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Specific Themes and Myths of Different Cultures

Among the cultures, the Western culture is considered to be the most influencing and the most popular culture, from their lifestyle, food, leisure, religion, art, literature and technology.However, the contemporary Asian music is now heavily influenced by the Western cultures particularly that of the American culture.Western Culture .Up to this day, Chinese people believe in and practice traditional culture such as karma, yin yang, herbal medicine and acupuncture which is also being practiced in Western countries nowadays.Behind the traditional Western culture are three rich cultures: the ancient Greece, the Roman Empire and Christianity (Wikipedia).

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Poets present a culture Essay

The main reason she would not like to wear her eastern clothes seems to be that is it impractical.This poem has many small details which are spotted by the reader.In Pakistan, the more intricate and detailed the clothes, the more fashionable; however that is not always the case in all western places.These details give an insight to their lives as children, whether the memories are good or bad, it is these memories that make them who they are.The main thing that the poet used is clothing.

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East And West Europe Essay

Eastern European countries, formerly known as the Eastern bloc used to be ruled by Communist regimes or the countries which are considered communist states until the Cold War in 1989.East and West Europe is a matter of differences in the interpretation of historical facts and events and the biased separation of culture and religion by some.Nationalists and those concerned with racism used to refer to Eastern Europe as the countries of Slavic culture while Western Europe are those of Germanic culture.Geographically, the United Nations classify the countries of Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Switzerland and Liechtenstein as Western Europe.On the other hand, Eastern Europe composed of Bulgaria, Hungary, ...

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The Effect Of Gender Roles On The Eastern And Western Culture

In this context, women in the Eastern culture are deprived of the freedom to do things according to their own preference.Because of technology, religion and time, the world’s development trend had greatly influenced the vital roles of men and women in both Eastern and Western culture.Thus, the Western countries recognize the existence of the third sex and therefore are less concerned with the separation of the men and women roles in their society.Western countries are evidently less conservative especially in the United Stated where women wear really short skirts, sleeveless or mid-rib tops.On the other hand, most of the Western countries legalized divorce, although there are grounds before a divorce is granted to couples.

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Demographic Shifts Essay

The year 1900 the Percent map indicates the majority of the Southern states had little to no populations other than Western Europeans.There were more Western Europeans by percentage in the Southern region and the Western region than anywhere else, compared by the whole region and other populations living within those regions.It was as if the Western Europeans were not sticking together like the other populations.Seattle, Washington did not really change until late in the 20th century where more Asian immigrants lived in Seattle than the former majority (Western European).The popular culture surely changed because there was a large amount of Russian immigrants in the early 20th century and in the late 20th century it became more Latino im...

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Design Education in the Middle East Essay

Moreover, the lack of cultural sensitivity is one of the main problems in Middle Eastern design education; this is largely due to the implementation of Western curricula which serve different cultural needs.The Middle Eastern Design Research Center is to be established in Beirut with an interdisciplinary team of designers, social scientists, and educators dedicated to understanding vital aspects of Middle Eastern culture and adopting them as core influences on a new design education program for the region.Then a selection of three of the most famous and progressive design schools in the world (Koeln International School of Design, Parsons New School for Design, and Design Academy Eindhoven) are taken into account, providing a basis for c...

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The Geography of Thought Essay

If everyone were to think alike the world would be a very boring place.In Eastern thought education is viewed as expanding ones knowledge and curiosity for self-fulfillment.In this students’ culture it was viewed as be mindful of the people behind you always.Understanding that change doesn’t just move in one direction and could possibly go in any direction is a characteristic of the Eastern thought.For example, Greek culture rules that through education, power and wealth can be achieved.

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Major Differencies Between Eastern and Western Philosophies as the Basis for Adult Education Essay

Western Individualism and Eastern Collectivism .The essence of the Eastern world view is the awareness of the unity and the mutual inter‑relation of all things and events, the experience of all phenomena in the world as manifestation of a basic oneness.I will focus on four major differences between Eastern and Western philosophies.Western civilisation based itself on the struggle between the Good and Evil, God and Satan or Psyche and Cupid.Western philosophy has its roots in Athens, Rome and Judeo­Christianity while Eastern philosophy is derived from Confucianism, Taoism and Mahayana Buddhism.

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Major Differencies Between Eastern Essay

The Western idea of democracy does not fit into the Eastern scheme of things easily.I will focus on four major differences between Eastern and Western philosophies.Western civilisation based itself on the struggle between the Good and Evil, God and Satan or Psyche and Cupid.The essence of the Eastern world view is the awareness of the unity and the mutual inter?Eastern philosophical thought is based on this notion of the Yin and the Yang.

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EU’s Policy for Former Socialist States of Central Europe

From a security standpoint, Western states would be naturally apprehensive of the geopolitical changes and new threats that have emerged since the Cold War; in this sense, Borocz’s assertions of Western hesitation would be justified.The relative economic underdevelopment of the Eastern Bloc, from a macro-economical standpoint, would beg the question of fiscal compromise on the part of Western member states.If the EU serves as a means to galvanize the continent in matters of policy and economic decision-making, at which point would Eastern European interests counterbalance and take precedence over the interests of Western Europe?All this developed despite the military action of nations such as Austria and Spain preventing the further adva...

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Death And Grief Are A Natural Part Of Life Essay examples

A Grave Day–the Culture of Death!Each culture has their own beliefs, rituals, and ceremonies that are incorporated into the loss of a loved one.Every culture has developed ways they cope with death in their own respectful manner.Our behaviors and the way we express our grief has a lot to do with our culture.“There is an almost defined set of expected behavior at Western funerals, that requires one to show grief and to cry, to “let the feelings out” (Angel Fire, 2016, p.1).

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Essay on How Do Military Hilitorians Explain War?

Hanson concluded that the Western way of war is far superior to that of the Eastern, and he begun his research with the Greek civilization and their early form of democracy.Lynn acknowledged the importance of Keegan’s thesis, but Hanson followed in the Western superiority theme originated by Keegan.The comparison and distinction of Victor Davis Hanson, Carnage and Culture (2001), and John A. Lynn, Battle (2003), emphasized their overwhelming background in military research.Hanson published his work in 2001 before the 911 attacks and added an a... ... middle of paper ... ...usewitz, Genius, and the Rules.” The Journal of Military History Vol.Authors like Victor Davis Hanson, John Lynn, John Keegan, Martin van Creveld, and Niall Ferguson ...

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North Korea’s Cultural Landscape Essay

Though the Libyan government has taken a U turn in its policy, while the North Korean is also trying to get a way out of its mess.Though Libya was has been facing a boycott from the United States and her allies and sanctions imposed by U. .On the contrary though North Korea is not an arid region but it does lack those precious natural resources which Libya has, and have been facing famine and starvation of its citizens.In contrast North Korea is a far eastern country, with an isolated and homogeneous Korean population with strong roots of Confucianism and Buddhism in its culture and society.The eastern region is called Kwanbuk, and the western is called Kwanso.

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Western Europe Essay

Since the end of the cold war, there are various definitions of Western Europe.Western Europe is a political or geographic region that corresponds to the western part of Europe, but this concept remains poorly defined.During the Cold War, Western Europe designated the countries of the continent that were on the western side of the Iron Curtain.Historically, the countries of Western Europe have experienced a different development from that of the countries further east of the continent, for geographical, cultural or religious reasons.The definition of Western Europe adopted by The World Factbook is as follows: Great Britain, Benelux, Switzerland, France.

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Unrealistic Optimism Gender and Culture Essay

Nevertheless, they’ve found that Western cultures (such as Americans or Canadians) are identified by being independent and individualist, whereas Eastern cultures (such as Japanese) tend to focus on interdependence and collectivism.However, the extent to which men vs. women and Eastern vs. Western cultures are affected by the bias varies among them.Researchers have found that people from Western cultures tend to be more unrealistically optimistic than people from Eastern cultures when comparing their chances of experiencing negative events to the average’s person.Being the West an independent and individualist culture, they report a higher tendency to be unrealistically optimistic.In contrast, being the East an interdependent and collect...

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Geographic Profiles of North Korea and Libya Essay

Both are highly anti-western and are allegedly involved in backing certain terrorist activities against the Western interests.The nearly 90 % of people live in the coastal western and eastern regions in major cities like Tripoli and Benghazi and other about dozen major cities.On the other hand North Korea is a typical far eastern country lying on the northern half of the Korean peninsula, with its population predominantly Korean and Confucian and Buddhist as dominant religions.The country is divided in to eastern and western halves by the Nangnim Mountains, which run from north to south in the middle of the country.The two halves form the eastern and western slopes of the peninsular Korea.

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Commentary on Carpet-weavers, Morocco by Carol Rumens

The second line of the stanza comments on the tragedy of this comparison, explaining how the Muslim carpet market will expand, using “the garden of Islam” as a metaphor to represent this business, and by saying “the bench will be raised” means that these children will probably have to work like this their entire lives under mounting pressure from the rapidly developing textile markets.It brings the daily life of these children to reality for western readers who may not always comprehend what has been lost in the making of their carpets.However, when I began to understand the depth of its meaning I felt like I wanted to cry.In the first line of the second stanza there is an alarmingly inappropriate simile, namely the mention of “televisio...

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Comparing Eastern and Western Religions Essay

Whereas within the western religion we have have always been two kinds of reality.Jesus although with different roles within the western religions all has him in common.With the western religions in life and death, you only live and die once while the eastern religions there is reincarnation.Before 500 BC there were three western religions.They must also follow the ways and laws of God while the eastern follow dharma.

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Comparing and Contrasting Four Early Civilizations Essay

Comparison: There are several remarkable similarities in the both the western and the eastern civilizations.Fortunately both these are widespread and well known in the Mediterranean and Western Asian region.The Greeks adopted so much from the Egyptians as while the other Middle Eastern nations were influenced by the Mesopotamian civilization.This paper will compare and contrast the two eastern civilizations i. e. the Chinese and Indus Valley with their western counterparts i. e. the Mesopotamian and the Egyptian civilizations regarding the influence of the religion in the development of the daily life culture.In the early stages of human history religion has played a pivotal role in developing the daily life characteristics of any cultur...

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The Role of Culture in Discourse Essay

While a thick man-forest of cheek hair might be a symbol of pure sturdiness in the Western, it is looked as decrepit and old in Korea conversely.2.0 Western & Eastern Discourse .Freedom of speech and freedom of expression that Western people hold all this while do not give them freedom to insult nor incite hatred for another race or religion especially through using lowly lies and blasphemous material against Prophet (s.a.w), his family and companions.The way of addressing between teachers and students is also quite dissimilar between Western and Chinese culture.Other than that, Western people shows public displays of affection (PDA) and openly express their love by kissing, hugging, and other bodily actions, but Koreans have tradi...

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The Bride Comes To Yellow Sky | Analysis

His imagery is vivid and he brilliantly sets forth the inescapable influences, proving nothing can stay dull.Although their actions and emotions regarding the changes in their town differ, Scratchy and Potter are both apprehensive of the inevitable eastern influences.Wilson’s idea as the Western villain is erroneous.In comparison, Jack Potter, the marshal of yellow sky, is portrayed as a valiant man and much respected in this small community.“She matters only as a representative of the new Eastern order” (Petry 45).

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East Asian Studies Essay

The other problem experienced is that for a long time, there has always been a scientific approach applied in the Western world and this has been the case since the early times of 19th century in which case, there was specialization in studying cultures of the Orientals and this has played a fundamental role in the development of the tradition.Yet at the same time, Wigen and Lewis identify the reluctance with which the so called western countries are willing to accept another of the top riding countries in the East Europe, Russia to be termed as part of them, the occident (543).It as well entails the way these Eastern cultures are represented by authors of books, artists as well as by designers in the Western world particularly.These ori...

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A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Letters of Recommendation

A Cross-cultural Comparison of Letters of Recommendation TABLE 4 Integration vs Nonintegration of Data 249 American German British Eastern European N=10 N=9 N=10 N=10 Integration 10 6 8 8 Nonintegration 0 3 2 2 paragraphs were generally shorter than paragraphs on accomplishments.While the context descriptors are quite similar to the German knowledge-of-applicant statements, in the Eastern European LRs they serve as springboards to begin the story of how the writer has come to know the applicant.In the Eastern European personal narrative style, the frame serves to give background information before the narrative proper.[P47-EE] Eastern European texts rarely state the purpose for writing.[J28-EE] Eastern European writers are likely to eval...

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Tanglewood Case Essay

Depending on the culture of the organization, bringing the wrong candidate into a process oriented situation can potential present challenges further up the road whereby, the applicants that are qualified, can possibly be overlooked within the recruiting process.Western Washington’s total and variable cost was the second lowest to Media.Western Washington, Eastern Washington, Northern Oregon and Southern Oregon Timeline: Conducting interviews with qualified applicants until all positions are filled Activities to undertake to source well-qualified candidates .More often than not, though, behavior that is not in alignment with the company’s culture or expectations is a real reason for a high turnover rate amongst new hires.There was no ...

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Change and Continuity Over Time

Be sure to include evidence from individual countries or regions selected.6 Compare and contrast the political, social, and economic development of Western Europe with the Byzantine Empire from 500 to 1500.Compare and contrast how the First World War and its outcomes affected TWO of the following regions in the period from the war through the 1930s + East Asia, Middle East, South Asia Change and Continuity .6 Analyze the social and economic transformations that occurred in the Atlantic world as a result of new contacts among Western Europe, Africa, and the Americas from 1492 to 1750.+ Middle East, Southeast Asia or Sub-Saharan Africa 4 4.

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Management Culture: China And United Kingdom

In many respects UK management culture may be seen as having a greater chance of success in adapting to Chinese models of management culture than that of the US for reasons which may be seen as owing to historical cultural considerations.Graham and Lam (2003) note that transactions between Western and Chinese companies can often fail due to a lack of respect for such formalities in which the Western company often issues a “call me Mary” approach thus not respecting a seemingly small but significant cultural consideration.In addition the general British concept of gentlemanly conduct and a slower pace of life may also be seen as providing a greater resonance between Chinese and UK management cultures in comparison to the wider concept of ...

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Poetry Commentary “Carpet-Weavers, Morocco” and “Ispahan Carpet”

However the difference or similarity in these poems is not so much the use of imagery as the differing opinions on whether it is a good and useful experience or not, I believe both poets have achieved their objectives, creating vivid images of the children working and the ultimate values of their sacrifice.The poem ends in a powerful two lines making a statement about the thinness of the children’s “greenstick shoulder” in comparison to the poet’s “swollen hand” as well as the strong disapproval as the child looks at the poet with a “speaking darkness” .A comparative study of the two poems “Carpet-Weavers, Morocco” and “Ispahan Carpet”, brings us into an Eastern culture of young girls working skilfully, their small hands creating woven c...

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Constructs of Orientalism and Stereotyping Eastern Women

The stereotypical images of the Eastern women which was and still promoted by the Western media has a great effect on the culture image in general and the economic mobility in particular, as this stereotyping had harmed the tourism in the Middle East as it a terrorist countries as well as created the sex tourism in the Far East it exotic countries.The idea of orientalism played an important role in literature of the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century in Europe, It was more widely referring to the portraying of the East by Western artists, as the fascination with the orient influenced many of the romantic writers who situated novels and poetry about the mysterious Eastern lands and also dazzled many famous painters who were surprised and ...

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Eastern Culture vs Western Culture

For example, in Asian cultures, people would bow or tilt their heads as a sign of “hello”, “thank you” or “good bye”, whereas in Western culture, a handshake or even a hug is considered to be normal.Each culture has its own unique, significant, and valuable elements which are important to acknowledge when understanding both cultures to avoid conflict.Next, I would like to discuss the Western culture in contrast to the Eastern or Asian culture.The quality of life is strongly valued in Western culture where families should be prioritized before work.In Eastern cultures, life is viewed as an endless journey.

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Native America Essay

The question then that face us currently is the importance of these beliefs and how they could be conceivably be maintained in modern industrialized culture.The Western Historical Quarterly, 475-497. .In order to do this, the paper would first be discussing the Wakan spiritual culture and the various documented history and literature about the topic.” They Regard Their Passing As Wakan”: Interpreting Western Sioux Explanations for the Bison’s Decline.Death and the interpretation of culture: A bibliographic overview.

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