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Crime And Popular Culture Take Home Test Essay

The issue of plea bargain is famous for causing minor misunderstandings between English-speaking viewers from USA and Great Britain where plea bargains are forbidden.Despite its being used in popular culture as a kind of trope often involved with a concept of injustice, the feature remain an integral part of investigation process.A significant part of modern popular culture centers on topics of criminal world and/or crime investigation.The connection between Crime Law and Popular Culture is reciprocal and full of events.To sum up, plea bargain is a controversial feature of US Crime Law that is often discussed in a popular culture.

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Women In Bollywood Movies Film Studies Essay

Bollywood films are a major reference to Indian culture.Finally it is has been seen that the ideal image of the female role in the films only up to the directors of the movie as they are the one that expose these characters to the world.This is because public kissing in Britain is a code of censorship and therefore it is considered something that is applied with western life (reference).– ” Public kissing ; British code of Censorship applied in Britain : it is associated with western life, so is alien to Indian culture.” How this is conveyedà tribal dress, dream sequences/ wet saris, behind the bush .Indian Films do contain scenes of romance although it is very rare where you would find a kissing scene as oppose to more Hollywood or west...

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Movie “The Last Samurai”

This movie shows the reactions of a select group of people to westernization.When the Nathan (the American general) is brought back to the Japanese army he learns that Britain or America (I couldn’t figure out which country) was selling even more advanced weaponry to Japan in order to fight and crush the samurai.They adopted Western dress and began to shy away from the old warrior ways.The emperor agrees to bring Japan into a new age and continue westernization but that the ancient Japanese culture will never die.Some embraced it and prospered from the positive effects it brought but others fought it to the death.

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Orientalism In Film Or Animation Cultural Studies Essay

Western movies are the most important medium of the mainstream ideology in the United States and the Western countries.“Western movies always Muslims, Chinese and Indians are portrayed as thieves, warlords and terrorists, the East itself has been described as indecent and strange land where life is very cheap and with abundant sexual pleasure.” In more than a century of American film history, the Chinese people’s images in western films have already constituted a very prominent phenomenon, not only sizeable, but also diverse genre.So, it can be said that Western films to shape the Chinese people’s images will suffer at least two factors, one is the bilateral relation between East and West in reality, and second is the prototype of China’...

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How Films Change Perception Essay

There one could conclude regarding the striking contrasts between the propaganda of Britain and Germany.Germany, as well as the other nations of the Central Powers led its people to believe that the war to be waged was to achieve a noble cause whilst Britain led its people to see the war as a means to putting a halt to the advance of the German militaristic menace.Inevitably, across in Western Europe the same was also happening in Germany, where the authorities propagandized the British as sadistic towards their German captives.A film is a gateway by which the viewing audience is immersed in another person’s life which includes their family, their culture, and their environment.For example in Britain, censorship was the key ingredient be...

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Examples of Good Globalization

A culture thought to be on the brink of distinction isn’t on the brink at all.Just because the Western culture is widely dispersed throughout the world does not mean countries are falling to ‘Americanisation,’ let alone ‘Globalisation.’ There are always steps being taken by countries and cultures in maintaining their own identity.“A world culture which is simply a uniform culture would be no culture at all.The attention drawn to a troubled culture allows that culture to prevail, and in the process the knowledge and traditions of that troubled culture become known to the public.Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, name the country, and they probably import Western media.

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Women in Media & Politics

Women today hold high office like Condoleca Rice is the current secretary of State in US and people are media pundits are touting Hilary Clinton as the forerunner in the next American election for presidency, Women working in the arena of politics have greater challenges to face when it comes to success and progress in their careers due to patriarchal mindset of the society.The revived New Right and the women’s movement have been struggling to define the terms of the public debate in ‘culture wars.In western countries like Britain, USA the attitudes have definitely changed regarding women’s leadership positions.Despite the fact that women have proven their abilities and expressed interest in the political arena, the large majority of mos...

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Success of the Kong Hong Crossover Film

firstly, it might involve western company to invest Hong Kong movie and re-packaging the film to be come suitable western marketing.Also, the CGI effect just play a little role that make western audiences easier accept the film rather than produce the stereotype martial art movie.Therefore, I reckon the collaboration between western film studio and Hong Kong film maker which is quite benefit to Hong Kong film to break through western market.When I look at some Hong Kong movie in the past, I think they can’t become mainstream movie in western country because the film is more focus on local audiences taste.The reason is western movie studio has already built up a very mature technique on film production.

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Shakespeare’s King Lear Essay

Shakespeare’s King Lear is a tragic about an aging King of Britain and his three daughters.“King of Texas.” Culture Vulture.This version can be taken as just a movie to entertain or a slant on Shakespeare’s King Leer.New York: Thomas Y. Crowell Company, 1970. .The movie itself was nominated and won some awards.

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The use of current cultural ideas and beliefs Essay

Sui-Nam Lee observed that “communication imperialism can be defined as the process in which the ownership and control over the hardware and software of mass media as well as other major forms of communication in one country are singly or together subjugated to the domination of another country with deleterious effects on the indigenous values, norms and culture.Subtly but powerfully, the message has often been insinuated that Western cultures are superior to the cultures of the Third World.Ogan saw “media imperialism often described as a process whereby the United States and Western Europe produce most of the media products, make the first profits from domestic sales, and then market the products in Third World countries at costs conside...

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From Empire to Multiculturalism

IV The presence of the Chinese people and culture in contemporary Britain The Chinese people in Britain account for 0.4 percent of the total population in 2001.[3] It is the first time the Chinese Empire (Qing Dynasty) encountered with a western European country in the battlefield.Because the problem of the universal values in mainland China, people might have aloofness to the Chinese identity, however the Chinese culture is still very attractive to them.In the 1850s, the growth of imperialism made the western European nations like France and Britain demanding for the expansion of their overseas markets.[20] 3.1 The Chinese communities and Chinatowns in contemporary Britain The British Chinese community is the second largest in Western E...

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The Influence of Culture at Movie Translation Essay

Outline Thesis Statement: Difference in eastern western culture causes a thing different in value orientation, Translation of a work of a movie gets a way of direct translation, and, it’s possible to admit for an audience.Therefore, we can say this is the process of translating culture and the culture of dialogue, the dissemination of culture, translation itself is a culture, is spread occurs in the language exchanges in the process of cross-cultural communication.Therefore, the cultural translation by the point of view of language is the carrier of culture, culture is the language of the regulation, translation is culture and culture of dialogue, cross-cultural transmission.The culture touches up As a result of the East and West culture...

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Hollywood in the global film market | Film Studies

Gulf & Western (Paramount’s parent company) also owned Madison Square Gardens, Desilu, Simon and Schuster, and Paramount Pictures Television.It is ironic that just as Hollywood saw the possibilities of exploiting British culture at the turn of the century, they were equally as deft to jump on the original ‘Cool Britannia’ bandwagon; leaving British investors to miss out all over again.As such the producers looked towards popular pulp fiction novels, plays and in particular the newly invented genre of the Western to entertain their audiences.Thomas Elsaesser adds that Hollywood is “totally other” to national cinema it is difficult to maintain because “so much of any nation’s film culture is implicitly ‘Hollywood”.The European film ind...

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Is Pop Art Celebration Or Critique Film Studies Essay

To further resonate the message of consumerism and mass production behind his art along with the silk screen printing, naming his studio “the factory” and creating series, he also took on a pop persona as he and his work became more noticed by the media.He began to adopt the image of a teenager of the time, engaging himself in pop culture like rock shows, so much so that he produced an album cover for the velvet underground and had famous friends hangout in his “factory”.The Campbell Soup Cans as well as his other series were the ideal opportunity to express this view on modern culture.The material, mainly in images they discussed at length were of that found in Western movies, comic books, science fiction, automobile design, billboards,...

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The Story of Sinuhe Essay

This story was well created and as analyzed, it is of great relevance to both the western culture and the modern society.Most state officials are honored in this manner in western countries.This aspect has been well incorporated into the western culture and many people have able to work harder in whichever professions they are in so as to acquire more wealth.Most western cultures honor their heroes by providing state burials to them.The hardwork that Sinuhe potrays can also be related to most western culture.

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Cultural Dependency Theory

Scholars from the developing countries argued that the developing countries were not the beneficiaries of this theory, which was meant for them, but the western countries who created it were only getting benefitted out of this theory as it helped the companies to grow and establish in the Third world and could find their new consumers of their products (Thussu, 2009).(Berger, 1974).It is clearly seen that there is a process of political-economic which is enforced upon the Third world nations as they are very closely connected with their traditions and colonialism which has become a history for the Western nations and still are in a position to dominate over the Third world nations (Tomlinson, 1991).His view of modernity means that it is ...

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Western Movie: Stagecoach and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Critical Essay

This prompted him to move on to other genres where he worked for over a decade, only for him to return to the Western movies with a new movie, Stagecoach.One of the main aspects of this culture is the tendency to reflect on the current issues, especially the issues facing the western world.From the review of the three movies, Western movies are based on underlying as well as emerging issues in the western world.In particular, it indicates high degree of western culture.The movie was made at a time when the current popular culture and genre was the major source of motivation and influence on movie production.

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Bangladeshi Women in Bricklane Essay

For example, Nazneen does not leave the house, allowing her to limit her exposure to English culture.Writing Diaspora: South Asian Women, Culture and Ethnicity.The women moving to London and Tower Hamlets in particular had to adapt coming from a rural peasant society to a hostile urban culture.The novel captivates the reader by the sensory details, mystical connections to Bangladesh, and curiosities about English culture.Nazneen and her daughters play joyfully in the snow-covered square at the front of their apartment block, inhabitants of a climate, and by extension a culture, diametrically opposed to the monsoon conditions the teenaged Nazneen and Hasina frolic in at the film’s early moments.

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The Effects of Popular Culture on the Youth of Today

Though there is truth to the claim that Hollywood is a leading force, Asian cinema are likely to modify certain aspects of western movies and adapt them to fit into the context of their respective cultures and backgrounds.The Culture Industry: Selected Essays on Mass Culture .Comparative Youth Culture: The Sociology of Youth Culture and youth .At the same time as western films are regularly shown, the fashion and the moral standards that are depicted in these films are also being imparted to the audience (Adorno 158; Brake 139; Chalaby 472; Fiske 21; Ross; Strinati 1).In western society, one of the more satirical factors is the source of popular culture.

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Impact of Globalisation on the Nation-State

Globalization is a kind of process; the nation-state is more focus on the political sovereignty and territorial autonomy, social cohesion and culture.Young people could learn another culture from the television; but for their own culture, it might be fade.Thirdly, the globalization of culture destroyed local culture.Politics, economy and culture all have the influence on nation-state.Islam culture is a unique culture, and different from western culture.

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Hip Hop Essay

The Japanese Hip Hop culture sought to homogenize itself.Hip Hop has roots in African, Caribbean, and Latino culture (“Hip Hop Globalization and Youth Culture”, 2005).Because of the border between Mexico and the United States, Mexican Hip Hop was greatly influenced by western Hip Hop.This example of imitation will most likely not be embraced by western “Hip Hop Heads” (Avid Hip Hop Listeners).The Brazilian youth were drawn to the western Hip Hop culture.

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The Good The Bad And The Ugly

Although one could argue that silent film era was more politically correct then now a day films, the movie industry should not have the right of misrepresenting cultures of Mexicans, Indians and there life styles in films known as western films.The western film genre has portrayed much about America's past, glorifying the past-fading values and aspirations of the mythical by-gone age of the West.What you probably know as a good old western American movie originated from a culture knows as vaqueros (cowboys for Spanish).(Kitses) Despite the movie or the characters, actors, landscapes and language there is one think one must remember and that is movies are only a mirror of ones culture.But, most western movies ideas derived from character...

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The Concept Of Identity And Cultural Identity Media Essay

It can be seen that in post Second World War period, ‘Hong Kong was modernizing by incorporating Western lifestyles; it was attuned to a hybrid, cosmopolitan cultural environment which was increasingly receptive to imported cultural products like Hollywood movies’ (Ma, 1999:27).For instance, the British colonialism brought the western capitalist ideology, the language of English, fashion, etc to Hong Kong.As a British colony, Hong Kong was imported a lot of cultural products from the Great Britain and also from other western countries.The ‘Hong Kong Man’ is ‘go-getting and highly competitive, tough for survival, quick-thinking and flexible’, also ‘he wears western clothes, speaks English or expects his children to do so, drinks western a...

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Islamophobia in the Media

At the same time muslims groups through various media are trying to convey their messages but in comparison to the global dominance of the western media their effects are somehow in vain.A report by the Guardian suggested that Muslim people in western media is typically stereotypical and negative.Whereas, it can be argued that Muslims in Britain and across the western sphere, have voiced their worries about the way Islam is portrayed in the media.Muslims receive constant negative messages through media about their religion and culture.They obviously have some effect on reader’s perceptions of Muslims in Britain.

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The English Speaking World Essay

One of the most remarkable (bemerkenswert) differences between the Americans and the British culture is the language.The American Western gave a sophisticated world a new romance in which adventure and violence blended with sentimentality and the moral satisfaction of seeing the villain punished and the virtuous hero rewarded.Heathrow, in the western part of the city, is the main airport for international flights.Trading companies were founded along the Thames river at a time when Great Britain was still the biggest colonial power in the world.When William the Conqueror invaded Britain in 1066 London was already the biggest town on the island.

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The Implications Of Media De Westernization Media Essay

The complexity of the contemporary media research requires the careful scrutiny of the power structure of certain society, the audience response, the economic and political systems’ influence on the media in the globalization context.Western-generated media theories and models such as cultural imperialism paradigm and cosmopolitanism do not reflect the reality of how the media operates in non-western societies.But are they only amazing theories existing in the Western academic works?For example, the Indian migrants in Britain could watch Bollywood movies through broadcasting satellite.Through the example of the media in China, one can easily see how cosmopolitanism fails to reflect the reality which delinks non-western media from globall...

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Representation Of Morocco In Western Cinema

These figures seem wearing turbans as big domes standing in shadows waiting to mug a western passer-by.Within the same line of thought, Pieterse writes that “the legacy of several hundred years of western expansion and hegemony, manifested in racism and exotism, continues to be recycled in western cultures” (White on Black: Images of Africa and Blacks in Western Popular Culture, 9).The movie Arabs, and the television Arabs, have appeared as lustful, criminal, and exotic villains or foils to western heroes and heroines” (Ethnic and Racial Images in American Film and Television, 79).A. Tazi’s wakefulness of the subjective representations of western movies is developed during his work with Anglo-American filmmakers who came to make films in...

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Sicko Whats Wrong With Americas Health Care Politics Essay

I think that Michael Moore is very extreme in this movie.United Kingdom National Health Service in Great Britain takes a different approach to universal healthcare.I hope that his movie could enlighten everyone the way it did me.In Britain, healthcare is provided through the National Health Service (NHS).Even though he says in the movie that French must be drowning in taxes he fails to give numbers.

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Society and Culture- Content Analysis of “The Gods Must Be Crazy” Essay

They are presumably the informally recognised leaders of the tribe and their orders would therefore be accepted as how in Western Society we recognise the decisions and commands of our ‘leaders’ e.g.A knowledge of and respect for one’s environment is constantly portrayed through the movie as being valuable, which in itself reveals the attitudes of the section of the ‘Western society’ which created this film.As you can see from above, there are many situations and events in the movie that show how the fundamental concepts of Society, Culture, Persons and their Environment all interlink and cause flow on effects, with aspects of one particular concept (e.g.Western Society, and its members are seen to possess authority, which is lacking in ...

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Robert Altman. Global Popular Culture Critical Essay

Therefore, it can be well suggested that many of the contemporary Hollywood (British) films do in fact contain some themes and motifs, which suggest that, as of today, the Western civilization is being rapidly deprived of its former vitality, in the figurative sense of this word.The player 1992, DVD, Avenue Pictures, Los Angeles, US.Tomlin, P 2013, ‘Choices chance and change: luck egalitarianism over time’, Ethical Theory & Moral Practice, vol.Thus, it will only be logical to conclude this paper by reinstating once again that there is indeed a good reason to refer to both films, as such that imply that there are certain overtones of decadence to the rise and the considerable refinement a global popular culture, as we know it.What it mean...

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