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Japan: The Fusion of Tradition and the Modern Essay

Mainstream culture such as television became influenced by the West as well.Though there are external thought and culture – such as Christianity – which entered the Japanese society, it only created minimal impact to its citizens.Japanese is prominently known for instilling uniformity into its people and their culture conveys it clearly.Subsequently, as time progressed, it will be discussed how Japan have incorporated some of the Western cultural or social attributes into its traditional environment.From this perspective, it can be seen that their technology serve as an evidence of their incorporation of some Western characteristics.

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Mao and the Communist party

Nowadays, China is overflowing with western culture and many people want more of it.There would be censorship of all things western, especially books and art, as these might influence people about capitalism.They might regret the new values that China has, because they were brought up in a communist environment where all things western would be have been banned.Deng introduced China to more western influences.The Chinese middle class wish to become more like the west and indulge in western cultures.

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Cultural Imperialism Theory Analysis

is the theory which suggests that smaller nations are in risk of losing their traditional cultural identities due to western mass media dominance (Ritzer, 2011).It establishes connections between developed and developing countries for print media, television, radio, film or consumer goods, creating a new form of imperialism in its core, the media imperialism, which allows western media and therefore culture to easily spread the information they want to convey the world and continue being a superpower.Based on the aforementioned aspects of globalization and global culture in relation to cultural imperialism, there appears to be a general view that one cannot adequately grasp the relevance of globalized culture through the cultural imperia...

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The Particular Features of the Media Control and Regulation in Japan and South Korea Analytical Essay

Nowadays, the situation is more advantageous for journalists because of following the Western democratic patterns implemented in the mass media.Asian Culture and History, 1(2), 3-17.USA: DIANE Publishing.USA: Rowman & Littlefield.It is important to note that the combination of Confucianism and Western traditions influences the development of the mass media in the two countries significantly.

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International Relations Essay

Hence a very big philosopher and thinker have forethought the negative influence of religion on world’s politics.After this disastrous event, it transformed into the bipolar world with USA and USSR as its two super powers and the rest of the nations were followers of these two super powers in terms of ideologies and economic outlook.(Huntington 1998) The topic of this essay asks about the positive influence of religion on international relations.After cold war, another transformation occurred and the world changed into a unipolar with USA emerging as its sole super power and the rest aligning after it.But since the conflict is the principal phenomena, now we are noticing the emerging conflict between western and eastern nations on terms ...

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The European Economy

Europe was split in half, with Western Europe supporting the USA, and Eastern Europe being an ally of the USSR.However, the USSR, which had for long had placed higher priority on its own security and internal development than on world revolution, focused more on developing a Soviet sphere of influence around its borders for security reasons after the war.It was created in order to provide aid to rebuild the countries in Eastern Europe that were politically and economically aligned to the Soviet Union, as they would be unable to receive aid from the USA under Soviet influence.An economically strengthened Western Europe would be politically strong against communism and the spread of ideology from the USSR, due to the strong support it rece...

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Challenges Wal Mart Faces Expanding To China Management Essay

In evaluating the culture of China as part of Wal-Mart’s business operation, Hofstede’s dimensions culture was used.The Chinese lifestyle, culture and environment was far away different from Wal-Mart’s home country i.e.According to Dahl, (2004), the culture can be divided to power distance, collectivism/ individualism, femininity/masculinity, and uncertainty avoidance.Aside from this, the heads should have to be familiar with that the Chinese culture consigns much admiration to heads while Western natives have a preference to work alone most of the times.USA and other Western countries in which they manages.

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The Philippine educational system

Hindi- Ibang Tao (also known as “one-of-us”) has three domains namely Pakikipagpalagayang- loob( act of mutual trust), Pakikisangkot( act of joining with others), and Pakikipagkaisa( being one with others).For instance, in the area of personality, the Western approach in research of not being enmeshed and bound by the culture being studied has resulted in a characterization of the Filipino from the ‘‘judgmental and impressionistic point of view of the colonizers’’.Among the colonially implanted knowledge fields was psychology, European and American in influence, until pioneers of indigenization started in the 1960s to critique and challenge academic colonialism and proposed alternatives based on indigenous Filipino experiences, concepts,...

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Armenians During Their 3500 Years Of History History Essay

Monophysitism was rejected by the western church and condemned by the Council of Ephesus (431).The western variety (based on the Armenian dialect of Istanbul and the Crimea) is used by Armenians in the countries of the Near East, Western Europe and America.In Karabakh, Armenian culture survived during subsequent periods of oppression.In the cultural memory of the Armenians the Armenian script is celebrated as a medium that guaranteed the survival of Armenian culture and language throughout the ages, and the 38 letters are mystified as soldiers who have successfully defended the independence of Armenian culture.The elements of foreign influence – cultural and linguistic – have been absorbed as to form an amalgam with the Indo-European fea...

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Emerging African Independence

changing role of women in Africa and impact of western culture .Ethnicity, culture, and political system in the middle east .The region has refused to let go its cultural practices and one of the factor fueling the crisis has been due to the influence of global culture on the culture that wants to remain conservative.As such there has been great struggle to free women from social and religious culture.At the same time it may increase in the western regions which have recorded negative population growth.

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Impact of Globalization on Culture | Essay

Through these processes, the styles characteristic of youth culture spread globally, instigating the development of local versions of youth culture through appropriation and creolization.The global imperialism of the western countries from 16th -20th century provided the infrastructure for imposition and diffusion of western ideas, values and cultural institutions and practices across the world.Though this is true to some extent from the evidence available from the promotion of global mass culture etc – the degree of influence of the local on the global can be challenged to a large extent.For example though modern man in western society now seems to be increasingly unwilling to live permanently in a totally secularised world (an example ...

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Who was more responsible for the Cold War? Essay

The URRS wanted to build a “buffer zone” to protect them from the Capitalism that Americans were reinforcing in Western Europe.In conclusion the Revisionist view is the opposite of the Orthodox’, it is a movement that came later on and that took their idea on the opposite to prove that the USA was more to blame for the beginning of the Cold War.USA did not understand the USSR’s need for safety.To open up, we are going to observe how the USA was more responsible, to follow we are going to argue on how the USSR was more responsible for the Cold War.They tried to impose their ideals on other people, other culture; they wanted the world to have the same values as them for the market so they could do international business with Europe later o...

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Greco-Roman influence on Mediterranean Society Essay

A broader case in point would be that modern political systems prevailing in many western countries mirror key elements from Greco-Roman period of Mediterranean.For instance, architectural concept of Corinthian, Ionic or Doric columns which was developed in Greco-Roman period is basis of classical architecture in Western world.These innovative concepts can still be found in Western world.Conclusion Greco-Roman influence on Mediterranean society had strong impact on human civilization.In art, contemporary art has genesis in Greco-Roman influence on Mediterranean world.

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My role in globalized society Essay

Daniel Lerner’s early works on modernization focused on the dispersion of Western culture, technological improvements and innovation (Albrow and King 1990, Lerner 1958).Since earlier modernization and developmental theories, the focus has been switched away from Western influences and diffusion, rather gaining a more neutral interpretation.This shows a heavy political influence on the media.Additionally, the developing nations are unable to produce their own mass media, and if they are they copy the formats of the Western world.Nonetheless, although not predominant in the Western world, I believe Al-Jazeera is becoming a news platform for developing and Eastern countries.

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How cultures use food Essay

This is likely due to the Hunza eating the seeds of all fruits, which is something that is often discarded within western society.Researchers at Bates Collage (Lewiston, ME, USA, 2013) believe that in the last 150 years since the invention of stones mills, the refining process of grain to create white flour, is now a consistent staple within the western diet.The perception that health and food are separate and not interrelated because ‘man’ has created medicines that are better than those extracted from the ‘nature’ like Tibetans and non western cultures.Today, it appears the practice of non synthetic medicinal applications is mostly centric to non western cultures.Though obesity is a prevalent condition around the world, numerous countr...

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Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication Critical Essay

The song focuses on the way some Americans see or might see the relationship between the western and eastern worlds.Interestingly, Eastern people note that their culture has also affected the USA and other western societies (Nair-Venugopal 4).Importantly, California is seen as a symbolic hearth of the latest trends in the western world.The song communicates the ideas of western influences.The performers stress that the whole world follows the path made by the western civilization.

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Globalized Homogeneous Society And Culture In Nepal Cultural Studies Essay

The new generation of such couple has both mixed culture; foreign and local, which is one of the key factor to introduce a new type of globalised homogenized society and culture in Nepal.This section will describe the impact of tourism based on globalization, on Nepalese society, culture and economy; and how it creates globalised homogeneous society and culture in Nepal.The very complex impacts of tourism on Nepalese are discovering new types of culture, society, values, norms and traditions, which contains their own traditional and Western or Americans.It is destructing the indigenous culture, system, tradition, social norms, value system, daily life, language, food, drinks, dress and many more through the process of homogenization unde...

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Womens Identities Colonial And Post Colonial History English Literature Essay

She is not apologetic about either culture.One of the things that white Western thought has done is to construct the Black [Asian] body and related sexuality in a specific way (Evans, Mary.I will use Bakhtin’s terms of ‘creative understanding’ and ‘dynamic destiny’ to show Bharati Mukherjee’s use of racialized body as a form of cultural knowledge: “One cannot draw an absolute distinction between body and meaning in the area of culture: culture is not made of dead elements, for even a simple brick … in the hands of a builder expresses something through its form” (138) .in English and Ancient Indian Culture in Calcutta, she continued her studies at the University of Iowa, USA.In her role of negotiator, she reaches in the end that subtle ...

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Development of the Cold War Essay

He therefore opposed and banned things such as jazz music which was seen as something that was particularly Western.However in my opinion most of his policies including focusing on industrial production, ignoring agricultural production, introducing Comecon and the upsurge in Russian Nationalism can all be accounted for by the influence of the cold war.This was important for two reasons, one because it would add protection if they came under attack again as well as spread their communist roots/ideologies so that they would gain more influence for the future.The reason why Stalin approved of the campaign against cosmopolitanism was because he feared anything from the Western world and he was particularly scared of what would happen in Len...

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Relative Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions Essay

The Chinese are comfortable with ambiguity; * the Chinese language is full of ambiguous meanings that can be difficult for Western people to follow.The extent to which the members of a culture feel threatened by ambiguous or unknown situations and have created beliefs and institutions.| USA| * The US scores 46 on this dimension and therefore, American society is what one would describe as “uncertainty accepting.” * Consequently, there is a larger degree of acceptance for new ideas, innovative products and a willingness to try something new or different.Hofstede dimensions of national culture:-Power Distance (PDI),Individualism versus Collectivism (IDV)Masculinity versus Femininity (MAS)Uncertainty Avoidance (UAI) Long-Term Orientation Cu...

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Business in US and The Czech Republic

“Czech companies tend to start and finish work earlier than most Western countries, and may close during the month of August.“The country offers easy solutions available at very competitive costs due to its high intellectual capital, good language skills, geographic advantages, cultural proximity to Western Europe and the United States, a modern telecommunications infrastructure, first-class office premises and growth-stimulating investment climate“ (Czech Republic, ¶3).Per Hofstede scores (International Business Center, 2004), Czech Republic culture has low PDI indicating power and wealth are evenly distributed, IDV is on the higher end meaning indivdualism higher in the Czech culture, the MAS shows higher as well to indicate male domin...

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Can We Have Beliefs or Knowledge Which Are Independent of Our Culture?

The influence of culture on knowledge and beliefs is highly dependent on the area of knowledge.Achebe himself states that his priority when writing the book was to illustrate the complexities of African culture, “African peoples did not hear of culture for the first time from Europeans; that their societies were not mindless .In the USA, general practitioners have found that some sub-populations, such as the Vietnamese, reluctantly accept Western style medication.Achebe wrote Things Fall apart under the heavy influence of culture, this influence is reflected in the values portrayed in the book.An example of this would be the influence of culture on an individuals health beliefs.

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The History of Interior Design Essay

USA: John Wiley & Sons, 2000.Eastern Wave Eastern influences apparent in the western designs has its roots from the East-West trade.3(The History of Interior Design, 2000, John Pile, John Wiley & Sons, USA)] Jumping off from the emergence of the International Style, Walter Gropius (1937) of Lincoln, Massachusetts, produced many of the notable works of this period.Western Wave One the most notable figure in design is Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926) of Barcelona, Spain whose work became noteworthy due to his attention to intricate detail and for having flowing and unusual designs consistent with the Art Nouveau style.USA: Berg Publishers, 2009.

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The Proliferation Of Mass Media

A long tradition of learning enabled India to master modern Western Science & Technology.Many Asian and ‘South Asian’ countries increasingly came to find Indian cinema as more suited to their sensibilities than Western cinema.India is acutely aware of the importance of soft power and cultural attractivity, and needs to do little to render its culture appealing to the rest of the world.Western classical music has become a fringe music tradition, while India’s Bhakti geet is alive and vibrant.IITs and IIMs and other Institutes become the primary vehicles of keeping abreast with the western Science and Technology.

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Honda Strategic Management Essay

The most common differences are: market structure like in Morocco there is few company only who share the car market but in USA there is lot of competitor; customers need as Moroccan customer I want a simple car which can resist to the Moroccan infrastructure however a Germane customer want sophisticated cars; buying behavior American people like powerful cars but European people are more concerned by nature so they want cars more ecologic, media structure the way of advertising differentiate from a country to another taking in consideration the culture the religion.., government regulation generally different between countries (taxation rules, labor laws).Honda motor’s is not a Japanese firm .first the 2/3 of Honda motor’s production is...

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Honda Management

Honda managers knew how to reconcile dichotomies to have better position in the market, western managers chooses always between cost, quality and delivery but Japanese managers learn how to mix those criteria and manage dichotomies by developing right-first-time idea originating from just-in-time production system.Also positioning is determinate as the process used by marketers to create image and match it with the brand in the customers thought and the company is able to influence positively the customers’ perceptions by using strategic actions.(quickmba.com, 2010) Honda managers knew how to control the forces that influence the company by reconciling dichotomies ,for the rivalry in the world car market Honda used principle right-first-...

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The characteristics of American culture Essay

“The omnipresence of American culture.” .American Culture: Our Own .High economical advance and independence from other countries also made an impact on American culture.American culture has inherited a lot from the mass and popular culture and often it possess only these features.As the result the foreigners perceive American culture as something individualized and separated form the rest of the world even so it has a direct impact on the world’s socialization and globalization processes.

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The important cultural dimensions of a specific nation

It however also resulted in the creation of enormous cross cultural challenges for the company, in its external and internal environment (Peng, 2008).With IBM’s operations being handled mainly by Anglo-American executives and its organisational culture been shaped by the remarkably similar national cultures of the UK and the United States, the parent company was called upon to effectively adapt to, and integrate, a vastly different organisation in terms of markets, size, and organisational culture.Western corporations have learned that Guanxi calls for the development of good relationships with government officials through personal contact, exchanges of gifts and avoiding any actions that could lead to loss of face of a Chinese person (P...

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Why chinese mothers are superior Essay

As you can see, there is a huge cultural barrier between the Chinese and Western parenting.Secondly, Chinese parents believe that their kids owe them everything, while Western parents like Jed (her husband) has the opposite view.Furthermore, Amy constantly compares the Western and the Chinese mothers and it is often to lead the reader in a certain direction.Jed (as a Western parent) worries a lot about her self-esteem, because Amy pushes Lulu to the edge.First of all, Western parents are concerned about their children’s’ psyches, while Chinese, roughly said, aren’t.

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Who was to blame for the Cold War? Essay

In conclusion, Stalin’s action was offensive to USA, but USA’s actions were only to protect and defend itself from attack by others.So, what USA did during the Cold War was only reactions to Stalin’s action.In addition, western countries had sign NATO, which was an agreement to work together.He spread Communism across Eastern Europe and also had intention to block Western Berlin from Western Europe.USA had produced propagandas which was also one of Stalin’s action.

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