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Shampoo Market Analysis

own lable- 5.2 .pz cussons 2.2 .unilever 17.7 .The main competitors are firstly P&G, which contain the very well known brands Pantene prov, head and shoulders and wella .Secondly Unilever who own the likes of vo5 tresemme and sunsilk .

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British Rule in India to the French One in Algeria Essay

It is clear that the British way of integrating Western culture within Indian society was more successful than the equivalent process involving the French in Algeria.In Algeria the French also brought about Western civilisation to some extent, creating schools and building cities as well as constructing hospitals, however they spent 162 years with almost constant violence.In addition both occupations were valuable building blocks in which to expand their empires; France into Africa and Great Britain into Asia.They were responsible for directly trying to impose Western beliefs and cultures on India much too soon in the occupation and too forcefully.However, both the French and British Empires did to differing extents manage to integrate W...

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The Effects of the Industrial Revolution in the World Essay

As time went on, Japan started to put its own culture in its education, while deriving from French and German systems.Starting in Great Britain, the IR allowed civilians to improve their social and educational status due to an improvement in its economy.Once being isolated and resistant to western influences, Japan was eventually exposed the IR that was changing the world.Inevitably, Japan adopted many Western traditions, such as the telegraph system, military system, and educational system.The IR improved Japanese education as Japan was exposed to western traditions.

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British Influence on Malaysian Vernacular Architecture and Modern Mosques

When describing and picturing Islam, most rely on the image of white cloaked people trotting hills of sand.Western Culture infusion .Western Design influences in minaret, etc.However, Malaysia's exposure also granted vulnerability and eventual colonialism under multiple countries, most notably Great Britain.Major design changes in mosque .

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Is it correct to see the kingdoms of the fifth-century west as `fundamentally Roman`? Essay

Britain seems to have suffered earlier and more completely the dissolution of the western empire than did her neighbours.Wacher J. S. (1975) The Towns of Roman Britain, London.(1975) “Roman mosaics in Britain before the fourth century”, in H. Stern, M. leGlay eds: La Mosaique Greco-Romaine, 269-90, Paris.The first thing to say is that the ending of Roman Britain is entirely comprehensible within the framework of the ending of the western empire.Disruptive was the collapse of the towns, and consequent upon that collapse the disappearance of the romanised economy and the society and culture that depended on that economic underpinning.

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Causes of the Opium War

According to CNN, China’s defeat led to an invasion of Western culture, and on China’s doorstep, ‘barbarians’ lived in grand houses.This was particularly evident in China’s refusal to consider a mutually favourable balanced trade with western nations.Though Britain had traded with the Chinese for many years, China declined to establish any formal diplomatic contacts because it did not perceive Britain as equal (Rodzinski, 1984).The arrival of Western traders in China for the first time brought them in direct contact with a strange new world having an alien system of government.Britain was among the other Western “barbarians”.

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Impact of British Colonialisation on Indian Culture Essay

Both the social reformists and the conservatives took a fresh and critical look at their own society and culture as a reaction to western interpretation of the same.Western culture also improved Indian culture with the development of a road network, telephone and telegraph lines, many dams and bridges and irrigation canals.The British rule introduced the railways, the press, and the western system of education, clubs and associations all of which shook the prevalent socio-economic order.Indian culture benefited from Western culture in the area of education.Britain did benefit from the situation; however, notwithstanding the obvious injustices associated with colonization, India also experienced positive impacts that continued even once I...

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Effects of imperialism of the west on Africa and India

Native tribes as well as several western powers were all trying to gain as much land as possible.English became the official language in an effort to unify the culture.There culture was looked at as inferior to the West.The inhabitants of Africa and India were looked down at as being inferior people and having an inferior culture.The major difference between Western Imperialism in India and Africa is that in Africa more than two groups were fighting for the land.

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The Inhabitants Of Wales History Essay

Most speakers of Welsh live in the western and northern parts of Wales where the rates for language maintenance are between 40 and 50 per cent.This is a sort of fair which offers a cross-section of all domains of Welsh culture and language, including literature, theater and the visual arts.When the Germanic tribes invaded Britain they were still pagans and fought against the Celtic Christians.Williams, Colin H. “Cymric (Welsh).” In Wieser Encyclopaedia – Western European Languages, eds.Until the eighteenth century, Welsh society was divided into an Anglicized élite of Welsh descent, loyal to the kings of England, and Welsh peasantry whose lifeways remained practically untouched by English culture.

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What Is the Meaning of Cultural Imperialism Essay

This domination would not have been possible without the media, and the mass media too, to great extent is controlled by major western transnational corporations.When Pakistan was formed, it was thought that this would allow the Muslims to live freely and independently of any western or external influences, but sadly, this was not the case.With the increasing dominance of the English language the entire western culture too, takes up an imperialistic form.The language that is believed to be the dominant language today is the ‘English’ language, which obviously comes from the western culture.This has lead to shift in the buying behavior of consumers and hence also influencing the culture, since the two are very closely related.

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From Empire to Multiculturalism

V The sense of origin and identity of Chinese people in Britain In general, most of the British Chinese people would be treated as the British rather than Chinese, even though they have a strong traditional Chinese culture background.In the 1850s, the growth of imperialism made the western European nations like France and Britain demanding for the expansion of their overseas markets.3.2 The Chinese culture in contemporary Britain .[20] 3.1 The Chinese communities and Chinatowns in contemporary Britain The British Chinese community is the second largest in Western Europe and thought to be the oldest; many of them live in Britain for generations.Influenced by British colonialism, the mentality of people in HK is mixed with traditional Chin...

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Cross Culture Management Synthesis Essay

As such, emphasis on total quality management is used as a feature of management by Chinese subsidiaries in the western world, including Britain (Chin & Pun 2002).China highly embraces a socialist structure of management, unlike the western countries.On the other hand, Britain is located in Western Europe.This backs the research by Hopkins, Nie and Hopkins (2004), who concluded that emphasis on quality management in the western countries like Britain remains to be a critical impediment to the entry and success of Chinese subsidiaries in the regions.Dahles, H & Wels, H 2002, Culture, organization and management in East Asia: Doing business in China, Nova Science Publishers, New York, NY Fan, Y 2000, ‘A classification of Chinese culture’, ...

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The Economic Needs of European Countries Contributed to the Growth of Imperialism

silk and tea), its strategic ports and huge potential market intrigued Britain to want to gain these economic advantages.Initially, China refused to implement western ideas and technology because they too felt superior.After the Opium Wars, Britain gradually began to introduce social and religious reforms, due to their increased racial superiority.Britain fought wars to secure trading privileges in this area.Moreover, Britain’s sensations of culture superiority and her economic necessities were other reasons for overseas expansion in this area.

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History Of Chinese Opium Wars

Another factor that contributed to rise of conflict between China and Britain during the Second Opium war was slave trade (Trocki, 216).Increased demand of Opium by Chinese was a business opportunity from Western Countries, India and Ireland.The Chinese Imperial government had put on measures to adopt Western technology so as to win the war against opium.Opium Regimes: Chain, Britain, and Japan, 1839-1952.The war was a success to western nations that were given the opportunity to spread their western culture in China and also Christianity was spread in many parts.

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Homosexuality Post War

This sense of duplicity inherent concerning queer theory and socio-political reality in the contemporary era has served to render queer theory a doctrine of continuing importance in western culture.As Naphy aptly suggests, the rate at which homosexuality has been integrated into mainstream culture should be judged within the much wider context of western civilisation over the past two thousand years as opposed to the forty years that have passed since the inception of the Sexual Offences Act in 1967.In addition there are – not surprisingly – critics from the straight mainstream culture who see queer theory as a barrier (rather than a facilitator) to a greater democratisation of sexuality in the contemporary era.In this way, post-structur...

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Modern Britain As A Secular Society Sociology Essay

Anthropologist Mary Douglas (1973) expands on this theory stating that there is no simple parallel between the supposedly ‘religious’ pre-industrial society and the Western World characterised by secularity.Berger used the term to describe a process ‘by which sectors of society and culture are removed from the domination of religious institutions and symbols.’ (Berger 1973) Wilson applied the term secularisation to ‘the process by which religious institutions, actions and consciousness lose their social significance.’ (Wilson 1982) Secularisation was not only used to illustrate the influence religion has on society, but also how it has been altered to deal with the changing values of society as it ceases to be the ‘cement’ of all social ...

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Economy In Mid 1700s Britain History Essay

There is a lot of speculation as to why the Industrial Revolution occurred first in Western Europe, especially in Britain.Rider, Christine (1995), ‘An Introduction to Economic History’ South Western .. Before this revolution, Britain was a quite different place to the one that exists today.The Industrial Revolution, which began in the mid-1700s first in Britain and later in Western Europe, is the most significant collection of technological, social, and economic changes in human history.A case in point is that in Friedrich Schiller’s ‘Letters upon the Aesthetical Education of Man’ (1795), argued that the machine was a threat to individual freedom and a destructive force on contemporary culture.The meaning of culture was changed drastica...

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Western Science and Aboriginal Values

These is evident from paintings on the rock outcrops that depicts that traditional culture was environmental and societal supportive.Therefore incorporation of traditional cultural systems with Western science and technology will mean Western societies must re-establish and reconstruct the systems which is a contentious and fundamental issue.Despite the presence of harmony in culture and science there is contrasts and misconceptions within the Aboriginal community and science.In this regard,  harmonizing the cultural values and western science will prove difficult (Diamond 1999) due to existing barriers like  different world views, different power relationships to management, different criteria for proof and evidence of phenomena.Interna...

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Galtung and Ruge’s model of news values

Meanwhile these news values model still remains the most comprehensive school of thought on media and journalism in western countries media on the news information selection and structuring by media reporters, and editors within international news and national news (Cohen &Young, 1973).The front page lead story news headline involves the news values model of elite person and the elite nation with royalties of the government is being implemented by the news editor in making it a headline caption will be more of interest concerning global powers and the impact of the news with relevance on how these news may affect on the home culture and the lives of the people with the national context and specifically on the culture will definitely ...

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Cultural Dependency Theory

Very few systematic studies have been conducted by the southern scholars on cultural and ideological effects on western media on the audiences of the south (Thussu, 2006).One of the major issues of this theory was that it did not consider the role of the national elites, especially elites living in the developing countries (Thussu, 2006).This resulted in making a particular culture homogenous, that is the American popular culture, which is been mass produced (McPhail, 2009).It represents the experience of the western culture on the others.His view of modernity means that it is full of forces like the ‘dynamic and development forces’ which means that the Western cultures are being imposed on the Third world nations in order to modernise a...

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Is Pop Art Celebration Or Critique Film Studies Essay

Pop art included images from popular culture such as consumer goods, magazines and advertisements as opposed to more serious elitist culture art like abstract expressionism.In the early 1950s Britain was still escaping the austerity of the post-war years, and the British citizens were dubious about American popular culture.Therefore my answer to the question “is pop art a celebration or critique of consumer culture” is that in the beginnings consumerism was heavily welcomed and a great relief celebrated by many, but still with some sceptical artists stating that consuming was becoming a reliance and for obvious reasons people worry when they have to rely on things.It is a bold statement about Western culture and consumerism and is great ...

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Assessment of the Argument that Britain has Evolved Into a Successful Child-centred Society

However it is debatable about how much of a child-centred society we have become as the experience of childhood differs across different sectors of western society such as class, gender and ethnicity.In western society up to the twentieth century children were put to work at what now seems the very young age of seven or eight years old this differs considerably from today's society where it is thought that children under ten years of age do not know the difference between right and wrong.This has been shown through the twentieth century as there has been the rise of the ideology of child development and the rise in children's legal rights.However even though this is totally unacceptable in modern western society still in many countries y...

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World War One Essay

The Guns of August: New York: Random House Publishing Group.For instance, women in Britain performed duties initially considered masculine so as to increase their income (Tuchman, 2004).For instance, Russia linked with Serbia, Germany with Austria-Hungary, France with Russia, and Japan with Britain (Tuchman, 2004).It led to the realization that women too could perform masculine tasks.Many people also ended up adopting the western culture and neglecting their own.

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Industrial Revolution

The industries of Britain and Europe were so similar that by the end of 1809, a part of Ruhr Valley was named as ‘Miniature England’.Besides, working attitudes, government was effective in providing huge amount of funding to new industries, in order to motivate them in achieving their goals and in providing employment to locals that is considered another valid argument to support occurrence of Industrial Revolution in Britain before Europe and America.This also gave Britain an edge over its competitors in order to capture the foreign market, soon Britain became the major supplier of pots and kettles.The Cambridge history of western textile.The industrial revolution occurred in Europe after Britain.

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Cultural Encounters

Prior to 1897 little was known of the Africa’s and their culture.Since 1897 Benin and other African art have played a key role in the history and culture of Europe.And how did the primitive nfluence Western European thought after 1897?Indeed non western and non Christian cultures were seen as primitive and to some extent savage and beyond artistic thought.Many sophisticated cultures were not seen as properly producing art in the western sense so primitive Africa was not even mentioned.

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Could The Division Of Germany Been Avoided In 1949? Essay

France feared of a stronger Germany, so to settle these fears, the British came up with the plan of a Western Union, meaning that all countries would align against Germany if it ever became a threat.The overcome this issue, the French fears were to some extent appeased, as the centre of the industrial Ruhr was going to be controlled by the Western Allies, therefore Britain, France and the USA would have power over trade, foreign relations and economic questions.There was some conflict between the Western Allies though.Finally, the Prague Coup and the Berlin Blockade showed to America that there was no alternative than to defend Western Europe.While America supported integrated Western Europe, the USSR wanted to avoid partitioning Germany...

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Aspects of British Culture

I also feel like I have effectively covered the history, ethnicity, customs, and future direction of British Culture.As of right now it looks as if British Culture is evolving into a very rich and unique position of power.As many people can depict from their prior knowledge, British Culture has been known for their many kings and queens, knights, priests etc., however British Culture has changed.British Culture is very rich in history, ethnicity, customs, and also future direction.How did Britain become so rich in culture?

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Essay on Africa's Influence on Western Art

Cole, Harns, Poynor, Visoná.Of these fourteen nations, France, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Portugal were the major players in the conference, controlling most of colonial Africa at the time.The French acquired, much of western Africa, from Mauritania to Chad, Gabon, the Republic of Congo, Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.During this contact, European culture was influenced by Africa.A History Of Art In Africa.

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Western Europe Essay

This vision corresponds to the historical geopolitical vision of the beginning of the XXth century, before the Second World War and reappears after the Cold War; these western European countries were then, along with Czechoslovakia, the only democratic countries.During the Cold War, Western Europe designated the countries of the continent that were on the western side of the Iron Curtain.The definition of Western Europe adopted by The World Factbook is as follows: Great Britain, Benelux, Switzerland, France.Another definition is that of The World Factbook, according to which Western Europe West is made up of ten countries.According to UNESCO, Western Europe is made up of 22 countries: .

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An Evaluation of Britain’s Imperial Project

The influence of Western thought and Christianity in particular, as Griffiths puts it, created a situation where, “people questioned the foundations of their faith.” .As more formal education systems were introduced, and although fraught with differences at first, were eventually amalgamated to provide a mostly Western European and British education with emphasis on the English language with lesser references to local teachings and the vernacular language.On the part of the British administrators, there was some insecurity concerning exactly to what extent they would be able to impose a Western education on the Indian public and whether it was necessary to do so.The first, being that, where people were concerned about the danger to the ...

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