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Specific Themes and Myths of Different Cultures

The Western culture is highly characterized by its focus on science and technology, thus industrialization began in the region and has made most of the European countries become industrialized and developed resulting to the Western culture being tagged as the modern culture.Chinese culture vs. Mexican culture), among periods (e.g.Among the cultures, the Western culture is considered to be the most influencing and the most popular culture, from their lifestyle, food, leisure, religion, art, literature and technology.Islamic culture vs. Jewish culture), among nations (e.g.elite culture vs. mass culture).

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What Is Digital Communication?

Nath, R & Murthy, N.R.V 2004, ‘ A Study of the Relationship Between Internet Diffusion and Culture’, ‘Relationship Internet Diffusion and Culture Journal of International Technology and Information Management’, vol.In this book Grihault has discussed about Indian land, people, values and attitudes, religion, communication and business briefing such as business attitudes, business culture, business communication, meeting and negotiations.The Cultural value set given below shows the differences between Indian and Australian culture.Indian culture is male dominant.This report has discussed the Indian culture, the Australian culture and role of digital communication in cross-cultural issues of these countries.

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Comparing frameworks of cultural dimensions

They always belive in that and that is the reason they live in groups whereas in Australia people are brought up in a different culture.Indian tradition and values are for long term rather than compared to the western cultures.Hence you can pretty much expect anything from this culture.(Ref: “Riding the Waves of Culture” 1997.Culture in this sense is a system of collectively held values.”- GeertHofstede.

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Cross-cultural Communication Essay

Hence it necessitates understanding others culture and the primary aspect of the cross-cultural communication aims at, how the people from the different culture could communicate each other and how they understand their problems each other.The extensive difference between Indian culture and the foreign culture makes a strong support to mutual understanding and its acceptance.When there is a clash arises in between both the culture, the members should take proper action and should express open view of the features of the foreign culture.He can get the skill by reading the articles from other culture and speaking with the people, who have interested to talk with other culture people.Hence if we fail to give respect to our culture, or if we...

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Bollywood v. Hollywood Essay

Bollywood vs. Hollywood theorisation around cinema and globalization structured in opposition between western commercial and culturally imperialist cinema, and third world non-commercial, indigenous, politicized cinema.In the same vein, Indian culture and dance, food and drink and products, handicraft and machinery, are devalued and not favoured by many people.That explains to an extent why Western cinema is the way it is, but does it explain why Indian cinema is the way it is?According to many critics, Hollywood dishes up classic ‘culturally imperialist’ cinema, seeking to portray the cultural might and superiority of western culture and commerce and also spread it in other countries.I think that this sums up the dichotomy, Western cine...

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Comparison of Bollywood with Hollywood

British Journal of Ethnomusicology 10.1 (2001): 63-84.N.p., 1 Feb. 2007.Some may say westernization in Bollywood is good, but I believe its taking Indians culture away from them and westernizing them, which is taking them away from their culture.Bollywood still doesn’t have an audience as big as Hollywood, the Indian audience doesn’t always like change in the theme of the films.Variety International Film Guide.

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American Cultures Impact On The Media Cultural Studies Essay

Maryanne Kearny Datesman, JoAnn Crandall and Edward N. Kearny (2005) American Ways: An Introduction to American Culture (3rd Edition) .The mother tongue and national language is ‘Bangla’ but due to impact of American culture inspired from movies, music, and culture, many words of English language have entered the native language.Although, local music is still popular in Bangladeshi culture, the younger generation is influenced by the western songs.Douglas Kellner (1995) Media Culture, Cultural studies, identity and politics between the modern and the postmodern.Bangladeshi culture is a sophisticated blend of eastern culture and Islamic traditions.

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The Geert Hofstede Cultural Dimension Business Essay

Using national culture as proxy for cultural orientation, their results support robust findings of self-serving biases in individualist cultures (Thompson and Lowenstein, 1992), where ‘the self is served by enhancing one’s positive attributes to stand out and be better than others’, but find relatively less bias in a collectivistic culture, in which ‘the self is served by focusing on one’s weaknesses to blend in and maintain interdependence with others’.Countries where men are considered to be more strong and tough and women are considered to be more delicate and soft follow masculine culture where as countries where men and women are considered equal in terms of strength and tenderness follow feminine culture.Companies which have the te...

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The Need of Establishing Gambling Statutes Essay

From the time when the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act was implemented, gain of profits from Indian gambling establishments has developed exponentially.Two of the most notable cases which appeal to this act are the Seminole Tribe of Florida vs. Butterworth and California vs. Cabazon Band of Mission Indians, both happened in 1980’s.Further, the American Congress had passed in 1988, the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act which admitted the rights of American Indian tribes across the United States to set up gambling and gaming amenities and services on their own management provided that such facilities would be instituted in states that have some type of legal gambling (Eadington).Eadington, William R. Indian Gaming and the Law.Further, according to...

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Belonging Speech

The traditional vs modern conflict – “Don’t you want all this?” When Jess’ sister Pinky gets married, she has a traditional Indian wedding, Jess would have preferred a westernised wedding.What Ashima doesn’t like about western culture, Gogol about Indian culture.We can see links between The Namesake and the Bend it Like Beckham with the traditional Indian culture, the parents wanting to follow this traditional culture and their children wanting to live the westernised way.The album is a present from his American birthday party, given to him by one of his friends from school.” Gogol doesn’t like being Indian, he much prefers the american culture and the westernised society.The type of audience that the Namesake aims at is young adults to ...

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Self Esteem In Adolescents And Gender Differences

Meaning that the study is trying to prove that Indian adolescents are different.women are always conditioned in a way to suffer low self esteem and inferior status, in Indian culture women had always been held high in self esteem throughout many ages and they have also been worshipped.The ages which are considered to be part of adolescents vary by culture, geography and other variables.For example, within the United States and other Western countries women are more likely to have an interdependent self-concept and they consider themselves at a certain being and men are more likely to emphasize an independent self-concept (Markus and Oyserman 1989).Since one is trying to find out whether there are differences in the level of self esteem i...

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Differences Between Indian and American Culture Essay

Extended families are traditional in India, while nuclear families are prevalent in American culture.The first difference between American culture and Indian culture is marriage.Indians believe in long term relationships, for example in American culture couples are willing to live with each other without marriage, but it is impossible to live together without marriage because society would not let them live together.As we compare, the American and Indian cultures have very vast differentiation between them.The American people tend to have a series of short-term relationships, and many do not commit to one person for a long time.

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Exploring International Psychology Essay

Greeks developed many theories rooted in psychology such as: healing treatments, dreams, rationalism vs empiricism, being vs becoming, atomic, illness, basic elements, relativism and many more.Chaos, linear-progressive and cyclical were all an applicable component of some part of the ancient roots of international psychology.Tn the Piman tradition, society attempts to be of assistance in the life of it’s members and to keep them “proper.” This propriety results in health and joy; failure to follow tradition is believed to result in sickness.Ancient Roots of Greek psychology Greek influences appear to have the most presence in Western psychology.For a long ... ... middle of paper ... ...creation.

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How Does Culture Impact On International Business Marketing Essay

Hofstede’s five cultural dimensions model gives you an insight of the power distance, uncertainty avoidances, and masculine vs. femininity, individualism vs. collectivism and long and short term orientation.Culture impacts international business in China as the Chinese culture is distinguished from the Western culture, for example the Chinese choose to do business with whom they trust and have good relations with.A key area is that cultures have different values and affect international business relationships, for example culture clashes are common in many western cultures peoples choices are restricted and people prefer not to take risks.In order for culture to have a positive impact on international business (Susan Carol Stone) said th...

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The Geert Hofstede Cultural Dimension Business Essay

The next section describes the culture of India and U.K. and reviews the impact of culture on the working of Hilton Hotel Group in both the countries.Johansson (2000) states that it should be kept in mind that even if adaptation to the foreign culture is good when it comes to future negotiations and co-operations, there is a limit for how far a manager should go to try to accommodate this foreign culture.Using national culture as proxy for cultural orientation, their results support robust findings of self-serving biases in individualist cultures (Thompson and Lowenstein, 1992), where ‘the self is served by enhancing one’s positive attributes to stand out and be better than others’, but find relatively less bias in a collectivistic cultu...

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Motivation Theories Essay

Western IT companies, which are more product based, do not follow the age old motivation theories.This can be traced back to the roots of the Indian society which is built on a more authoritarian culture [11] .However, the Indian companies in the IT sector take a different approach by addressing the working conditions (like graveyard shift benefits), social concerns and standard of living of the employees.Considering the IT industry, in Asian markets such as India or the Philippines, where the industry is more service oriented, the motivation model is completely different from that which is used in the Western world.Surprisingly, this is the same strategy which is used in the western culture to motivate the employees.

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Ways in Which the Culture Influences the International Business Essay

Culture is known as the way in which a society does things.Discussing in detail, in most of the western European countries and US it is considered the culture is more of individualistic rather than collectivism.Uncertainty Avoidance Vs Risk Taking are another two dimensions which culture could be measured.As within the South Asian region the culture and beliefs are similar to India, it is possible to use the Indian celebrities and adverts within the region.There are many studies and definitions in to culture and how culture could be a key influencer in business management.

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List of research topic

Domain knowledge .Critical comparison of language used in TOI Vs The Hindu .Can cover Indian history, the british occupation, the freedom struggle and the status of a fast growing nation in Asia.This will need domain knowledge and lots of time.Hindu is perfect english but TOI knows how to keep the crowd interested.

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Make Up Art Cosmetics Or Mac Cosmetics Marketing Essay

It is vital for large international companies that plan on entering into India understand the Indian culture, its traditions and the peoples’ mindset.Grooming habits identify the level of reception for Western beauty products .Indians are vastly different in culture, language, religion, and traditions.In the western world, traditionally, there is one god worshipped, depending upon your religion.Time is not linear, and therefore not as important as for Western companies that typically have a low score on this dimension.

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Standardisation vs Adaptation Debate Essay

Differences in macro factors which include occupation, law, culture, taste, race, climate, disposable income, nationalism, literacy levels, and local labor costs contribute to the argument in support of adaptation.Theodosiou and Leonidou (2003) argue in favor of adaptation from the perspective of the differences in culture, lifestyles, political and legal systems, and economic development in the world which requires companies to tailor their products to meet the needs and wants of people with different political and economic backgrounds.Adaptation has influenced the rapid growth and identity of consumers of products of emerging Asian brands which have unique features leading to distinct regional consumer culture.Mesdag, M 1999, Culture S...

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The Culture In Asia Pacific Cultural Studies Essay

Because culture and all the differences that culture includes, being .see in the model that if all the underlying factors in culture are handled correctly, successful .business in another culture.· Respect the culture ... Business can be influenced by culture in several ways such as language issues and culture collisions, especially in the beginning.

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Sexuality in Mainstream Hindi Cinema

But these are still baby steps compared to what has been accustomed to in Western society.Mainstream Vs Alternative Cinema Mainstream films can best be defined as commercial films that are made by major entertainment studios or companies that are owned by international media conglomerates.Today, bikini babes are far more prevalent in Bollywood culture, and 2000′s “Hera Pheri” even depicted male sunbathers in bikinis, mistaken as girls from a distance by the film’s protagonist.India has always been known for its culture.However it’s rare to find movies based on any culture.

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Marketing Microwave Ovens to a New Market Segment Essay

The marketing strategy needs to be implemented carefully, avoiding to offend the socialcultural behavior and habits of the Indian community.As really individualistic culture, the families’ ties were not that tight as in India.Different eating habits (Western vs. .By evaluating the problems such as the culture differences between the west and the east or whether it is the consumer’s limited knowledge towards the household appliance, we determined the different strategies and alternatives to tackle such issues.Additionally the models were not adequate for the Indian market as the big Indian vessels did not fit in.

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India adopting western culture Essay

Indian culture is rich and diverse and as a result unique in its very own way.There are many good things in the western culture which we have adopted.Western culture can also be referred to as advanced culture; this is because its ideas and values promote the development and sustainment of advanced civilization.The core religious traditions are still the same but the life style differences can be found because of western culture.Western culture and Indian culture both have good qualities and bad qualities.

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Portrayal of Men and Women in Indian Television Advertising

This is, perhaps, a reflection of increased western influence on Indian society through the rapid growth of cable and satellite television.While numerous studies have analyzed gender role portrayals in Western and Asian countries (Furnham and Mak 1999; Wolin 2003) no comprehensive analysis of gender roles portrayals has been done for Indian advertising.M. Griffin, K.Viswanath and D. Schwatrz ¡§Gender Advertising in the US and India: Exporting Cultural Stereotypes,¡¨ Media, Culture and Society, 16 (1994): 487-507. .S. Sengupta, ¡§The Influence of Culture on Portrayal of Women in TV Commercials: A Comparison between United States and Japan,¡¨ International Journal of Advertising, 14 (1995): 314-333. .Layers of Culture and Workplace Behavio...

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Culture And Its Impact On Western Culture Essay

Bollywood is the Indian spinoff of America’s Hollywood and has taken the fundamentals of western cinema and used them to reinforce Indian culture through films that reach the masses.Other countries have begun to incorporate local cultural reinforcement as it has been viewed as an effective method of preserving culture.Westernization is the process in which regional or local cultures become heavily influenced by western culture and society, which in turn leads to cultural homogeneity.Since it is a difficult concept to grasp at first, we do not realize the true scale of culture and its responsibility in dictating many actions within our daily lives.Different cultures are found all throughout the world, from the ever increasing western cult...

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Positive Negative Impacts Of Globalai Essay

In this way, Bengali culture is now no more originated by own culture, even it is losing her own value.The damage that Indian culture has experienced can be broken down into three parts which are, pursuit of wealth, complex of the west and the most essential of all the power of western media.In this article, i am mainly going to focus on the two most talked about cultures of the world, the western culture and the Indian culture.Undoubtedly, western culture and Indian culture are poles apart.Openness and self dependency are a few words that define western culture, but Indian culture is the complete opposite of this.

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Today’s Generation Essay

All the happenings stated above are the gifts of Western culture to our Indian culture.Some of the orthodox minds go still further to stress that the Western culture takes our youth to a wrong destination and that the strange behaviour of our youth is due to the ill effects of Western culture.Therefore whether it is Indian or Western culture, it is the duty of every individual to make ‘use’ of it and not to make ‘misuse’ of it.If one glances into the past, we find numerous examples where Western cultural ethos has helped to remove superstitions, fallacies and disastrous acts from our own Indian culture.This is becoming popular day by day in our country only because of the impact of the secular nature of the Western culture.

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Hinduism Vs. Buddhism Essay

When reincarnation is successful, it allows each soul a different experience,... ... middle of paper ... ...ces two religions might have allowed separation and dysfunction among the people of Indians.Thomson Learning Inc., 2008.Reincarnation allows karma to work.However, they are two religions that are grounded in their different cultures and customs since BC and are becoming more popular as time goes by, enabling them to remain relevant to the human race.Reincarnation is the process of living again in another soul or body.

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Hanif Kureishi’s Inflection Of Postcolonial Identities

As Clement Ball states; “Father and son both become faux-Indians, successfully marketing back to the English warmed-over versions of their own popular appropriations of Indian culture.” The character of Mowgli becomes divested with all its colonial trappings and an orientalised creation of Mowgli emerges.Thus, Anwar’s renegade Muslim act will be interpreted as a reaction to “his daughter’s hybridity [which] comes as a shock because he fears the final disappearance of his native culture.” Anwar’s fear is what leads to his compulsion to arrange Jamila’s marriage without her approval of her partner.Like Jamila and Miriam, but to a greater degree, Riaz and his followers are able to strike fear in the governing culture whose racism once inh...

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