct corps: the rangers of Punjab based in Lahore, and those of Sind based in Karachi which absorbed the Mehran unit.In 2016, they are still deployed on four other sites: in Haiti since 2004, in Côte d'Ivoire as well as in East Timor since 2007 and finally in Sudan since 2009.

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China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Essay

If all projects were completed, their value would be equal to all foreign investment in the country since 1970, an amount that represents 17% of Pakistan's 2015 GDP.On November 13, 2016, CPEC enabled the land transport of Chinese cargo ships that were delivered to the port of Gwadar from where they were transported by ship to Africa and West Asia.A 1,100-kilometer highway is expected to link Karachi to the city of Lahore; the Karakorum road between Rawalpindi and the border between Pakistan and the People's Republic of China will be reconstructed.The transport networks will link the ports of Gwadar and Karachi in northern Pakistan, as well as sites further north, in western China and central Asia.The main railway line that connects Karac...

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Air Chief Marshal Pratap Chandra Lal History Essay

On 24 November 1963, he was posted as Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief Western Air Command.He soon found himself flying from Karachi as an observer watching out for Axis shipping and submarines.All passenger shipping to Britain was suspended and so were some of the educational courses in Britain.It was his father’s wish that PC Lal continue in the family’s profession and hence he pursued his higher education in Britain.He was just the sort of leader who could, and did, mould a large and rapidly expanding air force into an efficient fighting force, and gave the IAF their most resounding victory.

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Relations between Pakistan and Russia Essay

Trade, for example, with the establishment in Karachi of Pakistan Steel Mills (in), university or cultural exchanges.This visit allowed the clarification of Pakistani positions towards China, the American bases and the pacts of the Western bloc; as for the Soviets, they had to answer for the position on Kashmir, the Pashtun question as well as on support for India.It is in particular Pakistan's position as an ally of the western bloc that motivates these positions.In 1949, Pakistani Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan refused to go to the USSR, during the same year, two international economic conferences were organized in Karachi.Despite the good relations between the leaders, the Russian population sees Pakistani influence as negative at 45...

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Human Rights In Pakistan Essay

Karachi: Government of Pakistan, Environment and Urban Affairs Division.Karachi: Oxford University, 18-26. .Unlike many of its Western counterpart organizations, the HRCP has not limited itself to a legalistic interpretation of human rights, although that is an important element of its advocacy agenda.On 2 January 1997, an all-Pakistan Working Women Convention in Karachi expressed concerns over social attitudes towards women.Kennedy, C. H. (2007) Bureaucracy in Pakistan: Karachi: Oxford University Press, 14-33. .

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Pakistan Rural and Urban Community Essay

I reach a conclusion that our (Pakistani) values and traditions though inferior in some aspects to western culture, is on an aggregate level far superior and conducive to progress.The family and kinship system will vary in every country, depending upon their culture and style of living.Love marriage in Pakistan is really very difficult to happen, as people here will stick with the tradition and culture.Kinship and family values, much adhered to in Pakistani culture and the eastern world as a whole has lost its prominence in the western world.Us Pakistanis need to maintain this kinship culture and at the same time import all the positive attributes from western society of which the most important is education.

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Culture Diversity In Pakistan Cultural Studies Essay

Sindi culture is quite similar to Punjabis where they have great respect towards fellow human beings.They made Karachi (the capital of Pakistan before it was shifted to Islamabad) as their new home.They have a nomadic culture as barring a few places Baluchistan is a barren area... Punjab has a culture of tolerance and friendship which is manifest by its sufi saints and poetry with message of universal love towards mankind irrespective of cast, religion and colour.Giving long term protection / shelter is generally not a part of culture in Punjab.

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Relations between India and Pakistan Essay

The first, the Thar Express, leaves Karachi for Jodhpur via the junction starting with the city of Khokhrapar and stops at the Zero Point - station created to exercise customs measures on passengers - before continuing to the Indian city.The Karachi agreement in 1949 in principle put an end to these UN missions.In addition to the change of political line in the cold war where Pakistan approaches the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, a split is taking place in the very society of the country where only the western part is concerned by the conflict.India was granted MFN status again in 2012 by Karachi.The cricket matches aim at communion between the two peoples around the same common good and thus be aware to share the same culture and ...

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Culture Of Pakistan

The national dress is Shalwar Qameez for both men and women.The variety of Pakistani music ranges from diverse provincial folk music and traditional styles such as Qawwali and Ghazal Gayaki to modern forms fusing traditional and western music, such as the synchronization of Qawwali and western music by the world renowned Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.The arrival of Afghan refugees in the western provinces has rekindled Pasto and Persian music and established Peshawar as a hub for Afghani musicians and a distribution center for Afghani music abroad.Culture of Pakistan comprises numerous diverse cultures and ethnic groups: the Punjabis, Kashmir Dardic, Wakhiris, Sindhis in east, Muhajirs, Makrani in the south; Baloch and Pashto in the west; and th...

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Social Change In Pakistan

The Colonization process started a process of capture of resources (restraining the locals from its use), its massive conversion into capital, and its transfer to Britain for its Industrial development.The violence accompanying the societal change evident in 16th century Britain, and in 18th and 19th century Europe and America that ushered in a constitutional government and abolished slavery and fiefdoms, is now taking place on the right bank of Indus River.Big development projects marginalize the target groups, lead to elite capture of development benefits and destruction of public goods and formation of duplicate institutions.Institutional vacuum maintains the demand for social mobilization, awareness raising and training, making devel...

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British Rule in India to the French One in Algeria Essay

In addition both occupations were valuable building blocks in which to expand their empires; France into Africa and Great Britain into Asia.It is clear that the British way of integrating Western culture within Indian society was more successful than the equivalent process involving the French in Algeria.They were responsible for directly trying to impose Western beliefs and cultures on India much too soon in the occupation and too forcefully.In Algeria the French also brought about Western civilisation to some extent, creating schools and building cities as well as constructing hospitals, however they spent 162 years with almost constant violence.However, both the French and British Empires did to differing extents manage to integrate W...

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Mountain Dew: Company Analysis

People of Karachi are more risk taker and consider being a trendsetter for the rest of the country... At start it will be launched in Karachi city only after that it will be introduced in the rest of Sindh, Punjab, NWFP and Baluchistan... Mountain Dew will be manufactured using advance technology and processing facility located at SITE Industrial Area, Karachi... Pakistan has a mix culture.Mountain Dew is being re-launched in Karachi, which is the largest city of Pakistan in terms of population, size and area.

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